16 Best CRM Software For Mac in 2024

Updated Jul 27, 2023.

With more businesses adopting the remote working culture, how your team communicates and tracks the customers will change permanently.

As the competition for leads and sales grows every day, the marketing team, sales representatives, and business owners need to track their customers through their buying journey. This is what CRM software would help you do.

Growing your customers might be one of the biggest challenges for businesses. The best CRM software would give you visibility of your customers from every angle so that you can focus your resources in the smartest way possible.

Providing a five-star experience to your clients is necessary to retain them in the long run. More growth would lead to better exposure, thus boosting your revenue.

Best CRM for Mac

A good CRM software for Mac users helps you provide better services to your customers and capture valuable insights about your client's needs.

We have reviewed the best CRM software for Mac and prepared a brief guide to help you make an informed decision.

1. Monday.com CRM

Best Visual CRM Software for Mac with a Drag-And-Drop Interface

Monday.com is the Best Visual CRM Software for Mac with a Drag and Drop Interface

Monday.com allows you to streamline every stage of your pipeline by centralizing your customer data. An organized, central communication hub is used to store all the customer's emails and related documents, allowing you to manage them effectively.

This visual CRM software offers ready-made templates, custom automation, and a flexible drag-and-drop interface. You can customize your sales pipeline or workflow to maximize the impact of your business.

With this CRM for Mac, you can easily capture and connect your leads to the marketing team, manage the onboarding of new employees, and get a 360-degree view of every client.

Whether you are looking to manage your client documents or capture leads from ad campaigns, the Monday.com CRM tool offers powerful integration with different platforms.

This tool also offers a centralized location to store all your sales materials and stay up-to-date with all your deals. You can track any new content created by your sales team, forecast revenue, and generate helpful insights to boost your business.

Over 100,000 top organizations, including Adobe, Uber, and Unilever, depend on the Monday.com CRM tool to build a strong customer relationship.


Monday.com has five plans – Individual, Basic, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise.

  • The Individual plan is one of the best free CRM for Mac, allowing you to add two members to your team and work on unlimited boards and documents.
  • The Basic plan is suitable for marketing small businesses, managing unlimited contacts, and offers a complete mobile CRM interface.
  • The Standard plan offers visualization and automation tools to generate sales analytics and forecast your goals.
  • The Pro plan offers powerful tools to manage your sales cycle, offers advanced reports and integrations, along with an in-built time tracking tool.
  • The Enterprise plan allows you to create multi-level dashboards, offers enterprise-grade security, as well as premium support.

You can access Monday.com's free 14-day trial, enjoy unlimited boards, and add limitless users to your team.

2. Freshsales

Best Free CRM for Mac with Personalized Customer Engagement

Freshsales is the Best Free CRM for Mac with Personalized Customer Engagement

Freshsales gives you a complete view of your customer's needs and interaction to help you deliver a personalized experience. This data is to shorten the cycle, drive sales, and accelerate your company's growth.

By streamlining the sales processes, this tool allows you to automate all the manual, time-consuming tasks. You can improve the effectiveness of your sales team by giving them all the context before having a conversation with a client.

Previously known as Freshworks CRM, Freshsales is a CRM software leader, using AI-powered chatbots and capturing visitor information to create a personalized web form.

This free CRM software offers dynamic forecasting to improve your revenue predictions along with generating the perfect deals with an AI-based Deal Insights feature.

Whether you want a secure payment platform or collaborate with your team in real-time, the Freshsales CRM tool offers robust integrations with different platforms.

The CRM tool offers integrated sales and support features to develop long-lasting relationships with your customers. With Freshdesk integration, you can understand your customer inside-out and upsell your services with an automated sales campaign.


Freshsales has four plans – Free, Growth, Pro, and Enterprise.

  • The Free plan is loaded with contact and account management, built-in chat support, and a fully-featured mobile application.
  • The Growth plan is perfect for growing teams, offering custom reports and a visual sales pipeline.
  • The Pro plan can be used to manage multiple sales teams, create time-based workflows, chat campaigns, and AI-powered deal insights.
  • The Enterprise plan offers advanced governance and control over your sales team with a dedicated account manager and AI-based forecasting insights.

Freshsales offers you a fully loaded CRM experience for free for 21 days.

3. Pipedrive

Leading CRM Software for Mac to Create Targeted Leads

Pipedrive is the Leading CRM Software for Mac to Create Targeted Leads

Pipedrive is built around activity-based selling for organizations to make their sales more effective. Custom chatbots and web forms help you manage your leads and store them in a centralized sales pipeline.

With custom automation tools, you can automate all your repetitive administrative tasks and save hours of manual work. The AI-based features scale up with your organization, learning more as you grow.

Pipedrive is a leading CRM software giving you helpful insights and advanced reports based on your company's goals.

Whether you want to organize all your data in a centralized location or drag and drop deals between different stages, this software's visual sales pipeline allow you to take action promptly.

This CRM for Mac offers advanced reports to identify bottlenecks and recognize opportunities for improvement. These reports can also help you forecast your results and analyze the conversion rate.

With powerful app integrations, the software is trusted by over 95,000 companies in over 179 countries.


Read more Pipedrive pricing

Pipedrive has four plans – Essential, Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise.

  • The Essential plan allows you easy customization of dashboard and pipeline, along with more than 250 third-party app integrations.
  • The Advanced plan is perfect for boosting the efficiency of your growing team and offers pipeline management, along with an automation-triggered workflow builder.
  • The Profesional plan offers advanced analytics to optimize your business's performance with visual dashboards, revenue forecasts, and contract management.
  • The Enterprise plan is perfect for multi-team collaboration and offers tailored security settings, along with unlimited user permission.

You can access Pipedrive's advanced features, including pipeline and document management, free for 14 days.

4. Keap

All-In-One CRM Software for Mac Integrated with Marketing and Payments

Keap is the All In One CRM Software for Mac Integrated with Marketing and Payments

Keap helps you organize your business by triggering powerful automation tools. This fully customizable CRM tool enables you to optimize your customer experience and never miss out on a lead.

With contact record features, the platform allows you to store all your data in a centralized location, helping you take action quickly. You can access the platform through both desktop and mobile apps.

Keap is a power-packed CRM tool for Mac used to trigger personalized automation depending upon the response of your visitors. It helps your sales team convert more leads to customers.

The software allows you to automate all your repetitive, manual-based tasks, saving up to 10 hours of work every week. It is the best CRM software for startups and entrepreneurs, helping around 200,000 organizations to scale up their businesses.

You can migrate your organizations easily and for free to the Keap platform if you previously used MailChimp, HubSpot, Ontraport, AWeber, ActiveCampaign, or ConstantContact.


Read more Keap pricing

Keap has three plans – Lite, Pro, and Max.

  • With the Lite plan, you can make automated appointments and set up email marketing for your new business.
  • The Pro plan is perfect for growing businesses, allowing you to manage the sales pipeline, create checkout forms, and conduct A/B testing for your ad campaigns.
  • The Enterprise plan is usually adopted by established businesses offering engagement and performance analytics to their clients.

You can access Keap's free 14-day trial without entering your credit card details.

5. Daylite

Top CRM for Mac for Sales Tracking

Daylite is the Top CRM for Mac for Sales Tracking

Daylite is an exclusive CRM tool for Mac users, allowing your team to handle more clients and execute projects seamlessly. By keeping track of your customer's needs and expectations, you can build trust and long-lasting relationships.

Keep your organization's confidential information safe from temporary members in your team by setting permissions for your users. You get to control which member can access what data.

Daylite gives you an overview of all your active deals and a status update as well. This way, all the team members have a brief idea of pushing the deal forward and converting the lead quickly.

This CRM software for Mac helps you manage your sales by organizing and prioritizing various deals. The advanced reports help you make data-driven decisions and accelerate the revenue of your organization.

Easily share all the project details, meeting notes and assign work to your members, all within the platform. This keeps everyone on the same page without the need for lengthy meetings.

Daylite is a customizable and flexible tool perfect for real estate, financial services, marketing & advertising, and consulting firms. You can run this software on Mac, iPhone, or iPad.


Daylite Pricing Plan

Daylite has a single plan that helps you manage more clients and close deals efficiently. It allows you to track deals with custom pipelines, set control permissions, and work offline on any iOS device. It is best for small businesses with over 100 team members.

Experience the full capabilities of Daylite by accessing their free 30-day trial.

6. Zoho CRM

Most Suitable CRM Software for Mac for Driving Long Term Value for Businesses

Zoho CRM is the Most Suitable CRM Software for Mac for Driving Long Term Value for Businesses

Zoho CRM is an innovative lead management platform that helps you personalize the user interface to align with your brand identity. It also allows you to meet your customer's expectations without much effort.

This CRM tool for Mac allows you to increase your leads, accelerate your sales, and measure its performance.

The lead management features help you identify and capture the most suitable leads which will convert into customers. It stores all the contact information in a centralized location for easy follow-up.

With the Canvas design studio, you can redesign the interface of a platform by using a simple drag-and-drop editor. You can either choose from a wide range of pre-designed templates or create one of your own.

Creating a personalized customer journey can be the key to a successful business. Zoho CRM allows you to track your customer's journey, coordinate the actions of various departments, and provide your clients with a seamless brand experience.

The CRM software for Mac includes an AI assistant to manage your data. You can use it to fetch the information you want, predict the future of a sale, and automate your tasks.

Zoho CRM empowers a global network of more than 250,000 businesses in over 180 countries.


Zoho CRM has five plans – Free, Standard, Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate.

  • With the Free plan, you can add up to 3 members to your team, generate leads, and manage events seamlessly.
  • The Standard plan helps you generate email insights, predict future sales, and customize your interface with multiple currency options.
  • The Professional plan allows you to create unlimited custom dashboards, access the mobile app, and sync up your calendars.
  • The Enterprise plan helps you customize your services or products by creating custom links, modules, and buttons. It also offers data enrichment features with the help of an AI tool.
  • The Ultimate plan is perfect for fully-established organizations, allowing you to create visual charts, sales funnels, and set a target meter to measure your team's performance.

You can access Zoho CRM's flexible, free trial plan and opt for an annual subscription to save up to 34% on your billing.

7. Hubspot

Best Free CRM for Mac for Real-Time Sales Pipeline Insight

HubSpot is the Best Free CRM for Mac for Real Time Sales Pipeline Insight

Hubspot is a free CRM tool that has built-in applications to make your tasks and reporting easier. It helps your sales team analyze your customer's needs, allowing you to personalize your service.

Offering a clean, visual dashboard, this CRM software for Mac gives you real-time insight into your sales pipeline. You can also generate detailed reports on your team's productivity, sales activity and track individual performances as well.

Whether you want to schedule a meeting with your prospective client or send them a follow-up email, Hubspot allows you to connect with a prospect easily. You can also set up a live chat feature for your website visitors.

This easy-to-use sales CRM software offers information-rich databases automatically enriched with data from over 20 million businesses. You can easily organize your pipeline by creating tasks and reminders for your team.

With the free call tracking software, you can prioritize your sales calls and automatically track them all through the CRM platform. You can also automate your emails with the help of an AI tool.

Hubspot's CRM software for Mac is known for drafting email campaigns and personalizing them according to your end customers. You can analyze the traffic through these sources and figure out what is driving the most conversions.


Read more Hubspot pricing

Hubspot has four plans – Free, Starter, Professional, and Enterprise.

  • The Free plan is the best CRM software for Mac offering contact management features and analytics tools.
  • The Starter plan allows you to schedule your meetings, enable live chat options for visitors, and queue your tasks to organize sales.
  • With the Professional plan, you can customize automated workflows to drive more sales and use your database to make detailed forecasts.
  • The Enterprise plan is perfect for a big organization with multiple sales teams. It offers detailed sales analytics and advanced control permissions.

Hubspot's free forever plan can be used without any restrictions and is perfect for small businesses.

8. Less Annoying CRM

Cheapest CRM Software for Mac for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Less Annoying CRM is the Cheapest CRM Software for Mac for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Less Annoying CRM has helped thousands of small businesses to track their leads, drive more conversion, and stay on top of follow-ups. Your files, tasks, notes, and events are stored in a centralized location and accessed from a single dashboard.

With a searchable database, you can find any contact details without much effort. The database also saves all the sales-related information within your customer's contact details.

Syncing your team's google calendar with this CRM software for Mac will keep your entire team on the same page. Your team can view all of the tasks and events directly from the software.

Lead generation is one of the best features of Less Annoying CRM. With the help of a simple report, you can track the status and priority of all leads in the pipeline. It can help your team follow up on potential customers easily.

Less Annoying CRM offers powerful customization tools to personalize the interface of the platform. Their support team is readily available and can be contacted directly via a phone call.


Less Annoying CRM Pricing Plan

Less Annoying CRM has a single simple plan with no hidden fees or contracts. With all features packed within a single plan, the software also offers priority customer service to its users.

You can access Less Annoying CRM's features for free for 30 days and enjoy unlimited access to reports, along with customizable dashboards.

9. Bitrix24

Top Free CRM Software for Mac with an Unlimited Database

Bitrix24 is the Top Free CRM Software for Mac with an Unlimited Database

Bitrix24 is one of the most popular free CRM tools for Mac users, helping you to maximize your team's efficiency. Its unlimited database stores all the past and current customer records, along with future predictions.

The easy-to-understand interface can be used to upsell additional features to your existing customers. With the help of demand generation tools, including live chat and webforms, help boost the incoming leads by 26%.

You can integrate social media channels with this CRM software to generate leads. The software has powerful automation features, allowing quality lead scoring and distribution.

Whether you want to know the source of your leads or the conversion rate, Bitrix24 offers advanced custom reporting features. These reports can be used to segregate and analyze everything about new leads and conversions.

Bitrix24's email and SMS automation features can send follow-up emails or messages to prospective clients. These features can increase your conversion rate by over 35%.

This CRM software for Mac offers customer support via emails, messengers, and live chats. Every customer's interaction history with the support staff is stored in a centralized location for further analysis and lead conversion.

The tool can automatically calculate your return on investment for Google Adwords and Facebook without any third-party app integration.


Bitrix24 Pricing Plan

Bitrix24 has four plans – Free, Basic, Standard, and Professional.

  • The Free plan allows you to store unlimited contacts in your database, create custom fields, and sync up your calendar to set reminders.
  • With the Basic plan, you can add around 3,000 products to your catalog, create custom pipelines, and generate comprehensive reports.
  • The Standard plan allows you to generate unlimited leads and invoices. It also offers excellent customer support via email, telephone, or Whatsapp.
  • The Professional plan offers a complete product catalog, allowing you to automate follow-ups with customers and take orders and payments through the CRM platform.

With Bitrix24, you can activate their free 15-day demo mode to enjoy all their premium features, free of cost.

10. Copper CRM

Affordable CRM Software for Mac with Google Workspace Integration

Copper CRM is an affordable CRM Software for Mac with Google Workspace Integration

Copper CRM helps you build enduring relationships with your customers. You can easily capture new leads and opportunities and track their conversion, all from within the software.

With automated follow-up emails, you never have to worry about missing a chance with your client. These follow-up email templates are pre-built or can be customized according to your customers.

The workflow automation feature helps you assign tasks automatically, reducing staffing. This software has an inactivity tracker that tracks the number of days a lead has gone by without a follow-up.

Google Workspace is one of the easiest and visual working platforms. Copper CRM offers a google workspace integration, making things more comfortable than before. It can seamlessly integrate with Gmail, Calendar, and Drive.

Copper CRM has powerful organization tools, storing all your files, emails, calls, and notes in a single centralized location. The database allows you to search, filter, and sort your leads and customers by the criteria you require.

Over 25,000 companies, including Mailchimp, Masterclass, and SoftBank, trust Copper CRM software for building trusting relationships with their customers.


Copper Pricing Plan

Copper CRM has three plans – Basic, Professional, and Business.

  • The Basic plan allows you to add up to 3 members to your team and fully integrate with Google workspace.
  • With the Professional plan, you can manage your projects, handle multiple pipelines, and create workflow automation.
  • The Business plan offers advanced third-party app integrations, unlimited email templates, custom fields, and multi-currency options.

Copper CRM offers a free 14-day trial with instant activation.

11. Insightly

Leading CRM Software for Mac with Marketing Automation Features

Insightly is the Leading CRM Software for Mac with Marketing Automation Features

Insightly allows you to align your teams with a unified customer database. This data is kept safe in a centralized location inside the CRM software. This data can be used to analyze and interpret the needs of your customers.

The lead routing feature allows you to manage your leads in real-time, route them to the correct sales representative. It will enable your sales team to follow up on hot leads, increasing the chances of conversion.

Insightly's rich activity timeline stores all the relevant lead information for your team to access directly.

This leading CRM software for Mac allows you to create multi-step business processes. With the help of workflow and marketing automation tools you can create or update records, send email alerts, and generate tasks for your team members.

With the platform's flexible record linking functionality, you can easily understand complex customer relationships. This feature allows you to connect customer emails and other records to the already existing contacts in your database. It gives your team a clear view of the structure of your organization.

Insightly offers tools to build and deploy custom applications for your team. Its award-winning mobile applications allow you to work on the run with both android and iOS devices.


Insightly Pricing Plan

Insightly has three plans – Plus, Professional, and Enterprise.

  • The Plus plan lets you synchronize your calendars, track your team milestones, and seamlessly integrate with applications.
  • The Professional plan allows you to manage and track leads and automatically route them to the perfect sales representative.
  • The Enterprise plan offers contact and organization management features and links customer relationships for better structural understanding.

Insightly has premium customer service for all their customers, offering a live demo and a free 14-day trial.

12. Gro CRM

Most Suitable CRM Tool for Mac with Real-Time Analytics Report

Gro CRM is the Most Suitable CRM Tool for Mac with Real Time Analytics Report

Gro CRM is one of the top-rated small business CRM platforms offering organized leads, deals, and sales to your organization. The platform provides a complete view of your business and displays daily, monthly, and yearly data with real-time analytics reports.

Quick action tools allow you to get your work done quickly. You can set these tools on the dashboard based on the most popular actions that are done by your team. The user-friendly dashboard also gives you access to team contact information.

The task management features offered by Gro CRM help you to organize and view your tasks by their due date or priority.

This CRM software for Mac includes a unique voice-to-text dictation feature. You can save time taking down your notes with this audio feature instead of typing them.

Foster meaningful relationships with your customers with the help of this CRM tool. It offers workflow management tools to manage and organize your client information and store them in a centralized location.

Gro CRM offers a 360° view of your organization's potential revenue. You can manage all your hot deals from the dashboard, keep track of them, and allow your sales team to close most of them.


Gro CRM Pricing Plan

Gro CRM has three plans – Lite, Basic, and Pro.

  • With the Lite plan, you can add a single member to your team and manage over 2,500 client contacts. It also lets you import your apple contacts directly to the software.
  • The Basic plan allows you to add up to 25 members to your team. You can access its real-time dashboards along with creating custom email templates and contact folders.
  • With the Pro plan, you can manage unlimited contacts, track and manage your inventory, along with advanced third-party app integrations.

Without entering your credit card details, you can access Gro CRM's free 14-day trial and enjoy its advanced features.

13. Agile CRM

Affordable CRM Software for Mac with Cloud-Based SAAS Services

Agile CRM is an Affordable CRM Software for Mac with Cloud Based SAAS Services

Agile CRM is an all-in-one CRM software that can automate your sales and marketing. With the single-page contact-management feature, you can store all your client's information in one place.

Whether you want to automate a follow-up email to one of your leads or schedule a meeting with a customer, the platform's appointment scheduling feature has got you covered.

With the in-built landing page builder tool and tons of pre-made templates, you can customize a highly converting landing page for your product or service. These pages can be made mobile responsive, supporting different genres of leads.

Creating dedicated ad campaigns has never been more accessible with Agile CRM software for Mac. You can send out personalized SMS or newsletters to your potential and existing customers. With the help of analytics, you can track and figure out which campaign works the best for your business.

The next-generation tools offered by the platform allows you to create and manage multiple deal tracks. You can create custom milestones, trigger automatic follow-ups, and get real-time metrics to predict future revenue.

Agile CRM is a fully-fledged social CRM tool. It can be used as a social media service to engage with your customers via social monitoring and social media automation.

This platform can also be integrated with popular social media channels like Twitter and Facebook.


Agile CRM Pricing Plan

Agile CRM has four plans – Free, Starter, Regular, and Enterprise.

  • With the Free plan, you can add up to 10 members to your team, along with tracking unlimited deals and tasks. You can also use the appointment scheduling feature to book appointments with your clients.
  • The Starter plan can manage 10,000 contacts with a centralized database. You can create custom deal milestones for your sales team and track email campaigns.
  • With the Regular plan, you get access to a separate helpdesk along with mobile marketing features.
  • The Enterprise plan offers extra benefits with email and phone support, more than 50 app integrations, and unlimited campaign workflows.

You can start with a Free Forever account today on Agile CRM and add your ten-member team to the platform.

14. Really Simple Systems

Best CRM Software for Mac with an Easy-To-Use Interface

Really Simple Systems is the Best CRM Software for Mac with an Easy To Use Interface

Really Simple Systems is a powerful small business CRM system that helps build long-lasting relationships with your clients. This simple and easy-to-use software saves your time and makes more sales.

Nurture new leads and grow your business with this CRM software. You can track every interaction your sales team makes to identify the best prospects. You can manage all these prospects, customers, and suppliers through a centralized contact management system.

With this pipeline management system, you can effectively manage and track all the sales opportunities. The sales force automation feature gives you complete visibility of your sales team’s pipeline.

By creating opportunity lines, you can make a breakdown of all the sales opportunities and better look at them. It also allows you to set user permission levels and control who has access to your data.

Integrated advanced marketing tools help you build effective ad campaigns and send newsletters to your existing consumers, all from within the app. The software lets you capture new leads from web forms and assign them to sales reps.

Whether you want to enhance your organization’s security or manage your accounts effectively, the Really Simple Systems CRM tool for Mac offers powerful integrations.


Really Simple Systems has four plans – Free, Starter, Professional, and Enterprise.

  • The Free plan lets you add two members to your team, manage unlimited contacts, and track sales opportunities through the pipeline.
  • The Starter plan allows you to forecast your sales, create tasks, and record customer interactions.
  • The Professional plan offers advanced features, including sales forecasts and creating custom reports for your business.
  • With the Enterprise plan, you can use advanced reporting options to create detailed reports, change the filter values of your reports, and create custom chart widgets for your dashboard.

Really Simple Systems offers you a live demo of their features and also allows you to try their software free for 14 days.

15. Capsule

Top CRM Platform for Mac with a Tailored Sales Pipeline

Capsule is the Top CRM Platform for Mac with a Tailored Sales Pipeline

Capsule is a simple and smart CRM software for building stronger customer relationships and saving time. The platform summarizes all the sales opportunities, including potential values and their location in the pipeline.

The opportunity filtering features allow you to filter out all your opportunities based upon tags, milestones, and status. The visual Kanban pipeline uses a drag and drop tool to manage each stage in the pipeline.

With more than ten advanced sales reports, the platform gives you a detailed list of all the missed and won opportunities and the average time taken to win all these opportunities.

Contact management features of this CRM software for Mac allow you to organize all the people and companies in a centralized location. You can use advanced search capabilities to find any text within notes or emails quickly.

Capsule CRM can be used to easily import your client contacts from either a spreadsheet or a CSV. You can customize the entire platform by adding fields, tags, or milestones, as well as tailoring your pipeline to suit your workflow.

Trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide, you can use the tool to personalize the interface according to your brand. You can choose a custom logo and change the interface’s color scheme.


Capsule Pricing Plan

Capsule has four plans – Free, Professional, Teams, and Enterprise.

  • With the Free plan, you can add two members to your team and manage up to 250 contacts in your database. It allows you to create unlimited custom fields and track sales opportunities.
  • The Professional plan can manage up to 50,000 contacts and up to 10 GB of storage per user. It also displays detailed activity reports by every user.
  • The Team plan can help to track conversion rate, forecast revenue, and organize users to separate teams.
  • The Enterprise plan offers priority support to their clients, import assistance, and custom training to your members. You can also integrate Capsule to Google Data Studio to create powerful reports.

Try out Capsule’s premium features for free for 30 days without sharing your credit card details.

16. Salesforce

Leading CRM Software for Mac to Deliver Seamless Customer Experience

Salesforce is the Leading CRM Software for Mac to Deliver Seamless Customer Experience

Salesforce is a leading CRM software helping you market your products to your customers and manage them. The productivity-boosting services allow you to get the most out of this platform.

With personalized marketing, you can attract more buyers and customize your services or products according to their needs. The platform allows you to unify both your B2B and B2C.

The business management tools allow you to streamline business processes and help make the department more effective. You can digitize and automate all the business processes.

Salesforce offers a robust and flexible security architecture along with a two-factor authentication service. With the help of personalized reports and dashboards, you can create real-time reports based on different departments.

This CRM software for Mac offers extensive IoT devices, products, and applications to connect all the customer data to the platform.

AI analytics offer hidden business opportunities from any data source and device. With customized dashboards, you can deliver fast and easy analytics. The enterprise-level collaborative tools provided by this platform also help drive productivity throughout the business.


Salesforce has four plans – Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited.

  • The Essentials plan offers advanced lead management features, along with assignment and routing.
  • With the Professional plan, you can predict and plan the sales cycle from pipeline to closed cycles and track marketing campaigns.
  • The Enterprise plan allows you to manage and track marketing campaigns, register leads, and allocate revenue share across different campaigns.
  • The Unlimited plan allows you to see a complete view of your entire pipeline, track forecasting on mobile devices, and connect external systems to the Salesforce applications.

With Salesforce’s free 30 day trial, you can get access to all the premium security features along with advanced reports.

Key Features of Mac CRM

With tons of Mac CRM software options in the market, finding the best in the lot might get very challenging. With the right features, you can use the CRM tool for Mac to scale up your business, convert leads into customers, and retain your previous clients.

There are a few key features that you should look for before choosing the perfect CRM tool for your business.

1. Lead Management

Identifying and converting your leads into customers is the key to the success of every organization. With a lead management feature, you will be able to identify potentially converting leads along with the actions and interactions they have had through the entire sales cycle.

The lead management feature allows your sales team to stay on top of hot deals through constant interaction and follow-ups. You can also divert the leads and assign them to different sales reps.

2. Workflow Automation

CRM software that allows you to automate your workflow would help make your team more productive. By automating repetitive, manual tasks, you can save your team members a lot of time and energy.

You can set up your CRM software to automatically perform a specific action based on triggers or events using a few rules. It might include scheduling ongoing calls, setting follow-up campaigns, and organizing the data based on priority for effective future campaigns.

3. Contact Management

Contact or customer management features allow you to group and organize your contacts in a centralized database. You can use this database to cater to your customers effectively.

A CRM software with an easy layout and usability would help you gather crucial customer data to boost your marketing strategies. You can also store all the customer feedback and expectations, allowing you to personalize the product.

Contact management is a key component of customer satisfaction.

4. Seamless Third-Party Integrations

Connecting your Mac CRM software to a third-party application allows you to quickly add tools and features to your business. Even though most CRM tools now come with in-built tools, you might have a little difficulty adjusting to them.

Seamless integrations are crucial for your team's productivity as it offers added functionality to your business, along with streamlined operation. Integrating your CRM software with email applications like Outlook or Gmail would allow you to create dedicated email campaigns for your customers.

5. Sales Forecasting

Sales forecasting is another crucial feature of CRM software. It allows you to generate predictions for future sales or projected revenue based on past and present data trends. These trends are based on your current sales pipeline.

Analyzing the data trends every few weeks is essential to understand the nature of your customers. You need to advertise and serve your products based on these sales forecasts.

Whether you are a small or a big organization, sales forecasting puts your data to work for you. It helps you make objective, informed, and data-driven decisions about the future of your company.

6. Employee Tracking

Tracking the performance of all your employees is important to boost the overall productivity of your team. CRM software usually has an in-built tool to track the activity time of your team members. It helps you keep a tab on the billable hours during invoicing.

You should choose a CRM software that offers individual member dashboards to track their time, sales numbers and keep an eye on their goals.

7. Pipeline Management

Pipeline management allows you to have an overview of your entire sales pipeline. You can view the status or progress of each stage in this sales funnel.

Besides predicting future revenue accurately, this feature lets you analyze the sales process and identify weak spots. You can also manage your pipeline and alert sales managers about future sales growth or slumps.

If you have a small business, a single pipeline management system would be sufficient for you. However, for a large organization, you should choose CRM software with multiple pipeline management systems.

8. Mobile Application

Having CRM software on a mobile device is convenient to use and also saves a lot of time. You can view your team's messages or activities on the go and stay updated about all the latest developments in your organization.

A mobile CRM application for Mac lets you access up-to-date information about your existing and potential customers in real-time. It offers greater productivity, performance, and quality.

Benefits of Using CRM Software for Mac

Customers are the key to success for all small and big organizations. Creating a service with their needs and expectations in mind is an important criterion. Managing thousands of customers and ensuring their satisfaction is quite a difficult task.

A CRM software would make your team make the most out of every customer relationship. When you choose the right CRM software for Mac, it’s easy to reap the benefits of this software for your industry and business type.

1. Easy Follow Up with Prospects

A CRM tool for Mac keeps track of all the potential leads that can convert into customers. It helps your sales representatives know when they should follow up with specific prospects. CRM software allows you to automate some simple follow-up tasks, including scheduling a meeting and email follow-ups.

2. Create Detailed Sales Reports

CRM software offers a sales dashboard and advanced reporting features to connect and organize data about all your existing and potential customers. These reports can be used to automate better and manage the sales pipeline. Sales representatives can use these reports to track their personal goals as well.

3. Maintains a Centralized Database across Your Organization

With the help of the CRM tool for Mac, you can store all your client’s information in a centralized cloud storage space. This makes it easier for your sales team to find the contact information of existing or prospective customers, along with their previous interactions.

The platform allows you to manage all information via a shared location easily. Your team can quickly access the information and close deals faster.

4. Enhanced Customer Service

CRM software was introduced to improve the business-customer relationship. They were created and curated by keeping customer interaction in their mind. It manages all your contacts in a searchable database, filtered based on demographics, purchases records, and previous interactions.

It ensures that your employees have all customer information at their fingertips, enhancing customer experience and satisfaction.

5. Efficient Team Collaboration

Your entire team needs to stay on the same page to maintain a specific brand image. CRM software offers communication tools to tag representatives and managers to specific deals. Managers can also reassign their leads to different sales representatives in case they aren’t available.

Efficient team collaboration features to ensure that all the sales representatives learn from each other and work towards scaling up the organization.

6. Makes Administrative Tasks Easier

A CRM software for Mac makes all your administrative tasks efficient, including manual data entry, recording conversation, or saving your contact information in a database. You can easily automate all these repetitive tasks and save your team’s time.

Once you set rules for your CRM tool and automate these administrative tasks, your sales representatives can spend more time dealing with hot deals and improving the conversion rate.

7. Showcase Your Data Visually with Interactive Dashboards

Entering and representing your data in a spreadsheet would take a lot of time and be very difficult to understand by all your team members. CRM software offers a visual and interactive dashboard, which provides a visual representation of essential company data.

You can use charts and Kanban boards to represent conversion rates or for sales forecasting. It ensures all your team is on the same page and understands the metrics.


Is There an Apple CRM?

Apple Inc. has not officially launched any Customer Relationship Management software for its users. However, other third-party platforms work exclusively for Mac users. 

CRM platforms like Daylite and Gro CRM are made exclusively for Apple users. These all-in-one applications are built for both small and large organizations to jumpstart their growth and productivity.

These CRM tools for Mac are friendly, modern, and simple-to-use platforms that offer data security and privacy. They can run efficiently on Macbook, iPad, or iPhone as well.

What Is the Best Free CRM for Mac?

Monday.com is the best free CRM for Mac which is simple to set up and easy to use. Its flexible drag and drop interface allows you to tailor your sales pipeline, create custom workflows, and offer powerful integrations. 

With offline mode and a mobile-friendly application, you can use this CRM software anytime and anywhere. Visualize everything at a single glance by monitoring the sales team activity and tracking the status of all deals.

This visual CRM tool for Mac users allows you to create a timeline view to track the activities of your sales team and their interactions with the customers. It helps you gain insights on your future steps, helping you nurture successful customer relationships.

Choosing the Best CRM Software for Mac Users

The Best CRM software for Mac users would depend upon the size of your business and the features you require to manage and boost the growth of your business.

  • If you are looking for visual CRM software with an interactive dashboard, you should try Monday.com, Salesforce, Really Simple Systems, or Capsule. The interactive Kanban boards allow you to customize the dashboard and pipeline. 
  • If you want to personalize your software based on your customer’s needs and expectations, you should choose Freshsales or Daylite.
  • If your main goal is to automate repetitive tasks and workflow, you should try Hubspot, Agile CRM, or Keap.
  • If you are looking for software to manage your leads, you can choose Pipedrive, Zoho CRM, or Insightly.
  • If you need a tool with powerful integration, you should try Copper CRM or Bitrix24.

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