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12 Simple Project Management Software (No Training Required)

Discover the simplest project management software tools that are easy to use, but still powerful enough for high-performance team management.

Simple Project Management Software (No Training Required)

Project management is all about efficiently managing your projects but it can become a nightmare and a difficult business with its micro-management processes. 

As a project manager or business owner, the project management process involves creating effective project plans, proper estimation of project costs, and management and utilization of available resources for the project. If you are not careful, you can easily overwhelm yourself and end up making tons of mistakes, wasting valuable time, and making your team appear miserable. 

Although modern project management software tools help solve most of your project management needs, they can also add to your burden. The big burden is that many project management tools have a steep learning curve. 

To use many of these tools with their amazing project management features, you need to spend time learning how to use them. This learning curve can take months or less depending on the existing technical expertise of your team. In some cases, your team may get frustrated and stop using the project management tool. 

Are there simple project management software that do not require training? 

By the end of this article, you will learn about 12 of such easy project management tools, their key features, how to find them, and why you should choose them over other more complex project management software tools.


Best Overall Project Management Software

Try ClickUp


Best for Collaboration

Try Monday.com


Best for Customization Options

Try Wrike


Best for Workflow Tracking Options

Try Smartsheet


Best for Remote Teams

Try Basecamp


Best for Comprehensive Features

Try Trello


Best for Extended Synchronization

Try Todoist


Best for Task Visualization

Try TeamGantt


Best for Reliable Email-In Feature

Try Hitask


Best for Advanced Analysis Tool

Try Yodiz


Best for Auto Scheduling Option

Try SmartTask


Best for Customization

Try Notion

Simple Project Management Software

1. ClickUp

Best Overall Simple Project Management Software that Offers Simplified Project Management Workflows and Spaces

ClickUp is the Best Overall Simple Project Management Software that Offers Simplified Project Management

ClickUp is a comprehensive project management and task management software trusted by Google, Webflow, and IBM, among 200,000 other companies worldwide.

Main Features

  • Multiple Visualization Options: ClickUp does not just offer you multiple options like list, box, Gantt, board, and calendar to visualize your tasks, you also have access to over 10 customizable view templates to create your own workflow visualization.  
  • Comprehensive Collaboration Options: Your collaborations with ClickUp are entirely covered. Alongside an array of comment addition and assignment options, you chat with other team members in real-time, seamlessly share documents, and are assisted with notifications on the activities of other collaborators. 


  • Widgets to centralize all elements on one workspace
  • High-quality time tracking insights
  • Comprehensive list of external integrations
  • Chrome extension merges
  • Plugins with offline modes
  • Availability of two-factor authentication 
  • Real-time chats
  • Free training 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 24/7 live chat support 


ClickUp Pricing Plan

ClickUp presents its services through five plans: a free forever plan, an unlimited plan, a business plan, a business plus plan, and an enterprise plan determined by a quote. 

  • The free forever plan is free and suitable for personal use.
  • The unlimited plan is ideal for small teams.
  • The business plan is great for mid-sized teams.
  • The business plus plan is best for multiple teams.
  • The enterprise plan is suitable for large teams.

Try out ClickUp’s 14-day free trial to test whether the simple project planning tool is ideal for you or not.

2. Monday.com

Cheap Project Management Software that Places Major Focus On Collaborations

Monday.com is the Cheap Project Management Software that Places Major Focus On Collaborations

Founded in 2014, Monday.com is a cloud-based work management platform trusted by top companies like Uber, Hulu, Adobe, and Unilever, among 100,000 others.

Main Features

  • Collaborations: Monday.com places a major focus on facilitating team collaborations. With the tool, you have centralized access to all progress updates and statuses, including approvals, analysis, and every individual’s activities on a single platform.    
  • Integrations: With Monday.com, you enjoy quality integrations with a long list of external platforms. From Google Calendar to manage your schedules and deadlines, to Microsoft Teams for your communications to Slack for your information sharing, Monday.com has you fully covered. 


  • Customizable templates for easy workflow creation
  • 14-day free trial
  • Unlimited boards and documents on the free plan
  • Mobile applications for iOS and Android users
  • Easy and intuitive data visualizations


Monday.com Pricing Plan

Monday.com is available to you through a free Individual plan, a basic plan, a standard plan, a pro plan, and an enterprise plan determined by a quote.

  • The individual plan is free and ideal for individuals looking for simple project management solutions
  • The basic plan is best for small businesses that need access to team management features.
  • The standard plan is suitable for businesses that need access to collaboration tools to optimize their project processes. 
  • The pro plan is great for businesses that want to streamline and run their teams’ complex workflows.
  • The enterprise plan is best for organizations that need access to enterprise-grade features.

Try out Monday.com’s 14-day free trial to get started.

3. Wrike

Simple Project Management App with Extended Customization Options

Wrike is the Best Simple Project Management App with Extended Customization Options

With operations based in San Jose, California, and founded way back in 2003, Wrike is another easy-to-use project management platform trusted by over 20,000 companies worldwide, including Google, Lyft, and Dell. 

Main Features

  • Customizations: Coupled with customizable workflows, Wrike offers you a chance to also personalize your workspace. You can seamlessly create, prioritize, and manage your tasks by simply moving them around your dashboard and dropping them into either the “New”, “In Progress”, or “Completed” sections.
  • Gantt Charts: Wrike also equips you with highly interactive “drag and drop”-enabled Gantt charts with which you comprehensively visualize all elements and areas of your project. This tool also helps you to create dependencies in real-time.


  • Comprehensive collaborative proofing and approval tool
  • Easy communications and automation 
  • Easy-to-use report wizard
  • OKR templates
  • Unlimited users on the free plan
  • External integrations with Google, Jira, Microsoft, and Github, among others.
  • AI-powered personalized applications
  • Free trial
  • Availability of email, chat, and phone support.


Wrike Pricing Plan

You have access to Wrike through a free plan, a professional plan, a business plan, an enterprise plan, and a pinnacle plan. The prices for the enterprise and pinnacle plans are determined by a quote.  

  • The free plan is suitable for individuals or teams just getting started with this software.
  • The professional plan is best for fast-growing teams.
  • The business plan is great for multiple teams across an organization.
  • The enterprise plan is suitable for large teams.
  • The pinnacle plan is ideal for teams with complex workflow needs.

Try out Wrike’s 14-day free trial to get started with this simple project management tool.

4. Smartsheet

Cheap Project Management Software with Comprehensive And Intuitive Workflow Tracking Options

Smartsheet is the Cheap Project Management Software with Comprehensive Tracking Options

Smartsheet is a cloud-based platform that allows you to take care of both simple task management and complex portfolio management workflows through its collection of intuitive features.

Main Features

  • Complete Workflow Tracking: Smartsheet equips you with quality tracking capabilities to properly manage and optimize your workflow. Alongside task tracking to monitor the performance of team members, you have access to budget tracking capabilities for effective cost and expense supervision. 
  • Resource Management: This resource management software equips you with the much-needed, comprehensive resource management capabilities to appropriately allocate your resources to attain the most efficient results.


  • Unlimited sheets, reports, and dashboards on the lowest plan
  • Real-time collaborations
  • Mobile applications
  • Templates
  • 30-day free trial


Smartsheet Pricing Plan

Smartsheet is available to you through three subscription plans: a pro plan, a business plan, and an enterprise plan. You have the option of wholly purchasing these solutions.

  • The pro plan is best for teams who need access to simple real-time collaboration features 
  • The business plan is ideal for teams in need of an improved project, program, and process management, with unlimited automated workflows.
  • The enterprise plan is suitable for enterprises that want to manage their work across teams Manage work across your enterprise with enhanced IT governance and administration.

Try out Smartsheet’s 30-day free trial to get started.

5. Basecamp

Easy Project Management Software with Extended Integrations and Highly Reliable Communication Channels

Basecamp is an Easy Project Management Software with Extended Integrations

Basecamp is a real-time communication tool for remote teams that offers high-quality project and resource management features to seamlessly organize and manage your entire project workflows.

Main Features

  • Integrations: Basecamp offers you quality and comprehensive integrations to make every part of your project management workflow as seamless and effective as you want it to be. Integrations range from Slack for real-time team communications to Asana for to-do lists to Dropbox for cloud file storage and G-Suite for your documents and calendars.


  • Mobile applications for Android and iOS devices
  • 30-day free trial
  • 15% discount on yearly payments
  • Fully dedicated to a remote working environment


Basecamp Pricing Plan

Alongside a free plan, Basecamp is available to you through a single paid plan. With this paid plan, you enjoy access to unlimited projects, users, and clients, as well as advanced client access control and templates.

Try out Basecamp’s 30-day free trial with no credit card required.

6. Trello

Easiest Project Management Software with Comprehensive Features to Organize Your Workspace and Workflow

Trello is the Easiest Project Management Software with Comprehensive Features

Trello is a Kanban-based project management tool trusted by over 1 million companies worldwide, including Google and Squarespace. Initially released in 2011, it supports up to 21 languages, and it is available as a web, macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android OS application.

Main Features

  • Highly Organized Workspace: Through Trello’s card feature, coupled with multiple view options, you visualize, organize, and easily manage your projects without any hassle. You have high visibility into all your assignments, timelines, productivity metrics, and calendars, as well as checklists, due dates, attachments, and conversations, with these split under different Trello cards. 
  • Automations: Trello equips you with its built-in AI tool, Butler, which helps you handle a wide range of automation to keep your workflows as convenient as you need them to be.
  • Integrations: Trello also presents you with hundreds of native and external integrations to extend your project management functionality and streamline your activities across different platforms. 


  • Mobile applications
  • Unlimited users, activity logs, integrations, and cards on the free plan
  • Automation
  • High-quality integrations
  • Templates
  • Custom fields
  • Advanced security


Trello Pricing Plan

Trello is available to you through a free plan, a standard plan, a premium plan, and an enterprise plan determined by a quote. All paid plans are priced per user.

  • The free plan is ideal for individuals and teams with small project management needs.
  • The standard plan is suitable for teams that want access to more work and scale collaboration tools.
  • The premium plan is best for teams that need to track multiple projects across different views.
  • The enterprise plan is great for organizations that want access to advanced customization, security, and controls.

Try out Trello’s 14-day free trial to discover if it is suitable for your project management needs.

7. Todoist

Affordable Online Task Management Software that Offers Extended Synchronization Across Multiple Platforms And Devices

Todoist is an Affordable Online Task Management Software that Offers Extended Synchronization

Todoist is another simple task management tool trusted by 100,000 companies worldwide, including Amazon and Facebook.  

Main Features

  • Real-Time Sync: With Todoist, you have real-time access to your project timelines, activities, and workflows from a multitude of devices and platforms. These range from mobile devices and desktops down to smartwatches. 
  • Comprehensive Layout: Todoist’s dashboards are not just easy-to-use and understand, they also present you with a complete overview of your project workflow. You have access to your entire activity logs, manage invoices and permissions, and manage team members on the same centralized workspace.


  • Very low priced plans
  • 30-day free trial
  • Automatic backups
  • Email-in capabilities
  • Seamless collaboration options
  • Extensive templates


Todoist Pricing Plan

Alongside a free plan, Todoist is available to you through two paid plans: a pro plan and a business plan.

  • The free plan is best for starters and offers 5 active projects and 5 collaborators per project.
  • The pro plan is best for power users and offers themes and automated backups.
  • The business plan is best for teams and offers advanced administration options. 

Try out Todoist’s 30-day free trial to get started.

8. TeamGantt

Dedicated Gantt Chart Maker For Complete Task Visualization

TeamGantt is a Dedicated Gantt Chart Maker For Complete Task Visualization

Trusted by Amazon, Netflix, Nike, and Intuit, TeamGantt is a cloud-based Gantt chart software tool for project management that offers solutions to small, midsize, and large enterprises to effectively manage their projects.

Main Features

  • Gantt Chart: TeamGantt is a tool dedicated to creating intuitive Gantt charts by offering you a host of features accompanying it. Gantt charts are equipped with drag and drop capabilities to easily make edits to your projects and keep all your tasks, documents, activity logs, and collaborations accessible on a centralized hub.
  • Extended Features: Coupled with your intuitive Gantt chart, you have access to an extended and extendable feature set. You have the chance to take advantage of features dedicated to resource management as well as comprehensive time and cost tracking options.


  • 30-day free trial
  • PDF and Excel exports
  • Kanban boards
  • Portfolio management
  • Gantt chart website embedment


TeamGantt Pricing Plan

With final prices determined by the size of your team, TeamGantt is available to you through a free plan, a standard plan, and an advanced plan. You save up to 20% on annual subscriptions.    

  • The free plan supports only one project and it is suitable for personal use.
  • The standard plan offers unlimited projects and business features.
  • The advanced plan offers unlimited projects and advanced features for teams and businesses.

Try TeamGantt’s 30-day free plan to know whether it is suitable for your project management needs or not.

9. Hitask

Simple Project Management Tool with Intuitive And Reliable Email-In Feature

Hitask is a Simple Project Management Tool with Intuitive and Reliable Email-In Feature

Hitask is a project management software tool with intuitive features dedicated to providing you with a very convenient project management workflow. 

Main Features

  • Multilingual: Hitask offers you a multilingual platform to manage your projects, with its language support that includes Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian, and Chinese among many others.
  • Task Organization: You have access to color tagging options to easily distinguish different aspects of your project timeline and workflow. Contextual tags are also available to you to properly organize your tasks. 
  • Email Options: Hitask presents you with notifications, alerts, and reminders through direct emails. It does not stop there, however, as you also conveniently create your tasks through email-in options. 


  • Web and mobile applications
  • Multiple external calendar integrations
  • Centralized and powerful dashboard
  • Unlimited tasks and projects on the free plan 


Hitask Pricing Plan

Hitask is available to you through three plans: a free plan, a team business plan, and an enterprise plan. All paid plans are priced per user. 

  • The free plan is free for up to five users and offers unlimited tasks and projects. 
  • The team business plan is suitable for teams.
  • The enterprise business is best for enterprises in need of advanced features.

Try Hitask’s 14-day free trial to get started.

10. Yodiz

Easy Project Management Software that Offers Easily Accessible and Actionable Advanced Analytics

Yodiz is an Easy Project Management Software that offers Easily Accessible and Actionable Advanced Analytics

Yodiz is a web-based agile project management tool that presents you with comprehensive product backlog management, issue tracking, and team management and collaboration capabilities.

Main Features

  • Analytics: With Yodiz, you gain access to in-depth insights into your project, so you understand your projects better and make more accurate forecasts. Your insight-gathering settings are also customizable to suit your specific needs.
  • Collaborations: For your collaborations, you have easy access to effective and timely communication options through real-time comments, tagging, and notifications. 


  • Unlimited projects on the free plan
  • Securely hosted
  • Extended customer support channels
  • Intuitive prioritization and organization options
  • Mobile applications


Yodiz Pricing Plan

You have access to Yodiz’s project management services through three paid plans priced per user: an issue tracker plan, an agile tool plan, and an enterprise plan determined by a quote. A free starter plan is also made available to you.   

  • The starter plan is free to use and supports up to 3 users.
  • The issue teacher plan is best for teams with simple project management needs and offers free apps and integrations.
  • The agile tool plan offers a complete agile solution with premium support.
  • The self-hosted plan and an Enterprise plan offer premium support, advanced cloud features, and a dedicated account manager.

Try Yodiz’s 30-day free trial to get started.

11. SmartTask

Cheap Project Management Software with Intuitive Auto-Scheduling Option

SmartTask is a Cheap Project Management Software with Intuitive Auto Scheduling Option

SmartTask is another web-based, simple project management tool that facilitates collaborations to seamlessly create and manage multiple project workflows.

Main Features

  • Auto Scheduling: SmartTask equips you with an intuitive solution to issues in your project workflow. Where your dependencies are delayed, the project management software auto schedules them and notifies all relevant collaborators.
  • Portfolio Management: On a single hub, SmartTask allows you to create and manage multiple project portfolios. With this, you easily track your goals, as well as activities towards accomplishing these goals across different projects.


  • Unlimited tasks, users, projects, and contacts on the free plan
  • GDPR compliant
  • Templates
  • Location and time tracking
  • Contextual tags
  • Custom fields


SmartTask Pricing Plan

SmartTask presents you with a free forever plan alongside paid premium and business plans priced per user and billed both monthly and annually. 

  • The free forever plan offers you access to unlimited tasks, users, projects, and contacts.
  • The premium plan offers you access to project templates, portfolios, time tracking, and advanced permissions features.
  • The business plan offers you access to timeline view, advanced analytics, workload view, and managed technical services.

Try SmartTask’s 14-day free trial to discover if it is a good fit for you.

12. Notion

Simple Project Management App with Great Focus On Customizations

Notion is a Simple Project Management App with Great Focus On Customizations

Notion is an all-in-one project management software based in San Francisco trusted by big companies such as Slack, IBM, Pixar, Loom, and Spotify.

Main Features

  • Customizations: Notion lets you customize your workspace and workflow through an intuitive drag and drop actions. You can also create pages inside pages, making your workspace more organized by keeping related work items together. 
  • Collaborations: You do not only get to collaborate with an unlimited number of team members but Notion also allows you to effectively and seamlessly collaborate in real-time through smart and timely notifications. Use this tool to collaborate across multiple time zones and track all tasks on a single hub.


  • Highly security conscious
  • API access on the free plan
  • 30-day free trial
  • Mobile applications
  • Bulk exports


Notion Pricing Plan

Notion is available to you through four plans; a free personal plan, a personal pro plan, a team plan with unlimited team members, and an enterprise plan determined by a quote.

  • The personal plan is free for individuals just starting with Notion.
  • The personal pro plan is suitable for power users who want access to more project management features.
  • The team plan is best for team collaboration.
  • The enterprise plan offers advanced controls and premium support for enterprises.

Try Notion’s 30-day free plan to get started.

Why Choose a Simple Project Management Software

Resorting to the use of software to manage your projects is typically done because of one major reason, convenience. 

A lot of project management software applications exist on the internet today. While a lot of them are sadly sub-par and hardly give you the right amount of tools and features, the more advanced software programs usually prove to be too overwhelming to handle.

From clustered interfaces, owing to the number of features offered by the tool, to a very high learning curve to get used to this massive number of features placed at your disposal, project management software could get tricky. 

As a small business, a company with small teams, or one looking to manage small projects, you probably do not need this overwhelming number of features and capabilities that expectedly make you pay even more. This is where simple project management software comes in.

Simple project management software programs place a focus on making your project management workflows and activities as convenient as you need them to be. They intuitively present you with a centralized but uncluttered workspace to monitor all your work items and typically equip you with simple drag and drop capabilities. 

These simple project planning tools also come with customization options to make your workspace specifically personalized for you. With these, you only make use of the exact tools you need to effectively manage your projects and boycott the unnecessarily high prices associated with the more advanced tools.

Key Features to Look for in Simple Project Management Software

As there are a lot of project management tools in the market today, picking the ones that offer you a very convenient experience proves to be a little difficult. 

Luckily, there are a few features common with the top tools on our list that are worth pointing out. These tools are typically dedicated to individuals and small teams and have features that help you simplify both your workspace and workflow. So what are these features?

1. Centralized Workspaces and Dashboards

Managing projects involves the utilization of a whole lot of tools and techniques to ensure they come out successful. However, having these important tools scattered around different areas of your software makes the whole experience stressful. What do simple project management software programs do?

These programs present you with a centralized dashboard or workspace which gives you access to all your tools, activities, notifications, and timelines at a glance. You monitor and manage your project’s tasks, progress, communications, expenses, and insights through one centralized view. 

Perhaps one key feature that assures you of this centralized workspace is the Gantt chart. A Gantt chart is a powerful project visualization option that lets you intuitively plan, track, modify, and control your baseline, dependencies, and milestones, among other project elements, on a single hub.  

A highly centralized project management workspace is the first indication of a convenient project management workflow.

2. Customizations

Simple project management software programs present you with the chance to customize your entire workspace and workflow to fit your specific needs. Why do you need customizations? 

A lot of the best project management software programs in the market have a comprehensive list of features they present to you. These programs are typically featured to take care of the most complex of projects, however, they still remain dedicated to facilitating the simpler ones. To clear up this cluster of features, they allow you to pick the ones you require and boycott others.

Take ClickUp, our top software, for example. Not only does it allow you to customize different workspaces for each project management use and workflow, but the tool also lets you pick the exact features you need (out of over 100 features) and hide the rest. 

You also have the option of implementing simple checklists instead of statuses, and customizing how your color-coded workspaces are set up, with this affecting your custom fields, spaces, and lists, among others. 

Customization options are key features to look out for if you are looking for a very reliable software program with comprehensive but simplified features.

3. Templates

Creating a project management framework from scratch remains challenging for the more inexperienced individuals or beginners. The existence of templates in project management software solves this problem as they allow you to easily and quickly use a framework that works with your project needs. 

You do not have to go through a lot of thinking or creative processes before you find the perfect template, especially where the software provides you with highly specific or categorized templates.

In addition to these three key features, some additional features common with the top simple project management software include:

  • Automation
  • External integrations for streamlined workflows
  • Mobile applications for flexible project management
  • Multiple project views
  • Extensive importation and exportation options

How to Find the Best Simple Project Management Software For Your Needs

Now you know the features to look out for, but this still does not guarantee that you choose the best tool for your peculiar project management needs. With a lot of tools offering these key features pointed out, how then do you filter out the most appropriate for you?

Firstly, you want to determine your actual project needs. You determine how large your whole project workflow is expected to be, what your whole project entails, who is intended to take care of the majority of your project, and how much control you wish to have over your activities, among others. This allows you to cross-examine different tools and see how they fit these peculiar needs.

When done with this initial filtering process, you then look for the tools that offer the key features discussed in the previous section. It is only after this that you choose the software that meets your needs, offers these key convenient features, and costs you less to use. 

Here are major use cases of simple project management software which makes it easier to find out which one best suits your needs.

By going for affordable simple project management software that satisfies these criteria, you get the best value for money and conveniently manage your projects without having to worry about being overwhelmed or underequipped.

Written by
Martin Luenendonk
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