18 Best BPMS (Business Process Management Systems) in 2023

Updated Jul 18, 2023.
Best BPMS (Business Process Management Systems)

Are you tired of combing through all your business processes one by one to ensure they are well-performed?

Are you that business entrepreneur or team leader who has to spend hours and energy monitoring and tracking each process all day long?

Have you used every spreadsheet you could find to map out your business processes but it doesn't seem to deliver the results that you want?

Are you very stressed and heading towards burnt out?

Then, this article is for you!

Would you believe it if someone told you that there is software that solves all these problems and even provides better results?

It's no other than BPMS software, available for businesses in this 21st century.

Therefore, relax and let's go through 18 BPMS softwares that you can choose from, today.

You would know about the main features they offer and the benefits you can also derive from using them.

So, let's continue!

Best BPMS Software Solutions

1. Monday.com

Best Overall BPMS Software for Work Management

Monday.com is the Best Overall BPMS Software for Work Management 

Monday.com was launched in 2014 as a cloud-based work management platform which allows businesses to build their applications and manage their entire workflow.

It enjoys wide usage from over 100,000 companies worldwide including Adobe, BBC studios, and Coca-Cola.

Main Features


Choose from more than 200 templates to build your desired workflow and customize your workflow easily by selecting from 30 customizable column types.

Data Visualizations

See your data the way you want using different views such as Kanban, timeline, Gantt, map, calendar, and workload.


Create automation fast and automatically handle all tasks like getting notifications, creating items, and updating statuses.


Integrate easily with other third-party tools that you use and connect your data with more than 40 integrations.


Monday.com offers a variety of five different plans.

  • Individual plan which is free forever
  • Basic plan at $8 seat/month
  • Standard plan at $10 seat/month
  • Pro plan at $16 seat/month and the
  • Enterprise plan at custom pricing.


  • Unlimited boards and docs are available on all plans.
  • Availability of 24/7 live customer support
  • Over 200 templates are available
  • Save 18% when you subscribe yearly
  • Availability of a 14-day free trial plan

2. Wrike

Best BPMS Software for Collaborative Work Management

Wrike is the Best BPMS Software for Collaborative Work Management 

Wrike is a cloud-based project management software suitable for teams and used by 20,000+ companies including Dell and Google in more than 140 countries.

Main Features

Templates and Gantt Charts

Accelerate projects such as event management, onboarding and product delivery with the pre-built templates, use the Gantt charts to visualize plans and progress.

Artificial Intelligence

The embedded artificial intelligence allows you to explore intelligent features like work intelligence™️, voice commands and smart replies, document processing, smart automation and project risk prediction.


Maximize your collaboration level and explore features like visual proofing, shared team calendars and Wrike's digital asset management.


More than 400 integrations with other applications in different categories are available.


Read more Wrike pricing

Wrike has a free plan and other paid plans.

  • Professional at $9.80 per user/month
  • Business at $24.80 per user/month
  • Enterprise with custom pricing.

Also note that you can only subscribe annually for the Business and Enterprise plans.


  • Availability of a free plan with access to basic features like unlimited users, tasks and subtask management
  • Branded workspace feature and Salesforce integration is available on the business plan
  • Availability of a dedicated help center and interactive training platform, the Wrike Discover.
  • Derive maximum value by purchasing any of the add-on features
  • Availability of a 14-day free trial plan

3. Process Bliss

Best BPMS Software for Process Management

Process Bliss is the Best BPMS Software for Process Management

Founded in 2018 by Alister Esam and based in the United Kingdom, Process Bliss has provided services to about 20,000 customers in more than 40 countries worldwide.

Main Features

Process Bliss Library

Simplify the creation, finding and sharing of your process, policies and procedures.


Use the summary dashboards or detail reports to gain visual insights into your tasks' progress.


Communicate and collaborate together with your teammates while keeping the records of your discussions.

Process Feedback

Track process' feedback and review workflow analytics.


Increase productivity by integrating and automating with more than 2,000 applications.


Process Bliss Pricing Plan

Process Bliss mainly charges on a per user basis.

The single paid plan goes for $10 per user per month and it provides access to features like centralised process library, task management and workflow, compliance management, dashboards and reporting, and integrations.


  • Access to full template library on the paid plan
  • You are eligible for a discount, if you are a startup
  • Get two months free when you pay annually
  • You get free implementation assistance and premium support for your first month
  • Take a personal demo or free trial for 14 days.

4. Forecast.app

Best Software for Business Automation

Forecast.app is the Best Software for Business Automation

Forecast.app was founded in 2016 and it provides an AI-native platform for financial, resource, and project management.

Main Features

Work Automation

You can automate your project planning, assign automatic estimation, optimize your tasks, and build a solid project plan with the auto schedule feature.

Business Intelligence

Insights into past, present and future projects are automatically organized so you can make insightful decisions in no time.

Resource Management

Balance workload, schedule view, decide faster on the intelligent allocation of your resources and get an automatic calculation of your utilization rates.

Project Accounting

Get access to the right financial data and comprehensive view of your revenue, cost and profit of each project generated automatically.


Use the Forecast's sprints and workflow to build transparency into execution and enable your various teams to deliver the results that you want, fast.


Forecast.app Pricing Plan

Forecast.app offers three pricing plans.

  • Lite at $29 seat/ month
  • Pro at $49 seat/ month, and
  • Plus with custom pricing.

You can also try out any of the plans for free.


  • Get access to lots of features for work automation, resource management, and team collaboration, irrespective of the plan you choose.
  • Easily integrate with other third party tools like Zapier, Google Drive and Microsoft Teams
  • Enjoy the email and chat support on all plans.
  • GDPR compliances are available on all plans, including other security features like data encryption at rest and activity log.
  • Take a free trial or book a live demo easily

5. Kissflow

Best BPMS Software for Building Visual Workflows

Kissflow is the Best BPMS Software for Building Visual Workflows

Trusted by more than 10,000 customers including Hubspot, The Telegraph, and Motorola, Kissflow was founded in 2012 and it is headquartered in India.

Main Features

Data Access

Increase your speed and efficiency by accessing data from multiple devices.


Get access to easy-to-read information on every process in an intuitive summary format.

Field Types

Simply build a form by choosing from about 20 field types, advanced formulas, and drag-and-drop layouts.

Analytics and Reporting

Get important insights to dive into processes with custom reports, process metrics, and dashboards.

Visual Process Design

Build workflow visually and make changes when you want it.


Kissflow Pricing Plan

Kissflow has three pricing plans.

  • Basic at $10 per user/ month
  • Advanced at $9.90 per user/ month
  • Fully Loaded at $19 per user/ month

The Basic plan lets you access features like form and workflow designer, reporting and integration, and case management.

For the Fully Loaded plan, additional features are SAML, two factor authentication, advanced assignments and custom sub-domain.


  • Kissflow has a simple-to-use interface even if you don’t know how to code
  • Build custom forms easily to gather data from outside users
  • Integrate freely with other third-party applications using the Zapier tools and APIs.
  • SLA configuration is available on all plans
  • Take the free 14-day trial on all the available plans

6. Quixy

Best BPMS Software for Workflow Automation and Building of Enterprise-Level Applications

Quixy is the Best BPMS Software for Workflow Automation and Building of Enterprise Level Applications


Quixy BPMS software was founded in 2019 as a cloud-based business application platform for automating processes and workflows, building and designing enterprise applications with no-code.

Main Features

UI Builder

Build your preferred interface, design the user interface on a six-column layout, select from over 40 form fields and explore other advanced features such as calculate fields, grid controls,and subforms.

Task Management

Group tasks by status, created date, app and workspace, sort or filter the tasks with these elements and work on multiple tasks at once.

Data Sources

Combine data from many apps and data tables to generate reports that give comprehensive and insightful information of operations.

Quixy Simulator

Use the inbuilt simulator to test your app including testing for desktop and mobile versions.


Using API integrations, connectors and webhooks, push or pull data to and from third-party system's and  connect to them easily.


Quixy Pricing Plan

Quixy's pricing plans depend largely on the number of users, apps and workflows.

For a high number of users and a low number of apps and workflows, the solution plan is mostly suitable and it starts at $1000/month.

The platform plan which is suitable when the number of apps/workflows is high goes for $18/user/month and it begins with a minimum of 20 users.

You also have the Enterprise plan, ideally suitable for large organizations and where you have to contact the sales team for the pricing.


  • Unlimited workspaces, steps/workflow, and fields/app are available on all plans
  • Advanced dashboards and document generator are available
  • Access easily from your mobile devices with the android and iOS mobile app available on all plans
  • A free 14-day trail with access to most of the available features and a free personalized demo are present.
  • There is email, chat, and virtual technical support.

7. Qntrl

Best BPMS Software for Workflow Orchestration

Qntrl is the Best BPMS Software for Workflow Orchestration

Qntrl, a workflow orchestration and process automation platform was recently launched in April, 2021, by the popular Zoho technology company.

Main Features

Process Automation

Generate documents and assign requests automatically, automate workflow actions, and get regular updates and reports with schedules.

Process Mapping

Create and customize your forms, sort your process into stages, set up concurrently executable transitions and automate conditional processing easily.

Reports and Dashboards

Easily track and overhaul your processes with workflow duration and usage reports including custom reports like blueprint duration chart, blueprint usage report for transitions and stage utilization chart.

Process Extensibility

Use APIs, webhooks and custom functions, extensions and integrations to connect to enterprise systems such as ERPs payroll systems and accounting softwares.


Qntrl Pricing Plan

Qntrl has a free version which allows up to 5 users and 3 orchestrations.

The paid version is a single pricing plan known as the business plan and it charges $8/user/ month without restriction on the number of users or orchestrations.


  • A free version which lets you access more than enough features is available
  • Advanced assignment rules and messaging app integrations are available on all plans
  • Active directory integration, audit trail, and role-based access control are included in the available security features.
  • Rich integrations features like APIs and webhooks allow you to connect to third-party tools seamlessly
  • Take a free 15-day trail or request for a demo

8. Process Street

Best BPMS Software For Collaborative Workflow

Process Street is the Best BPMS Software For Collaborative Workflow

Apart from having more than 500,000 workflow collaborators and over 1,000 use cases, Process Street has also gained credible trust from companies like Salesforce, Wodify and Spotify.

Main Features

Forms and Documents

Easily gather structured data in your workflows using forms, create structured documents fast with intuitive keyboard shortcuts.


Simplify process that requires authorization by another person and create single instance, multi-stage or sequential approvals.

Conditional Logic

Using the adaptive if/then logic, easily create truly dynamic workflows.

Collaborative Workflow

Build and assign workflows to your team, track activity from the dashboard and get informed on the completion of tasks.


Connect with more than 1,000 apps with the Zapier integration.


Process Street Pricing Plan

On Process Street's free plan, you have access to features like up to 5 workflows, active workflow runs and full team members, 100 automation runs/month.

The paid plans include the Pro plan at $25 per user/month and the enterprise plan which offers custom pricing.


  • A free version, free for teams of various sizes is available
  • Unlimited free team members and pages are available on all plans
  • Subscribe yearly and save up to 17%
  • Priority support, training and strategy consultation is available on any of the paid plans.
  • A 14-day free trial which allows you to try out the Pro version features is available.

9. ProWorkflow

Best BPMS Software for Remote Team Collaboration

ProWorkflow is the Best BPMS Software for Remote Team Collaboration

Created in 2002 and acquired by Proactive Software Limited in 2003, ProWorkflow is a web-based project management, workflow and time management software.

Main Features

Task and Workflow

Explore different flexible task types and customizable templates, custom categories, view and grouping to satisfy your requirements.


Take advantage of detailed standard and custom reporting tools to make better decisions and stay updated.

File Sharing

Upload and share files with whoever you want.

Resource Management

Visualize workload across your business team and allocate tasks easily.


Connect easily with accounting, automation and file storage integrations.


ProWorkflow Pricing Plan

There are two pricing plans on ProWorkflow.

  • Professional at $20 per month/per user
  • Advanced at $30 per month/per user.

Up to 25GB file storage is available on the professional plan while about 50GB file storage is allowed on the advanced plan.


  • Unlimited projects are available on all plans
  • Contacts manager which allows contacts' import and export is present on all plans
  • A 10% discount is available on the annual pricing plan
  • Setup cost is free including client and contractor access which is also free and unlimited
  • Take a free trial on any of the plans

10. ProcessMaker

Best Open-Source and Simple-To-Use BPM and Workflow Automation Software

ProcessMaker is the Best Open Source and Simple To Use BPM and Workflow Automation Software

ProcessMaker has now become a leading software for BPM and Workflow automation after it was created in October, 2000.

Being an open source software, it has seen a considerably large number of downloads over millions of times.

Main Features


Have a clear and quality view of your workflows running in the form of dashboards.

Forms and Display Screen

Designs forms and display screens utilized in workflows.

Digital Process Orchestration

Designing and deployment of sophisticated business processes is made easier with the low-code platform.

Workflow Automation

Take manuals out of your business processes by automating tasks and processes across multiple departments and systems.

Process Modeler

Drag and drop tasks and decision points, and add in your forms, users, and data connectors.


ProcessMaker Pricing Plan

ProcessMaker pricing plans are categorized into App, Standard, Enterprise and Custom.

The app which is for single process automation offers a flat rate, per user/per case billing options while the Standard plan, most suitable for workflow automation, starts at $1,495 per month billed annually.

The Enterprise plan, ideal for enterprise low-code iBPMs and case management begins from $2,479 per month and you also have the Custom plan suitable for white label and OEM.

Note that you can still contact sales on any of the plans.


  • Easily build various charts and reports
  • Process designer and engine, screen and script designer and 100% RESTful API are available
  • Single sign-on and custom domain are present on the Enterprise plan
  • Availability of Business Activity Monitoring(BAM) on Standard and Enterprise plans.
  • You can book a demo or watch a video display of the ProcessMaker platform.

11. Trisotech

Best BPM software for Business Modelling and Automation

Trisotech is the Best BPM software for Business Modelling and Automation

Created in 1996, Trisotech as a business process management software provides three main products which are digital enterprise suite, digital modelling suite, and digital automation suite.

Main Features

Digital Automation Suite

Here, you can find the service library and other features such as workflow automation, case automation, decision automation and cloud execution.

Digital Enterprise Graph

This works by abstracting all model types to a common set of graph objects in a bid to combine multiple types of information models.

Workflow Modeler

Represent binary data with a file type, create a new collection of data with one click, easily reopen or delete a closed issue.

Insight Analyzer

Filter search in the accelerator panel by element type, load large and empty graphs smoothly and get comprehensive information from the summary, details, analyze and alignment tabs.


Trisotech does not give any information on its available plans or subscriptions.

So you might have to contact them directly if you want to buy the software.

Although, you can still request a demo or take the free trial which lets you access all the digital modeling suite features.


  • Seamlessly combine the digital enterprise graph with other AI technologies
  • Free visio templates which lets you create stunning visual representations of your operations are available
  • Use the software where you want; public, private or hybrids including on-premises
  • The quick start program gives you access to a 2-day mentoring by a Trisotech expert
  • Request for a demo or take the free trial to know all about the software

12. IBM Blueworks Live

Best BPMS Software for Process Modeling

IBM Blueworks Live is the Best BPMS Software for Process Modeling

IBM Blueworks Live was launched in November, 2010 by the giant technology company, IBM as a cloud-based software and It's completely integrated with IBM's BPM product.

Main Features

Drag-and-Drop Mapping

Add steps, drag and drop to reorder the flow, and easily generate a process map with a single click.


Work synchronously in a shared workspace without compromising smooth real-time communication and automated change notifications.


Automatically convert layout maps to BPMN 2.0 or different formats.

Workflow Storage

Use the single map repository to get rid of version problems and enable access from anywhere on all business processes.


Assign permissions by license type and user group and stay in control of user access.


IBM Blueworks Pricing Plan

IBM Blueworks Live's pricing plans are categorized according to the deployment modes, such as the cloud-based solution and private service.

The on-demand cloud-based solution starts at $53 per user per month while you would have to contact the sales team for the dedicated private service's pricing.

Licensing options for editor, contributor, and viewer are also available.


  • The software is cloud-based so you don't have to install or maintain anything
  • Choose from about 200 process map templates
  • Video tutorials are available within the process mapping environment
  • A documentation that provides comprehensive descriptions of features available in IBM Blueworks Live is available
  • Availability of a 30-day free trial and a demo series

13. iGrafx

Best BPM Software for Process Analysis and Simulation

iGrafx is the Best BPM Software for Process Analysis and Simulation

iGrafx was founded in 1987 and it currently provides solutions like process modeling, process discovery and optimization, process compliance, process knowledge management, business architecture and risk management.

Main Features

Analysis Reporting

Analyze process behavior with individual and aggregated statistics, and view simulation results through tabular and graphical reports.

Stream Mapping

Easily create classic or extended value stream maps, edit your VSMs, share them with other teammates, and take advantage of automatic calculations, data roll-up, and work balancing graphs.

Intelligent Diagramming

Create and edit process maps with rich templates and features, and design diagrams that deliver what you want all with a few clicks.

Visio® Import

Convert Microsoft® Visio® diagrams to iGrafx format and perform process modeling and simulation accurately and efficiently.

Resource Modeling

Model resources and assign them to your process activities, and discover optimal changes through comprehensive analysis.


iGrafx Pricing Plan

To use the iGrafx platform, you would have to contact the sales team for information on subscription-based pricing.

However, the iGrafx process costs $1,792 for a single quantity. The iGrafx process maintenance for 1 year costs $359 while the process maintenance for 2 years costs $681.


  • Use iGrafx simulation tools to carry out advanced static and dynamic analysis
  • Availability of web and mobile access to increase collaboration
  • Share iGrafx diagrams or processes with your teammates as PDF documents or HTML
  • Take a free trial of the iGrafx platform solution and iGrafx desktop solution
  • Availability of iGrafx superior technical support which provides free online remote maintenance

14. K2 Platform

Best BPMS Software for Creating Workflows

K2 Platform is the Best BPMS Software for Creating Workflows

K2 business process automation platform was founded in 2002 although it has now been acquired by the Nintex company.

It has been deployed by various companies including Microsoft.

Main Features


Easily and visually create workflows to handle structured and unstructured processes using various patterns like rework and looping.

Data Sources

Connect with the data you need  by integrating existing systems and tools into your applications.

Digital Forms

Create and connect SmartForms to your workflows, build forms, embed voice, chatbots, and social channels into your forms, and reuse them across any application.

Reporting and Analytics

Leverage on real-time process insights and performance metrics to track and improve your applications through customizable reports and dashboards


K2 Platform Pricing Plan

The K2 software begins under $2,000 per month for 100 users and it contains features like K2 application management, K2 reporting and Nintex K2 SmartObjects integration framework, process automation and orchestration.

You'd have to request a quote if you want the K2 software Enterprise which contains all the K2 software features including additional premier support.


  • On-premises and cloud-hosted deployments are available
  • Use pre-built connectors or create your own using a JavaScript-based custom broker to connect to any business system
  • Availability of mobile access through the K2 mobile app
  • Try out K2 platform freely for 30 days or request a demo
  • Simply request a quote if you would like to know more about the platform and pricing.

15. Nintex

Best BPMS Software for Process Management and Automation

Nintex is the Best BPMS Software for Process Management and Automation

Nintex was founded in 2006 and it has gained over 10,000 customers including half of the fortune 500 companies.

Main Features

Data Visualization

Pinpoint potential process improvements with data visualization through dashboards and track your processes quickly and effectively.

Process Mapping

Update your process mapping and automation using data-driven insights.

Workflow and RPA Bots

Easily use workflows and robotic process automation to automate manual and repetitive workflow.

DocGen® and eSign

Generate documents automatically and enable e-signatures effortlessly

Forms and Mobile

Capture information from mostly anywhere without needing or using paper works.


Integrate your mostly-used and preferred business apps such as Office 365, Salesforce, Adobe, and Servicemax into your workflows and drive your automated processes fluidally.


Nintex Pricing Plan

Nintex's pricing plans are available based on Nintex process management and automation products.

  • Nintex Promapp standard starting under $955
  • Nintex Promapp enterprise starting under $1,405.
  • Nintex workflow standard starting at $910 per month
  • Nintex workflow enterprise starting under $1,400 per month.

Nintex RPA and Nintex Sign® are also available.


  • Access the Nintex analytics on the Nintex workflow enterprise
  • Nintex mobile app is available for all Nintex workflow versions
  • Easily create your connector for integration purposes using the Nintex Xtensions® framework.
  • Volume-based discounts are available
  • A 30-day free trial plan is available and you can likewise request a demo.

16. Creatio

Best BPM Software for Customer Relationship and Process Management

Creatio is the Best BPM Software for Customer Relationship and Process Management

Creatio which was firstly released in February, 2011 now operates in over 100 countries globally and it's available in about 17 languages.

Main Features

Studio Creatio

Use the studio creatio low-code platform to create custom applications which suitably meet your business needs and requirements

Functionality Templates

Select from the available OOTB functionality templates and use directly without any modifications

Process Design and Execution

Design your processes effortlessly and efficiently and ensure your workflows and tasks are well-executed.

Al/ML models

Drive your automation process with better and well-informed decisions replicated by the Al/ML models.


Creatio Pricing Plan

There are two editions on the Creatio studio platform and they are Studio Enterprise and Studio free.

You can sign up to get the Studio free which contains features such as process design, process documentation and collaboration.

Additional features available in the Studio enterprise which you can try out for free are process execution, Al/ML models, advanced analytics, OOTB functionality templates and templates.

Note that the Studio Creatio enterprise edition costs $25 per user/month and it's available for cloud and on-site deployments.


  • Easily deploy the available low-code development capabilities to build custom apps
  • Self-service access to the Creatio community, academic, and knowledge base is available on all support services plans.
  • Phone support and live screen sharing are available for the Business and Premium support services plans.
  • There is a mobile app and advanced analytics for the Studio enterprise edition
  • Availability of a free 14-day trial plan and live demo request option

17. Novacura

Most Suitable BPM Software for Building and Optimizing Business Processes

Novacura is the Most Suitable BPM Software for Building and Optimizing Business Processes

Founded in February 2005, Novacura is a business management platform that is now available in 9 countries and on 3 continents.

Main Features

Low-Code Editor

Draw your process in the accessible low-code editor to have a ready-to-use workflow.

Workflows Library

Choose any workflow that you want from the rich library of available pre-built workflows like fault reporting, job safety analysis, and warehouse picking lists.

Multi-User Applications

Build different enterprise applications, convert your processes and workflows into multi-user applications, utilize sub-workflows and simply run tasks in parallel.

Flow Studio

Easily test-run your apps inside the flow studio and implement ideas faster.


For a custom business application, all you need to do is to connect your workflow to your ERP or business system and run your applications on various devices that you use.


Even though Novacura has not made the pricing information available, you can request a demo and contact them directly to get information about the pricing and other services that they offer.


  • Availability of fully featured scanning support for Android, iOS and Windows CE
  • Availability of an extensive library of ready-to-use workflows
  • Integrate intelligent business apps directly with your ERP systems
  • Work offline when you want using the flow apps
  • More than 30 connectors including API, REST, and SOAP are available
  • Build and connect your own connectors to the Novacura flow

18. OnBase by Hyland

Best BPM Software for Simplifying Your Business Processes

OnBase by Hyland is the Best BPM Software for Simplifying Your Business Processes

Onbase is a content and process management software suite, developed by Hyland software which has more than 25 years of enterprise experience.

Main Features


Get immediate visibility into the real-time status of your business processes by configuring dashboards with BPM tools.

Workflow Automation

Without using any form of custom coding, automate business processes easily by using the provided set of configurable rules and actions.

Electronic Forms

Utilize features like data validation, required fields, and calculations with instant results to increase the accuracy of your information and eliminate paperwork by customizing electronic forms to your desired taste.

Automated Notifications

Automatically notify users of immediate actions during major business processes and ensure the fast delivery of email notifications through automated processes.

Dynamical Process Approval

Allow users to configure rules useful for the evaluation of documents and dynamic assignment of approvals.


To know about Onbase's pricing, you would have to contact them directly by filling out a form available on their website.

You can also explore the available on-demand demo which provides tailored user experiences for every use case.


  • Specially set up different business applications comprising dynamic case management and process automation
  • Use automation and machines learning to transform processes and make better decisions
  • Embed Hyland capabilities into your applications to integrate with internal and external systems easily
  • Easily deploy Onbase in the cloud without compromising its strengths and securities
  • Availability of Onbase mobile apps for mobile devices including iPad, iPhone and Android.

How to Choose the Best Business Process Management System

Here are factors you've got to consider so you can choose the best BPMS software for your business.

1. Business Needs

Your business needs would determine to a large extent, the exact business process management system that you should choose.

Before you choose a particular BPMS software, you have to answer the big question which is “What do you hope to achieve with a BPMS software?”

You should be able to state in clear terms the function that you intend to use your would-be BPMS software for.

Are you just concerned with BPMS software that would handle your workflows and optimize your processes?

What BPMS does for your business
Source: Integrify

Then, you can choose from many BPMS software in the market.

Since they all work to ensure your business processes are well carried out quickly.

Better still, do you specifically need documentation and digital forms in BPMS software?

Then, you should be on the lookout for BPMS software that will allow you to generate documents, electronic forms and signatures automatically without requiring any special efforts on your part.

Ensure you are well aware of what you want in BPMS software.

2. Available Budget

The next factor you should meet on this checklist is your available budget.

How much do you plan to spend on BPMS software?

How long do you want to use BPMS software?

You need to know how much you can spend on BPMS so you can choose the best BPMS software that won't cause a heavy strain on your budget.

Since the price varies from vendor to vendor, it's crucial you choose a BPMS software that you can afford now and in the long run, depending on your business' growth rate.

However, I would advise you to dedicate a significant portion of your budget to purchasing good BPMS software.

The reason is that it offers you lots of long and short-term benefits.

Dedicate a sizable amount to BPMS software in your budget, and your business would be better for it now and later.

3. Preferred Deployment Method

Here, you have to decide on how you want to use the services of BPMS software.

There are majorly two deployment methods and they include cloud and on-premises.

Cloud deployment simply means all your data is stored on the servers of your chosen vendor and you don't have to install or maintain any hardware.

On-premises deployment is simply the opposite; you install the necessary hardware, store all your data on them and maintain them as at when due.

Presently, many businesses increasingly use various cloud services provided by top cloud service providers and other associated cloud solutions like cloud storage services, cloud analytics providers and cloud web hosting services.

And you can also implement a cloud-based BPMS software for your business as it allows you to save up your budget and focus on other important business areas.

Impact of using the cloud on your business
Source: GlobalDots

However, you can still go for the traditional on-premises deployment method provided you have the required financial resources and manpower to install and maintain the necessary hardware.

4. Level of Expertise and Technical Know-how

Generally, BPMS software which are used to perform common process management functions like automation and document generation are not complicated to set up or use.

This is necessary to keep users from having to comb through a difficult interface during usage.

You may, however, discover that other high-level BPMS software for performing specific tasks like building custom applications requires some technical expertise or experience.

Therefore, the level of your expertise and technical know-how matters a lot if you want to have a smooth experience when using these special types of BPMS software.

Generally, ensure you know the ins and outs of BPMS software before choosing one.

You can do this by taking advantage of training and programs provided by some BPMS software' vendors.

5. Customer Support

No matter how good BPMS software is, no matter the number of features it provides, if the customer support is bad, you could still have a negative experience with the BPMS software.

Therefore, consider choosing a BPMS software that has reliable customer support which you can easily contact during unforeseen periods.

Some BPMS vendors offer support packages that allow you to step up your support experience and enjoy other premium support services all by paying a certain fee.

How do you know the BPMS software that offers good customer support and the ones that don't?

This is where the trial plans come into play.

You can opt for any of the available trial plans and unsubscribe anytime you want if the support services are not up to your expectations or demands.

Business Process Management Systems FAQ

What Does BPMS Mean?

BPMS is an acronym for Business Process Management System/Software/Suite. 
It is primarily concerned with how business processes are well-managed, modeled, and executed through automated and computerized means. 
For example, let's assume you want to employ more employees in your business.

A BPMS comes in handy to ensure a fluid flow of the employees' onboarding process, i.e from managing candidates' applications to tracking candidates' performance during test interviews.

Other processes that can be easily carried out with BPMS are account management, project management, and budget reporting.

What is BPMS software?

A BPMS software is a digital tool that allows you to create, manage, track and optimize business processes and workflows. 

And it comes with different features which enable you to carry out all these functions. 
For example, you can create a visual workflow of an individual process and track the progress and performance on dashboards and custom reports. 

You can automate simple processes to avoid carrying out repetitive tasks manually.
A typical BPMS software also comes with digital forms and document generators which allows you to connect forms to your workflows and generate documents seamlessly. 

Integrating BPMS software with other third-party systems and tools that you use is also simple and productive.

What’s the Difference Between BPM and BPMS?

While BPM stands for Business Process Management, BPMS means Business Process Management System or Software

The major difference between them is that business process management is a fundamental business discipline that involves all the methodologies and approaches which are used for the effective modeling, analysis, measurement, automation, tracking, and optimization of business processes. 

On the other hand, business process management software ensures the practical delivery of business process management functions by allowing users to create, model, analyze, automate and execute workflows.

What are the Benefits of BPM?

There are many benefits of business process management and one of them is the increased collaboration it provides.

Through BPM, business users can easily collaborate on different workflows, work in a shared workspace and share files with preferred audiences. 

Likewise, BPM helps in the prudent management of time and resources

Since users don't have to perform repetitive tasks manually, they can save up time and work on other business projects that matter.

BPM also ensures fast and better decision making processes which lead to increased business reputation

Process optimization and risk management are some other benefits of BPM.

What is the Difference Between BPM Software and Workflow Software?

The difference between BPM software and workflow software is that BPM software is used to manage the entire workflows and interconnected processes of a business organization. 

Workflow software, on the other hand, is concerned with the management and optimization of tasks and workflows in a particular business department or unit. 

Most times, BPM software also allows users to carry out the major function of workflow software which is workflow management.

Other additional features in BPM software are advanced reporting, dashboards, notifications, and workflows.

How is BPM Software Different from ERP?

BPM software differs from Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in that BPM software is mainly focused on the optimization of business processes while ERP systems contain embedded applications used to collect and store data from various business operations. 

BPM software additionally provides business analysis and can support and manage ERP systems. 
BPM software provides more functions than ERP although they both work together to ensure efficiency and fast business growth.

Which BPMS Software Should I Pick?

Pick a BPMS software that ticks all the boxes for important requirements such as your budget, business needs, and customer support.

Moreso, you should choose BPMS software that has top-notch security and provides enterprise-level confidentiality for your business information.

Additionally, here are major use cases of different BPMS software available in the market today.

You can try out the free versions or trial plans of two to three BPMS software to see the one that you can use for a long period.

Overall, purchasing BPMS software is fundamental to setting up your business for growth and success.

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