13 Best CRM Software Examples of 2024

Updated Jul 20, 2023.

Today’s market is flooded with CRM systems, each offering a wide range of functionalities. Here, we’ll review the 13 best CRM software examples of 2023.

Monday icon

Monday.com CRM

A collaborative CRM tool that is simple to operate, integrates with external software to automate processes and save time, and offers round-the-clock customer assistance.
Pipedrive icon


A robust CRM system that enables you to build a site, easily track and find emails, manage lead relationships, advertise your company, and automate sales processes.
Keap icon


A customer management solution for marketing and sales automation that enables companies of all sizes and types to achieve their customer service objectives.
Freshworks icon


A customer management solution and sales force automation tool that lets you create unique processes by using event-based triggers to automate repetitive tasks.
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HubSpot CRM

A cost-effective CRM tool that enables users to seamlessly automate processes and enhance customer service with a simple user interface and navigation system.

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Implementing the best CRM software is an important step toward improving customer satisfaction, customer retention, and overall customer relationships. Businesses that will succeed must develop and sustain good customer relationships.

For customer-facing employees, CRM tools make daily tasks easier.

For one, CRM solutions provide a single source of truth for all customer contact data so that your team members always know which customer they are speaking to.

They eliminate uncertainty and the need to search for information because your team has access to everything they need, whenever they need it.

The bottom line is that you want to consistently position your staff to provide customers with a five-star experience, and the best CRM solution can help you do that.

This article presents our top picks for the best examples of CRM software available in 2023.

Best CRM Software Examples

From all-in-one work OSs to deal-focused offerings, here are the best CRM systems examples:

1. Monday.com CRM

Best Overall CRM Software

  • Flexible drag-and-drop user interface
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Offers extensive integrations
  • Offers work docs for easy collaboration among team members
  • Provides a variety of column and view types like Gantt charts and Kanban board
  • Automation and integration functionality is not accessible for basic plan users
Monday icon
Monday.com CRM
Editor’s Take

Monday.com is focused on providing complete control over your customer relationship management processes. With a straightforward, understandable interface and a custom design, Monday.com provides you with the functionality to concentrate on what your company needs to expand.

$10 – $24/seat/month
Annual Discount:
Save 18%

Monday.com CRM is a CRM platform that enables users to manage every part of their sales and customer relationship workflow.

Organizations can create or customize anything they need to enhance their business's operations by mixing building blocks like apps and external software.

Best Features

Contact management

A crucial component of the sales process is managing the client journey. Calls, emails, meetings, chat history, support tickets, and customer interactions are stored in Monday.com CRM. You can use this information to decipher the customer's intentions and time your pitches. You'll have all of the client's identifying information on hand.

Analytics and data

Monday.com CRM is constantly running in the background, analyzing business data. Charts, dashboards, and reports can be created by applying custom filters to the data and sorting it. You can see and put together customer data in a way that makes sense to you because it is completely customizable.

Lead management

With the Monday.com CRM sales pipeline template, you can keep track of the salespeople’s activities and automate follow-ups and updates. It's simple to keep track of each deal's progress and monitor your team's efficiency. Additionally, Monday.com CRM includes lead scoring so you can give the proper accounts priority.

Task management

Many CRMs have intrusive notifications, too many alerts, and little control over how and when you receive them. You have total control over task notifications using Monday.com CRM. Time tracking and calendar sharing are additional features for task management functionality.


Free trials are available for all of Monday.com CRM plans. This enables you to test out the plan that is most affordable and suitable for you.

2. Pipedrive

Best Deal-driven CRM Software For Handling Workflow Automations

  • Flexible dashboard for reporting
  • Backs up workflow automations
  • Availability of follow-up reminder
  • Can track the business development of the entire sales team in one spot
  • Very few email marketing tools are available
  • Absence of project management tools
  • Limited customization options
Pipedrive icon
Editor’s Take

Pipedrive comes highly recommended and is a great option if you're searching for a complete sales CRM to manage your objectives and keep you on track. The platform contains all the tools you need to keep the structure of your sales process intact.

Best For:
Workflow Automations 
$11.90 – $74.90/user/month
Annual Discount:
Save up to 17%

Pipedrive is a user-friendly customer relationship management solution that’s a great choice for small businesses just getting started with CRM software. You can create several unique deal and sales pipelines with the easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface.

The platform also provides clear calendar and email interfaces, highly customizable reporting, and automated workflows to speed up your sales marketing processes.

Best Features

Integrated Calendar

The integrated calendar in Pipedrive makes organizing meetings and tasks simple. You can set up an automated two-way sync with your Pipedrive calendar if you use Outlook or Google Calendar. You can also suggest meeting hours to a client using Pipedrive’s calendar module by specifying when you're available. A set of symbols in your deal and sales pipelines indicate forthcoming meetings, which is quite helpful.


To enable you to generate fresh leads, Pipedrive now provides a new set of tools called Leadbooster. It features a live chat module with an optional chatbot and basic web forms that you can integrate into your website. Additionally, Leadbooster has a site scraping tool that users can use to locate potential customers in a database.

Extensive Reporting Capability

Another feature of Pipedrive that stands out is the reporting tool. There is no limit to the number of custom reporting dashboards and reports you can make. If you desire even more analytical capability, you can transfer all customer data to Excel with just one click.

Automated Workflows

To help salespeople stay on top of deals, Pipedrive provides automated workflows. More than 30 workflow templates are included with the software, and they are available for setting up meetings, moving deals through your pipeline, or sending emails. You can also design your workflows using a simple visual editing interface.


Read more Pipedrive pricing

Pipedrive has four pricing tiers: Essential, Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise. All payment plans come with an unlimited number of contacts, deal and sales pipelines, and customizable reports.

3. Keap

Excellent CRM Software With Robust Sales And Marketing Automation Functionality.

  • Simple user interface
  • Offers unlimited email marketing
  • Robust third-party integration
  • Expensive
Keap icon
Editor’s Take

Keap is ideal for startups and anyone new to cloud-based CRM tools. The platform's ability to combine sales and marketing automation features makes it particularly beneficial for start-up e-commerce enterprises looking for an all-in-one solution.

Best For:
$169 – $249/two users/month
Annual Discount:
Save up to 20%

Keap is a sales and marketing automation software that combines customer relationship management functionality to help you enhance sales and revenue and quickly capture, manage, track, and nurture all of your leads.

Keap also provides professional coaching, in-depth training, exceptional support, and a committed network of entrepreneurs to ensure customer satisfaction.

Best Features

Easy of Use

The user-friendly Keap software is simple for beginners and sufficiently adaptable for experienced users who desire more features. Your sales force may spend more time interacting with customers since the CRM's features are conveniently arranged and clearly labeled rather than fumbling with complex system layouts.

Sales Automation

The sales automation capabilities of Keap are excellent. Both choices offer a wide range of editable templates, and you may choose to set up simple or complex procedures.

Built-in email builder

Email marketing is simple and quick, thanks to Keap's drag-and-drop interface and templates. With automated sales correspondence messages, you can avoid communication lapses. Your lead conversion probability increases when you combine email templates and automation with built-in list segmentation capabilities since it ensures that your personalized communications are delivered to the appropriate people at the appropriate times.

Integrated ecommerce automation

This software is a good option for online companies because it has integrated automated e-commerce features. With Keap, you can quickly develop custom forms for your website, create new contact accounts with the appropriate tags for newly acquired leads, and set up helpful automated follow-up messages to get the dialogue started.


Read more Keap pricing

Keap provides business owners with three options: Pro, Max, and Max Classic.

4. Freshsales

Best CRM Software For Automating Sales Processes

  • Easy to set up
  • Great customer service
  • Offers in-built phone functionality
  • Mobile app available for Android/iOS users
  • Advanced AI insights
  • Tools for lead generation are only accessible with the Enterprise plans
  • Fewer integrations with third-party software
Freshworks icon
Editor’s Take

Freshsales is a collaborative CRM perfect for salespeople in small and medium-sized enterprises who want to approach their prospects systematically. It doesn't require substantial team training to set up due to its user-friendly, customizable interface.

Best For:
Sales Process Automation
$0 – $83/user/month
Annual Discount:
Save up to 15%

Freshsales is a complete sales force automation tool for sales teams.

The platform gives salespeople all they require to generate high-quality leads, partake in contextual discussions, close deals using insights driven by AI, and develop long-lasting client connections.

Freshsales automates the sales marketing process, boosts productivity and efficiency in daily task management, and gives sales teams more time for selling by integrating email, phone, chat, and telephony.

Best Features

Lead management

Freshsales enables users to effectively manage their leads to quickly convert prospective consumers into paying, loyal customers. This gets simpler with a 360 customer perspective. Users can follow up on their leads and gather pertinent data using just one screen, including contact and employment details, discussions, and a comments section for changes on product interest.

Deal management

With the help of Freshsales' drag-and-drop deal management tool, sales teams can carefully watch all the deals by level or stage. Additionally, they will learn the value of each contract, which is crucial information for choosing which ones to focus on.

Activity Tracking

The online monitoring tools offered by Freshsales offer thorough customer information. Users can view the websites and pages prospects, and customers viewed, including the ones that sparked the most interest. A similar activity timeline displays each prospect's level of involvement with your service or product.

Integrated CRM Email

There is no need to switch between mailboxes because Freshsales enables users to link their emails with the platform. Now it will be simpler to organize emails. Both the app and their email app enable teams to track their correspondence.


Freshsales provides a 21-day free trial for organizations interested in trying the product. You can also choose the Free Forever startup plan.

5. HubSpot CRM

Seamless CRM Software Example With The Best Free Plan On The Market

  • Strong feature set
  • Addition of new integrated payment processing support
  • Offers over 300 external software integrations
  • Simple user interface
  • Expensive
  • Offers only one email per contact
Hubspot icon
HubSpot CRM
Editor’s Take

HubSpot is an excellent choice for nearly every type of organization. You can utilize it throughout your marketing, sales, and customer service departments. It offers a comprehensive free edition that outperforms the majority of paid CRMs on the market.

Best For:
Large Organizations 
$50 – $5,000/two users/month
Annual Discount:
Save 10%

HubSpot CRM is a cloud-based solution enabling businesses of all kinds to track and nurture leads and analyze business KPIs.

The platform is appropriate for B2B and B2C enterprises in various industries, including retail, real estate, marketing, sales, construction, accounting, and others.

Best Features

Simple to create

HubSpot CRM is not just easy to use daily; it’s also tremendously simple to create content. For example, content creation areas like landing pages, forms, and emails are all done with the drag-and-drop feature. You can also generate and schedule social media material in bulk.

A plethora of free tools

Regardless of whether you utilize HubSpot CRM for your CRM functionality, anyone can use the free features. Nonetheless, we think it's fantastic that HubSpot provides many free tools for young business owners. There's a blog idea generator, an invoice template generator, a free business template generator, and an email signature generator.

Seamless email integration

When you combine your email with your HubSpot CRM account, you can conduct many CRM-related works from your inbox. When you open an email, a CRM window appears in your inbox, displaying contextual information from the software. You can attach emails to CRM records and track clicks and open rates. On the other hand, you can send emails directly from the software record.

Lead management tool

HubSpot CRM includes outstanding functionality for tracking deals and managing leads. Notes, tasks, contracts, and other documents can all be added. You'll have a record of your contacts' geolocation, phone log, emails, and other information.


Read more Hubspot pricing

While HubSpot CRM generously provides a powerful free-forever plan, there is also a selection of paid subscriptions to suit varied business needs. The Starter plan is the most affordable, costing $50 per month for two paid users or $45 per month if paid annually.

6. Zendesk Sell

Excellent CRM Software With Robust Help Desk Functionality

Zendesk Sell - Sell smarter, not harder

Zendesk Sell is a sales CRM system that simplifies the management of your salespeople with a seamless onboarding process while incorporating sophisticated reporting features to boost team effectiveness.

The CRM system cost can be high depending on business needs, but it is a robust CRM choice that ranks high in terms of usability.

Zendesk Sell is best for people that want basic CRM software with quick onboarding so they can start working right away. No extensive training is required to sell intuitively within minutes.

Best Features


Zendesk Sell comes with simple yet robust reporting features, which are essential for any CRM platform. One funnel report visualizes how well you convert leads into sales, while another delves into call and email outcomes and allows you to organize customer data however you like.

Call records

The software retains a full call record so you can see how many calls your sales staff is making, the average number of calls made, the influence of call volume on closing, and how call lengths vary depending on the time of day, and more.

Multiple-channel communication platforms

With Zendesk Sell, your sales reps can use a phone system that can be integrated into the CRM using the Zendesk Voice software or by connecting the CRM with a third-party voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) provider. Additionally, it enables you to create and send SMS texts and emails to a single recipient or a large group of recipients at once.

Advanced mobile application

You can handle leads and sales tasks on the go, thanks to Zendesk Sell's mobile application, which synchronizes and organizes customer data from the web application. Additionally, the app has a geolocation tool that lets users locate nearby leads and get driving instructions to their addresses.


  • Extensive reporting tools
  • Intuitive user interface
  • The onboarding process is seamless
  • Easy third-party integrations


  • The template and email editor are too basic
  • Limited sales pipeline management functionality
  • Limited customer support


Zendesk Sell - pricing

Zendesk Sell price is appropriate for small businesses. If you require three seats or less, the Team version is only $49 a month per user and includes a full-featured mobile CRM, email connectivity (including Gmail), click-to-dial, and call recording.

7. Zoho CRM

Easy-to-use CRM Software That Offers Easy Customization and Unlimited Automated Workflows

Zoho CRM - Superfast Work, Steadfast Growth

Zoho CRM is a simple and uncomplicated customer relationship management tool for small businesses.

The software includes complete contact and deal management, as well as some special capabilities, including the ability to run macros, a series of actions or sequences that can be performed to a group of contacts, and convert leads with just one click by creating connected accounts and deals.

Best Features

Pipeline management

Users of Zoho CRM can identify, rate, and assign leads to salespeople using sales pipeline management. This feature also includes contact management, deal management, and account management to give salespeople more details about their clients.


ia, the AI-powered assistant from Zoho, provides sophisticated lead enrichment. Zia can perform a web search using only a name and company to find further details like revenue, firm size, employment role, and contact details. By examining consumer behavior, including email opens, website visits, and contact histories, Zia can also alert you when it is optimal to get in touch with a certain contact.


With Zoho CRM, your salespeople can transform their business data into useful insights. Using the analytics feature, users can develop custom reports, design dashboards, and forecast sales. Region management is another feature of Zoho CRM that enables users to segment their clients based on their geography.

Marketing automation

Salespeople can manage email campaigns, build and run ad campaigns, and produce new leads using Zoho CRM's marketing automation feature. Users may see which ad groups generate the most revenue thanks to Zoho's interface with Google Ads. Users can also design and send emails, surveys, and drip campaigns by integrating Zoho CRM with Mailchimp and Zoho Campaigns.


You can develop customized, no-code web forms and surveys with Zoho CRM. You can run A/B tests on your forms to discover which ones convert the best and find trouble spots where users frequently leave a form. A new contact record will be created automatically from information entered into WebForms.


  • Offers an easy-to-use and reliable mobile app
  • Offers unlimited automated workflows
  • Easy customization functionality
  • Effortlessly integrates with other Zoho products
  • Form builder app is available for users


  • Project management features are limited
  • Steep learning curve


Zoho CRM costs vary from $20 to $65 per month. Additionally, if you pay for an annual subscription in advance, you can save up to 34%. Each subscription also comes with a free 15-day trial.

8. Salesforce

Feature-rich, All-in-one CRM Platform For All Industries

Salesforce - Customer 360 drives growth and cost saving

Salesforce is a flexible customer relationship management (CRM) tool that aids companies of all sizes in accelerating sales and automating operations. 

Your sales personnel can glean insights from dashboards, reports, and real-time customer information put together by Salesforce CRM.

Additionally, lead and contact management, sales opportunity management, and workflow automation can all be handled by Sales Cloud.

Best Features

Contact management

Users can manage and assign tasks, locate possible deals, and store and organize contact information with Salesforce's contact management tool. Salesforce keeps track of customer interactions and activity history, and social activity enables users to locate contacts on social media.

Capacity management

Salesforce's capacity management feature gives users a place to keep their affairs in order during the sales process. Users may quickly update themselves on what stage certain opportunities are at and communicate with colleagues to enlist their assistance as necessary. Companies can be more productive and efficient in closing deals by visualizing their sales procedure.

Lead management

Salespeople can locate leads among contacts using Salesforce's lead management tool, rate those leads, and assign them to the appropriate team members. This feature also provides lead tracking to help users make the best decisions possible about lead nurturing.

Salesforce Einstein's AI tool

Salesforce's artificial intelligence (AI) tool is called Einstein. It uses your data to forecast client problems, notify agents of prospective instances that may develop, and discover upcoming sales opportunities and deals for your agents. By developing predicted journeys and individualized sales marketing materials based on a prospect's or customer’s interests, Einstein also helps with your sales marketing efforts.


  • Extensive third-party integrations
  • Supports multiple languages
  • User-friendly interface
  • Extensive communication functionality
  • Availability of sales cloud for easy automation


  • Too many features
  • Poor automation functionality


Salesforce pricing tiers start at $25 per user per month when paid annually. All plans need a yearly contract. To test the Salesforce CRM, you can sign up for a 14-day free trial before purchasing subscription plans.

9. Creatio

Superb CRM Software Example With Top-notch Sales Workflow Automation Functionalities

Creatio - ONE Platform to automate workflows and CRM with no-code and a maximum degree of freedom

Creatio is a flexible customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning tool featuring a selection of options for companies of all sizes.

The software has an astonishing array of tools and capabilities and is made to simplify routine marketing and workflow procedures.

Best Features

24/7 Customer Support

Creatio has a selection of help channels, including phone, email, and online live chat. Users can also benefit from the Creatio Academy, which offers a wide range of training materials and detailed documentation. Additionally, we discovered the community forum to be a very helpful resource for more technical issues.

Modern sales tools

Utilizing an entire sales funnel, the sales part of CRM Creatio enables you to monitor and handle prospects. The sales pipeline can be adjusted to meet the sales process used by your business, but there is also a default setup available. You can track orders, make billable contracts, store documents, create invoices, and forecast sales results.

Report and analytics

Creatio has many analytics capabilities divided into dashboards. You can alter or create dashboards. Reports provide audience information, conversion rate, campaign participation, and more. For creating and revising printable reports, Creatio also includes a report designer that can be installed on a desktop PC.


Creatio has a superb tool for creating automation processes. Automate repetitive tasks like data entering and email sending when certain conditions are satisfied. Creatio is incredibly adaptable. To meet the demands of your organization, you might design unique processes and alter the objectives or steps you take, including identifying the target market for every automation activity.


  • Simple dashboard and user interface
  • Offers capabilities for effective market segmentation
  • Complete free trial available without charge
  • Outstanding email marketing capabilities


  • Too many features can be overwhelming for new users
  • Expensive
  • Social media integrations are limited


Creatio - pricing

Creatio offers four pricing plans. To receive the tools they require, some customers will need to buy two or more packages, which can get very expensive.

10. Insightly

Excellent CRM Platform For New E-commerce Businesses

Insightly - A CRM for building lasting customer relationships

Insightly is a SaaS-based customer relationship management platform geared towards expanding mid-sized companies. Insightly offers features for contact management, email tracking, sales and marketing efforts, etc.

There is also a mobile CRM software with card reading and audio notes for quick and simple changes while sales personnel are out in the field.

Best Features

Email tracking

You can access all the required email tracking capabilities with Insightly. Insightly monitors various behaviors, such as open email, bounce, and click-through rates. You also receive feedback on your email A/B testing.

Custom software builder

With Insightly, developers can easily design new software. It functions by letting you configure different metrics, including automated dashboard reporting, custom fields, and validation rules. These new apps are simple to deploy and distribute to entire sales teams, even from a distance.

Online forms

Insightly seamlessly imports customer data into your customer relationship management system from pop-up online forms. Additionally, it records contact information whenever visitors download content from your website, participate in virtual or actual events, or provide customer feedback on your goods.

Business cards scanner

You can scan business cards using the Insightly mobile app. It's as easy as using your iPhone or smartphone to take a picture. Insightly instantly scans the contact information, classifies it, and uploads it to your cloud-based CRM database immediately after you take a picture of the business card. And with just one click, it completes all of this.


  • Easy onboarding process
  • Availability of mobile app
  • Offers task reminder
  • Great reporting and analytics tools


  • Sending of emails is limited to 50 contacts
  • Login process can be difficult
  • Easy to keep a record of open proposals


Insightly - Pricing Plan

Insightly CRM provides a free version in addition to three paid subscription tiers: Plus, Professional, and Enterprise. Two team members can access Insightly CRM's free version.

11. EngageBay

Best CRM Platform For Small Businesses

EngageBay - Market better. Sell faster. Support smarter

EngageBay is a feature-rich marketing and sales CRM platform that draws in targeted web traffic, engages and captures prospects, then nurtures those leads until they become satisfied customers.

EngageBay integrates lead generation, email campaigns, marketing automation, CRM, and social media engagement.

The software enables users to build email campaigns and automate sales funnels and marketing procedures.

Best Features

Landing Page Builder

A landing page builder is also available on EngageBay. It is also simple and easily adaptable. You can also edit your page's meta title, description, and keywords.

SMS Marketing

Depending on user activity, EngageBay will send SMS notifications. Alternately, you can configure triggers like declined payments, sales, product refills, etc. Additionally, you can target and segment your subscribers and tailor letters based on user characteristics.

Project Management

EngageBay enables users to stay on top of everything. You can either manually generate them or automate them using rules. Additionally, you may group, filter, and set reminders for them.

Support tickets

Due to this functionality, you will receive all tickets in a single mailbox. You can keep track of open, unanswered, and unassigned support tickets. Additionally, you can schedule and direct them, automate based on status, priority, and response triggers and solve several problems in a single ticket.


Leaderboards are one of the engaging methods offered by EngageBay to help your business adopt a high-performance culture. You can start competitions with prizes and track the accomplishments of your team members on leaderboards.


  • All functionalities are accessible from a single dashboard
  • Easy to design interactive emails
  • Excellent client service
  • Offers multiple marketing, sales, and customer service capabilities


  • Offers a few templates for landing pages
  • Limited mobile application
  • No SMS capability
  • Third-party integration is limited


EngageBay - Pricing Plan

Enagegebay offers a variety of pricing tiers and serves a wide range of clients. Depending on features like customization, the need for new functionality, and the number of users, the pricing may increase.

12. Oracle Netsuite CRM

Best CRM Platform For Managing Interactions with Customers, Partners, and Suppliers in a Single Place

NetSuite CRM - NetSuite Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Oracle Netsuite CRM is a business-oriented sales customer relationship management platform. You can view transactions, search up invoices, view transaction history, upsell customers, and more with Oracle CRM.

The software also boasts a mobile app for iPhone.

Best Features

Sales forecasting

The CRM includes several tools for sales forecasting to provide teams the best chance of winning in a super competitive environment. With the sales forecasting feature, users can analyze customer lifecycle and customer data to evaluate closure probability, weighted amounts, and projected amounts for opportunities and quotes in the sales pipeline. For generic forecasts that aren't connected to a specific statement or opportunity, use “mood ring” forecasts.

Partner relationship management

With the complete partner relationship management tools provided by Oracle CRM, users can keep track of all sales and marketing initiatives involving partners, including joint marketing campaigns, sales forecasting, order processing, and partner commissions.

Marketing automation

To effectively target, create, and carry out marketing initiatives, users of NetSuite CRM can take advantage of marketing automation. Your salespeople can immediately see the outcomes when lead generation efforts are incorporated into outbound programs. NetSuite users can automate multichannel marketing initiatives to coordinate them with sales efforts.

Extensive customization

The vast majority of Netsuite CRM's features can be customized because it is a CRM that is primarily utilized by large businesses and enterprise clients. For starters, users are free to add as many custom fields as they require to the CRM to configure it specifically to their requirements. Secondly, NetSuite SiteBuilder allows users to design application forms that replicate their agents' preferred lead-gathering procedures.


  • Excellent customer relationship management capabilities
  • Offers 360 customer view
  • Reporting is straightforward
  • Offers workflows for custom business processes
  • Dashboards are easy to use and navigate, and organized


  • Unstable support system
  • System setup for technical tasks is challenging
  • Vast feature set can be overwhelming


Oracle CRM does not provide price details, so you'll need to contact a salesperson for a quote based on your company's size, demands, industry, desired add-ons, and customizations.

13. SugarCRM

Powerful CRM Software Example For Remote Teams

SugarCRM - The World’s Most Loved CRM Platform

SugarCRM is a cloud-based solution for addressing needs for account administration, customer relationship management, sales automation, and marketing automation.

Additionally, SugarCRM can accept the additional modules users can add using the integrated tools and interface with various third-party systems.

Running on either a Windows or Mac operating system, the software supports Windows, Linux, MySQL, SQL Server, and Oracle systems.

Best Features

Wide communication tools

Additionally, SugarCRM includes exceptional communication features. You'll receive phone calls, emails, personalized messages, video meetings, and individual social networks to engage with your consumer base and market your business.

Contact Management

When using SugarCRM, adding contacts and leads is merely a few clicks, and after the contact sheet is complete, you can attach files, tag them, and star them. With bulk editing, you can even complete all of this in groups. There are no restrictions because this software supports multiple languages and currencies.

Seamless marketing campaigns functionality

One of the key features that sets SugarCRM apart from its competitors is the Campaign Wizard, which is located on the dashboard. Within the customer engagement platform, the Wizard aids in the distribution of forms and the collection of leads. Additionally, you can allocate leads to agents and score, assess, and grade them. Even if you're unfamiliar with marketing, it's simple to learn thanks to the detailed instructional and extensive training.

Effective reporting

SugarCRM will give you easy-to-understand datasheets and a summary of your current sales performance. Additionally, you'll receive notifications regarding future patterns and potential problems that need to be fixed. You can build dashboards and search them with various filters for your smart reporting.


  • Excellent customer service services
  • Easy to execute marketing campaigns
  • Supports multi-channel communication


  • Steep learning curve
  • Might require tech support to set up
  • Complex integration process


SugarCRM offers a seven-day free trial exclusively for its Sugar Serve package. Additionally, because all plans are invoiced annually, you must make a sizable upfront expenditure and cannot cancel if it doesn't fulfill your demands.


Customer management software usage has a lot of advantages. It's one of the most effective customer management methods and a requirement for businesses that recognize the value of client marketing business strategy.

Based on your company size, finances, sales and marketing objectives, and goals, those mentioned above are the best CRM platform examples to implement in your company in 2023.

Our top picks are as follows:

Best Overall

Monday.com CRM

A collaborative CRM tool that is simple to operate, integrates with external software to automate processes and save time, and offers round-the-clock customer assistance.
Best For Workflow Automations


A robust CRM system that enables you to build a site, easily track and find emails, manage lead relationships, advertise your company, and automate sales processes.
Best For Startups


A customer management solution for marketing and sales automation that enables companies of all sizes and types to achieve their customer service objectives.
Best For Sales Teams


A customer management solution and sales force automation tool that lets companies create unique processes by using event-based triggers to automate repetitive tasks.
Best For Large Organizations

HubSpot CRM

A cost-effective CRM tool that enables users to seamlessly automate processes and enhance customer service with a simple user interface and navigation system.

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