18 Best Teamgantt Alternatives for Project Management in 2022

Updated Dec 5, 2022.

Contrary to what its name might suggest, TeamGantt offers much more than just Gantt charts. 

This versatile project management tool includes many of the most important project management features in an intuitive, easy-to-use package, including features for team collaboration, calendars, timesheets, and shared team calendars, among others. 

One thing that makes it great for teams of all experience levels is the fact that it is very user-friendly and easy to learn. It’s an excellent choice for any team, but it does come with many flaws. 

For some, the flaws might be nothing at all. But for others, they might be dealbreakers. The purpose of this article is to expose those flaws to you and show you what your options are—18 of them—when it comes to alternatives to TeamGantt.

Why Look For an Alternative to TeamGantt?

Just as there are many things to love about TeamGantt, there are also quite a few things to temper your optimism about this software if you’re considering buying it. Let’s take a look at a few of them:

1. No Financial Tracking and Management Features

Every project has a budget and the project manager must ensure that the project is delivered within budget. As such, most project management solutions include built-in budgeting and financial tracking features. 

But TeamGantt doesn’t for some reason and that is less than ideal. If you must use TeamGantt and still need budgeting features, then you’ll have to pay for a separate accounting or budgeting software.

2. Potentially Expensive Pricing

Compared to most other project management applications on the market, TeamGantt’s prices are somewhere in the middle. 

This might not seem like too much of a problem until you realize that there are more feature-rich offerings on the market priced at the lower end of the price spectrum. In other words, TeamGantt essentially offers a lower-end feature set for mid-range prices.

What’s more, TeamGantt appears to be targeted towards smaller businesses so its mid-range pricing model seems a bit ironic.

3. Extremely Limited Free Plan

You might be thrilled to learn that TeamGantt offers a free forever plan. But your excitement will probably be doused by the fact this free plan is one of the most restrictive on the market.

You’re limited to managing only one project at a time with only three people, and on the whole project, there’s a limit of 60 tasks. With such extreme limitations, you’re better off skipping the free plan and defaulting to one of the paid plans. 

Or you might as well go with any of the several other software on the market with more generous free plans.

Best TeamGantt Alternatives for Project Management

1. Monday.com

Best Overall TeamGantt Alternative.

Monday.com is the Best Overall TeamGantt Alternative

Though Monday.com and TeamGantt are similarly priced and share a few features in common, these two solutions couldn’t be more different from each other. 

While TeamGantt focuses on vanilla project management, Monday.com is an all-inclusive Work OS designed to help you manage every aspect of your workflow, even beyond projects. 

Overall, Monday.com offers far more features than TeamGantt, including many of those features that are conspicuously lacking from the latter. Monday.com may be considered to be the Swiss Army knife of productivity platforms.

The platform can be whatever you need it to be, offering features such as time-tracking, an integrated Kanban board, workflow automation, multiple views, calendar integration,  dependencies, and automated notifications to help teams achieve better and faster results for every project milestone. 

Users benefit from a collaborative environment in which they can communicate and share files, images, videos, and other media to create a knowledge base. 

There are also unlimited boards and an integrated timeline feature, both of which allow users to collaborate effectively and track project progress and recurring tasks. 

Monday.com also offers a healthy dose of integrations with many of your favorite third-party solutions like Google Drive, Google Calendar, Pipedrive, MailChimp, Dropbox, Jira, and many others. And if you’d like to create any custom integrations, there’s a RESTful JSON API available. 

There are excellent mobile apps for iOS and Android, and support is offered via the Monday.com support team, an online knowledge base, and video tutorials.


Monday.com Pricing Plan

Pricing is offered across 4 different plans: Basic Plan (which costs $8/seat/month with a 3-seat minimum), Standard Plan, Pro Plan, and Enterprise

There’s also a free forever plan for 2 users and a 14-day free trial.


  • Provides multiple project views, including Kanban, Gantt, timeline, and calendar views
  • Time-tracking is built-in
  • Comes with many out-of-the-box integrations 


  • Task dependencies are limited
  • Support can be slow
  • There are feature limitations on certain plans

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2. ClickUp

Best Free Plan on a TeamGantt Alternative.

ClickUp is the Best Free Plan on a TeamGantt Alternative

ClickUp’s free plan is hard—even impossible—to beat in the project management space. Its free plan offers more value than some of the most expensive plans on premium project management software. And it’s no different with TeamGantt. 

ClickUp’s free forever plan offers support for unlimited users across unlimited tasks. Compare that to TeamGantt which only allows one project at a time with 3 users, plus a 60-task limit on all projects on the free plan. 

But the free plan is not ClickUp’s only strength. Its paid plans also offer top-of-the-line features at sensible prices, a paradox in the world of project management software. 

The entry price of $5 monthly gives you unlimited users, unlimited storage space, shareable dashboards, and integrations aplenty. Again, compare that to TeamGantt that charges $24.95 for just one user and far fewer features. 

This entry-level plan—which ClickUp calls Unlimited—comes without the storage limitations imposed on the free plan and makes it easier to use the third-party integrations. 

And that’s the one area where ClickUp is lacking: integrations. ClickUp doesn’t offer as many inbuilt integrations as most of its competitors, although it does offer the most important ones like Dropbox, Slack, Google Calendar, and Outlook. 

So, if you want Salesforce integration, for example, you’ll have to resort to hacking one together with Zapier or IFTTT. 


ClickUp Pricing Plan

On top of the extremely generous free plan, ClickUp’s entry-level plan costs a relatively paltry $5 monthly per user, a far cry from TeamGantt’s starting price of $24.95 monthly per user. 


  • Free plan supports unlimited users
  • Entry plan is way less expensive than TeamGantt 
  • Extensive feature set


  • No budget tracking/job costing features
  • Native integrations are lacking
  • Vast feature set may lead to a steep learning curve

3. Wrike

Best TeamGantt Alternative for Larger Enterprises.

Wrike is the Best TeamGantt Alternative for Larger Enterprises

If you could compare project management software to sports teams, Wrike would be in the major leagues and TeamGantt in the minor leagues. Wrike is targeted at enterprises with much larger teams and its feature set and price point prove this

Being extremely easy to use and intuitive, Wrike allows you to start tracking collaborative projects and milestones very quickly. There are several ways to view and manage projects, including Gantt charts, lists, Kanban boards, and tables. 

By default, the platform sorts tasks by status, labeling them as either Active or Complete. But you have the option to create custom headers for more granular control over task sorting. 

Another great thing about Wrike is that you can very easily define recurring tasks; this feature means that you can use the software for overall work management and much more than specific project management. 

Wrike also has time-tracking, although this feature is a bit underwhelming as it requires you to open the task on which you want to use it before you can start tracking time. This can be especially frustrating when you just want to jump into a document for a quick minute or two. 

Additionally, Wrike doesn’t discriminate between billable and non-billable hours. And since there’s no invoicing or billing tool in Wrike, you must export your time data to another platform if you must use it for billing. 

On the upside, Wrike also includes a document editor that allows you to edit Word documents, PDFs, and images without downloading them first. This makes collaboration a breeze and saves a lot of time. 

Users of the Wrike for Marketers or Wrike for Professional Services plans also get access to the entire Adobe product lineup via the Adobe Creative Cloud extension. 

Finally, there’s a ton of support options available, from video documentation and an interactive training module to monthly webinars and a community forum. Phone and email support are also available Mondays through Fridays.


Wrike Pricing Plan

Wrike has a free version and pricing starts at $9.80 monthly per user.


  • Highly intuitive user interface 
  • Dashboards are customizable 
  • Document editor allows you to edit documents on the cloud without downloading
  • Supports recurring tasks and multi-day deadlines


  • Expensive for the tools included
  • Doesn’t offer integrated live chat
  • No billing and invoicing

4. Teamwork

Best TeamGantt Alternative for Managing Client Work. 

Teamwork is the Best TeamGantt Alternative for Managing Client Work

Built specifically for managing client projects, Teamwork is an excellent alternative to TeamGantt that offers robust invoicing—which TeamGantt lacks—and time tracking functionalities. 

Teamwork has intuitive dashboards that display information about the status of your projects via charts, graphs, and infoboxes. 

Admins can see the details like how many tasks have been assigned to each team member, how many tasks are due soon across all your projects, how much time the team has spent completing tasks, and how much of that time is billable.

Non-admins only see information that’s relevant to them such as active tasks that have been assigned to them, upcoming tasks and milestones, and time logged. 

The platform features intuitive Gantt charts on which you can add tasks and milestones, adjust timelines, create dependencies, log progress, reassign tasks, change priority levels, and so on. It is worth noting, however, that Teamwork’s free plan does not offer Gantt charts. 

Teamwork also offers Kanban boards in its Board View and you can have as many columns as you want on these boards, all labeled in any way you choose. 

Furthermore, Teamwork features automations via a feature called Triggers; however, this feature is also not available on the free plan. 

Teamwork also features a workload management module called Workload. This feature is essentially a resource management tool that helps you balance workloads across your entire team so that no one is overloaded while other resources are underutilized. 

On top of these, this project management platform features time-tracking features that discriminate between billable and non-billable hours. And you can use the inbuilt billing and invoicing tools that are available on the paid plans to generate invoices and charge clients directly for costs that accrue through the course of a project. 

And finally, there are plenty of built-in integrations, including Zapier, which can be used to build your own integrations. And if that’s not enough, you have access to Teamwork’s webhooks for building truly custom integrations and automations. 


Teamwork Pricing Plan

There’s a 30-day free trial and a free forever plan. Then pricing starts at $10 monthly per person. 


  • Simple and intuitive design
  • Billing and invoicing included
  • Free account available


  • No image or PDF markup tools

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5. Instagantt

Excellent TeamGantt Alternative for Managing Projects of All Sizes.

InstaGantt is an Excellent TeamGantt Alternative for Managing Projects of All Sizes

TeamGantt’s failings become most apparent when you have to deal with larger projects. You will notice that it lacks a lot of features for managing such projects. Instagantt, on the other hand, is equipped to handle projects of all sizes

Instagantt is an online Gantt chart software that was built to be intuitive and ready-to-use with a minimal learning curve. It aims to strip away the complexity of Gantt charts and provide a drag-and-drop way to schedule tasks and track project progress from start to finish.

The drag-and-drop Gantt charts integrate seamlessly with Asana and allow you to set deadlines, change durations, create dependencies, change assignees, or move entire project plans. 

Instagantt also includes dependencies and workload management features. When changes are made to any task with dependencies, other tasks are automatically adjusted to reflect that change. 

The Workload View gives you insights into all your tasks across all projects. The tasks are distributed by user across the timeline with swimlanes, and the platform shows the critical path that could lead to project delays. 

Instagantt also offers full support for sections, tasks, and subtasks, even boasting a tree structure that allows users to organize and plan work easily. You can set, change, and track progress on each task, as well as convert a task to a milestone. 

You can customize the colors of chart bars and track changes to the project plan with the Baseline feature. And finally, you can share public snapshots with non-Asana users via links. 


InstaGantt Pricing Plan

There’s a 7-day free trial, plus a Single Subscription plan at $7/month for a single user, and a Team Subscription plan for $5 per user per month. 


  • Baseline feature allows you to track changes to project plans
  • Very fast and easy to use
  • You can create complicated timelines in record time 


  • No support for CSV file uploads

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6. nTask

TeamGantt Alternative with Great Feature Distribution and Unbeatable Prices. 

nTask is the TeamGantt Alternative with Great Feature Distribution and Unbeatable Prices

nTask is a solid contender in the project management software space, allowing users to manage tasks in any of several views, including List View, Calendar View, and Grid VIew, which is similar to Kanban boards—although, unlike with Kanban boards, cards can’t be moved around and are limited to simply displaying an overview of tasks. 

On top of these views, nTask also gives you a Meeting Planner, which is unique in this space. 

This feature comes complete with an inbuilt note-taking application so that you and your team can store meeting notes and salient discussion points in a centralized location. 

You can connect a note to a task, and this eliminates any vagueness about the purpose of a meeting. 

Being an Agile tool, nTask offers issue tracking features as well, though it can hardly be compared to similar features on the more advanced agile project management tools out there. 

Additionally, you get built-in time-tracking tools, making this solution ideal for businesses that bill by the hour. 

Now get this: all the features discussed so far are available on nTask’s free plan. It’s an excellent offering and the only thing it’s missing is support for Kanban boards. 

The paid plans are where nTask truly comes into its own.

While the free plan would work excellently as a task manager for teams with fewer than 5 members, it becomes a full-fledged project management tool when you upgrade to any of the paid plans. 

On the entry-level paid plan—dubbed Premium by nTaskyou get a new Projects tab on the dashboard, the first sign of this upgrade to a full-fledged project management tool. 

From here, you can manage multiple projects at a time, plan projects at an advanced level, and distribute tasks.

You also get Kanban Boards for every project, which are conspicuously missing from the free plan. And you get excellent Gantt charts too, although this feature is not as well-equipped as TeamGantt’s Gantt charts. 

While you can set dependencies by clicking and dragging, subtasks won’t show up. Plus, there are a few other bells and whistles offered on TeamGantt’s Gantt charts that nTask just doesn’t offer. 

That said, nTask can still serve as a worthy alternative to TeamGantt. 

On the more advanced plans, you get the ability to set custom roles and permission levels for users, and you can set risks—that is, possible obstructions down the line—and customize statuses. 


nTask Pricing Plan

nTask’s Basic plan is free forever, allowing up to five users. Then there are three paid plans, Premium, Business, and Enterprise. Prices start at $3 monthly per user, billed annually, and there’s a free trial for all paid plans. 


  • nTask’s best features are available on the free and entry-level Premium plan
  • Time-tracking is excellent
  • Comes with a meeting management feature 


  • Customer service is not the best
  • Needs more customization and formatting options 

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7. Zoho Projects

Well-Balanced Project Management App That's Especially Appealing To Small And Growing Businesses.

Zoho Projects is an Well Balanced Project Management App That's Especially Appealing To Small Businesses

Zoho Projects is a cloud-based project management platform that was built with small to midsize companies in mind. 

Like TeamGantt, it offers Project Scheduling, allowing project managers to create project tasks, assign them to team members, and follow up on tasks that are in progress. 

But unlike TeamGantt, it also offers Project Budgeting tools so that managers can estimate project costs and track expenses so that projects never go over budget. 

Additionally, there are tools that automate document processes like revision tracking, search and retrieval, and access control. Zoho Project also offers Document Management tools that allow users to share documents with other team members. 

The Issue Management features help managers resolve errors within project tasks, and with the Dashboards and Reporting Module, users can prepare management summaries and business reports. 

Furthermore, this project management platform provides Gantt charts that give users a visual representation of tasks in progress and relevant dependencies. 

Plus, you get Resource Allocation charts that help you manage your team’s workload; you can identify overloaded resources and reassign tasks to underutilized members of the team. 


Zoho Projects Pricing Plan

Zoho Projects is free for up to 3 users and 2 projects. Then pricing starts at $5 monthly per user. 


  • Excellent value
  • Generally easy to set up and navigate
  • Multiple ways to communicate in-app
  • Extensive configuration options
  • Strong time-tracking tools


  • Does not include premade templates
  • Resource management view is slightly unusual 

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8. Hive

Excellent TeamGantt Alternative That Prioritizes the Development of Features Most Requested by Users. 

Hive is an Excellent TeamGantt Alternative That Prioritizes the Development of Features

At its core, Hive is a robust project management tool with an impressive suite of features that help users to plan, execute, collaborate, and track progress on projects, as well as predict any events that might affect their work. 

But its power lies in its over 1000 in-built third-party integrations, enabling teams to work with all their tools from a centralized location. 

Hive boasts all the traditional project management views such as Gantt charts, Kanban boards, Calendar, and Tables. Switching views is easy and updates are reflected across every view so that no matter what view a team member chooses, they always see the latest version of everything. 

For each project, you can view the current status, team members, or assigned labels. To give users a big picture view of projects across the entire company, Hive employs Summary Views. 

There are also reusable templates to help speed up the performance of repeated tasks and personal to-do lists that compile all the tasks assigned to individual team members.

There’s an inbuilt messaging tool for group and individual collaboration between team members. This tool integrates with Slack and Zoom for messaging and video conferencing respectively, and Google Drive, OneDrive, and Box for file sharing. 

The platform also allows you to import your tasks from other platforms like Asana, Trello, Basecamp, and others. 

Furthermore, Hive is equipped with an analytics dashboard that tracks team productivity using machine learning and existing data. Hive calls this feature Hive Analytics and it shows changes that you can make to improve the productivity and utilization of your team.

There are real-time alerts for changes to and anomalies in team performance or capacity to help you avoid project delays and overloaded resources. This is in addition to Hive’s inbuilt time-tracking tools.

And finally, there are desktop apps for Mac and Windows, as well as mobile apps for iOS and Android. 


Hive Pricing Plan

Hive Solo is Hive’s Free Forever plan. The Professional plan is priced at $16 monthly per user. The Enterprise plan is quote-based, and there’s a 14-day free trial. 


  • Prioritizes the development of features most requested by users 
  • Offers editable request forms
  • Very robust proofing and review environment – handles video as well
  • Great communication features for updates and collaboration


  • Client management process takes some getting used to
  • Cannot attach multiple files to a project request
  • Mobile app could use some improvement 

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9. GanttPRO

A Worthy Alternative to TeamGantt in the Gantt-Chart Based Project Management.

GanttPRO is a Worthy Alternative to TeamGantt in the Gantt Chart Based Project Management

GanttPRO offers Gantt-chart-based project management, scheduling, and progress tracking to small to midsize businesses, as well as individuals. 

On the drag-and-drop interface, GanttPRO users can schedule and reschedule multiple project tasks at the same time, create new tasks, assign them to team members, track task progress, set dependencies and milestones, and delineate critical paths.

The collaboration features also allow you to leave comments on tasks, get real-time notifications about activities performed by other team members, and attach files to tasks so that all the information required to perform a task can be found in a single location. 

You can also export project information in any of several formats including PDF, PNG, XML, and XLSX format. Users can import charts from third-party software like MS Project or Excel. 

And support is offered via email, phone, or online chat. 


GanttPRO Pricing Plan

There’s a full-featured 14-day free trial and three service tiers: Individual (which costs $15 monthly per user and is intended for personal productivity), Team (which costs $8.90 monthly per user and is intended for teams), and Enterprise (which is quote-based).


  • Management interface is intuitive and user-friendly 
  • Offers the possibility of working in groups and recording activities
  • Provides advanced reporting with statistics
  • Includes features for version control


  • Mobile version needs improvement

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10. Paymo

Best Combination CRM and Project Management Alternative to TeamGantt.

Paymo is the Best Combination CRM and Project Management Alternative to TeamGantt

Admittedly, TeamGantt offers more than Gantt charts. But it still does not compare to Paymo when it comes to project management. Paymo is an online project management platform that helps you deliver projects on time and within budget.

It achieves this using advanced time tracking, task management, reporting, invoicing, and collaboration features.

A shared feature between Paymo and TeamGantt is their resource management tools. Paymo’s resource management tool helps you significantly cut your booking time. You can easily track your team’s workload, the number of holidays, and project budgets from a single timeline.

As the name suggests, TeamGantt is one of the best Gantt chart software available today but Paymo stands as strong competition in this regard.

Paymo offers better task management tools than TeamGantt. Packed with modern task management tools—like planning and scheduling—that can help with all your task management needs without the need for integration with other apps.

It is important to note, at this juncture, that in addition to the fact that Paymo offers a longer list of project management features than TeamGantt, it also comes with a wider range of integration with third-party integrations.


Paymo Pricing Plan

Like TeamGantt, Paymo offers two payment plans: Small Office and Business. The Small Office plan goes for $9.95 per user per month, with no user limit.

They both equally provide free trials and free forever accounts. 


  • Easy to see progress on each task
  • Easy to implement and use
  • Great combination of CRM and project management features
  • Great for time tracking


  • Filters might either be too many or not enough and this can be confusing
  • Not as intuitive as some other project management tools

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11. Asana

Most Flexible TeamGantt Alternative.

Asana is the Most Flexible TeamGantt Alternative

Given the vast number of capabilities Asana provides to its users, it is surprising that it remains one of the easiest-to-use project management tools available today.

Admittedly, simplicity is not a foreign concept to TeamGantt, but what makes Asana more appealing to a lot of people is the fact that it comes with far more features and functionalities while maintaining the same level of simplicity.

Asana is a better option for collaboration among team members as it eliminates information and communication silos by organizing your work in one place. Team members know who is doing what and can easily share ideas and discuss work.

Asana also helps teams to work more efficiently by tracking tasks from start to finish, assigning subtasks to team members, and ensuring project execution meets the deadline.

There is a provision for regular alerts and notifications that help you stay on top of the issues that may come up during the project process.

In categories like document management, issue tracking, resource management, and scheduling, Asana beats TeamGantt hands down, although the latter has a better Gantt chart.

Asana is a great option for industries of all sizes and shapes where teamwork is required. This includes businesses in the healthcare sector, advertising, and marketing teams.


Asana Pricing Plan

Like most other project management tools, TeamGantt included, Asana provides a free trial as well as a free basic account that might appeal to people who are new to project management.

Asana’s pricing begins at $10.99 monthly per user.


  • Focuses heavily on collaboration
  • Efficient for task management
  • Provides expansive integrations


  • Lacks time tracking features
  • Somewhat steep learning curve
  • Vast feature set can make simple task management a struggle

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12. GanttProject

A Simple Project Management Tool That Offers Much More Than TeamGantt.

GanttProject is a Simple Project Management Tool That Offers Much More Than TeamGantt

GanttProject is a web-based project management tool that uses Gantt charts for project management. If you need something simpler than TeamGantt but that offers the same, if not more, features, then you should try out GanttProject

Since GanttProject is easy to set up, anyone can take up this project management tool. You can start using it immediately after setup.

The user interface is beginner-friendly, with a task breakdown table on one side of the screen and a Gantt chart on the other side.

TeamGantt and GanttProject are quite similar, not just because they are Gantt chart-based tools, but because they both provide features like resource management, a Calendar view, and the ability to export your project timeline as a PDF.

GanttProject’s feature set goes further to include budget management, issue tracking, risk management, and many more things that it does better than TeamGantt.

GanttProject is suitable for a lot of industries and organizations like construction and media, to name a few. It is best for organizations that deal with mid-sized projects, tasks measured in days, and that require clear dependencies between tasks.


GanttProject Pricing Plan
Source : Capterra

GanttProject can only be bought from their online store to get access to better features. This option begins at $5, depending on what you need.

You can also use GanttProject for free.


  • Easy to use
  • Great for organizing simple to midsize projects


  • Only one project can be open at a time
  • Reports are not very editable and can be cumbersome

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13. Trello

Excellent Project Management Tool for Scrum Teams.

Trello is an Excellent Project Management Tool for Scrum Teams

On the surface, Trello and TeamGantt seem rather different since they are both known for different views. While Trello offers an amazing Kanban board, TeamGantt might be one of the best Gantt chart software available today.

Trello is a collaboration tool that arranges your projects into boards. It lets you see what's being worked on, who's working on what, and measure project progress, all at a glance.

Just as Kanban boards aren’t available on TeamGantt, Trello also does not offer a Gantt chart for its users; however, it integrates well with other Gantt chart software if they need it.

Unlike TeamGantt that focuses mainly on Gantt charts, Trello offers more than a Kanban board. For projects that may cut across boards, Trello provides teams with the table view to provide a spreadsheet-style list that they can also sort and filter.

Trello’s Dashboard view shows the team’s progress and lets you see how your team members are performing. 

The Calendar view provides a monthly perspective and an easy, drag-and-drop way to adjust start and end dates. 

The Map view sorts locations on cards and visualizes that information on a map with one click.

Trello Cards represent work or tasks that you can sort, label, and move across different work stages. It often contains details when clicked on that show the card back. On the back of each card, there are task descriptions, comments, and activities.

Finally, Trello automates repeatable tasks to help you and your team members save time and effort that can be dedicated to something else. 


Trello Pricing Plan

Both Trello and TeamGantt provide free accounts and free trials for those that may not be ready to make any financial commitment.

Trello offers three paid plans: Standard, Premium, and Enterprise. The pricing begins at $5 per user per month.


  • Simple user interface
  • Abundant collaboration features
  • Mobile-friendly 
  • Provides useful notifications


  • Low storage limit
  • No Gantt chart
  • Managing large projects is difficult on Trello

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14. Gantter

One of the Best TeamGantt Alternatives for Remote Teams.

Gantter is One of the Best TeamGantt Alternatives for Remote Teams

Gantter is a cloud-based task management software with a comprehensive set of project management, project scheduling, and project collaboration features.

Gantter’s collaborative features enhance your task management process and maximize your team’s productivity. You can schedule your vital tasks with the software’s robust scheduling solution.

This platform is ideal for individuals and teams who need to build a perfect project plan and get the project completed within budget and right on schedule.

This platform provides resource and calendar features that ensure task planning and resource management, easier. You can define roles and hourly rates for every team member. 

While it’s lacking on TeamGantt, Gantter offers issue management features that simplify the process of identifying and resolving issues that arise during the lifespan of a project.  

It integrates fully with Google and also allows users to open and import existing Microsoft Project files into the system.

Gantter is supported on Windows and Mac, and also offers a web-based platform.


Gantter Pricing Plan

Gantter provides a free trial but no free account. The payment plan is a bit unusual in that it is not tiered.

It is priced at $5, but each payment plan is tailored towards different users. For example, Gantter Cloud is ideal for single users while Gantter for G-Suite is best for teams. 


  • Relatively cheap when compared to other project management tools
  • Integrates with Google Docs for multi-user functionality


  • Customer support is lacking
  • No resource leveling, which is a problem if you need to manage multiple projects with the same resources

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15. OpenProject

Top TeamGantt Alternative For Release Management.

OpenProject is the Top TeamGantt Alternative For Release Management

OpenProject and TeamGantt are both project management tools that offer classic project management features. However, OpenProject also lets you perform release management with the use of product roadmaps. 

Communication is also made easy on OpenProject, as you can organize meetings and manage forums directly on the platform.

Unlike TeamGantt, OpenProject is not restricted to only Gantt charts but comes with an efficient Kanban board that supports scrum and agile project management methodologies

By dragging-and-dropping on the Gantt charts, you can include start and finish dates in your project plans.

The Gantt charts on OpenProject show your work in a timeline and let you create and manage your project plan, collaboratively. Team members have access to these project timelines and you can also share up-to-date information with stakeholders. 

It lets you monitor the performance of a project by comparing the cost of the project with the budget. The delays that occur during the project's life span can also be used to track the performance of the project and improve on it.


OpenProject and TeamGantt both offer free trials and OpenProject provides a free Community account that does not come with all the features available on the Enterprise plan. 

The pricing for the quote-based Enterprise on-premise plan is dependent on the number of users. The minimum number of users is 5 users and the maximum is 250 users.


  • Supports planning for agile projects
  • Provides multiple-level timeline reporting
  • Community account covers the most basic project management tools


  • Does not provide a mobile app
  • Resource management is a bit cumbersome on OpenProject

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16. Smartsheet

Project And Financial Management In One Place. 

Smartsheet is the Project And Financial Management In One Place

Smartsheet stands as one of the best collaboration solutions designed to help organizations and teams collaborate on projects and processes. The solution redefines how managers and teams collaborate on projects/tasks. 

By using Smartsheet, you enjoy the benefits of collaboration and greater work agility. It empowers you and everyone else on your team to plan, execute, track, and complete projects and tasks with speed and accountability.

This feature-rich platform provides a long list of useful features and one of these is its ability to provide more than one view in project visualization. It comes with a Calendar view and Gantt charts.

Although it is a great tool for project management, it does way more than that. Smartsheet is on its way to becoming the central hub for how organizations get work done. 

There are also tools that measure industry trends, as well as file sharing and other office productivity solutions

Its resource management capabilities are no joke since there is provision for managing teams across projects, tracking time efficiently, and forecasting with confidence so you can make better, more informed decisions with a clearer view of every project.

On the integration front, Smartsheet offers integrations with several third-party applications like Dropbox, Box, Quip, Centrify, Evernote, Google Apps, Harvest, MailChimp, Microsoft apps, Salesforce, Zapier and so many more.


Smartsheet Pricing Plan

Although Smartsheet provides a free trial, there is no free account.

Pricing starts at $7 per month per user for its Pro plan. There are two additional payment plans: Business and Enterprise.


  • Relatively simple interface
  • Makes collaboration and note sharing easy


  • Requires integration with another application for resource management
  • No automatic backup

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17. Basecamp

All the Project Management Features You Need for a Single Monthly Price.

Basecamp is All the Project Management Features that Need for a Single Monthly Price

Basecamp is a project management tool that covers team communication and daily task tracking functions and is suitable for use by teams of all sizes, from freelancers to large organizations.

TeamGantt and Basecamp equally provide collaboration tools; however, Basecamp comes with a real-time group chat that lets you ask questions and receive answers quickly, without the need for another application.

Team members are able to have private conversations amongst themselves within the same Basecamp account. The feature that allows this is called Pings. This feature comes in handy when handling sensitive information.

The to-do list function lets you update and edit tasks after they have been created. You are also able to track the progress of these projects. The progress of these tasks is measured based on time spent.

Unfortunately, to make use of a Gantt chart on Basecamp, you need to integrate with another application. TeamGantt is great for Gantt charts and integration between these two project management tools lets you get the best of both worlds.

You can get more out of Basecamp with the long list of integrations it offers. It offers amazing integrations with applications like Klipfolio, Timely, Harvest, ScrumDo, Akita, and Ziflow. These integrations cover different functions from customer service to accounting functions.


Basecamp Pricing Plan

Basecamp’s pricing is great for all sizes of businesses since you get access to unlimited projects, unlimited users, and a 500GB storage space for $99 monthly at a fixed rate.

Much like TeamGantt, Basecamp comes with a free trial. Basecamp Personal account is completely free.


  • Offers in-built communication functions
  • Pricing model is more favorable than the competition
  • Great customer service


  • Lacks advanced project management features
  • Limited customizations available

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18. Microsoft Project

Best TeamGantt Alternative for Integration With Microsoft 365 Office Suite.

Microsoft Projects is the Best TeamGantt Alternative for Integration With Microsoft 365 Office Suite

Microsoft Project is a wonderful option for managing and delivering projects successfully with the intended business value. The key modules of Microsoft Project are based on project management, project portfolio management, and resource management.

With Microsoft Project, you get a visual way to manage projects, collaborate with various team members and project stakeholders, and follow scheduled deadlines.

Microsoft Project lets you share relevant information with other members of your team. This ensures all team members have any relevant documentation as quickly as possible so they can work on projects with minimal interruptions.

Moreover, the platform allows you to generate great reports with little effort. You can customize the data and the structure to your requirements. 

You also get Burn-Down reports, an overview of the entire project on one page, the conditions of available resources and their utilization, a cost overview, a list of pending tasks, and a list of targets achieved and any upcoming goals.

Microsoft Project also offers many different views. For example, you can view projects on a Gantt chart, a Resource Usage chart, a calendar, and many more. 

Essentially, it helps project managers view the project from different perspectives and representations, all from a single platform

But the best part about this is that all of these different views can be customized to match the requirements of the project and combined to form one big project plan.


Microsoft Projects Pricing Plan

Unlike TeamGantt, Microsoft Project, unfortunately, does not offer a free account, although there is a 30-day free trial.

It offers three payment tiers and pricing begins at $10 per user per month.


  • Integrates well with the Microsoft 365 Office Suite
  • Flexible enough for road mapping and financial management


  • Steep learning curve

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How to Choose the Right TeamGantt Alternative

If anything, this post makes it clear that you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to alternatives to TeamGantt. There are so many options that you might already be feeling overwhelmed. Where do you even begin to choose the right TeamGantt alternative for your business? 

Think of shopping for a TeamGantt alternative like grocery shopping. It’s a dangerous proposition to go shopping without a list as you might end up buying things you don’t need. 

Likewise, you should start by making a list of the features you require. Ensure to divide the list into must-have features and nice-to-have features—which are features that you would like to have but won’t necessarily want to pay extra for.

Also, outline any tradeoffs you don’t mind making. And when you’re done, check out the following tips to guide your thoughts throughout the rest of the selection process.

1. Make Sure That The Solution You Choose Has Features for Basic Tasks

You’d be surprised by how common it is for software vendors to omit features for the most basic of tasks. 

For example, all projects have budgets, so it only makes sense that project management tools have budgeting and financial management tools, right? 

Think again!

Don’t go into your research with any preconceived notions or assumptions. Verify everything and make sure that the tool you have has all your must-have features.

2. Decide If Being Able To Import Or Export Project Data Is A Must

This is especially true if you have a lot of projects in your previous system. Some tools allow you to import project data from other project management tools while others are closed-box systems that don’t allow such. 

Choose whatever works for you, but be aware that you might like to switch systems in the future and, in such a case, wouldn’t want to be locked into a system that no longer works for you.

3. Take Advantage Of Free Trials And Demos To Decide If A System Is Right For You

In an ideal world, you would research every available project management software before settling on one. But in real life, you don’t have all the time in the world for that. And nothing beats hands-on experience when it comes to learning about anything. 

It’s no different for choosing a TeamGantt alternative. The best way to truly know whether a project management system is right for you is to take it for a spin. And that’s what free trials and product demos are for.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TeamGantt?

TeamGantt is a top project management software built around Gantt charts that’s easy to use, even if you have no experience using Gantt charts. The platform is well-designed, intuitive, and only takes a few minutes to set up. 

Though it’s far from perfect, it’s still a solid option for small and midsize teams that require an easy-to-learn tool for managing their projects and tasks.

What are the drawbacks of TeamGantt?

Besides the fact that it is potentially prohibitively expensive, offers no financial tracking and management features, and has an extremely limited free plan, TeamGantt also lacks advanced reporting features. Plus, its features for discussions, notifications, and uploaded files could be improved.

What is the best free alternative to TeamGantt?

ClickUp’s free plan is hard to beat when it comes to free alternatives to TeamGantt.

How much does TeamGantt cost?

TeamGantt has four service plans: Free, Standard Team, Advanced Team, and Enterprise. The Free account is free forever and allows you to manage only one project at a time with only three team members, which is pretty limited. 

The Standard Team plan costs $24.95 per month for the first person, then $9.95 per month for each additional person; you also get unlimited guests on this plan. 

The Advanced Team plan costs $29.95 per month for the first person, then $14.95 per month for each additional person. Enterprise plans are available on a quote basis.

Which TeamGantt Alternative Should I Try

Obviously, there are many excellent alternatives to TeamGantt. So, which should you choose? 

Our recommendations:

  • Overall, Monday.com is simply the best alternative to TeamGantt.
  • ClickUp has the best free plan on any project management platform and is an equally excellent alternative to TeamGantt.
  • Larger organizations might prefer Wrike’s enterprise features, although it does have its limitations.
  • Teamwork is hard to beat for agencies and other organizations that work with external clients. 
  • Instagantt outshines TeamGantt when it comes to managing larger projects.

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