9 Best Email Tracking Software and Free Email Tracker of 2024

Updated Dec 6, 2022.
Best Email Tracking Software and Free Email Tracker

As a small business owner, email marketing is not an unfamiliar term to you especially if you run an online store on eCommerce platforms such as Shopify and BigCommerce.

Have you created the perfect marketing campaigns but you are not receiving any response? You have checked the email and it is perfect, the subject line is enticing, the body copy is engaging, and the call-to-action is compelling.

So, why is your target audience not responding? Did the email reach the spam or promotion folder? Did it get delivered? You can keep generating lots of speculative questions or you can do what smart entrepreneurs are doing, using email trackers.

Email trackers will tell you who opened your email and when they opened it. It will tell you whether the recipient clicked on the link or opened the attachment you put in your email or not.

You need email tracking software to track the emails you send, especially when you are sending them to a large pool of recipients.

In this article, you will learn about 7 of the best email tracking software and free email trackers. You will learn about the key features of each tool, and how they can help your business.

1. Mailtrack

Best Email Tracking Software for Gmail

Mailtrack is the Best Email Tracking Software for Gmail

Mailtrack is an email tracking software that notifies you when the recipients of your emails opened them. The Mailtrack application adds two check marks to every mail you send.

Just like a messaging application, a single check mark implies that your mail has been sent while a double check mark indicates that your mail has been opened. The email tracker keeps your application data safe and secure, it does not share your data with any third parties.

Notifications pop-ups are always sent when your emails are opened. The tracking feature is accurate and easy.

Mailtrack has a feature that can help you filter unread messages. In your Gmail app, go to the sent mail folder. Click on the single check mark button at the top of the messages. It will load all the unread messages you have and you can choose to either delete or leave them.

The email tracking software also tells you how many times the recipient opened your mail and the time they opened them. Mailtrack provides daily reports regarding the emails you send to recipients. The statistics include the number of messages sent, percentage of emails read, and percentage of emails clicked.


Mailtrack Pricing Plan

Mailtrack has three subscription plans. They are free, pro, and advanced. The free plan only gives you access to unlimited tracking and tracking of mails (of less than 3MB) containing attachments.

The pro plan gives you access to unlimited tracking, full mail metrics, email and phone support, real-time notifications, activity dashboard, scheduled mail tracking, and daily reports.

The advanced plan includes every Pro feature plus campaigns, export data CSV, and integration with Salesforce and other Salesforce competitors. Both the pro and advanced plans allow tracking of mails (of unlimited file size) containing attachments.

2. Email Tracker

Best Email Tracker for all Mail Apps

Email Tracker is the Best Email Tracker for all Mail Apps

Email Tracker helps you find out if your emails were read by their recipients. Once you install the app, your future emails automatically become tracked.

In your mailbox, a dark small circle will appear in front of the message and it indicates that your mail has been sent. When your recipient has read the mail, a single check mark will replace the circle. Email Tracker works for unlimited email accounts.

The email tracking software does not keep or transfer your mail contents to any third-party applications because they respect your privacy. Emails you send to yourself are not tracked. To enable the tracking feature, send an email to another email account.

Email Tracker helps you know your recipients. It will tell you when and how your recipients read your mail. It can be used with mail apps like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, Office 365, etc.


Email Tracker Pro Plan

To unlock professional features like full recipient report (IP address and other important details), recipient geographics, auto-link tracking; unlimited emails and accounts, etc. you need to subscribe to the Pro plan.

3. Boomerang

Best Email Tracking Software for Cross-platform Tracking

Boomerang is the Best Email Tracking Software for Cross platform Tracking

Boomerang is an email tracker that notifies you when a recipient opens your mail and if they click on any link in the message. Its cross-platform tracking feature allows you to know if your recipient opens the message on mobile phones, tablets, or PC.

The email tracking software helps track and determine which of your emails get the most clicks. It also gives your recipient an option to opt out.

Once you install the app, you can enable email tracking by clicking the small envelope button at the bottom right side of the window. Turning on email tracking will let your recipient know that you are requesting a read receipt. Boomerang respects privacy with clients to build trust between you and the recipient. When your email has been opened, Boomerang will send a notification message to you.

You can get more info about the message from the Boomerang manage page. On this page, you will see the details of each of the messages you tracked, from the number of times they were opened to the exact time the mail was first opened and last opened. It will also tell you how many times your links were clicked and the most recent click time.


Boomerang Pricing Plan

Boomerang has four subscription plans, they are basic, personal, pro, and premium plans. The basic plan is free and its key features include 10 message credits per month, reminders, response tracking, read receipts, and click tracking.

The personal plan includes everything from the basic plan plus unlimited message credits and notes. The pro plan includes everything from the Personal plan plus recurring messages, insights, and inbox pause.

The Premium plan includes everything from the Pro plan plus track by default, premium support, integration with CRM software such as Salesforce, and toolbox.

Every new Boomerang account is given a 30-day trial of Boomerang Pro. After 30 days, then you will have to subscribe to the plan you want if you want to keep enjoying the pro services. If you do not subscribe, then you continue with the basic plan.

4. Unlimited Email Tracker

Best Email Tracker with Free Chrome Extensions

Unlimited Email Tracker is the Best Email Tracker with Free Chrome Extensions

Unlimited Email Tracker is an email tracking tool that keeps you posted on the welfare of the emails you send to your recipients.

The email tracker helps you track when your emails are opened and when the links in the email are clicked. It also allows you to schedule emails to be sent at a particular time. It reminds you to do follow-ups on mail click metrics.

Unlimited Email Tracker allows you to choose your email signature. It also ensures that your data is secure and does not sell your information to third parties.

With the email tracking software, you receive live push notifications when there is a click. You can also access the history of email opens and see which one was converted and which got ignored.

The ‘Remind Me’ feature is there to help you set reminders for emails that were opened and the ones that were ignored.

If you have a tight work schedule, Unlimited Email Tracker can help you schedule emails to send at a specific time, day or night. You can also schedule your emails to deliver at the time you suspect your recipients check their emails to attend to important messages.


Unlimited Email Tracker Sales Suite Pricing Plan

You can open an account to get access to Unlimited Email Tracker’s freemium plan. For the paid plans, they have the S, M, L, XL, and XXL. They all have their specific features and perks.

The S (Small) plan costs $33 per month, the M (Medium) plan costs $66 per month, the L (Large) plan costs $141 per month, the XL (Extra Large) plan costs $241 per month, and the XXL (Extra Extra Large) plan costs $482 per month.

Unlimited Email Tracker Email Campaign Plan

Unlimited Email Tracker has a plan email campaign called Drip campaigns which costs $28 per month.

5. Yesware

Best Email Tracking Software for Teams

Yesware is the Best Email Tracking Software for Teams

Yesware is one of the best email tracking apps for Microsoft Outlook and Gmail. It updates you on the who, how, and when for every link click, email open, and engagement.

With Yesware, you can determine which recipients are your hottest leads. You will be notified when these prospects read your emails or click your links. If you want to reach out to your prospects, you can time your calls to the time they open your mail messages.

You can access your engagement metrics with each client in your inbox. You can view the open rates, clicks rates, engagement, and reply rates on ‘My Dashboard’. You can see your top engaged mail in your weekly performance metrics.

With Yesware, customer support teams in an organization can monitor customer engagement. If you are emailing a PDF file or PowerPoint presentation to a client, you can track the response and engagements per page. You can install Yesware via Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome web store.


Yesware Pricing Plan

Yesware has a free plan available for 14 days. After 14 days, you have to upgrade to a paid plan. There are three pricing plans (Pro, Premium, and Enterprise).

The features of the pro plan include unlimited email tracking, unlimited email templates, personal tracking, etc.

Yesware’s premium plan includes everything from the pro plan plus unlimited campaigns, team reporting, and unlimited shared templates. The enterprise plan includes everything from the premium plan plus Salesforce Inbox Sidebar and Salesforce reporting.

6. Atomic Email Tracker

Best Web-based Email Tracking Software for Email Campaigns

Atomic Email Tracker is the Best Web based Email Tracking Software for Email Campaigns

Atomic Email Tracker is an email tracking software that helps you track the email opens and click rates of the emails you send to your recipients. You can see the percentage of your recipients that opened a particular email and know just how frequently they hit the links in your email.

With Atomic Email Tracker, you can check the number of readers from each country. You can view more detailed metrics such as the specific time of the day your readers open their emails. The number of reads and clicks helps you measure the effectiveness of each mail.

Statistics of email opens and link clicks are sent as reports to your inbox. Atomic Email Tracker tells you what exact links were clicked and the ratio of the clicked links to the sent links. It also tells you the date and time your recipient opened your mail.

With the detailed metrics of email opens and click rates, you can compare the success of your current email campaign to the previous ones.

Atomic Email Tracker has an easy user interface. Using the email tracker is not difficult. You do not need any IT knowledge or expertise to use the tool. It is compatible with Windows 7 to Windows 10 operating systems.


Atomic Email Tracker Pricing Plan

Atomic Email Tracker has a free demo version for registered users. For you to use the demo, you have to open an account, it will not take up to three minutes to complete. For its paid plan, you can either make monthly or annual payments.

7. MailTracker

Best Email Tracking Software for Large-scale Companies

MailTracker is the Best Email Tracking Software for Large scale Companies

MailTracker is an email tracking app commonly used by big companies and professionals. It is used to track the mail you send to your recipients. The email tracking software tells you who read your mails, when they read them, how they reacted to it, how many links they clicked, and if they engaged with it. It tells you the statistics of your engaged mail.

Once you install the MailTracker, any emails you send afterward will be tracked. You can deactivate the tracking feature when you want to. When your recipients open the mail, you will see the tracking details directly in your mail. With the tracking details information, you can know what to do next and how to follow up.

On the conversation pages, you will see the time the recipients opened your mail and what device they used to open the message. A landscape device shows that a desktop was used while a portrait device showed that mobile was used. MailTracker does not store the contents of your mail or your mail addresses to ensure privacy.


MailTracker is a simple and free email tracking software.

8. EngageBay

Best Email Tracker with an Intuitive User-interface

EngageBay is the Best Email Tracker with an Intuitive User interface

EngageBay tracks your email attachments on Google Mail for you to know when your sent mail is opened. On EngageBay, you can view the status of your mail in your mailbox. The status will be displayed next to the message.

With the email tracking software, you can include your documents in the mails and track when the document is downloaded and opened. You can also track the number of clicks on the links in the emails.

EngageBay will send push notifications when a recipient is opening your mail or downloading the email attachments. On the email tracking software, it is easy to monitor your email activities and eliminate guesswork on who opened your mail and when it was opened.

The email tracker offers other marketing tools such as email marketing services and lead generation tools which will help you nurture your recipients and convert them to customers.

EngageBay offers you a chrome extension to help you easily access contacts with a single click. Single check marks of different colors will tell you the status of your sent emails.


EngageBay Pricing Plan

EngageBay has a free demo version for users to try its services and then decide on a suitable plan to use. They have four subscription plans namely free, basic, growth, and pro.

The free plan has features like email tracking, appointment scheduling, and conversational inbox. The basic plan includes everything from the free plan plus multiple deal tracks.

The growth plan includes everything from the Basic plan plus an email scheduler. The pro plan includes everything from the Growth plan plus custom reporting.

9. Free Email Tracker

Best Email Tracking Software with Reliable Cloud Technology

Free Email Tracker is the Best Email Tracking Software with Reliable Cloud Technology

Free Email Tracker is software that tells you where, when, and how an email was read. The email tracking software also tells you on what device they read your mail. It is fully integrated with Google Mail and uses solid cloud technology.

When you install Free Email Tracker, you do not need to manually ‘turn on’ tracking for your mails. By default, your mails become automatically tracked. If you want to turn off tracking for a particular mail, simply hit the inverted cone-shaped button at the bottom of the message so it turns light grey.

There are no tracking limits when you use Free Email Tracker. This way, you can do the necessary follow-up when you notice a customer opening your mail. The location tracking feature allows you to know the recipient’s geolocation when they open your mail.

They have a dashboard that shows an overview of the history or record of your emails. You can filter messages that were ignored from the ones that were engaged.

On the email tracking software, you can add multiple email addresses to your mail to track multiple recipients. Real-time notifications alert you the moment a recipient opens your mail.


Free Email Tracker Pricing Plan

Free Email Tracker has two pricing plans: the free plan and the premium plan. The free plan includes features like unlimited email tracking, dashboard, tracking history, desktop, SMS, and email notifications, and multiple recipients tracking.

The Premium plan includes everything from the Free plan plus unlimited link tracking and email and phone support.

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