5 Best Website Builders for Personal Trainers & Fitness (2024)

Updated Aug 6, 2023.

To build the perfect website for your fitness business, you need one of the best website builders for personal trainers.

Squarespace icon


With Squarespace, you can publish high-resolution images of training sessions and use pro tools for social media marketing.
Wix icon


Wix will build your site using AI and allow you to work with web designers to express your creativity.
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Bluehost Website Builder

Bluehost Website Builder combines a simple editor with the flexibility of WordPress for the ultimate customization experience.
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As part of Block, Inc., Weebly comes with the financial infrastructure you need to manage both online and in-store transactions.
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Hostinger Builder

Hostinger Builder is not only affordable but also equipped with AI-based tools to boost your SEO and website analytics.

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The fitness industry has been growing steadily as more people spend time and money to keep fit. Statista estimates that by 2025, the fitness industry will be worth almost $1.2 trillion, up from around $96 billion in 2019.

As a personal trainer or gym owner, the best way to tap into this growth is by establishing an online presence that will attract clients.

Although social media is a good place to start, your best bet is to build a professional website. Professional websites provide control over branding and messaging, let you sell courses, merchandise, and subscriptions, and enable you to own your marketing channels.

What We Look for in the Best Website Builders for Personal Trainers

To make this review as helpful as possible, we chose website builders mainly based on user-friendly features and monetization options.

Here are the most important factors we considered for building a fitness website:

  • Website design features: The easiest way to create your own website is by customizing a template. The website builders in this review have professionally designed fitness templates that you can customize without any coding knowledge.
  • User experience: We chose website builders that have easy-to-understand dashboards. This is to help you avoid contacting customer support every time you need to make changes to your site.
  • Ecommerce features: To ensure that you can set up multiple income channels, we picked website builders that have ecommerce features as well as options for booking appointments.
  • Built-in marketing tools: For effective marketing, we checked SEO and email marketing features. We also checked for the ability to create email lists and segment your target audience. You can learn how to run email marketing campaigns by reading our beginner’s guide to successful email marketing.
  • Website analytics: For analytics, we checked whether the reports were helpful, easy to understand, and can be shared with colleagues.

Best Website Builders for Personal Trainers & Fitness

Here is a quick summary of what you’ll get from these website builders. You can click on any of the website builders to go straight to its review.

  • Squarespace – use professional-looking website templates to showcase training sessions and customer testimonials.
  • Wix – get an AI-generated website design and customize it or use the pro-level editor to design yours from scratch.
  • Bluehost Website Builder – start designing your website with a simple builder, and then expand functionality through WordPress customization.
  • Weebly – sell online courses through your website while selling physical merchandise at your gym.
  • Hostinger Builder – choose an unlimited blogging platform that uses AI-based tools to boost your marketing campaigns.

1. Squarespace

Best Website Builder for Social Media Campaigns

  • Free SSL certificate and logo maker.
  • Unlimited bandwidth on all plans.
  • Fitness templates for your personal trainer website design.
  • Subscriptions are only available in the highest-tier plan.
  • Customization options are limited.
Squarespace icon
Editor’s Take

Squarespace has very bold website designs that can serve personal trainers well. Its template designs make it easy to create image galleries and showcase “before and after” pictures of former clients. And with the Unfold app, you can create attractive social media posts with image filters to help you engage both current and potential clients.

Best For
Highly-visual websites
$16 – $49 per month
Annual Discount
24% – 30%

Squarespace is a popular personal trainer website builder. This is mainly because of its template designs which are great for websites prioritizing images over text.

With Squarespace, you can create member-only areas and charge for access and even add an online store to sell branded merchandise.

Key Features

Attract clients with visual designs

Squarespace is an image-centric website builder that comes with several templates specifically designed for fitness businesses. You can choose a template, then customize it, change content layouts, and preview how it will look on different screens. With Squarespace, you can also create a custom template for your site using the built-in color schemes, page layouts, and fonts.

Get a checklist to guide your SEO efforts

Squarespace understands that SEO can be challenging. To help you with that, the platform takes care of technical SEO and gives you a best practices checklist to follow. Squarespace has built-in integration with Google Search Console to help you know which keywords are leading people to your site. You also get a search preview tool that shows you how your site will appear in search results.

Professional features for social media marketing

With Squarespace, you don’t need any social media integration. Squarespace gives you its Unfold app to help you engage your social media audience and increase subscriptions. Unfold comes with templates for posts, stories, and videos, making it easy to create and launch social media campaigns. You can also add image filters and effects, use unique fonts, and add some life to your photos with stickers.

Create private spaces for paid members

The Squarespace app market has a paid add-on that you can use to create member areas that only paid members can access. You can use member areas to provide one-on-one coaching, hold group workshops, or even host a virtual community networking event. You can use your community data to create mailing lists and decide whether to charge one-off or recurring membership fees.

Know your clients

Squarespace gives you insights into your website data to help you understand how website visitors are interacting with your site. You’ll be able to know where your site visitors are coming from, their favorite content, and even how long they stay on different pages. You can also track conversion rates to identify your most profitable training courses.


Which plan should you choose?

Personal plan is best if you work alone or with a team of two people and don’t need to sell anything.

Business plan is your immediate upgrade to start selling and sending emails from your custom domain.

Commerce (Basic) plan is the right choice if you want to sell in-person and add advanced merchandising features to your online store.

Commerce (Advanced) plan is the ultimate choice for a personal trainer who wants to take full advantage of ecommerce opportunities and create custom shopping experiences.

All Squarespace plans come with built-in SEO features and 24/7 customer support.

2. Wix

Top Website Builder for AI-based Website Designs

  • Several fitness templates to choose from.
  • Free domain for the first year.
  • Built-in CRM.
  • Limited storage space.
  • Switching templates requires creating a new site.
Wix icon
Editor’s Take

Wix is a leader in using Artificial Intelligence to build websites. Its Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) tool ensures that even without much creativity, you can easily design a personal trainer website. And with a built-in CRM, Wix empowers you to build your fitness business by engaging leads through email marketing.

Best For
AI-powered designs
$4.50 – $35 per month
Annual Discount

Wix gives you the option of building your site using a drag-and-drop editor or the Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence). Wix ADI is an AI-powered builder that uses the information you’ve given it to create a website that’s complete with custom images and content.

Wix also lets you run marketing campaigns and sell training courses in 40+ different currencies.

Key Features

Manage client appointments

Wix lets you provide personalized training sessions that can be booked through online appointments. By adding your calendar to your site, you enable clients to book workout sessions and pay for them conveniently. And if you’re working with other fitness professionals, they can manage their calendars separately, allowing clients to book appointments with them.

Engage prospects with a built-in CRM:

Wix has a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool that helps you manage client details and communicate with customers effectively. You can collect their information using forms, update existing details, and send training updates through email and SMS. The CRM also has a chat functionality that you can use to engage with clients to answer questions or share fitness tips.

Create a members-only area

To offer your customers more value and build loyalty, you can create members-only areas where you give discounts and exclusive perks. These member areas can include discussion forums, Q&A sessions, and awards for the most active members. You can decide whether to allow all clients into your member areas or charge recurring membership fees to generate regular income.

Streamline collaboration with other personal trainers

Wix anticipates that your fitness business will grow and that you’ll have to work with other personal trainers. To help you manage your team of fitness professionals, Wix lets you assign training sessions and sync your team’s calendars to streamline booking. You can also assign roles and permissions to trainers, track their performance, and let them manage their clients.

Get insights to optimize your site

Wix integrates with Google Analytics to collect and analyze data about your website to help you know which areas need improvement. This information can help you determine your most popular training courses and the best time to offer them. You can also track website visits, keywords bringing you traffic, and engagement by both team members and customers.


Wix separates its pricing plans into Website and Ecommerce plans. Here are the website plans:

Which website plan is right for you?

Connect Domain plan is for those with an existing domain who want to try out the Wix website builder.

Combo plan is also for testing the platform but with more storage space and up to 30 minutes of integrated video hosting.

Unlimited plan is ideal for full-throttle online marketing of your fitness business and attracting traffic to your website.

VIP plan is the right choice if you want to understand your website visitors’ needs and improve conversion rates.

Wix’s business and ecommerce plans are:

Which business plan is right for you?

Business Basic plan is best for starting with a team of personal trainers and following up on customers who didn’t complete their purchases.

Business Unlimited plan gives you more flexibility in income generation through selling subscriptions and dropshipping fitness products.

Business VIP plan is the best choice if you want to upload video files directly and leverage streaming to grow your website traffic.

All Wix plans come with 24/7 customer support, with the higher tier plans giving you VIP phone support.

3. Bluehost Website Builder

Best for the Personal Training Business Looking for Customization

  • 24/7 customer support via phone and live chat.
  • Free domain and SSL certificate for the first year.
  • Free CDN.
  • Requires WordPress to create an online store.
  • No backups or malware scanning in the Basic plan.
Bluehost icon
Bluehost Website Builder
Editor’s Take

The Bluehost Website Builder is both simple and flexible. It has an easy-to-use interface, doesn’t require coding knowledge, and connects to WordPress for the ultimate customization experience. To give you a complete solution, Bluehost gives you a free CDN and partners with Jetpack to secure your site.

Best For
Full customization
$10.99 – $28.99 per month
Annual Discount
20% – 50% (3-year plan)

Bluehost Website Builder connects to the WordPress content management system to give your personal training business the features it needs for a website. With this WordPress connection, you get access to unlimited plugins and other customization options.

Considering the importance of SEO, Bluehost Website Builder gives you an easy-to-understand SEO dashboard that guides you on how to optimize your site.

Key Features

Create and customize your website

The Bluehost Website Builder makes it easy to create a website that reflects your brand or your personality as a personal trainer. The builder guides you through choosing color combinations and fonts and even setting up animation for your site. Moreover, you can use templates to design a website that looks great both on desktop and mobile. And with the WordPress integration, you can add interesting features to further customize your fitness website.

Understand SEO metrics

Bluehost Website Builder has a paid add-on that makes it easy to understand your SEO metrics and know what to improve. Other than the metrics on the dashboard, you also get a monthly report that you can share with colleagues.

Create a WooCommerce store

Although this builder can’t create an ecommerce store, its connection to WordPress makes it possible to build an online store with WooCommerce. With this online store, you can sell branded merchandise and add functionality for booking appointments. From the store’s dashboard, you can monitor your store’s performance, analyze sales trends, and gain customer insights to boost your revenue.

Improve your website’s security and performance:

Bluehost partners with Jetpack to give you access to important website security and performance features. This package gives you malware scans, website backups, and downtime monitoring. Your site will also load fast because of the integrated CDN and image accelerator that optimizes your images.

Get insights to improve your engagement and conversion rates

This builder gives you the important numbers you need to understand the performance of your fitness website. Using the Site Statistics tool, you’ll be able to analyze your site traffic, see how many visitors read your blog, and check their engagement rates.


Which plan should you choose?

Basic plan is ideal if you just need a simple website to market your personal trainer business online.

Choice Plus plan lets you create many websites and secure them all with daily backups that are free for the first year.

Online Store plan is your only choice if you intend to run an ecommerce store and manage customer accounts.

Pro plan is your best choice if you want the benefits of a dedicated IP address, e.g., improved email deliverability.

Compared to other website builders, Bluehost Website Builder lets you create an unlimited number of websites. Also, all its plans come with a free CDN and a domain that’s free for the first year.

4. Weebly

Great Website Builder for Personal Trainers With a Gym

  • Free SSL certificate.
  • Integrates with Google Workspace.
  • The free plan has ecommerce features.
  • The Free plan contains ads.
  • Product reviews are only available in the Performance plan.
Weebly icon
Editor’s Take

One of the most noteworthy features of Weebly is its ability to support offline commerce. If you have a physical gym, then Weebly is great for promoting your fitness business online while selling physical products in-store. And to help you engage your audience, the Weebly Promote add-on comes in handy with features that include contact segments and newsletter templates.

Best For
Commerce features
$0 – $26 per month
Annual Discount
10% – 25%

Weebly is a simple website builder that uses unique fonts and animation effects to give your site the look and feel you want. It also gives you AdWords credit to jumpstart your online marketing campaigns.

For some extra revenue, Weebly lets you sell both online and offline and manage a membership program that you can also monetize.

Key Features

Use image filters and animation on your websit

Weebly has a drag-and-drop website builder that comes equipped with unique fonts to help you stand out and with the option of customizing the underlying code. You also get animation effects that you can use to add life to your site. With the built-in image editor and video backgrounds, Weebly lets you express your creativity without requiring expensive software.

Segment your contacts and get free Google Ads credit

Weebly gives you access to several marketing solutions, including SEO and Google Ads credit. But the crown of the marketing solution is Weebly Promote. This paid add-on available in the app market lets you import contacts, create newsletters using templates, and track your email marketing performance. And to boost your marketing efficiency, Weebly Promote makes it easy to create contact segments while letting you schedule emails for sending later.

Sell premium content through a membership program

This website builder lets you create member areas from where you can offer clients access to special content. You can take new members through an approval process and segment them into groups for targeted marketing. Using Weebly’s integrated form builder, you can customize registration forms to collect client information and add your calendar for booking appointments.

Manage online and offline commerce

Being a subsidiary of Block, Inc., Weebly gives you access to the financial infrastructure owned by Square. Using Weebly’s online store, you can track your inventory, let customers search for products, and display “Out-of-Stock” labels. With PayPal and Stripe online payments, and the ability to sell digital products, Weebly helps you generate more income from your fitness business.

Get real-time analysis of your website’s performance

Weebly has the analytics you need to make sound business decisions. From tracking website visits to identifying the keywords bringing you traffic, Weebly gives you the insights you need to improve performance. Moreover, Weebly’s reports are based on real-time results, enabling you to see the impact of any recent changes you’ve made.


Read More Weebly pricing

Here is a quick guide to choosing the right plan:

Free plan is best if you want a free site to test the Weebly platform and don’t need advanced ecommerce features.

Personal plan is the right choice if you have an existing domain and want to sell digital products like courses and workout songs.

Professional plan is ideal for creating membership areas and understanding your site’s performance with advanced analytics.

Performance plan lets you collect product reviews and send abandoned cart emails to help you maximize online sales.

All Weebly plans come with built-in SEO solutions, a quick checkout feature, and a community forum where you can interact with other personal trainers.

5. Hostinger Builder

Right Website Builder for Personal Trainers Who Love Blogging

  • Free web hosting.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • AI-powered copywriting and SEO tools.
  • Knowledge base articles are sometines shallow.
  • The AI assistant is quite basic.
Hostinger icon
Hostinger Builder
Editor’s Take

Hostinger Builder is a very affordable website builder, especially considering its generous offerings. Embracing innovation, Hostinger Builder uses AI to create your website in under one minute and then lets you customize it to your liking. And with free email hosting and ecommerce features, Hostinger has enough features to move your website from an idea to an income channel.

Best For
Simple websites
$8.99 per month
Annual Discount

Hostinger Builder is another website builder that uses AI to quickly build websites. With just a few details, this AI-powered website builder generates a unique template that you can edit however you wish.

Beyond website design, Hostinger Builder has incredible AI-based marketing tools and an ecommerce feature that lets you sell up to 500 products.

Key Features

Design your site using ChatGPT

With Hostinger, you don’t need a web developer since you can build your website using AI-powered ChatGPT. After typing your brand name, choosing a website type, and providing a short description of your business, the AI tool takes over. The tool will then come up with unique images and copy for your website in less than one minute. With fully customizable templates, you can easily make the changes you want and say goodbye to struggling to complete a successful website development project.

Enjoy AI-based marketing tools

Hostinger’s use of AI extends to its marketing features. You’ll get AI-powered heatmaps and built-in SEO tools to help you analyze your visitors’ actions and rank on search engines. And with the Google Analytics integration, you’ll be able to track your traffic and identify ways of boosting your search rankings.

Sell courses and merchandise online

For ecommerce, Hostinger Builder lets you manage an inventory of up to 500 products, accept 20+ payment methods, and sell consultation services online. You can also host online classes while selling fitness products and branded merchandise.

Get free email hosting

Marketing can’t be complete without email. To cover this, Hostinger Builder gives you up to 100 email addresses. Each email address has a storage limit of 1GB, and you can set up auto-responders. You can use this free email hosting feature to work with teams and engage with both prospects and customers.

Get efficient customer support when you need it

Hostinger has exceptional customer support that is loved for resolving most customer issues quickly. With live chat, you can easily contact customer support with any queries or check out the Hostinger knowledge base. You also have access to video walkthroughs that guide you step-by-step in learning how to use different Hostinger features.


The Hostinger Builder lets you create up to 100 websites and integrates with Google Analytics for tracking website performance.


How Do I Create a Personal Training Website?

The easiest way to create a personal training website is by using a website builder. Most website builders are equipped with personal trainer website templates and drag-and-drop editors to help you create a website fast.
To create a website, just choose a template, customize color schemes, change the content layouts, and add features for selling courses and booking appointments.

Why Do Personal Trainers Need a Website?

Personal trainers need a website to showcase and market their fitness businesses online. By implementing SEO on their websites, personal trainers can attract prospective clients and engage them through free consultations and courses.
We have a comprehensive beginner’s guide to SEO that can help you learn how to use content marketing to grow your business.
Another benefit of having a website is that you can collect contact information to build and grow an email list for email marketing purposes.

What Is the Best Website Builder for Fitness Businesses?

Of all website builders, Squarespace is the best option for fitness businesses. Unlike other website builders, Squarespace has award-winning templates designed with an emphasis on visuals.
With Squarespace, you can easily pick a template, design your site, and add testimonials from former clients. Also, Squarespace lets you avoid online course platforms by providing ecommerce functionality to sell training courses.

Create Your Personal Trainer Website Today

Whether you’re launching a new fitness business or want to grow an existing one, a website is a must-have. A website gives you control over branding and messaging and allows you to implement whatever monetization strategy you choose.

The website builders we’ve reviewed in this article are easy to use, and each one offers different advantages over the others. With free trials and money-back guarantees, you can safely test them and see which one serves you best.

Best Overall


With Squarespace, you can publish high-resolution images of training sessions and use pro tools for social media marketing.
Best AI-based Builder


Wix will build your site using AI and allow you to work with web designers to express your creativity.
Best for Customization

Bluehost Website Builder

Bluehost Website Builder combines a simple editor with the flexibility of WordPress for the ultimate customization experience.
Best for Commerce


As part of Block, Inc., Weebly comes with the financial infrastructure you need to manage both online and in-store transactions.
Best for Blogging

Hostinger Builder

Hostinger Builder is not only affordable but also equipped with AI-based tools to boost your SEO and website analytics.

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