19 Best Trello Alternatives in 2022 (Free & Paid)

Updated Aug 3, 2022.

If I asked you to mention top project management software that you know, what would your answer be?

With the exception of very popular project management software like Monday.com and ClickUp, your answer might also include Trello.

And the reason is because Trello has almost become a household name when it comes to work and project management software.

But is it really the best work management software available in the market?

No, it is not and there are many other better alternatives to Trello, even apart from Monday.com and ClickUp.

These alternatives give you access to more features and some are even cheaper than Trello.

Just continue reading this review and you would see 19 other alternatives to Trello which you can choose from and start using now. 

We have also analyzed their plans and pricing and reasons why you should choose them over Trello.

With that said, let's get down to the nitty-gritty of these Trello competitors, available in 2021.

Why Look For an Alternative to Trello?

1. Trello Views are Only Available on the Higher Paid Plans

Views are at the core of project management and they are one of the must-have features of project management software.

They allow you to visualize your work the way you want and get an accurate representation of your business data.

Trello, however, doesn't offer many views and you would even have to pay a premium price before you can use the views features.

2. Trello has Limited Features

Trello does not have important features that you need for advanced project management.

It rather employs the service of third-party applications known as Power-Ups to give access to some functions.

This ranges from time management to project management, portfolio and workload management, Gantt charts and reporting.

And even, most Trello's features are only accessible on the higher paid plans like the Premium plan.

3. The Trial Plan Is Too Restricted

You know whether a software is the right fit for your business by taking its trial plan

And most software whether project management software or Gantt charts software allows you to try out their plans for free for a specified period.

Trello offers a free trial plan but it's only limited to the Premium version. 

This means you can not try out any other available plan apart from the premium plan and it only lasts for 14 days. 

So, what are other alternatives you can find to Trello for quality and advanced project management?

Best Trello Alternatives in 2021

1. Monday.com

Best Overall Trello Alternative

Monday.com is the Best Overall Trello Alternative

Monday.com is a complete work management software which gives you access to important project management tools such as automations, Kanban and dashboards.

Better Features

  • Dashboards: Create custom dashboards and track progress, timelines and budgets at a glance, run reports from a high-level overview to the very last detail, use data tools to smartly assign and prioritize tasks, share files and use different views like timeline, calendar and charts to track progress.
  • Automations: Explore different automations like dependencies, email updates, status updates, due date alerts, time tracking and automated workflows, easily set up customizable automations within minutes and create the perfect workflow for your team.
  • Kanban: Handle any workflow and create your own templates or use the provided ones, track iterations and backlogs with dashboards, work together with all communication and updates in one place.
  • Integrations: Connect Monday.com with the tools you already use or set up any integrations you want fast.

Plans and Pricing

Monday.com Pricing Plan
  • Individual plan: Best for individuals who want to keep track of their work
  • Basic at $8 per seat per month: Best plan if you want to manage all your team's work in one place
  • Standard at $10 per seat per month: Best plan if you want to collaborate and optimize your team processes
  • Pro at $16 per seat per month: Best plan if you want to streamline and run your teams' complex workflows
  • Enterprise with custom pricing: Best plan for organizations who want enterprise-level features

Why Choose Monday.com Over Trello?

  • Monday.com provides more visual project management tools than Trello. 
  • You get access to unlimited boards on all plans whereas Trello only provides unlimited boards on the paid plans.

Try out monday.com freely now for 14 days and save 18% with the yearly subscription.

2. ClickUp

Free Trello Alternative for Native Time Tracking and Automation

ClickUp is a Free Trello Alternative for Native Time Tracking and Automation

Although ClickUp is similar to Trello in terms of pricing, it easily defeats Trello in the quality and quantity of available work management tools.

Better Features

  • Dashboards: Create a dashboard for any business scenario that you want, share with others digitally within your Workspace or display in full screen model, choose from over 50 widget variations which provide data for any activities or information you want to gather, display or understand, and visualize your work easily.
  • Kanban Board: Visualize your work and create the perfect agile workflow with Kanban board view, arrange your columns to analyze projects from any angle and group by status, assignee and priority, create unique statues for any workflow, see multiple workflows in one view irrespective of their different statuses.
  • Automations: Use pre-built automation tools or customize them according to your preferences, automatically assign tasks, post comments and move statuses, create new tasks and implement SOPs easily.
  • Integrations: Connect more than 1,000 tools to ClickUp, including Slack, GitHub, and GitLab.

Plans and Pricing

ClickUp Pricing Plan
  • Free: Best plan for individuals
  • Unlimited at $5 per member per month: Best plan for small teams
  • Business at $9 per member per month: Best plan for mid-sized teams
  • Business Plus at $19 per member per month: Best plan for multiple teams
  • Enterprise with custom pricing: Best plan for large teams

Why Choose ClickUp Over Trello?

  • ClickUp offers unlimited dashboards on all paid plans whereas Trello only offers a recently introduced dashboard view on the Premium and Enterprise plan.
  • ClickUp's free plan provides as many features as you need including native time tracking and 24/7 customer support unlike Trello's free plan which doesn't provide as many features.

Get started with using ClickUp now, and even take advantage of a 30-day money back guarantee which is not provided on Trello.

3. Wrike

Best Trello Alternative for Project Portfolio Management

Wrike is the Best Trello Alternative for Project Portfolio Management

Manage your work better, increase team collaboration and visualize progress and team performance with Wrike, a better Trello alternative.

Better Features

  • Dashboards and Work Intelligenceā„¢: Create comprehensive visibility with customizable and shareable dashboards, get a detailed overview of workload and follow important tasks, drive results fast with smart automation and project risk prediction, explore advanced communication tools like voice commands and smart replies, document processing.
  • Workflow Automation: Personalize and automate your workflows with over 400 tools, create a path which allows execution of each process automatically, notify the right people and easily accelerate tasks at every stage. 
  • Collaboration: Keep a detailed record of changes, tag the necessary people and avoid the feedback loss with visual proofing, use Wrike's digital asset management to streamline the publishing process and save time on every campaign, keep due dates for approvals clear and ensure calendars always contain the latest information.
  • Integrations: Wrike allows you to choose from different categories of integrations you might need such as CRM, business intelligence, and file storage.

Plans and Pricing

Wrike Pricing Plan
  • Free: Best plan for centralized task management
  • Professional at $9.80 per user per month: Best plan for project planning and team collaboration
  • Business at $24.80 per user per month: Best plan if you want a customized platform for any team or use case
  • Enterprise with custom pricing: Best plan if you want enterprise-grade security and scalability

Why Choose Wrike over Trello?

  • Wrike provides a personalized app experience with the AI work intelligence giving it an advantage over Trello.
  • Wrike allows you to create interactive online Gantt charts on any paid plans unlike Trello where you would have to use a third-party software as add-on.

Try out Wrike freely for 14 days.

4. Smartsheet

Ideal Trello Alternative for Process and Resource Management

Smartsheet is an Ideal Trello Alternative for Process and Resource Management

Build no-code solutions, manage and automate repetitive processes, and connect everyone on the Smartsheet collaborative platform.

Better Features

  • Dashboards and Multiple Views: Adapt to changing conditions and spot trends with simple widgets that display data, charts, and key performance indicators, switch from different views such as grid, card, Gantt and calendar, and visualize your work how you want.
  • Automation: Send alerts, request approvals and updates and lock rows based on sheet changes and preset times to automate repetitive processes, allow users to automate their workflows by combining multiple actions and conditional paths in visual editor.
  • Resource Management: Visualize planned versus actual hours spent with project budgeting, schedule projects based on team capacity with portfolio management, understand performance across the business, and spot trends with reporting.
  • Integrations: Integrate with top cloud productivity suites and messaging applications such as Microsoft Office 365, Adobe Creative Cloud, Gmail and Outlook.

Plans and Pricing

Smartsheet Pricing Plan
  • Pro at $7 per user per month: Best plan for team who want to collaborate and track their work in one place
  • Business at $25 per user per month: Best plan for teams who want project and process management with unlimited automated workflows
  • Enterprise with custom pricing: Best plan for managing work across your enterprise with improved IT governance and administration

Why Choose Smartsheet Over Trello?

  • Smartsheet provides document builder and custom branding on its Business and Enterprise plans unlike Trello. 
  • Smartsheet provides more personalized security features such as Customer Managed Encryption Keys which lets you control access to data at rest in your sheets.

Choose any plan you want on Smartsheet and try it out for free.

5. Teamwork

Simple Trello Alternative for Workload and Resource Management

Teamwork is the Simple Trello Alternative for Workload and Resource Management

If you have always wanted to deliver projects on time and on budget, manage projects, teams and resources in one place, and automate workflows with affordable software, better than Trello, then now is the right time to use Teamwork

Better Features

  • Kanban Board View: Automate and map out your workflows, use columns to get quick visual updates, speed up admin work and automatically reassign tasks with triggers, work your way with customizable Teamwork boards.
  • Workload: Manage resources more effectively, quickly reassign tasks based on deadlines and shifting priorities, get powerful resourcing insights.
  • Collaboration: View work progress and stay in complete control of your project's privacy, get quick updates on your most important task and see progress breakdowns with customizable dashboards, plan your timelines and prevent unsolved dependencies with Gantt charts.
  • Integration: Integrate with tools you already use such as Google Drive, Zapier, and Slack, embed Teamwork task lists into a space in Teamwork Spaces, create Teamwork tasks directly from messages in Teamwork Chat.

Plans and Pricing

Teamwork Pricing Plan
  • Free Forever: Best plan for individuals and teams small teams getting started with project management
  • Deliver at $10 per user per month: Best plan if you want to manage multiple projects
  • Grow at $18 per user per month: Best for large teams who want scheduling and organization features
  • Scale with custom pricing: Best plan for large enterprises who want to manage profitability, budgets and resources

Why Choose Teamwork Over Trello?

  • Teamwork offers a 30 day free trial plan on its paid plans, Trello only allows you to try out the premium plan which doesn't even exceed 14 days.
  • You get access to Gantt charts and dashboards on all paid plans unlike Trello where you would have to subscribe for a higher paid plan to access the dashboard view.

Use Teamwork freely for 30 days.

6. Scoro

Best Trello Alternative for Sales Teams

Scoro is the Best Trello Alternative for Sales Teams

Better than Trello in many aspects, Scoro gives you access to an extensive number of features for time management, project management, sales and CRM, finances, reporting and dashboards.

Better Features

  • Sales and Finances: Get a complete view of every data on each customer, including contact details and communication history, keep track of all your deals and opportunities, create customizable invoices based on quotes, orders or work reports, simplify quoting using predefined services, client profiles, standard quotes, and multi-currency rate cards.
  • Time Management: Prevent overlaps by distributing tasks with a drag-and-drop planner or Kanban task board, manage your time efficiently with shared calendars, timesheets and built-in time tracker, monitor billable and non-billable hours for time spent on client work.
  • Project Management: Track real-time progress, tasks, dependencies, events in an always up-to-date view, adapt quickly and see how changes, delays or logged hours affect your plans, minimize manual updates and double-bookings with changes which automatically reflect on your team's capacity.
  • Integrations: Automate thousands of activities by connecting Scoro to Zapier, synchronize Scoro with your calendar application and build integrations with any software solution with the full-featured API.

Plans and Pricing

Scoro Pricing Plan
  • Essential at $26 per user month: Best plan for small teams
  • Work Hub starts from $37 per user month: Best plan if you want resource planning, project management and collaboration tools
  • Sales Hub starts from $37 per user per month: Best plan if you want a 360-degree overview of your customers, finances and reports
  • Ultimate with custom pricing: Best plan if you want advanced automation and reporting capabilities

Why Choose Scoro over Trello?

  • Sales provides many features for sales and finance management in which some are available on all plans, far more than Trello.
  • Trello's views feature is only accessible on higher paid plans unlike Scoro where features like customizable dashboards and custom views are provided on all plans.

Use Score freely for 14 days and upgrade to a paid plan later.

7. Asana

Affordable Trello Alternative for Process Management

Asana is an Affordable Trello Alternative for Process Management

Use Asana to organize your work so your team can have clear direction on projects and tasks, track work progress and automate repetitive tasks, fast.

Better Features

  • Project Management: Choose the project view that you like best, organize and assign tasks, allow your team members to see tasks according to order or priority, pending or completed status with lists, visualize how work maps out over time with timeline.
  • Process Management: Automate common tasks and reduce errors by creating custom rules fast, set up forms so your team members can easily submit work requests, select from over 50 templates and simply mark tasks for approvals.
  • Reporting: Track your team's progress and workload, share status, identify potential bottlenecks and keep work on track with real-time charts and other visual highlights.
  • Integrations: Get access to over 200 integrations including Adobe Creative Cloud, Slack, Google Calendar, and Zapier.

Plans and Pricing

Asana Pricing Plan
  • Basic: Best plan for individuals and teams getting started with project management
  • Premium at $10.99 per user per month: Best plan if you want to create quality project plans
  • Business at $24.99 per user per month: Best plan for teams who want custom rules builder

Why Choose Asana over Trello?

  • You get to enjoy more features on Asana's free plan than that of Trello's.
  • Even though, both Trello and Asana provide unlimited file storage on all plans, Asana gives more capacity of 100MB per file than Trello's, which is only 10MB per file.

Try out Asana freely for 30 days to see if it meets your business needs.

8. Bitrix24

Best Go-To If You Want a Free Website and Online Store Builder

Bitrix24 is the Best Free Website and Online Store Builder

Bitrix24 is an all-in-one collaboration and project management platform where you get free CRM, communication, contact center and website tools.

Better Features

  • Tasks and Projects: Easily assign tasks to a team member, track time spent on each task within the project, view tasks and subtasks in a Gantt chart with status, responsible person, and chronological relationships, establish logical relationships between tasks with task dependencies.
  • Bitrix24 CRM: Use Bitrix24 CRM as a helpdesk solution for case management, customer support, or ticket management, schedule calls, appointments or book resources with calendars, get full-featured CRM order management and CRM order processing.
  • Websites: Create beautiful landing pages or online stores that are fully integrated with Bitrix24 CRM and online marketing tools, design and launch your online store while getting access to product catalog, order management, and inventory management tools.
  • Integrations: Integrate with Zapier and many useful tools such as Slack, Office 365, and Google Drive, create your own apps using the provided REST API.

Plans and Pricing

Bitrix24 Pricing Plan
  • Free: Best plan if you want to start selling online
  • Basic at $34 per month for 5 users: Best plan for small businesses and sales teams
  • Standard at $60 per month for 50 users: Best plan if you want advanced collaboration features
  • Professional Plan at $120 per month for unlimited users: Best plan for business process automation

Why Choose Bitrix24 over Trello?

  • Get access to more collaboration features like video conferencing for up to 48 people in all plans when you choose Bitrix24 over Trello
  • Sales intelligence report engine, known as the report builder, is provided on all Bitrix24's plans unlike Trello.

Bitrix24 offers a 30-day free trial version.

9. Workfront

Most Suitable Trello Alternative for Work Iteration and Planning

Workfront is the Most Suitable Trello Alternative for Work Iteration and Planning

Gather and manage all your work and resources in one place, make smart decisions fast and plan your work with smart insights by using Workfront.

Better Features

  • Dashboards and Reporting: Generate useful and important insights to make smart decisions, set clear priorities and increase productivity with decisioning dashboards and reports.
  • Collaboration: Allow your teams to collaborate effectively with custom smart forms and real-time notifications irrespective of their location.
  • Work Iteration: Plan, prioritize and iterate your work, quickly respond to shifting deadlines all with resource management and configurable dashboards.
  • Integrations: Seamlessly integrate with top collaboration and productivity solutions and keep your team connected and focused on the right work.

Plans and Pricing

  • Pro: Best plan if you want resource and demand management tools
  • Business: Best plan if you want premium integrations and enhanced analytics
  • Enterprise: Best plan if you want advanced support and enhanced security

Why Choose Workfront Over Trello?

  • Workfront provides enhanced analytics which gives you access to smart and useful insights than Trello.
  • Workfront's demand and resource management features gives it a deserved edge over Trello.

Contact a Workfront representative to know more about the pricing and the available plans

10. Paymo

Free Trello Alternative for Task Views

Paymo is a Free Trello Alternative for Task Views

Paymo is a work and project management software built for teams so they can work better together.

Better Features

  • Task Management: Comment on tasks, set task dependencies, assign multiple users to the same task, create templates for common tasks, view all tasks across all projects as a board and easily set task priorities and filter them based on those priorities.
  • Team Collaboration: Collaborate with other team members using the dedicated discussions and comments area, access a stream of recent activities performed by all users.
  • Reporting: Create and view reports on each user within your projects, create reports to show the time allocated or spent on particular tasks and projects, export or download reports into various file formats, share reports with your clients, conveniently.
  • Integrations: Automate your workflow and facilitate the way you manage projects and your business by integrating with third-party integrations such as Zapier, Google Apps, QuickBooks Online and Typeform.

Plans and Pricing

Paymo Pricing Plan
  • Free: Best plan for small teams
  • Small Office at $9.95 per user per month: Best plan for growing teams
  • Business at $15.79 per user per month: Best plan for large teams

Why Choose Paymo Over Trello?

  • Paymo plans are more affordable and give you access to more features than Trello.
  • While you can access Paymon's calendar view on all plans, including the free plan, Trello's calendar view is only available on premium or Enterprise plans.

Try out the available features of any plan you want freely for 15 days and enjoy a 2-month free discount for the annual subscription.

11. Clarizen

Best Trello Alternative for Resource Management

Clarizen is the Best Trello Alternative for Resource Management

Clarizen is a project management software that lets you combine project management, configurable workflow automation and in-context collaboration on a single platform.

Better Features

  • Dashboards: Get a clear line of sight across your entire organization's portfolio with dashboards, get complete visibility into project health and improve business decisions through the data-driven resource and financial management workspaces.
  • Customization: Get access to highly configurable UI at every level and project workflow software processes which you can customize using dynamic rule sets.
  • Collaboration: Share discussions, emails, files, and links across both internal and external shareholders to create a rich project archive, have everyone in sync with centralized digital proofing and approval process.
  • Integrations: Integrate with top enterprise systems like Salesforce, Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Plans and Pricing

  • Unlimited Edition: Best plan for medium-size teams
  • Enterprise Edition: Best plan for large enterprises

Why Choose Clarizen Over Trello?

  • Enjoy SSO and LDAP integration on all plans you choose on Clarizen while the Trello SAML SSO via Atlassian access is only available on higher paid plans.
  • Clarizen provides an InterAct Email Collaboration Engine unlike Trello.

Contact Clarizen to know more about the costs for each plan and other pricing information.

12. Celoxis

Simple Trello Alternative for Customizations

Celoxis is a Simple Trello Alternative for Customizations

Whether you want to gather project requests from various sources, build dynamic project plans or gather helpful insights from dashboards and reports, Celoxis allows you to do all these and even more.

Better Features

  • Dashboards and Reports: Gather 360-degree real-time insights across projects and teams with the reports and dashboards, assign multiple shared dashboards to users, view all reports on dashboards, download reports and dashboards in PDF format.
  • Workflow Apps: Track your business processes and projects with the built-in workflow apps or create your own with custom fields, routing rules and escalation policies.
  • Resource Management: Allocate resources to tasks based on availability, demand and skills, utilize your workforce with accurate and real-time charts.
  • Integrations: Access out-of-the-box integrations with Microsoft Project, Google Drive, Salesforce, and many other tools such as Slack, Jira and Trello.

Plans and Pricing

Celoxis Pricing Plan

Celoxis offers two solutions for the two deployment modes which are cloud and on-premises.

  • Cloud at $22.50 per user per month: Best plan if you want to pay on a subscription basis
  • On Premise charges a single payment of $450: Best plan if you want to pay once and host the software on premise

Note that your account would always need to have at least 5 licensed or purchased users, as a minimum purchase.

Why Choose Celoxis over Trello?

  • Celoxis offers two plans according to the available deployment modes giving you more free space to choose the deployment mode that you want, Trello on the other hand, is only cloud-based.
  • If you want access to more features on dashboards and reporting, then it's better you choose Celoxis over Trello.

Request a personalized demo of Celoxis now and see what it offers before buying a paid plan later.

13. Nifty

Best Trello Alternative for Budget Tracking

Nifty is the Best Trello Alternative for Budget Tracking

Manage your projects efficiently and bring your team and clients together in the simple Nifty app.

Better Features

  • Discussions: Enable real-time collaboration among team members with discussions, turn project discussions into quick-actions, allow your teammates communicate outside of projects with direct messages.
  • Tasks: Organize, collaborate, and prioritize your work while managing feedback and deadlines, customize, group, filter and perform bulk actions with list view, intersect project goals and actions using the swimlane view.
  • Reporting: Get a bird-eye view across all your projects, access milestone detail views from project overview,  balance workloads easily by viewing your entire team's tasks, activities, and time logs.
  • Integrations: Connect Nifty with your favorite tools and native apps that your team uses everyday such as Slack, Zoom, Microsoft Suite, Google Drive and Calendar.

Plans and Pricing

Nifty Pricing Plan
  • Free: Best plan for personal use
  • Starter at $39 per month: Best plan for small businesses
  • Pro at $79 per month: Best plan for growing teams
  • Business at $124 per user per month: Best plan for advanced teams
  • Enterprise at $399 per month: Best plan for large businesses

Why Choose Nifty Over Trello?

  • Nifty does not charge on a per user basis like Trello, thereby giving you more flexibility.
  • While you can access Google SSO on all plans and even Microsoft SSO on higher plans with Nifty, Trello's Google apps sign-on is only available on the Premium or Enterprise plan.

Try out any Nifty plan freely for 14 days, without submitting any credit card details.

14. Zoho Workplace

Affordable Alternative to Trello for Small Businesses

Zoho Workplace is an Affordable Alternative to Trello for Small Businesses

What Zoho Workplace does is that it gives you access to useful applications for important business activities such as file storage, team communication and collaboration, all integrated into a single view.

Better Features

  • Collaboration Dashboard: Have all workplace apps in one integrated view, customize your dashboard layout, rearrange, remove or add app widgets, view all your app notifications in one place.
  • Communication: Communicate in personal chats, groups and channels, make audio and video calls directly from your chat window, view who is away and who is at work with the Remote Work tab.
  • Collaboration and Storage: Create team folders and add members to start collaborating on files instantly, hold online meetings, conferences on your mobile devices, record meetings and share it with your desired audience.
  • Integration: With all your Workplace apps seamlessly integrated, you can stay connected and always updated with every app in the workplace.

Plans and Pricing

Zoho Workplace Pricing Plan
  • Standard at $3 per user per month: Best plan for small businesses
  • Professional plan at $6 per user per month: Best plan for growing teams
  • Mail Only Plan starts from $1 per user per month: Best plan if you want basic email management features

Why Choose Zoho Workplace Over Trello

  • Zoho workplace is much more affordable than Trello, making it an ideal go-to for small businesses
  • You get access to real-time Zoho apps for most features in Zoho Workplace and which are combined into a single integrated view with the Zoho Workplace dashboard,  unlike Trello which only provides apps as add-ons and Power-Ups.

Zoho Workplace allows you to try out the professional plan freely for 15 days.

15. JIRA

Most Suitable Trello Alternative for Project Templates

Jira is the Most Suitable Trello Alternative for Project Templates

Jira is a work management software like Trello which allows you to choose the views you want, select from multiple templates and access reports and dashboards at affordable costs.

Better Features

  • Views: Choose any view that you want from list, calendar, timeline and boards views.
  • Templates and Automation: Create new projects from over 25 crafted templates and power up your team with no-code, seamless automation.
  • Reports and Dashboards: Track the status of your team's project and quickly spot bottlenecks through high-level overviews, customized dashboards, and 30+ reports.
  • Integrations: Work better and  seamlessly by leveraging over 500 integrations and 3,000 other extensions.

Plans and Pricing

Jira work management Pricing Plan
  • Free: Best plan for personal use
  • Standard at $5 per user per month: Best plan for small teams

Why Choose JIRA over Trello

  • Availability of better security features like IP allowlisting and data residency on Jira.
  • Access unlimited site limit on the Enterprise version of Jira unlike Trello.

Choose the standard or premium plan and try it out freely for 7 days.

16. Airtable

Best Trello Alternative for Visualizations

Airtable is the Best Trello Alternative for Visualizations

Apart from giving you access to lots of multiple and actionable views, Airtable also provides other useful features like reporting, automations and integrations.

Better Features

  • Views: Track resources, events, and projects on a customized timeline, manage work better with Kanban view, map out activities, task dependencies, and milestones to manage complex or multi-step projects, keep track of the relationship between your data and key dates with calendar view.
  • Automations: Build a multi-sequence workflow through trigger and action logic, expand the functionality of your automations by extending your logic with JavaScript.
  • Reporting: Create dashboards of charts, graphs, and top-line metrics with Airtable apps, easily build your own reporting with no-code interface.
  • Integrations: Seamlessly connect Airtable with more than 1,000 websites and apps by using Zapier, Integromat or Automate.io, add your request for any integration you like.

Plans and Pricing

Airtable Pricing Plan
  • Free: Best plan for individuals getting started with Airtable
  • Plus at $10 per seat per month: Best plan for growing teams
  • Pro at $20 per seat per month: Best plan for teams that want to collaborate on complex workflows
  • Enterprise with custom pricing: Best plan for large companies who want advanced security and control features

Why Choose Airtable Over Trello

  • Airtable provides Grid, calendar, Kanban, form and gallery views on all plans unlike Trello which doesn't.
  • Apart from the usual features like views, automations and other fundamentals, Airtable also allows access to sync features, unlike Trello.

Try out the features in the Pro plan freely for 14 days.

17. Kissflow

Best Trello Alternative for Process and Case Management

Kissflow is the Best Trello Alternative for Process and Case Management

With Kissflow, you can now manage all your work on one platform, collaborate together and get more work done faster.

Better Features

  • Work Management: Use powerful features such as case flows, in-depth reports and attributes to intelligently assign items.
  • Analytics: Get more time to focus better on actual work with automated data collection, metrics, pivots, reports and charts.
  • Collaboration: Get access to unlimited social channels and extensive social features like contextual chat.
  • Integration: Custom connectors, APIs, live remote data lookups and task scheduling allow extensive integrations and intuitive workflows.

Plans and Pricing

Kissflow Digital Workplace Pricing plan
  • Basic at $20 per user per month: Best plan for startups
  • Advanced at $25 per user per month: Best plan for small businesses
  • Fully Loaded at $40 per user per month: Best plan for businesses who want enterprise security features

Why Choose Kissflow Over Trello?

  • Kissflow provides more inbuilt reporting and analytics such as 9 charting widgets, custom and performance reports, far more than Trello.
  • While Google Apps sign-on is only available on Trello's higher plans, Kissflow has a single sign-on for G-Suite/Office 365 on all plans.

Do you want to know which plan will be best for you? Then, try out any plan freely for 14 days.

18. HyperOffice

Best Trello Alternative for Remote Teams

HyperOffice is the Best Trello Alternative for Remote Teams

Hyperoffice provides three major tools which are largely important for remote teams and they are Workmap.ai, uShare.to and HyperOffice Atlas.

Better Features

  • Views and Tables: Gather data in custom tables, present subsets of the data to particular people through views.
  • Workflows and Applications: Create automated workflows and database applications irrespective of database expertise or not.
  • Online Forms: Easily set up online forms and applications to collect data from customers, partners and employees, thereby simplifying data collection and collation.
  • Notifications: Easily notify different actors responsible at different stages of a workflow.

Plans and Pricing

HyperOffice Pricing Plan
  • WorkMap Standard at $15 per user per month: Best plan for small teams
  • WorkMap Enterprise with custom pricing: Best plan for large teams
  • Atlas at $5 per user per month: Best for online project management and group chat features
  • uShare.to at $7 per user month: Best for website video chat widget and persistent workspaces

Why Choose HyperOffice Over Trello

  • You get 24/7 support on both WorkMap plans on HyperOffice while you only get to enjoy the priority mail support on Trello's higher paid plans.
  • The Atlas and uShare.to plans on HyperOffice are cheaper than Trello's plans.

Use HyperOffice freely or request for a custom quote, choose the annual plan and get a 10% discount.

19. Microsoft Planner

Best Trello Alternative for Task Management

Microsoft Planner is the Best Trello Alternative for Task Management

Microsoft Planner provides an intuitive and collaborative visual task management platform where you can organize teamwork and handle your business tasks effectively.

Better Features

  • Kanban Boards: Easily create Kanban boards using context-rich tasks with features covering files, checklists, and labels, collaborate better in planner and Microsoft Teams, and check visual status charts, all in the Microsoft cloud.
  • Visualization: Your task status is automatically visualized by planner into pie and bar charts so you can access it easily instead of the usual building of difficult status reports for your plans.
  • Task Apps: The task app Microsoft Teams combines all your team tasks from planner with advanced collaboration tools.
  • Integration: Microsoft 365 connects Planner seamlessly with Microsoft To Do, Power Automate, SharePoint and other apps for quality task management.

Plans and Pricing

Microsoft Planner Pricing Plan
  • Microsoft 365 Business Basic at $5 user/month: Best plan for small businesses
  • Microsoft 365 Business Standard at $12.50 user/month: Best plan for medium-size businesses
  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium at $20 user/month: Best plan for large businesses

Why Choose Microsoft Planner Over Trello

  • Microsoft Planner gives you access to lots of features for email and calendaring more than Trello.
  • Integration with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 allows you to get more value and do much more than Trello.

Get started with using Microsoft Planner today, and enjoy its amazing features for task management.

Signs You Have Outgrown Trello

Trello is simple and does not come expensive, making it a popular go-to by small businesses just getting started with project management

But as time advances and as your business grows, Trello begins to fall out of place with what your business really needs and you begin to wonder if there could be a better alternative.

Better still, some might not even notice why they should probably say goodbye to Trello. 
So, here are four signs you need to watch out for if you want to know whether you have outgrown Trello or not.

1. Your Team is Growing Fast and You Manage Multiple Projects

If you have a small team, Trello might be the perfect work management tool that you need in the first place. 

However, if you have a good business plan, an entrepreneurial mind and take the necessary actions, your business will definitely grow. 

Then, you would need to manage more projects, add more team members, and increase your business workflow

At this stage, you might have to consider switching from Trello because it is not very suitable for large projects. 

Also, some of its features are for basic project management and therefore might not keep up with the advanced project management tools that you need for your growing business.

2. You Need Better Communication and Collaboration Tools

Communication and collaboration are very important in any business

If you manage multiple projects and handle voluminous business work, then they become much more valuable. 

Where there is constant communication between teammates, everyone can stay informed and know the right thing to do at the right time.

However, Trello does not provide many communication and collaboration tools

All you get is integration with a third-party chat application which is not ideal for effective communication and collaboration.

3. You Take More Agile Projects

If your team is constantly taking more agile projects, Trello is not your best fit. 

Apart from agile-based software like agile project management software or Kanban software, most work management software also provide agile tools for agile project management. 

But, not Trello. What Trello provides is a basic Kanban board which is only useful for basic agile project management.

Trello competitors, on the other side, provide advanced agile project management tools. 

4. You Want Advanced Resource and Time Management Tools

If you manage a small business which comprises small-size teams, resources and time management might not really be the biggest feature you want on the platter of any project management software. 

But with good business growth, they become valuable and you therefore need an alternative advanced time and resource management features

With these features, you can easily track your workload and resources and track time spent on projects instead of manually tracking time, leading to tons of stress.

Which Trello Alternative Should I Try

What are the exact features that you would love to find in any Trello alternative that you would choose? 

How much would you like to pay for a Trello alternative? 

Are you searching for cheaper Trello alternatives or only concerned with the better features Trello competitors offer? 

Answering all these questions would rightly take you one step further towards finding the best alternative that you should actually choose. 

Thereafter, you should try out the trial plan or at best, the free version of any Trello alternative that satisfies your preferences. 

Also, watch out for good customer support so you can always find help, in case you have issues with the software after your purchase. 

Nonetheless, check out this classification of the best Trello alternatives in 2021, according to their major functions.

Choose the best Trello alternative today and take right control of your business work and project management.

Anastasia Belyh

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