12 Best Sales Pipeline Software for Growing Teams in 2024

Updated Jul 20, 2023.

Are you looking for the best sales pipeline software that can help you nurture leads? We’ve got the answer.

Pipedrive icon


Pipedrive helps you focus on the tasks that will enable you to achieve your sales goals and revenue targets.
Monday icon

Monday CRM

Monday CRM has lots of customization options that provide the flexibility needed to make the app your own.
Freshworks icon


Freshsales gives you insights that help you understand your leads’ interests so that you can close deals faster.
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HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM is a marketing powerhouse that comes packed with comprehensive reporting capabilities.
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Keap tracks and measures your campaigns while engaging your prospects using a virtual phone number.

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The biggest challenge for sales teams is not generating more leads; it’s nurturing them.

59% of businesses face challenges creating relevant lead nurturing content because they don’t know their leads well enough.

Since prospects and customers don’t want to be asked too many questions and researching them takes time, maximizing sales opportunities and growing your business can become difficult.

The solution for your business in such a situation is to use a sales pipeline tool that gives you insight into your prospects’ interests while improving the efficiency of your sales process.

Best Sales Pipeline Software

The demand for the best sales pipeline software is increasing, and there are many tools to choose from. Some are designed for small and medium enterprises, while others are most suitable for large enterprise teams.

We’ve reviewed the most popular sales pipeline tools and narrowed down the list to rank the top sales pipeline tool:

1. Pipedrive

Top Sales Pipeline Management Software for Tracking Sales Activities

  • Shareable custom data filters
  • Chatbot, live chat, and Messenger integration
  • 24/7 email and chat support
  • No free version
  • Limited mobile app
Pipedrive icon
Editor’s Take

Pipedrive initially felt simplistic, but once I understood the reasoning behind its design, I immediately loved it. The focus on what needs to be done to move deals forward gave me extra motivation to hit my sales quota. The Leads Inbox feature of this sales pipeline software helped me manage the surge in prospects from my lead generation campaign.

Best For
Tracking sales activities
$9.90 – $59.90 per user per month
Annual Discount

Pipedrive is a visual sales pipeline tool that gives users performance tips and recommendations on what features will help them close deals. You can use smart docs to collaborate across teams and automate your email marketing activities.

With activity or deal-based goals, you can use Pipedrive to focus your efforts on optimizing your sales process and achieving your objectives.

Best Features

Smart contact data

avoid hours of research and use Pipedrive’s social data to help you qualify and segment leads. You’ll know which leads to prioritize while warming the rest using automated email templates included in this sales pipeline software.

Sales pipeline management

enjoy full pipeline visibility to understand your deals’ progress. You can customize this pipeline solution as you see fit, turn individual features on or off, see where deals are getting stuck, and quickly identify areas of improvement.

Lead management

build custom web forms using the drag-and-drop functionality and either share or embed them on your website. You can add pre-qualifying questions, manage more leads using the Leads Inbox, filter them, and trigger lead nurturing activities for all your potential buyers.

Sales automation

boost your sales performance by automating manual work. Get recommendations on the features and integrations you need to succeed, reminders of upcoming activities, progress updates, and notifications on account changes.

Sales pipeline reports

get the full context of your sales pipeline data and measure performance using popular or custom metrics. You can generate accurate forecasts, track sales funnel conversion rates, customize reports, create charts, and share live dashboards.

2. Monday CRM

Best Customer Relationship Management Software for Customizing Your Sales Process

  • Free plan available
  • Customizable visual pipelines
  • Sales performance tracking
  • Rigid price plans
  • Could prove expensive for small teams
Monday icon
Monday CRM
Editor’s Take

Monday sales CRM is a beautifully-designed sales pipeline software that is easy to customize and use. I created multiple unique sales pipelines, defined custom lead scoring criteria, and automated tasks to improve performance. Also, the fact that Monday CRM is part of a larger work OS means users can use the platform for other business processes.

Best For
Custom sales processes
$0 – $16 per user per month
Annual Discount

Monday CRM is a simple sales software packed with features that make it a favorite for many sales reps and sales managers. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to create lead nurturing campaigns and understand the progress of deals by checking sales activity logs.

Users can personalize Monday CRM and track relevant metrics using a customizable dashboard.

Best Features


increase your productivity using existing recipes or create your own no-code automations. You can trigger tasks such as sending emails and assigning leads, auto-sync with other apps and automate repetitive tasks and tedious manual data entry.


you can tweak this sales pipeline software to create sales pipelines that reflect any sales process. You can tweak settings, create pipeline stages and move them around, add deals and drag and drop them from one stage to another, add an unlimited number of columns, and monitor everything from a single place.

Lead management

import leads from Excel and app integrations into the CRM platform or generate them by building customizable web forms using drag and drop functionality. Users can create custom criteria to automatically score and qualify leads and track nurturing using logged activities such as phone calls and notes.

Account management

manage everything from contact data to collections from your clients. You can manage duplicate records, log email communications, auto-fill leads’ data into email templates, and get notified of email opens and replies.

Sales operations

identify the sales operations needs of your company and manage sales hiring and training. You can define close probability, conduct sales forecasting, set goals, and track performance by individual sales team members.

3. Freshsales

Visual Sales Pipeline Software for AI-based Insights

  • Quote, contract and NDA templates are available
  • All-in-one sales and marketing suite available
  • 24×5 chat, email and phone support for free plan users
  • User interface needs improvement
  • CPQ feature is a paid add-on
Freshworks icon
Editor’s Take

Freshsales does a lot of things using its AI tool called Freddy. Freshsales stood out from other sales pipeline software for predicting deal success, advising on which actions to take to move deals forward, and providing assistance when creating a custom lead nurturing bot. With SMS and WhatsApp campaigns, Freshsales is a sure win for any team.

Best For
AI-powered insights
$0 – $69 per user per month
Annual Discount

Freshsales uses AI to help you understand prospect and customer interests and the data in your customer relationship management software.

It enables you to set sales goals with team, product, and time details, track progress, and analyze results to learn what works and what doesn’t.

You can also improve productivity by using task management to distribute work among reps.

Key Features

Sales pipeline management

create and manage custom sales pipelines and use AI to predict deal success. This sales pipeline software can also conduct sales forecasting, set up price discounts and taxes, create weighted pipelines, define sales goals, assign deals to reps, and monitor multiple pipelines.


use the built-in phone to make calls with options for call recording, transcription, and transfer. This sales software enables you to exploit sales opportunities by engaging website visitors, resolving issues through chat, launching email, SMS, and WhatsApp campaigns, and personalizing your outreach based on behavioral cues.

Freddy AI

get AI-based assistance in determining the next best action for your sales tasks. Freddy auto-scores your leads, handles task management and appointments, sends auto-replies, and enables you to create custom bots for lead nurturing.

Marketing automation

automate lead engagement, avoid manual data entry and auto-assign leads to reps based on availability, expertise, and other criteria. This sales pipeline software automatically enriches your contact data and allows you to create advanced workflows using nested conditions.

Sales reports

track individual and team performance, identify sales pipeline bottlenecks, analyze sales funnel conversions, and schedule report generation. Users can also monitor their sales cycle and customize dashboards and charts to track the sales goals of the company.

4. HubSpot CRM

Top Sales Pipeline Management Software for Engaging Prospects

  • Free sales CRM software
  • Helpful marketing features
  • Powerful dashboard tool
  • Paid plans are costly
  • Limited support on the free plan
Hubspot icon
HubSpot CRM
Editor’s Take

HubSpot CRM wowed me with the sheer amount of details it added to my contact records. With social data and company details, creating relevant follow-up messages became a breeze. With the ability to track and analyze prospect data based on their website visits and campaign responses, HubSpot CRM doesn't struggle to help sales staff close deals.

Best For
Nurturing leads
$0 – $1,200 per month
Annual Discount
Free version

HubSpot CRM is a sales and marketing software that boosts lead nurturing by giving you access to its database of contact details, helping you know how to engage your prospects.

With HubSpot, you can easily monitor your prospects’ interactions with your marketing content, track customer lifecycle, and allow your reps to customize sales pipelines and own every sales process.

Key Features

Prospect tracking

track more leads and get notified of subsequent website visits to enable timely follow-up. The HubSpot sales pipeline software will log every prospect activity, filter leads data to create segments, and use insights to craft relevant and engaging messages.

Contact management

enrich contact data using company details from HubSpot’s 20M+ business records. You can engage prospects and customers using calls, set up meetings, and take notes from a single screen.

Email marketing

create shareable email templates and start tracking email opens and link clicks to understand campaign performance. Check the activity stream for insight into lead engagement and determine how to optimize the campaigns you run on the platform.

Deal management

create sales pipelines and let reps customize them as they wish. You can handle sales forecasting and score deals using HubSpot’s predictive scoring or create custom deal scoring criteria to know which deals to prioritize.


analyze your data and put together multiple reports to create up to 300 dashboards. Users can use sales dashboard templates, set access permissions, share reports with other sales team members, and integrate HubSpot with other reporting tools.

5. Keap

Top Sales Pipeline Management Tool for Advanced Automation in Marketing Campaigns

  • Expert coaching available
  • You can send an unlimited number of emails for free
  • Call, chat and email support for all plans
  • Expensive
  • Limited number of users
Keap icon
Editor’s Take

Keap is an exceptional marketing tool with advanced automation capabilities. Combining the power of automated sequences with a virtual business line enabled me to design custom sequences that mimicked different customer journeys and follow up with leads via text. The option of A/B testing emails also helped optimize campaigns in this sales pipeline software.

Best For
Automated marketing campaigns
$129 – $199 per user per month
Annual Discount

Keap follows your leads through their journey across touchpoints and helps you segment them based on your qualifying criteria. You can set up A/B testing for campaigns, use a virtual phone number on your smartphone and enjoy advanced analytics.

Keap’s expert coaching services will get you started with a growth strategy and automations that solve your biggest challenges.

Best Features

Lead management

create dedicated sales funnels for qualifying leads and get contact data enriched for relevant messaging. You can also track leads through different touchpoints and nurture them using automated follow-ups.

Keap business line

the Keap sales pipeline software gives you a free virtual phone number to add to your smartphone and engage customers on the go. You can set voicemail options, snooze calls, auto-reply messages, and send individual or group text messages, all while keeping your personal and company communications separate.

Sales marketing automation

use advanced automations to boost productivity and automate text and email follow-ups. Users can set payment reminders, guide new leads into booking appointments, and integrate with 4,000+ apps to trigger more automations.

Email marketing

get the ability to segment your leads based on custom criteria and clients’ behavior. Choose from different email templates, conduct A/B testing and engage leads and paying customers to close deals and drive repeat purchases.

Analytics and reports

analyze your sales pipeline data to understand lead engagement, sales funnel conversion rate and periodic performance. Users can customize dashboards, filter reports, identify trends, and use the Graphly integration for advanced reporting.

6. Salesmate

Best Sales CRM Software for Team Collaboration and Improved Customer Experience

Salesmate- Grow your revenue & relationships

Salesmate sales pipeline software helps you engage prospects through multiple channels while increasing productivity through batch processes. You can collaborate with team members and analyze contact history to enable you to optimize campaigns.

You can use this sales pipeline management software to schedule meetings, engage leads from the contact page, monitor nurturing activities, and track progress towards meeting your sales goals.

Key Features

Sales pipeline management

use this pipeline software to generate leads and segment them for nurturing through calls, SMS, chat, and video. You can also create sales pipelines for different products or services, update or delete deals in batch, and monitor deal progress via mobile.

Shared inbox

improve efficiency by working with your team from the same inbox. Use @mentions to tag team members, leverage communication history to optimize your emails, and categorize emails using color codes.

Sales pipeline analysis

measure deal progress, sales funnel conversion rate, marketing ROI, and other key metrics, and track your progress towards achieving your sales goals. You can also filter sales statistics reports and customize them according to your needs

Contact management

sort new contacts using tags, review the activity timeline, send bulk messages, and track customer journeys. You can also create custom views using 50+ filters and search through your contact data.


improve productivity by using advanced features for generating, scoring, segmenting, and distributing new leads automatically. Users can also use this CRM platform to launch sales cadences with average time delay and automatically send emails and text messages based on client behavior.


  • Highly customizable
  • Powerful mobile app
  • Virtual phone system


  • No free plan
  • Lacks sales pipeline templates

7. Insightly

Top Sales CRM Software for Cross-team Collaboration and Relationship Building

Insightly - A CRM for building lasting customer relationships

Insightly shares lead information between sales and marketing teams to help you understand customer journeys and what motivates prospects’ actions. Once the deal is closed, you can use the Projects feature to take care of all your project management needs.

You can create complex sales processes and sync Insightly with external business tools for a productivity boost.

Best Features

Lead management

capture and segment leads based on their interaction with your website or lead magnet. You can use this CRM software to identify prospects’ interests, follow up with them using automated emails, seamlessly share lead information between marketers and sales reps, and increase the chances of closing every sale.

Customer journeys

design customer journeys that convert prospects to loyal customers. Whether your lead generation and nurturing processes are simple or sophisticated, this sales pipeline management software can create touchpoints that easily move leads towards the purchase.

Relationship linking

know your prospects by linking their information to records in your company database. Once you identify customer relationships and review past interactions, you’ll be able to leverage those relationships to close more deals.


move from new deals to projects and start working on the products or services you promised to deliver to your clients. This project management feature lets users create tasks, build workflows, set milestones, and integrate Insightly with Google Workspace and other business tools.


use the business intelligence tool built into the CRM software to analyze your sales pipeline data and create data visualizations and dashboards to track your performance. You can quickly create reports, schedule and share them, and control access using permissions.


  • Free plan
  • Drag and drop functionality for email building
  • Built-in project management


  • Limited support options
  • Some marketing features require a paid add-on

8. Gong

Top Sales Pipeline Management Tool for AI-based Analysis of Customer Interactions

Gong- Unlock Your Reality Fuel Your Revenue Engine

Gong emphasizes using AI to analyze your sales CRM software data, identify risks plaguing your deals, report their impact on your sales pipeline, and conduct sales forecasting to guide your sales process.

With this sales pipeline management software, you'll get behavior-based insights, keep tabs on the competition and customize dashboards to understand your sales performance.

Key Features

Lead nurturing

engage prospects using relevant messages based on behavior and past conversations. Using data from different company teams, Gong helps you optimize lead generation and nurturing content and processes to close more deals faster.

Deal execution

find out whether prospects are engaging with your campaigns. Track competitor mentions, get recommendations on deals’ next steps, leverage customer interactions for insights, and automatically notify your sales staff of risks in the sales pipeline.


use AI to analyze sales conversations and identify obstacles such as price objections. You can use this CRM software to monitor sales tasks and their contribution to achieving your goals, understand your campaign performance and identify areas of improvement.

Sales enablement

optimize your sales training using recorded conversations of your top reps. Use AI to mine and analyze contact data, measure and track calls and emails, and package the insights into on-demand self-training resources for new reps.

Revenue operations

increase the probability of closing deals by combining your sales CRM data with real-time customer interactions. Use AI to analyze appointments and email responses and manage risks while boosting sales efficiency.


  • Lots of learning resources available
  • Advanced features for AI analytics
  • Speech-to-text functionality


  • Salesforce integration doesn’t always work
  • AI doesn’t capture all data points

9. Close CRM

Top Sales CRM Software for Automating Your Sales Process and Coaching Sales Reps

Close- The CRM built for growth

Close CRM empowers sales managers to listen in on sales conversations, whisper tips to close deals, and help in managing opportunities for business growth.

You can create a visual pipeline for every product, create custom views of your sales CRM data and search through records.

You can also create engagement sequences and save them as editable templates.

Best Features

Smart views

use the Close CRM software to create custom views of your data using the visual editor. You can filter data to see prospects who’ve opened emails, search records for keywords and automate the tasks needed to close deals.

Sales pipeline management

create visual pipeline stages for different products or teams in line with their unique workflows. You can see the value of deals in all sales stages, run sales forecasting and use the pipeline view to understand deal size and status.


use the Opportunity Funnel Reports to identify issues that need immediate fixing and monitor periodic growth. Analyze data in custom fields and easily export data to any tool with a business intelligence feature for further analysis.


boost your outreach efforts by automating email and calling activities. You can customize sequences, save and share the best-performing ones, and allow reps to edit them to fit their specific workflows.

Call coaching

coach new reps remotely and replay their call records to identify areas of improvement. You can listen to conversations held by your salespeople, whisper tips to close the deal and save recordings for on-demand training.


  • Free migration
  • Free support
  • SMS marketing


  • Call coaching is only available in the Business plan
  • In-built reports need improvement

10. Salesforce

Best Sales CRM Software for AI-powered Insights and Personalized Sales Rep Training

Salesforce- Sell more on one platform

Salesforce is a visual sales pipeline software serving both small and enterprise teams. It uses predictive AI to score deals and determine the close probability.

You can define custom KPIs in line with your sales goals, identify performance patterns, track deal progress, and onboard reps remotely.

Key Features

Contact management

manage contact details, get social data to understand their interests and concerns, check their conversation history, collaborate with your entire sales team to update records, and craft relevant messaging for engagement.

Opportunity management

use the timeline view to track your deal progress and understand the performance of your sales process. You can optimize sales processes, identify which tasks to execute, auto-populate quotes with customer data, and move towards closing every sale.

Process builder

design and automate sales processes that save you time for more important things such as selling. Use the Salesforce CRM software to create custom workflows, automate approval processes, set up notifications, and auto-assign tasks using the drag-and-drop functionality.

Sales enablement

empower your reps to close more deals. You can onboard them remotely, use Salesforce Learning Paths to recommend training content, collect feedback, analyze performance, and identify training needs.


create accurate forecasts and build reports to track your entire team’s performance. You can design reports by drag-and-dropping data fields and charts, monitor common sales metrics, customize dashboards, and share reports with your team of sales professionals.


  • AI-powered analytics
  • Detailed reports
  • Powerful workflow automation builder


  • Setting up takes time
  • Sales enablement is a paid add-on

11. Zoho CRM

Top Pipeline-centric CRM for Omnichannel Communication

Zoho CRM - Superfast Work, Steadfast Growth

Zoho CRM is affordable yet powerful enough to run omnichannel campaigns, measure performance, and optimize messaging through AI-processed insights.

You can boost your productivity by engaging Zia, collaborating with sales team members, building dashboards that include multi-dimensional reports, and using competitor insights to gain an advantage when selling.

Best Features

Deal management

customize multiple sales pipelines for different products or services and filter data to see which deals need to be prioritized to prevent deal rotting. You can see deal value from one stage to another, email personalized quotes from the sales CRM software, and share news of closed deals using notifications.


engage prospects and customers through their preferred channels and track responses to understand engagement. Zoho CRM enables you to make and log phone calls, send emails, create self-service customer portals, and chat live on your website.

Sales enablement

train your sales team members to optimize campaigns, use wizards to populate customer relationship management data, and work with call scripts. You can also collaborate on a shared calendar and use integrations to improve productivity.


this conversational AI can pull reports on demand, research your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, set reminders using your voice, identify sales anomalies, and give you real-time updates on deals.


the Zoho CRM analytics engine can get company insights from multi-dimensional reports to understand campaign performance and sales funnel metrics. Customize dashboards and charts, compare predictions with real performance, and share reports or embed them on your site.


  • User friendly
  • Affordable
  • Highly customizable


  • Limited free plan
  • Zia is only available in top-tier plans

12. Pipeline CRM

Best Sales CRM Software for Managing Leads and Tracking Sales Team Performance

Pipeline CRM- Made by Salespeople, For Salespeople

Pipeline CRM starts your day with a report of the latest numbers to inform your day’s activities.

Gain visibility and track the progress of deals, identify and fix sales pipeline issues and convert deal values into your primary currency to understand your performance better.

You can also stay organized and updated on all tasks through the mobile app.

Best Features

Sales pipeline management

monitor deals throughout their stages to know which activities to prioritize. You can customize your sales pipeline, share updates with any sales rep, identify success patterns, and use Deal Intelligence to boost performance.

Lead management

track your leads’ journeys and responses to your campaigns to strengthen customer relationships. You can begin tracking email opens and link clicks to understand your prospects’ interests, tag them based on their source, segment them using priority lists, and nurture them to close the sale.

Sales team management

set sales goals and create leaderboards to track your reps’ contribution to growth. You can also create custom categories for unique sales tasks and train your team through chat.


upload the records of your clients in bulk and auto-create recurring deals. You’ll get follow-up recommendations for deal progress, automatically assign tasks to reps, and send notifications when deals are closed.


monitor deal flow, measure sales funnel KPIs, use comparison charts to see patterns, and evaluate the result of your strategies. You can view and share custom reports and identify training needs depending on the outcome of your selling efforts.


  • Talk-to-text records in mobile app
  • No data storage limits
  • Feature-packed mobile app


  • No free version
  • Some basic features are only available in the Grow plan

Try Pipeline CRM

Key Features of Sales Pipeline Software

Although sales pipeline software tools come with lots of functionality, differentiating them requires checking the main features.

Here are the key features you need to look for in a sales pipeline software tool.

Contact Management

To manage contacts, you should be able to import contact records from your email, a CSV file, or other sales CRM software apps. The best CRM software will also add more details to your contacts by analyzing social data.

Contact management in your CRM solution should include options for collaborating in updating records and more advanced features, including omnichannel communication.

Deal Management

Since every business has a unique sales process, sales pipeline software should provide flexibility in handling deal management.

Your CRM platform should enable you to create custom fields and deal stages, see deal values per stage, see which rep is handling a deal, and monitor the activities associated with each deal.


Your CRM platform should use automation features to take care of tasks such as checking duplicate records, segmenting and scoring leads, assigning leads to reps, and digital marketing activities such as sending email sequences to follow up with leads and close all potential deals.

Automation should start at the lead capturing stage and continue to report generation, the stage where your CRM tool can schedule reports to be shared among stakeholders.

Analytics and Reports

The analytics feature in your CRM tool should use data to identify lead sources, generate accurate forecasts, compare potential revenue to real revenue, highlight trends and patterns, and predict deal closure.

Analytics goes hand in hand with reports. Reports from the CRM solution analyze your sales process, are usually visual, can be put together to form dashboards, can be emailed to sales team members, and be used for tracking sales performance.


What Does Sales Pipeline Software Do?

Sales pipeline software helps you create visual pipelines to manage every sales process from lead capture to deal closing in one integrated suite instead of multiple tools.

They enable sales teams to manage leads, use their social data to understand their interests and engage them using different channels to maximize every sales opportunity.

Some sales pipeline software apps, such as Monday CRM and Insightly, have project management features for handling the work to be done after closing the deal.

What Is the Best Sales Pipeline Software?

The top sales pipeline software for small businesses is HubSpot CRM. Its free version is equipped to handle contact management and lead nurturing to engage potential buyers.

Monday CRM is a good option for any sales team looking for flexibility, while Freshsales is great for AI assistance.

For enterprise sales teams that need extra features, Keap is the most powerful tool due to its ability to design complex marketing sequences.

How Much Does Sales Pipeline and CRM Software Cost?

For basic functionality, you can expect to pay below $10 per user per month. You can multiply this by the number of people in your sales team.

For more features, depending on your exact needs, you can end up with a plan that costs over $100 per user per month. Some businesses go for custom plans which can cost hundreds of dollars per month.

With plans ranging from $9.90 to $59.90 per user per month, Pipedrive is relatively affordable, given its impressive feature set that helps you improve every sales process.

HubSpot CRM offers a slightly different approach to cost by providing add-ons that are purchased individually.

Choosing the Best Sales Pipeline Software for Your Sales Process

The ideal process of choosing the right sales pipeline software is prioritizing your most important needs.

If you’re keen on cutting costs, then HubSpot CRM should be the first tool you consider. As one of the best free CRM software, HubSpot CRM has a lot to offer to sales teams with basic sales process optimization needs.

If you need more than the basics, go with Pipedrive. Priced between $9.90 and $59.90 per user per month, it’s affordable and perfect for keeping you focused on what to do to close the right deals faster.

Here’s a recap of what the top 5 sales pipeline software tools are good for:

Best Activity-focused CRM


Pipedrive helps you focus on the tasks that will enable you to achieve your sales goals and revenue targets.
Best for Customization

Monday CRM

Monday CRM has lots of customization options that provide the flexibility needed to make the app your own.
Best AI-based CRM


Freshsales gives you insights that help you understand your leads’ interests so that you can close deals faster.
Best for Engagement

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM is a marketing powerhouse that comes packed with comprehensive reporting capabilities.
Best Campaign-focused CRM


Keap tracks and measures your campaigns while engaging your prospects using a virtual phone number.

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