16 Best Free Task Management Software in 2023

Updated Nov 11, 2022.

Have you been searching for a free task management software that meets all your needs? We’ve got the answer.

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ClickUp makes it easy to collaborate across departments and stay focused on achieving your goals.
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Monday.com gives you numerous personalization options to help you create the perfect workspace.
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Teamwork enables you to collaborate with clients for input and feedback to ensure you meet expectations.
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Wrike uses Artificial Intelligence to give insights into project viability to ensure you know what to prioritize.
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Smartsheet helps you scale easily to avoid losing productivity when working with multiple teams.

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Did you know that the average professional completes only 53.5% of their weekly planned tasks?

The biggest reasons for this lack of productivity are responding to emails and dealing with competing priorities. Such issues result in a loss of motivation, leading to frustration about your inability to be productive.

But you don't have to get there. You can just pick one of the best free task management apps and use it to manage your work.

Best Free Task Management Software

Many free task management software are so limited that they can’t help you improve productivity in any significant way.

To make it worse, there are tens of online task management software you might need to try out before choosing one.

Fortunately, you can save time by reading the reviews of the following task management tools:

1. ClickUp

Best Task Management Software for Team Collaboration

Editor’s Take
9.1 out of 10
Best For
Team collaboration
$0 – $19 per user per month
Annual Discount

I would choose ClickUp any day for tasks and projects that require team collaboration. ClickUp understands that teams are built to work together. Therefore, it brings everyone on board and focuses their attention on completing tasks to achieve the set goals.

Try ClickUp

ClickUp uses its Goals feature to help you achieve life and business goals easily. With your goals defined and targets set, you can easily see what you need to do and how your tasks lead to achieving your goals.

This task management tool lets you personalize your workspace by adding ClickApps.

Best Features

  • Goals: set personal or team goals organized in folders and create trackable targets. Targets can be numerical, e.g., call 3 prospects every day, monetary, e.g., make $500 in weekly sales, or true/false, e.g., confirm whether a sales rep called prospects.
  • Collaboration: get around a team for brainstorming using whiteboards and convert ideas into trackable tasks. You can also tag team members in real-time chat, comment on tasks, assign comments as action items, and set up tasks from emails.
  • Time management: link time spent to the task you’re working on from desktop, mobile, or chrome extension. You can describe your work using notes, mark time as billable for invoicing purposes, and customize timesheets to report on time spent working.
  • Customization: use 35+ ClickApps to enhance the visual and functional aspects of your workspace. Customize your views, create custom data fields, and link your tasks to other work items to see everything in one place.
  • Automation: automate the task assignment process, change assignees when task statuses change, and schedule automatic actions. You can also create custom automations using different combinations of triggers and conditions. 


  • Extensive features list
  • Free training
  • Lots of visibility for admin and supervisor


  • Takes time to learn
  • Mobile app needs more features

You can upgrade to the paid plans for extra functionality such as agile reporting, advanced automation, and priority support.

2. Monday.com

Best Free Task Management Software for Customized Workflows

Editor’s Take
8.7 out of 10
Best For
Creating custom workflows
$0 – $16 per user per month
Annual Discount

I recommend Monday.com to any individual or team that values flexible processes. If you love tweaking your system to build the perfect workflow for your tasks and projects, you’ll appreciate the customization options that Monday.com offers.

Try Monday.com

Monday.com gives you full freedom to set up tasks and decide how to work on them.

Whether working alone or with a team, Monday.com allows you to integrate with numerous other tools to sync data and work more efficiently.

This task manager lets you manage tasks using milestones and install widgets to help you track task progress.

Best Features

  • Collaboration: delegate tasks and assign ownership for clarity on the responsibility of team members. You can share files, link boards, make comments, and tag colleagues while getting real-time updates on pending work.
  • Progress tracking: use 15+ widgets to track and visualize the progress of your tasks and measure that against your set goals. You can customize dashboards to track specific data and identify areas of improvement.
  • Work calendar: prioritize tasks and set due dates to reflect deadlines on the calendar. You can delegate tasks to different team members, schedule them and set reminders to keep everything on track.
  • Work management: break down your work into tasks organized into groups, link tasks to show dependencies, and send notifications when tasks are due to start. You can also create milestones to manage the progress of your work.
  • Customization: customize the dashboards using counters and charts to report on the most critical data, customize forms, automations, etc. You can also change the in-built project management templates to fit your unique workflow.


  • Intuitive interface
  • Highly customizable
  • Saved views


  • Automations should be more customizable
  • More training/onboarding options needed

You can try any free plan risk free for up to 14 days and get access to private docs, priority support, advanced reports, and more.

3. Teamwork

Best Task Management Software for Collaborating With Clients

Editor’s Take
8.4 out of 10
Best For
Collaborating with clients
$0 – $18 per user per month
Annual Discount

Teamwork is my tool of choice for work that needs ongoing input from external stakeholders. Although Teamwork calls them Client Users, you can invite anyone to your workspace and assign them different access rights. Furthermore, client users don’t add to the cost of Teamwork.

Try Teamwork

Teamwork is the perfect task manager for teams collaborating with external stakeholders.

It lets you bring clients and auditors into your projects to help keep everything on track through feedback and approvals.

This collaborative task management tool enables you to create customizable templates and start working quickly using processes that are unique to your projects.

Best Features

  • Task management: create and allocate tasks, add due dates, add tags, and define access rights to your tasks. Create sub-tasks and task dependencies, get status updates, and customize the in-built task management template.
  • Time tracking: measure how much time you spend on tasks and use the insights to create more accurate project estimates. Determine billable hours and send clients accurate invoices with task records for increased transparency.
  • Client users: invite clients to your workspace for collaboration and avoid disagreements on the scope of work, time spent on tasks, and invoices. You can invite as many client users as you want and grant them varying permissions.
  • Collaboration: give everyone visibility into the work being done by showing who’s doing what. Schedule tasks on the calendar, engage through comments using @mentions and use a Kanban board and Gantt chart to track progress.
  • Profitability: manage your financials by tracking your spending against the budget you set at the beginning of your project. Monitor the progression of your spending and get notified when you hit the specified thresholds. You’ll also know your most and least profitable projects.


  • Easy to use
  • Adding client users is free
  • Excellent support


  • Takes time to set up
  • Needs pdf markup features

Teamwork gives you the option of trying out their paid plans for up to 30 days for free. Here you’ll get a project time budget, collaborative document editing, and more.

4. Wrike

Best Task Management Tool for AI-based Insights

Editor’s Take
8.1 out of 10
Best For
Advanced analytics
$0 – $24.80 per user per month
Annual Discount

Wrike is an excellent task management tool for teams that handle multiple projects simultaneously. With the need to determine which tasks to prioritize, Wrike uses AI to assess risks and generate data-backed suggestions to increase the chances of project success.

Try Wrike

Wrike helps you visualize and organize your tasks through lists and set due dates to guide your work activities.

You can get requested work auto-assigned to team members and notify them via email or desktop notifications.

And if you want help finding out how viable your projects are, then Work Intelligence is there for you.

Best Features

  • Task management: manage tasks by creating, assigning, and sorting them by priority or due date. Discuss work details using real-time chat and visualize progress on various views, including Kanban boards and Gantt charts.
  • Work Intelligence: leverage AI to identify risks in your projects and tasks and get suggested solutions. Know what to prioritize based on an analysis of historical data, get contextually-relevant automated replies, and digitize printed documents in an instant.
  • Request forms: manage task and project changes using detailed request forms that are customizable. You can include different data types in your request forms and communicate assigned tasks to specific team members. You can get started faster by using a template.
  • Calendars: plan tasks and whole projects on the calendar and set task deadlines. Define work goals, adjust task deadlines to avoid clashes and color-code tasks for easier searching and filtering. You can create calendars for projects, teams, or tasks.
  • To-do lists: ease the burden of memorizing every work detail and create lists complete with sub-tasks and due dates. You can set task reminders, see notifications on the Chrome extension, and personalize your lists using different themes.


  • Free training
  • AI-driven insights
  • Task management templates


  • Steep learning curve
  • Limited integrations

For up to 14 days, you can experience the full power of Wrike and enjoy branded workspaces, user audit reports, workload charts, and more advanced features.

5. Smartsheet

Most Scalable Task and Project Management Software for Enterprise Teams

Editor’s Take
7.7 out of 10
Best For
Simplified scaling
$7 – $25 per user per month
Annual Discount

Although spreadsheets are an unconventional approach to task management, Smartsheet has proven that it can meet the needs of its enterprise customers. If you’re a big team collaborating across departments or regions, Smartsheet will help you manage work and deliver on projects.

Try Smartsheet

Smartsheet is a task management tool that powers you up for productivity by showing you what it takes to achieve your goals.

With the critical path in mind, you’ll know how many people you need to work with and break down your work into appropriate chunks.

Best Features

  • Resource management: allocate work to team members based on criteria such as skill set, office location, and availability. You can sync tasks to your calendar, use the utilization heat map to determine staffing needs, and balance your team’s workload to increase productivity.
  • Time management: track time spent on billable work and view the timesheet data on your project dashboard. Team members can easily submit their time using pre-filled timesheets, which can be customized to collect all the information necessary.
  • Views: choose from calendar, card, grid, and Gantt charts to visualize your task progress. Use filters to see your work from different perspectives, define the critical path of any project, and get the full context by viewing documents attached to sheets.
  • Content collaboration: work with colleagues on tasks and use reminders to stay on track. Discuss work progress, provide feedback, and set up multiple task reviewers to move work forward faster.
  • Forms: design forms to collect data from website visitors, customers, and other stakeholders and automatically add the data to your sheets. Forms are customizable, and you can also use conditional logic to make your questions relevant.


  • Familiar spreadsheet interface
  • Lots of customization options
  • Powerful reporting features


  • Not as visual as other tools
  • Limited activity log

You can try Smartsheet for free for up to 30 days and get unlimited automations, proofing, baselines, and more.

6. Asana

Simple Task Management Tool for Teams of All Sizes

Asana- Are silos making teamwork more painful

Asana is an online task management software that makes it easy to manage work using milestones.

You can set task priorities using labels, organize tasks into sections, and create custom fields for sorting through your data.

This task management software helps you improve team engagement and performance by sharing reports on how everyone contributes to achieving goals.

Best Features

  • To-do lists: create to-do lists that can stand alone or be part of a project. Add tasks to your to-do, set reminders for when those tasks are due, and group tasks in your to-do into sections. You can track the progress of tasks in your to-do using kanban and timeline views.
  • Task and project management: create sub-tasks, set their priority and deadlines, and assign them to team members. View all your project tasks in one place using different views, sort tasks by date or custom fields, monitor task statuses, and manage all your work using the mobile app.
  • Views: track tasks using the timeline view, adjust your work plans, map your tasks in a personal or team calendar, and sort tasks by due date. You can also visualize all your work on a kanban board.
  • Goals: set goals for your work and set up tasks that move everyone in the same direction. Goals in Asana help you to stay focused, show everyone their contribution to achieving goals, and enables you to measure goals using OKRs.
  • Collaboration: bring your team together and work from a central location to improve visibility and transparency. Collaborate by discussing ideas, sharing files, and providing feedback. Agree on milestones, track progress, and engage through chat and email.


  • Easy to use
  • Unlimited projects
  • Lots of integration options


  • Too many automatic email notifications
  • Limited customization

You can have a risk-free trial of the premium and business plans to get a workflow builder, advanced search, forms branching, and more.

7. Zoho Projects

Best Project Management Tool for SMBs With Moderate Work Requirements

Zoho Projects - the best project management software for any business

Zoho Projects allows you to get granular with your task details, even defining work hours to make it easy to measure productivity and streamline client billing.

This task management tool comes with a live feed and forum for collaboration.

You also get Zoho Analytics integration and an automation engine that enables you to execute multiple actions in batch.

Best Features

  • Work management: engage in effective task management by setting up task dependencies and schedules, creating milestones, and using timesheets to track time spent on tasks. You can create recurring tasks and set the task manager to send out reminders.
  • Automation: minimize mistakes and improve efficiency by automating routine work. Create rules and define conditions to automatically create and assign tasks, send email notifications, and even carry out multiple actions in batch.
  • Time tracking: the in-built task tracking software will record time worked and show you the difference between planned and actual time. After approving timesheets, you can turn them into invoices for billing purposes.
  • Collaboration: you can check the feed for updates on work progress, tag individuals or teams in your comments, create private or group chats, share files, etc. You can also collaborate on documents, build a knowledge base, and hold discussions in the forum.
  • Work reports: track work progress and leverage report insights to optimize your workflow. Use the resource utilization chart to see how best to balance your team’s workload, check billable hours using timesheets, and get 50+ more charts by integrating with Zoho Analytics.


  • Affordable paid plans
  • Easy to use
  • Feature-filled mobile app


  • Very limited free plan
  • No templates

Get Zoho Projects’ 10-day free trial of premium and enterprise plans to get Blueprint, advanced reports, inter-project dependencies, and more.

8. Bitrix24

Best Project Management Tool for Online Businesses

Bitrix24 - Tasks&Projects

Bitrix24 is a task management system with modules for teams managing HR, marketing, and other business processes.

This task manager gives you tools for group video calls, an online feed, and real-time chat, with the option of inviting clients to your chats.

You can organize team members into groups and empower them to monitor their productivity using timers.

Best Features

  • Task management: create group and personal tasks, set due dates, and assign them to team members. Break down tasks into sub-tasks, create checklists to guide the work, and save time by automating repetitive processes or converting them into templates.
  • Team management: create workgroups and define roles for all the team members. Manage shifts, work hours, time off, and view detailed employee profiles. You can utilize social interaction features like appreciation badges to improve employee engagement and work culture.
  • Time tracking: track the time taken to complete tasks to see how to improve productivity. Use timers that can be paused when taking breaks and receive scheduled work reports to use in processing payroll and client invoices.
  • Collaboration: collaborate with your team through real-time chat and group video calls to brainstorm ideas and move work forward. You can set up public or private chats, search chat history, and provide clients with limited access to your chats.
  • Project management: manage complex projects involving multiple teams and deliver on time. You can plan and monitor project progress through a Kanban board and Gantt chart, automate tasks, personalize your workspace, and pull reports for sharing with stakeholders.


  • All-in-one business tool
  • Unlimited users
  • Affordable for big teams


  • Set up takes time
  • Limited customization

Upgrading to the paid plans gives you advanced task management features and extra options for ecommerce, document collaboration, business process automation, and more.

9. ProProfs Project

Best Project Management Tool for Scalability and Customer Support

ProProfs Project - Manage Projects Online, Delightfully

ProProfs Project is a task management tool that seeks to make work enjoyable.

It makes it easy to schedule tasks and manage them using milestones, make estimates for different resources, and automatically invoice clients based on timesheet data.

Like other project managers, this tool gives you insightful reports to inform your decisions.

Best Features

  • Work management: manage tasks using a shared calendar and assign tasks to teammates. Set up milestones and sync them with other calendar tools, schedule tasks and set due dates, and create custom statuses for your tasks.
  • Collaboration: engage with colleagues to brainstorm ideas, use comments to provide feedback, and fix issues together. You can share files, communicate using threaded replies, and get status updates delivered through notifications.
  • Reports: track your work progress by monitoring individual and team performance, see how much time is spent on tasks, and use report insights to identify bottlenecks. You can share reports with both internal and external stakeholders.
  • Resource planner: make accurate estimates, schedule tasks, break down work into tasks and sub-tasks to understand the scope of the work, and ensure you have the right people, amount of time, and the funds needed to complete the work.
  • Time tracking: use the task tracking software to create timesheets and keep track of time spent on every task. You can use the tracked time to automatically send invoices to clients and customize your invoices for a unique branded look.


  • Easy to use
  • Excellent customer support
  • Affordable


  • Limited integrations

ProProfs Project gives you a 15-day free trial of its plans where you can experience features like time estimates, audit logs, white labeling options, and more.

10. Hitask

Easiest-to-use Task Management Tool

Hitask is a simple and beautiful online task management software that helps you finish work quickly. It also manages to put everything in one window without making it crowded.

This task management solution powers collaboration through comments and file sharing, integrates with top email providers, and lets you manage all your work through the mobile app.

Best Features

  • Work management: create tasks and assign them to teammates and group tasks by date, by project, by context, and by team member. You can create a team calendar and file library and share them with your team for increased efficiency and productivity.
  • Single screen dashboard: enjoy an intuitive interface that lets you see everything in one window. From tasks and collaboration tools to team members, the Hitask dashboard makes it easy to manage teams and tasks while monitoring work progress.
  • Collaboration: assign tasks and whole projects and measure time spent on each. Share tasks and attach files to them, comment on tasks to provide feedback, assign appropriate permissions, and share the project calendar for everyone to see the upcoming tasks.
  • Integrations: get complete synchronization between Hitask and Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook. You can set up tasks by sending emails from Gmail and use Zapier to sync data with other task and project management software.
  • Full-featured mobile apps: Hitask mobile apps are designed to enable you to work from anywhere. You can create and assign tasks, view tasks on the calendar, and receive notifications. You can also work offline and then sync the changes when you’re back online.


  • Intuitively-designed tabbed interface
  • 24-hour email and web support
  • Strong data privacy


  • Limited customization
  • Limited integrations

Hitask comes with a free trial of its business plan. The paid plans give you priority support, personalized onboarding assistance, unlimited storage, and more.

11. nTask

Versatile Task Management Software With Powerful Project Management Features

nTask- A Powerful Project Management Solution Made For Growing Teams

nTask does a good job of managing tasks using sub-tasks that you can assign to multiple team members.

You can also set reminders and compare estimated time to actual time to measure performance.

nTask is one of the task management solutions that can manage project risks through risk matrices and create mitigation plans to ensure project success.

Best Features

  • Work management: manage multiple tasks on Kanban boards using sub-tasks and start and end dates, and allocate work to the right people. Create a workflow complete with task milestones and dependencies, and monitor work progress using boards, grid, calendar, and list views.
  • Collaboration: use the in-built chat tool to hold discussions, provide feedback, or share updates. You can set up private or group chats and share documents. You can also guarantee data security by defining roles and permissions to limit data access.
  • Time tracking: automatically track time spent on tasks and whole projects, make manual time entries when necessary, and analyze timesheet data. You can set time estimates and compare them with actual time spent on tasks and see how time impacts your finances.
  • Meeting management: create meetings, set the agenda, link the meeting to specific tasks, and invite attendees. Share discussion notes and meeting minutes and agree on follow-up actions to move work forward. You can also integrate with major video calling apps.
  • Risk management: identify task and project risks, determine the risk drivers, create mitigation plans, and monitor the risks using matrices and graphs. Assign risk owners for accountability, customize risk matrices, and sort risks based on probability and impact.


  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Limited customization
  • Limited reports

You can try nTask for free for up to 14 days to get bulk actions, custom filters, an onboarding demo call, and more.

12. Podio

Simple Task Management Tool for Enterprises With Complex Workflows

Podio - Get your team working in sync

Podio brings large teams together to collaborate on work in a simple but powerful way.

This task manager lets you organize tasks using labels, chat in real-time, and personalize your workspace by adding custom-made apps.

With IFTTT automations, you can create workflows that promote productivity across teams and use secure file sharing to share documents.

Best Features

  • Workflows: improve individual and team productivity by implementing IFTTT logic to handle repetitive work and processes. Create rules with nested conditions and set up automations for tasks ranging from sending emails to embedding content to websites.
  • Podio share: share files of up to 100MB with teammates or clients by attaching them to tasks or chat messages. You can search for files, manage revisions, and integrate with file sharing apps such as Google Drive and Dropbox, to manage files from within the app.
  • Activity streams: stay updated and collaborate on work by engaging with team members using video calls, chat, and instant messaging. You can post work updates, like and comment on others’ posts, and have online meetings to discuss strategy and actions.
  • Task management: manage tasks using to-do lists that contain personal, shared, or recurring tasks. You can encourage collaboration by sharing tasks on the team workspace and using labels to make organizing and prioritizing tasks easier.
  • Podio apps: personalize your workspace and processes by drag-and-dropping custom field types to create apps. Apps can have data fields, relationships, maps, calculation tools, and reports to handle task requirements and track work progress.


  • Highly customizable
  • Strong collaboration features
  • No file storage limit


  • Not easy to set up
  • Average customer support

You can check out the paid plans for extra functionality, such as interactive sales dashboards and advanced automations.

13. Nifty

Beautiful-looking All-in-One Task Management Solution

Nifty - The ultimate project management OS

Nifty is a free task management tool that powers your team through discussions where you can instantly turn messages into tasks.

You can set due dates for your tasks, trigger an automated task assignment process, and track time using time logs.

This task management tool helps you set dependencies and automatically start tasks after the preceding ones are complete.

Best Features

  • Task management: break down your work into tasks and sub-tasks with due dates and manage work activities using task lists. Auto-create recurring tasks based on date or task status and turn due dates into milestones. You can also organize your tasks using Kanban boards and custom tags.
  • Discussions: engage with your team to discuss ideas and strategies before making decisions. Share files from any device or online file sharing service, communicate in real-time using direct messages and convert discussion messages into tasks.
  • Time tracking: link billable time to tasks to know how much time went into each task. Review time logs for insights into your team’s efficiency, use custom date ranges to filter through time tracking reports and share data with stakeholders.
  • Milestones: use Milestones to automate the next steps in your project once a task is completed. Create recurring milestones, set goals and visualize them using Gantt charts, track projects using the master overview, and personalize milestones using custom fields.
  • Docs & Files: collaborate with your team using Nifty Doc and sync with Google Drive and Dropbox. Leverage centralized document management to control access through permissions, comment on documents, and search for files by name or user.


  • Easy to use
  • Fantastic collaboration features
  • Helpful templates and automation


  • Mobile apps need improvement
  • Limited reports

With a 14-day free trial, you can experience Nifty’s custom roles, priority support, proofing, and more advanced functionality.

14. Any.do

Best Free Task Management App for Individuals

Any.do- Organize your life and manage your team’s work

Any.do is a simple task management software that lets you manage all your tasks through your smartwatch.

If working with a team, you can chat, share files, and see your scheduled tasks on the calendar.

This free task tool can also prioritize tasks and sync data with other calendar apps.

Best Features

  • To-do list: manage multiple tasks through any device, including your smartwatch. Create sub-tasks, add notes and attach files to your to-dos, set deadlines for tasks, and assign them to teammates. Use color tags to organize tasks, share to-do lists, and collaborate through chat.
  • Calendar: create events and view your tasks on the calendar to manage time and monitor your progress. View your tasks and events on the home screen, get a quick overview of appointments and pending work, and sync with iCloud, Outlook, and other calendar apps.
  • Grocery list: make grocery shopping convenient and fun by adding items using Siri and importing online recipes. Create shopping lists for different stores, have items automatically sorted by category, get personalized recommendations, and share shopping lists with family.
  • Daily planner: plan and prioritize tasks to focus your energy on what matters most. Align your tasks with your goals and use the daily planner to review daily tasks, postpone them, or change their priority.
  • Reminders: use reminders to schedule activities and free up your mind to focus on the important tasks. Reminders can be recurring, location-based, or one-time and set using voice commands through Siri.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Voice assistant
  • Extensive help resources


  • Limited integrations
  • Not suitable for complex tasks

Going for the Any.do paid plans will give you WhatsApp and location-based reminders, custom themes, and more.

15. Trello

Simple Task Management Tool With a Highly-visual Interface

Trello- Bring all your tasks, teammates, and tools together

Trello is a visually-beautiful Kanban-style task management platform that lets you customize your workspace and extend functionality using Power-Ups.

You can also create checklists to guide your work activities based on task priority.

This task management tool helps you automate the boring stuff so you can focus on what’s most important.

Best Features

  • Task management: create to-do lists and their associated tasks. Allocate tasks to team members, add context using comments and file attachments, use labels to set priorities, and create checklists with deadlines for each work item.
  • Productivity templates: get set up faster with specialized templates that you can customize as you wish. You can easily create workflows that increase your productivity by using templates for daily and weekly planning, task management, accountability, etc.
  • Views: track task progress and see every detail from up to 6 different angles. Track how completed tasks lead to the final goal, see upcoming tasks, adjust timelines and schedules, and use filters to sort through the data for relevant insights.
  • Power-Ups: ease the burden of work by adding Power-Ups to your Trello boards. Power-Ups add extra functionality like time tracking, countdowns, reports, and more advanced features. You can also use 200+ integrations to connect Trello to other tools.
  • Butler: create rules with conditions that, once triggered, will send Butler off to handle your routine work while you focus on what’s important. Butler can change task statuses, auto-assign tasks, automate your workflows, and post messages to Slack.


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Customizable
  • Lots of integrations


  • Limited filtering options
  • Limited help resources

Trello’s paid plans give you advanced checklists, workspace templates, priority support, and much more. You can try the paid plans for free for 14 days.

16. Todoist

A Task Management Tool Dedicated to Its Users and Committed to Independence

Todoist- Organize your work and life, finally

Todoist is a project management platform from a team dedicated to walking with you and improving your experience in task management.

Todoist boosts productivity by using keyboard shortcuts and managing all your work, from daily to-dos to whole projects.

This task manager integrates with Twist to ensure collaboration doesn’t lead to distractions.

Best Features

  • Task management: spend less time creating tasks by using keyboard shortcuts to quickly convert ideas into tasks and organize them using deadlines, favorites, and labels. You can use reminders to get notified when it’s time to work on time-sensitive tasks.
  • Project management: Todoist is also a project management software that can help you manage multiple projects alone or with a team. You can break down your work into smaller project tasks, view work progress, and get notified when the work is done.
  • Personalization: make Todoist your own by personalizing it to look, feel, and work the way you want. You can sort tasks by due dates or assignee, choose different app colors to match your personality or up your mood, and use labels for a personalized organization of tasks.
  • Collaboration: simplify how you work with others and improve productivity using text comments and voice notes. You can comment on tasks using email, respond to queries through the smartwatch app, and connect to Twist for distraction-free team communication.
  • Reports: track your progress by the week or month to ensure you’re on your way to achieving your goals. See overdue tasks and past accomplishments, and receive points for completing tasks so you can get motivated to achieve even more.


  • Simple straightforward interface
  • Customizable
  • Affordable


  • Lackluster interface

You can try the Todoist business plan for free for 30 days and get increased usage limits, a shared team inbox, priority support, and more.

Key Features of Free Task Management Software

There are some key features you should look for when shopping for the right task management software. Once you identify the apps that get all the basics right, you can check for advanced features while keeping the cost in mind.

Here are five key features that every task management app should have:

1. Task Management

The main focus of every task management tool is to help you plan and finish your work on time. The best task management solutions must make it easy to create tasks, set deadlines, manage task dependencies, and allocate tasks to the right people.

For complex work, good task management software will enable you to manage recurring tasks, create custom fields for your tasks, schedule them on a calendar, sync the calendar with external apps, map out the critical path, and access the most important aspects of the system through mobile.

2. Time Tracking

Since effective task management is measured by how long it takes to complete the work, task tracking software have in-built timers that record the time taken on individual tasks or whole projects.

The best online task manager will have automatic time tracking with options for making manual entries.

Depending on your specific requirements, you can set your online task management tool to allow your team to edit timesheets or submit the suggested changes to a supervisor.

Many task management software use time tracking data to improve time estimates for future work while ensuring accuracy in client billing and payroll processing.

3. Collaboration

Completing major work is a team effort, and so every online task management tool must facilitate collaboration. 67% of companies communicate with their clients using project management software.

The best collaborative task management tool will provide features such as real-time chat, file sharing, group calls, and more.

Some free task management tools offer advanced collaboration features like online forums, reward systems to increase team engagement, and document management functionality to co-edit documents and track changes.

Collaboration enables you to have online brainstorming sessions, tag team members in your comments, engage in private chats, and even hold virtual meetings.

4. Automation

To help you maintain the motivation you need to accomplish your goals, task management apps include automation features to handle repetitive work.

Automation can be as simple as assigning a task after being created or marking a task as done once it’s complete.

But with complex projects and the need for increased efficiency, some tools are equipped with advanced automation features for creating complex rules that handle the whole project management process.

5. Reports

Reports in task management tools help you measure different performance metrics to determine how you can make improvements.

Although the most common task management reports are about the time spent on tasks, you can also have reports to track your goals and business profitability.

Reports can take different forms, such as table and Gantt chart views and customizable dashboards. Whichever way they look, every task management software should enable you to export and share reports with internal and external stakeholders.


What is Task Management Software?

Task management software is a solution for organizing work through tasks, sub-tasks, and task lists.
They enable you to set up tasks and their dependencies, define due dates, create reminders, and in some, define the goals you want to achieve.

Most task management tools have a free version that is limited to basic functionality and can serve individuals and small teams. The paid plans on the other hand are suitable for large teams in need of advanced features.

Why Use a Task Management Tool?

There are many benefits of using a task management tool for your work activities. These include:

– Planning your work using scheduled tasks
– Collaborating with team members
– Assigning tasks and adjusting workload among team members
– Tracking work progress
– Measuring individual and team productivity

Online task management tools also save you from the need to memorize long lists of pending tasks. Instead, you can let the system send you reminders when the scheduled task is supposed to begin.

What is the Best Free Task Management Software for Individuals?

The best free task management software for individuals is Any.do. Managing tasks using this app is enjoyable and can be done from any device.

You can conveniently manage tasks through your smartwatch, use Siri to create shopping lists for the different stores you shop at, and plan your day using the daily planner.

What is the Best Free Task Management Software for Small Business?

The best free task management software for small businesses is ClickUp.

With unlimited users and tasks, templates, integrations and checklists, and up to 100 automations per month, ClickUp is obviously the best way to start managing tasks using task management apps.

Ready to Choose a Free Task Manager?

Since free task manager tools are limited, focus on the basics of creating tasks and sub-tasks, scheduling tasks, and setting reminders.

If you’re searching for a free task management app for your team, then collaboration features should be a priority. Check between ClickUp and Bitrix24 to find out which one will work best for you.

Also note that free tools come with limited support. So look at the pros and cons we have listed for each tool to find out which task management solution is easy to use and how you can reach customer support.

If you’re ready to choose a free task manager app, get your team to test any task management app from this list. Start with one of these top 5 task managers before trying the rest:

Best for Collaboration


ClickUp makes it easy to collaborate across departments and stay focused on achieving your goals.
Best for Customization


Monday.com gives you numerous personalization options to help you create the perfect workspace
Best for Clients


Teamwork enables you to collaborate with clients for input and feedback to ensure you meet expectations.
Best for Insights


Wrike uses Artificial Intelligence to give insights into project viability to ensure you know what to prioritize.
Best for Scalability


Smartsheet helps you scale easily to avoid losing productivity when working with multiple teams.

Here are more articles to help you narrow down your list of task management tools and choose the right solution:

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