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21 Best Sales Funnel Software, Builders & Tools in 2022

What are the best sales funnel software tools? Learn about landing page builders, CRM and email marketing software, webinar software, and more.

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Unlike the traditional advertising approach, the sales funnel software takes on a more personal approach, relying on the emotional response by building and nurturing a long-term relationship with each customer.

A sales funnel will establish an interactive, highly-responsive environment for the customer to have the most worthwhile buying experience.

A sales funnel software will streamline the process, built with strategically-planned marketing stages, to guide the customer towards what they’re looking for through your product.

It will effortlessly and ethically persuade your leads into becoming paying customers.

The software in this article will orchestrate the whole marketing campaign through the varying stages of the process.

Find a platform through which you can build a state-of-the-art sales funnel to automate sales, arrange webinars, host courses, manage affiliates, edit landing pages, use email, and social media marketing, etc.

You’re just a few scrolls away from finding the most profitable sales assistant for your company.

What is a Sales Funnel Software?

A sales funnel (a.k.a. Sales process or revenue funnel) is the buying process companies use to introduce their potential customers to the details of their product/service before they’re ready to make a purchasing decision.

It can also be a process through which businesses find, identify, and sell their product to buyers.

Having a sales funnel strategy is crucial for making consistent, profitable marketing decisions because it addresses potential objections, misunderstandings of the clients, and clears them up before the targets can make a firm purchasing decision.

A sales funnel software will manage and optimize all the parts of the funnel with

  • Full funnel automation
  • Continuous leads to customers conversion
  • Valuable time saving

Before the wrong software will slow the business down, increase the need for a developer, create bugs, and complicated integrations, it is of utmost importance to optimize the sales funnel process to achieve higher revenue.

The right marketing funnel software will serve as a master conductor that will keep every part of the funnel operating smoothly.

It will convert the regular site visitors into email subscribers and eventually into paying customers.

The right marketing funnel software tool will 

  • Create landing pages
  • Take care of checkout pages and sign-up forms
  • Navigate email autoresponders
  • Integrate payment gateways
  • Increase average order value with upsells
  • Help you sell all of your digital products and make money online

How to engage with your audience?

Through special offers, surveys, topic discussions, course deals, special discounts, you can attract an audience.

Though, unless you have a mapped out strategy to keep the engagement of that audience, you will lose their interest.

To establish a reputable, caring, and trustworthy company image, you need to make your audience feel as if they’re a part of the process of your growth.

You need to make them feel as if they’re contributing to the development of the product/service that you share a passion for, you as a supplier, and them as a buyer.

You don’t want to leave an impression of an aggressive salesman trying to force-feed your product at all costs.

The proper sales funnels software will cultivate all the ideas, offers, services you provide and package them into guidelines on how the customer can use your product to the best of their advantage and what kind of success they can achieve with it.

The fundamentals of a sales funnel software

Your leads, through guidance and tools of a sales funnel software, discover you through advertisements, blog posts, social media, etc. or one of your sales representatives reaches out to the prospects through the cold outreach channels (personalized cold email or cold call)

First, you educate your prospects on the issues they’re facing with blog posts, infographics, videos, whitepapers, and so on, without pushing any sales.

Once your prospects act on their interest, generated by the informational material you’ve sent, they get labeled as leads in the CRM system.

Then, through the discovery phase, you meet up with them face-to-face or by a call to answer any questions and take them further through the funnel.

A sales funnel software is there to persuade the buyer into purchasing their solution for their offers.

Using proven sales qualification frameworks like BANT and marketing content such as in-depth videos, eBooks, competitor comparisons, and how-to-videos will fuel this process further.

You arrive at the final stage of the sales funnel process with your software, and it’s time for the sales representative to close the deal.

The content that will help the prospects decide whether to purchase is feature comparison, competitor battle cards, product video, etc.

An efficient marketing funnel software will eliminate any liabilities like hiring a web developer or using a time-consuming dozen of tools and focusing its intuitive strategy on tracking, persuading, and providing your potential customers an all-around complimentary service.

A sales funnel builder software is only effective when it can seamlessly take someone through the sales process as fast as possible.

It will create a perfect platform for you to prompt an email sign-up list, highlight the desired effect of your ebook, course, software service, or to sell any other digital product you offer.

Stages of a sales funnel

At the initial stage of awareness, you target a broader audience that chooses to take an interest, partially because of the appeal of the presentation.

Then, through individual evaluation, each target decides if they need the product/service that you offer and if they’re the right fit for your business.

This way, sales funnel software pushes the most qualified prospects further through the stages while narrowing down the most desire-driven, and, eventually, the most profitable prospects towards the action stage.

Why do you need to optimize your sales funnel?

With optimization, you can influence the prospects’ purchase decision and improve your conversion rate, which enables you to convert a higher percentage of visiting prospects into dedicated customers.

You can utilize the interest taken by your prospects by identifying and acting on the early signs of engagement.

By picking up on the individual product expectations in the early stages of a marketing campaign, you can use this as a framework for more consistent improvements.

An optimized sales funnel software will assure a higher percentage of the prospects going through to the action phase, that you target the optimal audience at the appropriate stage of their purchase journey, an opportunity to identify the best-performing solutions for everyone’s needs.

With an optimized sales funnel software, you will never create a needless hassle or a misplaced step in turning visitors into dedicated buyers.

Each step will be carefully-calculated yet quickly and seamlessly executed, and you will leave a long-lasting positive impression through every new interaction, which creates the best building blocks for every successful business.

What are the Best Sales Funnel Software and Builders?

1. ConvertKit.

#1 Sales Funnel Software to Turn Your Side-Hustle into Your Career.

ConvertKit, #1 Sales Funnel Software to Turn Your Side Hustle into Your Career.

With ConvertKit’s Feature Overview, you can cultivate a dedicated audience by sharing your projects and ideas.

Hook the casual youtube viewers, social media followers, blog browsers that can become your avid fans, which can help you earn money by selling digital services/products.

Subscriber growth in ConvertKit

Create an inviting landing page, and offer your audience a free, automatic download through your opt-in form in exchange for their email address.

Nurture the connection with your audience by sending personalized, initiative emails, or maintain consistency across a wider audience with easy email templates that show your expertise.

Use the software to Sell digital products with sales pages or by adding a “buy now” button to deliver products and make money online, without additional integrations.

Automate your sales funnel with the content distribution for your subscribers to prepare them to make a purchase and then make a well-timed offer.

Use Email automation to keep an accurate overview of your funnels, and analyze your subscribers’ activity with cards that show you the completion rates for each step amongst them, and get insights into the performance of your content.

With RSS Feeds, you can automatically create a broadcast to produce blog posts for your audience, with the options to send it out after each new post or you can send a digest that accumulates the content on a weekly or monthly basis.

Target the right subscribers to receive the specific content by using tags, segments, date subscribed, or the first name as filters.

Email designer will enable you to create the best-performing, simple emails that raise conversion rates.

Change the color, alignment, or font with the block formatting bar.

You can add links to your content as well.

Categorize and shape your emails with lists, dividers, personalization headers, buttons, and more with the content menu.

Use the Email sign-up forms to deliver free content for new subscribers and your chosen email list.

Upload the files you want to send out automatically whenever someone fills out a form.

Produce better deliverability rates and block spammers, with the double opt-in list each time someone downloads your freebie file.

You can create an Unlimited amount of forms and incentives for your subscribers while you’ll get charged only once.


There are two paid monthly plans.

Paid month plans in ConvertKit


  • Create custom fields to archive specific data like first name, last name, etc. to pigeonhole the content for the target audience
  • Swap content or hide recurring forms for repeat readers to keep things fresh for subscribers returning to your site
  • Connect your favorite tools with Integrations

ConvertKit is a versatile marketing funnel software.

You’ll find the necessary tools and effortlessly share ideas, showcase your expertise with worthy content, and earn a living from doing what you love.

Try the free, no-strings-attached monthly plan today.

2. Kartra.

The Most Flexible Sales Funnel Platform to Build Pages and Sell Products/Services.

Kartra The Most Flexible Sales Funnel Platform to Build Pages and Sell Products/Services.

With Kartra Checkouts, you can sell an unlimited number of products/services, set multiple price points for each product, and set one-time, recurring, or installments ways of payment, and make enticing checkout pages.

You can create ready-made one-click transactions for returning customers, tag your buyers automatically, and add them on customer lists, add upsells, downsells, and add-on offers.

You can charge with a credit card or PayPal, determine a paying structure of your choice, set up trials and deposits, hand out coupons for specific customers with expiration dates, etc.

With Kartra pages, you can choose from over 500 profoundly-designed section and page templates, customize every page element by enlarging, replacing, or adding images and text, with no coding or drafting.

This visual interface allows you to create your original design from black canvas with the drag-and-drop system, implement your previous corporate branding with your logo, fonts, and colors.

Construct your visual identity with a rich selection of images, backgrounds, headlines, paragraphs, carousels, buttons and icons, navigation menus, Facebook and Disqus comments, sticky alert bars, and many more block templates from the library.

Kartra leads provide you with the most detailed insights with every business’s number one asset.

Constantly-updated documentation on your prospects, customers, and affiliates that include info on what automated sequences or newsletters are they subscribed to, their product purchase history, and life-time dollar value.

Affiliate sales tracking in Kartra

You’ll see what emails have they received, do they have a support ticket, what notifications have your followers read, are they a part of any membership, and have they booked any appointments.

Use Kartra’s Funnels and Campaigns to implement advanced email sequences into your campaign, use Lead tagging to profile, and place your prospects into subgroups as they advance through your funnel vision.

For your company to make money online, Kartra’s pre-built email funnel system will help you achieve this.

Take advantage of the pre-built plug-and-play marketing campaigns, IF and THEN automation, and much more to create the more advanced sales funnels.

With Memberships, you get to create an intuitive and flexible business presentation with sub-categories and individual articles to structure your lessons, multiple membership tiers for access levels of varying content, and pricing.

Use Multi-membership portals to clump multiple memberships for more cross-sale opportunities.


There are four different monthly pricing packages.

Kartra plans and pricing


  • Keep track of each user’s progress through your content, which is ideal for online courses
  • Keep track of interests in sales pitches throughout the videos, and tag leads staying past the timestamps of the pitches
  • Provide your customers with calendars to self-manage their appointments

Katra is a dynamic page-building and leads-converting software with a library of features that covers all aspects of attracting and securing customers.

Select the starter program to test them out.

3. ClickFunnels.

The Most Successful Sales Funnel Builder on the Market.

ClickFunnels. The Most Successful Sales Funnel Software on the Market.

ClickFunnels is a pioneer in the sales funnel software industry that allows you to market, sell, and deliver your products/services online.

ClickFunnels has been beating its competition for years, thanks to its capacity, efficiency, and flexibility.

But, this success doesn’t come without market research.

ClickFunnels is equipped with a simple drag-and-drop web page editor, sales funnels that generate high conversion rates, an intuitive shopping cart with one-click upsells., Facebook and Email marketing automation, an engaging dashboard with everything organized.

With ClickFunnels, you can easily Generate Leads and capture your visitors’ contact information.

This way, you can produce new leads to follow up on, time after time, after their initial page visit.

Create visually-striking pages and funnels from the pre-designed library, and make the conversion process into a paying customer more appealing.

Create visually striking pages

You can dramatically increase the revenue from each customer by adding one-click upsells.

With the ClickFunnels platinum upgrade, you can connect or reconnect with your audience by using multi-dimensional marketing.

With follow-up funnels’ smart lists, you can pull up information like

  • The number of product buyers with more than 1K Facebook followers
  • Who wanted your product but abandoned their cart?
  • Who consumes a large amount of your free content with no purchases made?
  • Who spends the most on your products?

You can send broadcast messages to your subscribers, by email or text, straight to their phone.

You can send distinct, highly-targeted messages to your customers through text, email, social, or desktop notifications.

You will deliver your targeted messages with no restrictions like the location or activity of the customer.

After you log in, you can start building your customized pages for your funnel from the members’ area.

No installation is necessary.

You can export the HTML from any of your pages, as well as any of your contacts.

This software allows you to integrate with almost every top service provider.


There are three monthly subscription programs.

Pricing of ClickFunnels


  • Hosted by the largest cloud cluster in the world, with the limitless ability to support an endless amount of visitors for anyone.
  • Before canceling the service, and your data becomes inaccessible, you can download the CSV files of your contacts and members
  • You can pause your account and come back where you left off later

With the capacity to support an endless amount of visitors on the largest cloud cluster and turn leads into paying customers, in any circumstances, ClickFunnels is the platform to grow any company. 

With no long-term commitments, you can use ClickFunnels month to month and cancel at any time.

4. WebinarJam.

Ideal Webinar Funnel Software for anyone to Sell, Coach, Connect, or Present.

WebinarJam, Ideal Webinar Funnel Software for anyone to Sell, Coach, Connect, or Present.

WebinarJam’s top tier cloud-based broadcasting technology allows you to reach up to 5K people in one presentation.

You can go solo as a presenter, with a partner, or you can present up to six presenters for an experts’ roundtable to share the knowledge with you.

using webinar software

With a stable internet connection and an average home computer, your every teaching session will be smooth and burdenless.

There will be no pixelated images, endless buffering, or choppy frame rates.

WebinarJam provides an equally-consistent high-definition image for your webcam, PowerPoint presentation, screen share, or anything else.

They support desktop, laptop, phone, or tablet broadcasting equally.

As for Live interaction, WebinarJam equips you with flexible choices of live chat, Q&A, private comments, highlighted comments, moderation capabilities, sticky announcements, and so on.

With Automated Recordings, you can automatically record your live broadcast, while the Replica Replay feature reenacts everything from the live room (comments, surveys, and products appear in the exact moment like the original session).

When you activate an Always-On room, you will reserve a room branded with your business that you can stream from every time you log in.

You can invite a member of your audience into Attendee Spotlight and let them voice their opinion, and let them go back into the attendee-only mode.

With Page Builder, you can select whatever design of text, images, etc. you want, and you can let the software rotate between two individual designs simultaneously and track which one attracts more audience.

You can set a series of phone text or email reminder notifications so that no one skips a meeting.

Use the Panic Button in the case of any technical malfunction, and the software will automatically boot up a brand new live room and transfer all the presenters and attendees in it.

Use Polls and Surveys to receive feedback and understand the attendees’ needs, or to test them on their knowledge as an instructor.


EverWebinar, just like WebinarJam, offers flexible scheduling, everything in HD, and many more distinct features like Analytics that show you the dollar-per-registrant and dollar-per-attendee values, as well as the insights into premature room exit from your attendees.

You can segment your leads with laser accuracy, with Automated Integrations, by subscribing your registrants to a different mailing list.

You can assign different tasks for those who show up for the presentation and different tags for those who stick through until the end.

Automated Integrations allow you to construct a perfect follow-up marketing message, individually, every time.

Use Active Offers and visually captivate your audience if you want the audience to take instant action.

To infuse a sense of importance and urgency, you can limit the number of Active Offers or activate an expiration countdown.


Both WebinarJam and EverWebinar offer three different annual pricing plans.

Pricing and plans of WebinarJam


  • Easy presentation with PowerPoint and Keynote slides
  • Deliver a Cheat Sheet, Handout, or Brochure and share them with attendees
  • Use Video Injections to implement pre-recorded presentation sections in the live room

With WebinarJam (and EverWebinar), you can present, coach, connect or sell any product/service with your audience at the highest level.

Use the 30-day money-back guarantee program, and try them out today.

5. GetResponse.

The Most Powerful Tool to Send Emails, Create Pages, and Automate your Marketing.

GetResponse The Most Powerful Tool to Send Emails, Create Pages, and Automate your Marketing.

Use Email Marketing’s Newsletters to broadcast one-time email messages with updates and special offers.

Activate Autoresponders for automated email sequence to follow up with for every occasion, and nurture your subscriber relationships.

You can design and trigger automated emails with whom you can jump straight into the action, engage, and sell.

Increase your blog’s reach through social media and email posts with an Automated blog digest.

Use the Time travel delivery tools and its Perfect timing to send out emails at the exact optimal time to get the most engagement out of your audience.

Transactional emails are a paid add-on feature with which you can send SMTP-triggered emails to send receipts or reminders.

GetResponse’s Conversion Funnel allows you to steer the incoming traffic straight to your sales page with the quick sales funnel or develop a relationship with the new contacts, with automated emails, before presenting your full sales funnel offer.

You can sell anything from an ebook, course, physical product, etc.

Use the opt-in funnels to capture new leads and bring them over to your landing page and nurture their engagement with automated emails.

With the ready-to-go lead magnet funnels, you can target your leads even more precisely.

You can raise the conversion rate to 20% higher by sharing quality content in exchange for email addresses.

You can charge your expertise or offer an additional service to your subscribers for free with webinar funnels, with no additional payments.

Build the most captivating Landing pages with the ready-made, mobile-responsive templates, and boost your design with the built-in image editor to complete the look that will raise the conversion rate.

You can select your photos from Shutterstock and your gifs from Giphy.


There are three basic monthly pricing packages and one customizable program.


  • Use Marketing Automation to create automation events based on users’ activity
  • Use filters for more precise targeting
  • Use an unlimited amount of tags and monitor engagement scores
  • Host unlimited webinars

GetResponse allows you to nurture your connections on a high level, sell your knowledge through courses, and convert store visitors into returning customers.

Start boosting your sales with the 30-day free trial no credit card needed.

6. Wishpond.

#1 Marketing Funnel Software to Get your Campaigns Up, Sync Emails, and Generate Sales.

Wishpond #1 Marketing Funnel Software to Get your Campaigns Up, Sync Emails, and Generate Sales.

You can build the most captivating Landing Pages by selecting elements from the content panel and dragging them to assemble your design.

With Canvas’ editor, you can activate a one-click mobile optimization to quickly align text and objects so that they look appealing on all devices.

Keep real-time data on the performance of your page visitors, conversions, and leads of your campaigns.

You can integrate your Canvas campaigns with hundreds of apps like Mailchimp, Salesforce, Constant Content, etc.

You have four different options for publishing your campaigns, including a custom domain, Wishpond subdomain, Facebook tab, or embedded option.

Contests and Promotions are a surefire way to increase audience engagement by building an engaged email list.

You can persuade users to follow you on social media and share your content, encouraging first-time purchases through post-contest emails, promotions, and special offers.

There are many high-quality Contests and Competitions like Bonus Entry Contest, Instagram Hashtag Contest, Leaderboard Contest, Photo Caption Contest, Video Contest, and more.

Generate more sharing and attract more social media followers by rewarding extra entries to contest participants.

Expand your reach by allowing your followers to share your content within their networks and get more referrals.

Grow an extensive email list of potential customers with Referral Campaigns.

Choose a pop-up trigger to generate leads for any occasion, and seamlessly publish them on your website, campaign, blog, or eCommerce blog with Shopify integration.

Track campaign metrics for individual URLs, as well as specific URLs that each pop-up appears on, to see which pages have the highest conversion rates.

Track campaign metrics

Use Limited time offer options and countdown timers to infuse a sense of urgency and value.

Copy and Paste your Wishpond codes to embed forms anywhere, including a landing page, website, or a blog.


Select one of three yearly subscription offers.

Pricing of Wishpond


  • Social media contests and competitions like Sweepstakes, Photo Contest, Coupon, Referral Contest, Vote Contest, etc.
  • Receive detailed, personalized weekly email reports to keep track of your campaign performance
  • Get notified of new campaign leads with Slack notifications or emails

Wishpond handles everything from Social Promotion, Email Marketing, Lead Management, Referral Campaigns, Landing Pages, and much more.

Try them out for free for 14 days.

7. ActiveCampaign.

Elite Email Marketing Software to Automate the Best Customer Experience.

ActiveCampaign Elite Email Marketing Software to Automate the Best Customer Experience.

ActiveCampaign’s precise targeting allows you to locate the most suitable prospects and capture their attention with messages tailored to their needs.

Automation Map, and Goals, Subscription Forms, Site Tracking, and Customized Facebook Audiences allow you to reach out and engage with your perfect audience.

Provide custom-tailored guidance for your audience, and grow your relationships by educating and addressing their needs.

Email Segmentation, Dynamic, and Predictive Content, Event Tracking, and Site Messages are some of the tools that help you nurture your customers while immersing them in the buying process.

Initiate perfectly-timed calls to action to each audience member individually, upon investing automated time and resources into establishing a stable relationship to bring them closer to the purchasing phase.

Win Probability, Split Action, Attribution, Contact, and Lead Scoring, Salesforce App are the tools that allow you to track leads, calculate accurate lead conversion estimations.

These tools help you distinguish between opportunities to automate or add a personal touch to the campaign and find the best-performing marketing channels.

You can set up a welcome email automation series, segment your contacts, and automate your marketing with simple-to-use workflows.

Keep all of your customer data safe and organized in one place with CRM, Sales, and Email automation.

CRM, Sales, and Email automation.

Incorporate a perfectly-timed follow-up strategy that’s specific to individual requirements, manage your pipeline, and update your deals continuously with a smart CRM interface.

Message your audience at the exact moment when they’re the most engaged and answer questions, offer sales, recommend products, receive feedback.

Use Advanced Reporting to get valuable insights into what’s performing well and find opportunities to grow in what’s not working.

You can customize Integrated Forms to collect emails, attract more customers, and optimize your automation.

Site Tracking allows you to see what visitors are doing on your site, which you can use to construct a plan for the website or implement changes.

Migration Services is a free feature that will transfer all data from your current software.


There are four different monthly pricing packages.

Plans and pricing of ActiveCampaign


  • With iOS CRM, you can access contacts, send emails, check tasks, and update deals on your mobile device
  • Advanced Email segmentation tools allow you to group your contacts by age, location, and any other criteria
  • Create custom automation goals and measure marketing success

ActiveCampaign produces email marketing, marketing automation, and all the CRM tools at its highest level for every customer.

Try them out with the reasonably-priced Lite subscription.

8. Demio

The Best Webinar Funnel Software to Run More Successful Webinars.

Demio The Best Webinar Funnel Software to Run More Successful Webinars.

Demio’s Lead generation allows you to feature upcoming events on your blog or websites to attract more attention from casual visitors.

Automated and on-demand events put your Lead generation on autopilot.

Keep your leads constantly-engaged through all stages of the buying process to generate hot prospects for your sales team consistently.

You can receive feedback, launch polls, answer questions, segment your leads by their action, track, and measure your performance across all areas of your events.

Webinar settings in Demio

Increase your trial conversion and deliver higher adoption rates by guiding your new users.

Create a timely-executed demonstration of your products at the peak of the audience’s engagement.

Address objections and answer common questions with User Activation.

Increase LTV and reduce churn rates by engaging, training, and practicing strong relationships with your customers.

You can get on camera and talk to your customers to answer any questions, listen for feedback, address their needs, and improve the overall bond.

Announce product updates live, get immediate feedback, demonstrate features, and provide upgrades for more customers.

Measure the ROI of your events and track each attendee’s activity individually.

Brand awareness and partnerships allow you to build a strong community in interactive events through exemplary leadership.

You can introduce co-presenters to your teachings or conduct interviews with experts in front of a live audience.

Construct a strong company identity by sharing your company’s story and bringing it to life by hosting influential leadership events.


There are three different subscription plans, billed both monthly and annually.

Prices and plans of Demio


  • Ask your audience any question, anytime, by conducting polls that can be public or remain hidden from the attendees
  • Link your audience to an offer, sign-up page, or URL during an event, and effectively launch offers and CTA’s
  • Give the stage to any attendee of your choice with webcam or microphone permissions

Demio allows you to build new and strengthen the existing relationships with your leads, prospects, and customers by hosting engaging and prolific events.

Take advantage of the 14-day free trial and start your journey with Demio today.

9. Infusionsoft.

Industry’s Most Powerful and Longest-Running All-In-One Sales Solution.

Infusionsoft Industry’s Most Powerful and Longest Running All In One Sales Solution.

Keap’s client management system allows you to archive all of your client activity and communications in one place and ditch the spreadsheets.

Cultivate your follow-up strategy, update client records, and provide great service in exchange for payment and customer satisfaction.

Connect your Outlook and Gmail inbox with the client management tools, and automatically update your email contact record.

Keap’s powerful CRM allows you to connect applications, devices, and data to a vast selection of software integrations.

You’ll be able to access the most popular apps like Zapier, Gmail, AppointmentCore, Outlook, and much more.

Keap’s updated messaging feature executes a perfectly-timed response strategy.

Keep alert of your leads and clients’ calls, texts, and emails and fall under the service provider group that is responsive and attentive.

You can add SMS messaging as an additional way of fast communication and share all of your client information.

Document important information immediately after calls and mark the unread messages to keep your notes organized.

Schedule and manage appointments easily by setting up your calendar, and sending your links through email, and cut the time-consuming back-and-forth calls and messages.

Never let untimely notification and insufficient preparation cause no-shows, and assure everyone’s meet-up participation with confirmation emails that automatically update your Google and Outlook calendars.

You can track all of your appointments while on the go with the Keap Mobile App, and you can modify your schedule and get reminders on your mobile device.

Use sales pipeline management to automate your lead and client tracking through your sales process in a single view.

sales pipeline management to automate your lead and client tracking

The customizable dashboard allows you to align the leads in progress and track them simultaneously with existing clients throughout the sales process.

Automatically trigger stage-specific email sequences as you move your leads further through the phases of the sale and close leads consistently.


There are three monthly pricing plans, billed with a sizable discount for your first three months.

Price and plans of Infusionsoft


  • Use when/then templates to automate the repetitive tasks
  • Set triggers like appointment booking or ebook downloads that activate email sequences
  • Send invoices, accept credit cards, and keep track of who’s paid in the app

Infusionsoft’s email funnel software allows you to use the most advanced CRM, sales, and marketing tools to get more done with less work.

You don’t need a credit card to start their 14-day free trial today.

10. GrooveFunnels.

Best Free Sales Funnel Software to Sell Your Products and Make Money Online.

GrooveFunnels Best Free Sales Funnel Software to Sell Your Products and Make Money Online.

GrooveFunnels will construct and manage your ads and marketing funnels.

In the ultimate hands-off approach, this software will locate, reach out to, and attract the most suitable leads for your business.

It will assure the quality of low-cost evergreen traffic, and it will increasingly improve your conversion optimization.

With GrooveFunnels, you will receive Email funnel marketing and copywriting, Facebook, Google PPC, YouTube, Display, and retargeting services of the highest standard.

GrooveFunnels has been recognized as the perfect marketing funnel software for Speakers, Authors, Coaches, Topic Experts, SaaS Company Managers, eCommerce Marketers, and so on.

You can Build Brand Websites with complete navigation and feature selection.

You can easily create Custom Domains and sell products with one-click Upsells.

A large Hosting Bandwidth capacity lets you quickly deliver quality content to your visitors during peak traffic times and places the more demanding features at your visitors’ disposal.

large Hosting Bandwidth capacity

The more flamboyant and appealing features will function effortlessly and fit in seamlessly with the rest of the website.

You get to implement Upsells, Downsells, and Order Bumps into your marketing strategy.

Behavior-based email marketing, executed through tagging, provides the most complementary follow-up strategy that raises conversion in all phases and is always powerful, automated, and reliable.

With GrooveVideo, you can gain access to the most influential and result-oriented Video Marketing feature.

GrooveSell is a completely-free, customizable shopping cart, and affiliate program with complete analytics and data, easy and punctual content delivery, access to infinite Product and Affiliate Marketplace packaged in an all-around Affiliate System.


This marketing funnel software is free of charge.

Free unlimited product funnels


  • Free account for life
  • Free-of-charge full access to GrooveSell and GrooveAffiliate
  • Your account unlocks instant access to powerful marketing tools like GrooveDesk, GrooveCalendar, GrooveSurvey, GrooveCart, etc.

Build attention-grabbing pages as a newbie or a veteran, build the most profitable sales funnels, and supercharge your live events with this email funnel powerhouse.

Create an account on GrooveFunnels today, and start using their services for free.

11. SamCart.

#1 Direct-to-Consumer eCommerce Platform and Shopping Cart Software.

Samcart #1 Direct to Consumer eCommerce Platform and Shopping Cart Software.

SamCart’s Sales page design provides a drag and drop builder for you to highlight your product in the most captivating style, or you can use one of the many pre-designed templates.

You can sell in any language or currency you want and give your product a widespread appeal, and there are no limitations to how many products you can sell.

Use digital wallets and add one-touch purchases with Apple Pay and Google Pay.

You are allowed to add your domain to every sales page you create and give your brand its marketing stamp.

Under Revenue Optimization, you can use pre-purchase add-ons and multiply your sales, as well as the overall profit with one-click upsells.

Gross Sales on Samcart

Smart Pixel Tracking allows you to track every dollar back to its origin, whether it’s Facebook, Google, or somewhere else, so you can analyze where your sales are coming from.

Select Add to order to set future charges or subscriptions to orders in place, and use advanced reporting to receive valuable insights into key performance metrics.

Subscription Saver will keep all of your subscriptions safe with SamCart's built-in dunning process.

With SamCart, nothing is ever a missed opportunity, and you can recover lost sales by re-engaging with prospects who left before purchasing your product.

You can customize anything from a monthly subscription, free trial, dollar trial, and any other payment plan you can imagine.

Use the Integration engine to connect all of your email marketing tools.

Give your customers payment flexibility with partial refunds, various one-time, recurring coupons, and collect any required taxes from any sale.

SamCart will set up a payment processor for you in just a few clicks.

Cultivate your commerce data with the all-inclusive CRM integration.


SamCart offers three monthly or yearly-billed subscription programs.

pricing of Samcart


  • Use Custom Fields to document individual customer information
  • Let your customers manage their subscriptions with Customer Portal
  • Optimize everything with A/B testing and increase conversion rates

You can build your consulting business, sell your ebook, expand your course audience, sell on your website, ship products around the world, and turn any side-hustle into a vocation at an equally-admirable success rate with SamCart.

Choose from any of the three monthly subscription plans and start your 14-day free trial.

12. Deadline Funnel.

Best Software to Create 24/7 Automated Marketing Campaigns.

Deadline Funnel Best Software to Create 24/7 Automated Marketing Campaigns.

Send out insightful and winning marketing messages at the peak of your subscribers’ interest, and never let them grow cold on your list and be just another number for the next launch.

Personalize the purchase journey for each subscriber by aligning your email sequences with their progress, and make sure that each person receives a special offer with a unique deadline.

Make a short upsell offer each time someone new is added to your Post-Optin Pages.

Automated Webinars serves as a platform for growing your funnel with special offers and deadlines for each attendee.

Before you start the sales proposal, you can pre-frame your offer to demonstrate the value of your content and build trust with the customer.

pre-frame offer

Create Special offer pages and Email sequences that will be active only before each subscriber’s deadline to build momentum for your proposal and infuse a sense of a special chance with the offer.

Redirect each subscriber to the regular-priced offer, offer expired, or waiting list page after the deadline expires so you know how to approach each subscriber the next time.

Customize the floating bar and how it integrates with your landing pages, and much more with the Live Editor for Special Offers.

You can show the same deadline across the landing, sales, and checkout pages.

Add custom email timers for each subscriber.

The Shopify beta integration is available in the Pro plan or higher and is available as Shopify + ActiveCampaign or Shopify + ConvertKit.

Create a unique discount code in Shopify for each subscriber, and store the discount code in the subscriber records with ActiveCampaign or ConvertKit.

Once the deadline has expired, the discount code is canceled.

Receive the campaign revenue reports and automatically track the subscribers that generate this revenue.

Select custom presets that you can use for each new campaign.


DeadlineFunnel offers three monthly pricing programs.

Pricing of Deadline Funnel


  • Automated Webinars With EverWebinar, EasyWebinar, or self-hosted
  • Add an avatar (logo or a headshot) and use a custom color palette to create your brand’s visual identity
  • Measure the ROI of your every email sequence, and track how many people are entering the different funnel stages

DeadlineFunnel will build evergreen funnels with simple blueprints, track sales, integrate your entire email platform, add special offers to your landing pages and emails, and much more to attract and sustain each customer personally.

You can start with the Start program to make an impact immediately.

13. LeadPages.

Go-to-Choice to Create High-Converting Landing Pages for Small Businesses.

LeadPages Go to Choice to Create High Converting Landing Pages for Small Businesses.

LeadPages is a perfect platform for creating code-free web designs and publishing them, and these are professional-looking web pages made in just a few minutes.

Pop-Ups, Alert bars, A/B testing maximize the potential of all of your content and raise the conversion rates.

Your website becomes optimized for converting leads into customers and nurturing the connections.

LeadPages provides you with all the tools to navigate your digital marketing and makes it easy for you to collect payments and schedule consultations.

You get to choose from 200 plus high-converting landing page templates.

You can connect LeadPages to your Email account, CRM, and more.

You are allowed unlimited page publishing, leads tracking, and traffic capacity, and through real-time guidance and A/B testing, you can boost conversion rates continuously.

Adding leadpage in wordpress

LeadPages interface is super user-friendly and requires zero coding expertise, which means you can create just as beautiful of a site as someone who’s a coding expert.

LeadPages is equipped with a built-in delivery system for your ebooks, PDFs, white papers, and more so you can instantly send digital products to your subscribers.

Besides Lead magnet hosting and delivery, LeadPages generate Rapid page load speed.

With the industry-leading page load speed standards, you can make the visitor’s experience always pleasurable, which directly affects higher conversion rates.

Leadpages websites and landing pages guarantee 100% reliability running on the Google Cloud Services Platform, which assures a near-perfect uptime without the security issues from other platforms.

The team of experts is highly-responsive and always available in the Leadpages tech support center.

LeadPages has earned a reputation as the go-to choice of a sales funnel software that will provide small businesses opportunities to make the most impact and make money online.


LeadPages offers three monthly subscription plans.

pricing plans of LeadPages


  • Super user-friendly interface which allows everyone to make expert-level page designs
  • With Lead magnet hosting and delivery, you can instantly send digital products to subscribers with its delivery system
  • Industry-leading page load speed

LeadPages is a simple-as-it-gets email funnel software that will create the top tier websites, landing pages, opt-ins, and all other sales funnel elements.

Leave the customer engaged, satisfied, and wanting more of your product by using LeadPages just as a free trial first.

14. CartFlows.

#1 Sales Funnel Builder for WordPress.

CartFlows #1 Sales Funnel Builder for WordPress.

CartFlows provides Ready to Import Templates, all coming in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, designed to deliver high conversion rates.

You can add an expertly-crafted, one-click multistep flow, or you can craft your flow with individual templates.

There are templates available for Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi Builder, Thrive, Architect, Gutenberg, and all the other popular page builders for CartFlows to collaborate with and offer templates for.

CartFlows Conversion Tested Checkout optimizes the complicated checkout process and instantly increases the conversion rates.

This checkout method is laser-precise and focused on only what’s needed, with reassurances and guarantees for every situation.

You can add Order Bumps to your checkout pages.

Research has shown that an additional offer on the checkout pages will produce conversions 10 – 30% of the time.

One-click Order Bumps are perfect selling Training Programs, Extended Warranties, Complimentary Products.

You can prolong the buyer’s journey past the checkout point with Unlimited Upsells and Downsells.

You can increase the sales of your one-time offers, course creations, higher-priced software programs, health supplements in larger quantities, and you can cross-sell related product offers.

Use Cart Abandonment to get notified when a buyer doesn’t complete checkout.

Their info passes through your CRM and triggers an email.

Use Analytics and Tracking to identify and divide the high-performing offers from the underperforming ones.

CraftFlows Dynamic Linking Engine enables you to add, remove, and rearrange steps in your flow so that your sales procedure can readapt and always steer towards growth.

You won’t have to deal with the expensive SaaS bills any more, and you will be able to use your existing builder with fewer moving parts to deliver a full sales solution on one platform.


CartFlows offers a single yearly pricing program.


  • Choose from a wide selection of proven high-converting templates, professionally designed to boost sales
  • Add Checkout Custom Fields to keep everything documented and remove the unnecessary
  • Use Global Checkout and create the perfect default checkout page template

CartFlows provides a smooth selling platform with consistent checkout, one-click sales funnels, order bumps, and more tools to maximize your conversion.

Get the CartFlows software today, and take advantage of the 20% OFF limited time offer.

15. Convertri.

Fastest Sales Funnel Software to Promote, Sell Products, and Finalize the Sales Process.

Convertri Fastest Sales Funnel Software to Promote, Sell Products, and Finalize the Sales Process.

Use blazing-fast pages and dynamic text design to get more leads, and utilize your hosting, pages, shopping cart all in one, and they will load at a speed that only a few other software can match.

Create a thoroughly-designed website with shared headers and footers and auto-mobilizing menus.

Page editor gives you unparalleled creative control over your page designs and sales funnel strategies.

There are no rows, sections, or columns, and you just need to take the elements you want and place them according to your intention.

Convertri setting according to intention

You get to choose from a palette of ready-made features and hero sections, footers, headers, forms, and you can build your collections from the previously built pages.

You can stack your library of blocks to have at disposal and build pages fast.

Dynamic Text Replacement allows you to adjust your page copy based on the add keywords, so you can automatically tailor page copies.

Convertri will create mobile-specific pages designed for the optimal mobile experience.

Convertri will auto-generate a mobile version of the page, and you can modify anything by adding, removing, or replacing any elements to create a mobile version that’s its own separate, visually-engrossing entity.

Use Convertri’s interactive video pages to convert leads limitlessly.

Make your buy buttons appear only after the viewer has reached a certain point in the video (even if they’ve paused or skipped a portion of the video).

You can drop different pixels based on how much of your video has the viewer seen.

If you’re moving to a new page builder and you need to recreate everything from the start, most likely, you’ll be overcharged for a service to do it for you.

But, Convertri enables you to use the Page Importer to clone any website you want.

You can even make further changes with Convertri editor, and you’ll make dozens of copies by the time a hefty concierge service has finished duplicating just one.


Convertri offers one yearly-billed subscription program.

Pricing of Convertri


  • Blazing-fast Convertri Video player loads 10X faster than a YouTube embed
  • Add the checkout button to your page using the custom HTML element to use your shopping cart
  • You can add the developer team’s script in the box and it will be live on your page

With Convertri’s Accelerated page technology, everything loads faster, and conversions get finalized sooner.

Start your free trial with Convertri today.

16. Landingi.

Landingi Fully Featured Marketing Platform to Run Successful Campaigns and Convert with Your Designs.

Landingi allows you to exercise your creativity with its drag and drop editor, which enables you to create in an easy, yet professional-looking way.

Every landing page or pop-up element is free for adjustment, and you can change colors, fonts, or any other style element.

You just need to select one out of hundreds of templates, type in your content, swap photos, include your logo, and you’re ready to develop fast.

You can use countdown timers, lightboxes, adjustable forms, and other widgets to make the site look and function better.

All of your pages and pop-ups get adjusted for every device so that everything looks the same.

All of your pages and pop ups get adjusted for every device so that everything looks the same

You can use the Rebuild button to make sure that everything is in the right place and no rearrangement is necessary.

You don’t need to worry whether you’ve saved changes during the design process because the Autosaving feature will keep everything intact even during the loss of internet connection or computer malfunction.

Landingi offers you several ways to publish your landing pages under your domain or subdomain, and this is including SSL.

You can embed a landing page on your server if you prefer it to Landingi’s hosting.

Import the landing pages you’ve created to WordPress, with no domain configuration necessary.

Keep track of all of your marketing launches and events with Landingi’s Scheduler.

Know that you can always count on stable and reliable services with the AWS Cloud Provider.

With over 40 integrations to choose from with Landingi, you can use the landing pages together with the Email marketing and CRM platforms, which will make the process of gathering and nurturing leads much easier.

You can access basic chart data through Landingi.

To get more in-depth performance reports, you need to connect Landingi with analytics tools like Google and Heap Analytics or Kissmetrics.

Connect Landingi with tracking tools like Google Tag Manager or Facebook Pixel to get non-intrusive data on what visitors do on your landing pages.

You can send data from your landing pages to any other place automatically after an event occurs.


There are three main, yearly-billed pricing packages.

Pricing of Landingi


  • Use Dynamic Content to display certain text fields differently
  • Make multiple versions of landing pages or pop-ups to satisfy different client needs and test varying visual stimuli
  • Each landing page template comes with the corresponding thank you page design

With hundreds of templates to choose from, one-click duplication, A/B testing feature, you can personalize the ready-made templates to deliver a dynamic message catered to your target audience.

Powerful, content-oriented promotion is how you turn leads into dedicated customers, and you can start with a 14-day free trial.

17. Kajabi.

The Most Versatile Sales Page Builder with Limitless Design Flexibility.

Kajabi The Most Versatile Page Builder with Limitless Design Flexibility.

With Kajabi, you can monetize the knowledge that you have in your field of expertise, whether it’s membership sites, gated-content, subscriptions, or online courses.

You can create a site that houses every part of your online business in one powerful central hub.

Use Kajabi’s integrated website builder, and customize a theme from a ready-made theme library.

Build a memorable address for your website and customize your domain so that you can be easily found online.

Use the payment gateway provider of your choice and set up your payment integration in just a few steps.

Unlike some popular sites of the same purpose, Kajabi doesn’t take a percentage cut from your revenue.

With the most eye-catching templates to choose from and automatic subject line validation, you will never have a reason to doubt your email campaign selection.

You can automate multi-touch sequences calculated through customer behavior, or you can send one-time email blasts.

Whether you’re announcing an event, showcasing a product, or anything else, there are templates for any type of email.

Kajjabi’s Intuitive visual editor allows you to customize and preview each message so you can send out with nothing but a certainty.

Make your emails dynamic with countdown timers, videos, personalization, and many other customizable elements.

With the Landing page builder, you’ll be able to choose a landing page template for all of the most common page types like capture, sales, policy, lead generation, etc.

You can adjust every element of your page as you wish, on any device, and you can throw in any advanced elements with ease.

Connect your landing pages with emails, automated marketing campaigns, products, and offers.

Kajabi’s Proven Blueprints allow you to customize and launch pre-built frameworks for lead generation, product launches, or webinar funnels.

Platform selection course blueprint in Kajabi

You can fuse several sales and marketing channels into one or several multi-channel funnels.

Each Pipeline features a pre-written copy, developed with Kajabi Heros highest-converting sales funnels.

After taking care of the framework and copy, you are ready to select a Blueprint tailored to your business so your automated pipeline software can start collecting leads and turning them into sales.


There are three monthly pricing packages in Kajabi.

Pricing of Kajabi


  • Improve certain areas of your products with in-depth reports on student progress, subscription churn rates, and more
  • Trigger emails, coupons, and product access with terms and conditions you set once
  • Let your customer access the login, without a password they’ve forgotten, with the magic link

Kajabi will take your ideas and turn them into a polished, high-value product, and manage all your marketing in one place.

You can start your 14-day free trial with the 20% OFF yearly billing advantage today.

18. SalesForce.

#1 CRM Software to Unite All Your Teams and Drive Growth.

SalesForce #1 CRM Software to Unite All Your Teams and Drive Growth.

Customer 360 is the world’s leading CRM software.

Connect to your customers by uniting sales, marketing, commerce, service, analytics, and IT.

Unite all your teams with a shared view of your every customer, so you can perfect your marketing strategy, nurture customer relationships by meeting their expectations, and close sales quicker.

There is a best-in-class app for every phase of each customer’s journey, going from a lead to a loyal customer.

When you integrate all your data and add analytics, Customer 360 can shine to its full effect.

Customer 360 channels and delegates the workload optimally.

Einstein AI automates repetitive tasks and provides suggestions for the next action, while Employee Experience features smooth out all collaboration.

Employee Experience features

Reskilling Hub and Trailblazers offer free training to help your workforce prepare for any new challenge.

You can integrate all your data inside and outside CRM with MuleSoft, and get real-time insightful analytics and data visualizations with Tableau.

Widget Makers provide specialized solutions, designed with the help of your industry’s specialists, to support the capabilities your company will benefit from the most.

SalesForce has developed an extensive network of partners offering apps and guidance to help you construct a customized, result-generating experience.

Embed AI chat bots to resolve customer issues and magnify your support by connecting customers to knowledge articles, community members, and account information to find instant answers and learn.

You can provide field service employees and dispatchers the tools they need to finish the job in the first attempt, without having to rely on in-person visits.

SalesForce built-in AI automatically routes work, eliminates manual data entry, and surfaces contextual recommendations for service teams.

Grow your revenue with ad to account, email to eCommerce, social to service, and use AI-powered personalization to market to every type of customer under all circumstances.

Use Data Storage, Processing, and Data Pipeline Management to integrate with your existing tech stack and share dashboards easily across teams.


There are multiple different pricing packages for different features within SalesForce.

SalesForce CRM pricing


  • A low-code platform quickly deploys the latest service innovations and increases ROI
  • Integrated marketing tools like Journey Builder, Email, Audience, Mobile Studio, Datorama, and much more
  • Quick-Start Commerce Solutions allow you to start selling online fast

With SalesForce, you’ll jumpstart your CRM journey and keep your customers happy with your marketing, sales, commerce, and other services.

Try SalesForce for free, with no credit cards or installations.

19. Unbounce

Best Sales Funnel Software for Marketers to Convert Visitors into Leads, Sign-Ups, and Sales.

Unbounce Best Sales Funnel Software for Marketers to Convert Visitors into Leads, Sign Ups, and Sales.

Unbounce is there to provide you with Landing Pages, Pop-Ups, and Sticky Bars that are excellent for SaaS, eCommerce, Marketing Agencies, and any other type of business.

You can optimize high-converting landing pages to capture more leads without a developer.

With Unbounce, you can launch campaigns with one of the hundreds of quick-launch templates, with no developer needed for your lead-gen SaaS solutions.

Create enthralling landing pages for desktop and mobile with the Drag-and-drop Builder, that’s super-fast and versatile.

Create enthralling landing pages

You can add Pop-Ups or Sticky Bars to any page of your choice.

Trigger customized offers and target the visitors that are accurately estimated to most likely convert.

Integrate Unbounce with the entirety of your tech stack, and save valuable time with task automation.

Unbounce allows you to connect its software to WordPress if you want.

A selection of over 100 ready-to-use templates for Landing Pages, Pop-Ups, and Sticky Bars enables you to convert traffic while selling any type of product.

Unbounce Community and Support center gives you access to learn from various experts and limitless content resources.

Unbounce assists you through your growth with a dedicated customer success team.

With AI-powered optimization and testing, you can make use of machine-learning technology to build different versions of a landing page.

Smart Traffic is an optimization algorithm that steers visitors to the variant where they’re most likely to convert.

Smart Traffic starts optimizing in as few as 50 visits, and the recorded conversion rates have shown an increase of 20% in comparison to A/B testing.


There are four different monthly and yearly pricing programs in Unbounce.

Pricing of Unbounce


  • Conversion intelligence tools like Smart Traffic help you magnify each click
  • Quick-loading AWP pages and increased limits to fuel your growth
  • Expansive bandwidth that helps you reach more people with your campaigns

With all of the intelligence conversion tools, personalized onboarding, page migration, and ongoing support from experts, Unbounce will be a deciding factor for your company’s 24/7 growth.

Use a friend's referral and get 20% OFF for the first three months of use, and start today.

20. Instapage.

The Most Advanced Landing Page Platform with an Average of 400% Conversion Lift.

Instapage The Most Advanced Landing Page Platform with an Average of 400% Conversion Lift.

Instapage has six products and hundreds of different features designed specifically to raise your advertisement conversion rates.

Instapage provides the only Landing page builder with built-in collaboration.

Page builder originated from Instablocks and global blocks for scale, with over 500 layouts tested for conversion.

Instapage ensures near-instant page loads with or without AMP.

Choose from the 500+ customizable layouts for the most common industry-based use cases and launch your professional, high conversion campaigns much faster.

Join forces with the Thor Render Engine and get the fastest landing page loading speeds in the industry.

Provide an exceptional mobile experience with built-in AMP support.

Provide an opportunity for anyone on your team to build the most high-end developer-like websites with an intuitive drag-and-drop builder.

Ensure that your landing pages are always on brand with Pixel-precision design features.

Create landing pages at scale with reusable page blocks, and update them globally.

Create post-click landing pages for each landing page, and attach experiences for specific audiences with UTM parameters.

Send your targeted ads to a personalized post-click landing page, and serve the right post-click landing page at the right time for the right audience.

Run A/B or multivariate tests, and measure performance with detailed insights into each landing page, experience, and variation performance.

You can view metrics like visitors, conversions, conversion rate, cost-per-visitor, and cost-per-lead.

Instapage dashboard

Heatmaps track mouse movement, clicks, and scroll depth so you can understand what’s performing well and what should you A/B test to improve page performance.

Discover which layout, copy, and images work best for specific audiences by creating multiple variations of your post-click landing page with A/B variation testing.

Visualize your ad campaigns and evaluate the post-click stage for ad-to-page relevancy.

Connect the already-made page experiences to your ads, or create new personalized pages with AdMap.


Instapage offers one set and one customizable monthly pricing plan.

Instapage Pricing


  • Quickly scale with page blocks that you can save, reuse, or update globally
  • Lower CPA and decrease acquisition costs by sending ads to the most relevant landing pages
  • Analyze visitors’ behavior and activity with Heatmaps

Instapage will speed up your team’s landing page composition, review, and launch process, calculate the route of the most profitable outcome with variation tests and enable lightning-fast page load time, and much more.

Try the most advanced landing page platform on the market today.

21. HubSpot

All-In-One Marketing Funnel Software to Increase Leads, Accelerate Sales, and Build a Powerful Website.

Hubspot All In One Marketing Funnel Software to Increase Leads, Accelerate Sales, and Build a Powerful Website.

With HubSpot’s easy-to-use CRM, you’ll never worry about manual report updates or track your team’s progress towards the quota.

Get a real-time view of your entire sales pipeline through an orderly visual dashboard.

You’ll have all the performance data necessary to coach your team towards success, with detailed reports on sales activity, individual performance, and productivity.

Enjoy unlimited data, users, and up to 1 million contacts with no time limits or expiration dates.

Turn your best-performing sales emails into templates, personalize with data from your CRM, and share it with your team.

Email Tracking is there at the exact moment to notify you when a lead opens an email so you can execute a perfectly-timed follow-up strategy and close deals faster.

Email Tracking

Make and record calls directly from your browser, and automatically log them in to your CRM to prioritize and archive your Call Tracking and Recording.

Remove friction from your team’s sales process, and provide them with the tools to close more deals with less work.

Your contact records will be automatically enriched with data from over 20 million businesses.

The tools you provide your team with will notify your salespeople the minute a lead opens their email or visits your website so they can plan and execute a perfect follow-up engagement strategy, according to each target’s activity.

Free meeting scheduling, email templates, live chat, quick-to-call functionality, and many other features and mechanisms ease-out connecting with prospects and closing in on deals.

You can organize and sort deals in your pipeline to create the smoothest work structure for everyone, as well as you can create tasks to remind yourself of important deadlines.

HubSpot’s CRM takes just minutes to learn, and it tracks calls, meetings, emails, and notes automatically.

You can send scheduling links that sync with your calendar to cut-out the time-consuming meeting scheduling process.


There are three different monthly pricing programs in HubSpot.

Pricing of Hubshot


  • Draft a follow-up email by adding a personal touch to your saved templates
  • Get insights into the best-converting emails, leads’ visits before a purchase is made, and how visitors navigate your site
  • Create templates and canned responses for your most common support questions, with Tickets

HubSpot empowers your sales and marketing teams with all the tools to perform tracking, reporting, and use the third-party integrations at the highest level.

Start your company’s stellar growth and make money online with HubSpot.

22. GrowSurf.

The Best Software to Build a Referral Program Into Your Product or Newsletter

GrowSurf The Best Software to Build a Referral Program Into Your Product or Newsletter

GrowSurf’s detailed insights and analytics provide complete analytics into how your referral program is performing.

See how much are your participants sharing your referral links on social channels, and view referral conversion rates.

Embeddable elements allow you to integrate your referral campaign onto your site by placing one-line-of-code plug-and-play elements.

Use GrowSurf’s customizable design features to establish your authentic company branding.

Send time-optimal automated emails to evoke participants to share their referral links, alert winners, and more.

You can activate automatic reward fulfillment with Webhooks, Zapier, Tango Card, or Integromat integrations.

You can select Leaderboard, Milestone, Single, and Double-sided rewards.

GrowSurf’s fraud protection identifies questionable participants and allows you to disqualify, with the selection of anti-fraud tools like blacklisting/whitelisting, reCAPTCHA, and bulk fraud deletion.

Choose between two types of triggers to count as referrals, including a Signup Event or a Custom Event.

You assign everyone to their unique referral link by importing your customer list and then send emails to new participants.

Personalize emails sent to participants and increase referral link sharing with Dynamic Text.

Campaign Dashboard allows you to view winners and navigate rewards.

Campaign Dashboard

See the engagement of each participant for your referral campaign.

You can gain insights into complete history activity, unique referral link views, and the complete number of referrals made.

Automatically approve the rewards and mark them as fulfilled, or manually approve the rewards.

You can replicate your favorite referral programs that you were inspired by.


There are three different paid monthly packages and one free program.

Pricing of Growsurf


  • Step-by-step installation guide
  • Use GrowSurf-hosted landing page if you don’t have a website
  • Everything you need to launch, automate, and manage a custom refer-a-friend campaign

GrowSurf is a top-tier referral marketing software to unlock a lucrative growth channel for your B2C or B2B business.

Start your no-credit-card-required 14-day free trial today.

What to Look For in a Sales Funnel Software Tool?

A sales funnel software objectively embraces and addresses the challenges that may arise within your field by 

  • Demonstrating all the possible scenarios 
  • Answering all the potential customers’ questions, and 
  • Guiding them gradually through the process of learning about the positive effects of your product.

1. Long-term relationships and fast conversions

By keeping close contact, and notifying about any latest changes, no matter if they’ve purchased your product yet or even plan to do so soon, you’re making an excellent long-term investment that you can cash in later on.

An efficient marketing funnel software will eliminate any liabilities like hiring a web developer or using a time-consuming dozen of tools and focusing its intuitive strategy on tracking, persuading, and providing your potential customers an all-around complimentary service.

A sales funnel builder software is only effective when it can seamlessly take someone through the sales process as fast as possible.

It will create a perfect platform for you to 

  • Prompt an email sign-up list, 
  • Highlight the desired effect of your ebook, course, software service, or 
  • Sell any other digital product you offer.

2. Frequent updates and ease of use

One of the incremental factors that come to play when deciding on a sales funnel software is the ease of use.

Frequent updates and a development team that is ready to tackle new bugs is crucial for providing a powerful, user-friendly service.

Specific campaigns, like Kartra’s “Done for you” campaign, allow you to produce effective strategies for every funnel, email, and marketing automation.

You can import and tweak one out of 31 different DFY campaigns that will generate traffic for you, which makes Kartra one of the easiest software to use.

3. An All-In-One Solution

A sales funnel software that will be a great business choice long-term must be versatile and provide an all-in-one solution.

A good indication of an all-in-one solution would be a high-converting shopping cart software with powerful tools like

  • Comprehensive email marketing platform
  • Integrated marketing automation (with potential triggers on video views)
  • Access to unlimited pages and emails
  • Major marketing methods like blogging and video hosting
  • WordPress hosting (independent solutions outside the site hosting providers like Siteground and email marketing platforms like ConvertKit)
  • Full funnel tracking capabilities to measure traffic and conversion rates through each phase of the funnel, or use funnel-mapping software like Funnelytics PRO
  • Process payments and take orders online with the software or with a CART processor like ThriveCart

Like with ClickFunnels, a quality sales funnel software will serve as an all-in-one solution for all your WordPress needs like lead generation plugin, commenting plugin, testimonial plugin, countdown timer plugin, split-testing plugin, widgets plugin, etc.

What you may be looking for as an answer to your digital marketing needs is combining blogging and sales funnel building in a single platform.

You want to get insights into which activities provide the most value to your team, which will enable you to make great investments on even the most constricted budgets because you’ll know for sure where to invest your resources and achieve high ROI.

This is why you will want access to a free link tracker through your software.

If you have a clear and far-reaching idea that you can capitalize on with the right framework, there’s no point in creating your unlimited courses and membership sites without ready-made templates.

These will save you time, and they’ve already been tailored, specifically to the purpose of your offer.

It’s the same with an intuitive drag-and-drop funnel builder that gives you all the moving parts, that when put together, streamline the whole sales process.

Some software allow you to rank your sales funnels using SEO.

5. Fast landing page, funnel, and video loading speeds

What you want to pay close attention to, and what Convertri does great are 

  • The super-fast load speeds of landing pages and funnels, and 
  • The blazing-fast loading time speed of the video player

6. Split-testing, special offers, and personalized messages

After all, you want to respond before your competitor does or before your prospect loses interest, and no decorative tool is going to make up for a slow loading time.

The first thing you want to do is make the customer feel you’ve got everything taken care of.

That’s where Landingi, for example, shines, as you can make multiple versions of landing pages and popups to satisfy different clients’ needs and test varying scenarios.

As with Kajabi, you want to attract customers with special offers, and this would be impossible without coupons, emails, and product access that trigger with the terms and conditions you set.

Kajabi pays close attention to the small details like the magic link feature that allows your customers to access their login if they’ve forgotten their password, and so should you when choosing a software.

To make sure that your designs are driving the best possible results, choose software with a built-in A/B testing feature.

You also need to be able to segment your audience and show personalized messages.

7. Efficient call-to-action strategy, different targeting options, and an affiliate center

Different types of opt-in forms, including

  • Popups
  • Slide-in notifications
  • Ribbon bars, and
  • Full-screen modals

They will initiate the most seamless call-to-action strategy.

Being able to segment your audience means having different targeting options for who you want to show these forms and CTAs which enable more personalized messaging.

You want to maximize your email marketing effect, which is exactly what ConvertKit does by providing the ability to manage your lists, create broadcast emails, activate autoresponders.

The visual email automation builder of ConvertKit enables you to be more productive in less time by automating the entire workflows.

You may want a visual automation builder with a more versatile and advanced set of triggers and actions.

ActiveCampaign, for example, allows you to split-test your automation workflows, as well as to run retargeting ads by adding your subscribers to a Facebook custom audience.

8. Intuitive and easy-to-use interface

If you want to invest in a highly-polished online checkout platform, you may want to consider software with

  • Built-in upsells and order bumps features or
  • An affiliate center where you can develop and manage your affiliates to promote your products

It’s important to consider the likely needs of your team and select a sales funnel software with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, and it’ll, no doubt, lead you in the direction to make money online.

Benefits of Using Sales Funnel Software Programs

1. The customers will come to you

Where Sales funnel software excels is in developing and maintaining long-term, mutually-beneficial relationships with your customers.

With a fitting Marketing funnel software, you won’t have to talk people into buying your product with pushy sales methods because the building blocks of relationships with your customers will be the ones of genuine interest and continuous growth.

Your prospects will come to you as customers, attracted by

  • Your attentive, individualistic approach
  • Highlighted field expertise
  • Proven solutions for their issues, and
  • No-limits, personable style fueled by a genuine will for development

A sales funnel software will build relationships based on pleasant experiences, which is much more important than having the highest conversion scores.

That’s because a sale is not old news once the purchase has been made.

The after-conversion checklist will hold tasks equally as important as the presale ones.

How much you pay attention to your customers’ needs after the purchase is made will be a deciding factor in building a reputable brand that’s known for the quality of service equally as it’s known for a top-notch experience.

After the purchase has been made, the customer is going to ask themselves did they make the right decision.

And, you need to justify their trust, which is exactly where a Sales funnel software steps in.

The circumstances will change, as will the industry standards and the customers themselves, so the software must be intuitive and a few steps ahead.

2. You’ll be able to take calculated risks and profit from them

Sales funnel software can enable you to

  • Split-test stage 1 campaigns
  • Split-test stage 2 landing pages
  • Split-test stage 3 sales techniques

With split-testing, you can simultaneously run your main funnel and pull off the 10% to run tests and check if the closing ratio is improving or worsening in the new conditions.

This ability to take calculated risks of trying out new techniques while maintaining the majority of quality relationships within the funnel is what produces exceptional results for your team when identifying the target audience and brainstorming the most lucrative sales funnels ideas.

3. You’ll be able to learn from experts

Certain sales funnel software subscription packages provide you with hundreds of hours of free content centered around marketing and sales funnels.

With these subscription bonuses, you get training videos and instructions from the industry’s biggest names like Tony Robbins or Russell Brunson.

A sales funnel software will automate almost everything and reach out to the leads with the slightest chances of conversion, though it will under no circumstances take the supervision away from you.

You can create high-converting email campaigns and follow-up automation with your subscribers while setting up triggers for specific emails or subscribing/unsubscribing certain contacts.

This enables you to set certain parameters that must be obliged to proceed through your sale while fueling the organic engagement for your product.

Your interest and solutions are not fabricated, and you’re calling out the subscriber to act on the interest they’ve shown for your product.

4. You will successfully juggle between company objectives and customer satisfaction

A sales funnel software will provide you with all the pre-built necessary forms you will need, through the conversion funnel, like

  • Sign-up page
  • Follow-up email
  • Exit popup form
  • Order form
  • Sales page
  • Upsell page
  • Abandoned cart email
  • Confirmation page, and
  • Confirmation email

5. Build professional-looking pages 10X faster than a developer

This is a lot of documentation to send out and data to gather, and orchestrating through the stages for everyone individually is not only daunting, but it’s also crucial for juggling between company objectives and customer satisfaction.

The most successful software will equip your team with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop page builder that will assure anyone can build professional-looking pages.

No coding background is necessary, and yet, you can create top tier page designs that would cost you thousands of dollars with a developer and at 10X the speed.

With cross-promotional applicability being at the core of software design, it’s not uncommon to find Social ad creators for creating Facebook and social media ads within these programs.

A sales funnel software will allow you a platform to sell any product on your landing page and host any webinar you wish.

A sales funnel software customer management and automation go full-circle, and no step gets miscalculated or an opportunity missed.

Different triggers such as clicks, tags for contacts, and filters based on clients’ actions give you the most accurate calculations of the values, needs, and potential trajectories of each customer.

This, combined with list building and advanced management features like custom contact fields, contact segmentation, import email lists, etc. enable your team to send the right emails to the right subscribers at the perfect time.

6. Keep your customers loyal without spending money

Once you have a solid content strategy that includes visual advertising material, forms of social media marketing, digital incentives, and more, you will be able to gain traction.

You build traction by assuring that your customers stay engaged with your product.

Outreach and Follow-up emails, Special offers, Surveys, Product usage guides, and Technical assistance literature are all content that you can share to maintain audience engagement.

Incorporating these methods into your structure are surefire ways to influence and persuade your customers to stay loyal to your brand without having to spend money on new marketing material.

You can use webinars that people sign up for looking for a solution or ways to achieve a goal through your product to start building demand for your service.

You can place calls-to-action which will lead to prospects calling your sales department teams and checking out your product.

You can promote leads magnets on social media to secure new leads by identifying your target audience and running extraordinary Facebook ads.

Now, you’ll be able to drive traffic to the landing page, and on the landing page, you’ll ask prospects to sign up for your emails list in exchange for lead magnets.

You’ve turned prospects into leads, and over the next couple of weeks you can send out educational content to evoke more interest and offer a 10% OFF coupon for a customer’s first order.

How to Build Your Sales Funnel to Convert People into Buyers (Including Sales Funnel Examples and Best Practices)

Step 1: Identify and Understand Your Target Audience

1. Create purposeful and organic campaigns

Sales funnel software will be profitable only if it can lure people regularly.

You can achieve this by putting high-quality content in front of your target audience.

The most organic and far-reaching route would be to post tons of diverse content like infographics, videos, etc. across all of your platforms.

You want to build up your sales offer with your target audience by addressing obstacles and objections you need to overcome to justify their purchase of your product.

You need to save your most inspiring content when presenting sales offers at the end of drip campaigns.

Your ads and other reach-out content need to be purposeful and take your prospects in some direction.

Ideally, that would be a can’t-miss offer on your landing page.

2. Make bold calls-to-action

You don’t want to push any sales since these prospects are still low in the sales funnel.

A landing page should always steer your prospects towards the next step, and a sales funnel software will assist you in tracking where exactly every prospect is in the mapped-out phases so you can delegate the next steps accordingly.

A landing page allows you to make bold calls-to-action to your prospects that urges them to take a specific action like downloading a free ebook or watching an instructional video.

For extra cash, you can run a few ads to attract more of your perfect target audience.

Depending on where your target audience hangs out, you can run these ads in multiple places.

3. Determine your customers’ demographics

You need to determine your customers’ demographics to run a successful marketing campaign.

Not only is targeting everyone with your product needless and time-consuming, but it’s also counterproductive as it can rub people off the wrong way and be a waste of your advertising budget.

Ask yourself who exactly needs your service, and build a profile of the average customer based on which you will start implementing your marketing strategy, with the possibility to steer from the average norms to the desired extent.

Is your average customer a man or a woman, are they old or young, are they job-preoccupied, or do they have a lot of free time?

What is their financial situation, education level, and what are their interests?

These are all questions commonly used for accurately profiling your perfect audience and successfully reaching out to them.

Once you’ve narrowed the criteria down, you can easily execute your engagement strategy and determine your specific customer needs.

What is the problem that they are facing?

What is the area within your field that they want to improve?

You need to make sure that your product has the answers to these questions, and you can do that beforehand, in the planning stages, by putting yourself in the customer’s perspective and asking the questions they will have.

Now, you need to construct a marketing message that will address these concerns, and your product will seem like a perfect fit in the customers’ eyes.

4. Determine where they will find you

If your average audience is older, you may want to run print ads, and if your audience is mostly of teenage years, then you might need to run Twitter ads.

Is your audience global or local?

Are they prone to trends, or are they more of a niche crowd?

These are more questions used to specify your audience

5. Pay the worthy investment of a few ad runs

Linkedin ads might be the perfect solution for your team selling B2B.

Facebook, for example, has honed its advertising venues and allows precise demographic targeting like age and region, which allows for advanced audience focusing that goes way beyond keywords.

You can maximize engagement with visual aids like videos and images attached to text in your ads.

Video ads on Facebook can cut in during stories and live sessions, and they can show up in a wide range of places like the side panel, newsfeed, and the messenger area.

It is one of the best places to advertise your business to your target audience.

Platforms like Google ads allow you to bid for keywords on ads in Google search results.

Depending on their search volume, long-tail keywords, and keywords have specific values, and, though there’s great competition, you can find appropriate terms for your business and budget.

The search results page features ads based on organic results of people’s search queries, and each paid ad gets labeled to tip off searchers.

You can expand your networks to partner websites, or like with Google, for example, you can extend to Google Maps and Gmail.

You will

  1. Reach your target audience
  2. Promote what you want to promote
  3. Persuade prospects to act on their interest in your product, and
  4. Develop a long-lasting relationship, future investment, or a combination of the two

6. Use the powerful word of mouth

Partner-up with your most loyal customers and make them brand advocates, which you can later reward, so it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Multiple studies have shown that friends and family recommendations are trusted more than any other form of advertising.

Get a testimonial from your most dedicated and enthusiastic customers that love to talk about their experience with your product, and post it on your website.

This way, first-time visitors are bound to be captivated.

These personal statements naturally highlight the benefits of your product in a way that seems genuine and not salesman-like.

You can reward your brand advocates with some freebies like discounts on the next purchase or a coupon for every referral they send your way.

7. Partner-up with similar brands

Find some companies that you can share an audience with without either of you overstepping the obvious business boundaries.

You can only enhance each other’s exposure through your material in an organic way, and there can be no sales interference.

You can

  • Share each other’s social media posts
  • Guest post on each other’s blogs
  • Co-host contests and giveaways
  • Offer special discount coupons for each other’s customers

Step 2: Capture Your Audience’s Attention With Great Content (Alternatively Paid Social Media Ads)

With today’s average customer’s access to information and competitor’s offers, sales have been made difficult to occur during new customer’s first visits.

According to verified statistics, a new customer engages with 3-5 pieces of content before talking to a sales representative, and 87% of shoppers begin their search on digital channels.

This is why it’s crucial to have the perfect content prepared for each stage of the sales process.

A lot of people are well-informed, and they check out multiple content offers from different companies within the same field before making a decision.

Knowing what content to apply throughout the discovery, consideration, and purchase phase will be the key factor in running a successful marketing strategy.

An inbound marketing funnel consists of similar three stages

Attract – This is where you hook your customer with the initial small opt-in and show your prospect that your brand has the solution they need

Engage – This is where you through some email nurturing, retargeting, and other valuable actions use the opt-in and build strong relationships

Delight – The goal is to make a long-lasting positive impression and a promising product offer that will evoke your customers to recommend your product to their friends and come back to more purchases themselves

Content for The Attraction Phase

1. Ads

You want to focus on Social media ads (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) and Search ads (Google, Bing, etc.)

The best way to identify which strategy suits your business the best is to familiarize yourself with your audience as much as possible.

One concept that is highly-useful once grasped is the push v.s pull advertising approach.

An example of a pull ad would be a showcase of ad copies on a Google search bar results page, where a prominent example of the item you’ve searched shows up, and it’s a surefire way to bring attention on a wide scale.

However, on social media platforms, the oversaturation of content and a generally disposable, in-and-out approach to content makes it difficult for any business to hook the viewers to commit to anything.

This is why you must push your way into gaining their attention by using unique ad designs.

2. Landing Pages

Landing Pages are excellent when used with focused messaging.

It serves as a perfect tool that combines trust-building and a financial saving element to create an all-around pleasant experience.

3. Video

Here is a marketing tool that is 100% always effective and, especially for prospects uninformed about your brand.

It’s an enticing, persuasive, and appealing technique to deliver a great deal of information in a short time.

With the more riveting and introduction type of content, you are guaranteed to produce higher SEO and raise conversion rates.

Proven research has shown that 84% of customers were convinced to buy a product because of a product video.

A landing page containing a video has, on average, witnessed an increase in conversion of about over 80%.

4. Infographics

A great way to generate backlinks, social shares, and capture the attention of the right audience is to include Infographics into your marketing campaign.

Verified research has shown that over 60% of successful B2B marketers use Infographics in their strategy.

They provide you the opportunity to present highly-influential data that otherwise may be boring and dry in an easy-to-consume manner.

5. Checklists

You can use Checklists to provide solutions for specific problems your prospects are facing.

Instead of focusing on selling as many products within a specific field, provide a proven, thorough solution for just one occasion that may arise within your field.

This way, you can become a go-to business for teaching people public speaking techniques, improving your 3-point shooter skills, etc.

You simply add a Checklist that will address all the problems and provide a step-by-step guide for solving them.

Content for The Engagement Phase

1. Blog Posts

By establishing brand expertise and building a platform to share insights gathered from the personal and the experience of others, you can strengthen the trust in your brand and the people behind the scenes.

Proven research has shown that the marketers who prioritize blogging witness more positive ROI up to 13X more, while content marketing gets 3X more leads than paid search advertising.

2. Social Media

Some verified statistics have shown that 65% of salespeople use social selling to fill their pipeline, and 97% of marketers use social media to reach their audience.

A prospect can scan through thousands of announcements, captivating pictures, and satisfied customers’ testimonials.

3. White Papers and eBooks

For the prospects that have advanced further down your funnel and want to use longer-form content, there are White Papers and eBooks.

Research has shown that up to 75% of B2B buyers have expressed interest in sharing contact information for White Papers, while over 70% of B2B buyers turn to White Papers when considering purchasing decisions.

4. Case Studies

Case Studies prove your expertise in a certain field and enable the B2B brands to accelerate the purchasing decision.

5. Webinars

More than 90% of webinar users have expressed the desire to participate in live Q&A sessions after the webinar, which demonstrates how powerful real-time interaction and interactive style of teaching leads to admirable results and audience satisfaction.

Besides the mentioned tools, Rating & Reviews, as well as Emails have shown to have an instrumental role in developing sales funnels for any brand imaginable.

Content for The Delight Phase

Surveys are an exceptional tool that you can use to understand your audience’s core needs and show genuine interest in improving your service with their feedback.

1. Surveys

Surveys will help you secure a great site experience, checkout process, and post-sale relationship.

2. Exclusive Offers and Loyalty Program

Research has shown that 79% of customers expect a loyalty reward before making a purchase, and 59% of customers show more loyalty with small gifts being used as rewards.

3. Emails and Social Media

While Emails allow you to re-engage and entertain with birthday/anniversary offers, up and cross-sell notifications, surveys, thank you messages, and guides, Social Media enables anyone to connect to you and your product.

Step 3: Build a High-Converting Landing Page

Some landing page builders are designed specifically to pinpoint certain customer needs, while others are more general page builders that can be used to create landing pages as well.

This tool will help you build high-converting landing pages without any coding knowledge, hiring a developer, or using specialist design software.

HubSpot, for example, is a tool that will help you build high-converting landing pages effortlessly.

A good landing page builder needs to be quick and practical so that anyone can use it to build professional-looking sites, no matter the level of expertise.

The page builder needs to operate smoothly, with a wide selection of high-quality templates, and it needs to offer design freedom that allows for limitless customization options.

GetResponse is a very flexible page builder software that offers unlimited landing pages at a low starting price.

Integration with Email marketing software, Website builders, and other tools while maintaining simplicity is also admirable to have in the software.

Unbounce is one of the most advanced drag-and-drop builders, that with the support of A/B testing, AdWords integration, and Visitor stats along with the beautiful designs makes for the best all-around page builder.

Let’s get more into technical details of creating a high-converting landing page.

1. An Eye-Catching Headline

It’s the first impression that counts the most, and it’s the same with a landing page.

  • First off, you need to grab the attention of the reader
  • Limit the headline to preferably 10. Words
  • If going for a longer headline, never go with more than 20. Words
  • The headline should tell the reader exactly what your product is about

Also, a headline that complements an image that explains your product/service will allow you to go into less detail and make the headline less wordy.

This headline from Lyft doesn’t attempt to be clever and confuse the audience needlessly but, instead, it dives exactly into the product’s intent.

Lyft's headline dives exactly into the product’s intent.

Edupath, on the other side, due to the nature of the service that requires a bit more explanation, has a headline that’s not that straightforward, but it’s attention-grabbing.

They offer a more detailed explanation in the subheadline.

Because the explanation is too wordy for first-time visitors to grasp in a casual read, the main statement is kept brief and encouraging.

2. Persuasive Subheading

Few things to keep in mind
  • The subheading should be placed right under the main headline.
  • It’s effective when it expands on the headline’s insinuation or delves deeper into the service claimed by the headline
  • It should have a persuasive tone

ShortStack, for example, uses a concise headline and addresses its obvious audience that is looking to create Facebook Apps and Promotions.

ShortStack uses a concise headline and addresses its obvious audience that is looking to create Facebook Apps and Promotions

In the subheading, it calls its audience to action in a persuasive tone and immediately follows it with the beneficial tools enlisted to help them achieve that goal.

This way, they strike the perfect balance of persuasiveness and showing credibility for solving audience problems.

3. Pictures

  • Pictures must be large and of high quality
  • If you are selling a physical product, you must post a picture of the product on your landing page
  • If you are selling a service, the image should evoke attention, relevance, and a general feel to the visitor

The customer should get a sense of what using your platform is like, and you should use the opportunity to leave a user-friendly first impression.

An effective marketing method you can use is to deliver a marketing message with an image.

You need something direct, unapologetic in its statement, and leading to the call-to-action button.

TakeCareOf is a great example of using a visual to challenge the audience to think and persuading them to take action.

TakeCareOf is a great example of using a visual to challenge the audience to think and persuading them to take action.

4. Product Explanation

A straightforward explanation of your product/service is crucial to keep your customer’s interest.

With some simple-to-use products or services, you can get away with explanations being just the headlines and subheadings, but it’s highly-advisable and beneficial.

An explanation should be benefit-oriented, meaning they should accurately represent the improvement a customer will achieve by using your product.

5. Relieve The Pain and Provide Pleasure

Humans are psychologically wired to avoid pain and seek relief from the pain.

You can use this to your advantage by marketing your product as a relief for some sort of pain.

You can implement customer testimonials with pain references and how your service helped them relieve that pain, which will convey this improving-through-the-product experience in a trustworthy way.

You also need to show your customers that pleasure is a by-product of your service.

Your product needs to fulfill an emotional need along with the functional role, and you need to show this.

For example, if you’re selling some sort of medication for stomach ache, you’re not just selling a pill.

You’re selling relief, security, freedom, and joy.

When you start thinking through the lens of meeting your customers’ emotional needs, you will connect with a much larger number of people.

6. Make Sure You Use All Methods of Contact

Some of the most persuasive landing pages use multiple methods of contact, including a phone number, email address, contact form, and physical address.

Some pages even incorporate a popup with a sales representative offering help and assistance.

7. Guarantees

Using Guarantees, no matter in what shape or form is a great way to keep your customers reassured in the reliability of your service and quality of your product.

Some usual explicit product guarantees include satisfaction, money-back, or the 100% no spam guarantee.

To push the customer through the final bit of assurance seeking, you can place your guarantee statement closer to CTA.

8. Call To Action

This is the most important element when turning a prospect into a customer, and you need to make it as big as possible.

You want to make your copy explosive, exciting, and persuasive, so don’t use neutral words that are emotionless.

So, a word like Submit wouldn’t be the best option as it’s too formulaic.

You also want to make sure that your CTA is inside a button and that it contrasts with the color scheme.

Step 4: Create an Email Drip Campaign

An Email Drip Campaign is a series of messages that are sent (or “dripped”) in a predefined order to specific people at a predefined time.

Email Drip Campaigns accomplish stable customer relationships, quality sales, and prolong customer retention.

All emails within a drip campaign are strategically planned to encourage a sequence of actions.

Each email can stand on its own and be easily-understood while progressing the course of action towards the following step in the scheme.

1. What Do You Want to Achieve?

An email campaign, no matter how well-thought-out, is pointless if there is no clear objective set that needs to be accomplished with the campaign.

Do you want to warm-up your prospects for the real sale offer further down the line, or do you want to pitch your product straight away?

Maybe you want them to join your workshop, or something else completely.

All that matters is that you have an end-goal to aim for and that you can track progress as you continue with the campaign.

Due to email testing being superficial and challenging by nature, you can make sure to tag links in your emails with UTM parameters at a minimum.

This way, you’ll assure that your in-email behavior data passes through Google Analytics.

2. Content Wins Them Over

You need to ask yourself what you want the reader to do under the influence of the email.

If you want them to read an article, you need to show why the article will help them.

If you want them to try your app, you want to show them how easy the log-in process is and what they can achieve with the app.

And, if you want them to buy your product, you need to show them why your product is a perfect solution for their issue.

You want to segment your content and prepare different content for returning v.s for first-time customers.

3. Get to Know Your Customers

It’s easy to categorize everyone under a one-dimensional customer persona, but it’s not the strategy that’s going to produce anything of value long-term.

You want to follow the customer back to the lead and find out what exactly hooked them to your product.

This way, you will understand the emotional connection, needs, and frustrations of the customer, so you will get to see what they see in your product.

You can implement interviews, surveys, review/forum mining to dive deep into the expectations customers have from your service.

You can conduct interviews and ask your prospects insightful questions that you can use to improve your product.

Here are some of the questions

  • What was going on in your life at the time that led you to buy the product?
  • What stood out about the product compared to the competition?
  • Did anything make you doubt your purchasing decision, what was it, and why?
  • Did anything surprise you about the product, and was it the way you expected it?
  • What benefits did you come across while using the product?

You can use exit polls (shorter surveys) and email surveys (longer surveys) if you want to get a ton of information on the product experience, suggestions, feedback, or something else in a short time.

If you have a smaller budget, less available time, or you are selling a product sensitive to talk about (ex. Something regarding a medical condition), think about forum and review mining.

4. Use What You’ve Gathered and Turn it Into a Strategy

Transcribe interviews and survey results into a spreadsheet.

You want to write anything down that evokes strong emotions from the customers or anything a lot of customers share as a concern/opinion.

So, your spreadsheet might consist of categories like memorable phrases, peoples’ desires, angry statements, and complaints, and repeating patterns.

5. Determine the Email Type

Before you can sell, you need to create a compelling copy, and before you can do that, you need to know how to differentiate between the emails.

Onboarding Emails

They are designed to bust through the door with style, show you how the product works, show you proven examples of how the product changed things for other customers, and show you how to sign up.

Sales Emails

They are exactly like what they sound.

But, these emails are carefully-calculated for each customer according to the phase they’re in.

Their goal is to pitch a sale, but it’s done through a benefit-oriented filter, where the company enlists any future offers, upgrades, and guidelines they’re willing to share so that the customer can achieve the best results with the product.

Transactional Emails

Proven to be the emails with the highest open rates, Transactional Emails are excellent for engaging, cross-promoting, upselling, and encouraging sharing, reviews, and referrals.

They’re kind of a gift basket, with a traditional one containing a thank-you message, performance metrics with the product, and resources, guidelines, tips, and tricks to achieve more success with the product.

6. Write a Compelling Copy to Sell

First off, you need to be descriptive in your subject line to get the reader to stay.

Great subject lines combine empathy, relevance, and appropriate humor, but this requires data gathering that you might not get unless you ask for it.

You can do this by asking your subscribers to self-segment in the first email.

As for the text body, numerous studies have shown that you have 4 seconds, on average, to convince your reader to commit to reading the whole email.

You can share a relatable story in a humorous tone to get your point across, although it doesn’t directly describe the technical details of your service.

It’s what an eCommerce company did by using a non-corporate language to present a solution for a problem within their field.

Example of sharing relatable story in a humorous
Image source: lumedeodorant.com

Of course, you can take a more straightforward approach as well and describe everything plain and simple.

Finally, for the CTA, it shouldn’t be an afterthought.

Instead, you need to remind the reader that you understand their needs and struggles and that by clicking the button they will come closer to the solution.

This is how you sell a product using email marketing.

Step 5: Best-in-Class. Run a Webinar to Convert Email Subscribers into Sales

Multiple research conducted showed that webinars are one of the best strategies to generate leads, with an average adoption rate being 44%.

To see a high conversion rate from your webinar, the marketing and sales team need to align their efforts and resources fully.

Demio is one webinar software that will do this for you, beyond compare.

The marketing team takes charge of the event planning and lead generation duties, so they need to come up with an immersive strategy that will attract the best audience to sign up and attend the event.

The sales team joins in the process after the webinar, upon receiving a list of leads that they need to engage with further and progress through the sales funnel.

1. Promote Your Webinar

It’s hard for your webinar to reach the right audience without good promotion.

You can post on social media, write a blog article, use paid social ads, or an influencer.

You can also create short promotional videos, assign notifications to your email list, or even use webinar listing sites to promote your upcoming events.

The final reassuring step of a webinar promotion strategy is to build the best webinar registration landing page.

This landing page should be the final reminder of why your webinar is the perfect place to address all of your attendees’ challenges, needs, and goals.

You can generate excitement with a compelling title and a short video explanation of your webinar.

You can also post a countdown timer or announce a limited registration number to evoke urgency and a sense of exclusivity.

2. Allow Sales and Marketing Teams to Join Forces

Although a sales team isn’t technically required to join before the webinar, it would be the most beneficial to everyone if the sales team participated as soon as possible.

In the webinar preparations, you can do brainstorming sessions and construct a perfect follow-up strategy in advance.

If this isn’t possible, you can make sure that the sales team is aware of the topics you will cover, and when the webinar will be held.

If you can get your sales team to participate in the event, you can accomplish a thorough and riveting presentation through interaction with the attendees.

The sales team can answer audience questions along with you, and they can even help you run the session.

3. Do a Pre-Check on the Leads

This is the opportunity for you to find out if the leads your marketing team has generated match your ideal customer persona, or it can be a learning curve for you to reconsider and tweak your ideal customer profile.

Also, you can accurately segment your leads based on their webinar engagement so that the sales team gets an optimal framework, after which they can tailor their follow-up strategy accordingly.

For starters, you can divide your leads into those who attended and those who signed up but didn’t attend the webinar.

While both of these groups would appreciate an email with a webinar recording, which you can send out because you never know who you can win over on a second try, it would be a mistake to send emails thanking them for attendance to both groups.

Besides segmentation, many tools will improve your personalization efforts.

Interactive features like polls or chats provide the activity log and other valuable data about your attendees.

4. Be Fast on the Follow-Up

The best post-webinar strategy is to send the webinar recording and presentation immediately after the event.

If your webinar takes place in the evening, it’s best practice to wait until the next day to send your follow-up in case your email doesn’t get lost in the pile of emails by the morning.

You can speed up your follow-up phase with some of the outreach automation tools.

You can set up an automated follow-up sequence by pulling your contact list through Zapier integration.

5. Get More Personal With Your Prospects

An attentive and caring approach will go a long way in establishing two-way connections that will organically lead to higher conversion rates.

You can create customized, targeted emails if you don’t want to use a default webinar follow-up with a recording and survey.

You can use the information you’ve gathered in the pre-qualification stage to tailor personalized emails.

You can dig up the leads’ webinar poll answers, or you can ask them questions about what they did or didn’t like about the presentation.

If you want an ideal webinar platform to coach, connect, sell, or present, look no further than WebinarJam.

You can expose your leads who didn’t show up for the webinar to the nurturing campaign first, while the active, participating listeners can go straight to the sales team.

You shouldn’t force the less warm leads into the sales process before they’re ready, as well as you shouldn’t miss out on acting on the warm lead’s interest.

6. Engage Your Leads With Your Cross-Platform Offers

Email, while non-intrusive, can be too dependent on the prospect’s response, and that’s why it’s a great strategy to engage your leads with social media, voice calls, etc.

A minimum of three different touchpoints for your email outreach campaign not to be limited is necessary.

An effective email follow-up strategy can consist of

  • A personalized thank-you email
  • Social touch #1 where you can check out the Linkedin profile
  • Email follow-up #1 where you can ask if they have any questions about the previous steps and ask them if they’re up for a quick chat to answer any questions.
  • A phone call
  • Social touch #2 where you can connect on Linkedin
  • Email follow-up #2 where you can respectfully propose an offer suited for their needs, based on the information you’ve gathered about them

For a lot of businesses, and the B2B lead generation especially, webinars have become a vital component of a successful conversion strategy.

If you incorporate some of these follow-up tactics with deep engagement from all teams through all stages of development, you can only experience growth and make money online.

Step 6: Measure Your Sales Funnel Metrics (and Optimize for ROI)

There are a handful of different sales funnel KPIs and metrics that are of great value to all businesses.

1. Churn

Churn can provide an accurate prognosis of the longevity of your product and the possible drop-off points you may encounter.

Usually, Churn comes in the retention stage of your sales funnel.

But, if you’re offering free trials, churn should be your top priority.

If you offer a free premium plan, you should take notice of drop-off points in which customers stop using your products or decline subscription offers repeatedly.

2. Leads

When tracking leads, you should trace

  • How many leads do you have?
  • How many leads have the appropriate budget, permission level, and how many require your solution?
  • What are the sources of your leads?
  • What are your leads’ velocity rates? (Number of new qualified leads each month)
  • How many of your leads are marketing-qualified? (From activities like ad campaigns)
  • How many leads are you getting from cold calls, social selling, and other sales activities?

3. Lead Acquisition and Customer Acquisition Cost

Spending too much money on LAC (lead acquisition cost) and CAC (customer acquisition cost) could stifle your profit completely.

Divide your total acquisition cost by the number of leads, and you’ll get your LAC.

And divide your total acquisition cost by the number of customers to get your CAC.

Usually, SaaS products have a longer shelf life than other products, and that’s why you have to factor in your customer’s lifetime value when calculating these metrics.

4. Conversion Rates

The conversion rate is calculated with a simple formula, and it measures the percentage of leads converted into customers.

The formula

(Won Deals / Leads) x 100

It shows you how effective your sales funnel is and how good you are at precisely qualifying leads.

The conversion rates for the specific funnel stages can point you to areas for optimization.

For example, you can find out

  • How many leads turn into marketing or sales-qualified leads?
  • How many SQLs turn into prospects who are given opportunities?
  • How many of your leads end up as your customers?

5. Sales Velocity

Sales velocity defines the speed at which your leads are turning into customers and shows you how fast you are making money.

The formula for calculating sales velocity

(The number of leads x Average deal size x Conversion rate) / Average conversion time

Sometimes, your prospects require more time and education to close the sales cycle.

The sales process can be optimized with retargeting, cross-department collaboration, and good marketing.

6. Customer lifetime value

This statistic calculates how much money customers can bring you in the long run by summing up their activity, potential, and ambitions.

If you’re going to up-sell or cross-sell them, this is especially important.

To calculate the customer’s LTV, you need to know the average revenue per account (ARPA).

ARPA = Total Revenue / Number of Accounts

LTV = (ARPA x Gross Margin) / Churn Rate

7. Monthly Recurring Revenue

MRR gives you insights into your monthly revenue.

8. Annual Recurring Revenue

You calculate your ARR by multiplying your MRR by twelve.

9. Lead Velocity Rate

You will need to know how many leads will you be getting each month and how many of those will you be able to convert.

You are going to need this for your MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue).

The LVR formula

LVR = (Qualified Leads Current Month – Qualified Leads Previous Month) / ( Qualified Leads Previous Month) x 100

All the metrics will be at a desirable level once the morale of your sales representatives is at a high level.

You can encourage this and motivate your sales representatives by giving attention to KPIs that track their productivity.

You can track the number of all the sales activities they’ve performed for the day.

This way, you can set parameters for rewards and reward your salespeople for their day-to-day engagement.

The first step to optimizing ROI is using an identity graph to get a complete picture of your customer.

You can build complete, privacy-compliant profiles of each customer using segmentation and data accumulation.

This profile will provide you insights into the time and places of customers’ purchases, economical potential, typical customer behavior, and activity, and all the contact information like mobile ID, email, and physical address.

You can learn about when and where your customers are engaging with you.

You can add to your customers’ profiles with data obtained from pixel-driven site analytics, geolocation, loyalty apps, point-of-sale data, and more.

The identity graph gathers data from point-of-sale interactions, geofencing, website tags to track the customers’ sales progress across multiple channels.

You can collect data on multiple tags to determine which messages are performing better from creative messaging, which can be filtered by channel and audience.

You can track the entire purchasing path and analyze the data through a holistic view, which you can use to measure your ROI.

Custom marketing intelligence reports from analytics experts and help tools will deliver data such as conversions by partner and media type and channel conversions.

Custom marketing intelligence reports
image source: smithchavezlaw.com

With these easy-to-interpret custom analytics reports, you’ll be able to achieve multi-touch attribution and precise measurements of each customer’s buying process.

You can use the marketing intelligence links for tracking online and offline behavior, so you can determine to which extent did your email campaign lead to site conversions.

But, sometimes, these links don’t provide an accurate representation of the engagement.

Because the identity graphs link the IP addresses to household addresses of the email recipients, the percentage of customers that engage in research or purchase of the product can be up to three times higher than the response linked to the mailer.

A truly useful identity graph will go beyond giving you basic information and social media preferences of the customers and provide you complete customer records.

These analytics enable you to break down the buying process for each customer and grasp their sales journey through multiple touchpoint perspectives.

Taking the time to maximize ROI will consolidate your multichannel campaign and bring success in your email funnel journey.

Sales Funnel Examples and Templates You Can Copy

1. Groupon.

Groupon Sales Funnel Examples and Templates You Can Copy

Groupon combines affiliate marketing, retargeting, paid search ads, email marketing to generate traffic.

On their site, you can immediately see the coupons they offer, as well as a subscription offer to get a discount on the coupons.

Users can browse deals by all possible filters, while checkout and payment options are flexible and streamlined seamlessly.

2. Harvest.

Harvest Sales Funnel Examples and Templates You Can Copy

The design is captivating, and it seems to be the focal point at first glance.

This is great because it catches everyone’s attention so the CTA can play its role.

They offer a 30-day free trial, a few product explanations, and a couple of testimonials.

Harvest offer a 30 day free trial

After clicking on the free trial, the free sign-up form appears.

30 days free trial of Harvest

And, they close it off with some real case studies of Harvest in action.

3. Mixergy.

Mixergy Sales Funnel Examples and Templates You Can Copy

Mixergy generates traffic through social media, referrals, Google, email lists, etc.

They promote some of the most recent interviews and masterclasses, so the visitors can see that it’s the best platform to learn from the world’s most successful entrepreneurs.

There is one monthly and one annual pricing option and a pop-up payment form for the visitors to sign up.

pop up payment form for the visitors to sign up.

They’re getting the applicant’s contact information and giving access to all their content in exchange.

Sales Funnel Software FAQ

Do Sales Funnels Really Work?

Upselling gets better results than cross-selling in eCommerce.

You can add upselling and cross-selling to your campaign to gain better results.

You can use upselling to offer a higher-end product than the one in question while cross-selling is used to provide complementary products to the ones being considered.

One of the best ways to incorporate upselling is with email automation and targeting follow-up.

Once you’ve laid out the groundwork for the marketing funnel, you can hone it by reaching out to new customers, along with targeting new leads.

And, from there onwards, you increase the intensity along with the nurturing.

You can establish a new campaign for your past customers, for example, where you can show the value of your higher-end products.

Once you’ve gotten over the hardest part of convincing them into the first purchase, it’ll be easier for you to present your top tier products.

Numerous studies have shown the far-reaching benefits of marketing automation.

These are just a few proven ways in which a sales funnel software works, and with each one of the software applying their unique spin on the responsive, high-converting, cost-effective, sales, and marketing powerhouse model, there is one to suit everyone’s needs in this article alone.

What is a Sales Funnel Builder?

A sales funnel builder is an online email marketing funnel software that will provide the platform for your team to send out automated emails, articles, videos, and landing pages.

It is a proven step-by-step process that will push your customers further to a buying decision.

A sales funnel builder will juggle between customizing a follow-up plan for each of your prospects, tailored according to their needs, desires, frustrations, and economic potential.

There is no set-back or a change of course that a sales funnel builder software won’t address and develop an efficient solution for.

Why do I Need a Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel will create a system to acquire profitable customers.

It will continuously generate new qualified leads for your business to attract.

It will build strong relationships and positive, long-lasting impressions on your customers.

It will turn more prospects into paying customers than any other method you try, and it will enable you to try multiple products to recurring customers.

You can focus on your product/service quality and lead generation while the system takes care of the rest of the process.

Once you’ve established your ideal pace, your profits will be stable and predictable until you decide to shift things up again.

You will gain insights into the daily, weekly, and monthly performance of your business through the dashboard analytics.

You will have great communication with your team, and you’ll make the optimal decision based on the gathered criteria.

When to Use Sales Funnel Software?

If you aren’t adept at coding and you want to create a sales funnel using a website you’ve created, it’s going to be super-difficult and time-consuming.

And if you’re unable to enter the codes yourself, you’re going to have to hire a developer, who can be quite costly.

With the development, the sales funnel software industry has experienced, there are a lot of tools that will help you build sites at a professional-looking level as a developer would.

And, you can build multiple landing pages with software for the time it would take a developer to build just one.

Regular websites have limitations on how many visitors they can handle.

The website breaks once that limited number is surpassed, and that’s why many sites that go viral can’t handle the overload of visitors.

Due to large amounts of traffic being driven to your landing page, sales funnel software companies will streamline that traffic with their massive servers without compromising the load speed or quality experience.

How do I Map Out My Sales Funnel?

There’s the top, middle, and bottom of your sales funnel.

The top of the funnel is where your prospects first come in contact with your product through social media, blog, video, or infographics.

The middle comes when the prospects have given you their contact info upon expressing their interest in the product.

This stage is filled with eBooks, email marketing, blog posts, and other content designed to educate them deeper about your product.

The bottom is the period in which the user has the last contact with you before they buy, and it’s usually personal and managed by the sales team through phone conversations and emails.

In the post-sale period, there are a lot of opportunities to create future sales, testimonials, referrals, or even create brand advocates.

There are a few main questions to address for every stage of the funnel to map it out effectively

-What are the business goals for this stage of the funnel?
-Who is the target audience?
-What are the user’s goals for this stage?
-What is the emotional state of the user at this stage?
-What content is suitable for the goals, audience, and mindset of this stage?

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Sales Funnel?

The best advice you can get is ultimately the most profitable and the most simple one, and that’s to build your sales funnel using sales funnel software.

Once you’ve set a product in mind, you need to pick one software that’s suitable for your team.

Software like ClickFunnels and Kartra will give you results that hardly any developer or tool can replicate, and you can start the first 14 days for free or for just $1.

With the best service on the market, you can afford the starting plan for just $97 per month.

Quick Sales Funnel Software Comparison and Review

With sales funnel software, you can collect real-time relevant data on your website visitors and use that data to construct an automated email sequence designed to

  1. Educate the prospects about your product
  2. Consider the offer you’re making, and
  3. Persuade them to act on the interest they’ve shown for your product

You can try Convertri, for example, which is equipped with accelerated page technology and a video player that loads 10X faster than a YouTube embed if your top priority is to provide your audience with blazing-fast loading speeds.

Kajabi’s intuitive visual editor, on the other hand, allows you to customize and preview each message so you can send out with nothing but certainty.

Its proven blueprints allow you to customize and launch pre-built frameworks for lead generation, product launches, or webinar funnels.

And, WebinarJam is one tool that equips you with always-consistent high-definition broadcasting, every possible live interaction feature, and everything else tailored to your attendees.

The same WebinarJam enables you to create the best-looking landing pages with its page builder.

The point is, you can choose any service from this list, and it will execute multiple sales and marketing roles perfectly.

Find a solution for your webinar hosting, email automation, funnel marketing strategy, leads conversion, and much more.

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