17 Best Trello Alternatives in 2024 (Free & Paid)

Updated Aug 7, 2023.

Trello is great as a task management software but limited as a project management tool. I’ve reviewed the 17 best Trello alternatives (free and paid) for users who want robust project management and more flexible features. I’ve also shortlisted the five most reliable alternatives.

Monday icon


Visual and intuitive platform with flexible workflows and no-code automations.
Clickup icon


All-in-one platform with rich views, customizations, and a generous free plan.
Wrike icon


Work management software with custom workflows and communication tools.
Smartsheet icon


A full-on platform with a spreadsheet interface and robust no-code applications.
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Collaboration software with detailed tracking tools for working with clients.

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If you’re looking for a top Trello alternative, you need a platform that will provide more flexibility and robust project management than Trello does.

Trello is an intuitive and straightforward task management tool that’s great for collaborating with teams and organizing tasks.

However, it’s not designed to manage every aspect needed to see projects to successful completion.

For that, you need more powerful Trello alternatives that are a bit vast in functionality and flexible enough to accommodate every feature a project manager and team might need to boost productivity.

Why Look for an Alternative to Trello?

Trello has some major limitations, and they include:

  • An Inadequate Interface: One of the things many Trello users love about the software is its straightforward interface. However, it may be too simple for users that need multiple views to track their projects. Trello only offers a Kanban board view, which is not the best view for all types of departments and projects. A top Trello alternative provides richer views for project managers to keep an eye on every aspect of a project.
  • Inconvenient For Complex Projects: Trello is good for managing simple projects, but it becomes inconvenient for larger projects because users have to pay more for basic project planning features like Gantt Charts and priorities. A Trello alternative that is more suitable for managing compound projects will be preinstalled with such tools.
  • No Task Dependencies: Dependencies are vital for tracking specific tasks and obtaining critical path information as soon as possible. Without task dependencies, project managers and team members will be unable to trace certain tasks, which can be a limiting factor in large projects. Trello’s inability to show dependencies makes it unsuitable for tracking the progress of all tasks from a single location.
  • Limited Set of Features: Beyond being used to manage tasks and collaborate with teams, Trello doesn’t offer much more functionality. Project managers need fully-fledged software tools to provide robust features like essential reports, file sharing, and a time tracker. It’s more efficient to collaborate and manage a project when these tools are available.

Best Trello Alternatives in 2023

The following are the best project management alternatives for Trello in 2023:

1. Monday.com

Visual Platform With Flexible Workflows And Automations

  • Monday.com’s no-code automations are quite easy to apply.
  • The software is very customizable, and the workflows can be adapted for any purpose or team.
  • The colorful interface, simple drag-and-drop, and no-code features make the platform relatively easy to use.
  • While it’s a robust Trello alternative, Monday.com’s integrations are not as flexible as some users might like.
  • The platform is loaded and constantly updated with features. This could be overwhelming to some users.
Monday icon
Editor’s Take

Monday immediately feels intuitive thanks to its attractive layout and colorful interface. But the software is more than just colorful; there’s a robust set of no-code automations, and the already streamlined workflow templates are quite customizable. It’s a great Trello alternative for teams that want to collaborate on big projects but don’t want to bother too much about the technical details.

Best For
Powerful Visual Automations
$10 – $20 monthly per user
Annual Discount
Save 15%

The first thing to notice about Monday.com is its exciting and intuitive interface. With a simple drag-and-drop functionality, you can get a lot done on the platform, including managing and prioritizing tasks.

However, Monday.com’s user-friendliness doesn’t limit its functionality. With robust, customizable workflows, automations, and several flexible solutions, the app can be used to manage projects for just about any team.

Best Features

Robust Automations

There’s a list of preset automations users can choose from, and these include setting dependencies, status updates, and a time tracker. Monday.com also lets you set custom rules to create unique automation. The automations are applied without code and are robust enough to automate entire workflows.

Custom Dashboards

You can create and edit custom dashboards that are flexible enough to provide a bird’s eye view and report on minute data.

Multiple Views

Monday.com provides several views for teams to organize and make sense of their projects and tasks. These include Kanban board views, Gantt Chart, calendar view, timeline, and map views.

Workload Reports

With this view, you can picture your team’s workload and capacity to take on tasks. This feature is essential for knowing how to utilize resources and manage your team properly.

Collaborative Docs

With Monday.com’s dynamic document, teams can brainstorm, plan, and work together on projects in real-time. The documents let users take action on decisions by assigning them tasks.


Find out more Monday pricing or Monday review

  • There’s a free plan for individuals.
  • Pricing starts at $10 per user on a monthly subscription.

Get started with Monday on a 14-day free trial.

2. ClickUp

Powerful Project Management Software With Rich Views And A Robust Free Plan

  • ClickUp is efficient and flexible for managing tasks. You can add custom fields and edit task lists.
  • It’s a suitable Trello alternative for agile teams; it’s equipped with sprint management and scrum boards.
  • Thanks to multiple views and rich customizations, the platform is suitable for any department and organization.
  • ClickUp is one of the most robust free Trello alternatives, thanks to its generous free plan.
  • The learning curve is steep.
  • The software is quite robust, and you might find it hard even to know where some features are.
Clickup icon
Editor’s Take

ClickUp does have a steep learning curve, but this is because it’s such a vast and detailed platform. From custom automations to no-code applications and rich communication tools, you might be surprised at the extent of the software’s functionality. ClickUp’s free plan is particularly generous, so it’s a quite powerful Trello alternative for small teams.

Best For
Freemium Plan
$19 – $29 monthly per user
Annual Discount
Save 45%
Free plan

ClickUp is a fully-fledged platform built for simplifying complex tasks and projects.

It isn’t easy to see freemium project management tools that teams can use, but ClickUp’s free plan is an exception. The free plan allows unlimited users and provides communication tools and a time tracker.

Best Features

Multiple Views

ClickUp provides over 15 views for users to track and manage projects. These include a Gantt Chart view, Kanban board view, timeline view, calendar view, workload views, and more. There’s also a big-picture view to see every task from one location.

Robust Customizations

You can choose from any of ClickUp’s pre-built no-code applications to add new functionality to a workflow. While there are several workflow templates to choose from, these templates can also be customized without code.

Flexible Automations

Users can choose from pre-built automations or customize them by defining triggers and conditions.

Robust Collaboration

ClickUp is well-equipped with multiple tools for communicating and collaborating with team members. These tools include whiteboards, comment sections, chat rooms, and emails. There are also collaborative documents for real-time planning and editing.

Rich Dashboards

The dashboards are customizable and can be edited to show various levels of information. You can see big-picture data and track workload, project progress, and milestones.

Time Tracking

You can track time automatically or manually, add time estimates, and generate reports on billable time and time spent.


Find out more ClickUp pricing or ClickUp review

  • Pricing starts at $10 per user on a monthly subscription.
  • There’s a 30-day refund guarantee.

Get ClickUp for free or choose any of the paid plans. 

3. Wrike

Work Management Software With Robust Collaboration Tools

  • Project managers will enjoy Wrike’s dashboard. It’s great for tracking tasks and viewing project progress.
  • With a Kanban board view, Gantt Chart view, and a configurable set of features, it’s great for managing tasks and projects.
  • There’s a free plan that allows up to 5 users.
  • Wrike generally has a steep learning curve.
  • While it’s a rich Trello alternative, new users might find the software hard to navigate.
Wrike icon
Editor’s Take

Wrike is designed to promote transparency and collaboration. Apart from the robust views and features, I love just how rich the platform is in reporting, with its customizable analytics dashboards, real-time updates, and portfolio views. It’s a great Trello alternative for project managers that prioritize visual tracking of a project’s performance.

Best For
eam Collaboration
$9.80 – $24.80 monthly per user
Annual Discount

Wrike enables team collaboration and transparency within organizations, so expect efficient approval systems, big-picture views, and interactive tracking.

Like most top project management software, Wrike also provides pre-built workflow templates that can be customized for different use cases.

Best Features

Collaborative Features

While you can assign tasks and share reports, and files, you can also drop feedback and save them to be viewed later. Approvals are more streamlined as you can automate several tasks and stages in the approval process.

Task Management

Users can organize tasks and create dependencies using views like Gantt Charts and Kanban boards. You can also define tasks for team members based on custom request forms they’ve created.

Time Tracking and Invoicing

Time can be tracked manually or automatically. Tracked billable hours can be immediately used for invoices.

AI Assistant

Wrike’s AI tool can make predictions and determine the risk level of a project. This tool also streamlines automations and provides nifty perks such as voice commands and automatic responses.

Robust Reporting

Reporting functionalities include budget reports, real-time status updates, project portfolios, and KPI tracking. Dashboards can be customized with widgets to determine the specific data you want to see.


Find out more Wrike pricing

  • Pricing starts at $9.80 per user on a monthly subscription.
  • Request forms and custom fields are only available on the Business plan.

Get started with Wrike on a 14-day free trial.

4. Smartsheet

Business Management Platform With Spreadsheet Interface

  • Smartsheet makes it relatively convenient to build fully automated workflows.
  • The collaboration and communication tools are quite handy.
  • Because it has a spreadsheet interface and functionality similar to that of Microsoft office, it’s a great Trello alternative for users familiar with such tools.
  • Smartsheet is not user-friendly to users who are not used to Excel and Microsoft Business Suite tools.
Smartsheet icon
Editor’s Take

Smartsheet immediately struck me as being similar to Excel, but I was glad to discover it was more intuitive and far more robust in functionality. It lets you build and automate multiple processes in a workflow without code. Perhaps its richest no-code functionality is the tool that lets you build different applications to enrich your operations. 

Best For
Spreadsheet Users
$9 – $32 monthly per user 
Annual Discount

While Smartsheet is already quite rich in functionality, Excel or Google sheets users will especially love it because it has an interface designed like a spreadsheet.

The platform is good for more than just managing tasks as it’s equipped with resources for streamlining complex projects and processes.

Best Features

Workflow Automation

Users can automate alerts, approvals, and updates with a no-code tool. By automating multiple actions and stages, you can create automated workflows. You can also set recurring tasks and automations.

Team Management and Collaboration

With comment sections, discussion threads, and inbuilt emails, team members can communicate directly on the platform. Users can control access to content and allow clients and colleagues to provide feedback via annotations and comments. You can share reports and data with colleagues, clients, and partners while controlling their level of access with permission controls.

Rich Reporting

Smartsheet lets users simultaneously track and manage several projects. There’s an activity log that lets you track the updates of colleagues and partners. Reports can be exported in Excel, Google Sheets, and PDF format.

No-code Apps

An integral part of Smartsheet’s flexibility is the no-code platform it provides for building applications. You can instantly launch and customize a new app to add a new process or functionality to your workflow.


Find out more Smartsheet pricing

  • Pricing starts at $7 per user on a monthly subscription.
  • You can reach out to sales for more flexible pricing.

You can start using Smartsheet on a 30-day free trial.

5. Teamwork

Robust Project Management Software For Working With Clients

  • Teamwork is a relatively straightforward Trello alternative compared to most robust platforms.
  • The platform is great for client collaboration.
  • Teamwork has a file storing and management functionality that is handy for teams that have to deal with many files.
  • Visualizations are not robust.
  • The reporting functionality is limited and might not work as intuitively as expected.
Teamwork Projects Icon
Editor’s Take

Teamwork does fairly well as a project management tool. However, an area it shines the most is its client collaboration functionality. The collaboration features are so detailed that you can even assign tasks to clients to make sure they move at your pace. But that’s not all; if you need more robust client management, you can seamlessly integrate with Teamwork CRM. 

Best For
Client Collaboration
$10 – $18 monthly per user 
Annual Discount

Teamwork provides essential features a remote organization might need to manage and work with teams, clients, and freelancers.

Thanks to its simple drag-and-drop tool and status updates, it’s one of the most intuitive Trello alternatives.

Best Features

Collaborative Tools

Users can communicate with messages and categorize the messages appropriately to avoid confusion. As an admin, you can control user access to files and projects. There’s also a notebook for colleagues to work together on ideas and plans.

Task Management

You can track tasks and break them down into subtasks. You can also set milestones and use custom fields to create and track unique tasks.

Project Views

Apart from Kanban boards and calendars to manage and track tasks, there are Gantt charts and big-picture views for staying on top of projects.

Client Management and Collaboration

Teamwork has a time tracker and invoicing tool for setting billable hours for clients. Conveniently, there’s no limit to the number of clients you can add to the platform. You can also increase clients’ involvement with projects by giving them the access to add tasks and milestones.


Find out more Teamwork pricing

  • Pricing starts at $6.5 per user on a monthly subscription.
  • The Deliver plan for small businesses doesn’t allow less than three users.

Start using Teamwork on a 30-day free trial

6. Asana

Intuitive Team Collaboration Tool For Growing And Large Teams

Asana- Are silos making teamwork more painful

Asana is designed to boost collaboration within mid to large-sized teams that have to manage multiple projects.

Asana’s functionalities are quite detailed, and you will find tools for managing everything from minute tasks to massive, big-picture projects. Its features are complemented with a visual, exciting interface.

Best Features

Intuitive Views

With Asana’s rich interface, users can easily navigate views and stay on top of tasks. Views include Kanban boards, calendars, task lists, and timelines.

Robust Communication

The platform is strongly equipped with communication tools. Users can send private messages to members, make comments, drop feedback, and create spaces for discussions.

Flexible Automations

Workflows can be streamlined and automated with custom automations. By setting specific conditions, you can automate several routine processes.

Task Management

Users can create tasks and subtasks and set milestones.

Flexible Integrations and API

The platform is robust and flexible because of its integrations. While you can connect Asana with more than 200 applications, you can build custom applications through its API.


  • Asana’s integrations are quite vast, providing a full range of functionality.
  • Dashboards are highly customizable and convenient for tracking multiple tasks.
  • The communication features are very handy and useful for team management and collaboration.
  • With a generous free plan that offers unlimited projects, Asana is one of the robust free Trello alternatives.


  • Asana is not a good Trello alternative for small teams. The features are vast and complicated and could be overwhelming for amateurs.
  • The learning curve is high for new users.
  • There’s no inbuilt time tracker.


Find out more Asana pricing

  • Asana’s free plan allows unlimited projects and tasks and up to 15 team members.
  • There’s a discount for annual subscriptions.

You can get Asana for free or purchase one of the plans.

7. Hive

User-friendly Task Management Software For Agile Teams

Hive- Move faster as a team

Hive is an intuitive task and project management tool convenient for project managers and teams. Expect a user-friendly interface and detailed features that make it simple to create, manage and streamline workflows.

Its agile tracking functionality and collaborative tools make it a great Trello alternative for agile teams.

Best Features

Agile Workflow Management

Providing more than just basic functionalities, Hive helps users manage agile processes using Hive’s agile point system.

Custom Automations

You can set triggers and conditions to automate manual and routine tasks. These settings can then be saved and used later as automation templates.

Basic Visualizations

Views include Kanban boards, Gantt chart views, a calendar view, and tables.

Robust Collaboration

While Hive already provides inbuilt collaboration tools such as chat, email, approval processes, and custom permissions, users can get even more from the platform’s robust integrations with collaborative tools like Slack, Gmail, Jira, Microsoft Teams, and more.


  • Hive is a great Trello alternative for centralizing team collaboration and communication.
  • There are agile tracking functionalities suited for agile teams.
  • Views are flexible, and they ensure transparency.


  • You might find there’s no option for creating task dependencies.
  • Users have complained that configuring and personalizing Hive is not as intuitive as hoped.


  • Pricing starts at $12 per user on a monthly subscription.
  • There’s a 25% discount on the annual subscription.

 Hive offers a 14-day free trial for interested users. 

8. Mavenlink

Business Management Software With Robust Automations

Mavenlink- Try Kantata today and unleash the power of professional services

Far from being just a project management platform, Mavenlink is a full-on business management platform with tools for team management, collaboration, and business intelligence.

Mavenlink is one of the most flexible Trello alternatives so expect to be able to automate just about any workflow process once you get the hang of it.

Best Features

Workload Management

At the core of Mavenlink’s solutions are rich dashboards that help manage resource allocation and team capacity in real-time. You get reports on the impact of resources on your timeline and revenue and recommendations and tools for utilizing them.

Robust Automations

You can configure your workflows and design your processes with a drag-and-drop tool and templates. You can customize and automate several processes and entire workflows by creating a set of rules.

Time Tracking

There are options to log and track billable and non-billable times.

Project Accounting

Built as a project management functionality is the ability to track expenses and costs, view financial estimates, and monitor your financial assets in real-time.


Mavenlink has an activity feed for users to track project activities. You can also view user profiles and their associated colleagues. Members can be categorized by their current projects and tasks.


  • Mavenlink is an extensive Trello alternative that does more than help you manage team projects. It provides all the essential tools you might need to complete a project successfully on one platform.
  • It provides great recommendations and insights for workload management.
  • Automations and integrations are quite flexible, making it a solution for any business or project.


  • Due to its vast offerings and a robust set of features, Mavenlink can be quite expensive.
  • Because it’s quite robust, it has a high learning curve and can be confusing for new users or amateurs.

Pricing is tailored to suit your business model and size. You can get a price quote on the website.

9. Workfront

Work Management Platform For Enterprises

Workfront - Adobe Workfront. Built for your enterprise

Of all the Trello alternatives, Workfront is one of the most suitable options for enterprises.

Equipped with multiple integrations and robust dashboards, Workfront provides a detailed set of options for tracking every aspect of a project.

Best Features

Robust Project Management

You can manage and track the progress of several projects from a single view. This view affords the ability to streamline and oversee the duties and progress of multiple departments in the enterprise as they work towards the main goal.

Custom Dashboards

The dashboards are configurable, so you can immediately respond to priorities as needed. Users can create custom forms to optimize task management.

Resource Management

Built for managing vast resources in big organizations, Workfront provides reports for tracking work in progress, workload capacity, and scheduled tasks. This way, you know how best to utilize your resources.


  • Workfront is an ideal Trello alternative for large organizations with complex infrastructures. The permission controls are suitable for enterprises with a vast workforce.
  • It boasts several customizable features, including reports, notifications, and dashboards.
  • Workfront’s project management solution is robust. You can track time, issues, timelines, expenses, risks, and more.


  • Workfront is quite complex and hardly intuitive for new users.
  • Setting up the software is a major hassle, especially for organizations that don’t have the necessary processes.

There is no readily available pricing plan, but you can contact sales to get a quote.

10. Paymo

Collaboration Software With Accounting Tools

Paymo - Work better, together

While Paymo is great for collaborating and managing tasks, it also has accounting features to help teams track the financial activity of their projects.

Users will be able to track expenses and budgets and compare budget estimates.

Best Features

Task and Project Management

With Paymo, you can set dependencies, priorities, and task durations. Views include a Kanban board view, Gantt chart view, and big-picture views for overseeing all projects and tasks at once.

Accounting Software

Paymo’s accounting functionalities don’t stop at tracking budgets and expenses. You can generate invoices based on estimates and billable hours tracked. You can also utilize payment gateways.

Collaborative Tools

Users can add comments, have discussion threads, and track an activity feed to stay in touch with tasks. Paymo also lets you collaborate with clients as you can accommodate multiple clients into the software.

Open API

The platform adds more flexibility with an open API that can be used to build custom applications and integrations.


  • Paymo provides a convenient and automatic time tracker.
  • Invoicing is robust and streamlined.


  • While it’s a relatively robust Trello alternative, Paymo is not very intuitive and convenient for managing projects.
  • Paymo has a steep learning curve.


Paymo - Pricing Plan
  • Pricing starts at $5.95 per user on a monthly subscription.
  • Paymo offers two months of free usage for annual subscriptions.

 You can start using Paymo on a 15-day free trial.

11. Nifty

Project Management Tool With Swimlane View

Nifty - The ultimate project management OS

Nifty is a task and project management tool with robust views and detailed workflows.

The views include a Kanban board view, swimlane views, and project portfolio views that let users track projects.

Best Features

Swimlane View

Nifty’s swimlane view lets you see which team members or departments are working on any particular task.

Robust Task Management

You can create task lists and set milestones, recurring tasks, and dependencies. Tasks can also be organized with custom tags.

Collaboration Tools

Users can create threads for team members to discuss. Functionalities also include commenting on tasks, sharing files, and collaborating in real-time on documents. You can take action on discussions by turning messages into tasks.


Nifty lets you automate routine processes such as task updates and task assignments.


  • Nifty’s views are diverse and robust for managing projects.
  • Integrations are robust as you can connect with over 1,000 tools.
  • The platform is a quite intuitive Trello alternative.
  • The free plan allows unlimited members.


  • Fees aren’t billed per user.
  • All plans come with a 20% discount on annual subscriptions.

 Get Nifty for free or start with any of the paid plans. 

12. Zoho Projects

Project Management Tool With Robust Business Suite Integrations

Zoho Projects - the best project management software for any business

Zoho Projects is one of the products in Zoho’s comprehensive business suite.

The platform already provides robust collaboration features, but you can get more functionality by integrating with Zoho tools such as Zoho CRM and Invoicing.

Best Features

Robust Task Management

Tasks can be broken down into subtasks, and you can set dependencies and identify critical paths.

Custom Visualizations

Views can be created and customized to how you manage tasks and track responsibility and progress.

Flexible Automations

Zoho Projects lets you create custom automations and even automate notifications for third-party apps.


  • With a rich number of integrations, Zoho Projects can be used as a central suite for handling all your data and processes.
  • For software of its functionality, Zoho Projects is a relatively cheap Trello alternative.
  • The platform provides a time tracker and workload management.


  • Zoho Projects might not be intuitive for non-tech savvy people or amateurs.
  • You might not find the reporting as customizable as you’d like.
  • You might need a lot of input from their customer support, which is not always helpful.


  • Pricing starts at $4 per user on a monthly subscription.
  • There’s a 20% discount on annual subscriptions.

Zoho Projects offers a 10-day free trial for new users.

13. Jira

Agile Project Management Software For Software Development Teams

Jira - Move fast, stay aligned, and build better - together

Designed to streamline and manage software development projects, Jira provides rich visualizations, agile workflows, and issue tracking.

The software is quite flexible and equipped with robust features like a time tracker and workload reports.

Best Features

Agile Views

Apart from Kanban board views, Gantt charts, and visual roadmaps for tracking tasks and projects, Jira also has scrum boards for tracking sprints.

Custom Workflows

Jira’s workflows are customizable and can be tweaked to suit how you work.

No-code Automations

Automations can be created with a drag-and-drop tool.

Robust Integrations

Jira can integrate with more than 3000 applications.


  • Jira is a great Trello alternative for tracking agile development processes.
  • Several customizable features include tables, a timeline view, reports, and forms.
  • Integrations are vast.
  • The software simplifies remote collaboration with a native integration called Confluence.
  • Jira is one of the Trello alternatives with a robust free plan that new, small teams can use.


  • While there are many integrations, it can be quite complicated and time-consuming to integrate Jira with some external applications.
  • Trying to configure some parts of the software is not an intuitive process.


Jira- Pricing Plan
  • Pricing starts at $7.50 per user on a monthly subscription.
  • The annual subscriptions for cloud-based plans are billed at a much more economical rate.

You can get Jira for free or enjoy a 7-day free trial.

14. Microsoft Project

Robust Project Management Software With Agile And Waterfall Tracking

Microsoft Project- Meet the simple, powerful, reimagined Project for everyone

Microsoft Project offers solutions that meet the needs of teams who need basic, intuitive functionality and larger organizations that want more advanced and powerful features.

The product’s offering is quite robust as it provides features for tracking agile and waterfall processes.

Best Features

Project Portfolio Tracking

With Microsoft Project, you can simultaneously track different projects in a visual roadmap. You can create project scenarios and review proposals to determine the best course of action.

No-code Automations and Workflow Management

Automations are flexible, and you can create automated workflows on a simple, no-code interface.

Resource and Team Management

There are heatmaps you can use to identify workload and resource capacity. The platform also lets users bring in resource requests so you can assign employees to projects that need them.

Interactive Dashboards

You can create rich, interactive dashboards that can be used to track all aspects of a project.


  • Microsoft Project is flexible and a reliable Trello alternative if you just want to manage projects.
  • As a part of the robust Microsoft 365 Office Suite, Microsoft Project provides seamless integrations to Microsoft applications like Microsoft Teams, Skype, Sharepoint, and others.


  • Due to being a robust software, it can be overwhelming to new users.
  • File compatibility is limited.


Microsoft Project- Pricing Plan
  • Pricing starts at $10 per user on a monthly subscription.
  • On-premise solutions start from $679.99

You can start using Microsoft Project on a 1-month free trial.

15. HyperOffice

Flexible Collaboration Platform For Large Organizations And Remote Teams

HyperOffice - Online Database Apps & Team Tools

HyperOffice is a complete visual collaboration platform for organizations.

Known primarily for its intranet platform and robust collaboration tools, the platform has a lot more to offer. It also provides a solution to build custom automations and multiple applications on a simple, no-code interface.

Best Features

Superb Communication Platform

With this solution, HyperOffice offers access to video or audio meetings, group chat, simple task management and scheduling, channels, inbuilt emails, and popular integrations. Users can also communicate and stay updated with comments, hashtags, and mentions.

Automated Workflows

You can build custom workflows and automate them with rules.

Application Database

Offering a lot of flexibility, HyperOffice lets you build custom apps or choose from a set of pre-built apps to enrich your processes. Apps include tools for time tracking, event tracking, and a content marketing calendar.

File Management

HyperOffice can store files of any size and enable users to share files within the organization. It also grants robust access control, file backup, and a tool to design your file manager in your preferred style.


  • HyperOffice is simple enough that non-tech-savvy employees can start operating it without hassle.
  • The platform is one of the best Trello alternatives for collaboration.
  • File management is robust.


  • While the interface is simple enough, it does take time to understand all of HyperOffice’s functionalities.
  • It’s a great Trello alternative for remote teams but may be unnecessary and pricey for small teams.


HyperOffice- Pricing Plan
  • Pricing starts at $5 per user on a monthly subscription.
  • You have to pay extra to have some robust features as add-ons.

You can start with a free trial on any of HyperOffice’s solutions.

16. Microsoft Planner

Simple Project Planning App For Small Teams

Microsoft Planner- A simple, visual way to organize teamwork

Microsoft Planner can be regarded as a smaller and simpler version of Microsoft Project.

An intuitive and convenient alternative to Trello for small teams, it’s great for visually planning less complex projects like marketing campaigns or small events.

Best Features

Simple and Visual Task Management

There are Kanban board views to organize tasks visually. You can assign tasks and label them with color-coded tags and track deadlines on each board.

Team Collaboration

Users can comment on task boards, drop file attachments, and create new tasks directly from messages. An intuitive feature lets you choose from suggested file attachments to find the right file for a task quickly.


  • Workflows are easier with Microsoft Planner.
  • The ability to create and assign tasks directly from messages comes in handy.
  • As a Microsoft tool, it provides seamless integrations with other Microsoft products.


  • The platform doesn’t send notifications, which is quite inc
  • Project Interface may not be as intuitive as expected.

Microsoft Planner is available for free in select Office 365 plans.

17. Basecamp

Intuitive Team Collaboration Tool For Remote Teams

Basecamp- The refreshingly simple, and remarkably effective, project management platform

An established and popular collaboration tool for remote companies, Basecamp provides a reliable platform for teams to oversee tasks and ensure transparency.

The software places a focus on managing tasks and communicating. Expect collaborative features like file sharing, group chats, and lists.

Best Features

Robust Communication

Communication features include comments, mentions, message boards, and direct messages. There’s a search button, and users can send inquiries with check-ins.

Task and Project Workflows

Functionalities include to-do lists, a calendar view, cards, and workflows.

Client Collaboration

Basecamp provides client access and collaborative features like visual feedback, file sharing, updates, notifications, and deadlines.


  • Basecamp is great for collaborating with clients.
  • It provides robust communication tools.
  • There are lots of integrations.
  • The software is relatively user-friendly and easy to get started with.


  • It’s simple and inflexible as a task and project management platform.


Basecamp- Pricing Plan
  • A free plan allows up to 20 users and three projects.
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Signs You Have Outgrown Trello

The following are classic signs that your team needs a more robust alternative to Trello:

1. You feel your workload management needs more attention

Sooner or later, as your team grows and activities get more intense, you’ll sense the need to optimize your staff’s workload.

You wouldn’t be able to do this without a view that shows all your team members and their responsibilities. Resource management software provides a clear view of your staff’s workload and capacity, so you’ll know how to utilize your resources more effectively.

A tool like Trello that doesn’t provide resource management functionalities can’t improve your workload management. You’ll need to go for a more powerful project management tool or workload management software.

2. Your team is growing bigger

Trello is great for small teams, thanks to its simplicity. But larger teams that are handling more volume of tasks and a bit more complex projects will need more than simple, visual software.

As your team expands, your operations will be more complex and more demanding to manage.

The best task management software for teams are scalable enough to streamline your growing robust processes, provide effective task management, and keep your team running at maximum efficiency.

3. You can’t properly measure your project performance

Letting you know exactly how your project performs is not something Trello is very good at doing.

To have a good idea of where your project is going, you need a single source of truth or a project portfolio view, a feature you’ll find in the best project management software.

4. You’re managing several projects simultaneously

Simultaneously keeping track of multiple projects is already an arduous responsibility, and a simple project management tool like Trello can’t simplify that task for you.

One of the most streamlined ways to manage multiple projects simultaneously is to use a single view that lets you track all your projects at once.

This way, you don’t have to jump from project to project and search for too many things to find what you’re looking for.

Project management software that provide cross-project planning and multiple project roadmaps are the best solutions in this case.

5. You need more robust communication to manage projects

While Trello provides some level of communication with cards, the functionality is not ideal for teams that thrive on discussions and add a lot of context to their work.

You might need to integrate with team collaboration software like Slack or separate project management tools for better communication. However, it’s better to have a central platform to provide your project management and basic communication needs.

Some project management software will have native communication features like group chats and online meetings.

Which Project Management Tool is Better Than Trello?

There are other project management tools that provide more functionality than Trello, but the best ones for you depend on the nature and size of your team and project.

The most recommended Trello alternatives are:

Best Trello Alternative


Visual and intuitive platform with flexible workflows and no-code automations.
Best Free Trello Alternative


All-in-one platform with rich views, customizations, and a generous free plan.
Best For Collaborations


Work management software with custom workflows and communication tools.
Best For Spreadsheet Users


A full-on platform with a spreadsheet interface and robust no-code applications.
Best For Remote Companies


Collaboration software with detailed tracking tools for working with clients.

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