The Best Free Software of 2024 (Really Free, Any Purpose)

Updated Jul 7, 2023.
Best Free Software

Software applications can take up a large part of your personal or work budget, as they usually require monthly or yearly payments. But they are also highly important for better productivity, communication, and project management. If you’re working alone or with a small team, you can opt for free software instead.

In this guide, we cover the best free software for different purposes, including productivity, project and product management, CRM, accounting, email marketing, website building, video editing, communication, and antiviruses. With these top 25 free software, you can get work done better without spending any money.

Let’s take a closer look at the top free apps below.

Best Free CRM Software


Best CRM for Complete Customization - Designed for work, Built for everyone offers a free forever plan that allows up to two team members. It is one of the best CRM software for freelancers, as it comes with three boards for organizing your work, unlimited docs, over 20 column types, more than 200 templates, and downloadable apps. It has a customizable interface for any team.

Key Features

Versatile Platform for Different Workflows can be used to manage your sales pipeline, track leads and customers, and close deals. It also has project management and software development tools.

Centralized Software

Even with the free plan on, you get up to three boards where you can organize all your projects, clients, and processes in over 20 columns. You can create documents and collaborate with your team members in real time.

Mobile Apps

You can access while on the go with the iOS and Android apps. It allows you to continue tracking your clients and projects even on the go.

Pricing offers five pricing plans, with the first one being free and the last one providing custom pricing for large businesses. There is an 18% annual discount and a 14-day free trial on the paid plans. The Free Forever offers up to two seats, unlimited documents, over 200 templates, and three boards for managing clients.

2. Zoho CRM

Best CRM for Small Businesses

Zoho CRM - Superfast Work, Steadfast Growth

Zoho CRM is an all-in-one CRM platform and cloud service for small businesses that will allow your sales team to easily manage customer relationships. It allows you to communicate with customers through phone, social media, email, and live chat. It also integrates with other Zoho products from the free plan for a comprehensive feature set.

Key Features

Lead Tracking and Management Tools

From the free plan, Zoho CRM allows you to track contacts, accounts, leads, and deals. You can record notes, events, and calls on your leads and contacts as you communicate with them.

Set Workflow Automation

There is limited automation on the free plan, but you can still set workflow rules and automate some tasks. For instance, you can notify a team member of email leads on particular days.

Omnichannel Communication

Zoho CRM allows you to connect all methods of communication to the platform, allowing you to stay in touch with your customers in one place. You can connect email, social media, live chat, phone, and website forms.


Zoho CRM features a 15-day free trial on the paid plans and a 30-day trial on the Ultimate plan. You also get annual discounts of up to 34%. The Free plan offers three users, lead and deal management tools, and integrations with Zoho apps. It also has one webform or module and allows for 10 automations.

3. SuiteCRM

Best Open Source CRM

Suite CRM - Sell, market & service smarter with SuiteCRM the world’s number 1 Open Source CRM

SuiteCRM is a completely free CRM platform, but if you want the company to host it for you, then you have to pay for that. You can use the CRM as SaaS or on-premise and download it for free on your own server. It is very easy to use, with tools like sales automation modules, automating marketing tasks, and generating reports based on real-time data.

Key Features

Sales and Marketing Tools

On SuiteCRM, you can grow your pipeline with sales automation modules. There are tools to send customers personalized quotes and increase lead conversion. You can also create marketing campaigns.

Real-Time Dashboards and Reports

You get a personalized real-time dashboard for you and your team, and you can generate reports based on this data. The dashboard is well-organized and easy to navigate for beginners.

Automate Workflows

SuiteCRM allows you to automate key actions by setting conditions within the CRM. This can help your team save time on repetitive tasks.


SuiteCRM is completely free to download and use on your web servers. If you need hosting, you need to pay for their plans, and it comes with a 30-day free trial. The hosting plans begin at Starter, which goes for £95 per month and allows for 1 to 10 users. It provides 5GB storage and hourly intervals for scheduled tasks.

Best Free Video Editing Software

4. Shotcut

Best Open Source Video Maker

Shotcut - Shotcut is a free, open source, cross-platform video editor

Shotcut is the best free video editor on this list that allows you to extensively edit audio files and videos in a wide range of formats. It offers different tutorials to understand the interface. It makes use of FFmpeg to support the latest video and audio formats and allows you to fine-tune audio. This open-source software is a fantastic choice for video makers and audiophiles.

Key Features

Supports a Wide Range of Formats

On Shotcut, you can edit audio and video files in formats like FFmpeg, ProRes, 4K, and DNxHD. It also supports AV1 decoding and encoding.

Native Timeline Editing

The movie maker allows you to import video files to the project file directly instead of a media library. It also offers a multiformat timeline for mixing different frame rates and resolutions in a single project.

Advanced Audio Editing

You will get different audio filters and editing tools on Shotcut, like bass and treble filters, adjusted gain, bandpass filters, dynamic compression, and more.


Shotcut is completely free to download and use on your desktop computer. There are no paid plans that you can upgrade to.

5. Windows Video Editor

Best for Simple Edits

Windows Photo Editor - Windows Photos app and Clipchamp video editor

Windows Video Editor is the best video editing software for simple edits that is completely free to use. It comes with tools for basic edits like cropping, including text or audio, and trimming. Keep in mind that it is only available for Windows users, and it is not ideal for marketing or explainer videos.

Key Features

Intuitive and Beginner-Friendly

Windows Video Editor is an easy-to-use free software for users that are already working in Windows. It features simple tools like auto-preview for effects and edits and auto-movie for making customizable cuts of video footage.

Different Basic Editing Options

On this movie maker, you get access to tools like trimming, adding slow-motion and free music, creating a video with text, drawing, motion tracking, and filters. The editing process is easy without any experience.

3D Effects

You can add animated 3D effects when creating videos, and there are over 30 available. There are effects like rain, fireworks, dust explosion, confetti, and lightning. You can also rotate the 3D effect to match the video.


Windows Video Editor is completely free to use and does not have any paid plans. You can download the simple video editor for free on your Windows device, although it comes installed in Windows 10 and above.

6. HitFilm Express

Best for Advanced Video and Animations

Hitfilm Express - Powerful VFX & video editing software, Make videos your way

HitFilm Express is another free video editing software, but it comes with more advanced tools like 3D effects for music videos, films, and YouTube videos, sound effects, templates, and more on the free plan. When using the software for free, HitFIlm asks you to share a social media status update. There is also a wide selection of animation tools on the movie maker.

Key Features

Professional Editing

HitFilm Express offers advanced editing tools like motion tracking, cropping tools, and color pickers. There is an auto-stabilizer that makes shaky videos look smooth, and different transition options like zoom, push, and dissolve to make video content.

Mix and Match Videos

There is an adaptive trimmer that allows you to add clips to the timeline and re-trim them. Also, you can animate two separate shots together for advanced video effects. You can also copy attributes from video projects and apply them to another.

Audio Mixer

There are some audio tools like a mixer on HitFilm Express that fine-tunes sound to make it professional. There is also unlimited audio timeline track creation for advanced users.


HitFilm Express offers a free plan and two paid plans that give you access to more features. There is an annual discount on the paid plans. The Free Forever plan is ideal for beginners starting out, as it allows for 10 songs, 5 templates, 25 sound effects, and unlimited exports to HD.

Best Free Software for Website Building

7. Wix

Best for Simple Online Presence

Wix - Create a website without limits

Wix is a top free software for website building that offers web hosting, a drag-and-drop editor, site templates, mobile responsive design, and free stock images. The website builder has email marketing, client management, and SEO tools from the free plan. But with the free plan, you get a subdomain on Wix, limited storage, and Wix ads on the site.

Key Features

Customization and Diverse Templates

Regardless of what kind of site you want to build, Wix offers different templates and designs. You can drag and drop elements onto the template, change your font, and make any other changes. Even with the free plan, you get a lot of creative freedom.

Mobile Editor

There is a downloadable mobile app from Wix that allows you to upload blog posts and see how your website looks on mobile devices. You can also check information on your site visitors and provide customer service through the live chat for your customers.

SEO and Email Marketing

From the free plan, you get access to basic SEO tools like meta titles, meta descriptions, and image tags. You can send emails to your subscribers or contacts from Wix and set up social media campaigns.


You can start using Wix for free by signing up and building your website with a few tools offered. If you decide to upgrade to the paid plans, there is an annual discount of up to 30% and a 50% off deal. You will choose between Wix General and Commerce editions, depending on what kind of site you are building.

8. Weebly

Best for E-commerce Store

Weebly - Your idea matters, Make a website

Weebly is a top choice for anyone who needs a free website builder to make an e-commerce store. The free plan includes robust tools like an online store, inventory management, unlimited items, coupons and Square gift cards, and item badges and options. It also has a drag-and-drop user interface, lead capture, and SEO tools.

Key Features

Multiple E-Commerce Features

Weebly offers all the features you might need to sell online. These include shopping carts, unlimited items, item badges and options, quick shop, inventory management, automatic tax calculator, in-store pickup, vouchers, and Square gift cards.

Blogging Tools

Even if you have an online store, you can add blog articles to your Weebly store. The website builder offers a built-in blog. You can also keep certain pages or posts private so that only some subscribers or paying members can view them.

Weebly App Center

Weebly features an App Center that allows you to extend the functionality of your website without coding. You can add a FAQ section, callout box, live chat, and additional features to your website, as some of these apps are free.


Weebly offers one free plan and three paid plans, with an annual discount of up to 25%. The feature-rich Free plan offers free SSL security, different e-commerce tools like shopping baskets and inventory management, SEO, and lead capture. Paid plans start from $10 per month.

9. Webflow

Best for Design Customization

Webflow - Build with the power of code — without writing any

Webflow is a reliable drag-and-drop website builder that allows you to add animations and any designs to your site without coding. The site builder offers a generous free plan, a customizable interface, and an intuitive backend that beginners can navigate. There is also a built-in CMS with SEO features.

Key Features

Advanced Design

Webflow features advanced design features like animations, parallax scrolling, and micro-interactions. You can add interactive elements to your site, such as images or texts gliding across the page.

Robust SEO Tools

The website builder comes with reliable SEO tools, including editing titles, meta descriptions, and URLs. You can also create 301 redirects, generate a sitemap, or edit your robots.txt file.

Templates or Build From Scratch

Webflow features hundreds of templates, many of which are free to use. You can choose templates from e-commerce, business, and personal categories. You can also design your site from scratch.


Webflow features plans for building your website or an online store. Aside from the free plan, the paid plans come with an annual discount of up to 30%. The Starter plan is available for free and offers 1GB of bandwidth, 50 CMS items, 50 form submissions, and a domain.

Best Free Email Marketing Software

10. Mautic

Best for Marketing Automation

Mautic - Supporting the World's Largest Open-Source Marketing Automation Project

Mautic is one of the best free email marketing services, as this automation software allows marketers to automate repetitive tasks. You can save time on tasks like marketing campaigns, lead generation, contact scoring, and contact segmentation. You can install Mautic as a self-hosted version for free. It can also be integrated with WooCommerce so you can transfer your orders and contacts to Mautic.

Key Features

Automate Repetitive Tasks

Mautic allows you to automate repetitive tasks like sending emails to users, generating leads, and segmenting customers. You can set up workflows and automate email campaigns. With Mautic, you can create a marketing strategy for your business and deliver personalized emails automatically.

Contact Segmentation

Mautic offers contact segmentation that allows you to organize your contacts into categories based on specific criteria. The software provides you with filters that you can use to segment contacts and allows you to create personalized campaigns based on this.

Dynamic Content

You can create relevant content for your landing page with dynamic content on Mautic. The landing page with a Dynamic Web Content token will show content to visitors based on certain conditions.


There is no pricing on Mautic, as the software is completely free to use. It does not have any paid plans, and you can download and use it for free.

11. ConvertKit

Best Email Software for Digital Creators

ConverKit - The creator marketing platform for your book

ConvertKit offers all you need to send and manage emails from one place. The software offers a generous free plan with unlimited landing pages, unlimited forms, and unlimited broadcasts. It allows you to manage an email list of up to 1,000 subscribers. ConvertKit also offers marketing automation and list management tools.

Key Features

Diverse Email Marketing Tools

ConvertKit offers a wide range of features for sending email broadcasts and automating processes like email funnels for targeted content. You can set up landing pages and sign-up forms to collect emails, and they remain saved for your next campaign.

Email Designer

There is an intuitive email designer on ConvertKit that allows you to design your emails using templates, add instant images and clickable CTAs, and add other elements.

Tagging and Segmentation

You can create unique tags and segments for your contacts. ConvertKit allows you to categorize subscribers based on tags, location, or custom form fields.


ConvertKit offers one free plan and two paid plans, with a free trial on the paid plans. The Free plan offers unlimited landing pages, unlimited broadcasts, and unlimited forms. It allows you to sell digital products and subscriptions.

Best Communication Software Available for Free

12. Zoom Meetings

Best for Video Meetings

Zoom Meetings - One platform to connect

Zoom Meetings provides its useful web conferencing features for free, except that there are restrictions on how long your meetings can be. This free communication software is easy to install and use and will make a great addition to any team that does not want to spend money on regular video meetings. It also connects with dozens of integrations from the free plan.

Key Features

Unlimited Meetings

Zoom Meetings allows for unlimited group and one-on-one meetings from the free plan. Group meetings can take up to 100 participants and last for up to 40 minutes, while one-on-one meetings have a limit of 30 hours.

Access to Business Integrations

You can add different apps to your Zoom Meetings software, which you and your team members will find useful. These include Asana, Google Calendar, Alexa, Workplace, Salesforce, HubSpot, and more.

Whiteboard and Screen Sharing

When having team meetings on Zoom, you can use the online whiteboard where you and your team can write their ideas. It’s also good for making presentations, teaching, or organizing a workshop. You can also share your screen so that others can view your slides.


Zoom Meetings offers one free plan and two paid plans. There is also a 16% annual discount. The Free plan offers unlimited group meetings of up to 40 minutes, 100 attendees per meeting, team chat, and three whiteboards. It also offers mail and calendar tools.

13. Discord

Best for Small Businesses

Discord - Imagine a Place

Discord is an all-in-one communications software for voice and text chatting. You can chat with up to 5,000 users for free on Discord, making it an ideal choice to communicate with your co-workers without taking out of your team budget. It also allows you to share documents freely.

Key Features

Voice Chat

Discord was initially designed to be a voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP) tool, which means it offers advanced voice chat, unlike paid software like Slack. You can start a direct audio channel with your contacts, similar to a walkie-talkie, allowing you to prevent misunderstandings from typing.

Video Conferencing

Discord offers video conferencing features on the free plan. You get unlimited video conferences with up to 10 participants and options for screen sharing. There is also a text-to-speech function.

Well-Organized Text Chat

The communication app organizes its text channels properly based on the topic or the team. You can name your group chats and also communicate one-on-one with team members.


Discord is completely free and is accessible on your mobile and desktop device. If you want extra features, you can pay for the Nitro Basic or Nitro plans. Nitro Basic starts at $2.99 per month and increases your file size limit to 50 MB. It also allows you to customize emojis.

14. Range

Best for Online Collaborations

Range - Because team communication shouldn’t be all over the place

Range is a reliable collaboration software that allows teams to create agendas and check-ins, share their plans and progress, and take meeting notes. It can be integrated into Slack, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365, or used alone. The software is free for up to 12 users, which makes it ideal for small teams. Range also has unique features like culture-building questions to bring the team closer.

Key Features

Check-Ins for Team Collaboration

A unique feature on Range is check-ins, which keep your team in sync and on the same page. With this software, you can check how the team is doing through the moods they set and also see how they are spending their time.

Features for Meetings

Range allows you to set agendas and take notes of your meetings. You can also set action items that your team will focus on achieving. Your team can review the goals of the meeting and check if they are on track.

Unlimited Integrations

Even from the free plan, Range allows you to integrate other software like Google Drive, Google Calendar, GitLab, GitHub, Trello, PagerDuty, Dropbox, Jira, Asana, and more. You can add Range to Slack or Microsoft Teams too.


Range offers one free plan and two paid plans, with a 14-day free trial. The Free plan is for 12 users and includes check-ins, meeting tools, tracking three goals, and includes 2 sub-teams. It also offers mood-sharing features and unlimited integrations.

Best Free Software Alternatives for General Productivity

15. Microsoft OneNote

Best for Note Taking

Microsoft One Note - Ideas take shape in OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is a fantastic note-taking app that you can use for free. The productivity software includes features for task management, collaboration, and formatting. You can highlight ToDo tasks, insert audio notes and videos into your notes, and even draw your thoughts with a stylus or your finger. While it is available for free, you can only access the paid tools if you pay for the entire Microsoft 365 package, including Microsoft Word and Publisher.

Key Features

Digital Ink Feature

OneNote has a digital ink feature that allows you to create handwritten notes. You can open the pen-focused view to take meeting notes without any distractions, as it will remove all the tabs, ribbons, and panes. It will also turn your handwriting into text.

Audio and Video Recording

Microsoft OneNote also allows you to create notes through video and audio recordings. You can embed the online videos into your notes, pause and play them, skip forward and backward, and more.

Advanced Search In Your Notes

When referring to your notes, OneNote allows you to search for a keyword, phrase, or something you said in the audio note. You can search across multiple notebooks or within a single note. The app also allows you to use tags or a date range to narrow down the search.


Microsoft OneNote is free to use and will be found pre-installed in Windows 10. If you want to use the paid versions, you will have to pay for Microsoft 365. The Free Plan is ideal for simple note-taking. It offers 5GB of cloud storage space for your notes, audio and video recording, and local storage on your computer.

16. LibreOffice

Best Free Office Productivity Suite

LibreOffice - Fun Project

LibreOffice is usually an option for those who want a Microsoft Office alternative. It is a top free software for general productivity as the suite comes with different apps for writing documents and spreadsheets, creating slideshows, graphic editing, chart-making, and a formula editor. It is open-source and completely free to use without an internet connection.

Key Features

Multiple Apps In One Suite

There are different free programs on this software. On LibreOffice, you get Writer – a word processing application, Calc – a spreadsheet program, Draw for graphic editing, Impress for creating slideshows, Math – a formula editor, Charts for creating and editing charts and graphs, and Base, which is a database program.

Easy to Use

LibreOffice is very easy to use, as the interface usually looks like the older versions of Microsoft. There is a slight learning curve, but it doesn’t take a long time to navigate any of the apps.

Integrations Are Available

This productivity suite includes popular extensions like Clipart and language support. You can import, export, and update documents from Google Docs and Zoho. There are over 1000 integrations available.


LibreOffice is a free and open-source platform. You don’t have to pay to download the software or use it. But there isn’t any technical or customer service option, and you will have to use one of their ecosystem partners.

17. Mozilla Firefox

Best Free Web Browser

Mozilla Firefox - The browser is just the beginning

Mozilla Firefox is the best free and simple browser for those that are focused on privacy. With Firefox, sites can collect little to no data from you, and it also has built-in protection from hackers. Aside from the security features, it is easy to use and offers other basic tools like picture-in-picture videos, pinned tabs, a screenshot tool, dark mode, auto-suggest for URLs, and more.

Key Features

Privacy Features

Despite being completely free, Mozilla Firefox offers security and privacy features like private browsing mode, primary password, and tracking protection. You can activate ad blockers and use crypto miner blocking. There are also features for breached website alerts, encrypted data, fingerprint blocking, third-party cookie blocking, and a built-in password manager.

Minimalist and Simple Design

Firefox features a minimalist design with clear black text for the default font. The browser settings are easy to find and navigate through, and you can choose dark mode. There are also options to customize the browser.

Useful Browsing Tools

There are different browsing tools on Firefox, including smart search suggestions, bookmarks, history, auto-suggest, screenshot tools, extensions, pinned tabs, dark mode, spell check, reader mode, custom themes, and more.


Mozilla Firefox is an open-source and free browsing software with no paid plans. All you have to do is download it on your PC.

18. Notepad++

Best Source Code Editor

Notepad++ - What is Notepad++

Notepad++ is a free, open-source code and text editor and is an ideal choice for those who want to improve coding productivity without spending a dime. It is a powerful editor that is packed with different features, as it supports over 50 programming languages and allows you to customize the intuitive interface. You can even edit your code in different places at once on the screen.

Key Features

Supports a Wide Range of Languages

Notepad++ supports over 50 programming, markup, and scripting languages. It includes code folding and syntax highlighting. Users can also define their coding language. There are also tools for auto indentation, auto-completion, brace highlighting, and search and replace functionality.

Customize Your Interface

The code editing software allows you to adjust the interface in different ways. You can control how the tabs align, whether behind each other, vertically, or horizontally. There are also options for split screen, setting themes, and configuring keyboard shortcuts.

Work with Macros

Notepad++ allows you to work with macros which are complex operations that can be automatically repeated. It allows you to automate your code and is a time-saver.


Notepad++ is an open-source project that allows users to contribute in different ways. It is completely free with no paid versions.

Best Free Software for Project Management

19. ClickUp

Best for Multiple Tasks and Page Views

ClickUp - One app to replace them all

ClickUp stands out from other free project management software by offering you a wide range of views. You can choose from eleven different tasks and page views. The dashboards are also easy to customize, with over 20 widgets that you can add or remove. From the free plan, ClickUp offers unlimited team members. But the extensive customization makes the onboarding process a bit long.

Key Features

Generous Task Views

You can choose from different views, and ClickUp allows you to create unlimited custom views from the free plan. You also get access to Gantt, Workload, Timeline, Map, and Mind Map views, although with a limit of 100 uses.

Multiple Page Views

There are four page views that you can use to organize your data. Chat displays conversations beside your tasks, Embed adds websites and apps next to your tasks, Doc provides docs, knowledge bases, and wikis, and Form allows you to add a form next to your task.

Collaboration Tools

ClickUp also provides different communication tools for teams, like adding comments to documents or tasks, chatting in real-time, sending video recordings in-app, and assigning comments to action items.


ClickUp offers five pricing plans, with the first one being free forever and the highest one being for large businesses that have to request a quote. There is an annual discount on each paid plan. With the Free plan, you get unlimited tasks, unlimited members, collaborative docs, multiple views, and time tracking.

20. Asana

Best for Improving Teamwork

Asana - The best platform for cross-functional work

Asana is the best free project management software for managing team projects. With this tool, you can break down your projects into sub-lists and sections, and the dashboards to help you and your team track your progress. On the dashboard, you can add, rearrange, and complete tasks with your team members. From the free plan, you get unlimited storage and up to 15 teammates.

Key Features

Role Assignment and Collaboration

Asana allows you to assign roles and tasks to your team members. You can assign tasks to team members, create subtasks, and set deadlines. Everything will be clear on the dashboard. Team members can also make personal lists of tasks that they don’t want others to see.

Flexible Project Views

You get access to different project views on Asana, including Kanban, workload overviews, and calendars. You can add or remove views based on your team’s needs. This will increase teamwork.

Task Management Features

There are also useful task management features available to all team members. Asana allows you to divide projects into different pieces and assign them to your team members. Also, team members can comment on tasks.


Asana provides four pricing plans, with the first one being Basic and offered for free. The Enterprise plan is for large organizations. There is an annual discount on all paid plans. With the Basic plan, you get unlimited tasks, messages, projects, file storage, and activity logs for free. You can also collaborate with up to 15 teammates.

21. Trello

Best for Visual Kanban Boards

Trello - Trello brings all your tasks, teammates, and tools together

Trello is another free project management software on our list, which stands out for its visual, intuitive interface and ease of use. The free tool allows you to create boards, assign tasks, add cards and lists, and set due dates. It also has a very generous free plan and downloadable apps. Trello is ideal for freelancers and teams to build a complete project workflow with task visibility.

Key Features

Visual Kanban Boards

You can organize your projects with Kanban boards. There are options to create a new board from scratch, or you can choose one from the different templates. Some Kanban templates include marketing, design, sales, team management, and more. You can add different lists to your tasks and separate parts of your project.

Workflow Automation

Trello allows you to automate your workflow with a feature called Butler. You can create rules, commands, and buttons to automate all the actions in Trello. You can automate tasks and workflows without any coding. Even the free plan offers automation.

Plugins and Power-Ups

Trello calls its plugins Power Ups, which you can add to extend functionality. You can use the Power-Ups created by Trello for free, but those from third parties are paid. There are over 180 integrations that you can use.


Trello offers a free plan and three paid plans. All paid plans come with a free trial and an annual discount. From the free plan, you get unlimited cards, unlimited plugins per board, unlimited storage, and unlimited activity log. There will also be 10 Kanban boards and 250 automation per month.

Best Free Accounting Software

22. Zoho Books

Best Accounting Software for Small Businesses

Zoho Books - Online accounting software, built for your business

Zoho Books is one of the best free accounting software that you can use. Since it integrates seamlessly with other Zoho software like Zoho CRM, it’s a good choice for Zoho users. The free version is very generous, with features like mileage and expense tracking, invoices, reconciliation, and more. There is also a customer portal and time-tracking features.

Key Features

Multiple Integrations from Free Plan

Zoho Books allows you to integrate with other Zoho apps like CRM, Mail, Analytics, Inventory, Expense, Cliq, and more from the free plan. You also get access to third-party integrations like GSuite, Slack, Dropbox, OneDrive, Office 365, Zapier, and more.

Online Payments

With Zoho Books, you can connect to payment gateways if you have an online business, so customers can pay directly online. You can also create customized invoices for your customers. The software also allows you to link more than one bank account and organize your transactions in categories.

Dashboards and Reports

There is a clear, user-friendly dashboard on Zoho Books, which gives you a vivid view of your highest expenses, sales, total receivables, and payables. Based on the information, you can create different business reports like balance sheets, profit and loss statements, and cash flow statements.


Zoho Books has one free plan and five paid plans, with an annual discount on each plan. The free plan allows for one user and one accountant, and you can manage up to 1,000 invoices per annum. Other features include a customer portal, offline and online payments, recurring invoices, mileage and expense tracking, and automatic payment reminders.

23. NCH

Best for Financial Reports

NCH - Express Accounts Accounting Software

NCH is top-notch accounting software with a generous free plan that works for five team members. The free accounting software allows you to generate income statements, profit and loss statements, balance sheets, and sales analyses by customer, item, and salesperson. It offers a wide range of financial reports and allows you to carry out analysis. It can be downloaded on your PC for free.

Key Features

Basic Bookkeeping Functions

NCH offers all the accounting tools you might need in one software, including accounts payable and receivable monitoring, bank reconciliation, inventory management, billing and invoicing, financial reporting, and cash flow monitoring.

Inventory Management Features

The NCH Software allows you to manage inventory on the software. This is included in the Sales tab, and you can create inventory items and set a warning quantity and ideal quantities.

Bank Reconciliation Software

NCH is also one of the best bank reconciliation software that you can use. It allows users to create adjusting entries for reconciling items on the account book. But, these features have a steeper learning curve for first-timers.


NCH offers a free plan, which is available to only five employees. If you decide to pay, you can choose between Express Accounts Basic and Express Accounts Plus. You can download the app on your Mac or Windows devices.

Best Free Antivirus Software

24. AVG Antivirus Free

Best for Malware Protection

AVG Antivirus Free - Download powerful, award-winning free antivirus protection

AVG Antivirus Free is the best free antivirus software with great value in the free plan. The free plan might be limited, but it offers great malware detection and 24/7 scans to find rootkits, spyware, malware, and more. The top antivirus software is free and easy to download and will provide you with real-time security updates.

Key Features

Customize Virus Scans

AVG Antivirus Free allows you to choose how to conduct your scans. You can schedule scans for particular times, exclude specific files from being scanned, and reduce or increase the intensity of the scans.

Malware Scanning

With the free version of the AVG Antivirus, you get the smart scan option. The smart scan takes about a minute to complete and is meant to detect malicious files on your PC.

Secure Browser

The AVG Antivirus also provides a secure browser for your Windows, Mac, and Android devices. It is designed to prevent cyberattacks and protect your private information during online browsing. It has a private browsing mode and forces HTTPS encryption.


AVG Antivirus Free is the free version of AVG Antivirus. It can be downloaded for free and provides performance scans and real-time updates. For the paid version, you can choose AVG Full Internet Security which goes for like $77.99 a year.

25. Bitdefender Antivirus Free for Windows

Best Free Antivirus for Windows

Bitdefender - Bitdefender Antivirus Free for Windows

If you’re using a Windows device, you can consider using Bitdefender Antivirus Free for Windows. This antivirus software is completely free and works in the background of your Windows PC without any strain on your operating system. Despite being free, Bitdefender Antivirus offers live customer support.

Key Features

Protects from Multiple Viruses

Bitdefender Antivirus Free for Windows will protect your PC against ransomware, malware, trojans, rootkits, malicious websites, and files.

Identifies AI Messages and Cryptojacking

The antivirus software will prevent miners from hijacking your PC resources to mine coins. It will also identify if personalized emails are written by AI to trick you into clicking on a malicious file.

Does Not Interfere With Your PC

Even from the free version, Bitdefender does not interfere with your PC but will run quietly in the background. It will provide notifications without bothering you.


Bitdefender Antivirus Free for Windows is the free version of Bitdefender Antivirus. You can download it on your Windows device for free.

Should You Use Free Software?

If you are working with a tight budget and are a freelancer or run a small team, it will be a good idea to use free software. As long as you’re using the free version of reliable software or open-source software, you can rest assured that it is safe. The features available on free software will be limited, making it ideal for simple projects and small teams.

What Is The Best Free Software?

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