14 Best Free Schedule Maker Tools to Boost Productivity in 2024

Updated Aug 5, 2023.
Best Free Schedule Maker Tools to Boost Productivity

In a fast-paced and super busy world, you can easily get overwhelmed and struggle to accomplish all your activities. Whether you are running a business or planning your personal life, creating a schedule helps you stay organized and keep track of all the important activities you want to accomplish.

A schedule is a productivity tool that reminds you of the various activities you planned to do and the time you set for it. Without a schedule, you can easily get distracted by social media and other activities.

You can use an online schedule maker to better organize your schedules and make them more visually appealing. Using schedule maker tools will save you the time and effort that you would have expended creating schedules for your different needs manually via paper or Excel.

With so many scheduler maker tools in the market, choosing the best one that serves your needs is no easy task. In this article, you will learn about 14 of the best free schedule maker tools to boost your productivity.

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Benefits of Creating a Schedule

Creating a schedule to guide your business or personal activities comes with a handful of advantages that can instantly boost your productivity.

1. Better Planning and Organization

A schedule involves you establishing a plan for your activities. It prepares your mind and helps you set the estimated amount of time, resources, and energy to satisfy your needs for those activities. You avoid worrying about missing out on your important activities as you know just exactly what you need to make it through the day.

2. Helps Accomplish the Important Task First

A schedule lets you place items and activities on a scale of preference. It helps you avoid the mistake of leaving the most important things for last.

You determine the activities or events that crucially need to be taken care of without any chance for postponement and place less important events down the ladder. In this way, you become more productive as you get the most important things done right on time.

3. Better Organization

Creating a schedule in a work situation undoubtedly becomes a necessity. As there are a lot of people involved, a schedule keeps everyone's activities organized and prevents clashes and loopholes in business operations.

4. Helps with Performance Evaluation

Performance evaluation also proves to be much easier with a schedule at hand. A schedule contains details about the various activities that need or were needed to be done.

This information serves as comparative data when determining if all business operations were completed accordingly or there remains an employee, department, or business process up for review.

Best Free Schedule Maker Tools

1. Calendly

Best Schedule Maker Tool with Best Client Scheduling Options

Calendly is the Best Schedule Maker Tool with Best Client Scheduling Options

Trusted by top brands like Twilio, Dropbox, and eBay, Calendly serves as the best choice to automatically and efficiently schedule your meetings and appointments

This scheduling software offers multiple features to simplify your whole appointment scheduling and keep you in control of your activities at all times.

To create your schedules, you provide Calendly with your availability preferences. You have the option of sharing a link to your calendar or embedding it in your website for visitors to pick a time that is convenient for them.

Calendly allows you to fix appointments with visitors that are comfortable for all parties without any human contact at all. You enjoy automatic reminders and reduce appointment cancellations by providing your clients with easy, modern, and fast scheduling done on their terms.


Calendly Pricing Plan

Calendly is available to you through four different plans: basic, premium, pro, and enterprise. The basic plan is suitable for individuals who are just getting started with the tool.

The premium plan is best for individuals and small teams that need access to Calendy’s premium features and customization. The pro plan is great for teams or businesses with extra scheduling needs. This plan allows you to manage up to 6 users and integrate Google Analytics.

The enterprise plan is suitable for large businesses that need advanced security, more control, and priority support. It comes with custom pricing and extended management capabilities.

2. Schedule Builder

Best Schedule Maker Tool with Multiple Customization Options

Schedule Builder is the Best Schedule Maker Tool with Multiple Customization Options

Schedule Builder Online (SBO for short) is an easy-to-use free web application for creating your weekly or daily schedules for any activity. It offers you multiple personalization options along the way. You have the option of simply adding activities directly to the schedule. Doing this, the schedule maker automatically adjusts its length to fit all your activities perfectly.

You personalize your schedule by customizing the background image, background color, and text color. There are also editing options to show or hide dates and for editing the position of time marks on the calendar.

When you are done creating your schedule, you have the option of either printing directly from the web application or downloading and exporting it in your preferred format. Some of the supported formats include PNG, PDF, or iCal.

You also get to save schedules on the web application and generate private links to them. Private links allow you to view and edit your schedules from anywhere. Sharing these links means you get to invite other members of your team to view and edit them with you.

Schedule Builder Online also presents you with a short video guide that takes you through the entire process. You get the much-needed help with creating your first schedule with the free tool.


Schedule Builder Online is available to use for free.

3. Airtable

Most User-Friendly Schedule Creation Options

Airtable is the Most User Friendly Schedule Creation Options

Trusted by over 200,000 businesses including Netflix, BuzzFeed, and Times, Airtable is a schedule maker that lets you set up calendars and reservations for people, rooms, or equipment.

This scheduling software offers you multiple drag-and-drop options to easily create your calendars and an option to organize your calendar using colors.

Airtable allows you to select one or more records in a grid view and display all of the related records on a calendar interface. You click and drag dates on the calendar to select a start and end time according to a set of constraints.

Users enjoy real-time collaboration options. It offers desktop, iOS, and Android apps for on-the-go schedule management, automation integrations, and a self-service knowledge base to get used to the application.

Airtable also presents you with automatic table syncing options. You also enjoy Salesforce external source syncing and custom branded forms, among a whole lot of other options.


Airtable Pricing Plan

Read more Airtable pricing

Alongside a free plan with limited features, Airtable is available to you through three paid plans: plus, pro, and enterprise.

The plus plan comes with automatic table syncing options. The pro plan comes with field and table editing permissions. The enterprise plan comes with custom pricing, extended personnel, and sales force management options. You also enjoy a free trial on all paid plans.

4. ZoomShift

Best Schedule Maker With Extensive Employee Management Options

ZoomShift is the Best Schedule Maker With Extensive Employee Management Options

ZoomShift is a schedule maker trusted by over 200,000 businesses including Amazon and available on both Android and iOS.

Designed for managing hourly employees specifically in the retail, restaurant, and food & beverage industries, the scheduling software lets you build your work schedule in minutes. It reduces payroll costs and ensures your team members show up on time.

With ZoomShift, you enjoy availability and easy management of employee time offs and shift swaps. Templates alongside drag and drop actions are also available to you for fast and easy schedule creation. Schedules are shared via text, push, and emails, and you get to send automatic reminders to team members before their shift starts.

ZoomShift allows you to invite your team to view their schedules, set their availability preferences, request time off, and pick up open shifts. You also take less time to sort your payroll. You have access to all of your timesheets and records online where they can be exported easily.

This scheduling software also presents you with tracking capabilities as well as ample customization options.


ZoomShift Pricing Plan

ZoomShift is available to you through three paid subscription plans: starter, premium, and enterprise. The starter plan comes with sufficient scheduling and time tracking for growing organizations.

The premium plan comes with a GPS time clock and overtime warnings, and the enterprise plan offers you API access and priority support. It is determined by a quote. All plans include unlimited team members, unlimited locations, and team discussion options, among others.

5. Google Sheets

Best Schedule Maker Tool With Team Collaboration Features

Google Sheets is the Best Schedule Maker Tool With Team Collaboration Features

Google Sheets is a free online spreadsheet for personal use that additionally allows you to create colorful charts and graphs. It comes with built-in formulas for automated actions.

With Google Sheets, you have access to pivot tables and conditional formatting options that help you save time and simplify common spreadsheet tasks.

A wide variety of budgets, schedules, and other pre-made spreadsheets are made available to you for free alongside quality collaboration options. With these options, individuals are permitted to either view, comment on, or edit spreadsheets.

You monitor edits made on your spreadsheets in real-time and add comments that go straight to a co-editor's email.

Google Sheets automatically saves all changes as you type. You are also provided access to a revision history where you see old versions of the same spreadsheet, sorted by date and who made the change. The software also works with Excel and provides you with insights by using the Explore panel.


Google Sheets Pricing Plan

For personal use, Google Sheets is available to you for free. However, for business use, you have access to it through Google Workspace. With this, you also get other Google apps to streamline your online business workflow as well as added security and control for teams.

6. nTask

Best Schedule Maker for Highly Professional Project Scheduling

nTask is the Best Schedule Maker for Highly Professional Project Scheduling 

nTask serves as a very competent software you can rely on. It enables your teams to collaborate, plan, analyze and manage everyday tasks.

This project management software presents you with a management module that helps you to seamlessly streamline your project planning, resource management, task dependencies, financial summary, and manage your project deliverables.

nTask also offers you custom statuses, pre-built board templates, and an unlimited number of Kanban boards. It allows you to link projects and assign tasks from within them. You also get to enjoy multiple useful collaboration features. These include a team chat option, bulk team invites, and dedicated workspaces.

For your task management activities, nTask presents you with multiple views including a list view, grid view, and calendar view. You get to view task status and set priorities. Users can also add multiple assignees, set planned and actual due dates, attach documents, and task comments to the created schedules.

This schedule maker additionally presents you with manual time entry options, an automatic timer, and multiple productive meeting manager features.


nTask is available to you through four plans: basic, premium, business, and enterprise. The basic plan is free and dedicated to freelancers. The premium plan is suitable for SMEs and startups.

The business plan is great for large corporate bodies, and the enterprise plan comes with custom pricing and a dedicated account manager, among others. The premium and business plans come with a 14-day free trial.

7. Shiftly

Best Schedule Maker Tool With Bulk Scheduling Capabilities

Shiftly is the Best Schedule Maker Tool With Bulk Scheduling Capabilities

Shiftly is a scheduling app dedicated to individuals or small businesses. It gives you the ability to schedule multiple employees within multiple shifts at the same time. This schedule maker comes with an intuitive design and drag and drop interface, making your scheduling activities simpler to handle.

With Shiftly, you have the option of assigning responsibilities and tasks to your employees within the application with schedules sent to each team member through emails.

This distribution method proves to be a downside to the tool but the time saved from creating your schedule undoubtedly helps you save a significant amount of time.


Shiftly Pricing Plan

Shiftly offers you a starter plan for free and a paid pro plan billed per staff.

8. Appoint.ly

Best Schedule Maker with Multiple Integrations And Branding Options

Appoint.ly is the Best Schedule Maker with Multiple Integrations and Branding Options

Appoint.ly is another scheduling software that helps you to efficiently avoid double bookings, back-and-forth emails and create your schedules and calendars within seconds.

With the schedule maker, you schedule 1-on-1 meetings with different individuals from anywhere. You save your time through automated scheduling processes and enjoy integrations with Google, iCloud, Outlook, Office 365, and Exchange calendar.

Shared links are available to you to easily create meetings that are convenient for all parties. You also have access to automated event notifications, time-zone synchronization, and a personal link to a webpage containing all your generated schedules and events.

Appointl.ly also presents you with extra schedule management options. You enjoy custom software development options, as well as custom API integration and brand customization options. Dedicated partner managers are also made available to you for professional guidance.


Appoint.ly Pricing Plan

You have access to Appoint.ly’s schedule maker through three plans: basic, pro, and enterprise. The basic plan is good for individuals managing small projects.

The pro plan is great for professionals and types handling different types of appointments. It comes with automated notifications. The enterprise plan offers you brand customization and API integration options.

9. Sling

Best Schedule Maker Tool With Custom Template Creation

Sling is the Best Schedule Maker Tool With Custom Template Creation

Offering an intuitive tool that allows you to easily and accurately create schedules and seamlessly manage your labor costs, Sling is another one you can count on.

This schedule maker tool allows you to create your schedules from scratch and create individual employee schedules. With the schedule maker, you can manage time off, availability, and shift trade requests from employees with just a few clicks.

Your experience using Sling is made more pleasing with its custom schedule template creation feature. You avoid tedious work and create new schedules from the scratch by saving schedules you have already created for future use.

Employees also get to create their own schedules which save you time. You display available shifts for employees to claim, with the tool automatically recording and implementing any changes.

Automated double-booking notifications are presented to you. You can view and approve schedule changes and requests in real-time through mobile apps.


Sling Pricing Plan

Sling is available to you through three different plans: free, premium, and business. The free plan gives you access to basic schedule employees.

The premium plan comes with a mobile time lock and labor cost management options. The business plan comes with a centralized time clock, PTO tracking, and reports.

10. Humanity

Best Rule-Based Schedule Maker

Humanity is the Best Rule Based Schedule Maker

Humanity is an online employee work schedule maker trusted by over 170,000 businesses worldwide. It enables you to efficiently manage schedules, employee availability, shift trades, and day-off requests.

This powerful and easy-to-use schedule maker tool offers you automated options to create your schedules without any form of conflict at all.

Schedules are created through drag and drop actions. With Humanity, you enjoy collaborative scheduling options and real-time schedule updates and budgeting reports.

Although automated, Humanity also serves as a rule-based schedule generator. What this means is that you get to set rules to maximize employee use and productivity while avoiding fatigue.

Users automatically generate employee schedules using past trends. You can create and manage multiple locations and departments with custom access and permissions, and forecast schedules through the point of sale data integrations.

Humanity supports integrations with external applications for a streamlined workforce management process. It also offers mobile applications for easy and on-the-go schedule management, among others.


Humanity Pricing Plan

Humanity is available to you through three plans: starter, classic, and enterprise. The starter plan offers basic scheduling features for teams. The classic plan is ideal for mid-sized companies and offers custom policies and workforce management integrations.

The enterprise plan comes with payroll exports, high-security compliance, and open API access. It is determined by a quote. Users enjoy a 30-day free trial on all plans.

11. HubSpot Meetings

Best Free Schedule Maker Tool with Salesforce Management Features

HubSpot Meetings is the Best Free Schedule Maker Tool with Salesforce Management Features

Hubspot also provides you with a reliable schedule maker through its HubSpot Meetings solution. Through this solution, you give your prospects or clients the chance to book meetings with you rather than you doing the outreach yourself. This is made possible because the tool’s integrations with Google and Office 365 calendars allow you to display your availability to the public.

Group meeting links are also available to your prospects and, as prospects schedule meetings, they are automatically added to your HubSpot contacts database.

You get to embed your calendar into your website and schedule meetings using emails. Overall, Hubspot Meetings serves as an appropriate solution for furthering the automation of your sales process.


HubSpot offers its meeting scheduler for free.

12. ClickUp

Best Schedule Maker for Managing Complex Projects

ClickUp is the Best Schedule Maker for Managing Complex Projects

Offering employee, slot tasks, and activity management options, ClickUp is another easy-to-use schedule maker that could prove useful to you. Through drag and drop functionality, you organize your teams and departments into different groups and assign them tasks without any difficulties.

ClickUp offers you over 35 applications to customize your task management activities. It also offers other features such as time-saving automation, sprint point assignments, and custom field data additions, among others. Your complex projects are also simplified by breaking them down into different levels of subtasks.

You can create folders for different parts of your work, then create lists and tasks within those folders for more specific descriptions. Employees are assigned tasks within these descriptions. There are also the options of providing exact details, files, and attachments to the task, so they are always on the right track.


ClickUp is available to you through two plans: free and unlimited. The free plan offers users 100MB of storage, unlimited tasks, and unlimited members. The unlimited plan comes with unlimited integrations and dashboards.

13. Shiftbase

Best Schedule Maker Tool With Multiple Schedule Organization Options

Shiftbase is the Best Schedule Maker Tool With Multiple Schedule Organization Options

Shiftbase presents you with a quick and easy scheduling tool that allows you to create your schedules directly from the main menu. You can organize your scheduling based on availability and absences, or based on labor costs, budget, and expected revenue.

This scheduling software allows you to save schedules to create easy repeat shifts and, when done, share editable schedules with your different employees.

A mobile app for on-the-go scheduling is made available to you as well as weather forecasts, team scheduling, and automatic clock-out options. Shiftbase also provides you with multiple detailed reports and employee contract and profile management capabilities.


Shiftbase Pricing Plan

Shiftbase is available to you through three different plans: free, starter, and premium. The free plan comes with limited features while the starter plan comes with time tracking and extended employee management.

The premium plan is the most complete solution. It offers skills management, weather forecast, and API access features, among others.

14. Doodle

Best Schedule Maker Tool With Very High Security

Doodle is the Best Schedule Maker Tool With Very High Security 

Doodle is an online scheduling tool that does not just help you to save time. It also properly communicates your availability to different clients and individuals spread across different time zones.

You keep your events, meetings, appointments, and activities private with the tool and invite individuals to help out without any registration required.

One-on-one meetings are easily and quickly set up with Doodle. Your guests have access to real-time information about your availability through its time block feature and you enjoy cross-platform partnerships with Google and Outlook calendars.

Doodle also provides you with direct plug-ins into web and video conferencing software such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom. Users also enjoy advanced integrations with Zapier and a Doodle API. You also enjoy compliant and secure AWS hosting and Cloudflare security.


Doodle Pricing Plan

Doodle is available to you through three paid plans: pro, team, and enterprise. The pro plan is suitable for one user. The team plan is best for five users and additionally comes with an admin module.

The enterprise plan is determined by a quote and comes with dedicated onboarding and user training and single sign-on, among others.

How to Choose the Best Free Schedule Maker?

With a barrage of scheduling software existing on the internet today, getting hold of a reliable one becomes a difficult task. Nonetheless, the best free scheduler maker tools in the market have certain features characteristic of them.

Choosing the best free schedule maker for your business requires you to compare your needs and what features best suit them.

1. Easy To Use

An intuitive layout and easy navigation are very important while choosing a scheduling software. Both staff and clients make use of these schedule-makers to create appointments for themselves. Ensuring that they will not run into brick walls is crucial for achieving maximum results.

For employees, an easy-to-use schedule maker means the software is properly utilized without a huge learning curve. This translates to more productivity and maximization of the cost of acquiring the software.

Some of the few features that define an easy-to-use software include drag and drop functionalities and color-coded calendars, among others.

2. Security

For businesses operating online, security serves as a top priority for businesses today. The security of your data, which includes the everyday activities of your company, employees, and even clients, is very crucial in scheduling software. A schedule maker even gathers information about payment details.

All these make it imperative that the software is highly secure. So what should you look out for? A schedule maker tool with ISO, GDPR, or CPI compliance is a good place to start. These certifications are indications of security services you can trust. Full encryption, cloud-based data storage, and high authentication requirements are also good to look out for.

3. Intuitive Client Booking Options

Appointments are not one-sided and every party needs to be available for them to be a success. A lot of schedule makers allow you to manage your employees extensively but only a few top software offer solutions for your clients to create appointments for themselves.

Schedule makers that allow you to display your calendars publicly to your clients and allow them to pick an available date that is suitable for both parties are the best options. An option like this will save you the time you spend reaching out to clients and organizing schedules as the software does it for you.

Alongside all these, other features to look out for include:

  • Multiple customization options,
  • Automation,
  • Mobile applications for on-the-go schedule management,
  • Workforce integrations,
  • Technical support,
  • Detailed reporting,
  • Client management options.

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