11 Best Highrise CRM Alternatives to Use in 2023

Updated Aug 6, 2023.

There are a lot of options available when looking for a CRM platform. This is even when you need an alternative to Highrise, one of the top customer relationship and resource management software platforms. Here are our top choices:

Pipedrive icon


Pipedrive is a popular CRM solution, ideal for small companies and solopreneurs on a budget. It comes with top features for streamlining sales and supplies.
Keap icon


Data is easily accessible with Keap, which stores all CRM information on one unified system. It is intuitive and easy to use, providing much room for automation.
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Monday CRM

Monday CRM comes with a brilliant selection of customer relationship tools, ideal for businesses with limited resources. It is a process-based solution.
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Users enjoy effortless control over business processes with this CRM software. Freshsales CRM offers sales tools and workflow automation to empower sales teams.
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Nutshell CRM

Nutshell CRM is great for the sales team, as it makes it easier for team members to win offers conveniently. It offers easy integrations with top platforms like Microsoft Office.

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Although Highrise CRM is impressive software for managing customer relationships and resources and is well-known for having many features, it isn’t perfect. You might need other alternatives to Highrise to meet your specific business needs.

Top CRM platforms make it easy for businesses to control their work processes, customer relations, sales, and more. Keep on reading to find the best CRM alternative to Highrise below.

What is Highrise CRM?

Highrise CRM is a widely used platform among sales teams, well-known for its advanced set of features that sets it apart from other CRM software. It offers a central database for all customer information and business records and can track up to 30,000 customers.

You can use the platform to monitor business deals and proposals, making collaboration among sales reps easier. Although it’s a reliable platform, the parent company stopped updating it in 2018.

This has led users to look for other alternatives with updated and modern features. Luckily, many other CRM platforms offer top services for your business needs.

Best Highrise CRM Alternatives

Here are our top picks for those who need alternatives to Highrise CRM.

1. Pipedrive

Best Overall Highrise Alternative with Versatile Features, Lead Generation and Workflow Automation

Editor’s Take
9.5 out of 10
$15 – $119 per user/month, billed monthly.
Discount for Annual Plan:

We chose Pipedrive as our top choice for alternatives to Highrise, as it is a great tool for developing businesses and startups working with very little data. Pipedrive’s design impressed us, working similarly to a personal assistant for sales teams.

Pipedrive is a web-based platform for managing sales and customer data and is a straightforward CRM service and complete sales team tool. It is easy to get this up and running in any business, as it offers an intuitive interface and a visual workflow designer.

Pipedrive provides efficient reporting, chatbot creation, and solid mobile compatibility. Businesses can use it in other operations like marketing and sales, asides from customer service.

Key Features

Versatile Use for All Businesses

Pipedrive provides many features suitable for customer relationship management, account management, marketing services, and sales. The software offers a complete small-and-medium-sized business experience but has plans for larger companies.

Straightforward UI

The platform offers a wide range of tools and integrations, and the user interface is easy to pick up with no training required. The design features a minimalist layout and provides a visual pipeline to track deals.

Lead Generation Chatbot

The most recent highlight of Pipedrive is Leadbooster, a customizable chatbot that comes with lead generation tools. Companies can add the bot to the website, and the new leads are automatically added to your pipeline.


Read more Pipedrive pricing

Pipedrive does not offer a free plan, but it has a 14-day free trial on all its paid plans. The plans start at $15, but when you pay annually, it reduces to $12.50. Large businesses are offered more expensive plans, but all plans come with the Leadbooster.

2. Keap

Best Highrise Alternative for User Friendliness, Automation, and Data Centralization.

Editor’s Take
9.4 out of 10
User Friendliness and Automation
$79 – $499 per month
Discount for Annual Plan:

After much research, we selected Keap as the best alternative for ease of use. It provides a brilliant collection of tools that improve customer service and make an organization’s sales operations easily accessible in one unified system.

Keap, formerly known as Infusionsoft, is a well-designed and intuitive CRM tool that collects and converts leads. The tool is now more advanced than the former CRM applications. Businesses can easily start with Keap, providing expert product coaching after paying the one-time setup fee.

It is a mobile-friendly platform and keeps the complicated processes out of CRM. New users can get started with a demo account for easy onboarding.

Key Features

User-Friendly and Expert Coaching

Keap is the easiest CRM platform to use that we discovered and comes with an expert coaching feature for convenient onboarding. But even without this, users can set up a demo account and get an opportunity to score automated events and pipelines before paying.

Convenient Automation

Keap provides sales and marketing automation using when and then parameters. You can set what should happen when a particular action is taken, allowing you to save time on processes. For instance, when a customer submits a form, the system should send them a pre-written email.

Sales Pipeline

This is one of the Highrise CRM alternatives with a Kanban-style pipeline that allows you to monitor customer demand and the entire sales experience. This feature allows team leaders and project managers to create new projects, attach them to leads and assign them to a team member. Users can automate the sales pipeline.


Read more Keap pricing

Keap’s payment plans are dependent on how many contacts you’re planning to manage, with as little as $79 for Lite with 500 contacts. The highest is $499 for the Max plan with 25,000 contacts, and if you have more contacts than this, you need to communicate with Keap through their sales team contact. There is a 14-day free trial but no free plan.

3. Monday CRM

Best Highrise Alternative for Project Management and Customer Lifecycle Management

Editor’s Take
9.3 out of 10
Project Management
$0 – $20 per seat per month
Discount for Annual Plan:

Monday CRM easily impressed us with their wide range of CRM tools that form a process-based solution. Although it wasn’t originally a CRM platform, Monday.com helps organize sales and marketing activities and has proven itself a great Highrise CRM alternative for businesses with limited resources.

Monday.com was originally a process management tool, but it functions perfectly well as one of the top CRM software solutions. What sets it apart is its extensive library of templates that teams can use for all CRM workflows, so new and growing companies can easily get the hang of managing customer experiences.

The notable Highrise CRM alternative provides automated processes to save time and allows teams to collaborate. Plus, it offers a wide range of integrated apps for a full CRM software user experience.

Key Features

CRM Workflow Templates

The highlight of using Monday CRM is its extensive collection of workflow templates, so no technical knowledge is required. The software comes with customizable templates for sales pipelines, tracking leads, managing customer relations, and task management. Users are provided with instructional videos showing them the customizable parts of the template.

App Integrations

There are 46 built-in apps in this sales tool and many other third-party apps that you can download depending on your needs. You can integrate the tools and services on these apps like Gmail, Facebook, Shopify, Microsoft Teams, Stripe, Dropbox, and others into your workflow.

Workflow View

This alternative to Highrise makes it easy to create an efficient workflow with the workflow view and widget. Monday CRM shows managers which employees are close to or near their capacity, so tasks are assigned appropriately. The tool shows what everyone is working on and allows managers to allocate resources.


Individuals can start with the Monday CRM free plan available to two team members, as it offers a wide range of features. The paid plans start at $10 monthly or $8 per month and are billed annually. The individual plan accepts two users, while others accept up to five users and more. All plans come with a 14-day free trial, and large businesses require a quote.

4. Freshsales

Best Highrise CRM Software Alternative for Customization, Specifically Designed for Sales Teams

Editor’s Take
9.2 out of 10
$0 – $83 per user/month, billed monthly
Discount for Annual Plan:

Freshsales provides a suite of CRM solutions for sales teams to take advantage of, and it left us pleased with its strong sales features for small and mid-sized businesses. Ambitious sales reps would meet their goals more strategically, and as this is easy to customize, there’s no need for team training.

Freshsales is a CRM category under Freshworks, providing top-notch contact management, AI assistance, and workflow automation. The platform comes with a customizable interface, ideal for those new to CRM platforms, and eliminates the need for team training. Plus, its subscription models are one of the most affordable on our list of Highrise alternatives.

Key Features

High Level of Customization

Freshsales CRM provides an impressive level of customization, as users can customize almost every part of the interface to meet their needs. These include the currencies, languages, sales activities, custom fields, modules, and main navigation menu.

Contact and Account Management Tools

You can easily establish communication with customers and clients, as Freshsales comes with an in-built phone, email, live chat, and Zoom integrations. This is especially useful in a time when a customer demand timely services. The platform provides a view of activity timelines, the customer’s engagement with your brand, and prioritizing the best leads.

Simplified Workflow

Team managers can easily assign leads to members and customize alerts, activities, appointments, and reminders to ensure the team is organized. There are different ways to automate the workflow and cut down manual processes.


Freshsales provides different plans that allow teams to pay per user, whether an annual or monthly subscription. There is a free plan with limited features, but most paid customers go for the Pro plan. It offers a free trial that lasts 21 days.

5. Nutshell CRM

Best Highrise CRM Alternative for Simplified Sales Process and Stress-Free Marketing

Editor’s Take
9.1 out of 10
Simplified Sales 
$27 – $49 per user/month, billed monthly
Discount for Annual Plan

While we loved Nutshell for its easy-to-use tools, automation, and how it simplifies the sales operations, it is strictly ideal for small businesses and freelancers, with limited room to grow. This alternative to Highrise is one of the most straightforward CRM software platforms we reviewed.

Nutshell CRM is popular with entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small business communities, with impressive features. It is a feasible Highrise CRM alternative with convenient contact management, seamless app integration and importation, and brilliant business records, reports, and analytics. It offers mobile compatibility and eliminates the learning curve most businesses deal with when using a CRM platform.

Key Features

Impressive Reporting Capabilities

With Nutshell, businesses can easily form detailed tables, charts, and high-level summaries. There are four default reports and room for customizable reports. All reports can be exported as .csv files.

App Integrations

There are so many third-party integrations available with this alternative platform, and it even integrates with Highrise. Other integrations include Microsoft Exchange Calendar, Zendesk, and RightSignature. Your Nutshell API key can be used with Zapier, allowing you to integrate with Twitter, Shopify, Quickbooks, Trello, and Evernote.

Proper Client Support

Nutshell has different built-in features that make the entire process easy for businesses to use. These include help tips throughout the interface and introductory videos. The software comes with a robust mobile app, although analytics is limited on the app.



There are only two pricing plans available at Nutshell, and businesses can either choose Starter or Pro. The latter is ideal for sales and CRM automation. There is a discount when billed annually and a 14-day free plan.

6. Zendesk Sell

Best Highrise CRM Alternative for Lead Management

Zendesk Simple-to-Use CRM Software for All-Round Customer Experience

Zendesk Sell, formerly Base CRM, is an easy-to-use CRM solution and sales automation tool and is one of the suites under Zendesk’s portfolio. Zendesk first purchased Base CRM and improved its user interface and lead management features, giving small businesses a solid CRM feature.

The alternative to Highrise is now a new version of Base Enterprise CRM, providing lots of room to grow for customers who can expand their features by adding new subscriptions.

Key Features

Useful Insights at your Fingertips

Zendesk Sell provides automatic capture and other integrations that provide businesses with insights and analytics for making the best sales results. One of these is Funnel reports which reveal bottlenecks in the pipeline process. The platform shows an overview of emails, tasks, calls, and appointments.

Proactive CRM Features

CRM becomes much easier with Sell, especially in the Deal section, making it easy to interact with contacts/customers. All calls are recorded for future references, and it is easy to update contact information. These features make it easy to engage with customers.

Simple UI on Desktop and Mobile

Navigation is straightforward with Zendesk Sell’s dynamic interface. Sell comes with a universal search box, quick call, and other easily reachable tools. The platform looks great on the Android and iOS mobile apps.



Zendesk Sell has diverse pricing plans depending on what you’re looking for, but the most affordable is Sell Team, which goes for $19 per user/month, billed annually. There is a Sell Elite plan for more customization and hands-on support and a Reach plan for better lead management.

7. Zoho CRM

Best Highrise CRM Alternative for Businesses on a Budget

Zoho CRM Best Highrise CRM Alternative for Businesses on a Budget

Zoho is well-known for providing top software solutions to small and medium businesses, and Zoho CRM is one of their platforms. This alternative to Highrise comes with a mind-blowing suite of CRM features and integrations, offered at a competitive price. There are many analytics options, lead management, omnichannel interactions, sales automation, and more.

Key Features

Versatile and Customizable

One of the highlights of Zoho CRM is how versatile and customizable the platform is. The software can be tailored to meet customers' needs and comes with attractive visualizations, reports, and charts.

Lead Conversion and Management

Lead management is one of the strengths of this alternative. Zoho CRM offers features for pipeline tracking, lead nurturing, interaction tracking, campaign management, lead segmentation, lead distribution, lead capture, and more.

Wide Range of Integrations

There are different third-party integrations in the Zoho Marketplace that you can add to the Zoho CRM. Some notable apps include Google Workspace, Constant Contact, Microsoft Office 365, MailChimp, Evernote, Zendesk Support, Adobe eSign, QuickBooks, and more.


Zoho CRM is well-known for its competitive pricing in its monthly subscription models, but users save up to 34% when they pay annually. There is a flexible free trial, and the service allows you to cancel and switch plans.

8. Insightly CRM

Best Highrise Alternative for Scalability

Insightly Extremely Intuitive CRM Solution With a Wide Range of Functions

Another suitable Highrise CRM alternative on our list is Insightly, known for constantly expanding its CRM software solutions for all business types. Although ideal for small and midsize businesses, the dynamic platform also offers different functionality and integrations for larger businesses.

The CRM hub has expanded to provide process management and workflow automation, so if you’re planning to expand your business, this is the right Highrise CRM alternative for you.

Key Features

Seamless Reporting

With Insightly CRM, users can generate reports based on categories, user, pipeline stage, organization, and others. The built-in reports make it easy to monitor resources and track time in the sales team. Insightly offers email tracking software and in-depth analytics in its reporting.

Abundant Integrations

There’s a wide range of third-party integrations available with Insightly CRM, including Google Apps, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Microsoft Outlook, Slack, Dropbox, MailChimp, PandaDoc, Boomerang, Xero, and more.

Mobile Workflow Management

The Insightly mobile app is available on Android, iPhone, and iPads. Although the email capabilities are limited, the mobile workflow management has improved greatly with top features like adding leads and business-card scanning.



Insightly CRM offers three paid and no free plans, starting from $29 per user/month. The platform provides a demo version for users to try out first, and there is a free trial that lasts 14 days. The free trial does not require credit card information.

9. Copper CRM

Best Highrise Alternative for Full Google Integration

Copper Excellent CRM Solution for Google-Driven Businesses that Value Simplicity

Previously known as ProsperWorks CRM, Copper CRM is known for its close marriage to Google applications. It is ideal for small and midsize businesses and offers lead management capabilities and CRM features. What sets Copper apart from other CRM software is its diverse functionalities for managing customer relationships.

Key Features

G Suite Integration

The highlight of Copper CRM is its G Suite integration. This platform is often mistaken for a Google product because of its integration, as it can even be used in your Gmail or Inbox by Gmail account. Copper has a Chrome extension and integrates with Google Calendar, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

Lead Management

The Gmail UI makes it easy to take care of lead management, as the platform allows businesses to build custom pipelines and lead opportunities. The feature is optional and helps in converting leads to customers. This alternative platform allows users to import leads from different software and CRM platforms, or manually add them.

Easy and Convenient

Copper is very easy to learn, especially for those used to Google software. The convenient CRM offers workflow automation and lead conversion, all arranged in a simple user interface that any team can quickly get the hang of.



You can either pay annually or monthly with Copper CRM, and each plan is billed per user, with the most expensive being Copper Business. Copper Business assists with the customization and offers unlimited features. All plans come with a full Google Workplace integration, and there is no free plan. There is a 14-day free trial on Copper CRM’s regular plans with no credit card.

10. Salesforce Sales Cloud

Best Highrise CRM Alternative for Artificial Intelligence Support

Sales force Grow your revenue and profits with intelligent sales automation

Salesforce Sales Cloud is an impressive CRM solution available as a software-as-a-service deployment. The software provides tools for small and large businesses with a wide range of CRM capabilities.

It is especially known for the Salesforce Lightning Experience, one of its top pricing plans for hands-on customer relationship management. And the Sales Cloud Einstein provides artificial intelligence capabilities for converting customer data to closed deals.

Key Features

Impressive CRM Features

Sales Cloud has an extensive range of customer relationship management capabilities, including marketing automation, lead conversion and management, contact management, marketing campaigns, and post-sale services.

Sales Cloud Einstein

You can reportedly manage data efficiently with this AI by automating data entry and analysis, saving time and effort in lead management. This tool predicts the best leads for conversion, helps to forecast sales, automates the creation of new contacts, and provides insights.

Salesforce Lightning Experience

This is an upgraded version of Salesforce Sales Cloud with even better CRM support, as it streamlines the sales procedure. The plan allows businesses to create and follow up on leads, track campaigns, manage accounts and create reports.


Although there is no free plan, Sales Cloud offers diverse and flexible pricing plans. The most expensive plan is Unlimited, which is set at $300 per user per month, billed annually. Businesses can get a monthly subscription for add-ons like Sales Cloud Einstein, billed annually for $50 per user per month.

11. NetHunt CRM

Best Highrise Alternative for Lead Generation through Emails

NetHunt CRM Excellent Cloud-Based CRM Software for Sales Teams

Our list of top alternatives to Highrise CRM includes NetHunt CRM. This software is designed to turn your Gmail inbox into a CRM suite, offering a mass mailing tracking lead function. You can view contact information anytime you open your customer’s email and view contact information. The community cloud CRM generates leads through social media and chats.

Key Features

Wide Range of CRM Functions

There are different features to look out for when using NetHunt CRM from lead generation. These include email link tracking, email open tracking, reporting, permission management, bulk email campaigning, follow-ups, client management, and more.

Automatic CRM Data Updates

Businesses and teams can automate updates in their CRM database, ensuring that they always have an up-to-date collection of contacts. This ensures that all results generated through campaigns are updated and helps with centralizing sales strategies.

Multiple Integration

There is room to customize this Highrise CRM alternative, and it comes with full-featured mobile apps for iOS and Android. NetHunt integrates with different apps, including social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Google apps like Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, and Google Hangouts.



There is a 14-day free trial available on all plans at NetHunt CRM, but no free plan. Customers can choose to be billed annually or monthly, with the cheapest being the Basic plan. Annual payments help you save 20%.

Choosing the Right Alternative to Highrise

There’s a wide range of Highrise CRM alternatives to look out for, which means it might be difficult to choose one that works best for you. Our Best Overall pick, Pipedrive, is a brilliant way to manage customer relations and multiple sales pipelines if you have trouble choosing.

When choosing the best CRM software for your team or yourself as a solopreneur, you should consider how they each stand out and which one meets your specific needs ideally. You can combine a CRM tool with project management tools for better productivity in your workplace.

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