15 Best Kanban Software in 2024: Tools, Benefits, and Reviews

Updated May 5, 2023.

A powerful kanban software can easily help you achieve your goals and keep your team in line. Here we’ve reviewed the 15 best kanban software in the market with our top 5 choices.

Monday icon


Get access to intuitive software and track your team’s work efficiently within a few seconds with Monday.com’s flexible kanban solution.
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Improve your project management and visualize your work with an agile workflow created by ClickUp’s kanban software.
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Improve productivity, clarify priorities, and achieve better results with your team by using the kanban board solution offered by Wrike.
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Create cloud-based, shareable kanban boards on Smartsheet and manage your projects quickly and accurately with Kanban cards.
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Create and manage your kanban boards to visualize and track progress of your team and foster collaboration between departments.

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The best kanban software can go a long way toward the success of your business. You can track where your team members spend their time, improve their productivity, and create an agile workflow for managing your projects in a better manner.

With so many kanban tools in the market, it might be difficult for you to choose the best one. The kanban software mentioned in our review is the best and has unique features that set them apart from others.

Kanban Tools: Key Features

While kanban tools are excellent for visualization, there are a few other reasons why they might help you grow your business.

  • Flexible software lets you customize your workflow based on your team’s needs.
  • Implementation of feedback loops, including email integration, comments, and mentions.
  • Create dashboards with customizable layouts.
  • Advanced display of reports, including key performance and flow metrics.
  • Analyze your workflow’s performance with analytics capabilities.
  • Better visualization of work, including deadlines, dependencies, and blockers.
  • Real-time status updates.
  • Seamless integration with external tools.
  • Easily accessible from all devices.
  • Improved customer and client satisfaction.

Best Kanban Software

Here is the best kanban software you should try out for your business.

1. Monday.com

Best Kanban Software for Creating Custom Workflows

  • Save time by creating Gantt charts for your project's timeline.
  • Improve your team's productivity with timesheet tracking.
  • Seamlessly integrates with over 40 external applications, including Slack and Zendesk.
  • Limited mobile application features.
  • Reporting features for the kanban boards are limited.
  • Cannot directly integrate with third-party applications, including Salesforce.
Monday icon
Editor’s Take

Monday.com is a software built for new-age kanban teams with better visualization features. The platform's kanban tool helps you track your team's work efficiently. I would highly recommend this software for companies looking to create customized workflows. You can easily divide your workflow into stages and create a group for each stage. This helps you automatically move your tasks from one group to another.

Best For
Custom Workflows
$0/mo – $22/mo
Annual Discount
Save 18%

Monday.com offers intuitive kanban software to help you manage your projects and communicate efficiently.

Best Features

Automatic Notification

The kanban software keeps you up-to-date with all the latest developments within your team, including both located and distributed teams, with the help of instant and automatic notifications. These help you track progress and let you know when a task is done or when your team is stuck.

Visual Project Management

With the help of this visual tool, you can track projects on track and manage their deadlines easily. It helps you keep everything in control.

Customized Templates

The best part about working with the kanban method is the enhanced use of visualization options. Monday.com's standalone kanban tool gives you access to multiple templates to make your work easier. This professional project management tool includes templates for weekly tasks, to-do lists, or team projects.

Centralized Communication

Monday.com allows you to create a centralized channel for all your communication. Centralized communication ensures that you never miss an important meeting update.

Document Management

The kanban tool offered by this platform gives you access to a document and resource management option. These management kanban features ensure that all your work is stored in a centralized location.

Monday.com has five plans, including a free basic plan for its users.

Monday.com gives you access to a free 14-day trial, where you can experience all their exclusive kanban features, including Gantt charts and automation features.

2. ClickUp

Top Kanban Software for Small Businesses

  • Shallow learning curve with a drag-and-drop interface.
  • Get access to both a basic and a complex kanban board view.
  • Manage your entire business with a single dashboard.
  • Limited mobile application features with no access to table views.
  • Cannot integrate or send alerts or tasks directly to your Gmail.
  • Limited email integration options.
Clickup icon
Editor’s Take

ClickUp lets you build a flexible kanban board to visualize and improve your task management. I would highly recommend this kanban tool for small businesses, as you can create and customize boards for all projects. All these boards can be accessed through a central location, making it easier to track the project’s progress. 

Best For
Small Businesses
$0/mo – $19/mo
Annual Discount
Save 45%
Free plan

ClickUp allows you to create the perfect agile workflow with its flexible kanban tool.

Best Features

Flexible Grouping

ClickUp’s kanban tool allows you to create and group your boards per your team’s needs. This grouping will help you arrange and view your projects from all angles. The boards can be grouped based on assignee, priority, or status.

Custom Status

Visualize your processes easily with the help of custom statuses. You can create this unique status for any workflow, including single and multi-stage processes. You can add or edit your status directly in the kanban board view. The custom status option makes ClickUp one of the best kanban project management tools in the market.

Capacity Monitoring

The kanban framework offered by this tool helps you track the capacity of your software development teams. You can easily view when there is too much work in a status or spot bottlenecks faster. Sprint points and time estimates let you measure your team’s workload.

Multitask Toolbar

The multitask toolbar lets you make quick changes to all your boards at once. These bulk changes save time during task updates. You can delete tasks, change statuses, or assign projects from your dashboard.

Advanced Sorting

Keep your entire kanban team on track with advanced sorting and filtering kanban features. You can also filter tasks by assignee and view workload. You can filter all the tasks on your project management tool based on the due date or priority.

ClickUp has five plans – Free, Unlimited, Business, Business Plus, and Enterprise.

ClickUp gives you access to a free plan, where you can create unlimited tasks, access multiple kanban boards, and improve your team’s productivity with the native time tracker tool.

3. Wrike

Leading Kanban Software for Streamlining Processes

  • Manage multiple projects at the same time.
  • Reduce stress and burnout of your team by balancing out your workloads.
  • Connect with your clients and stakeholders easily.
  • Limited functionality is offered by the mobile application.
  • Tasks cannot be filtered with the assignee feature.
  • Medium learning curve.
Wrike icon
Editor’s Take

Wrike gives you access to agile kanban software where you can improve your team’s productivity and achieve better results in less time. What I love the most about this software are its streamlined processes. These help clarify your team’s priorities and save time. You can use the request forms offered by Wrike to intake and auto-assign tasks to members.

Best For
Streamlined Processes
$0/mo – $24.80/mo
Annual Discount

Wrike helps your team reach all of their business goals by tracking their progress through kanban boards.

Best Features

Increased Focus

Your team will work better when they know the tasks they have to focus on. The kanban board view offered by Wrike helps improve your team’s focus and allows them to achieve their goals by making the process less chaotic. The boards help create flow in between the tasks.

Streamlined Intake

By streamlining your team’s intake, you’ll be able to auto-assign tasks to them. The tasks can be auto-assigned by recording their intake through request forms. Based on the rules and processes, these tasks would appear automatically in the queue.

Identify Roadblocks

Wrike helps you avoid any delays in your project by letting you analyze the exact stage at which the tasks are not progressing. Once you have identified the roadblock, you can assign more resources. The digital kanban board can be used tore-assign tasks and eliminate bottlenecks.

Purpose-Built Templates

This agile project management software offers pre-built templates that a project manager can use to streamline your common and everyday tasks. These can be used to accelerate project management and clarify HR tasks. Pre-built templates make Wrike the best kanban project management tool in the market.

Resource Management

The best part about working with the kanban method is you can manage your resources visually. Online Kanban boards allow you to manage and assign your resources more effectively. Balanced workloads are created by using advanced and real-time insights gathered by Wrike.

Wrike has four plans – Free, Professional, Business, and Enterprise.

With Wrike, you get access to a free 14-day trial, where you can create shareable dashboards, Gantt charts, get your tasks or projects approved by guests, and proofread all the files easily.

4. Smartsheet

Top Kanban Tool for Project Tracking

  • Offers a single integrated dashboard.
  • Improve the productivity of your team by getting easy access to activity logs.
  • Get access to multiple advanced integrations, including Office 365 and GSuite.
  • Lacks a native time tracking feature.
  • Moderate learning curve.
  • Expensive monthly plans.
Smartsheet icon
Editor’s Take

Manage your projects intelligently with this digital kanban board tool. Smartsheet offers you an online work execution platform where you can easily visualize and collaborate on your workflows. I would highly recommend this kanban tool for project tracking, as it offers advanced analytics features to track the progress of your project.

Best For
Project Tracking
$7/mo – $25/mo
Annual Discount
Save 22%

Smartsheet is an online kanban board software where you can quickly create shareable boards to manage your projects more accurately.

Best Features

Project Management

Smartsheet offers intelligent software with a visual framework, which encourages small, incremental changes to your processes to improve the overall productivity. It improves your team’s performance by identifying blockers and quickly updating statuses.

Increased Flexibility

Organize and manage your projects easily with a list or a board view. In this way, you can view every task assigned to your members. It is excellent for tracking progress and deadlines as well.

Insightful Reports

To analyze key information and performance kanban metrics across projects, Smartsheet gives you access to insightful reports. The reports and dashboards are fully customizable and can display your required information. Smartsheet offers drag-and-drop widgets to customize your boards.

Built-In Automation

The kanban method helps automate all your reports, requests, and updates. A project manager can automate your notifications and workflows to drive engagement and improve collaboration.

Enterprise-Grade Security

With Smartsheet’s kanban project management tool, you can access tools for enterprise provisioning, management, and scaling. These kanban tools offer enterprise-grade security to the software and are HIPAA and GDPR compliant.

Smartsheet offers three plans – Pro, Business, and Enterprise.

Smartsheet gives you access to a free 30-day trial, where you can create private sheets and reports, measure dependencies, and use unlimited automations.

5. Asana

Best Kanban Application for Automated Workflows

  • Quick access with streamlined workflows.
  • Waste less time on repetitive processes.
  • Analyze your team’s progress with a bird’s eye view.
  • Lacks personalized notification options.
  • Too many features make the kanban board a little overwhelming for new users.
  • Kanban boards allow a project manager to assign tasks to only one person.
Asana icon
Editor’s Take

Asana lets you work on big ideas by creating and managing online kanban boards. It offers an efficient way to visualize your workload and get it done with the available capacity of your team. What I love most about this application is its automated workflows. These workflows help you manage and review incoming requests and quickly assign them to your agile teams. 

Best For
Automated Workflows
$0/mo – $24.99/mo
Annual Discount
Save 18%

Asana lets you visualize your team’s progress with an online Kanban board.

Best Features

Foster Team Collaboration

Asana offers the best kanban software, which you can use to plot out efficient workflows. These workflows offer streamlined and easy task management options. The Project manager can view all the tasks in a centralized location, ensure that tasks move through each stage, and foster better team collaboration.

Spot Bottlenecks

Easily spot any backlogs or bottlenecks with this efficient application. You can spot bottlenecks by customizing your work-in-progress and aligning it with specific workflows. These workflows will let you analyze where the tasks are piling up. Once you analyze where the bottlenecks are, you can optimize your project plan and ensure proper workflow management.

Automated Workflows

Streamline your routine task management with customizable rules for an automated workflow. You can use them to assign team members tasks or automatically move kanban boards to different columns.

Real-Time Project Status

This kanban project management application helps you know where your project stands with the help of a real-time project status dashboard. You can label your columns to reflect your workflow stages and then drag and drop your cards to help your team know where your project stands.

Increased Flexibility

Asana offers you increased flexibility by letting you toggle between multiple views. Unlike other software, this simple kanban task board tool lets you switch quickly between a list, Gantt, timeline, or calendar view. The different views let them visualize the work in the way your team wants.

Asana has three plans – Basic, Premium, and Business.

Asana offers a free 30-day trial to its users, where you can create unlimited tasks and get access to task templates and advanced search options.

6. Jira

Leading Kanban Software for Promoting Transparency

Jira - Move fast, stay aligned, and build better - together.jpeg

Jira offers a kanban board tool, where you get access to a framework for lean software development teams.

Best Features

Optimized Workflows

Jira offers one of the best kanban project management tools, which can visually depict your workflow at various stages. These boards allow you to define and configure your workflows. You can make both complex and simplified workflows.

Software Development

This agile kanban project management software is used to implement software development. The entire team can view every piece of work with a centralized dashboard. The real-time communication of team capacity and transparency makes it one of the best kanban tools for software development teams.

Promotes Transparency

Jira displays the most relevant information to the team for all tasks, bugs, or issues. This information promotes transparency among the team, clients, and stakeholders. The basic Kanban board lets you view exactly where your work stands in a single glance.

Spot Backlogs

Jira offers a WIP (Work in Progress) column that displays all the tasks in the process. By establishing a limit in the WIP, you will be able to prevent any backlogs or bottlenecks. The WIP limit lets all the tasks and issues flow smoothly through your optimized workflow.

Real-Time Reports

Easily spot workflow blockages with the help of real-time visual metrics. The cumulative flow diagram also lets you track the cycle time and continuously improve productivity metrics.


  • Easily communicate your plans with clients and stakeholders.
  • Track your team’s progress with built-in charts and reports.
  • Personalize your dashboard with custom filters.


  • Lacks collaboration features to communicate with your team.
  • Lacks a built-in timeline to track the progress of your project.
  • Steep learning curve.

Jira has four plans – Free, Standard, Premium, and Enterprise.

With Jira, you get access to a free plan, where you can analyze the backlog, get access to customizable workflows, and seamlessly integrate with external applications.

7. nTask Board

Top Kanban Project Management Software for Real-Time Collaboration

nTaskboard - Deliver Projects 3x Faster With nTask.jpeg

nTask Board helps you manage your workflows, organize your projects, and collaborate with your team in real-time, to improve productivity.

Best Features

Optimized Work Planning

nTask Board offers the best kanban software to optimize your project planning by improving your workflow and sorting process. This kanban tool lets you prioritize or de-prioritize tasks based on their critical levels.

Efficient Project Management

Enhance your workflow by managing your projects efficiently with the kanban board tool. This kanban methodology lets you create boards for multiple projects and move your tasks in just a few clicks. Kanban boards let you link projects to track dependencies.

Customized Statuses

With nTask boards, you can define custom statuses for your projects. These statuses would reflect your task completion stage. The tool lets you add as many status columns as your team wants and personalize your workflow.

Scalable Workflows

Adapt and scale to any business use case with this flexible Kanban board feature. You can edit columns easily, customize your card settings, and match them to your branding guidelines. nTask’s physical kanban board tool also lets you upload your image.

Enhanced Productivity

Create tasks directly on the kanban boards by directing your emails with this software. It eliminates the hassle of shifting between apps and reduces your mailbox clutter. This all-in-one conversation management tool lets project managers set assignees and set email dates as task due dates.


  • Easily create boards with pre-built templates.
  • Optimize your workflow easily with a responsive drag-and-drop interface.
  • Keep your team on the same page by syncing your boards across multiple team accounts.


  • Lacks advanced reporting features.
  • Poor and unresponsive customer service.
  • Moderate learning curve.

nTask has three plans – Basic, Premium, and Business.

nTask gives you access to a free 14-day trial, where you can create custom Kanban boards, set personalized statuses, and offer pre-built board templates.

8. Kanbanize

Best Kanban Application for Business Agility

Kanbanize - Business Agility that actually works.jpeg

Kanbanize gives you visibility across all agile teams, connects your strategy with execution, and delivers your work three times faster.

Best Features

Interlinked Boards

Kanbanize gives you access to the best kanban software, which lets you create a network of interlinked boards. These boards can be created on both team and management levels and can be used to connect multiple workflows across organizations. Interlinked boards let you achieve incomparable transparency.


The online kanban tool gives you access to swimlanes, which are horizontal lines that split your boards into sections. Swimlanes lets you separate different classes of service and types of work activities. This agile project management application lets you efficiently manage your tasks.

Pre-Built Templates

Pre-built card templates help you streamline your team’s processes and manage your recurring work. You can create or apply card or task templates to complex structures with predefined properties.

Merged Lanes

Get access to a flexible board structure with the help of merged columns and lanes. You can merge your cells across multiple lanes and columns, making the proofreading process more accessible.

Customized Board Background

Kanbanize lets you personalize your board to match your brand identity. Every user can set up their unique board background.


  • Track cross-team dependencies with the help of card links.
  • Gives you access to advanced and automated project reports.
  • Seamlessly integrates with third-party applications, including Jira and Google Drive.


  • Too many linking and customization options can be a little intimidating for beginners.
  • Cannot assign due dates to subtasks.
  • Moderate learning curve.

Kanbanize has two plans – Standard and Enterprise.

With Kanbanize, you get access to a free 30-day trial, where you can create unlimited workspaces and kanban boards, access timelines, and interlink your boards.

9. Productboard

Leading Kanban Solution for Capturing Feedback

Productboard - Get the right products to market, faster.jpeg

Productboard offers a customer-centric kanban board that lets you capture insights and prioritize tasks accordingly.

Best Features

Efficient Workflow

Productboard offers the best kanban software to track the flow of features through each project delivery stage. The software lets you customize your roadmap and features board to display each phase in your workflow clearly.

Prioritize Tasks

Capture feature ideas quickly and prioritize them based on clear strategic criteria with the help of Productboard. You can do this irrespective of your prioritization framework.

Capture User Feedback

By capturing all your user feedback in one centralized location, you will be able to analyze your results more efficiently. This Kanban methodology allows you to gather all your feature requests and user research in one place. The research helps you prioritize the right features and design them in the desired way.

Shareable Roadmap

Productboard gives you access to a roadmap that you can share among agile teams across your organization, stakeholders, and your clients. The shareable roadmaps let everyone know where your project is headed and analyze your prioritization decisions.

Seamless Integrations

Make the most out of the software by integrating Productboard’s kanban software with the tools you already use. You can integrate with tools like Intercom, Zendesk, Jira, Github, and many more.


  • Manage your team’s capacity with dependency tracking options.
  • Improve your team’s productivity by monitoring key performance indicators.
  • Manage your teaks flexibly with customized workflows.


  • Lacks a desktop application.
  • Cannot adjust timeframes for subtasks or features.
  • Expensive monthly plans.

Productboard has four plans – Essentials, Pro, Scale, and Enterprise.

Productboard offers a free 15-day trial to its customers, where you can create unlimited roadmaps, Gantt charts, set multiple prioritization scores, and get access to unlimited customer feedback capturing options.

10. Zoho Projects

Top Kanban Board Tool for Tracking Bugs and Issues

Zoho Projects - The best project management software for any business_11zon.jpeg

Zoho Projects offers a cloud-based kanban tool for efficient project management and team collaboration.

Best Features

Project Status

With Zoho Project’s kanban board tool, you can place cards in different columns. You can customize these columns to represent project status, module, severity, or classification of tasks. The project status helps your team members understand where a project stands and what needs to be done at a given time.

Task Automation

This leading kanban project management software can be used to assign tasks to your agile teams automatically. You can use task automation for recurring tasks, save your team’s time, and improve productivity.

Team Collaboration

With Zoho Projects, you can easily collaborate with your team on documents and tasks from any device anywhere worldwide. This lets your team stay on top of discussions and are more focused on tasks without worrying about losing track of feedback or conversations.

Drag-and-Drop Interface

Easily drag and drop your task cards between project status boards and track project progress efficiently. You can also reorder the card within the column or submit new tasks under the desired project status column.

Track Bugs

Zoho Projects gives you access to the best kanban software to track bugs or bottlenecks in your project workflow. You can ensure that all your processes flow smoothly and the tasks are completed on time by tracking bottlenecks.



  • View the status of every project in real-time.
  • Bill your clients accurately with timesheets.
  • Seamlessly integrates with third-party applications, including Google applications and Jira.


  • Complex user interface.
  • Lacks pre-built kanban board templates.
  • Steep learning curve.

Zoho Projects has three plans – Free, Premium, and Enterprise.

With Zoho Projects free plan, you can create up to 2 projects, tracks your team’s tasks, and view Gantt charts.

11. Forecast.app

Best Kanban Software for Syncing Project Timelines

Forecast.app - One platform to run all.jpeg

Forecast.app offers an AI-native platform where you can create multiple kanban boards and manage all your projects and resources efficiently.

Best Features

Task Dependencies

Forecast.app’s kanban system lets you prioritize your tasks based on their potential impact. Once your tasks have been prioritized, you can link them and track your dependencies. By creating relationships between tasks, you can build an efficient work process.

Visualize Blocked Tasks

Easily track project bottlenecks and blocked tasks and efficiently resolve them. Once you know at which stage your tasks are lagging, you can easily assign more members and get them done faster.

Easy Task Management

This project and task management software lets you analyze your team’s tasks and track their project progress. You can closely follow your work in progress and get notified about all the key updates. This agile project management software also alerts you when a task takes more time than expected.

Resource Scheduling

Easily use Forecast.app’s kanban software to schedule resources based on tasks or projects. You can do this across your entire portfolio. Resource scheduling ensures that all your team’s capacity is adequately utilized.

To-Do Lists

Make sure your entire team knows exactly what to do with the help of daily and weekly to-do lists. These lists can help improve your team’s productivity and get things done faster without wasting time assigning tasks every time.


  • Ensure task completion on time by assigning due dates directly on task cards.
  • Sync your project timelines with kanban boards.
  • Get personalized customer insight with artificial intelligence.


  • Lacks an interactive and intuitive dashboard.
  • Medium learning curve.
  • Lacks advanced allocation filtering options.

The Forecast.app has three plans – Lite, Pro, and Plus.

With Forecast.app, you get access to a free 14-day trial, where you can automate your tasks, schedule resources, and get access to business intelligence.

12. ProofHub

Leading Kanban Application for Visual Proofreading

ProofHub - The one place for all your projects and team collaboration.jpeg

ProofHub offers an in-built kanban software that gives you ultimate control over your projects and team members.

Best Features

Task Assignment

ProofHub's kanban system lets you create personal tasks in a centralized dashboard. You can assign these tasks to one of the multiple individuals in your team. Task assignment ensures a clear distribution of responsibilities among your agile teams.

Creating Subtasks

By breaking project tasks into smaller subtasks, it gets easier for you to manage and assign them. By assigning a subtask, you can define who works on what part. You can also add labels to your tasks to differentiate, organize, or prioritize them. The labels help you to filter them efficiently.

Recurring Tasks

ProofHub allows you to set up recurring tasks that need to be done regularly. Setting up these tasks saves time, as you do not have to add them again and again manually.

Visual Proofing

The project management tool offered by this platform gives you access to visual proofing options. You can add comments to documents and files right on the platform and discuss ideas. This makes sure that all the feedback is in a centralized location. Project managers can also approve the tasks quickly through the centralized dashboard.

Custom Roles

ProofHub offers an agile project management software where you can create and assign custom roles to your team. These can be set based on their responsibilities. By assigning custom roles, you can decide who gets access to what and keep your project safe and secure.


  • Clearly distribute responsibilities among your team members with easy task management options.
  • Efficiently collaborate with your team with mentions.
  • Easily manage tasks by breaking them down into subtasks.


  • Loads slowly at times due to a chunky interface.
  • Lacks customized notification features.
  • Lacks dashboard personalization options.

ProofHub's pricing depends upon the number of members in your team.

With ProofHub, you get access to a free 14-day trial to access detailed activity logs, create unlimited projects, Gantt charts, and assign custom roles to your team.

13. Mavenlink

Top Kanban Tool for Professional Services Organizations


Mavenlink offers an agile and professional kanban board tool through which you can achieve your project goals and even surpass them.

Best Features

Project Management

With Mavenlink’s kanban methodology, you can assess your entire project portfolio at once. You can get all the information in one place, helping you make better business decisions. It also allows project managers to check the status of project tasks in real-time and analyze deliverables.

Prioritize Tasks

Mavenlink offers one of the best kanban software tools, which you can use to label tasks based on their priority. By prioritizing your tasks, you keep your members on the same page, and they know exactly what should be done first.

Status Visualization

Project managers can easily visualize the status and work in progress by creating boards and columns for different tasks within a project. This kanban system offers filtering options for sorting your tasks based on tags, projects, or employees.

Pre-Built Templates

With the help of purpose-built templates offered by this software, you can easily streamline your processes in a way that works for your team and clients. These reusable templates and workflows allow you to save time and money by working smarter.

Real-Time Insights

The basic kanban board tool lets you understand exactly where your project stands at a given time. You can tighten your control and strengthen your strategies by aligning team schedules and acting on the insights gathered through the platform.


  • Identify team member availability with the help of resource management options.
  • Interact efficiently with your team with the help of activity feeds and status updates.
  • Seamlessly integrate with external applications, including GSuite and Slack.


  • Lacks dynamic functionalities.
  • Lacks holiday management features.
  • Moderate learning curve.

Mavenlink has two plans – Premier and Enterprise.

Mavenlink gives you access to a free demo, where you can create a basic Kanban board, manage tasks, and schedule resources for your projects.

14. KanbanFlow

Best Kanban Software with WIP Limits


KanbanFlow is an efficient visual project management software that helps you boost your personal and team productivity.

Best Features

Customized Workflow

Get an excellent overview of your current work situation with the help of KanbanFlow. This software offers a Kanban board that can be divided into different columns. Project managers can then customize these columns to fit your workflow.


KanbanFlow offers the best kanban software with horizontal swimlanes to better understand your tasks. These swimlanes can be used for task management and split your board into kanban teams, products, or business areas.

Task Dependencies

Easily add relations between tasks within the same or different boards. These relations would indicate task dependencies, helping you assign and prioritize tasks more efficiently.

Sorting and Filtering

This Kanban board software lets you sort your tasks and projects with multiple filtering options. You can easily filter your board based upon user, label, color, or due date.

WIP Limits

KanbanFlow allows you to set WIP limits that restrict the number of tasks entered into a specific column. These limits will avoid bottlenecks in your processes and will force your team members to start finishing up tasks instead of just adding new ones. WIP limits help your team become more focused and productive.

  • Manage tasks more efficiently by creating and assigning subtasks.
  • Improve your team’s productivity with a native time-tracking option.
  • Get access to detailed monitoring reports with additional project management features.


  • Lacks an interactive and intuitive interface.
  • Lacks personalized reporting capabilities.
  • Glitches in the drag-and-drop feature.

KanbanFlow has two plans – Free and Premium.

With KanbanFlow, you get access to a free plan, where you can create unlimited boards, set WIP limits, and filter tasks based on your preference.

15. Trello

Leading Kanban Application with Advanced Checklists

Trello - Trello helps teams move work forward.jpeg

Trello is one of the smartest collaboration applications with kanban tools that are user-friendly and interactive.

Best Features

Cycle Time

Trello's kanban software gives you access to a cycle time report. This report tracks how long a card or task spends in progress. With this, you can analyze bottlenecks and improve your workflow.

Activity Logs

The software gives you access to the activity logs of your members. These help you analyze their capacity and productivity. These logs can improve your team's productivity and help with workflow management.

File Attachments

The kanban boards offered by Trello allows the team to attach files and discuss their feedback. You can upload a file directly from your local device or add a link to the task cards from Dropbox or Google Drive.


Trello gives you access to deadline alerts and other customized reminders. Your team would be reminded via the application and an email alert whenever a deadline is approaching.

Searchable Database

Trello offers a searchable database to its customers. All the relevant discussions and data are elegantly stored in the system for future use. The data is always backed up in the cloud. You can use labels on your cards to easily search and locate the desired file in no time.


  • Interactive interface with a drag-and-drop feature.
  • Powerful and easy-to-use mobile application.
  • Shallow learning curve.


  • Lacks task dependency options.
  • Limited data storage options.
  • Lacks advanced analytics or reporting features.

Trello has four plans – Free, Standard, Premium, and Enterprise.

With Trello, you get access to a free 14-day trial, where you can create unlimited boards, access and create checklists, and priority support options.


Is Scrum better than Kanban?

Kanban is a popular framework based on extensive project planning and implements an agile software development process. On the other hand, Scrum is a simple framework that facilitates your team's collaboration on complex projects. The scrum process is easier to use than kanban because of its transparent structure and enhanced team accountability

What's the best Kanban software?

Monday.com is the best kanban software built for new-age agile teams and has advanced visualization and other project management features. This intuitive software helps the team manage tasks and communicate with ease. Monday.com offers advanced document and project management strategy options with pre-built customizable templates.

What is the goal of Kanban?

Kanban is an agile methodology that is adopted to improve your workflow. There are a few goals that this process has while being implemented by multiple teams. 

Optimize the existing processes.
Deliver high-quality results and projects.
Improves lead time productivity
Improves employee and client satisfaction.
Prioritize your tasks.
Provides transparency into system design and operation.

How much does good Kanban software cost?

The cost of kanban software would depend upon your usage and the number of team members. If you are starting or have a small organization, you can use kanban software for free. For a medium-level organization that needs to manage multiple projects and have more than 15 team members, a good Kanban software will cost between $10 and $20

If you have a team bigger than 30 members or need to create unlimited kanban boards, an enterprise-level kanban software would cost you between $20 and $100.

When should Kanban be used?

There are different situations where you can use a kanban process.

For continuous workflow for support and services.
When a team is working on one thing after another
When the project does not require inspection or adaptation.
For tracking implementation
When you have a team of a group of individuals
When the work is mainly related to the daily routine.

What is the best free Kanban tool?

If you're a small business or are looking for simple workflow management software, you should look for free kanban tools. 

Zoho Projects

Which Kanban Software Should I Choose?

The best Kanban software would depend upon your project management goals, the number of employees, and the needs of your industry.

If you are looking for customized and automated workflows, Monday.com or Asana might be a better option.

If you are looking for kanban software with custom statuses, you should choose ClickUp or nTask Boards.

If you are looking for a project management tool for streamlined processes, Wrike or Kanbanize might be a good option. 

If you are looking for kanban software with insightful reports, you should try Smartsheet or Jira

When looking for the best kanban software for your company, you can compare ClickUp and Monday.com, ClickUp and Asana, and Trello and Asana. You can also compare Wrike and Asana to find what suits best for your business needs. 

Which Kanban Software Should I Choose?

The best Kanban software would depend upon your project management goals, the number of employees, and the needs of your industry.

  • If you are looking for customized and automated workflows, Monday.com or Asana might be a better option.
  • If you are looking for kanban software with custom statuses, you should choose ClickUp or nTask Boards.
  • If you are looking for a project management tool for streamlined processes, Wrike or Kanbanize might be a good option.
  • If you are looking for kanban software with insightful reports, you should try Smartsheet or Jira.

When looking for the best kanban software for your company, you can compare ClickUp and Monday.com, ClickUp and Asana, and Trello and Asana. You can also compare Wrike and Asana to find what suits best for your business needs.

Best Overall


Get access to intuitive software and track your team’s work efficiently within a few seconds with Monday.com’s flexible kanban solution.
Best for Small Businesses


Improve your project management and visualize your work with an agile workflow created by ClickUp’s kanban software.
Best for Streamlined Processes


Improve productivity, clarify priorities, and achieve better results with your team by using the kanban board solution offered by Wrike.
Best for Project Tracking


Create cloud-based, shareable kanban boards on Smartsheet and manage your projects quickly and accurately.
Best for Automated Workflows


Create and manage your kanban boards to visualize and track progress of your team and foster collaboration.

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