15 Best PPM Tools and Project Portfolio Management Software

Updated Jul 19, 2023.

A project portfolio management tool helps you effectively manage your resources and projects while your business scales. These nifty apps make it easy for you to consolidate and collect any kind of data related to your projects.

By using this data, you can manage your timelines, budgets, and resources more effectively. Project portfolio management apps also serve the purpose of identifying and eliminating any potential risks and failing aspects of your project.

That’s why it is of utmost importance to choose a PPM app that will help you overcome all challenges. We’re going to break down our picks for the 15 best PPM software, including their key features and pricing plans.

Best PPM Tools and Project Portfolio Management Software

1. Monday.com

Great PPM Tool With Lots of Workflow Customization Options

Monday.com is the Great PPM Tool With Lots of Workflow Customization Options

Monday.com is a great choice regardless of what niche you’re working in. It’s a cloud-based project portfolio management tool used by more than 125,000 companies around the world.

Key Features


With entirely code-free automation, this app is a great choice if you have to deal with lots of repetitive work, such as setting up tasks, status updates, email notifications, and more. You can even set up automatic dependencies, which is super convenient.


Monday.com can be integrated with leading industry tools you might already be using. Examples include Google Drive, Dropbox, Slack, and even MS Office.


This feature is perfect for teams that heavily rely on communication and file sharing for their day-to-day work. You can create and share documents in just a few seconds, as well as embed boards into it, add videos, images, and more.


Monday.com’s dashboards are fully customizable and can be used for a variety of purposes. You can use them to track progress, timelines, and even budget trends.


Learn more about Monday pricing or Monday review

This project portfolio management app currently offers five plans, including a free forever Individual Plan. This plan is suitable for two people.

The paid plans are Basic Plan, Standard Plan, Pro Plan, and Enterprise Plan. Their most popular plan, the Standard Plan, costs $10 per seat per month, with a minimum of three team members. For enterprises, you need to get in touch with Monday.com’s team to get more information on pricing.

Monday.com offers a 14-day free trial with zero obligation – you don’t need to provide your credit card information in order to start the trial.

2. ClickUp

Cloud-Based PPM App with Goal Reminder Feature

ClickUp is the Cloud Based PPM App with Goal Reminder Feature

Another awesome choice for your project portfolio management needs is ClickUp. This intuitive app offers a variety of features, including simultaneous project management.

Key Features

Goal Reminders

Sticking to deadlines and finishing up projects on time is extremely important, so this feature comes in really handy for making sure you’re on the right track towards project delivery.


You can integrate ClickUp with popular industry apps, including Slack, GitHub, and Google Drive, making it easy to keep all your work in one place.


There are three different options for visualizing and managing your projects: Core View, Advanced View, and Page View. 


You can quickly and easily search through your tasks and files, which enables you to prioritize and focus on what’s most important at that moment. You can also sort and filter all your files and tasks.


Learn more about ClickUp pricing or ClickUp review

If you’re on a budget, but you’d still like to have access to customizable views and unlimited tasks, ClickUp is a perfect choice – they offer a free plan that seats up to five people.

You also have the option to choose between four paid plans: Unlimited Plan, Business Plan, Business Plus Plan, and Enterprise Plan. For a smaller team, it’s best to choose the Unlimited Plan, as it only costs $5 per user per month.

However, if you’re in need of more features and more space, the Business Plan is great, costing you $9 per user per month. For managing several teams, make sure to choose the Business Plus plan ($19 per member per month).

ClickUp offers a free 30 day trial without obligation, so you can try it out and see whether it’s a good fit for your specific needs.

3. Wrike

Excellent Project Portfolio Management App That Helps Enhance Communication

Wrike is an Excellent Project Portfolio Management App That Helps Enhance Communication

Wrike is a Kanban-based app that lets you make changes and adjustments within the app itself. It’s perfect for teams and project managers who enjoy effortless workflow customization.

Key Features


Wrike is different from other project portfolio management applications because it offers features that are beneficial for the development and growth of your business. It also allows you to export relevant company data, create reports, custom fields, and dashboards.

Team Collaboration

If file and task sharing is something that’s important to you, you’ll definitely enjoy using Wrike. You can also share reports and automate your approval system. Wrike’s visual proofing tools enable you to collaborate better with your team.


Anything within the app can be fully customized to suit your needs, including dashboards. Other customization features are color-coding projects, adding comments to videos, sections, and documents.


Filtering and searching through tasks is easy with Wrike, and it eliminates any chance of miscommunication between your team members.


Learn more about Wrike pricing

Wrike is a stellar choice for centralizing your task management system. It provides a free plan that is perfect for startup businesses.

If you’re looking to invest in a paid plan, there are three options: Professional Plan, Business Plan, and Enterprise Plan. The most popular plan is the Business Plan, which costs $24.80 per user per month. If you’re not looking to spend as much money, the Professional Plan is also great, and it costs $9.80 per user per month.

Wrike provides a 14 day trial period without obligation. If the app turns out to be a good match for your needs, you can easily upgrade to a paid plan at any moment.

4. Teamwork

Stellar PPM App With Built-In Instant Messaging Feature

Teamwork is the Stellar PPM App With Built-In Instant Messaging Feature

Teamwork is a project portfolio management app that focuses on better collaboration between your team members. This app is used and trusted by more than 20,000 companies around the world.

Key Features


You can integrate and synchronize Teamwork with other apps you might already be using. Examples include TaskClone, Slack, and even MS Office.


This is a great feature to have if you’re looking to fully understand how each of your team members spends their time. The valuable information will allow you to manage everyone’s responsibilities more efficiently in the future.


If you and your team rely on heavy communication throughout the day, you’ll definitely love Teamwork because it has a built-in chat feature that enables you to keep all your chats, tasks, and other important work files in one place.

Milestone Tracking

Staying on track with your deadlines is of utmost importance. With the milestone tracking feature, you don’t have to worry about missing anything significant and you can rest assured that your project will be delivered on time.


Learn more about Teamwork pricing

Teamwork offers a free forever plan that is perfect for those who are on a budget and have a small team.

When it comes to paid options, there are three choices: The Deliver Plan, the Grow Plan, and the Scale Plan. The Grow Plan is their recommended plan, and it costs $18 per user per month when billed annually. If you don’t need as much functionality, you can also opt for the Deliver Plan ($10 per user per month when billed annually).

Teamwork has a 30 day trial period that you can cancel at any time. It comes with zero obligations, so make sure to take advantage of it and see whether their app is a good fit for your team.

5. Planview PPM Pro

Perfect PPM Tool With Premade Templates and Integrated Task Management

Planview PPM Pro is the Perfect PPM Tool With Premade Templates and Integrated Task Management

Planview PPM Pro offers a modernized approach to project portfolio management. Their app features four key dimensions: Empower Teams, Capacity Planning, Portfolio Planning & Funding, and Visibility & Governance.

Key Features

Resource Planning

Planview gives you the ability to create role-based teams, so you shift from assigning tasks to individuals to assigning them to teams. It also offers a capacity planning feature, which balances the usage of your resources and lets you know if there are any gaps or constraints.

Portfolio Prioritization

This app allows you to shift focus from internal requests to products and services, therefore allowing you to drive value faster.

Enhanced Visibility

Maintaining visibility across your project is crucial to delivering quickly and on time. That’s why Planview allows you to measure outcomes and control risks, while not impeding the speed of your project delivery.

Financial Reporting

Planning your budget accordingly is vital for the success of your project, and this app lets you do that effortlessly. By keeping track of your budget at all times, you can ensure that you’re properly financed for all aspects of your project.


Planview offers a wide variety of products, and they do not have any fixed pricing plans that you can choose from. Each of their products is intended for different purposes and features different perks.

They do offer a 30 day trial for any of their products, so you can test out Planview PPM Pro and its functionality before deciding to get a paid subscription.

Online PPM Tool With Resource Management and Automation Capabilities

Mavenlink is an Online PPM Tool With Resource Management and Automation Capabilities

Mavenlink is a modern solution for your project portfolio management needs. It features real-time responsiveness and dynamic resource optimization options.

Key Features

Master Planning

Mavenlink offers a wide variety of powerful planning capabilities, from responding to changes in demand and supply to exploring impact to timelines, margins, and revenue.

Team Builder

If you’re looking for an app to help with your project portfolio management needs and also improve your staffing choices, Mavenlink is a great fit. By taking advantage of the Team Builder feature, you can see your resource pools, explore trade-offs, and more.

Skills Management

This feature lets you align skills with project demands, access skill insights for each of your employees, and also identify development opportunities.

Dynamic Resource Optimization

Mavenlink is great for project managers who want to continuously improve their workflow since it lets you respond to changes and updates in real-time. The data from their system can be collected to help you stay ahead of growing expectations.


Mavenlink currently offers three paid plans: Enterprise Plan, Premier Plan, and Professional Plan.

To get more information on the app itself and pricing, you have to contact them directly.

They offer a 10-day free trial, which you don’t have to pay for additionally if the users have different permission levels.

7. Workfront

Enterprise-Class Project Portfolio Management App With Complex Workflow Features

Workfront is an Enterprise-Class Project Portfolio Management App With Complex Workflow Features

Workfront is a great option for enterprise-level businesses. It helps you deliver your projects quicker without having to compromise quality.

Key Features


Workfront helps you automate repetitive daily tasks by using AI-enabled technology. This includes assigning work based on the skillset, priority, or availability of your resources, which keeps your team productive throughout the project.

Resource Allocation

This feature lets you assign the exact amount of time you believe to be necessary for an employee to perform a task, which is super useful to have as a project manager.

Cloud-based Software

As of lately, almost everything is becoming cloud-based. Nowadays, it’s not enough to just have a centralized place where you manage and review your projects, especially considering the fact that so many businesses are working from home.

Capacity Visualization

By visualizing your team’s capacity in your project portfolio management app you can make sure that your team will have great output. You can also ensure that no one is overloaded with work, or doesn’t have enough tasks.


They currently offer three pricing plans: Enterprise Plan, Business Plan, and Pro Plan. Workfront’s Enterprise Plan gives you access to integrations, premium APIs, and advanced support.

You’ll have to get in touch with their team directly to get more information on their pricing and plans.

8. Clarizen

Project Portfolio Management Software Made for Enterprises

Clarizen is the Project Portfolio Management Software Made for Enterprises

This versatile project portfolio management tool was created for enterprises and large organizations. Clarizen helps you simplify your workflow and deliver your projects on time.

Key Features


Clarizen uses a powerful workflow engine that enables you to automate repetitive business processes. In turn, this helps you improve consistency and standardizes your productivity output.


You can create custom dashboards, calendars, and even reports at any given moment by using your available data. This helps you gain control and visibility over your project, as well as the status of each resource and task.

Resource Management

This app allows you to gain instant insight into your employees and other resources and see how they’re spending their time. The highly intuitive interface helps you get a breakdown of each task and its progress whenever you need the information.

Business Insights

Clarizen gives you insight into every important piece of information regarding your project, which makes it easier to manage everyone’s workflow. This project management app also lets you get information on schedules, resources, and tasks in real-time.


Clarizen currently has two options to choose from: Enterprise Edition and Unlimited Edition.

Both of these plans come with unlimited portfolios, projects, and programs. Currently, their pricing information is not available on their website, so you have to get in touch with them directly if you’re interested in getting a subscription.

9. Project Portfolio Office

Excellent Project Portfolio Management App With Real-Time Reporting

Project Portfolio Office is an Excellent Project Portfolio Management App With Real Time Reporting

Project Portfolio Office is an easy-to-use, simple cloud-based project management software. It’s customizable and can be tailored to fit any environment.

Key Features

Streamline Communication

This feature is very useful as it allows stakeholders and project teams to have better visibility of the status of their projects, programs, and portfolios.

Risk Management

By allowing you to allocate deliverables, tasks, and milestones to your resources, Project Portfolio Office helps you create visibility and better accountability.

Office Administration

If you’re dealing with a lot of paperwork,  you’ll definitely enjoy using this app. Its workflow allows you to perform project audits with reduced time and effort.


You can customize a variety of things with PPO, including reports and dashboards which let you target specific parameters and therefore gain insight into your project. Also, you can customize various project life cycles and templates.


Project Portfolio Office Pricing Plan

PPO’s pricing plans depend on the size of your organization and the number of users. A breakdown of cost per user is available on their website, depending on the size of your team.

Project Portfolio Office Pricing Structure

The more users you have, the lower will be the price per month. For example, for 5 users, your monthly bill will be $170.50. You’ll gain access to unlimited projects, support, and free product updates.

PPO offers a free trial for medium businesses (30 users or more). You can request a free consultation on their website at any time to see whether this app is a good fit for your organization.

10. Microsoft Project

Project Portfolio Management App That Helps You Manage Budgets Better

Microsoft Projects is the Project Portfolio Management App That Helps You Manage Budgets Better

MS Project helps you harness the power of project portfolio management. Its capabilities allow you to plan, manage, and prioritize your projects more effectively.

Key Features

Portfolio Optimization

This app lets you easily model different portfolios and determine the strategic path that’s most suitable for your needs. It also helps you assess costs and resource constraints.

Transformable Insights

Keeping everyone on the same page throughout the duration of your project is of utmost importance. This project portfolio management app helps you turn project data into actionable insights and reports, such as Power BI dashboards and burndown dashboards.


MS Project also allows you to evaluate and capture project ideas within your organization. It uses a standardized process that feeds detailed project charters to management for review.


Customization comes in very handy – you can customize your portfolio management needs to be suitable to your team’s needs, which helps drive your work process forward more effortlessly.


Microsoft Projects Pricing Plan

MS Project offers three paid plans for cloud-based teams: Project Plan 1, Project Plan 3, and Project Plan 5.

Project Plan 1 gives you access to their web browser application only, and it costs $10 per user per month. Project Plan 3 costs $30 per user per month and it gives you access to a desktop client, which is more convenient.

Microsoft Projects On Premises Plans

In terms of On-premises solutions, MS Project offers three plans: Project Standard 2021, Project Professional 2021, and Project Server. All three of these plans are much more expensive than their cloud-based plans, and they support Long-Term Servicing Channel.

If you want to try out MS Project, their cloud-based plans have a free trial. They do not currently offer free trials for their On-premises plans.

11. Celoxis

Excellent Project Portfolio Management App With Resource Management Features

Celoxis is an Excellent Project Portfolio Management App With Resource Management Features

Celoxis is a great choice for project managers who are looking for various customization options and dynamic dashboards. It’s also excellent for large organizations, as it offers enterprise-class features.

Key Features

Portfolio Management

Celoxis offers fully customizable portfolio dashboards which give you insight into aggregated information about your projects. This enables you to track KPIs effortlessly.


This useful feature helps you create reports with ease, and it even offers reporting on custom fields, which can be used in columns, filters, and charts. The customizable layouts allow you to view your reports on dashboards that can be resized to your preference.

Workflow Apps

Tracking your business processes is extremely easy with Celoxis Workflow Apps. These apps include Risks, Bugs, Issues, Change Request, and even RAID logs.

Dynamic Dashboards

You can get real-time, 360-degree insight into how your project is performing. These dynamic dashboards can be converted into PDF files for easy sharing.


Celoxis Pricing Plan

If you would like to use Celoxis for portfolio project management, you’ll need to have a minimum of 5 users, regardless of which plan you chose.

They offer two paid plans: Cloud Plan, On Premise Plan.

A yearly subscription will be cheaper than a monthly, so if you choose their Cloud Plan, it will cost you $22.50 per user per month. This plan gives you access to free clients, support, and virtual users. It also grants 2 GB of space per user.

The On Premise Plan costs $450 a year, so it’s a bit more expensive, and it gives you free support during a full year and access to all upgrades available.

Celoxis offers a 30-day free trial for you to test out the app’s functionality.

12. Zoho Projects

Cloud-Based Project Portfolio Management App With Issue Management and Tracking Capabilities

Zoho Projects is a Cloud Based Project Portfolio Management App With Issue Management and Tracking Capabilities

This cloud-based app is great for planning projects and tracking work progress. Zoho Projects is perfect for project portfolio management and enhancing team collaboration.

Key Features


Each of your projects has a timesheet where your employees can log their work hours. This helps you keep track of the pace of your project and allows you to plan further tasks with better coordination.


You can automate approvals, tasks, and even notifications, with Zoho Projects’ Blueprints. This helps you focus on more important tasks.


This project portfolio management tool lets you create custom reports which include timesheets, work items, and any other useful data.


Zoho Projects can be integrated with other popular third-party apps which allows you to continue working seamlessly. Some of the industry tools you can integrate with Zoho Projects are MS Teams, Dropbox, Google Drive, and more.


At the moment, Zoho Projects offers three plans: Free Plan, Premium Plan, and Enterprise Plan.

The Free Plan is perfect for up to 3 users and it gives you access to two projects and 10 MB of storage. Of course, if you have a bigger team to manage, their most popular plan could be a great fit. The Premium Plan costs $4 per user per month, and it sits up to 50 people.

Zoho Projects gives you access to a 10-day trial before you decide whether you want to get a subscription.

13. Proggio

Project Portfolio Management Software For Professionals and Enterprises

Proggio is the Project Portfolio Management Software For Professionals and Enterprises

Proggio is a great project portfolio management app that allows you to drive high-impact results effortlessly and gain excellent visibility into the status of your projects.

Key Features

Project Portfolio Clarity

This feature helps you stay in focus and lets you understand the status of your project portfolios with a single glance. It also makes it easy to align your projects towards your goal and empower your employees with relevant views, tools, and reports.

Project Heath Indicator

A project health indicator is what makes Proggio unique compared to other apps. This health indicator is auto-generated and it gives you an instant perspective on how your project is doing at any given moment.

Project Workflow

Proggio lets you see your project in all of its stages: Creation, Prioritization, Planning, Execution, and Delivery. This makes your workflow effortless and helps you progress from start to finish in a single platform seamlessly.

Workspace Notifications

You will be notified regarding any updates, changes, or delays in regards to tasks and projects, which will enable you to restructure and coordinate your project better moving forward.


Proggio Pricing Plan

Proggio currently has four plans that you can choose from: Basic Plan, Business Plan, Professional Plan, and Enterprise Plan.

Their most popular plan is the Professional Plan, which costs $1500 per month if billed annually. It gives you access to everything that’s included in the Business Plan, plus project workflows, customization, dynamic views, and more.

If you’re just looking for project management essentials, you can start with their Basic Plan, which costs $250 per month if billed annually, and see whether it fits your needs.

Proggio offers a 30-day free trial and you can also book a meeting with their team to get a demo of their app.

14. Micro Focus (formerly HP PPM)

Strategic Project Portfolio Management App That Accelerates Project Delivery

Micro Focus is the Strategic Project Portfolio Management App That Accelerates Project Delivery

This intuitive project portfolio management tool helps you deliver higher value to your business. Micro Focus combines your data and workflows with your business strategy.

Key Features

Portfolio Management

When managing a project, it’s extremely important to be aware of potential issues and risks. This app helps you balance the right combination of investments and deliverables. It also helps you monitor your most important KPIs.


Micro Focus combines easy collaboration and process control which enables you to scale across your business. It even works for organizations with remote teams.

Resource Optimization

This feature helps you make wiser scheduling choices and makes it easier to determine where resources should be spending their time, which in turn reduces costs.

Enterprise Agile

Micro Focus’ PPM app can be integrated with popular Agile tools, such as Agile Managers, Jira, VersionOne, and many more.


Micro Focus has not provided any pricing information on their website as of this moment. You can get in touch with their team to find out more about their app and what their subscription costs are.

15. Acuity PPM

Excellent, Lightweight Project Portfolio Management Tool For Beginner Project Managers

Acuity PPM is an Excellent, Lightweight Project Portfolio Management Tool For Beginner Project Managers

If you’re new to project portfolio management, Acuity PPM might be the perfect choice for you. It helps you achieve greater data integrity and features real-time reporting.

Key Features

Work Intake

This feature helps you manage and control the amount of work done by your employees and its quality. It also gives you the ability to manage new project request with more ease.

Resource Planning

Fast project delivery and better execution strictly depend on how you manage all of your resources. With Acuity PPM, you can come up with resource plans quickly and maintain productivity throughout the duration of your project.

Project Status

Project status reports can sometimes be tricky, but this app allows you to create them and share them effortlessly by helping you replace any old presentation software and centralizing your status reports.

Project Prioritization

This app features a scoring model that allows you to evaluate your projects with more precision. You can have a risk-value bubble chart displayed at any given time, thus ensuring the success of your project.


Acuity PPM Pricing Plan

Acuity PPM offers four pricing plans: PPM Starter, PPM Essentials, PPM Plus, and PPM Enterprise.

Their best-valued plan is the PPM Plus plan, which costs $999 per month. It adds the resource capacity planning feature and helps you track over or underutilized resources with ease.

If the PPM Plus plan is too pricey for you, you can opt for the PPM Starter Plan, which is $399 per month and gives you centralized project status reports and portfolio timelines.

Read-only licenses are free of charge while adding an extra user will cost you $18 per user. You can get a free trial and a free demo, so you can try out all features of the app before deciding whether you would like a subscription.

Key Features of PPM Tools

Choosing to switch to a project portfolio management app can be very beneficial to your work process. Your visions and ideas can be translated into reality more easily with a project portfolio management tool that will help you effectively manage your resources and projects while you scale.

In order to pick the right one for your needs, you have to decide what type of functionality you’re looking for. Many apps out there offer a variety of different features, and we’re going to cover the most important features you should be looking for in your PPM app of choice.

1. Risk Management

In order to make an appropriate risk response plan, it’s important to pick a PPM app that will offer you risk management and change management features. This type of functionality will allow you to easily estimate the impact of what-if scenarios and plan accordingly if any changes or issues occur along the way.

A risk management approach will help you determine the tools, team roles, and processes responsible for your project. It’ll also help you identify any potential risks and assess them carefully while giving you the opportunity to take steps towards reducing them in the future.

2. Resource Management

This feature will enable you to make better decisions and plan better around your project at the portfolio level. It includes resource allocation and utilization, capacity planning, projections, as well as managing timelines.

Resource management will also help you ensure that none of your employees are under or overutilized, which is important for maintaining good productivity throughout your project’s lifetime. It will also help you choose the most skilled resources for the given task, which will shorten the delivery time.

3. Reporting

If you want to move away from using countless spreadsheets to compile all of your data and analyze it, you should opt for a PPM tool that has a built-in reporting feature. By taking advantage of robust reporting features and analytics, you’re going to be setting yourself and your project for success.

These reports can also help identify gaps and issues, which can then be addressed in a timely fashion, therefore saving you time and money. They also help you make data-driven decisions that benefit your project. There are many visualization tools that can help you display your data, including dashboards, which can be easily presented to your stakeholders.

4. Integrations

Having the ability to integrate and synchronize your other tools comes in very handy, which is why you should choose a PPM app that offers integrations. This feature also allows you to keep everything you need for day-to-day work in one place.

Nowadays, almost any app can be integrated to work with other important industry tools. Some examples of apps that you can integrate into your PPM software are MS Office, Slack, Jira, and more. You can integrate your calendars into one place, as well as task management and time tracking tools.

5. Automation

This feature is particularly useful for busy project managers who can’t waste any time doing mundane tasks. A good PPM software should give you the ability to automate almost all processes.

This includes assigning tasks, check-ins, notifications, email, and much more. By automating repetitive tasks, you’ll have more time to focus on what’s a priority at that moment, which will further improve your workflow and task management.

Choosing the Right Project Portfolio Management Software

Choosing the right project portfolio management app depends entirely on what your priorities are and what kind of features you’re looking for. We’re going to give you a few suggestions on which app to go for depending on its functionality:

  • If you’re looking for risk assessment and risk management features, we recommend Project Portfolio Office.
  • For resource management tools, our top picks would have to be Celoxis, Clarizen, and Mavenlink.
  • Wrike, MS Project, and Zoho Projects are all great choices if you’re looking for an app that will help with reporting, in-depth analytics, and project insights.
  • For lots of integration options, we recommend going for Monday.com, ClickUp, or even Teamwork.
  • If you’re looking to automate mundane, repetitive processes, Monday.com is a perfect choice. Other apps that offer automation features are Mavenlink, Workfront, and Clarizen.

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