16 Best Resource Scheduling Software Tools in 2023

Updated Aug 7, 2023.

Ever since the pandemic hit, project managers across the globe have been relying on online tools to help manage their resources more efficiently. Sure, you can use a calendar or a spreadsheet to manage your team resources, but investing in a resource scheduling app is a much smarter choice.

A resource management and scheduling app can help you make a great work plan, delegate tasks, and see everyone’s workload. This can, in turn, greatly increase productivity and prevent time-wasting.

You can rest assured that all of your resources will be allocated accordingly, which will improve your entire work process. We’re going to be breaking down 16 best resource scheduling software and each tool’s features and pricing plans.

Best Resource Scheduling Software Tools

1. Monday.com

Resource Scheduling App With Flexible Planning Features and Sleek Design

Monday.com is the Resource Scheduling App With Flexible Planning Features and Sleek Design

Monday.com is a great choice because it lets you manage tasks, team workloads, and plan projects. It’s equipped with any resource scheduling feature that you might need.

Key Features

Planning and Scheduling

By using their Workload view, you can see exactly who’s in charge of which task at any given time. This feature makes it easy to balance the distribution of new tasks between your resources and ensures that no one is over or underworked.


You can easily centralize all your team’s work in one place by connecting all apps you’re already using to one platform. Monday.com offers more than 40+ integrations, as well as third-party apps, and automation.

Ongoing Management

Avoid unplanned situations during your project process by being aware of any potential issues at all times. This resource scheduling app makes it easy to change things on the spot, remove bottlenecks, and make quick decisions.


Dashboards are extremely useful if you like having a high-level overview of your project’s progress. It offers a variety of reports which help you make informed and data-driven decisions based on the bandwidth of your team.


Monday.com lets you choose between five different plans, including one that is free. The plans that they offer are Individual Plan, Basic Plan, Standard Plan, Pro Plan, and Enterprise Plan.

The Individual Plan is great for teams of two people. On the other hand, the Basic Plan (which costs $8 per seat per month) is great for big teams who need a cloud-based resource management tool. Their most popular plan is the Standard Plan and it costs $10 per seat per month.

Monday.com offers a 14-day free trial with zero obligations. They do not require your credit card information in order to start a trial.

2. ClickUp

Resource Scheduling Software With Built-In Goal Reminder Feature

ClickUp is the Resource Scheduling Software With Built In Goal Reminder Feature

ClickUp is a very versatile app that can be used for a variety of cases, including resource scheduling and project management.

Key Features


With more than 50+ triggers, conditions, and actions, you can fully customize and automate your routine work. ClickUp also offers pre-built automation recipes which can be fully customized to match your specific needs.


Templates are very useful if you have lots of other things that you need to focus on because they allow you to save time by leveraging hundreds of them – they can be used for team use cases, tasks, checklists, and docs.


ClickUp allows you to create your perfect visual database. You can use this feature to link tasks, integrations, and documents which means you’ll be able to access and have everything in one place.


This resource scheduling software can be integrated with 1000+ apps and tools. You can sync your team calendars, cloud storage, messaging apps, and much more, meaning all your tools will be in one place.


ClickUp offers a free plan for up to five people, and this plan gives you access to unlimited tasks and customizable views.

They have four paid plans: Unlimited Plan, Business Plan, Business Plus Plan, and Enterprise Plan. The Unlimited Plan is great for a small team and it costs only $5 per user per month.

The Business Plan is great for managing a bigger team, and it costs $9 per member per month. In case you’re in charge of more than 1 team, the Business Plus Plan, which costs $19 per member per month, is a great option.

ClickUp offers a free trial for 30 days without any obligation, so you can check whether it’s a good fit for your team and your needs.

3. Wrike

Best Resource Scheduling App For Startups and Smaller Teams

Wrike is the Best Resource Scheduling App For Startups and Smaller Teams

This Kanban-based app is great if you enjoy customizing your workflow and making adjustments within the app itself. Wrike is trusted by more than 20,000+ happy customers around the world.

Key Features


Wrike is pretty unique because it offers features that help further build and develop your business. It empowers business growth by allowing you to export relevant data, create reports, customize dashboards, and workflow.


Information can be found quickly within the app itself which greatly enhances communication. It allows you to make data-driven decisions on the spot and it also helps prevent any possible miscommunication within your team.


Wrike enables you to share reports, tasks, and files in a matter of seconds. It also gives you the option of automating your entire approval system, and it utilizes visual proofing tools to help you collaborate better with your team members.


Virtually anything within the app can be customized and tailored to your specific requirements. You can color-code tasks and projects, add videos, and add comments to documents and sections.


Read more Wrike pricing

Wrike is perfect for centralizing your resource scheduling system. If you’re just getting started in the business, they offer a completely free plan.

Apart from the free plan, they also offer three paid plans: Professional Plan, Business Plan, and Enterprise Plan. The most popular plan, the Business Plan, costs $24.80 per user per month and it gives you the ability to fully customize their platform.

If you’d like to try Wrike, you’ll be happy to learn that they offer a 14-day trial period. This is more than enough time to try out all features and see how you like their app.

Resource Scheduling Software With Real-Time Utilization and Project Margins

Mavenlink is the Resource Scheduling Software With Real Time Utilization and Project Margins

This modern online resource scheduling app is perfect if you’re looking for dynamic resource optimization and real-time responsiveness. Mavenlink also gives you optimized resource recommendations.

Key Features

Dynamic Resource Optimization

Mavenlink lets you respond to updates and changes in real-time, so it’s designed for continuous improvement. You can collect the data you need from all systems to manage your resources in real-time, which lest you stay ahead of growing expectations.

Master Planning

This resource scheduling app gives you powerful planning capabilities. From responding to changes in demand and supply to exploring impacts to revenue, margins, and times, Mavenlink has everything you need.

Advantage Analysis

Mavenlink encourages smarter staffing choices. The Team Builder feature lets you explore trade-offs, see all your resource pools, configure resource recommendations, and much more.

Skills Management

Finding the right resource for your project is extremely important. You can align skills with project demands, identify development opportunities, and access skill insights for each team member.


Mavenlink offers three paid plans: Enterprise Plan, Premier Plan, and Professional Plan.

You would have to reach out to their team directly if you’d like to get more information on pricing.

They offer a 10-day free trial and you don’t have to pay additionally for users that will have different permission levels.

5. Hub Planner

Online Resource Scheduling Tool With Enterprise-Class Features

Hub Planner is an Online Resource Scheduling Tool With Enterprise Class Features

Hub Planner is a great resource scheduling tool that gives you access to numerous features, such as skill matching and even an availability heat map.

Key Features


Hub Planner gives you momentary insight into your company’s resource schedule. You can plan in hours, days, weeks, or months and easily see the gaps in production or performance. You can also monitor public holidays, vacations, sick days, and easily resolve any conflicts between team members.

Skills and Location Matching

As a project manager, it’s important to be able to filter through resources and quickly find a matching employee. By taking advantage of this feature, you can find resources based on a skill matrix, location tags, or role tags.

Availability Heat Map

This feature gives you an overview of over-scheduled or under-scheduled resources. You can fully customize the colors on your heat map and utilize it to quickly identify gaps in production and plan more efficiently.

Drag and Drop Scheduler

Simply drag bookings on the scheduler and schedule your resources on projects or events. You can also easily resize the bookings by using the drag handles on each project booking.


Hub Planner Pricing Plan

Hub Planner offers three paid plans: Plug & Play Plan, Premium Plan, and Enterprise Plan. Their prices are higher if you opt to pay monthly. The Plug & Play plan costs $7 per user per month when billed annually, while the Premium Plan costs $18 per user per month.

They offer a free trial that lasts for 60 days, giving you plenty of time to learn how to use their interface and test out whether their features are suitable for your work needs.

6. Float

Excellent Resource Scheduling Application With Mobile Apps and Dedicated Integrations

Float is an Excellent Resource Scheduling Application With Mobile Apps and Dedicated Integrations

This resource scheduling tool lets you plan, schedule, and track your projects in one place. Float is perfect for capacity management, time tracking, and forecasting needs.

Key Features

Workload Visualization

Float offers two views: People View and Project View. This lets you get a detailed overview of how your project is doing and how your resources are allocated at any given time.

Task Scheduling

You can schedule time off and tasks with a single click. This feature lets you input hours, duration, and the project name when assigning a task to your team members. You can also label tasks to let others know anything relevant regarding it.


Float has a right-click menu that’s perfect if you need to edit tasks on the fly. This menu lets you insert, replace, or split tasks with ease. You can also use it to increase or decrease task hours and days by dragging them at their edges.

Search Tool

This unique feature is extremely useful when you’re working with many departments or you’re in charge of a large number of projects. By using the search tool, you can quickly find projects, departments, tags, people, and much more.


Float Pricing Plan

Float offers two different paid plans: Resource Planning Plan, and Resource Planning + Time Tracking Plan.

The Resource Planning plan costs $6 per user per month when billed annually and it gives you powerful capacity reporting, unlimited projects, and resource scheduling features.

The Time Tracking Plan also gives you access to logging hours with their mobile app. It costs $10 per user per month when billed annually.

Float offers a 30-day trial with no strings attached. You can test out any of the two abovementioned plans and see which one suits your team better.

7. Smartsheet

Sophisticated Cloud-Based Resource Scheduling App With Advanced Security Options

Smartsheet is the Sophisticated Cloud Based Resource Scheduling App With Advanced Security Options

This popular SaaS application is a great choice for resource management needs. Smartsheet gives you access to features such as dynamic reporting and time-tracking, which helps you maximize the productivity of your resources.

Key Features

Resource Allocation

This feature comes in very handy for project managers who need to effectively find and schedule the best resources on their team on a daily basis. It also gives you the option to forecast hiring needs, as well as resolve staffing conflicts.


Smartsheet makes it easy for your resources to log and submit hours. The combination of time-tracking and pre-filled timesheets make them more focused on their important work, which in turn increases overall productivity.

Dynamic Reporting

This useful feature helps you visualize complex data in a way that’s most suitable for you, and it also lets you spot project trends and understand performance across your team.


You can integrate key enterprise tools, including G-Suite, MS Office 365, and DocuSign, to work together with Smartsheet. By keeping everything you need in one place, you save time and money and lower the chances of misunderstandings.


Read more Smartsheet pricing

Smartsheet currently offers three paid plans: Pro Plan, Business Plan, and Enterprise Plan.

Their most recommended plan is the Business Plan which costs $25 per user per month if billed annually. This plan provides your team with improved project and process management, as well as all resource scheduling features.

If you’re looking for enterprise-class features, you can get in touch with Smartsheet’s team to get more information on pricing.

Smartsheet offers a 30-day free trial without obligations. You can start using the app right away and test out all the features it has to offer.

8. Saviom

Customizable Resource Scheduler With Complex Resource Data Insights

Saviom is the Customizable Resource Scheduler With Complex Resource Data Insights

Saviom allows you to deliver quality projects on time by helping you utilize your resources in an optimized way. It offers a variety of enterprise-class tools.

Key Features

Resource Scheduling

With a single resource plan, Saviom helps you replace existing silos and establishes a single place where you can allocate your resources accordingly. It’s perfect for visual planners since it features a Gantt chart-style visual resource planner that uses the drag and drop method.

Resource Forecasting

This intuitive resource scheduling app helps you forecast vacancies, over or underutilization, and people on the bench. It also aids capacity planning using real-time, multi-dimensional analytics.

Capacity Planning

Matching your capacity against volatile market demand is of utmost importance. Saviom lets you get foresight into future demand and identify shortfalls of resources in a timely manner.

Resource Utilization

Identifying gaps in your project is vital for its success. By taking advantage of resource utilization you can improve the overall forecasting process and therefore achieve better accuracy in upcoming work estimates.


Since Saviom offers a variety of tools and is highly customizable, they offer different license types and pricing plans.

You would have to get in touch with them directly to see what type of license and plan is best for your needs. They offer a free quote through their website. You can also sign up for a free trial.

9. Runn

Dynamic Resource Scheduling Tool Made For Software Developers

Runn is the Dynamic Resource Scheduling Tool Made For Software Developers

Runn is a great option for project managers in charge of software development projects. It’s a real-time capacity, demand, and resource planning tool that offers powerful features.

Key Features

Milestone Tracking

Keeping track of what phase of your project is underway is very important. The Milestone feature keeps everything on your team informed and up to date when it comes to crucial upcoming milestones and deadlines.

Live Budget Tracking

You can track any budget changes in real-time as you create and assign new assignments and tasks to your team members. This helps you ensure that you’re always scheduling the right amount of work at the correct time.

Assignment Transfer

Runn makes it super easy to instantly transfer assignments between team members. You can also transfer to a placeholder while you take the time to figure out who’s going to be taking on the task.

People Utilization

This feature helps you see the exact percentage of an employee’s time that has been assigned. You can also gain insight into how much is billable or non-billable by using a daily, weekly, or monthly view.


Runn Pricing Plan

Runn offers three plans in total, including a completely free one. The Startup Plan is free for a maximum of 5 resources, and it gives you access to all features and unlimited projects.

When it comes to paid plans, there are two choices – The Pro Plan and the Enterprise Plan. The Pro Plan will cost you $10 per resource managed a month, and you will be able to manage as many resources as you pay for.

If you’re looking for more functionality and concierge onboarding, their Enterprise Plan is perfect for you. You’d have to get in touch with them directly to get more pricing information.

Runn offers a 14 day trial period without a credit card required. Additionally, if you opt for an annual subscription, your total will be lower compared to a monthly one.

10. eResource Scheduler

Resource Management and Scheduling App That’s Comprehensive and Flexible

eResource Scheduler is the Resource Management and Scheduling App That’s Comprehensive and Flexible

eResource Scheduler is a comprehensive resource scheduling app that’s suitable for companies of any size. It offers both On-Premise and Cloud versions.

Key Features


Having the most accurate and up-to-date information is vital for the success of your project. It also helps you better your decision-making process and manage your resources more efficiently. This highly customizable and configurable dashboard gives you access to key information on a single screen.

Centralized Resource Pool

Various stages of a project might be spread across different teams and departments. By keeping an eye on a centralized resource pool you will be able to quickly find who’s in charge of what at any given moment.

Centralized Project List

This feature is particularly beneficial to project managers in charge of several projects at the same time. eResource Scheduler helps you maintain a complete list of all your projects in one place.

Utilization Report

As a project manager, you’ll want to constantly oversee and optimize your resource utilization. The app’s algorithm helps you measure and report your resource utilization at any given level, whether it’s project, team, or office. All of this information is updated in real-time whenever you make any changes.


eResource Scheduler Pricing Plan

eResource Scheduler offers simple, flexible, and transparent pricing. They currently offer three different paid modules – Scheduling Module, Financial Module, and Timesheet Module.

The Scheduling Module is a core module, and it costs $5 per resource a month. You also get 20% off if you subscribe to an annual billing plan. The two optional modules, the Financial Module, and the Timesheet Module cost $4 per resource per month and $5 per resource per month respectively.

You can try out eResource Scheduler for free for 14 days without any restrictions. They do not require a credit card to start the trial.

11. TeamGantt

TeamGantt is an Online Gantt Chart Based Resource Scheduler With Read Only Sharing Links

This easy-to-use online Gantt chart software has many useful features. TeamGantt even offers a read-only sharing link for updating or collaborative purposes.

Key Features

Team Availability

This feature is great for two reasons: it helps you make sure that everyone is on track and working on completing their tasks, and it also helps you ensure that no one is overloaded with work.

Collaboration and Organization

You can quickly share any necessary project update or document on a single page with your external or internal stakeholders. You can even get a read-only sharing link so that anyone who might need insight can be instant access without being able to edit anything.

Portfolio View

You can track the status of any of your ongoing projects with a single click. Quickly spot any assignments that are falling behind by taking advantage of the project health reports.

Planned Vs Actual Timeline

TeamGantt gives you the ability to create a planned timeline for any project that your team’s currently working on. You can compare this planned timeline to the actual timeline at any given time so that you can act quickly and make data-driven decisions on the spot if need be.


TeamGantt currently offers three different plans, including one that is completely free and two paid plans. The plans are as follows: Free Plan, Standard Plan, and Advanced Plan.

Their most popular plan is the Standard Plan, which costs $19.90 per month per user, with unlimited guests. This plan is perfect for teams that need planning and collaboration features.

The Advanced Plan is a bit pricier compared to the previous one – $24.45 per user per month, with unlimited guests. This plan gives you more functionality, including tracking workloads by hours, and advanced project reporting. All prices are valid for a yearly subscription.

If you’re in need of an Enterprise Plan, you can contact TeamGantt directly to get more information. You can try any plan you like for free for 30 days.

12. Resource Guru

Dedicated Resource Scheduling Software With A Great Visualization Calendar Option

Resource Guru is the Dedicated Resource Scheduling Software With A Great Visualization Calendar Option

Resource Guru is a powerful resource scheduling app that’s used by some of the biggest companies out there, including NASA and IKEA.

Key Features

Workload Insight

Resource Guru allows you to get a bird’s eye view of your entire team, including seeing who’s overloaded or who has more spare time than they should. You can rebalance workloads by simply dragging and dropping assignments between teammates.

Streamline Resource Scheduling

Since projects and schedules are constantly changing, Resource Guru offers an easy way to make adjustments. You can drag, drop, contract, extend, duplicate, and even split tasks, which makes it very convenient to manage everyone’s workload efficiently.

Availability Bar

If you’re looking for someone to jump in and help out with a task, the Availability Bar feature can come in quite handy. This feature scans everyone’s workload and gives you the exact amount of time a person is booked for, meaning you can manage their free time in a way that’s most beneficial for your project.

Flexible Booking

You can either book a specific number of hours (for example, 3h30min), or a specific time slot (11 am-1 pm) in order to achieve maximum precision for your schedule management needs across departments. You can also choose between billable and non-billable hours.


Resource Guru Pricing Plan

Resource Guru currently offers three paid plans: Grasshopper Plan, Blackbelt Plan, and Master Plan.

You can get a 30-day free trial for any of these three plans. The BlackBelt Plan costs $4.16 per user per month, and it gives you access to unlimited projects and clients, as well as personalized dashboards and flexible user permissions.

The Master Plan costs $6.65 per user per month, and it includes everything that’s in the Blackbelt Plan plus Data import (for accounts with 30+ resources), phone support, and Single sign-on.

13. Retain

Scalable, Customizable, and User-Friendly Resource Planning and Management Tool

Retain is the Scalable Customizable and User Friendly Resource Planning and Management Tool

Retain is a cutting-edge solution for your resource management and scheduling needs. They offer a variety of features, including automation and reporting.

Key Features


You can integrate your data across your organization, including HR or CRM systems. This gives you a single view of your business across locations and departments.

Reports and Dashboards

This resource scheduling tool comes with a suite of reports and dashboards that can be fully customized to fit your specific needs. Both of these features enable you to understand and visualize available resources, track costs, and identify potential issues.

Employee Development

Retain provides you with an effective and quick way to fill empty positions and improve utilization. Meanwhile, it offers your employees the chance to choose roles based on their own development plan.

Company-wide Collaboration

With this feature, you can share ranked lists of recommended employees and receive queries and feedback within a single interface. The app can also help manage your resourcing process at scale, with a capacity of up to 350,000 resources.


Retain Pricing Plan

Retain currently offers three paid plans: Entrepreneur Plan, Expanding Plan, and Enterprise Plan.

The Enterprise Plan can be entirely customized and curated to your own needs, and you have to get in touch with their sales staff in order to get more information and pricing details.

The Entrepreneur Plan starts at £13 per user per month, and it’s perfect for small companies. If you’re running a medium-sized company, the Expanding Plan is a better choice, and it costs £10 per user per month.

You can book a demo with Retain International to see all the features it offers and decide whether it’s an optimal choice for your resource scheduling needs.

14. Clarizen

Great Resource Scheduling Software With Dynamic Reports and Dashboards

Clarizen is the Great Resource Scheduling Software With Dynamic Reports and Dashboards

Clarizen is a robust and versatile resource scheduling software made for large organizations and enterprises. It greatly helps you simplify your workflow and achieve your milestones faster.

Key Features

Business Insights

This project management software gives you insight into each important piece of information about your project, making it easier to manage the day-to-day workflow. You can get insight into your schedules, tasks, and resources in real-time.


Clarizen enables you to create custom calendars, dashboards, and reports at any time, using the data available. By doing so, you gain complete visibility into the status of each task, resource, or project.


By using a powerful workflow engine, Clarizen helps you effortlessly automate any repetitive business processes. This improves consistency and standardizes your business process and productivity output.

Resource Management

Clarizen features a highly intuitive interface that helps you gain instant insight into your resources and how they’re spending their time. You can get a breakdown of each task and its progress at any given moment.


Clarizen currently offers two different solutions: Enterprise Edition and Unlimited Edition.

Both plans will give you access to unlimited programs, portfolios, and projects. Their pricing information is not available on their website, so you would have to contact them directly if you’re interested in purchasing a subscription.

15. MS Project

Microsoft’s Resource Scheduling Tool With Budget Management Features

MS Project is a Microsoft’s Resource Scheduling Tool With Budget Management Features

MS Project is a great choice for those who are already well familiar with other MS products, such as Excel. The app can be integrated with key Microsoft tools, such as Outlook, Skype, and more.

Key Features

Systematic Resource Request

Keeping your projects properly staffed is crucial to their success. This feature can be used to request and lock in resources at any given moment with ease.

Visual Heat Maps

You’ll definitely want to keep track of how your resources are being used on a daily, weekly, and monthly level. The visual heat map feature helps you quickly identify underused or overused employees which optimizes assignments.

Resource Analytics

MS Project comes with built-in reporting features that let you address concerns and monitor progress in real-time. You can use this feature to compare your resources across standard data and also forecast projected usage.


MS Project Cloud Based Pricing Plan

MS Project currently offers three different paid plans for Cloud-based organizations: Project Plan 1, Project Plan 3, and Project Plan 5.

Project Plan 1 only gives you access to a web browser application, and it costs $10 per user per month. If you’d like to have a desktop client too, you can opt for Project Plan 3, which costs $30 per user per month.

MS Project On Premises Pricing Plan

When it comes to On-premises solutions, they have three plans: Project Standard 2021, Project Professional 2021, and Project Server.

These plans are a lot pricier compared to their cloud-based counterparts. Both On-premises plans support Long-Term Servicing Channel (LTSC).

A free trial for MS Project is available only for cloud-based plans, so you can try out all of their features before deciding whether you want to invest in a plan.

16. Workfront

Enterprise-Class Resource Scheduler That Helps Execute Complex Workflows

Workfront is the Enterprise Class Resource Scheduler That Helps Execute Complex Workflows

This resource scheduling software helps you deliver projects and manage resources in a fast way without compromising on quality. Workfront is a highly intuitive app that’s perfect for enterprises.

Key Features

Capacity Visualization

By visualizing your team’s capacity in a single place you can effectively achieve great output without leaving anyone overloaded with work. Simply find and assign work to the right resource with a single click of a button.

Resource Allocation

As a project manager, you can assign the exact amount of time a team member should spend on a task.

Cloud-based Software

Nowadays, pretty much everything is becoming cloud-based. It’s not enough to just have a centralized location where you review and manage your resources, especially since many businesses are going remote-only.


By using AI-enabled technology, Workfront can help you automate your mundane daily processes. This includes assigning work based on your resources’ availability, skillset, or priority, which keeps your team productive at all times.


Workfront currently offers three pricing plans: Enterprise Plan, Business Plan, and Pro Plan.

The Enterprise Plan gives you access to premium APIs and integrations, as well as advanced support.

In order to get more information on rates for monthly or yearly subscriptions, you would have to request pricing directly from their team.

Key Features of Resource Scheduling Software

Managing your resources efficiently is probably the most important aspect of project management. By making sure that none of your resources are either overworked or underworked, you can ensure smooth and effortless delivery of your project on time.

A resource scheduling app enables you to manage your resources in the best way possible. Since resource management is a complex activity, an app is a perfect solution if you’re looking to make proper use of your resources and get more work done faster.

Here are the key features you should be looking for:

1. Planning and Scheduling

Planning and scheduling your resources is crucial for the success of your project. You can allocate tasks to employees based on their current capacity, skillset, and other important factors that dictate whether they’re suitable for the job.

Planning everyone’s tasks in a resource scheduling app helps you have a clear overview of who’s in charge of what at any given time. It also helps you get insight into your project’s overall health, as well as helps you keep your work on track and on budget.

2. Resource Utilization

Resource utilization is another key feature you should be looking for when choosing your resource scheduling tool. It basically means keeping track of how much time each employee has spent on a specific task.

This feature ensures that the resources that are available are being used to their highest potential. Effective utilization of your resources helps maintain productivity, considering that your employees will not be overburdened.

3. Reporting

A reporting feature is generally beneficial for any project’s health. As a project manager, you want to ensure that everything is being delivered on time, and a reporting tool integrated into your resource scheduling app can help you achieve this easier.

A reporting feature also helps you visualize complex data in a way that’s most suitable for you. This lets you spot project trends and understand the performance of each resource working on your project.

4. Forecasting

Anticipating your project needs is vital to the success of your project, which is why an app with this type of feature would be particularly useful. Estimating a project’s workload, as well as the resources you need, can spare you from a lot of stress.

Forecasting before a project officially kicks off is the ultimate way to make sure that you’re good to go and fully prepared to take on the new project. It also ensures that you’re properly staffed and that there won’t be any issues going forward.

5. Skill Management and Matching

As a project manager, it’s important to be able to filter through your resources in order to fit the most suitable employee for a specific task. This type of feature makes it easy to find resources based on location or role tags, as well as skill matrices.

Finding the most suitable resource means that any task will be executed in the shortest time possible, which greatly increases the chances of your project being delivered on time, without missing any important deadlines.


What is resource scheduling?

Resource scheduling is a very important part of project management. The primary purpose of it is to control the method and process used for assigning resources to tasks, assignments, and projects, taking into account the duration. It also serves to identify deadlines, resource demand, and constraints.

What does resource scheduling involve?

Resource scheduling generally involves tools that help schedule, aggregate, and allocate your resources. You can use a variety of tools in order to achieve this, including calendars, Gantt charts, timelines, and histograms.

What is resource scheduling software?

Resource scheduling software serves the purpose of helping you plan and organize your projects better. It also helps manage your resources, including people, premises, phone lines, or anything else that needs managing. 

Depending on your choice, a resource scheduling tool can also give you the ability to estimate and plan, schedule, control your costs, allocate resources, manage tasks, and document storage.

How much does resource scheduling software cost?

The amount of money you’ll have to spend on resource scheduling software depends on many factors, including the features you’re looking for. Other important factors include the number of users that will be using the app and whether you opt for a monthly or yearly subscription. Generally speaking, monthly subscriptions are pricier than yearly ones.

Monday.com is a great option that offers five different plans, including a free plan. Their most popular plan, the Standard Plan, will cost you $10 per seat per month.

ClickUp is a stellar resource scheduling app that gives you access to premade templates and lots of automation options. The Business Plan is great for managing a bigger team, and it only costs $9 per user per month.

Wrike is another good choice if you’re looking for scaling and collaboration features. Their most popular plan, The Business Plan, is perfect for all teams across an organization, and it costs $24.80 per user per month.

Choosing the Right Employee Scheduling Tool

You’ll want to choose your employee scheduling tool based on the features you’ll find most useful in your day-to-day work. We’ll give you a breakdown of which app to opt for depending on its features and functionality:

  • For ongoing resource management and automation, we recommend choosing Monday.com. Another great choice if you’re looking for automation of repetitive tasks is Retain.
  • If you’re looking for an app that will help you with resource forecasting, we definitely recommend going for either Saviom or Float.
  • Resource utilization is another key feature you should be looking for in your resource scheduling tool. If this is important to you, choose Runn, eResource Scheduler, or Saviom.
  • If you’re already using lots of apps for work, you’ll want to pick an app that can be integrated with your pre-existing tools. In this case, Retain, Workfront or ClickUp would be perfect.
  • Mavenlink is a great choice if you’re looking for skill management features that help you align resource skills with project demands.

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