16 Best HubSpot Alternatives You Should Switch to in 2024

Updated Aug 6, 2023.

Although HubSpot is an excellent overall tool, it might not be the perfect solution for you. This article will review the 16 best alternatives to HubSpot you should switch to in 2023.

Monday icon

Monday.com CRM

A powerful and highly customizable sales and customer relationship management platform for gathering and nurturing high-quality leads throughout the sales cycle.
Pipedrive icon


An effective customer relationship management platform that enables teams to maintain customer information and control the whole sales process using custom automations.
Constant Contact icon

Constant Contact

A straightforward and adaptable tool ideal for enhancing the marketing capabilities of small and medium-sized organizations with a simple user interface and vast feature set.
Keap icon


An account-based platform that combines e-commerce, automated marketing, and customer relationship management functionality to streamline acquisition efforts for teams.
Freshworks icon


A sales CRM tool from Freshworks that aids sales teams in streamlining procedures, completing transactions quickly, and gaining a deeper understanding of clients.

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Do you find HubSpot unappealing, too pricey, or do you just want to explore HubSpot alternatives to see if you might find a better fit?

You're not alone.

HubSpot is, without a doubt, considered the industry leader in inbound marketing software. Still, there are several alternatives that are cheaper than HubSpot while offering some or all of the same features.

There are also options that might not be cheaper, but that are more flexible than HubSpot, or that might simply be better than HubSpot for your organization.

This article will review the 16 best HubSpot alternatives you should switch to in 2023.

We will also explore their features, giving you an in-depth view of what's best for you.

Why Look For An Alternative to HubSpot?

HubSpot has flaws, just like any other product or piece of software. Here are the top three reasons why people search for HubSpot alternatives:

  • Quite expensive for small businesses: HubSpot is a complete tool, but it falls short in providing adaptable plans to various small enterprises. Paying thousands each month while utilizing only a small portion of HubSpot's feature set can make you feel like you are losing money.
  • Low flexibility with external apps: When it comes to unconventional business structures, HubSpot is not highly customizable. Even for B2B, it can be tough to track sales in HubSpot when they occur on a third-party platform because of the quirky database management system, making it very difficult to evaluate the Campaign's effectiveness.
  • Can be difficult to get accustomed to: The secret to using HubSpot well is to bring it to a stage where things can run smoothly with little input from your team. However, getting there requires a lot of effort. Additionally, HubSpot's expense quickly becomes irrelevant if it isn't used appropriately.

Best HubSpot Alternatives for Marketing Automation and CRM

Here are the 16 best HubSpot alternatives:

1. Monday.com CRM

Best Overall Alternative To HubSpot.

  • Extensive integrations
  • Simple user interface
  • Offers 24/7 customer service
  • Offers a wide range of pre-made templates
  • It does not integrate with software like Canva, ActiveCampaign, etc
Monday icon
Monday.com CRM
Editor’s Take

Monday.com CRM is great because it offers drag-and-drop flexibility for customizing your customer management system, along with specialized columns and rows for just about anything. Monday.com CRM is regarded as one of the market's most configurable CRMs.

$0 – $24/seat/month
Annual Discount
Save 18%

Monday.com CRM is a comprehensive and fully functional sales CRM that is easy to navigate while providing all the robust metrics and functionality you need to stay on top of your company's affairs. The interface is colorful and intuitive.

Unlike HubSpot, this platform offers much more than a CRM, being a full project management platform.

Key Features

Lead management

Monday.com’s lead management system is impressive, especially for a platform designed primarily for project management. With Monday.com CRM’s lead management features, you can easily keep track of your prospects and record the entire sales cycle. A sales representative can use Monday.com CRM to identify leads that need to be followed up on and know when to get in touch with the prospect.

Conversation monitoring

Monday.com CRM records all conversations you need to know about, including phone calls, meetings, live chats, support tickets, and emails, so you're ready to approach a customer.

Reports and analytics

Monday.com CRM analyzes incoming CRM data to spot trends and produce reports you can explore to see how your team can perform better. These reports help you stay in control of your company, so you aren't left in the dark if sales start to slow.

Marketing automation

To free up your sales team's time to concentrate on nurturing leads, Monday.com CRM provides essential automation tools. You can set up reminders to ensure your team is informed when to take action on customers. Monday.com CRM provides automated recipes, individualized combinations of alerts, and actions that you can put up to suit your requirements.

Project administration for marketing

Your marketing team can utilize Monday.com CRM to create everything from an email marketing campaign to introducing a new product. It provides a variety of marketing-related capabilities, including content management services, campaign tracking, and creative development tools.


Learn more about Monday pricing or Monday review

Monday.com CRM pricing tiers are divided into five groups and further subdivided according to the number of users you require. As a result, your bill will greatly depend on your needs. There’s a free plan, but that will only get you two seats and limited features.

2. Pipedrive

Robust CRM Tool That Doubles As An Account-Management Tool.

  • Easy-to-use customization feature
  • User-friendly user interface
  • Offers top-notch mobile app
  • Lacks shared inbox
  • No separation between contact and lead lists
  • Limited e-mail marketing tools
Pipedrive icon
Editor’s Take

We consider Pipedrive a credible alternative to HubSpot because it offers a variety of tools to boost and convert prospects into clients. You can easily navigate the user-friendly interface to monitor your sales and prospects without getting sidetracked.

Best For
Marketing teams
$11.90 – $74.90/user/month
Annual Discount
Save 17%

Pipedrive is a CRM platform that helps sales teams manage leads.

Pipedrive has the same customization options for pipeline management as HubSpot; you can add your deals, move them between columns when anything changes, and add custom elements.

There are several integrations between Pipedrive and email marketing software if you want to stay connected with potential leads.

Key Features

Overview of Activities

The activities feature in Pipedrive is a strong tool for managing your sales process. It enables users to know the next follow-up on a specific account. When you book an activity, Pipedrive displays a mini-hour-by-hour grid of events for that day. This enables you to fit in sales calls on busy days.

Individualized Email Templates

When developing your email marketing campaigns, the email templates provided by Pipedrive can be quite helpful. The availability of different templates at your disposal can make all the difference the attracting prospects.


Probably the most obvious sales function is the scheduler. It lets you maintain a central calendar with all your scheduled demos. Customers can select any open slot on your calendar by sharing a link.

Smart Contact Details

With the Smart Contact customer data feature Pipedrive offers, you can have information on leads at your fingertips in at least two different ways, such as knowing where they are situated and what role they play at the company. Users can then tailor their outreach using the available customer data.

Personalized Lead Generation Chatbot

Leadbooster, a lead generation solution with a customizable chatbot that businesses can add to their websites, is new to Pipedrive. You can program queries to gather fresh leads, which Leadbooster will add to your pipeline.


Learn more about Pipedrive pricing

Pipedrive does not have a free plan; it does offer a 14-day free trial. A subscription plan must be purchased after the trial, with the Essential plan costing $11.90 as the lowest price.

3. Constant Contact

HubSpot Alternative With A User-friendly And Effective Email Builder.

  • Extensive third-party integration
  • Offers advanced contact data management
  • Offers extensive plugins for Wix and WordPress sites
  • Provides an efficient and easy-to-use drag-and-drop email editor
  • It does not offer multi-channel marketing
  • Lacks 24/7 customer service
  • Limited customization features
Constant Contact icon
Constant Contact
Editor’s Take

Constant Contact is a fantastic combination of convenience and functionality. It is simple to set up and quick to get started, with a personalized approach that makes it suited for marketers of all skill levels.

Best For
Email marketing
$9.99 – $45/month
Annual Discount

Constant Contact is an email marketing CRM platform that offers user-friendly marketing tools to enable startups and charitable organizations to grow their clients and forge new connections. Solutions include event marketing, social media posts campaigns and reporting, survey management, and offer management.

All these are offered separately or as a part of the Constant Contact Toolkit, a comprehensive, integrated suite.

Key Features

Conducting Email marketing campaigns

Being designed first as an email marketing software, Constant Contact is superior to HubSpot in this regard. The platform boasts a sizable collection of templates to help you launch your email marketing campaign quickly. Even better, each template has a visual editor that you can use to customize your needs. A few of those templates are available for preview before Constant Contact registration.


You can utilize the segmentation features on the Constant Contact platform to group clients into groups based on the stored data. Using segments is an excellent practice for improving email relevancy and cutting costs by sending emails less frequently.

Wide range of external software

Over 300 apps and other modules are available from Constant Contact, which you can integrate into your primary account. These include tools for importing emails into your Google or Outlook accounts and working with Zoho and Azureplus for sales forecasting and customer relationship management.

Email builder

Emails can be edited using drag-and-drop in Constant Contact. Your emails can include various design components, including text, graphics, and buttons. You can alter the columns, headers, and space in your email designs and the layout itself. With Constant Contact, you can select from over 300 pre-made email themes.

A/B testing tool

You can utilize Constant Contact's A/B testing tool to improve subject lines. You can write up to two subject lines and send one to some of your clients. Compared to HubSpot, Constant Contact's A/B testing capability is limited; it cannot test variables like preheader text and email content.


Constant Contact - Pricing Plan

Learn more about Constant Contact pricing

Prices for Constant Contact are based on a user's email list or database size and are charged monthly, starting at $9.99 per month.

4. Keap

All-inclusive CRM Solution Best Suited For Small Businesses.

  • Unlimited e-mail marketing
  • Leads can be automatically collected and scored
  • Offers free data migration
  • Offers training options for first-time users
  • Steep learning curve
  • Short-term contact storage
  • Restricted reporting
  • Lacks social media marketing functionality
Keap icon
Editor’s Take

Keap is ideal for small business owners and anyone unfamiliar with this software subset. The platform's ability to combine sales and marketing automation systems makes it particularly beneficial for start-up ecommerce businesses looking for an all-in-one marketing tool.

Best For
Small businesses
$169 – $24/month
Annual Discount
Save up to 20%

Keap is a marketing and sales automation tool that combines a CRM to help you expand your company. To enhance sales and revenue, you can quickly capture, manage, track, and nurture all of your leads using Keap.

Keap also provides professional coaching, in-depth training, exceptional support, and a committed network of entrepreneurs to assure your success.

Key Features


Keap provides sophisticated automation, which can relieve tedious work. The platform uses simple-to-create automations based on scenarios. Keap includes templates for invoice reminders, discount offers, and landing-page leads.


You would naturally want to know whether a marketing effort was successful or not after executing it. Keap's analytical capability addresses this query. Keap provides several reports that let you see how well your campaigns are doing. You can keep an eye on the progress of your campaign in real-time. Additionally, it provides graphs for some of your key indicators, such as traffic and conversions.

Sales automation

On the Keap help desk, you can keep track of your client interactions. Additionally, you can view your whole sales cycle, manage your communication pipeline, and automate follow-up communication.

Lead scoring

With the Max paid plan, the lead-scoring elements are available for users. Based on each prospect's level of involvement, including data from web forms submitted, links viewed, emails opened, and tags you apply, this feature gauges their level of interest.

Online payments

With secure payment choices like debit cards, credit cards, PayPal, Venmo, and other payment platforms, Keap's native invoicing and payment processing solutions can enable easy payment.


Learn more about Keap pricing

Keap features a distinctive contact-based pricing model. The Max plan has three user seats and 2,500 contacts; the Pro plan has two user seats and 1,500 contacts. The platform has no trouble supporting more than 25,000 contacts on a larger monthly base.

5. Freshsales

Best HubSpot Alternative for Fast-growing SMB Sales Teams.

  • Simple, adaptable user interface
  • Voice-note functionality on mobile applications
  • Gives AI forecasts and insights
  • Limited third-party integrations
  • Only enterprise plan users have access to lead generation tools
  • Customer support only offered on weekdays
Freshworks icon
Editor’s Take

Freshsales is a great option for a HubSpot alternative because it gives marketing and sales teams several features to help them improve their lead generation processes. It also offers users advantages in terms of features and price.

Best For
Sales team
$0 – $83/user/month
Annual Discount
Save up to 15%

Another strong HubSpot competitor, Freshsales is a complete sales force automation tool for sales teams. It offers everything a salesperson needs to hook high-quality leads, engage in contextual discussions, close transactions with AI-powered insights, and cultivate client relationships.

Freshsales automates the sales process and boosts efficiency and productivity in daily tasks for sales teams by integrating email, phone, chat, and telephony. This gives sales teams more time for actual selling.

With the help of Freddy AI, salespeople can learn which transactions to pursue, what steps to take, and how to forecast income.

Key Features

Contact and account management tools

This is one of several areas in which Freshsales is similar to HubSpot. The contact and account management capabilities provided by Freshsales are extensive. To more effectively target contacts with sales calls and follow-ups, you can observe an activity record of their interactions with your business. You can speed up deal closing by using the AI-powered contact score system, which prioritizes top leads based on a prospect's involvement.

Wide customization functionality

Freshsales is highly flexible. It enables users to adjust every UI feature, including the primary navigation menu, to suit their preferences. You can add custom fields, modules, sales activities, and more and select from more than ten languages and hundreds of different currencies. As a result, the program can be tailored to meet the requirements of almost any business.

Workflow automation

With Freshsales, you can set up customized appointments, notifications, reminders, and activities to keep your team on track and automatically distribute leads to sales reps based on predetermined criteria. Automating sales procedures allows you to concentrate on completing deals by reducing the manual work required for lead nurturing.

Extensive Communication Tool

Email exchanges with prospects and existing customers can be created and tracked using Freshsales' email integration capability. Additionally, your website visitors can use its chat software as a live customer service line. Additionally, Freshsales has a built-in phone that enables one-click calling and conversation recording. You can use the CRM to book Zoom meetings and communicate with clients via SMS, Apple Business Chat, and WhatsApp.

Freddy Al

Freddy AI, the artificial intelligence (AI)-powered personal assistant from Freshsales, increases your productivity by making astute recommendations for assignments, meetings, and deal close. You can employ its personalized bots to create leads and greet your visitors.


Sales teams can use the free CRM plan provided by Freshsales to engage with their leads. You require one of the subscription solutions, which start at $18 per month, for the visual pipelines and sales workflows.

6. ActiveCampaign

Powerful Email Marketing Platform With Outstanding Automations and Solid Analytics.

ActiveCampaign - Grow your business with customer experience automation

ActiveCampaign is a great HubSpot alternative famous for its robust marketing automation features. Like HubSpot, this platform provides capabilities to support corporate marketing, sales, and customer engagement initiatives with more affordable subscription levels.

ActiveCampaign contains integrated sales automations in addition to its email marketing automation tools, which can streamline your sales process. You can use it to monitor the track of your leads' past behavior and develop a lead scoring system to assess their worth.

Key Features

Automation templates

ActiveCampaign automation templates, also known as recipes, are the simplest method to put repetitive operations on autopilot. You have access to about 250 recipes. These pre-built templates are available in the platform's marketplace and are simple to download, import into your account, set up, and personalize.

Email campaign

You can start campaigns using this platform and completely control the messages you distribute. A native drag-and-drop email builder with lots of formatting and customization possibilities is available in ActiveCampaign. You can write engaging content quickly, using tested email layouts from templates or starting from scratch.

Machine learning

To free up your team's time to work on closing transactions and keeping clients, ActiveCampaign provides an AI data analysis function. With machine learning, the bot gets smarter as you feed it more data. Intelligent ActiveCampaign e-mail marketing automation platform is built on this as its underlying technology. It can decide when it is ideal for sending emails and what language to.

Powerful and simple marketing automation

For most firms, ActiveCampaign is more than sufficient to aid in achieving simple or moderately complicated objectives. This application provides many pre-built workflows that you can alter to meet your unique requirements. An easy-to-use, step-by-step navigator leads you through the workflow-building procedure.

Strong security

Although ActiveCampaign takes security seriously and provides a few layers of security, information on it is not prominently shown. As a user, it is recommended that you enable two-factor authentication for each account. ActiveCampaign has a dedicated internal cybersecurity team that looks for areas of vulnerability in the business's digital infrastructure faster than anybody else can and provides secure payment processing.


  • Free migration
  • Provides powerful marketing automation features
  • Offers machine learning to improve marketing effort
  • Top-notch internal contact database
  • Offers SMS marketing
  • Supports multi-channel messaging


  • Steep learning curve
  • No landing page creation functionality
  • Customer support is limited to weekdays
  • It does not offer phone support


ActiveCampaign - Pricing Plan

Learn more about ActiveCampaign pricing

ActiveCampaign offers four pricing tiers, with the Lite tier costing $15 per month.

7. GetResponse

User-friendly HubSpot Alternative With In-built Webinar Functionality.

GetResponse - Powerful, simplified tool to send emails, create pages and automate your marketing

GetResponse is a fully functional email marketing and automation platform with all the hooks and whistles you'd expect.

It is a comprehensive marketing platform that provides landing pages, a CRM, and sophisticated automations in addition to e-mail marketing.

Key Features

Email marketing automation

You can create intricate automated sequences using GetResponse's robust and adaptable workflow editor. You must have at least the Marketing Automation plan to use this functionality. There are rules to move subscribers from one list to another, in addition to the ability to send a series of emails in response to particular circumstances and triggers. There are also automations for lead scoring, cart abandonment campaigns, and online event tracking.

List management

The list management feature of GetResponse is outstanding. You can apply custom filters to save groups of contacts with related qualities based on contact field information, email engagement, or lead scores. You can add tags and even automate list management rules with the help of automations.

Reports and analytics

GetResponse offers a chart view that makes it easy for users to observe when individuals clicked and viewed emails. You may access all the information on the openers and clickers, as well as tracking for conversions and online sales with Google Analytics.

Broad integrations

GetResponse connects with a wide range of external software, including all the major e-commerce, CRM, social media, and content management system (CMS) applications (Shopify, Magento, Salesforce, Facebook, WordPress, etc.). Keep in mind that the Free plan does not feature any integrations.

A/B testing

Testing is the foundation of every effective campaign. GetResponse has an A/B testing tool for emails and landing pages that uses the best version.

Landing page

GetResponse offers a drag-and-drop editor for creating landing pages. You can include videos and forms on your landing page using GetResponse's landing page editor. You don't need additional hosting because GetResponse provides hosting for your page.


  • Provides webinar hosting functionality within the mobile app
  • Effective drag-and-drop editors
  • It offers a large number of integrations


  • Numerous integration tools demand Zapier
  • No telephone support


GetResponse - Pricing Plan

Learn more about GetResponse pricing

GetResponse offers a free forever plan for users with fewer than 500 subscribers in addition to four paying plans with varying functionality. However, things can get pricey very quickly if you want to use functions like marketing automation or ecommerce features for your ecommerce business.

8. Zoho CRM

Highly Flexible HubSpot Alternative Best For Remote Teams.

Zoho CRM - Superfast Work, Steadfast Growth

Zoho CRM is a cloud-based online tool for managing businesses of all sizes. It provides sales and inbound marketing automation capabilities with help desk, analytics, and customer service features.

Users can instantly respond to consumers across channels with the aid of Zoho CRM. Zia, the AI-enabled sales assistant from Zoho CRM, can forecast when to get in touch with customers. It might provide pertinent statistics or documents and check emails for urgency when searching.

Key Features

Easy to use dashboard

Zoho's dashboard is easy to use since it allows users to swiftly switch between the standard, personalized, and custom homepage views. You can access a variety of sales-related tasks, notifications, and features via the upper navigation bar; you can also add elements and rearrange the order of your page to better fit your requirements.

Feeds notification

From Zoho CRM, you can get in touch with team members located far away and express your opinions to hasten the decision-making process. When someone modifies a relevant lead or deal you're tracking, Zoho CRM will notify you.

Mobile application

Most of what you can accomplish on your laptop with CRM software can be done on the Zoho CRM mobile app. The user-friendly design keeps things simple enough to avoid being overwhelming. Even when there is no network access for connection, you can still work offline.

Al Zia

To make everyone's job easier, your team can use Zia, an AI-powered assistant available at the top two tiers, to gather all your customer data, prepare documents, or uncover useful data like sales numbers. Zia determines the optimum time to approach each client based on when they often check emails, return calls, or visit your website.

Personalized onboarding assistant

Customers of Zoho CRM receive specialized onboarding assistance from an expert. Your support professional will lead you through your customized implementation plan to assist you in setting up and configuring the platform to your needs.


  • Extensive feature set
  • Offers flexible AI layer
  • Built-in gamification tools
  • Availability of multiple integrations


  • Steep learning curve
  • Only the most expensive tiers get access to the most powerful functions
  • Limited custom fields


Pricing for Zoho CRM is clear and based on monthly and yearly periods. There are four service package choices. Each subscription level offers free trials.

9. Wishpond

Best HubSpot Alternative for Developing Engaging Landing Pages.

Wishpond - A Platform Designed For Growth

Wishpond is a marketing automation and lead generation software that provides website and email subscriber engagement tools, including a drag-and-drop landing page designer, social contests, pop-ups, and forms. This software also offers lead scoring, nurturing tools, and performance data.

Key Features

Marketing automation

Wishpond has all the features you could need, regardless of whether you're looking for dribble email fights or want to send personalized messages. You receive ongoing research to help you evaluate how well your automated work process is working.

Landing page creator

Wishpond offers lovely formats that will simplify your work. You can move elements around the pre-built layouts to get to your destination. The WYSIWYG proofreader can change the greeting page's colors, text style, and every other element.

Promotions and contests

Wishpond's Contest and Promotions tool will help develop more online discussion about your business by enabling existing and new customers to “enter to win!” something they consider profitable.

Online forms

Wishpond provides more than a dozen mobile-friendly form designs for your convenience. You may construct custom fields to collect the needed data and build your web forms using a drag and drop builder without any prior coding knowledge.

Extensive third-party integrations

The good thing is that Wishpond offers many integrations, so if you already use an app that works well for you, you can quickly integrate Wishpond and have it automate the actions.


  • Easy to navigate
  • Reliable and effective customer service
  • Easy to move contacts to other CRM


  • Unresponsive drag and drop functionality
  • Templates are difficult to optimize
  • Limited capacity for reporting


Wishpond - Pricing Plan

Wishpond payment plan rises as more leads are generated, with the payment plan starting at $49 per month.

10. EngageBay

Best Low-cost Alternative To HubSpot.

EngageBay - Market better. Sell faster. Support smarter

EngageBay is an integrated marketing, sales, support, and CRM tool that enables small to medium businesses to attract, interact with, and turn website visitors into customers. With its excellent free plan and low prices, EgageBay might just be the cheapest HubSpot alternative on the market.

Businesses can employ marketing tools on a cloud-based platform to cultivate long-lasting relationships with their clients.

Key Features

Email advertising

With EngageBay's email syncing features, you can connect your CRM to your email service provider and keep track of correspondence with prospects. There is also a practical email broadcast tool that enables you to send customized messages to your contacts to increase interaction.

Deal management

The platform increases efficiency and streamlines the sales process. Users have full access to deals at all levels, allowing them to keep track of deal development. As a result, it is simpler to sort and filter data, predict near dates, and make informed decisions.

Marketing automation

Strong marketing automation services are offered by EngageBay. You'll discover several categories for reports on the dashboard, including ones for your contact list, landing pages, forms, sequences, and several other features. You can utilize the drag and drop function to alter and arrange them in the best way for you.

Landing page builder

EngageBay does a fantastic job of enabling you to create eye-catching landing pages that will persuade visitors to connect and convert. Not only are there many alternatives available, but creating amazing landing pages for your company doesn't involve any technical knowledge or even learning a single line of code.

Sales tools

To directly contact your leads, place calls, and send emails, use the platform's sales software. Based on user activity, some capabilities let you send follow-up communications. Build better client relationships, visually track leads in your sales pipeline, and close agreements more quickly.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Large storage capacity
  • Offers phone support
  • Offers SMS marketing
  • Provides free onboarding session


  • Limited landing page templates
  • It does not have a ticketing section


EngageBay - Pricing Plan

Engagebay offers four packages: the Free, Basic, Growth, and Pro plans. Basic features like autoresponders and email broadcasting are offered in all plans, even the free ones. One thousand contacts and 1000 branded emails are available under the free forever plan. To get unlimited contacts, you have to upgrade to the paid plan.

11. Insightly

Best CRM With Easy Contact Import And Considerable Customizability.

Insightly - A CRM for building lasting customer relationships

Insightly is a fantastic option for small to medium-sized organizations because it provides all the standard CRM functions you would require, such as bulk emailing, in one location at an affordable price.

It has some great in-built project management tools and offers an extremely broad choice of integrations to enhance its capabilities further.

Key Features

Contact and lead management

With the strong lead and contact management functionality provided by Insightly, you can effectively manage your current contact list and connect with potential new clients. It offers a few strategies for obtaining fresh leads. Although batch importing leads from an excel spreadsheet is the easiest approach, you can easily add new entries individually and use the Insightly app to scan business cards and turn the data into leads, or you can integrate Insightly contact forms onto your website to gather leads.

Customer service

Outlook and Gmail integrations in Insightly enable you to email contacts as well. Additionally, there is a built-in phone dialer that can make calls and record them automatically.

Reports and dashboards

With Insightly, you can create complex reports and dashboards for a high-level view of the state of your business. This reporting tool has respectable reporting capabilities. You can set the reports to be sent to your coworkers by email regularly. You can also link Insightly with Microsoft Power BI to access more sophisticated reporting options.

Workflow automation

You can automate some business operations using Insightly workflow automation tools, such as sending emails, modifying records, and firing webhooks based on predefined triggers. These aid in streamlining your sales procedure and minimizing your team's monotonous physical labor, freeing them up for more beneficial responsibilities.


  • Seamless data input and exchange
  • Smooth, consistent, and simple to use interface
  • Highly flexible
  • Simple connectivity with Insightly's marketing and support desk applications


  • It has no advanced functionality like custom workflows
  • No live chat support


Insightly - Pricing Plan

Insightly provides three paid pricing levels with more comprehensive features and a free one. Most firms searching for robust CRM capabilities will find the free CRM plan inappropriate because it only supports two users and has few features.

12. Sendinblue

Superb HubSpot Alternative For Managing Large Contact Lists.

Sendinblue - Prepare for takeoff

Sendinblue is a simple, user-friendly email marketing tool, making it a fantastic option for seasoned marketers or companies without the capacity to develop intricate campaigns.

Sendinblue is excellent for companies who want to increase their email marketing return on investment because it has cutting-edge features that let marketers construct highly-personalized campaigns based on historical consumer behavior.

Key Features

Forms and Email campaigns

With customizable newsletter templates, a rich text editor, and an HTML builder, Sendinblue provides the usual email creation options. What sets Sendinblue apart from HubSpot is its user-friendly, intuitive editor, which immediately clarifies what steps you need to take.


Sendinblue offers practical segmentation options to target your users' content better and increase open and click-through rates. You can create segmentation based on: Pageviews and clicks on particular products or categories, along with demographic information like gender, age, and location.

Extensive analytics functionality

With Sendinblue, you can track sends, bounces, opens, and clicks in real-time. Sendinblue also makes it easy to delve further to learn more about the possible causes of each of these problems, such as whether there is a problem with how the email displays or whether poor deliverability is restricted to a certain region.

Customizable interface

Sendinblue's primary navigation is completely customizable. Streamlining the user interface enables you to easily access frequently used functions without waiting longer than necessary for the in-app experience. The user interface's layout can be changed at any time, giving you total freedom in utilizing the program.


You can create a chatbox with Sendinblue at no cost. Along with having a helpful tool, you can manage the chat environment and instantly offer your consumers on-site assistance. You can adjust the colors and place your logo to match and raise brand recognition.


  • Offers A/B test automation
  • Offers a free plan


  • Lacks live chat support
  • Analytics functionality is limited to tracking only basic marketing metrics


Sendinblue - Pricing Plan

Learn more about Sendinblue pricing

Sendinblue has a free plan with automation workflows, phone assistance (for the first 60 days), and a daily email limit of 300. Its paid plan starts at $25 per month.

13. Salesforce

Best HubSpot Alternative For Business Analytics Functionality.

Salesforce - Drive growth and cost savings with the world's #1 CRM

Salesforce is the ideal CRM software for expanding enterprises due to the enormous number of capabilities, third-party integrations, customization choices, and add-on options.

Salesforce provides users with a beautifully designed solution that is quick, strong, and well suited to a company's unique operations once implementation is complete.

Key Features

Automated approvals and Workflows

Salesforce enables you to automate your business activities through a straightforward point-and-click interface. You can set up automatic email alerts for deals and assign responsibilities. Additionally, you can automate tedious processes like order fulfillment and detailed proposal creation. It is uncomplicated and adaptable.

Options for customization

Salesforce can be fully tailored to your needs and preferences. You can do this with point-and-click tools or, for more detailed customization, with code. Additionally, you can include customized fields and tabs, improved reporting and dashboards, and automatic task management. Overall, there aren't many restrictions, providing you with more alternatives and flexibility.

Simple user interface

Because Salesforce is simple and easy to use, you can concentrate more on your organization than figuring out how to use the program. You can easily see and edit customer data by logging in from various devices, including a dedicated mobile app. Moving between the modules and working with other team members is simple.

Integration of third-party apps

Many external applications integrate directly with Salesforce. The specialized app store has a wide variety of apps; two standouts are Pitcher Impact and Formstack, which enable you to manage your contacts offline and easily access marketing materials, pitches, and presentations. Formstack lets you create forms without knowing any code. There are lots of great apps available right now that help you manage everything a little bit more easily.

Innovative tools for productivity

The integrated project management tools that Salesforce provides its customers are one of its major advantages. Once installed, management and the marketing sales and teams will find it simple to establish workflows, assign tasks, and check off permissions. Your sales representatives may review KPIs and monitor their progress toward quotas using Salesforce's visual dashboards, which facilitates.


  • Numerous choices for customization
  • Incisive reporting
  • Integrations with more than a thousand different platforms
  • Offers point-and-click tools


  • It can be challenging to use without constantly engaging customer support


The four subscription tiers for Salesforce's Sales Cloud CRM are Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited. Only the Essentials plan is offered month-to-month; all other plans demand a yearly commitment.

14. Ontraport

Best Alternative To HubSpot For Ecommerce Businesses.

Ontraport - The sales and marketing platform for growing businesses

Ontraport is a platform for business automation that provides a unified experience with features for ecommerce email marketing, email automation, and CRM. It is a fantastic option for solopreneurs and small business owners alike.

The service includes graphic campaign maps for planning and monitoring your consumer interactions.

Key Features

Marketing automation

Any organization can benefit from marketing automation, regardless of the industry. You may design completely integrated campaigns with Ontraport. These walk your leads step-by-step till they finally convert to actual customers. The Ontraport marketing automation can categorize them based on their characteristics, preferences, and habits. Then, based on your settings, it can group them.

Website creator

This software enables users to create landing pages easily. The process is made simpler overall and does not require the services of a web developer or graphic designer, thanks to the Ontraport website builder feature. It enables you to personalize your landing page's layout and design completely. Additionally, the service now offers several widely desired features like enhanced page personalization options and mobile view customization.

In-built payment tool

Ontraport has an integrated payments system that streamlines the financial aspects of operating an online store. The order form's main function is to simplify the entire checkout process. It converts more effectively than the standard substance since it reduces drag.

Real-time data reporting

Ontraport features integrated visual reporting that typically provides invaluable details about your performance. You can handle your marketing and sales activities to get the most return. Here, a single button click will clarify your areas of strength and weakness.

Visual campaign mapping

You can now quickly construct high-converting campaign maps. Simply save time using ready-to-use, tested marketing campaigns or design your form using the site's user-friendly graphic campaign builder.


  • Availability of mobile app
  • Great customer support
  • Offers dedicated IP addresses
  • Powerful and easy-to-use campaign builder


  • Hard to set up
  • No social media integrations
  • User dashboards are not visually appealing


Ontraport - Pricing Plan

15. Pardot

Best HubSpot Alternative For B2B Marketing.

Pardot-HubSpot Alternative For B2B Marketing

Pardot is a B2B marketing automation software that offers a wide range of marketing automation features and analytics powered by AI. This email marketing solution provides automatic help for the more involved and time-consuming B2B sales choices.

The Pardot portfolio of goods comprises items with features including real-time sales notifications, automated drip marketing, a landing page builder, and batch email marketing. The Enterprise edition provides more sophisticated features like personalized security settings, additional storage capacity, and a dedicated IP address.

Key Features

Lead management and generation

Pardot offers simple-to-use tools for creating landing pages and forms. Since everything is done visually using a drag and drop interface, coding knowledge is unnecessary. Your Pardot membership includes hosting for landing pages and forms. According to how visitors engage with your landing pages and forms, Pardot's system automatically assesses leads and sends the most promising ones to the marketing team for follow-up.

Email automation

Pardot has a straightforward visual drag-and-drop interface that can effortlessly automate email campaigns. There is no need for coding expertise, just like the landing page builder. With Pardot, you may create email templates quickly or even customize one of its prepared templates for your purpose.

Marketing analytics

Reports are produced by Pardot at each stage of the marketing funnel. Although the reports can be completely customized, most marketing teams should be satisfied with the default selection. Pardot can calculate your marketing initiatives' return on investment (ROI) and demonstrate how they affect sales income. Additionally, it monitors customer interaction and incorporates data from Salesforce Sales Cloud if you have it.

Einstein Al

Pardot is supported by Salesforce's Einstein AI, which scans your sales and marketing lead databases and identifies important leads. These leads are chosen based on how much involvement and engagement they have with your brand. Then, Einstein Al offers intelligent recommendations to your marketing teams by tying leads to any existing records in your Salesforce database.


  • Wide variety of functions
  • Behavioral scoring powered by AI for all incoming leads


  • Customer support can be unreliable

16. SharpSpring

Superb CRM Tool and Marketing Automation Solution For Agencies.

SharpSpring - Grow revenue, not your toolset

SharpSpring is a revenue growth marketing automation platform that supports small businesses in generating leads, enhancing the conversion of leads into sales, and maximizing return on marketing expenditures.

A cutting-edge platform, open architecture, free customer support, and flexible contracts deliver real results for a developing company or digital marketing firm.

A range of marketing activities, including email and social media marketing, are available through the cloud-based marketing automation platform SharpSpring. Users also get reports, a CRM, and other things.

Key Features

Marketing automation

SharpSpring provides a visual process builder to create personalized automation. The workflow will record a trigger or action carried out by the prospect. The workflow also can recognize drip campaigns. When a lead completes a drip campaign role or responds to a particular trigger, they are automatically removed from the campaign. Instead of forcing these leads through the same campaign as those who haven't responded to triggers, you can offer them information based on their actions and interests from this point on.

Agency tab

As previously mentioned, SharpSpring provides businesses with an efficient marketing automation tool. Because of this, agencies are given a unique platform. Along with your agency, the agency view lists all the businesses they represent. On this dashboard, you can manage specific tasks like billing and view data like contacts added and emails sent.

Website forms and landing pages

SharpSpring provides a simple mechanism for building landing pages and forms. Even those who aren't particularly tech-savvy can construct fantastic lead-capturing sites using their system's drag-and-drop builder.

Real-time reports

Reports are simple to deliver with SharpSpring. They provide reports for tracking campaigns, emails, tracking numerous devices, behavior, and ROI data. Additionally, you can create your unique reports.

Built-in CRM functionality

A built-in CRM is included in SharpSpring to manage your contacts. Their CRM is extremely user-friendly and functions as a complete workspace. You can enter all of your contacts' vital information and even see the lead's life cycle in one central location where you can examine all of your contacts. Your contacts are divided by their emails, which serve as their identifiers.


  • Provides an app store for easy integrations of app
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Offers a robust marketing automation service


  • Site can be unstable
  • Canceling payment plans is difficult


SharpSpring - Pricing Plan

SharpSpring provides several tiers, and each tier is divided according to the number of contacts you require for your CRM.

HubSpot Alternatives FAQ

What is HubSpot?

HubSpot is a cloud-based CRM created to enable you to integrate your sales and marketing teams better, build sales funnels, encourage sales enablement, increase ROI, and fine-tune your inbound marketing approach to produce more qualified leads.

What are the main competitors of HubSpot?

Monday.com CRM, an extremely flexible platform excellent for task management, and Pipedrive, a robust HubSpot CRM alternative tool that doubles as a CRM software and an account-management tool, are major HubSpot competitors in the market.

What are the Best HubSpot Alternatives for Sales and Marketing Teams?

HubSpot CRM is considered one of the most used CRM programs for sales and marketing teams. For many different reasons, some teams might be reluctant to employ this CRM tool. They might not like how it looks or functions or just not want to spend the high cost.

Finding what works for your team just requires testing out several choices.

Here are our top picks:

  • Monday.com CRM is the best overall HubSpot CRM alternative.
  • Pipedrive is a robust HubSpot CRM alternative tool that doubles as a CRM software and an account-management tool.
  • Constant Contact is a HubSpot alternative with a user-friendly and effective email builder.
  • Keap is an efficient HubSpot CRM alternative best suited for small businesses seeking an all-inclusive sales, marketing, and CRM solution.
  • Freshsales is an amazing HubSpot alternative perfect for fast-growing small and medium-sized business sales teams who want to engage their prospects strategically.

To learn more about CRM tools in general, check out the following articles:

Best Overall

Monday.com CRM

A powerful and highly customizable sales and customer relationship management platform for gathering and nurturing high-quality leads throughout the sales cycle.
Best For Marketing Team


An effective customer relationship management platform that enables teams to maintain customer information and control the whole sales process using custom automations.
Best For Email Marketing

Constant Contact

A straightforward and adaptable tool ideal for enhancing the marketing capabilities of small and medium-sized organizations with a simple user interface and vast feature set.
Best For Small Businesses


An account-based platform that combines e-commerce, automated marketing, and customer relationship management functionality to streamline acquisition efforts.
Best For Sales Team


A sales CRM tool from Freshworks that aids sales teams in streamlining procedures, completing transactions quickly, and gaining a deeper understanding of clients

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