16 Best Team Communication Tools For Businesses In 2021

Updated Aug 3, 2022.

Would you mind spending a few dollars per month on a tool that allows your team to work together smoothly and deliver team-oriented results fast?

I guess you would not.

This tool is no other than a team  communication tool and it's the only convenient way to drive productive communication and collaboration between you and your teammates.

No more complicated, bulky and headache-inducing emails, no more last-minute urgent phone calls or text messages.

With a team communication tool, you can communicate with your team with simple clicks and at the comfort of any location or device.

And forget about spending even a few dollars per month, there are free team communication tools you can use.

So, here are 16 team communication tools including free and paid that you can choose from, today. 

Continue reading, consider their features and pricing and you would be able to choose the best team communication tool in the end.

Read on!

Best Team Communication Tools

1. Monday.com

Best Overall Team Communication Tool

Monday.com is the Best Overall Team Communication Tool

Call Monday.com an all-in-one software and you would be absolutely correct; it provides a single, intuitive and visual platform for work management, project management, agile project management, and most especially, team communication.

Key Features

  • Communication: Monday.com helps to make communication easier and simpler between you and teammates through status updates and allows you to communicate and collaborate straight within an item. You can easily tag and notify your team members and even external guests anytime you want to attract their attention to something important, insert video conferences straight within items and seamlessly integrate with other office chat applications.
  • Monday Workdocs: Monday Workdocs simply allows you to connect and collaborate on documents which you can co-edit straightaway while sharing comments, dragging and dropping text without distracting your team members. One special advantage of Monday Workdocs is that you can embed dashboards, video and Monday.com boards directly into the workdocs.
  • Dashboards: Access the tools you need to create custom dashboards and track your progress and timelines with calendar, timeline, and charts views. You can also assign and prioritize tasks by using data tools.
  • Automation: Set up customizable automations fast and create the ideal workflow for your team, replace manual and human actions with simple automations and get instantaneous updates when tasks are successfully completed.

Plans and Pricing

Monday.com Pricing Plan
  • Individual plan (Free)
  • Basic at $8 per seat per month
  • Pro at $16 per seat per month
  • Enterprise has custom pricing


We highly recommend Monday.com as the number one team communication tool you should try out now as it provides multiple visual communication tools, including a free plan with access to unlimited boards and docs.

Monday.com provides a free trial plan which allows you to use the product freely for 14 days.

2. ClickUp

Free Team Communication Tool for Collaborative Docs and Real-time Chat

ClickUp is a Free Team Communication Tool for Collaborative Docs and Real time Chat

ClickUp is a work management software with enough features for team collaboration, complete customization and dashboards, including a rich free plan.

Key Features

  • Collaboration: ClickUp's collaboration feature allows you and your team to work together on any kind of project with access to other collaboration tools like custom status, custom fields and rich editing.
  • Dashboards: Build a dashboard for any use case that you want, organize your resources on dashboards and allocate them better, easily share your team's workload via scrum points and assigned tasks, gather, display or understand any information by choosing any of the over 50 widget variations.
  • Automation: Automate your repetitive tasks by using pre-built automation recipes which you can customize to suit your needs and preferences, automatically distribute tasks and move statuses.
  • Reporting: ClickUp reporting allows you to add visual widgets for tasks, team members, time tracking, sprints and docs, use workload and box views to visualize your team's daily work capacity, measure your projects goals and automatically track your progress for connected tasks.

Plans and Pricing

ClickUp Pricing Plan
  • Free Forever plan
  • Unlimited at $5 per member per month
  • Business at $9 per member per month
  • Business Plus at $19 per member per month
  • Enterprise has custom pricing


We can't recommend ClickUp less because it offers affordable plans and yet provides as many team communication features that you need.

Try out ClickUp free version today and enjoy a 30-day money back guarantee on the paid plans.

3. Wrike

Best AI-Powered Team Communication Tool

Wrike is the Best AI Powered Team Communication Tool

Wrike is a cloud-based team communication tool which lets you communicate better through AI-powered communication tools, track your team's progress with dashboards and meet deadlines easily.

Key Features

  • Work Intelligence: Wrike employs artificial intelligence which allows you to drive results faster with smart automation and project risk prediction, take advantage of advanced communication tools like voice commands, document processing and smart replies.
  • Collaboration: Easily share files and reports, protect feedback with visual proofing and preserve a complete record of changes, use Wrike's digital asset management to optimize the publishing process and maximize time on campaigns.
  • Automation: With the availability of more than 400 tools, you can automate your workflows, personalize them and set up a path which ensures the beginning of each progress without needing your manual intervention.
  • Dashboards: Get access to comprehensive visibility across your business and team with customizable and shareable dashboards, know about workloads, follow crucial tasks and observe your progress at close level.

Plans and Pricing

Wrike Pricing Plan
  • Free
  • Professional at $9.80 per user per month
  • Business at $24.80 per user per month
  • Enterprise has custom pricing


Apart from the Wrike free plan, you might find the paid plans a little bit pricey.

But, if you want to use AI-powered communication tools like voice commands, together with other collaboration features such as visual proofing and digital proofing, then try out Wrike freely for two weeks.

4. Teamwork

Most Suitable Team Communication Tool for Resource Scheduling

Teamwork is the Most Suitable Team Communication Tool for Resource Scheduling

Teamwork allows you to communicate and collaborate in real-time with your team members, manage your projects fast and more efficiently.

Key Features

  • Collaboration: There is the message function which you can use to communicate with your team by writing to them and grouping your messages into the necessary categories. You can also keep all major files in a single place, add updated versions and allow your teammates to stay updated on task progress.
  • Planning: Under this feature, assign an owner to each individual project, create tasks and subtasks, monitor your progress and view important and impending milestones and tasks with the calendar.
  • Reporting: View your key project metrics by building personalized dashboards and use activity timelines to see your work progress, add status updates to projects assuming you own the projects or you are an admin. When your team members make changes to tasks and milestones, you can easily track such changes with task history.
  • Integration: Increase your team communication by creating Teamwork tasks directly from messages in Teamwork Chat.

Plans and Pricing

Teamwork Pricing Plan
  • Free Forever
  • Deliver at $10 per user per month
  • Grow at $18 per user per month
  • Scale has custom pricing


To enjoy most of the Teamwork communication tools like integrated team chat or collaborative docs, you would have to subscribe for any of the paid plans.

And if you want, try out Teamwork freely for 30 days.

5. nTask

Affordable Team Communication Tool for Small Businesses

nTask is an Affordable Team Communication Tool for Small Businesses

nTask is an online team collaboration software which allows you to manage your teams, tasks and projects on a single platform.

Key Features

  • Team Collaboration: nTask provides a built-in module which you can use to schedule and manage your meetings, access weekly timesheets to track the time spent by your team. Kanban boards and Gantt charts are also available and you can register project risks, bugs and issues and then embark on creating an action plan to reduce them.
  • Progress Tracking: nTask gives you access to your team's total usage of storage space and other important limits, delivers important alerts and reminders to you through email so you can make timely decisions, and enables you to keep track of the single source of entire subscription payments with the centralized subscribing payments.
  • Workspace Management: Create your workspace and manage the elements the way you want, add team members to your nTask workspace or assign members from your team admin rights, use Gantt charts to get a full view of your projects' progress.
  • Customization: Customize your workspace by giving it a unique custom name and display picture, and specify people allowed to invite more members to your team. You can also create a unique workspace URL, custom statuses, priority levels, and categories.

Plans and Pricing

nTask Pricing Plan
  • Basic (Free)
  • Premium at $3 per user per month
  • Business at $8 per user per month


Although nTask is great for project and task management, it can still be helpful for organizing and planning your meetings.

But still, try out nTask freely for 14 days to see for yourself what it can do for you.

6. Hive

Free Team Communication Tool With Unlimited Storage and Time Tracking

Hive is a Free Team Communication Tool With Unlimited Storage and Time Tracking

Communicate better with your teammates by using the Hive chat native messaging, manage your projects and automate tasks fast on the centralized Hive platform.

Key Features

  • Collaboration: There is Hive Chat where you can exchange messages with your teammates, Hive Mail which provides a shared inbox where you can collaborate with your team members, bring your Gmail into Hive to create tasks from emails and send new messages from Hive. You can also comment on each action and subaction, tag teammates, add them as read-only members and set priority levels for immediate tasks.
  • Project Management: View projects and tasks your way with Gantt, Kanban and calendar view, easily track tasks and subactions and use portfolio and summary views to visualize multiple tasks and projects in a single view. Also, you can gather information fast with Forms and store all the data in Hive, access all assigned tasks and view the due dates.
  • Automation: Hive lets you stay in the know of your project progress by giving you access to personalized and team-level statistics. You can automate and streamline your workflow by setting triggers, group individual actions with labels and make use of templates to accelerate recurrent processes.
  • Integration: Integrate with top and useful applications like Microsoft Teams, Slack and Salesforce.

Plans and Pricing

Hive Pricing Plan
  • Hive Solo (Free)
  • Hive Teams at $12 per user per month
  • Hive Enterprise has custom pricing


Hive is an ideal team communication and collaboration tool which is also useful for quality project management.

Try out Hive freely for 14 days.

7. Microsoft Teams

Ideal and Affordable Team Communication Tool for Remote Work

Microsoft Teams is an Ideal and Affordable Team Communication Tool for Remote Work

Communication and collaboration with your team has never been made easier with Microsoft Teams; chat and exchange messages in real-time, go on online video meetings, share files and collaborate as you have always wanted.

Key Features

  • Collaboration: Microsoft Teams provides business collaboration tools which you can use to create and edit content with your team while sharing files, co-authoring and editing files simultaneously. While you can communicate in about 35 languages with the availability of inline translation in chat and channels, you can also create focused spaces and engage in private conversations with particular subset of your team.
  • Instant Messaging: With Microsoft Teams instant messaging, you have the flexibility of communicating with your team members individually or together as a group. You can also communicate through video call, share your screen, and even customize your messages with text editing while keeping your conversations, apps and files in a single place.
  • Online Meetings: In this present era where remote work is gradually becoming the normal business of the day, Microsoft Teams comes in handy for hosting online meetings, video and audio conferences. For example, you can host protected web meetings for about 1,000 attendees and broadcast for about 10,000 attendees.
  • File Sharing: Under file sharing you and your team members can work together on the same document which is automatically synced and tracked, collaborate on shared projects and share multiple types of files conveniently.

Plans and Pricing

Microsoft Teams Pricing Plan
  • Microsoft Teams (Free)
  • Microsoft 365 Business Basic at $5 per user per month
  • Microsoft 365 Business Standard at 12.50 per user per month


If you manage a small business and you want an affordable team communication tool that you can use to organize online meetings and chat with your team members, try out Microsoft Teams freely for a whole 1 month.

8. Chanty

Affordable Team Communication Tool for Unlimited Voice Messages and Integrations

Chanty is an Affordable Team Communication Tool for Unlimited Voice Messages and Integrations

Chanty is a simple and affordable team communication and collaboration software where you can engage in real-time instant conversations with your teammates and handle all your tasks in a single place.

Key Features

  • Teambook: Teambook in Chanty is a single hub where you can find your organized tasks, pinned messages, conversations and all of your shared content. You can easily access your entire message history and discover people that you want from your team, and if you want to pin messages or rename conversations, all you need to do is to activate conversation actions through the three-dot menu.
  • Collaboration: Collaborate with your team by creating new tasks from the beginning or converting any message into a task, assign and filter tasks based on dates and status, begin task discussions in a single click.
  • Communication: Chanty allows you to engage in audio and video calls with your team members and share your voice messages. You can start threads if you want to deliberate and stay on topic.
  • Kanban Board View: With the Kanban board view, you can optimize your workflow, implement the scrum methodology and handle your entire tasks in a single place. You can also set deadlines and control the status of tasks and subtasks.

Plans and Pricing

Chanty Pricing Plan
  • Free plan
  • Business at $3 per user per month


Chanty provides an intuitive and simple user experience plus very affordable pricing plans and a rich free version.

So, if you want an affordable team communication tool for your business, book a demo or get started with the free version, now.

9. Slack

Simple Team Communication Tool With Unlimited Message History

Slack is a Simple Team Communication Tool With Unlimited Message History

Slack provides open, organized spaces for messages, files, tools, and people known as channels where you can chat with team members, including dedicated Slack apps for desktop or mobile which lets you stay updated on all your conversations.

Key Features

  • Channels: If you want to communicate through channels, Slack allows you to name and organize the channels according to your projects or even clients. This way, all your conversations would be well organized and structured.
  • Communication: You and your teammates can communicate with a virtual office, communicate individually or discuss together as a team. And if you want to involve, let say, associates from different locations in team or project discussions, you can always use the group team chat.
  • Work History: Apart from the fact that your private messages and open conversations are automatically saved and searchable, you can also reference them in channels across your organization.
  • Integration: Easily connect other work tools or your favorite third-party tools like Salesforce, Asana and Google Drive to Slack, discuss and take actions on crucial updates in one place.

Plans and Pricing

Slack Pricing Plan
  • Free plan
  • Pro at $6.67 per user per month
  • Business at $12.50 per user per month
  • Enterprise Grid has custom pricing


While Slack is best for communication between you and your teammates, you can also use it for external collaboration with other organizations and partners.

Try out Slack for free or start using the free plan now.

10. ProofHub

Ideal Team Communication Tool for Project Planning and Proofing

ProofHub is an Ideal Team Communication Tool for Project Planning and Proofing

With ProofHub, keep all projects and team collaboration in one place, manage and get ultimate control over your team and projects.

Key Features

  • Collaboration: Instead of driving emails back and forth with your team and clients, ProofHub now allows you to have all your team and client discussions in one place, chat one-on-one with your individual team members or engage in group chats. All you need to do if you want to attract anyone's attention and engage them in discussions is to @mention them, make your communication more visual by using emojis and share files when you want to whom you want.
  • Planning: Some of the available planning tools that ProofHub offers include Kanban boards and Gantt charts, table view, custom workflows and custom roles. By using these tools, you can plan and organize your projects, visualize and customize your workflows, and assign tasks to individual or multiple team members.
  • Organization: The availability of file management features such as file version control and storage allows you to keep your files arranged, organized and secured while you can also schedule tasks and set automatic reminders with the calendar.
  • Reporting: By a single click, you get comprehensive resource and project reports which allows you to visualize the project and team member. With workload report, you can also know and assign work based on the team workload while keeping track of time spent on tasks with timesheets.

Plans and Pricing

ProofHub Pricing Plan
  • Essential at $45 per month
  • Ultimate Control at $89 per month


While ProofHub ticks all the boxes for the necessary team communication tools, the pricing might be a little bit off for some businesses. 

And the reason is because it does not charge on a per user basis.

So, if you can afford to spend some extra dollars with the advantage of adding as many users as you want, then try ProofHub freely for 14 days.

11. Troop Messenger

Affordable Team Communication Tool With Unlimited Group Chats

Troop Messenger is an Affordable Team Communication Tool With Unlimited Group Chats

Whatever communication means you can think of, from chatting to calling, audio-video conferencing and file sharing; Troop Messenger allows you to use all these and even more.

Key Features

  • Calling: Assuming you want to discuss something very important with your team such as projects and deadlines, you can either engage them in a face-to-face interaction or go on a video call depending on your preferences. As an addition to the calling feature, you can also engage with your team through group calls, by just adding them to the audio-video group call.
  • Instant Messaging: What if you don't want to communicate through calls? That's where Instant Messaging comes in handy. Use one-on-one messaging to communicate with each particular member of your team, while exchanging work updates and other critical information, and you are also provided with various messaging tools like recall, reply, copy, forward, and delete.
  • Dashboard and Profile: There might be a time when you want to know more about your team members. Troop Messenger makes this possible and easy with the profile feature where you can explore your profile or team member's profile. You can add employees, purchase subscriptions, and perform lots of other actions with the dashboard feature.
  • Sharing and Search: If you have ever thought of sharing multiple types of file attachments with your team, you can now conveniently do this with Troop Messenger as it allows you to share files across individual chat messaging and group chats.

Plans and Pricing

Troop Messenger Pricing Plan
  • Premium at $2.5 per user per month
  • Enterprise at $5 per user per month
  • Superior at $9 per user per month


Choose Troop Messenger if you want access to chat and messaging, audio and video calling, and remote screen sharing in a single platform.

And take advantage of the 1-month free trial plan to see if it's what you need.

12. Zoom

Free Team Communication Tool for Private and Group Chat

Zoom is a Free Team Communication Tool for Private and Group Chat

With Zoom, you can start a Zoom phone call or video meeting with a single click, connect and communicate with your team easily via meetings, phone and rooms.

Key Features

  • Collaboration: With Zoom Chat, you can communicate and collaborate between your mobile and desktop devices, invite your team members and other external attendees, move from chatting with your team members to interacting via meetings. Zoom chat also keeps your message and the content you share, synced and searchable.
  • Sharing: At the strike of a few buttons, drive enhanced team collaboration by sharing your meetings recording to Zoom Chat.
  • Administration: Zoom Chat allows you to manage your team members, groups, external users and security restraints from a single place with centralized administration, admin channel management, and content moderation.
  • Integration: Integrate with other tools that can enhance team communication and increase business productivity such as CRM and marketing tools.

Plans and Pricing

Zoom Pricing Plan
  • Basic (Free) plan
  • Pro at $14.99 per month per license
  • Business at $19.99 per month per license
  • Enterprise at 19.99 per month per license


Although Zoom provides lots of other solutions like Zoom Meetings and Zoom Events, you would find the Zoom chat suitable for ideal communication between you and your teammates.

Start using the Zoom free plan now.

13. GoToMeeting

Most Suitable Team Communication Tool for Video Conferencing

Go To Meeting is the Most Suitable Team Communication Tool for Video Conferencing

GoToMeeting is your one-stop web conferencing and online meeting software which lets you communicate and collaborate with your team members irrespective of location or device restriction.

Key Features

  • Business Messaging: Communication with your team becomes a lot easier with GoToMeeting smart messaging and you can go a step further by chatting with your customers or clients, including public and private group chats with your contacts.
  • Meetings: And when chat does not seem to strike the point, then hop into online meetings. Fortunately, GoToMeeting is packed with good meeting features which allow you to stay in control before the meeting, during the meeting and even after the meeting. They include online meeting rooms, Call Me, Webcam preview, Screen sharing, meeting transcriptions and cloud recording.
  • Smart Meeting Assistant: Instead of you having to take notes and mark important highlights during your meetings, Smart Meeting Assistant does the job for you automatically.
  • Integration: Integrate seamlessly with your favorite apps and tools like Slack and Salesforce, and improve your meeting experience.

Plans and Pricing

Go To Meeting Pricing Plan
  • Professional at $12 per organizer per month, billed annually
  • Business at $16 per organizer per month
  • Enterprise has custom pricing


If your team works remotely a lot, you can choose GoToMeeting as it is very good for organizing constant online meetings with your team.

Try out GoToMeeting freely for 14 days.

14. Google Drive

Best Team Communication Tool for Data Visualization

Google Drive is the Best Team Communication Tool for Data Visualization

With Google Drive, you can easily store, share and collaborate on files from any device, create and share content with your team, boost your team collaboration and increase productivity.

Key Features

  • Priority and Explore: What the priority feature is all about is that it helps you to find files fast. As in illustration, let say you want to access some specific content, priority then comes up with very identical and applicable content to the one you are searching for, by using artificial intelligence. Explore on the other hand, does a great job at helping you create content fast and adding recommended content to your files.
  • Collaboration Apps: With the use of collaboration apps like Docs, Sheets and Slides, you can collaborate on documents with your team, analyze, visualize and share data with the use of spreadsheets, create and edit presentations with the use of templates and suggestions.
  • Shared Drives: Shared spaces allows your team to store, search, and access files and content they require to work faster and better.
  • Integration: Google Docs supports multiple integrations such as Microsoft Office, Slack, Adobe and over 100 file types.

Plans and Pricing

Google Workspace Pricing Plan
  • Business Starter at $6 per user per month
  • Business Standard at $12 per user per month
  • Business Plus at $18 per user per month
  • Enterprise has custom pricing


Most of the features available on Google Drive are only suitable for visualizing your data and collaborating on files.

But still, you can try out any Google Workspace plan freely for 14 days.

15. Confluence

Ideal Team Communication Tool for Knowledge Management

Confluence is an Ideal Team Communication Tool for Knowledge Management

Confluence organizes your team workspace into pages and spaces where you and your team members can create and discuss work, access pages for teams and strategic projects respectively.

Key Features

  • Knowledge Base: Confluence lets you build a knowledge base for the purpose of documentation and product requirements and use advanced search and labels to organize and find pages fast and easily. More than 75 customizable templates are available and if you want, you can begin directly with a blank page.
  • Collaboration: Confluence allows you to create actionable pages and project plans which you can co-edit together with your team members, issue updates that show changes and use in-line and page comments, emojis and images. Assign tasks to team members and notify them when you do so.
  • Information Sharing: You can easily share information between your teams by giving them open access to needful information and yet still restrict access to sensitive content by using permission settings. Also, your personal homepage is loaded with activity and popular feeds to keep you updated and you can share the most recent news with blogs and announcements.
  • Integration: There are lots of available applications for different categories of solutions such as workflow management which allows you to customize Confluence to your needs.

Plans and Pricing

Confluence Pricing Plan
  • Free plan
  • Standard at $5.50 per user per month
  • Premium at 10.50 per user per month
  • Enterprise has custom pricing


If you want to manage information and knowledge better while collaborating with your team members on one platform, then try out the Confluence Standard or Premium plan freely for 7 days.

16. Basecamp

Best Team Communication Tool for File Storage

Basecamp is the Best Team Communication Tool for File Storage

Get access to lots of team communication tools such as message boards and group chat, communicate and collaborate with your team as never before by choosing Basecamp.

Key Features

  • Message Boards: Message boards allow you to house all your conversation on important topics on a page, attach files and images to messages, and share with whoever you want.
  • Group Chat: A chat room is available for every project where you can @mention teammates to attract their attention, ask questions and get answers fast, and communicate better with video and emoji.
  • Direct Messages: Even though group communication is also important, private conversations are equally non-negotiable. Basecamp Pings allows you to chat individually with your team members and search your conversation history. That is not all as it also provides support for file, quoted and code attachments and use of emojis, sounds and video.
  • Documents and File Storage: Basecamp provides a space in every project where you can share documents, images and files with simple drag and drop upload. You can also link Google Docs for discussion in Basecamp, reorder and color code files, and access a full version history for every file.

Plans and Pricing

Basecamp Pricing Plan
  • Basecamp Personal (free)
  • Basecamp Business at $99 per month


Basecamp is really good for team communication and can also serve as a project management tool.

But don't worry, you have a whole 30 days to try out Basecamp and see if it's good for you.

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