12 Best Apps on Task Management for Mac in 2024

Updated Aug 7, 2023.

Based on a survey conducted among a group of business specialists— IT specialists, top managers, directors, sales departments, HR teams, and other employees of some of the world's largest companies—Apple computers are preferred by business people to computers from other makers.

In fact, 79% of the respondents felt that they could not do their jobs as effectively if they used any other brand.

And while we’re on the topic of working effectively, we might as well take a look today at some of the best apps for task management on Mac in 2023. From our research, we’ve uncovered the 12 best options available on the market today for Mac users. Let’s take a look.

Best Apps on Task Management for Mac

1. Monday.com

Monday.com is the Powerful Full featured Task Management Tool for Mac

With Monday.com, teams can organize their workflow in real-time and monitor individual and collective tasks and projects.

Key Features

Task scheduler

Monday.com's task scheduler helps you plan everything you need to do in a week or month, and you can set due-by dates for each task. You can arrange tasks according to priority and view all tasks at a single glance from your dashboard.


From the dashboard, you can easily switch between board views with Monday.com's intuitive work view. These board views are better at addressing your needs and are more interesting than having only one workflow view. On your dashboard, you also get widgets like a project calendar, project timeline, and custom number columns that display your budget and resource numbers.

Time tracking tools

This is one of Monday.com's most outstanding features as it allows users to track time spent on each task by any individual or group. Simply add a time tracking column to each project and the results will be displayed in the activity log. This feature is only available to Pro and Enterprise subscribers.

Resource management

From resource allocation to forecasting, Monday.com's extensive resource management tools offer unique templates to help you manage your team more efficiently and profitably. These tools give excellent insights into the who, what, why, when, where, and how as far as your organization's resources are concerned and help you pinpoint resources that are not as efficiently deployed as they can be so that you can make the required adjustments.


Monday.com's free forever plan accommodates two users. Then pricing starts at $8/month/seat.


  • Simplifies collaboration
  • Fully customizable
  • Excellent reporting features
  • Plenty of out-of-the-box third-party integrations
  • Provides multiple project views
  • In-built time tracking tools are superb


  • Limited support for task dependencies
  • Support can be slow

2. ClickUp

Best Free Plan on a Task Management Solution for Mac.

ClickUp is the Best Free Plan on a Task Management Solution for Mac

ClickUp‘s incredibly vast feature set promotes better workflow within organizations and caters to organizations of all sizes.

Key Features

Task management

ClickUp boasts excellent task management features that let you keep track of your to-do list from a single dashboard. From here, you can track your teammates' progress on tasks and rank your tasks based on urgency. The platform also lets you sort tasks according to completion status.

Process management

This platform's understanding of how vital Business Process Management (BPM) is to your business is evident in how it lets you manage your business processes easily and effectively.


ClickUp boasts unrivaled reporting features that do more than track progress on your projects and tasks.


For the most part, many would find ClickUp's free forever plan more than enough. But even those who need more would be hard-pressed to find a cheaper solution as ClickUp's prices start at $5/month/user.


  • Extensive feature set makes this an all-in-one project/task management solution
  • Unlimited users on the free plan
  • Great for task and resource management
  • Superb file sharing and permissions features
  • Relatively inexpensive


  • Financial/budget management features are missing
  • Not enough native integrations
  • Vast feature set means a steep learning curve

3. Teamwork

Task and Resource Management for Mac, Simplified.

Teamwork is the Task and Resource Management for Mac

Teamwork‘s task management and team collaboration features can help businesses improve their general operations.

Key Features

Project time tracking

Without time tracking, you can't manage your workload, projects, and billable hours as effectively as possible. Teamwork's built-in time tracker lets you monitor the time spent on each project, offers greater visibility into your team members and their tasks, and ensures that you can deliver work on time. This improved visibility will promote transparency and allow you to be more accurate with your estimates, task records, and bills.

Gantt charts

Teamwork's Gantt charts visualize project tasks, assignees, due dates, and dependencies so that at a single glance, you can keep abreast of every aspect of a project and grasp the order in which tasks must be performed to complete a project.

Workload/resource management

The Workload feature gives you visibility into your team's capacity at any moment. This way, you can manage your resources more effectively by reallocating tasks quickly.


Read more Teamwork pricing

Teamwork's free-forever plan will host five users. Then pricing starts at $10/user/month.


  • Excellent resource management features
  • Offers several project views
  • Great time tracking features
  • In-built messaging functionality
  • Billing and invoicing features come standard


  • No PDF or image markup tools

4. Asana

Versatile Task Management Solution for Mac.

Asana is a Versatile Task Management Solution for Mac

From day-to-day tasks to strategic engagements, Asana provides a single space from which teams can coordinate every aspect of their work, allowing teams to confidently move faster from project inception to delivery and accomplish more with less effort and time.

As a testament to its effectiveness as a task management solution, Asana is used by millions of organizations around the world to manage all kinds of projects ranging from marketing campaigns to product launches.

Key Features

Easy task creation and assignment

Asama makes it easy to create tasks for projects and assign them to teammates. You can also add teammates as task followers, share entire projects with them, or mention them in your task comments to update them on task progress.

Extensive collaboration features

With Asana, you can finally do away with cumbersome spreadsheets and email. The platform boasts project collaboration features like note sharing for task descriptions and file attachments to keep all project-related files in one place.

Easy task management

In a single click, you can combine any related tasks, organize tasks by priority, follow and search public tasks, get notifications and updates on tasks, and add due dates to tasks.

Plentiful support options

For support, Asana provides a knowledge base, troubleshooting videos, email, phone, and live chat.


Read more Asana pricing

Pricing starts at $10.99/month/user. But there's a free plan for you if you don't need all the bells and whistles that come with a paid plan.


  • Supports several task management styles
  • Well-designed, easy-to-use UI


  • No budgeting, invoicing, or other financial management features

5. Wrike

Robust and Versatile Task Management Tool for Mac With a Vast Feature Set.

Wrike is a robust and versatile work management software and collaboration tool

Wrike is a cloud-based project management tool with extensive task management features.

Key Features

Drag-and-drop task management

Wrike's drag-and-drop interface makes creating project folders and organizing tasks easy. You can link or edit tasks easily and add tags to give more context to your work.

In-built time tracking

The in-built time tracker helps organizations and creative agencies that bill by the hour track billable hours by accurately tracking how long teams spend working on projects.

Visual timelines

Wrike makes schedule management a breeze by displaying how different tasks fit into the overall scheme of the project and the deadlines for each task. At the project level, you can see all assigned tasks, project milestones, and the entire project timeline.

Resource management tools

Another of Wrike's superb features, this module gives you an overview of the availability of team members for tasks and projects, complete with their current workload.


Read more Wrike pricing

In addition to a free plan, there are three price tiers starting at $9.80/user/month.


  • Great collaboration features for remote teams
  • Excellent customization and automation options
  • Highly intuitive UI
  • Customizable dashboards
  • In-built cloud-based document editor lets you keep everything in the cloud
  • Great support for recurring tasks and multi-day deadlines


  • No billing or invoicing features
  • No support for HTML emails on the app
  • Cannot set due dates at the collaborator level
  • On the expensive side
  • No integrated live chat functionality

6. Hive

Task Management Solution for Mac Known for its Flexibility.

Hive is the Task Management Solution for Mac Known for its Flexibility

Hive is a highly flexible task management option that offers effortless collaboration features and was built by and for users.

Key Features

Multiple project views

Hive comes with a total of six project views, including a Status view, Gantt charts, and Calendar view.

Time tracking

To track time on Hive, you start by setting a time estimate for each project or task. This allows you to notice time overruns and correct them accordingly. On the timesheet report, team leaders and project managers can view the progress of their team, as well as preview or delete time entries.


Known as Resourcing, Hive's resource management feature is easy to use and helps you keep track of your team's availability and workload.


The Hive Solo account is completely free for two users. Beyond two users, you'd have to shell out at least $12/month/user. There's also an enterprise plan for much larger teams.


  • Offers six different workflow views
  • Allows real-time information sharing and collaboration
  • In-built time tracker
  • Securely holds sensitive information
  • Provides editable request forms
  • Regularly adds features most requested by users
  • Robust proofing and review environment


  • Client management process has a bit of a learning curve
  • No support for multiple file attachments to project requests
  • Lackluster mobile app

7. nTask

Superb Free Task Management Offering for Mac.

nTask is the Superb Free Task Management Offering for Mac

Free and easy to use, this task management tool doubles as a project tracking tool.

Key Features

Task management

You can quickly organize and assign tasks, as well as view the current status of each task. Tasks can be divided up into subtasks and you can create to-do lists.

Project planning features

nTask equips you with features to help you plan your projects, decide on the billing method, assign resources to tasks, and dictate payout rates. You have control over every aspect of your project.

Resource management

nTask‘s resource management features give you greater control over your project resources with a dashboard that shows you all you need to know at a single glance. With the fabulous collaborative features offered by nTask, you're no longer bound by the limitations of geography and can choose the best man for the job that you can afford without worrying about distance. And from the Resource Permissions tab, you assign roles to teammates and monitor how they use those permissions.


nTask Pricing Plan

nTasks free plan, though quite powerful, is better suited for individual users. But even if you need more users, policing is quite affordable at $3/user/month.


  • Helps identify projects or tasks that are at risk of missing deadlines
  • Simplifies priority setting
  • Consolidates all project communications
  • Free and entry-level premium plans contain nTask's best features
  • Excellent time tracking tools


  • Customer service could be improved
  • Needs more options for customization and formatting
  • Calendar view is difficult to configure

8. Microsoft OneNote

Best Task Management App for Note-taking On Mac.

Microsoft OneNote is the Best Task Management App for Note taking On Mac

For good reason, Microsoft OneNote is one of the most popular note-taking apps in the world. It not only boasts a lot of advanced features but also has the backing of the Microsoft ecosystem and a great user interface to boot.

Key Features

Powerful Note-taking

Microsoft OneNote is excellent for organizing your thoughts, important information, or other data you need to store for later. It's available in many formats, from mobile and desktop apps across all platforms to a web version for online use. The drawing and design tools on this software are also superb, allowing you to draw directly on a touch-screen device with your finger or a stylus, add media, and tag content that might be important for future reference. Plus, there are tons of collaboration tools that let you share notebooks with anyone who needs access, whether coworker or friend.

Well-designed interface

Microsoft OneNote has one of the cleanest, most useful interfaces on a task management app, despite being packed to bursting with useful tools. On the note-taking page, you can create a to-do list, create reminders, highlight important information, and do much more. Via the menu bar atop the screen, various note-taking and design tools are accessible. Furthermore, you can organize your content by creating digital notebooks which can be further divided into sections, then pages. The web interface, though similar, offers slightly fewer design and editing features. And the mobile apps are well-equipped for note-taking on the go.


If Microsoft OneNote had a price tag attached to it, it would totally be worth paying for. Yet, it is 100% free to use for business and personal users. All files are synced with your OneDrive account.


  • 100% free
  • Great design and drawing features
  • Intuitive user interface


  • Customer support is average at best
  • Desktop app is resource-heavy

9. Todoist

Best To-do List Software for Mac.

Todoist is the Best To do List Software for Mac

Possibly the best to-do list software on the market these days, Todoist helps teams of all sizes meet deadlines and ensure that nothing slips through the cracks. 

Key Features

Easy task tracking

In addition to providing you with a broad overview of all your tasks, Todoist also makes adding new tasks as easy as clicking a button. You can set deadlines and recurring due dates on tasks and projects, tasks can be further broken down into subtasks, and you can order everything according to priority. Moreover, Todoist lets you set reminders for time-sensitive tasks. And there’s a library of templates for different functions like a meeting agenda, new employee onboarding, an organized project tracker, and many more.

Collaboration features

To foster effective collaboration, Todoist allows you and your teammates to share their lists and projects. Users can delegate tasks to other team members and you get notifications when a task is complete or someone makes a comment.

Kanban-style cards

With Kanban-style cards that are suitable for any workflow, Todoist boards help you see the bigger picture. There are labels to help you find task groups more quickly and easily, and you can create customized task views with Todoist filters based on projects, assignees, or due dates. Plus, there are over 10 themes available to customize your view.


Todoists integrates seamlessly with most calendar apps and will display tasks directly into any calendar of your choice.

Visual Reporting

With its visual weekly and monthly reports, Todoist helps you track your productivity over time.


Todoist provides a free plan and two other paid plans: a Pro plan, priced at $4/user/month, and a Business plan, priced at $6/user/month.


  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Offers excellent collaboration tools
  • Works offline
  • Integrated productivity charts on premium accounts
  • Effortless, reliable syncing


  • You can’t retrieve tasks marked as done
  • No habit tracking and focus features

10. Trello

Best Task Management Solution for Kanban View On Mac.

Trello is the Best Task Management Solution for Kanban View On Mac

While it's more popularly used by agile software development teams, Trello is just as useful for marketing, HR, and support teams.

Key Features

Task tracking tools

With Trello, users can define projects, outline requirements, and design a workflow that will take the project from start to finish in the most efficient way.

Trello cards

Trello cards foster collaboration among users by giving team members a digital board to add other members and comments, and attach documents to assigned tasks. You can create, organize, and prioritize actions, define workflow, set due dates on assigned tasks, and track progress on projects.

Privacy settings

In the professional package, you get enterprise-grade privacy and admin settings.


There are integrations with other third-party applications like Google Drive, JIRA Cloud, Bitbucket Cloud, GitHub, and Slack.


Trello Pricing Plan

Trello starts at just $5/user/month. The free account allows unlimited users and 10 boards.


  • Intuitive Kanban board-based interface
  • Easy to use
  • Great for SMBs


  • Limited feature set
  • Limited storage

11. Any.do

A Great Task Management Tool Offering Smart Reminders On Mac.

Any.do is a Great Task Management Tool Offering Smart Reminders On Mac

Although it doesn't offer as many features as the other tools on this list, Any.do still offers all of the basics of task management and more.

Key Features

Location-based reminders

Any.do lets you create task lists and smart reminders that can be set according to your location.


Any.do augments your data and task lists with metadata that indicates your geographic location.

Excellent task sorting

Any.do offers what might be the best task sorting functionality on the market. You can sort tasks according to several criteria such as by deadline or priority.


Any.do Pricing Plan

Any.do's free plan is quite restrictive and discouraging. Pricing starts at $5.99/user/month and paying for it is likely the only way to get the best out of it.


  • Provides apps for all major platforms
  • Design is light and airy
  • Great at organizing tasks


  • Free version is very restricted
  • Does not support natural language input

12. MeisterTask

An Intuitive Collaboration Platform That Doubles as a Great Task Management Tool for Mac.

MeisterTask is an Intuitive Collaboration Platform That Doubles as a Great Task Management Tool for Mac

MeisterTask easily takes the cake as one of the most intuitive collaboration and task management tools available and ensures that working together is seamless and easy.

Key Features

Full-featured project management

With this agile project management tool, you can create a project, add team members, assign tasks, and track one another's progress.

Task scheduling

MeisterTask offers task scheduling and gamification features for improved productivity.

Extensive integrations

The platform integrates well with many third-party solutions like Bitbucket, Github, Microsoft Teams, Buffer, and many others.


MeisterTask offers 24/7 live support across every support category.


MeisterTask Pricing Plan

MeisterTask's free plan offers much more than you can get on the free plans of most other task management tools, including advantages like unlimited members, customizable project boards, file attachments (capped at 20 MB per file), mobile apps, and email support. Paid plans start at $4.19/user/month.


  • Time tracking functionality included
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Free plan supports unlimited tasks and projects


  • No internal calendar
  • Busy and cluttered interface
  • Navigation could be improved

Key Features of Task Management Apps for Mac Users

Every individual or business has different needs and requirements for task management apps. Some might place great importance on ease of use and stellar customer support while others might prefer options with plenty of good reviews and reasonable prices.

key features of task management apps for mac users

Here are what we consider to be the most important features of any task management app.

1. Task Management

This should go without saying, but what's a task management app without task management features? Whatever option you choose, you want it to have the ability to create tasks and subtasks.

Another essential feature would be the ability to view tasks in different formats like Kanban view, grid view, or Gantt view.

You also want easy and quick access to task settings and file storage functionality so that you can keep all task information in one place.

Finally, you want to be able to set deadlines and view task progress in a few clicks.

2. Time Tracking

Time tracking tools are another essential and useful part of good task management apps for Mac.

They help keep you and your colleagues on track so that you are focused on the right tasks and deliver projects on time by tracking and optimizing how much time you and your teammates spend on tasks.

3. Team Collaboration

Establishing good collaboration processes and practices will save a ton of time for you and your teammates. As such, you’ll want a task management solution that lets you leave descriptions, comments, mentions, and so on. This will eliminate the need to use third-party applications to waste time on lengthy email correspondences.

4. Reports

You likely need reports as part of the proof of your team's work in your communications with clients, customers, or management. They will prove that you allocated the project's budget and resources in the most competent and efficient way.

5. Resource Management

This is a vital feature for making sure that none of your resources is overloaded or underutilized. Resource management tools help you allocate and rebalance workloads for maximum efficiency.

6. Integrations

Integrations with third-party platforms are important as, these days, no application can operate independently of others. You want your data to be usable and accessible by every software you use so that you can maintain a single source of truth for all your data. This applies just as much to task management apps as to any other software.

Choosing the Right Task Management Tool for Mac

We have touched on several excellent task management tools for Mac but at the end of the day, it all comes down to one question: do you really need all the features of a full-scale work OS like Monday.com or something just as simple and easy-to-use as Todoist?

Our recommendations:

  • Get Monday.com for all the bells and whistles of a full-featured Work OS.
  • ClickUp boasts the best free plan on any task management tool bar none.
  • Teamwork is task and project management, simplified.
  • Asana is as versatile as task management solutions get.
  • Wrike is robust and highly capable.

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