16 Best Free Task Management Software for Small Business

Updated Aug 3, 2022.

Tasks are important for organizing our work and private life. Ensuring that all the tasks you outlined are completed properly can be a challenge with the distractions and responsibilities you face daily. 

Big companies often find effective task management difficult to achieve due to the sheer volume of their workflows without the aid of task management software. Even small businesses with their lesser workflow will struggle to maintain effective task management status without any software.  

Small teams may be able to stay on top of their daily tasks without any assistance only as long as the tasks are few and easy to remember. If you want to manage multiple tasks effectively, increase your productivity, and ensure that you do not miss a due date, using task management software is a necessity. 

If the cost of task management software is what is holding you back from improving your productivity, there are tons of free task management software available in the market. 

In this article, you will learn about 16 of the best task management software that can help you manage your tasks effectively.

Best Free Task Management Software

1. ClickUp

Free Task Management Software that Offers Intuitive Task Tracking and Collaboration Features

ClickUp is the Best Project Management Software that Offers Comprehensive Features

ClickUp is an easy-to-use task and project management software trusted by over 800,000 companies worldwide, including Webflow, IBM, Google, and Pardes.

Main Features

  • Visualizations: ClickUp presents you with multiple visualization options to intuitively bring your project management workflow to life. Coupled with these generic views, you also have the option of creating your own custom view.
  • Collaboration: Through a real-time chat hub, this free task management software gives you a chance to not only communicate effectively but also assign comments for action items and receive timely notifications.
  • Progress Tracking: With the help of visual widgets provided by ClickUp, you easily track your team members' activities, task progress, sprints, time usage, and documents, among others.


  • Easy to use
  • Extensive project management and collaboration options on the free plan
  • Free training
  • 99.99% uptime
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • 14-day free trial for paid plans


ClickUp Pricing Plan

ClickUp offers you five pricing plans: the free forever plan, the unlimited plan, the business plan, the business plus plan, and the enterprise plan. 

  • The free forever plan equips you with 100MB of cloud storage, collaborative document editing capabilities, a real-time chat hub, email-in, sprint management, and native time tracking options. You also get to manage an unlimited number of tasks and users on this free plan.
  • The unlimited plan is best for small teams and offers you unlimited storage, Gantt charts, and integrations.
  • The business plan is ideal for mid-sized teams and offers advanced automation and time tracking options.
  • The business plus plan is best for multiple teams and offers extra customizations.
  • The enterprise plan is suitable for many large teams and offers extended security options.    

Get ClickUp for free.

2. Monday.com

Online Task Management Software Accompanied By a Host Of Dedicated Templates 

Monday.com is an Online Task Management Software Accompanied By a Host of Dedicated Templates

Founded in 2012, Monday.com has come to be one of the best work management software tools available in the market. This task management software currently enjoys patronage from over 125,000 companies worldwide including NBC, Adobe, Coca-Cola, and Universal.

Main Features

  • Centralized Workspace: On one single platform or workspace, you seamlessly manage all individual and team activities involved in your project planning, tracking, and delivery.
  • Templates: Monday.com provides you with hundreds of templates, meaning creating your task management framework becomes easier and quicker. What's more, you also get to create custom templates that fit perfectly with your project needs and reuse them later in the future.
  • Integrations: Monday.com integrates with top platforms like Salesforce, Shopify, Zendesk, and Trello, helping you streamline all your business workflow and centralize them on one platform.


  • Easy setup
  • High-quality integrations
  • Multiple visualization options
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 14-day free trial for paid plans


Monday.com Pricing Plan

Monday.com’s free plan limits you to only two users and, with it, you create unlimited documents, have access to unlimited boards, over 200 templates, over 20 column types, and have access to your project management workflow and workspace through mobile applications.

Other plans within Monday.com’s pricing framework include the basic plan, the standard plan, the pro plan, and the enterprise plan.

  • The basic plan offers you unlimited free viewers, unlimited items, 5 GB file storage, and prioritized customer support features.
  • The standard plan offers extended visualization options such as Timeline and Gantt views.
  • The pro plan offers chart views, private boards and docs, time tracking, and multiple integrations.
  • The enterprise plan offers enterprise-level integrations and automation.  

Try Monday.com for free.

3. Teamwork

Fast and Easy-to-Use Task Management Software that Offers You Quality Resource Management Capabilities

Teamwork is the Fast and Easy to Use Task Management Software that Offers Quality Resource Management

Teamwork is an all-in-one task management software trusted by over 20,000 companies worldwide such as PayPal, Disney, Spotify, HP, Panasonic, and Netflix.

Main Features

  • Resource Management: Teamwork equips you with the appropriate tool to track and control the usage of your different resources. These cover your team time usage, budgeting, capacity planning, and billing, among others.
  • Integrations: The task management platform integrates with tools like QuickBooks, Dropbox, Google Mail, Microsoft Outlook, and Slack, to mention a few.


  • Easy imports from other task management software
  • Templates
  • Real-time collaboration features
  • 30-day free trial for paid plans
  • Birdseye project view


Teamwork Pricing Plan

With Teamwork’s Free Forever plan for five users, you have access to Gantt charts, advanced dashboards, a Zapier integration, multiple support channels, and up to 100MB of cloud storage. You are also presented with color themes for personalization, mobile and desktop applications, time tracking, and calendar view options. 

Apart from the free plan, Teamwork offers premium plans such as the Deliver plan, the Grow plan, and the Scale plan.

  • The Deliver plan is suitable for managing multiple projects and comes with up to 20 project templates.
  • The Grow plan is ideal for large teams and comes with up to 50 templates and a portfolio management option.
  • The Scale plan comes with an advanced resource scheduler, unlimited projects, and unlimited project templates. 

Try Teamwork for free.

4. Wrike

Flexible Online Task Management Application that Comes with Extended AI-Powered Customization Options 

Wrike is the Flexible Online Task Management Application that Comes with Extended AI Powered Options

Trusted by over 20,000 companies including Nickelodeon, Lyft, and Okta, Wrike is a leading US-based work management platform you can rely on. 

Main Features

  • Customizations: With Wrike, customization options cover your dashboards, workspaces, workflow, and team-specific automation, among a lot of others. You easily create the perfect project management framework that attends to your specific needs.
  • Real-Time Collaborations: Wrike also allows you to effectively communicate and collaborate with your team members through real-time commenting, notifications, and live document editing, among others. You also get to generate dynamic reports and share them among team members.


  • Centralized view
  • High security
  • Extensive integrations
  • 14-day free trial on paid plans


Wrike Pricing Plan

Opting for a free plan with Wrike allows you to manage an unlimited number of users. Wrike gives you access to mobile applications, a personalized app experience through Wrike’s AI-powered engine, multiple cloud storage integrations, 2GB of cloud storage, real-time activity logs, and sufficient task and subtask management features.

Apart from Wrike’s free plan, it offers premium plans such as the professional plan, the business plan, the enterprise plan, and the pinnacle plan.

  • The professional plan is ideal for fast-growing teams and comes with extra project planning and team collaboration features. 
  • The business plan is best for all teams across an organization and offers more personalizations.
  • The enterprise plan is suitable for large teams and comes with enterprise-grade security.
  • The pinnacle plan is best for teams with complex work needs and offers advanced tools and analytics for the more complex work.

Try Wrike for free.

5. Smartsheet

Best Spreadsheet-Based Workflow Management Software that Places Major Focus On Team Collaborations

Smartsheet is the Best Spreadsheet Based Workflow Management Software

Smartsheet is a team collaboration and workflow management platform trusted by top companies like Apple, P&G, NASA, and Pfizer, among others.

Main Features

  • Integrations: Smartsheet comes with integration with top platforms on the internet. These platforms include Facebook Workplace, Microsoft Teams, Okta, Google Drive, AWS, Slack, Adobe, and Salesforce, among others.
  • Resource Management: Smartsheet presents you with sufficient resource management options and reports that cover your time tracking and schedule creation, helping you to make forecasts about future needs. Resource management also covers your project budgeting and portfolio management needs.


  • Multiple visualization options
  • Automation
  • Mobile applications
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Sufficient intuitive collaboration options


Smartsheet Pricing Plan

You have access to Smartsheet for free through its mobile applications. However, it also has paid plans which include a Pro plan, Business plan, and Enterprise plan determined by a quote.   

  • The Pro plan is suitable for teams looking to collaborate, manage, and execute their work in real-time.
  • The Business plan is best for large teams with unlimited automated workflows.
  • The Enterprise plan is suitable for large-scale enterprises.

Try Smartsheet for free.

6. Zoho Projects

Top Task Management Software that Offers Free Gantt Chart and Time Tracking Options

Zoho Projects is the Top Task Management Software that Offers Free Gantt Chart and Time Tracking Options

Zoho Projects is a task management tool trusted by top brands and institutions like TATA, Stanford University, Dell, and Vodafone.

Main Features

  • Gantt Charts: Gantt charts help you plan, create, and track your task schedule on one visualized workspace. You monitor your milestones and dependencies and also get to streamline your task management workflow in case of any deviation.
  • Timesheets: Through timesheets, Zoho lets you track your time resource usage and easily log both billable and non-billable hours from the reports generated. You also automatically create invoices through native integration with Zoho Invoice.
  • Customizations: Alongside your workflow, Zoho Projects allows you to customize your fields, layouts, and statuses, among others.


  • Intuitive user interface
  • Multiple external integrations
  • Mobile applications
  • Automation


Zoho Projects Pricing Plan

Zoho Projects’ free plan allows you to manage two projects, attach files of 10MB, and come with simple task tracking, a Gantt chart viewer, and mobile application support. 

Apart from its free plan, Zoho Projects offer two paid plans: the premium plan and the enterprise plan.

  • The premium plan offers unlimited projects and up to 100GB of cloud storage.
  • The enterprise plan comes with multiple customizations, security, and portfolio management features. 

Try Zoho Projects for free.

7. Bitrix24

Ideal Task Management Software that Equips You With Extended Team Communication Options

Bitrix24 is an Ideal Task Management Software that Equips With Extended Team Communication Options

Bitrix24 is a task management software tool founded in 2012 that presents free and sufficient solutions for individuals and small businesses.

Main Features

  • Communication: To facilitate your team communications, Bitrix offers you different options ranging from regular private and public chat hubs with which you share files to HD video calls and conferences for more realism. Video calls are limited to 24 members with the free plan but you get to customize backgrounds, record calls, and communicate without any time limits.
  • Visualizations: Bitrix also equips you with Gantt charts and customizable Kanban boards to comprehensively visualize and interactively make changes to your project management workflow.


  • Templates
  • Automation
  • Time tracking
  • Customizable request forms
  • Collaborative document editing


Bitrix24 Pricing Plan

A free plan with Bitrix offers you chats, HD video calls, a calendar, and other basic collaboration features, as well as basic task and project management, CRM, contact center, cloud storage, and website building options. 

The paid plans offered by Bitrix include a basic plan, a standard plan, and a professional plan.

  • The basic plan offers you effective collaboration for small businesses and sales teams.
  • The standard plan offers you advanced collaboration features for your entire company and workgroups with collaborative document editing features.
  • The enterprise plan offers additional solutions for your sales, business process, and HR management.

Try Bitrix24 for free.

8. ProProfs Project

Best Task Management Application that Comes with Additional Risk Management Solutions

ProProfs Project is the Best Task Management Application that Comes with Additional Risk Management Solutions

Founded in 2010, ProProfs Project is a project management platform that also provides you with reliable project management options.

Main Features

  • Collaborations: Through a single centralized dashboard, you manage team communications and facilitate them through multiple options. You have access to real-time notifications, shared calendars, and intuitive commenting options to keep your communication channels as simple and effective as you need them to be.
  • Task Management: Facilitated by intuitive drag and drop actions, ProProfs' task management options include setting task durations, tracking task progress through mobile applications, receiving live updates through emails, and easy task prioritization, among others.


  • Time, client, and invoice tracking
  • Gantt charts
  • Integrations with cloud storage platforms
  • Timeline reports
  • Wholly centralized view


ProProfs Project Pricing Plan

ProProfs does not give a lot of information about what you get from a free plan. However, it assures that you have access to sufficient features to manage an unlimited number of projects and tasks, progress tracking options, notifications, SSL security, and unlimited cloud storage no matter the plan you choose.

Apart from ProProfs Project’s free plan, it also offers paid plans such as the Essentials plan and the Premium plan.

  • The Essential plan comes with custom fields and branding for managing internal projects.
  • The Premium plan comes with advanced reporting, permissions, and API access features.

Try ProProfs Project for free.

9. Hitask

Multilingual Project Management Platform

Hitask is a Multilingual Project Management Platform

Hitask is a project and task management tool dedicated to facilitating your project management workflows as quickly as possible. 

Main Features

  • Centralized Workspace: Hitask's single-screen dashboard centralizes all your task management and collaboration tools on one workspace. This workspace presents you with information about your projects, tasks, calendars, and team members without having to switch between different views. You are also equipped with intuitive drag and drop capabilities to assign and make changes to tasks.
  • Time Tracking: Hitask allows you to easily track the time each team or team member spends on project tasks and generate appropriate reports for future reference.


  • Multiple language support
  • Seamless data exports
  • Issue tracking
  • Automation
  • Mobile applications 


Hitask Pricing Plan

Hitask’s free plan allows you to manage up to five users, unlimited tasks, unlimited projects, and gives you the capability to easily share task lists, projects, and calendars. 

Supplementary paid plans include a Team Business plan and an enterprise plan.

  • The Team Business plan offers you unlimited cloud storage and permission controls.
  • The Enterprise plan comes with single sign-on integration and personalized on-boarding assistance, among others.

Try Hitask for free.

10. nTask

A LeadingTask Management Software with High-Quality Project Visualization options 

nTask is a LeadingTask Management Software with High Quality Project Visualization options

nTask is another free cloud-based task management tool for individuals and small businesses trusted by over 250,000 companies worldwide.

Main Features

  • Kanban Boards: For transparent work management workflows, you have access to intuitive kanban boards. These Kanban boards let your team maintain complete visualization of your project progress, are equipped with customization options and built-in kanban templates, and allow you to link multiple projects and assign tasks.
  • Task Management: Alongside kanban boards and other project visualization options, you easily track task features, set priorities, attach documents, make comments, and set task duration from a single workspace.
  • Collaborations: nTask's collaboration options available to you include team chats, bulk team invites, and team commenting, among others.


  • Timesheets
  • Meeting management
  • Gantt charts
  • Cost tracking and management
  • Risk management 


nTask Pricing Plan

With the free Basic plan, you have access to 100MB of cloud storage, manage 5 members per team, unlimited workspaces, unlimited tasks, host meetings, and implement timesheets and issue tracking options. nTask free plan serves as a great choice for individuals and freelancers.

nTask Collaborative task management Interface

This task management platform also offers paid plans that include a Premium plan, a Business plan, and an Enterprise plan.

  • The Premium plan is best for small and medium enterprises and comes with bulk actions and extra visualization options.
  • The Business plan is ideal for large businesses and comes with risk management and customization options.
  • The Enterprise plan is suitable for organizing and looking for more enterprise-level task management and security. This plan offers you custom onboarding, a dedicated account manager, and a dedicated cloud. 

Try nTask for free.

11. Podio

Robust Task Management Software that Offers Multiple Reliable Access Control Features

Podio is the Robust Task Management Software that Offers Multiple Reliable Access Control Features

A web-based task management solution offered by Citrix, Podio is a tool that places a major focus on no-code and automated workflows.

Main Features

  • Customizations: Podio comes with multiple workspaces and workflow personalization options that let you tailor your project management framework towards your specific needs.
  • Communication: The task management platform also focuses on intuitive, real-time team communication solutions that help you easily share comments and tasks among team members and even with clients and external collaborators.
  • Access Control: You are also given multiple options when it comes to setting your project permissions and access control rules. 


  • Social collaboration
  • Connected CRM
  • Fully customizable
  • Automation
  • Multiple visualization options
  • Mobile applications


Podio Pricing Plan

Podio’s free plan supports up to five users and presents you with sufficient task management features, alongside access to applications and intuitive collaboration workspaces. 

This task management solution also offers users access to its paid plans such as the basic plan, the plus plan, and the premium plan.

  • The basic plan allows you to manage unlimited items and external users.
  • The plus plan comes with basic automated workflow options.
  • The premium plan equips you with visual reports, contact syncing, interactive sales dashboards, and advanced workflow automation.    

Try Podio for free.

12. Nifty

Best All-in-One Task Management Software with Easy Data Transfers and Imports Features

Nifty is the Best All in One Task Management Software with Easy Data Transfers and Imports Features

Nifty is a remote collaboration tool trusted by thousands of companies worldwide, including Apple, Verizon, and IBM.

Main Features

  • Task Management: Through kanban boards, lists, calendar, and swimlane views, Nifty gives you a complete view of your project workflow and lets you properly assign and manage your tasks. You also enjoy automated task management features.
  • Communication: Alongside an integrated real-time chat hub, your communications are facilitated through one-click video calls thanks to the tool's integration with Zoom.


  • Easy imports from other project and task management software
  • Collaborative document editing through Google Docs integration
  • Automated progress reporting
  • Mobile applications
  • 14-day free trial on paid plans


Nifty Pricing Plan

Alongside allowing you to manage 2 projects, Nifty’s free plan comes with unlimited team members, unlimited guests and clients, and 100MB of cloud storage. You also have access to task, milestone, and document management options, a team chat hub, portfolios, workflow automation, time tracking, and budget tracking capabilities, among a lot of others.

Other plans include a Starter plan, a Pro plan, a Business plan, and an Enterprise plan.

  • The Starter plan includes core task management features and comes with 100Gb of cloud storage and 40 projects.
  • The Pro plan is best for growing teams and comes with 500GB of cloud storage and unlimited projects.
  • The Business plan is great for advanced teams and comes with additional security and support options.
  • The Enterprise plan is suitable for large enterprises and comes with up to 2TB of cloud storage and other enterprise-grade features. 

Try Nifty for free.

13. Any.do

Online Task Management Platform With Intuitive Smart Reminder Options

Any.do is an Online Task Management Platform With Intuitive Smart Reminder Options

Any.do is a task management application used by over 30 million individuals and teams worldwide.

Main Features

  • Extended Device Support: In addition to the popular desktop, Android, and iOS device support, Any.do is also available for use through smartwatches. Your tasks are automatically synced across all the devices you make use of.
  • Task Management: With Any.do, you easily organize all your tasks on a centralized workspace or through lists, and set smart location-based reminders so you do not skip any important workflow or action. 


  • Calendar customization options
  • Extremely portable project management 


Any.do Pricing Plan

With Any.do’s free Standard version, you have access to all the basic task management features you need. These include a centralized and synced workspace, a calendar view option, additional automated location-based reminders, and an automated daily planner. 

The premium version comes with customized teams, color tags, WhatsApp reminders, and advanced recurring reminders.

Try Any.do for free.

14. Trello

Smart Task Management Software Tool that Equips You with Extended Native and External Integrations

Trello is a Smart Task Management Software Tool that Equips with Extended Native

Trello is a popular task management software trusted by over one million teams worldwide, including top brands like Squarespace, Costco, Google, and Fender.

Main Features

  • Visualization: Accompanying the more popular calendar and timeline views is an intuitive Trello card view option. With this, you categorize or split your checklists, schedules, attachments, and conversations, among other project elements, ensuring you keep your complex task management environment properly organized.
  • Automation: Through a built-in AI-powered tool called “Butler”, Trello helps you automate tedious and repetitive workflows.
  • Integrations: Trello integrates with top platforms like Slack, Microsoft Team's, Google Drive, and Dropbox. You also have access to native integrations known as PowerUps, giving your project management workflow more functionality.


  • Intuitive customization options
  • Properly organized project management workspace
  • Mobile applications
  • 14-day free trial on paid plans


Trello Pricing Plan

With Trello’s free plan, you enjoy access to unlimited cards, PowerUps, and storage for files of up to 10MB. You also execute up to 250 automated workspace commands and have access to custom backgrounds and stickers, unlimited activity logs, and 2-factor authentication.

Trello’s paid plans include a Standard plan, a Premium plan, and an Enterprise plan. 

  • The standard plan comes with unlimited boards and advanced checklists.
  • The Premium plan comes with extended project visualization options.
  • The Enterprise plan comes with enterprise-level permission and administration options.

Try Trello for free.

15. Asana

Asana is a Full Featured Task Management Platform that Focuses On Project Workload Organization

Founded in 2008, Asana is a web-based task management application designed for remote teams, allowing you to properly organize your distributed project workloads. 

Main Features

  • Visualization: With Asana, you visualize your project workflow either through a list view, timeline view, or multiple board views. These views give you a complete overview of all your project elements, including shared goals and resources.
  • Templates: Asana gives you access to over 50 templates to quickly create your task management framework. 
  • Integrations: You enjoy integration with over 200 external platforms, including Microsoft Teams, Google, Zoom, Jira, Slack, and Dropbox, among others.


  • Highly customizable workflow
  • Intuitive project approval options
  • Real-time reporting
  • Mobile applications


Asana Pricing Plan

A free Basic plan with Asana lets you manage unlimited tasks, unlimited messages, and unlimited projects, and you access unlimited activity logs and unlimited cloud storage for files below 100MB. You also enjoy multiple project view options, time tracking, mobile applications, and over 100 free integrations.

Asana Collaborative Work Management Interface

Asana, however, offers three paid plans: a Premium plan, a  Business plan, and an Enterprise plan.

  • The Premium plan comes with unlimited dashboards and templates.
  • The Business plan is suitable for teams and companies working on multiple tasks and projects and comes with advanced integration.
  • The Enterprise plan comes with advanced security, native integrations, and custom branding options.

Try Asana for free.

16. Todoist

Todoist is the Most Popular To do List App that Comes with Extended Native Apps and Plugins

Todoist is a task management platform that has facilitated the completion of over 1.5 billion tasks from over 150 million projects since it was founded in 2007.

Main Features

  • Task Management: Todoist allows you to quickly add tasks, set recurring due dates, split tasks into sections and subtasks, and prioritize tasks on the same workspace. You also delegate tasks, receive notifications, and apply labels and filters on this same workspace.
  • Integrations: Just like other top task management software, Todoist also helps you streamline and centralize your business workflow through quality integrations. These include integrations with external platforms like Google Calendar, Dropbox, and Zapier, among a lot of others.


  • Mobile applications
  • Activity log filtering option
  • Email-in option
  • Productivity visualization


Todoist Pricing Plan

With Todoist's free plan, you get to manage 5 active projects, 5 collaborators per project, and file uploads limited to 10MB. Your activity log is also limited to one week.

Other plans include a Pro plan and a Business plan.

  • The Pro plan is best for power users and supports up to 300 active projects and 25 collaborators per project.
  • The Business plan is best for teams and supports up to 500 active projects, 50 collaborators per project, and comes with team billing options.

Try Todoist for free.

Key Features of Free Task Management Software

Before choosing a free task management software, it is important that you first determine your specific task management needs. Every business has its peculiar environment defined by peculiar attributes and needs. What works for one industry may not work for another.

The different task management software available to you offers different sets of free features and perks. Where your needs are not fully satisfied by these free features, you inevitably end up inadequately equipped for an effective, efficient, and successful task management workflow. It is only logical that the first step is to determine your peculiar needs with which you filter out your choices. 

After determining your task needs, you then check that these important features are offered for free, as they prove to be extremely crucial for general tasks and project management.

1. Centralized Workspace

Not minding the fact that you have access to the task management software for free, never choose one that does not offer you a centralized workspace or dashboard to work with. A centralized workspace gives you access to your tasks, team members, communications, subtasks, dependencies, and a majority of your other project elements in one view.  

This is usually determined by the type of project visualization options available to you. While some offer you basic lists and calendar views, others give you access to the more advanced Gantt charts and Kanban boards. 

Depending on your project management needs, choose a free task management software that equips you with multiple visualization options, especially Gantt charts and Kanban boards.

2. Resource Management and Tracking

Having limited capabilities from free task management tools or free versions of premium project management software is expected. Nonetheless, your resource usage while running a project determines its success, profitability, or even its eventual completion. 

Due to this, selecting a project management software that offers you resource management and tracking options, even if limited, helps you avoid certain bottleneck situations.

Resource management covers your time, financial resources, and human resources. Pick a free task management software that gives you capabilities to properly track and reallocate these resources where needs arise. 

Thankfully, a lot of task project management software is mentioned in our list that provides you with these much-needed resource tracking and management options.

3. Integrations

The best task management software that aims to stand alone can be a Jack of all trades, having dynamic functionalities that are not entirely reliable enough for more specific or complex workflows. 

Top project management software programs integrate with external platforms dedicated to these functionalities. What this means is that you have access to reliable features from these dedicated platforms on the same software, and enjoy certain extra functionalities you do not get with a basic task management tool. 

A lot of task project management software programs and tools come with these integrations, with the best of them offering integrations with hundreds of the top external platforms on the internet. 

Integrations cover your communication, cloud storage, sales, scheduling, and collaboration workflows, among others.

4. Collaborations

Communication and overall collaborations between your team members are important determinants of the success of your project. Even for the cheapest or basic task management software, having options to seamlessly and effectively collaborate is something that you don’t overlook.

Collaboration options range from basic chat hubs and file-sharing options to video calling, team tracking, and report generation features, among a lot of others. Any free task management software you choose is expected to come with sufficient features allowing your team members to communicate and collaboratively get work done without any hitches.   

Other features common with free task management tools include options to manage multitudes of team members, templates, mobile application support, and customization options, to mention a few.

Which Free Task Management Tool Should I Try

There is no one-size-fit-all free task management software tool that works perfectly for any company or organization. What may work perfectly for your task management needs may not be suitable for another.

When choosing the best free task management tool, you need to first identify what your task management needs are and look for specific features you need to fulfill your needs.

Here are the best five free task management software you should try. 

  • ClickUp: Affordable and easy to use task management software with a wide range of free features that is best for small teams and independent workers.
  • Monday.com: Versatile and highly flexible task management software that is best for those in need of high-quality templates and visualizations.
  • Teamwork: Fast and user-friendly task management tool with quality resource management capabilities that is best for individuals and small teams. 
  • Wrike: Flexible task management application that comes with extended AI-Powered customization options that is best suited for agencies and marketing teams.
  • Smartsheet: Simple and easy-to-use task management platform that is best suited for your team collaboration needs.

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