5 Smart Project Management Examples to Inspire You at Work

Updated Aug 7, 2023.
Project Management Examples

As a project manager, you need a wide variety of skills to help position you for a successful project management journey.

A combination of the right skills and best project management tools are required for the success of every agile project management process.

According to the Project Management Institute (PMI), the most successful project managers recognize that the success of a project management plan requires efficient management of all project management processes and skills such as leadership and critical thinking.

Practical tools such as project management software and work management tools boost your chances of delivering successful projects.

Here are some brilliant project management examples to inspire you at work.

1. Streamlining Communications with Smartsheet

Smartsheet - Welcome to modern work management

Communication is vital for the success of every business and organization. Effective communication provides the proper environment for employees to be productive at what they do and stay motivated.

Domino’s is an example of an organization that delivers company communications faster and more effectively with Smartsheet.

With 17,000 stores across 90+ countries around the globe and a workforce of over 350,000, streamlining communication among the crew would go a long way in improving the overall company efficiency.

Before sticking with Smartsheet for managing projects and guaranteeing success, Domino struggled to get its communication, collaboration, marketing, and event management running simultaneously without one impeding the other’s outcome.

Domino’s is now an industry leader using Smartsheet to streamline its kitchen processes and simplify its online ordering and delivery network for a much-improved customer experience.

Smartsheet - quote


The objective of using Smartsheet to streamline your organization's communications falls under a number of the under-listed purposes below:

Reduction of Information Overload

Smartsheet helps an organization's internal communication team effectively manage their communication network by streamlining communication based on a need-to-know and level of importance basis.

If properly facilitated, important information such as updates on new technology, programs, and changes to the existing process helps reduce the information shared with key stakeholders for improved project performance.

Provision of Timely Updates

Smartsheet streamlined communication network is designed to provide all quarters of a business organization with regular updates on new processes, technologies, and changes that can significantly affect future projects and put them on the same page.

Key stakeholders get knowledge of major decisions and organizational changes for increased effectiveness.

Increased Read Rates

Smartsheet improves how your organization's team communicates and the average read rate of your organization's newsletters.

With its streamlined messaging function, more strategic project approach, and communication plan, your team is poised to post higher numbers in the newsletter read department.


Opening multiple communication channels for faster and more thorough dissemination of crucial company information is not efficient for streamlining your communications.

With multiple communication channels, it can be difficult to send out the same information numerous times to the same individual across several channels.

The downside of sending repetitive messages is that individuals tend to ignore such messages, thereby overlooking important information in such statements.

With multiple communication channels issuing the same messages to the team, there is likely to be an information gap. Instead of being more informed, the team will turn out less informed due to information overload.


The most effective way of turning the issue of using multiple channels to disseminate information to your team to an advantage is by restructuring the workings around your several communication channels.

Capitalizing on the Smartsheet feature allows you to create a project plan that guides the communication team.

With this feature and the project plan, the communication team can centralize announcements and newsletter topics on a single calendar platform that can be easily accessible by all project team members.

You can solve the issue of bombarding channels with information and losing the attention of your team members with an effective project schedule. A project schedule helps the project manager guide the activities of the project team.

2. Scaling Operations Globally with Monday.com

Monday.com - A platform built for a new way of working

McChrystal Group is a company that uses the Monday.com work OS to scale its operations globally and get its mid-market businesses running faster and more efficiently.

As witnessed by many corporations, effectively scaling a new service after its successful launch is no easy task and is often plagued by several difficulties.

With the corona pandemic in 2020, the McChrystal group needed to find an effective way of keeping their global operations running even with the stay-at-home directive.

With no prior company-wide project management system, the McChrystal group desperately needed a platform to scale its operations globally amidst the pandemic.

Eventually, McChrystal group chose Monday.com as its project management software to help use its CRM feature to build new sales pipelines due to the pandemic. Monday.com helps with managing project risk, resource allocation, and time tracking.

Monday.com - quote


Here are some objectives to consider when deciding which project management tool to scale your operations globally.

Improve Organization-Wide Use

Monday.com covers all aspects and users of your business operations. Their help significantly reduces time wastage and ensures work is centralized on a single platform.

Effective Building Blocks

Using the Monday.com platform to scale your business operations needs and assist your teams in carrying out their project activities makes your work easier.

This work OS tool helps you manage all project lifecycle phases, including the project planning and project execution phase.

Structured Data Store

Monday.com helps you capture data so other users can easily understand and use it. You get to see when a teammate completes a given task.


Use of Ineffective Tools for Really Complex Projects

Spreadsheets, documents, and presentation slides are the tools and methods used by individuals and teams on different platforms to carry out various tasks and activities of business operations.

These project management methods do not favor really complex projects and team collaboration. Dealing with frequent operational changes, simultaneous users, and specific project requirements are factors that these methods fail to deliver on.

Unlike integrating Monday.com into your business operations to help scale your operations on the global stage, opting for the spreadsheet method has wasted time for several organizations.

The problem with the spreadsheet method is that it is prone to crashing and is grossly inefficient in scaling your operations on a global level.


Organizations need an effective tool to streamline their business operations, especially those that conduct their operations worldwide.

With a wide range of project management tools already in use, the platform needed for its scaling operations need to integrate well with other media.

A platform that can effectively track updates in real-time, aid effective collaboration, and handle all business operations and project risk management is required to improve project management processes.

Monday.com is an effective tool that allows team members to communicate and collaborate well with each other irrespective of location barriers.

Choosing Monday.com opens your business to a wide range of scaling operation options to guarantee project success. Monday.com uses the agile project management methodology to bring flexibility and increased productivity throughout the project lifecycle.

3. Creating an Ad Campaign with Wrike

Wrike - Remove barriers, find clarity, exceed goals

Texas Rangers is an example of an organization that uses Wrike to help create its ad campaigns. Majorly a professional American major league baseball club, Texas Rangers is fast-growing its capacity with over 300 employees and 15 departments under its watch.

Several marketing needs include providing support to team events and creating initiatives. Wrike helps the marketing teams provide the needed assets and ad campaigns to support their initiatives and campaigns across the entire organization.

Wrike - quote


Break Clients Campaign

Wrike is designed to help you break your overall client campaigns into simpler and manageable phases to make them easier to execute.

Track Performance

You can track lead data and the performance of your client's campaigns on the Wrike project management software.


As witnessed with Texas Rangers and many business organization processes regarding their marketing campaigns, it is plagued by disorganized requests.

There is no structure or automation mechanism to collate and collaborate tasks to a central location for better management.

An unclear project timeline is one of the significant problems of any project process, as it is difficult for clients to see value in your organization. This problem is bad for your organization's productivity outlook if it is not addressed thoroughly.

The campaign visibility of your organization is crucial as it plays a significant role in ensuring you deliver project deliverables on or before set deadlines.


A digital work solution to create a transparent workflow process is required. It is becoming more challenging to track and collaborate on feedback and decisions made through emails.

Wrike, through its unique Ad campaign mechanism, uniquely designed the problem of disorganized requests and unclear timelines head-on.

With its interactive Gantt charts feature, you can boost your campaign visibility and have an overview of your project processes. This software tool helps you spot potential roadblocks early and avoid them before they negatively affect your project success outlook.

Wrike offers a series of marketing campaign plan templates to help you streamline your business requests, eliminating disorganized requests.

You can automate most of the project work with Wrike. Project managers are left with assigning an individual team member to specific roles and functions.

4. Standardizing Processes with ClickUp

ClickUp- One app to replace them all

As is often witnessed with organizations operating across the length and breadth of the globe, providing consistency in serving delivery to customers from various situated locations is very difficult to accomplish.

Wake Forest University is an example of an organization that used ClickUp to standardize its processes.

Other departments use various platforms, with each department's project teams opting for their workflow style. The main disadvantage is that it brings confusion and inconsistency to the organization's operations.

With the help of ClickUp dashboards and Gantt chart tools, the project lifestyle of Wake Forest University has been preserved. Team members can now work cohesively with minimal project risks for a successful project.

ClickUp - quote


The aims of incorporating a standardized process into your business operations are:

Build the Perfect Workflow

ClickUp can help build the perfect workflow for your business operation and ensure a standard process. With tools like list, box, Gantt charts, and calendar view, ClickUp helps manage your resources and create a typical workflow for your business operations.

Track Progress

ClickUp helps the team plan smarter and keep track of critical insights. You get to see all your operational activities via its dashboard feature, which enables you to stay on track to achieve your project deliverables and track your project progress.


The problem of standardizing your business processes arises because companies need to expand their operations into new target environments.

Keeping fluid parts under control becomes more challenging when there are new expansions.

Expansion often leaves organizations vulnerable to several factors, unable to deal with all the essential details. With the growing numbers, the project team becomes stretched thin, and project managers are tasked with the balancing act.

The meticulous details that make an organization stand out are often overlooked when organizations intend to test new waters in new locations. This problem is what ClickUp is designed to solve.


ClickUp offers a high degree of consistency in your business operations, irrespective of the location.

By offering detailed and precise process documentation of your business operations, ClickUp provides a platform that makes all your business processes efficiently and universally accessible for a standardized process.

Guidelines containing how teams are expected to go about their various activities are included on the ClickUp platform making your overall business process more efficient.

ClickUp offers templates to spell out how to go about and what is expected of a project or process.

5. Managing Internal Workflows and External Clients with Teamwork

Teamwork Projects - Run your client work in the only platform that’s actually built for it

The Ireland website design brand is one of the many project management examples of organizations using Teamwork for improved service delivery. This company's main operation is digital marketing and branding for several businesses worldwide.

With the need to make every client's website unique, search engine friendly, engaging, and give out maximum productivity, Ireland's website design needed a project management platform to help it carry out its intended service delivery criteria.

Now one of the most respected IT firms in the world, its vast success leap in the website design world can be attributed significantly to Teamwork.

Teamwork - quote


Teamwork helps organizations achieve the following project goals concerning their operational processes:


With Teamwork, people involved and external parties are held accountable for their activities and performances of their assigned tasks. Accountability prevents the risk of scope creep.

Scope creep occurs when new requirements are added to the project timeline after project initiation. Teamwork makes it easy to track many tasks simultaneously.

Better Workflow Management

This project management tool affords users seeking to improve their business operations and boost productivity the option of better workflow management.

With Teamwork managing your business's processes, your project's objectives are guaranteed a successful outcome.


Organizations are composed of project teams with distinct skill sets and specialties. Like the Ireland website design company, your organization would need an effective method to collaborate better and centralize its workflow.

The problem generally arises when finding a platform to help manage existing and new projects in your organization. It is difficult for the team to manage multiple projects simultaneously and simplify repeated processes.

Your project team needs a broad access and visibility network to carry clients along the project phase and ensure proper accountability.

In other words, you need a software tool to help create a well-detailed workflow that is accountable and can readily support the team's workflow to give out the best service delivery option.


As experienced by every organization in its growth phase, a more structured and comprehensive project management approach is required.

Teamwork helps your teams streamline and optimize their internal and external project processes. It is uniquely suited to manage your team's diverse skill sets, specialties, specific scope, and complex projects within your project scope.

This project management software provides a sense of accountability for internal team members and external clients. With this, clients can access the time logged on tasks about their projects.

On the other hand, project managers can plan better on managing available resources or seek additional resources to improve the work processes.

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