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12 Best Kanban Software in 2022: Tools, Benefits, and Reviews

Discover the best Kanban software to create beautiful Kanban boards and connect them to tasks, goals, and team members for better accountability.

Best Kanban Software - Tools, Benefits, and Reviews

Have you been searching for that software that will allow your team members to work on tasks and produce results no matter the complexity?

Do you want a software that will show all your workflows in clear visual formats without any complicated diagrams?

Have you checked out most project management and task management tools but you still want something much more specific to the agile methodology?

Then, this article will put an end to your search as all you need is a Kanban software.

With Kanban, you can visualize your tasks, track their progress and improve your process efficiency all without spending hundreds of dollars.

So, if you are ready, let's walk through 12 affordable Kanban software tools that will allow you to implement the Kanban system in your business without stress.

Let's move on.


Best Overall Kanban Software

Try Monday.com


Best for Affordable Features

Try ClickUp


Best for Customizing Workflow

Try Wrike

nTask Board

Best for Task Management

Try nTask Board


Best for Strong Reports & Dashboards

Try Celoxis


Best for Software Development

Try Jira


Best for Agile Project Management

Try Kanbanize


Best for Product Management

Try Productboard


Best for AI Powered Work Automation

Try Forecast.app


Best for Project Planning

Try ProofHub


Best for Team Collaboration

Try Asana

Zoho Projects

Best for Cloud Based Project Management

Try Zoho Projects

Best Kanban Software

1. Monday.com

Best Overall and Simple-To-Use Kanban Software

Monday.com is the Best Overall and Simple To Use Kanban Software

Monday.com is a popular and leading Kanban software, used by more than 100,000 teams worldwide, including Adobe, Uber and Universal Studios.

Features and Specifics

  • Dashboards: Generate Insights from real-time dashboards which display your data in a simple, easy-to-read format, track iterations and backlogs easily.
  • Templates: Choose from the available templates in various categories like project management, software development, marketing and HR, or build your own templates.
  • Automations: Allow your team to focus on the real business of the day by automating manual, mundane and repetitive tasks.
  • Communication and Collaboration: Manage all your communications, updates and workflow in a single platform, collaborate together and deliver quality products and results quickly.
  • Integrations: Integrate with your present software development tools like Slack and email, gather data from them seamlessly into Monday.com.


Monday.com Pricing Plan

Monday.com has a free plan which is ideally suitable for personal use.

The other paid plans are also affordable and give you access to lots of features. 

For example, the most popular plan, Standard, goes for $10 seat/ month and you can still access all basic features and additional ones like calendar view, automations, integrations, dashboard, and timeline & Gantt views.


  • Monday.com is very intuitive, easy to set up and configure
  • Simply add the features you want to use as you need them
  • Create your templates if you don't want to choose from the pre-built ones
  • Availability of prioritized support on every plan you choose

2. ClickUp

Most Affordable Kanban Software That Still Give You Almost All The Features You Need

ClickUp is the Most Affordable Kanban Software That Still Give You Almost All The Features You Need

ClickUp is another leading Kanban software used by over 200,000 teams globally including Google, Booking.com and Webflow.

Features and Specifics

  • Everything View: Visualize all your boards and different workflows in a single view regardless of their statuses.
  • Custom Statuses: All in the board view, add new statuses, edit existing ones and create special statuses for each workflow, beginning from sprints and multi-stage processes.
  • Board Grouping: Arrange your columns to monitor and analyze projects from different phases, categorize columns by status, priority, and assignee.
  • Drag and Drop Tasks: Move tasks through workflows easily and quickly, adjust tasks' priorities, drag and drop a task into any status.
  • Multitask Toolbar: Use the multitask tool bar to make bulk task updates, add assignees, change statuses and delete tasks in the board view.


ClickUp Pricing Plan

If you want to cut your budget and save some money, ClickUp has a free version which gives you access to 100MB storage, unlimited tasks, unlimited members and two factor authentication. 

Even the Unlimited paid plan is very affordable as it charges $5 per member per month provided you go on a yearly subscription. 

Moreso, almost all the features on the Unlimited plan are unlimited.


  • Two factor authentication is available on the free and paid plans
  • Unlimited dashboards and integrations are available on the paid plan.
  • Availability of free training and 24-hour support
  • ClickUp offers a 30-day money back guarantee

3. Wrike

Best Kanban Software for Customizing Workflows 

Wrike is the Best Kanban Software for Customizing Workflows

Google, Dell, Airbnb and over 20,000 customers use Wrike software as a project management tool.

Features and Specifics

  • Customizable Dashboards: Your teams can create multiple customizable dashboards to compare workloads, check tasks' progress and they can switch between them in one click.
  • Custom Workflows: Create customized workflows which show task completion stages of individual teams or specific project types, reassign tasks easily within the Kanban workflow.
  • Templates: Select from the prepared templates to accelerate project management, simplify your requests and clarify HR tasks.
  • Request Forms: Intake and auto-assign tasks displayed automatically in a queue, in line with your rules and processes.
  • Calendars Syncing: Stay updated with upcoming deadlines with the Wrike's shared team calendars which connect with your projects automatically.


Wrike Pricing Plan

Wrike has a free plan suitable for growing teams and it provides features like unlimited users, task and subtask management, interactive board and spreadsheet views,  and cloud storage integrations. 

The most popular plan is the Business plan which goes for a little pricey $24.80 per user/ month

Although, you can still choose the Professional plan which goes for $9.80 per user/ month.


  • Share Wrike's Kanban boards internally by adding and choosing the level of access you want
  • Access Wrike from anywhere with the web, desktop, and mobile apps.
  • Integrate with tools and apps you use with the Wrike APIs
  • Availability of a free 14-day trial plan on any of the paid plans.

4. nTask Board

Best Kanban Software for Task Management

nTask Board is the Best Kanban Software for Task Management

nTask Board was founded in 2015 and it's now used by more than 250,000 teams including popular ones like Apple, Sony, PayPal and Walmart in over 150 countries.

Features and Specifics

  • Kanban Boards: Create Kanban boards to boost your workflows and move tasks in a few clicks, link projects, assign tasks, and visualize them easily with Gantt charts.
  • Custom Statuses: Customize your statuses and personalize your workflow, add any number of status columns, set status color, and choose your preferred initial and final stage.
  • Templates: Save your board as a template or choose from the available board templates and edit them the way you want.
  • Work Planning and Organization: Improve workflow planning and sorting process with the Kanban boards, organize your tasks with cards, move cards across the statuses.


nTask Board Pricing Plan

Kanban boards' feature is not available on the free basic version of nTask Board.

Instead you would have to opt for the paid Premium or Business version.

The Premium plan charges $2.99 per month/ user and $1 per user/ month for up to 3 users

Subscribe for the Business version at $7.99 per month/ user if you want to enjoy most of the available features such as Kanban board templates, 10GB storage and custom status.


  • Get access to simple nTask Kanban boards
  • Pre-built flexible board templates are available so you can streamline task easily
  • Save up to 33% by going for the annual subscription
  • Take a free 14-day trial plan or book a demo.

5. Celoxis

Best Kanban Software for Powerful Reporting and Dashboards

Celoxis is the Best Kanban Software for Powerful Reporting and Dashboards

Celoxis as a project management software was founded in 2001 and it's used by more than 2,800 customers globally.

Features and Specifics

  • Dashboards and Reports: Gather insights quickly across projects and teams with the reports and dashboards, assign multiple shared dashboards to users, download reports and dashboards in PDF format.
  • Reporting and Reports Delivery: Use reporting on custom fields, including columns, filters, charts and formula fields, and schedule the delivery of reports to multiple audiences through email.
  • Project Planning: Build project plans with planning and scheduling tools and features like automatic scheduling, inter-project dependencies, and multiple resources per task.
  • Project Request Tracking: Gather project requests from various sources, sort them based on your business' key performance indicators, and explore the configurable ranking logic.
  • Time Sheets and Expense Module: Track time, costs and billing with the inbuilt timers, multi level approvals, and automatic reminders.


Celoxis Pricing Plan

Celoxis' plans depend on the deployment method that you want and they are relatively expensive compared to other Kanban softwares. 

If you want the cloud deployment, you would pay $25 per month and for the on-premise based, you would pay a lifetime bill of $450

Additionally, Celoxis offers 15 and 20% discounts for the 2 and 3 yearly cloud plans, respectively.


  • Multilingual support is available
  • Integrate with more than 400 business applications and use the Celoxis API for custom app integrations
  • Availability of 24/5 support and get a free 1-hour question and answer session after your purchase
  • A free 30-day trial plan and demo are available.

6. Jira

Best Kanban Software for Software Development

Jira is the Best Kanban Software for Software Development

Jira is a software product which was initially designed by Atlassian for bug and issue tracking but which has now evolved into a work management tool.

Features and Specifics

  • Workflows: Allow your teammate to define, configure and optimize columns that represent specific activities and collectively form simple and complex workflows.
  • Backlog: Never run out of ideas by ensuring your backlog is filled up with ideas that can be picked up anytime for project execution.
  • Issues: These are visual cards which encapsulate tasks, bugs, or user stories that allow your teammates to quickly understand the various projects of the team.
  • Swimlane: Easily categorize issues on the Jira Kanban board so your agile teams can see issues classified by different criteria like user or issue type.
  • Delivery Point: This identifies the end of the Kanban team's workflow, such as the delivery of the product or service to the customer.


Jira Pricing Plan

If you manage a small business which comprises a small team of 10 users, then you might choose the free plan. 

But if you want extra features like 20,000 user limit, 250 GB and unlimited file storage, audit logs, and data residency, then any of the paid plans is fine. 

And you can even start with the Premium plan which goes for $7 per user (average) and $70 a month


  • Reveal workflow bottlenecks and maximize flow with the work in progress (WIP) limits.
  • Choose from the available varieties of apps in the marketplace to maximize your Jira Kanban board's capabilities
  • Encryption in transit and at rest is provided on all plans, including the free plan
  • Unlimited storage and 24/7 support is available on the Premium and Enterprise plans.

7. Kanbanize

Best Kanban Software for Agile Project Management and Software Development

Kanbanize is the Best Kanban Software for Agile Project Management and Software Development

Kanbanize provides a leading Kanban platform and has garnered the trust of customers like Mozilla, Continental, and Arsenal.

Features and Specifics

  • Visual Workflow: Move cards across the board, visualize your progress and watch every stage of the multiple processes occuring in your account at different levels.
  • WIP limits: Set limits on the number of cards an individual can have in an account and the number of cards allowed in a column or swimlane in a particular period.
  • Card Views and Filters: Adjust hidden card attributes and use the board filter to display a selection of the cards on the board based on assignee, priority, color, and keyword search.
  • Custom Fields: Select the field type such as text, number and date that will appear in the card structure, mandate some fields for one digital board or make it elective for another.
  • Reminders and Follow Ups: The notifications system tracks deadlines and sends you an email which contains a link to the particular task that requires some follow-up.


Kanbanize Pricing Plan

Kanbanize offers a variety of plans where you have to choose the one that suits you best. 

The annual plan costs $149/ month while the monthly plan costs $179/ month

Note that Kanbanize charges extra fees for simple sign on and two factor authentication. 

The Standard and Enterprise plans contain almost identical features except that you get extra features like unlimited user limits, unlimited automation add-on, and up to 1 TB storage on the Enterprise plan.


  • Unlimited Kanban boards and workspaces are available on Standard and Enterprise plans.
  • Create complex cards with predefined attributes and subtasks by using the card templates
  • Easily assign special permissions to users by projects and boards
  • A free 30-day trial is available

8. Productboard

Best Kanban Software for Product Management

Productboard is the Best Kanban Software for Product Management

Productboard was founded in 2014 as a product management platform to help companies build great products and understand customers' needs better.

Features and Specifics

  • Insights: Unite all your customers' feedback from different sources into a single repository, identify and visualize trends to make product decisions that truly work.
  • Prioritization: Prioritize your customers' most wanted features, regularize your standardization framework while ensuring your product objectives meet company goals.
  • Roadmaps: Share updated and personalized product roadmaps to multiple audiences and increase cross-functional collaboration.
  • Engagement: Use the public portal to validate feature ideas, share updates, and capture new ideas from your customers.


Productboard Pricing Plan

Productboard charges on a per maker/ month basis and the available plans are Essentials, Pro, Scale, and Enterprise

If you don't mind the high-end cost of $100 per maker/ month and you want access to most Productboard's features, you can subscribe for the most popular plan, Scale

Otherwise, you can choose the Essentials or Pro version which charges $20 and $50 per maker/ month, respectively.


  • Unlimited makers can be added to any of the paid plans
  • Google apps sign-in is available on all plans
  • About 18 integrations are available including Salesforce and Slack and you also have access to the Productboard's open APIs
  • Take the 15-day free trial plan or request a demo

9. Forecast.app

Most Ideal Go-To for AI-Powered Work Automation and Financial Management

Forecast.app is the Most Ideal Go To for AI Powered Work Automation and Financial Management

Forecast.app which is a one-in-all platform for project, resource, and financial management has been used by different companies to create more than 150,000 projects worldwide.

Features and Specifics

  • Task Lists and Cards: Allow your project team to know their exact roles with the task list which spells out the necessary priorities while every member can also comment, share files and register time on the task cards.
  • Workflow: Track and monitor the progress of all tasks in the workflow, visualize all the work done, and get directly notified of important updates.
  • Timesheets:  The Forecast's AI studies previous works to inform you on the number of hours you usually register on similar tasks so you can log time fast and monitor time registrations from a team perspective.
  • One Platform for All: Groom the backlog, plan the sprint, track the progress and velocity, and know areas where processes can be improved, all in a single platform.


Forecast.app Pricing Plan

You can either choose the most affordable plan which is the Lite plan at €27 per seat/ month and you can also subscribe directly for the most popular plan, Plus, which charges a custom pricing. 

The Plus plan gives you access to all the Forecast.app's features and extra ones like single sign in, data migration and system integration.


  • Business intelligence and resource management features are provided on all plans.
  • Integrate easily with other tools using the open developer API
  • Select what you want each team member to see with the provided multiple permission levels.
  • Try out Forecast.app freely for 14 days or book a demo

10. ProofHub

Best Kanban Software for Project Planning

ProofHub is the Best Kanban Software for Project Planning

Loved by over 85,000 teams and businesses including Pinterest, Nike, and Netflix, ProofHub was founded in 2011 as a comprehensive project planning software for project management and team collaboration.

Features and Specifics

  • Tasks Imports: Without necessarily starting from scratch, import tasks from CSV files and create tasks in ProofHub.
  • Task Lists: Download task lists in a CSV file format, keep documented file format, create a copy of task lists and tasks for later reuse, and add tasks lists to bookmarks.
  • Task History: Keep a record of all tasks' activities including who created the tasks, made any changes to them and the period during which those changes took place. 
  • Progress Percentage: Mark progress percentage of tasks to get a distinct view of done and undone tasks.
  • Advanced Search: Use relevant keywords and phrases with advanced search to discover what you want in tasks.


ProofHub Pricing Plan

Instead of charging based on the conventional per-user basis, ProofHub charges a flat pricing for all plans which allows you to add as many users as you want. 

This probably explains why its pricing plans seem to be expensive.

Although, this charging method could turn out to be an advantage in the long run.

Subscribe for the Essentials plan at $45/ month if you don't want to spend much money although you would be missing out on some additional features like custom roles, custom workflows, and priority support. 

Otherwise, the Ultimate Control version is a great plan, especially if you have remote teams.


  • Unlimited users and a minimum of 15GB storage is offered on all plans.
  • Availability of priority support and data export
  • Multilingual support is available for the interface
  • Availability of a free 14-day trial plan which lets you try out all the features.

11. Asana

Best Kanban Software for Work Management and Team Collaboration

Asana is the Best Kanban Software for Work Management and Team Collaboration

Asana, which was founded in 2008 has been used by teams from many top companies like Amazon, Spotify, Google, and PayPal.

Features and Specifics

  • Workflows: View all project tasks in a single place, create clear processes and move tasks seamlessly through each stage of the workflow. 
  • Kanban Cards: Drag and drop Kanban cards which contain the assignee, due date and subtasks, from one stage to the other, label columns to mark your workflow stages, all in a bid to allow your team member to visualize where each task stands.
  • Workflow Automation: Streamline repetitive task management with customizable rules, assign tasks to a team member and set triggers which automatically move Kanban cards to different columns.
  • Views: Switch from a Kanban board view to a list, Gantt chart timeline or calendar view to visualize work in your preferred way.
  • Work-in-Progress Limits: Reveal the right level of information by customizing your work-in-progress columns to align with your specific workflows, identify bottlenecks, optimize your workflow management and avoid future backlogs.


Asana Pricing Plan

If you just want a project management platform that will allow you to handle and manage your basic tasks, then you can go for Asana' free basic plan

But if you want to create project tasks, track team projects while still enjoying lots of additional features, then you can subscribe for the Premium or Business plan.


  • More than 100 free integrations are available on all plans
  • Unlimited dashboards and reporting features are available on the paid plans
  • Access Asana on your mobile devices, using the mobile apps
  • Availability of 30-day free trial plan

12. Zoho Projects

Most Affordable Go-To If You Want a Cloud-Based Project Management Software

Zoho Projects is the Most Affordable Go To If You Want a Cloud Based Project Management Software

Zoho Projects was introduced in 2006 by the Zoho company as a project management platform.

Features and Specifics

  • Cards: Easily organize all your tasks as cards in different columns based on different task criteria like priority and percentage completion.
  • Visualizations: Manage your projects easily, understand your workflows better, and identify bottlenecks faster by exploring the provided visual representations of your projects.
  • Status Update: Update status fast by dragging and dropping tasks between columns.
  • Comments and Attachments: To add comments and attachments to a card, start the issue timer or link related issues, all you have to do is to click on the card.


Zoho Projects Pricing Plan

Zoho projects offers a free version for up to 3 users and access to a few features. 

The available paid plans are Premium and Enterprise which are still affordable. 

For example, the premium plan which is the most popular plan charges $4 per user/ month for the annual subscription and includes access to most of the available features. 

You can also try out any of the plans.


  • Integrate richly with other Zoho apps and other third-party tools like Jira, Slack and Google Drive.
  • Mobile apps and Gantt chart viewer are available for all plans
  • Presence of multilingual support for up to 17 languages
  • Availability of a 10-day free trial plan, personalized demo and onboarding assistance

What is Kanban?

Kanban dates back to the 1940s and gained its roots from the Toyota production system after it was developed by the Japanese industrial engineer, Taaichi Ohno who is widely recognized as the father of Kanban

Actually, the word “Kanban” is a Japanese word translated as “visual board”  or “signboard” in English. 

In today's century, Kanban is prominent in the business world as a useful framework for the implementation of Agile methodology and DevOps software development

The main purpose of Kanban is to serve as a workflow management system which can be used by project managers to manage, optimize and track tasks.

Kanban Infographic
Source: Nave

There are three main objectives of Kanban.

  • Visual Representations of Tasks and Workflows: Here, teams can break down tasks, represent them with cards on the Kanban boards and visualize work in a simple format such that even an outsider can quickly understand the various work processes and stages.
  • Limiting Work-in-Progress (WIP): Work-in-Progress limits is a fundamental core of the Kanban methodology and its purpose is to ensure the amount of work-in-progress doesn't exceed the functional team's capacity while also maintaining consistency.
  • Maximizing Efficiency and Flow: When team members can easily visualize work, undertake tasks better, and handle processes seamlessly, what follows is efficiency and faster output, including quick and smooth delivery of products and services.

The Kanban methodology is mostly used by Agile software development teams.

What is Kanban Software?

A Kanban software is a unique type of software which allows you to create Kanban boards, which, in turn, are used to implement the Kanban methodology.

Most project and work management softwares can be used as Kanban softwares as they allow users to create Kanban boards online and even combine them with other agile frameworks such as Scrum. 

A typical Kanban board has two main components which are cards and columns. 

Simply put, cards are used to represent work items while columns represent each process stage such as to do, doing and done.

Kanban Software Infographic
Source: Shopee

For multiple types of work, a Kanban board is divided into horizontal swimlanes which you can use to represent work performed by different teams. 

Kanban boards can also be physical or digital boards.

Key Features to Look Out for When Comparing Kanban Software

Here are six major features you should watch out for if you want to choose the best Kanban software.

1. Simple and Flexible Board Design

Since Kanban boards are all about visualizations, checking out the board design is a top criteria if you want to choose the best Kanban software for your business. 

Does the Kanban software allow you to create simple and easy-to-read Kanban boards? 

Kanban Board PowerPoint Templates
Source: SlideModel

Is it simple enough that someone who is not a team member will quickly understand the board at first sight? 

These are questions you should answer under this feature. 

You should also ensure that the elements on the Kanban boards like columns, swimlanes and activity streams are intuitive enough and well-represented.

Customization and flexibility is another Kanban board feature that you should consider. 

Can you easily customize the board with custom workflows, themes and widgets? 

Providing an answer to this question would determine if the Kanban board is suitably right for you.

2. Available Templates

Templates are one of the important components of Kanban boards which allow you to manage your projects and streamline your requests fast and easily. 

Therefore, they become a major feature you should look out for when comparing Kanban softwares.

Consider choosing a Kanban software that provides ready-to-use templates in various categories.

Also, you should be able to edit the templates to suit your needs. 

Some Kanban softwares allows you to build your own templates while Kanban software like nTask Board allows you to even save your board as a template.

3. WIP Limits

WIP stands for work in progress and the WIP limits means the maximum number of tasks that can be active such that when the limit is exceeded, more works cannot be introduced to the board. 

WIP stands for work in progress
Source: Agilesherpas

They are important for two reasons; to identify and prevent bottlenecks and to maximize flow. 

Hence, choosing a Kanban software with a good WIP limits feature is necessary if you want to increase your team's efficiency and successful outputs.

How do you know if a Kanban software has good WIP limits? 

All you need to do is to check if it allows you to create, track your progress and portfolio, and enable custom reports.

4. Dashboards and Reporting

Good dashboards and reporting capabilities is another key feature you should look for when comparing Kanban software. 

Kanban Dashboards and Reporting
Source: 24Slides

Dashboards and reporting features are indispensable because they allow you to generate fast and data-driven insights, monitor tasks' progress effectively, and track backlog and iterations.

So, check if you can build multiple dashboards, generate and download reports and schedule reports' delivery to your desired audiences via email and other preferred tools. 

You can also look out for a Kanban software that allows you to assign shared dashboards to users for increased collaboration.

5. Integrations and Mobile Access

Integrations is a non-negotiable feature no matter the software type, whether CRM softwares, inventory management softwares, or business intelligence and analytics tools.

So, integrations should also be on your feature watchlist before choosing a Kanban software. 

You should be able to integrate with a considerable number of other third-party tools such as Salesforce, Slack and Google Drive. 

Additionally, select Kanban software that provides open APIs which you can use to build custom integrations. 

Another important feature is mobile access, especially for remote teams.

Your teammates should easily access the Kanban software on their mobile devices using the provided mobile apps no matter their location.

6. Free or Trial Plan

You know the final cap to the features you should watch out for? 

It's the availability of free or trial plans

The reason is because a free/trial plan is a major way by which you can know if your desired Kanban software has all of the features you want. 

Some Kanban software offers a free plan which gives you access to basic features

Other Kanban software only lets you take the trial plan.

So, no matter the Kanban software you choose, firstly take the trial plan, try out its features and test its suitability for your business before cashing out your hard-earned money.

Kanban Software FAQs

What’s the Best Kanban Software?

If we were to choose the best Kanban software, we would undoubtedly go for Monday.com.
The reason is because it provides lots of useful features such as dashboards, templates, automations and integrations at an affordable price. 

But you know what? There's actually no best Kanban software. 

The best Kanban software depends on what you want and the amount you are willing to pay.
Take ClickUp, for example, some users would outrightly favor it as their best since it's very affordable and packs important features in a simple cost-effective plan. 

And this is right. The set of features you want will determine the Kanban software that you would choose.

How Much Does Good Kanban Software Cost?

A good Kanban software charges an average cost of $20 to $25 per user/ month
However, this doesn't mean you would find Kanban softwares which are way cheaper or more expensive than this price. 

The pricing depends on the software vendors and sometimes on the number of features that are provided. 

As an illustration, some vendors charge lesser amounts for their basic plans but users would have to sacrifice some important features for the lower prices. 

So, it depends on the ultimate vendor you choose, the features you want, and your ability to pay for the features you want. 

However, here are Kanban software that offers a free plan: Monday.com, ClickUp, Wrike, Jira, nTask Board, Asana and Zoho Projects.

What Are the 6 Rules of Kanban?

The 6 rules of Kanban established and implemented by Toyota can be found in the 1973 Toyota Production System Handbook.

– Defective products that don't meet up to required standards should not be passed from the upstream to the downstream process. 
– Downstream processes should withdraw the needed or specified items.
– Upstream processes should also produce only what's required or specified to prevent overproduction, reduce wastage and production costs. 
– Item production should be limited to capacity.
– Processes should be fully optimized to ensure maximum use of resources
– There should be adequate process consistency and stabilization. 

Those are the six rules of Kanban.

When Should Kanban be Used?

When you have repetitive business tasks and processes, and you don't have time for long-hour meetings and yet you want effective changes without overhauling your existing processes, then it's time for Kanban. 

Kanban allows you to visualize your workflows, track your progress over time and ensure efficient delivery of products and services. 

The bonus is that you don't have to completely eliminate your existing processes when you implement Kanban. 

Don't fall into the category of people who rush to Kanban when they have different varieties of user stories with flexible workflows and unwillingness to form stable teams as Kanban is not advisable here.

Which Kanban Software Should I Choose?

Choose a Kanban software that simply allows you to do what you want at the price you can afford in the long term

Here are the popular Kanban softwares and their best use cases.

  • Monday.com: Pick this software if you want a Kanban software that is simple to use, affordable, offers good features and excellent customer support. 
  • Wrike: If you are looking for one that gives you enough flexibility to customize your workflows and create customizable dashboards.
  • Celoxis: Your best option if you want a good Kanban software which provides powerful reporting and dashboards.
  • Forecast.app: Choose this software if you have a financial industry.
  • Jira: The best Kanban software if software development is your thing. 
  • ClickUp and Zoho Projects: And if price and cloud-based deployment are your biggest considerations, then go for any of these softwares as they are both cloud-based and affordable.

Lastly, if by this time you still don't know the Kanban software that you should choose, then go over this article again more carefully, consider the features and pricing and choose the one that meets your major business needs. 

We also encourage you to take the trial plans and demos and see in practical terms, what each Kanban software offers.

Written by
Martin Luenendonk