22 Best Enterprise Project Management Software of 2023

Updated Jul 19, 2023.

As a beginner to project management, any software can do, as long as it helps with basic planning and execution of the project. As you progress, you find yourself in a position where you have to manage a portfolio of projects alongside multiple teams, users, branches, or countries. That's when you should consider using Enterprise Project Management (EPM) software.

Enterprise project management systems allow for the management of projects on an organization-wide scale. From risk analysis, issue management, information systems management, time accounting, CRMs, plus more features, the software offers fully-fledged tools for portfolio management and multi-project assessment, all in one platform.

Does this sound like the project management tool you need for your business?

Keep reading as we review 22 of the best enterprise project management software, and let's find you the perfect fit for your organization.

Best Enterprise Project Management Software

1. Monday.com

Simplest Enterprise Project Management Software Overall

Monday.com is the Simplest Enterprise Project Management Software Overall

Monday.com is the best web-based enterprise project management software with excellent EPM planning, preparation, foresight, and communication. Furthermore, the tool is easy to use with a straightforward interface suitable for even novice tech users.

Project Management Tools

Portfolio Management Template

Analyze project returns and revise the scope of work for current and future projects and costs involved in each.

Reporting Dashboard

Review and collect data from multiple boards within the project. Track progress in each project.

Multiple Project Views

Review your project details in different views like kanban, list, calendar, form, and timeline view.

Project Accounting and Invoicing

Track working hours, staff hours, and resource use within the project.


Upload documents, attach files to cards, track changes in the timeline, add comments, and mention teammates. Receive real-time updates and other forms of communication in one platform.


Monitor software changes and developments and create work docs and knowledge bases around the projects.

Robust Workflow Automation

Spend less time creating project documents using built-in templates and automated work schedules.

Enterprise Integrations

Connect and scale the business with other enterprise tools such as Jira, GitHub, Trello, Dropbox, Gmail, and many more.


Learn more about Monday pricing or Monday review

Monday.com has five pricing plans. The individual plan is free and only suitable for two users. However, basic, standard, pro, and enterprise can cater to a minimum of five users. As for the EPM plan, the price is custom, depending on your company's needs.

2. ClickUp

Leading Enterprise Project Management Software for Task Management

ClickUp is the Leading Enterprise Project Management Software for Task Management

Coming up second to Monday.com, ClickUp excels as a PPM tool with a keen eye for task management. The software has dashboards to offer high-level views on your project, numerous widgets for organization, and time management features to make managing much more effortless.

Project Management Tools

Collaboration Detection

View, edit, type, and make changes to project documents in real-time.

Tracking Tools

Stay abreast of your project timeline, work hours, and resources using time reporting features like Global Timer and Start and Stop.

Budget Management

View Budget allocations, spending, and profits to manage your resources better. Perform financial calculations in your tasks, such as conversions and formula accounts.

Resource Management

Assess resources such as staff and equipment in the project and allocate them wisely.


Add tasks, notes, and comments to the project in time for other team members to act. Send scheduled tasks to other team members.

CRM Functionalities

Switch between the project management dashboard to CRM tools like Salesforce easily. Handle external demand from customers with demand management tools.

Automation and Integration

Utilize recurring tasks to stay ahead of your demands, deadlines, payments, and schedules.

Priority Flags

Protect your business from risks by adding priorities to project tasks and working on urgent projects ASAP.

Reporting Intelligence

Build effective plans with insightful reports and analytics on risks and resources.


Learn more about ClickUp pricing or ClickUp review

ClickUp is a cost-friendly software with four paid plans and a forever free subscription of up to 100 MB of data. All their paid plans are payable either annually or monthly, but you can save up to 45% on yearly payments.

3. Smartsheet

Scalable EPM for End to End Work Management

Smartsheet is the Scalable EPM for End to End Work Management

Trusted by over 90% of fortune 100 companies like Worldvision, Hilton Hotels and Resorts, and Cisco, Smartsheet is a valuable enterprise project management tool. It has core capabilities such as automation, integration, and collaboration that aid you in managing your projects seamlessly and effectively. What's more, you can extend the dynamic platform through a REST API and webhooks to enhance data sharing and functionality.

Project Management Tools

Workflow Automation

Keep the project in play with automated templates, project plans, and work schedules. Optimize work with automated routines.


Unlock real-time visibility with Gantt charts, donut charts, line views, and bar graphs.

Collaboration Tools

Get notified of real-time changes within the project. Stay informed on shared views, activity logs, reminders, statuses, and history of projects.

Critical Path

Keep a keen eye on tasks, deadlines, and important milestones.


Create all kinds of project reports, which you can easily edit or export to Excel for analysis.

Multiple Views and Roll-up Dashboards

Get a holistic view of the portfolio of projects running in the system. Use the Spreadsheet-Style format to make viewing easier.


Learn more about Smartsheet pricing

Unlike the two management tools above, Smartsheet doesn't have a forever free pricing option. Instead, the tool has three pricing plans: pro, business, and enterprise, with the lowest price at $7 per user per month. Even though the enterprise is the highest tier, Smartsheet advance also offers enterprise-type features and capabilities.

Sign up for the Smartsheet free trial today and manage your projects across your enterprise with ease.

4. Wrike

Most Configurable Enterprise Project Management Software

Wrike is the Most Configurable Enterprise Project Management Software

Wrike is a fully equipped EPM tool trusted by over 20,000 companies because of its configuration abilities. The software offers tools that will spearhead business management regardless of the industry. From marketing teams to professional service providers, entrepreneurs, and freelancers, Wrike is for everyone.

Project Management Tools

Customizable Dashboards

Plan projects, schedule tasks, eliminate roadblocks, and visualize completed dates instantly. Reduce weekly check-ins and enhance productivity at every level.


Ensure unity at work using live editing and built-in proofing tools. Communicate on the project in real-time with automated workflows, asset syncs, and approvals.

99.9% Uptime and Continuous Backup

Maintain top-level security to protect your data with Wrike Lock.


Switch between various views, boards, and charts from Gantt charts, Kanban boards, drag and drop charts, and workload views.


Work with the latest CRM tools, business apps, sales and marketing tools, file management, and communication systems with 400+ pre-built native integrations.

Business Portfolio Management

Manage multiple projects at once as you align the requirements to your business needs.


Learn more about Wrike pricing

Wrike has multiple pricing packages optimized to fit as many teams as possible. Their free version is suitable for up to five users, the professional plan that supports 5 to 14 users, and the enterprise package with scalability and enterprise-grade security.

Start your free EPM software trial at Wrike and enjoy custom access roles, two-factor authentication, and 10 GB storage.

5. Celoxis

Best EPM Tool for Accounting, Reporting, and Analytics

Celoxis is the Best EPM Tool for Accounting, Reporting and Analytics

Celoxis is more than just an enterprise project management software; it’s a comprehensive tool fitted with enterprise features to help businesses realize a return on projects with outstanding results. The software comes as a web-based project management software or platform-independent API with a user-friendly experience, quick integrations, and powerful collaborations for project success.

Project Management Tools

Real-time Project Scheduling

Stay ahead of your project completion dates and assign tasks on schedule.

Collaboration and Visualization Tools

View tasks and to-do lists, interact with Gantt charts, manage tickets, track time, share files and documents, initiate discussions, and report bugs all from one platform.


Track project time, finances, and resource availability and utilization with timesheets and time trackers. Monitor risks, bugs, and issues.

Inter-project Dependencies

Build project plans and adjust accordingly with real-time updates and scheduling tools.

Project Accounting

View budget spends, profits, and receivables with custom financial KPIs, revenue forecasting, and margin tracking.

Built-in Workflow Apps

Track the project's progress with workflow views and features

Resource Management

Monitor and allocate resources based on demand and availability. Utilize and optimize your workforce.


Celoxis Pricing Plan

Celoxis has only two pricing options: SaaS and on-premise packages. SaaS (cloud solution) goes for $22.50 per user per month, payable monthly, annually at a 10% discount, 2-yearly at 15% off, or 3- yearly with 20% off. On-premise goes for $450 per user billed once.

Join Celoxis 30-day free trial today and experience unmatched features at a fraction of the cost.

6. LiquidPlanner

Ideal EPM System for Predictive Scheduling

LiquidPlanner is an Ideal EPM System for Predictive Scheduling

LiquidPlanner is an online enterprise project management software with project portfolio management, resource management, time tracking, financial management, document management, and most importantly, project planning capabilities. This software is the only PPM tool that can help manage your team amid uncertainty using predictive analytics.

Project Management Tools

Planning Intelligence

Align your staff and prioritize your tasks based on resources and financial reports.

Time Tracking and Management

know how time was spent and create a schedule to optimize productivity.

Predictive Scheduling

Make intelligent estimations based on forecasts and manage any uncertainties and risks involved in the process.

Resource Management

Balanced the workload amongst your team members to ensure No one is overloaded, overworked, or underfunded.

Intelligent Insights

Receive data-driven reports to help improve performance and make vital decisions in the project.


LiquidPlanner Pricing Plan

LiquidPlanner has four innovative plans, starting with the free option that's powerful enough for real work. The remaining three plans include Essentials at $15, Professional at $25, and Ultimate at $35. All paid plans are billed annually, per license, per month.

Prioritize what matters today by joining the ultimate 14-day free trial.

7. Genius Project

Most Collaborative Enterprise Project Management Software

Genius Project is the Most Collaborative Enterprise Project Management Software

Genius Project(GP) is an excellent Celoxis alternative for two reasons:

  • They're both cloud-based enterprise project management software
  • They both offer two deployment options: SaaS and on-premises API

Genius Project is flexible and project-centric to adapt to multiple business models. The software offers excellent collaborative features such as a social team collaboration platform, calendar synchronization, customizations, and innovative integrations.

Project Management Tools

Project Portfolio Management

Increase project productivity and return with the portfolio dashboard, portfolio budget planning, and consolidated views.

Role-Based Workflow Automation

Tailor your project details into phase reviews, gate accounts, and approvals.

PPM Dashboards

Receive real-time reports and data analytics for resource management and utilization.

Planning and Gantt Charting Tool

Connect your Gantt charts to Microsoft projects for more accessible report reviews.

Time and Expense Tracking

Record and update project timeline and costs with the timesheets.

Cost and Budget Management

Compare prices and budget spending, planned and actual expenditures to highlight gaps or drifts with the budget.

Document Management

Distribute files and documents quickly and keep the users in the loop at every stage.

Change Management

Control the risks within the project and adapt quickly to any changes that may impact the project.

Project Simulator

Run simulations to assess risks, determine the optimal outcome, and overcome bottlenecks.


Genius Project believes that you should only pay for what you need. This is why they don't have fixed rates, and instead, they provide you with different license types for each business.

To experience a flexible and highly configurable project management software, get started with your 15-day trial today.

8. Planview Daptiv

Best EPM Tool for Business Management Using Lean and Agile Approaches

Planview Daptiv is the Best EPM Tool for Business Management Using Lean and Agile Approaches

Previously known as Changepoint, Planview Daptiv is a cloud-based enterprise project management software excellent for all kinds of businesses because of its customization and configuration. The software features robust integrations with CRM and ERP systems, intelligent and strategic planning, accessibility, and flexibility suitable for enterprise applications.

Project Management Tools

Portfolio Analysis

Identify risks and issues around the multiple projects and task dependencies. Gain transparency on the organization's main challenges and impacts.


Assess, prioritize, and plan your project initiatives based on your current standing, budget, and resources.

Demand Management

Work out your ideas, requests, and demands to effectively manage the project's life cycle.

Visualization Tools

Map project ideas and explore multiple project priorities with the many view options such as kanban boards, priority boards, list views.

Program Management

Improve project delivery status, create a comprehensive project solution, track your work, and configure your modules to your liking.

Dashboards and Analytics

Fast-track your decision-making using out-of-the-box analytic tools and embedded dashboards that offer a broad view of your projects.


Planview offers a myriad of products, hence why there are no fixed pricing plans. Moreover, every product has different features and capabilities, which means the pricing again can't be similar. Nonetheless, Planview offers a 30 day, fully-functional trial to help you decide on the best plan for you.

Sign up for their trial and agile, lean, and work management in one package.

9. Clarizen

Highly Scalable Enterprise Project Management Tool

Clarizen is the Highly Scalable Enterprise Project Management Tool

Clarizen is a leading project portfolio management system built with incredible features and capabilities suitable for any enterprise. As a Monday.com alternative, Clarizen too has a straightforward interface with customizable views and dashboards to ensure a user-friendly experience. Furthermore, the tool has a comprehensive work management program that helps increase collaboration and effectiveness across the enterprise.

Project Management Tools

Highly Configurable UI

Make project scanning easier with a simple and understandable interface; easy to set up and operate.

Resource Management

Track your time, work hours, costs, and expenses to ensure efficient resource management.

Financial Planning

Make financial decisions, create reports, and implement financial plans as per your budget.

Configurable Workflow Automation

Minimize overall workload, reduce human errors, and cut down on project hours using automation

360-Degree Real-Time Visibility

Receive real-time updates on the team's work and collaboration the information amongst each other.

Internal and External Communication

Share information, files, links, and discussions amongst project users to ensure everyone is on the same page.


Work with other enterprise-grade software like Jira, Salesforce, G Suite, Zendesk, Slack, and Zapier to improve project dependencies.


Clarizen had only two pricing packages: premium and unlimited. Both are paid plans with no specified price for either. Depending on your project needs, you can opt for unlimited with endless features or premium with limited management features.

Maximize your business outcomes with Clarizen today by requesting their free trial.

10. ITM Platform

Best EPM Tool for Fast Deployment and Integration

ITM Platform is the Best EPM Tool for Fast Deployment and Integration

If you're looking for software that can handle a heavy workload, work in any industry, and offers quick onboarding and integration in just two weeks, then ITM Platform is the tool you need.

ITM is a top project management system that helps convert strategy into project success. Using different project methodologies like agile and waterfall, document management, task management, and portfolio programming, ITM is a great choice. What's more, the software has one of the most straightforward learning curves for enterprises where you can learn the ins and outs of project management in a day.

Project Management Tools

Project, Program, and Portfolio Management

Structure your multiple projects according to your task schedules for individuals and the team. Assess the use of tools and costs relevant to the budget.

Revenue and Resource Management

Plan your finances and resources to ensure optimal use of hours and staff. Monitor external costs, revenue information, and profit margins.

Mobile App

Take the project with you everywhere you go and receive real-time updates on the projects.

Multilingual and Multi-Currency

Cater to many users with individual language changes and easy conversion prompts.

Supplier Management

Manage your customers and access the right suppliers for your customer base.

Integrate Social Networks

Collaborate project information between users by integrating with top social and business apps.


ITM Platform Pricing Plan
Source : Capterra

ITM has a flat fee of $24 per month per user.

Sign up for the 14-day free trial and try ITM Platform, Where Strategy Drives Projects.

11. Project Insight

Ideal EPM System for a Balanced Workflow

Project Insight is an Ideal EPM System for a Balanced Workflow

Project Insight is a simple, adaptable tool with sophisticated functionalities like resource planning, budgeting, scheduling, time tracking, and bug tracking. It's an excellent choice for enterprises because it's fully featured and has extensive customer care services with online tutorials and training.

Project Management Tools

Rest API and Automation

Keep the team working effectively with automated workflows and capabilities.

Intelligent Scheduling

Anticipate customer needs and schedule meetings and appointments. Change tasks automatically with successor links. Drag and drop tasks and update your projects easily.

Resource Management

View your organization's capacity from staff, work hours, and equipment and balance the workload effectively across multiple projects.

Time and Budget Management

Plan your budget by tracking labor and non-labor costs, expenses, and phases in each project.


Collaborate work with other software like Salesforce, Microsoft Office, Quickbooks, and outlook.


Project Insight Pricing Plan

Project Insight has three pricing plans starting with the free option suitable for small teams and startups needing task management. After the free option, you can upgrade to the “Grow As You Go” plan, where you add add-ons at $3 each. The last package is enterprise that goes for $45 per user, or you can choose a volume licensing option.

Sign up for Project Insight today and enjoy a free 14-day trial where you get advanced capacity planning, cross-project dependencies, and notification customization

12. Workzone

Best Enterprise Project Management Software for Visualization

Workzone is the Best Enterprise Project Management Software for Visualization

Dating back 17 years ago, Workzone is a pioneer in the project management software space. The tool excels in visualization as it offers 360° visibility of all your projects at one location: the project dashboard. With its clean and intuitive interface, the software combines its simple design with high-grade features to help businesses scale in their industry without the hassle of moving platform to platform.

Project Management Tools

Cross-project Dependencies

Automatically update everyone on changes within the project.

Single Sign-on (SSO)

Allow universal sign-on for all your users.

Reusable Project Templates

Save billable hours with built-in templates and action plans.

Unlimited Workspaces

Create separate workspaces within the project to manage the different company, personal, or client needs.

Cross-Project Dependencies

Create tasks dependent on different task deliverables to ensure good workflow

Time and Expense Tracking

Monitor and control your resources, costs, and expenses used in each project.

Gantt Charts

Illustrate the project schedule and its dependencies to other project users.

Advanced Reporting

Make different reports on resource use and use the reports for analytics and management.


Workzone Pricing Plan

Workzone’s enterprise plan costs $43 per user per month, but there are cheaper options. The Team pricing plan caters to five users or more at $24, while professional costs $34 per user per month. Every package includes unlimited training and support.

Request a demo or get in on the action by signing up for the Workzone project management software.

13. Hive

Comprehensive EPM Tool for Collaboration and Remote Work

Hive is the Comprehensive EPM Tool for Collaboration and Remote Work

Hive is the world's first democratic project management platform built and developed by users to users. High-end clients like Google, Starbucks, and Toyota use it as it offers organizational-wide efficiency, team dedication, collaboration, and high-level visualization for projects. Additionally, as a work management software, it provides a centralized hub where users can work across the globe delivering incredible outcomes.

Project Management Tools

Flexible Project Views

View your data, projects, and plans in the best way using summary view, tables, Gantt charts, Kanban boards, and calendar views.

Hive Forms

Duplicate work plans across different tasks and projects to minimize errors and save time.


Add labels, tags, notes, actions, and sub-actions to tasks with automatic buttons.

Communication and Collaboration Tools

Streamline communication lines for coworkers, clients, and suppliers using drag and drop task scheduling. Add comments, notes, or issues and attach files to documents easily.

Hive Analytics

Receive real-time reports on the productivity of the project users and monitor team progress and actions as per the insights.

Native and Zapier Integrations

Collaborate your work across 1,000 tools like Slack, Zoom, and Gmail.


Hive has three pricing packages: Hive Solo, accessible and suitable for small teams; Hive Teams for multiple projects at $12 per user per month; and Hive Enterprise for enterprises needing additional features, support, and capabilities.

Try Hive Enterprise today free of charge for 14 days and see if it's a food fit for your business.

14. Microsoft Project

Flexible Enterprise PPM Tool for Everyday Work

Microsoft Project is the Flexible Enterprise PPM Tool for Everyday Work

Microsoft Project is an EPM system sold and developed by Microsoft Corporation as a tool that helps businesses to plan, collaborate, and execute project tasks seamlessly. The software works with Office 365 to help manage projects using scheduling tools, integrated planning tools, optimized project portfolio management, among other features.

Project Management Tools

Timeline Functionality

Visualize your portfolio of projects and anticipate changes, issues, or risks (current or future).

Centralized Home Screen

Access project details from one platform similar to an Excel sheet.

Multiple PM Methodologies

Manage simple, basic, and linear projects and other complex methodologies like Scrum, agile, lean, waterfall, and hybrid.

Work Automation

Add project sprints, tasks, and forms to the project with ease.


Integrate with Microsoft other tools like PowerPoint and SharePoint to enhance cooperation between users.

Interactive Dashboards

use Microsoft Power BI to view project metrics and progress on the project's performance.

Multiple Views

Manage your projects from different visualization tools like the grid view, kanban boards, Gantt chart view, among others


Use custom reports to customize how the information will appear. Generate reports for presentation to customers, clients, and executives.

Timesheet Submission

Track your billable and non-billable hours for each project.

Resource Management

Identify your team members' capacity, assign tasks effectively, and track project resources.


Microsoft Project Pricing Plan

Get Microsoft Project from $10 a month per user for their cloud-based solution up to $55 a month per user for their project five package. They also have an on-premise solution, two of which are free, followed by a payable option called Project Server.

To learn more about how Microsoft Project can enhance your enterprise project management system, try out either of their pricing plans today.

15. TeamGantt

Best EPM Tool for Gantt Chart Planning

TeamGantt is the Best EPM Tool for Gantt Chart Planning

TeamGantt is one of the best online Gantt chart makers for project planning. The software is easy to use with a clean interface. It offers incredible features like time tracking, collaborative Gantt charts, and task-level communication.

Project Management Tools

Drag and Drop Scheduling

Create Gantt charts online and share them quickly across users.

Multiple Views

Switch between different views on the platform with a single click. From calendar views, kanban boards, Gantt charts, and more.

Resource Management

Handle your workload to ensure work is done efficiently and on time.

Collaboration Tools

Keep team members updated and in sync with the progress of the projects.

Advanced Reporting

Monitor costs and track hours spent on projects.


Compare your original project plans with current statuses to ensure everything is on track.


TeamGantt has four pricing packages: free, standard, advanced, and enterprise. The cheapest plan costs $19.90 per month, followed by $24.45 per month for the advanced. The enterprise package doesn't have a standard price, but you get all the benefits from the other three plans plus additional enterprise-grade features when you opt in.

16. Jira

Best Enterprise Software for Development Teams

Jira is the Best Enterprise Software for Development Teams

What started as a simple issue tracking tool slowly scaled into a project management software with enterprise features offering more than just tracking. Jira is an all-in-one EPM software offering task management, collaboration, and issues tracking, among other features.

Project Management Tools

Data Center

Gain premium support, upgrades, and increased performance to the system.

Issue and Project Tracking

Plan actions and initiatives for projects. Distribute tasks and teams work with team members. Monitor the progress of each project under the portfolio.

Out of the Box Workflow

Select your preferred work schedule and module that best fits your business model.

Multi-project Automations

Save time on recurring tasks using built-in templates and auto-assign schemes.

Atlassian Access

Keep your data secure and private with data backups and recovery measures.

Project Archiving

Work and hide projects in order of priority

Task Prioritization and Scheduling

Plan your task ahead of time with Scrum boards and Gantt charts.

Agile Reporting

Track the progress of the projects and teammates' workload with the reporting dashboards.

3,000+ Integrations

Extend the functionality of the software with third-party applications such as Slack and Trello


Jira Pricing Plan

Jira has four pricing plans starting with the always free option for up to 10 users, standard at $7.50 per user, premium at $14.50 per user, and enterprise that's billed annually with no standard fee.

Start your free trial today and scale tour enterprise into greater heights.

17. Zoho Project

Budget-Friendly EPM System

Zoho Project is the Budget Friendly EPM System

Zoho project is the number one project management software that provides a lot of value for a low cost. Ideal for small and growing businesses, Zoho Project can also be used by enterprises for project tracking, resource management, scheduling, and budgeting.

Project Management Tools

Project Scheduling

Define and assign project tasks to teams. Monitor work in progress in every project.

Document Management

Share your documents, files, and attachments with clients via the client portal.

Issue Management

Realize and resolve issues and errors in the project from one place.

Reporting Dashboard

Create reports and executive summaries on the project.

Resource Allocation Chart

Assign the correct number of tasks per member to keep them working at optimal speed.

Task Management

Use milestones, sub-tasks, and task lists to divide projects into workable sections.


Zoho Project offers three subscriptions: free, premium that costs $5 per month per user, and enterprise at $10 per month per user. Their enterprise plan allows for unlimited projects, up to 120 GB of storage, portfolio dashboards, among other great features.

Get started with your 10-day free trial at Zoho Project and experience the best value for your money.

Best for Large Enterprises and Professional Service Businesses

Mavenlink is the Best for Large Enterprises and Professional Service Businesses

Mavenlink is a fully-fledged enterprise project management software rich with features suitable for large teams. The tool has plenty of customizable options, an easy-to-navigate interface, and a long list of features to help you tackle project management effectively and efficiently.

Project Management Tools

Business Intelligence

Get real-time results and insights into the project. Work smart with robust reporting.

Resource Management

Use the right people in the right project to achieve excellent outcomes. Draw out the data you need for resource utilization and optimization.

Team Collaboration

Connect with your team members to maximize productivity. Enhance communication and increase overall engagement in the project.

Intuitive Integrations

Connect the project to other systems with the Mavenlink bridge. Infuse ability to your work with app integrations.


Increase efficiency and enhance the execution of tasks using automated work structures.

Operations Management

Organize and prioritize your tasks to make the most of project demands. View the entire perspective on the project.

Project Accounting

Use financial insights to make informed financial decisions for the project. Increase project profitability and bottom-line outcomes.


Mavenlink has a hefty price tag compared to other enterprise project management systems. This is why there's no clear pricing plan for the software. To get started with the software, create a custom plan for you and your business.

19. Oracle Primavera

Most Powerful EPM Tool for Project Planning

Oracle Primavera is the Most Powerful EPM Tool for Project Planning

The Oracle Primavera P6 software is a one-stop solution for project, program, and portfolio management and planning. For more than 30 years, the software has helped businesses plan, evaluate, and execute tasks while scaling to accommodate users' needs.

Project Management Tools

Program Management

Monitor and prioritize your projects as per the needs of the client or customer.

Risk Mitigation

View your project's health to avert working risks and issues.

Capital Oversight

Align strategies to ensure profitability and a high return on projects.

Critical path

Visualize your projects in one place. Monitor the progress of each project in the portfolio.

Resource Management

Improve speed and accuracy of delivery by maintaining optimal staffing levels.


Work effectively with other team members through document sharing and communication systems.

Workflow Engine

Automate your workflows to minimize human errors and speed up the completion time.


Unfortunately, Oracle Primavera doesn't disclose their licensing fee.

Get started with their self-guided demo today and learn more about Oracle Primavera.

20. Adobe Workfront

Most Customizable Enterprise Project Management Software

Adobe Workfront is the Most Customizable Enterprise Project Management Software

Adobe Workfront is an award-winning enterprise work management software that features centralized communication streams, codeless integrations, automated workflows, and effective portfolio management.

Project Management Tools

Work Management

Coordinate the project's life cycle from inception to execution using multiple work methodologies like agile, waterfall, or a mix.

Portfolio Management

Create cross-dependent action plans to automate and standardize work structures.

Visualization Tools

Customize how you view the projects from Gantt charts, boards, list views, and calendar views.

Issue and Bug Tracking

Track work hiccups, so they don't interfere with the work in progress.

Automated Workflows

Automate all review and approval processes to avoid missed file versions or paper signatures.

Digital Library

Manage your work through a digital content hub to allow all-around involvement by team members.

Demand Management

Formulate custom requests for completed work.

Product Integration

Work seamlessly with many other business applications like Google, Jira, Slack, and Adobe to integrate workflows.


Workfront has three pricing plans: enterprise, business, and pro. For each package, you receive a custom bill depending on what your business needs, this way, you only pay for what you use.

Contact sales today to get your custom billing for Adobe Workfront enterprise.

21. Asana

Best EPM Tool for Workflow Management

Asana is the Best EPM Tool for Workflow Management

Asana is simple, flexible, collaborative, and scalable. Working with high-level clients like Japan Airlines and Amazon, the software features multiple task management options, collaboration tools, workflow management, and reporting systems to help you plan, organize, and execute projects.

Project Management Tools

Multiple Project Views

View and manage tasks in any format from workloads, timeline, list views, kanban boards, calendars, and portfolios.

SAML Authentication

Automate user login and enhance administrator controls.

Agile and Scrum Methodologies

Conduct bug tracking, sprint planning, and tasks requests from one dashboard.


View your projects at one glance and monitor the progress of each project.


Share files, documents, and notes on task descriptions and upload attachments to projects.

Cross-Regional Backups

Keep your data safe and secure while online.

Custom Integrations

integrate with over 100 business and social applications like Zoom, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Tableau.


Learn more about Asana pricing

Asana has four subscription-based plans: Basic, premium, business, and enterprise. The basic option is free forever, while the premium costs $10.99 and business costs $24.99. For the enterprise plan, you'll need to contact sales for a custom plan.

22. Basecamp

Highly Flexible and Collaborative Enterprise Software

Basecamp is the Highly Flexible and Collaborative Enterprise Software

Basecamp may come last in this list, but without a doubt, the software offers an excellent all-in-one project management solution for enterprises. The software boasts 500 GB of storage for enterprise users, 500+ native integrations, and out-of-the-box features to help with portfolio project management.

Project Management Tools

To-Do Lists

Split your tasks into smaller manageable subtasks and phases. Assign deadlines and users and add comments to each to do assignments.

Collaboration and Communication Tools

Eliminate the need for additional tools for communication using real-time group chats, pings, and message boards.

Automatic Check-Ins

Eliminate Scrum meetings using automated check-ins set daily, weekly, or monthly.

Client Access

Get the client in on the action with custom access logins for your clients. Allow clients to monitor progress in the project while sharing insights with executives and shareholders.

Document Management

Share and upload files and documents with everyone in the project with just one click.

Integrated Calendar

Lets users toggle tasks and arrange their work accordingly to avoid deadlines. Schedule calls and meetings with other users.


Basecamp Pricing Plan

Basecamp has only one pricing package that costs $99 per month. The package offers unlimited projects and users, advanced client access priority support, no per-user fees, ongoing other incredible features.

Get started with Basecamp by signing up for the free 30-day trial.

Key Features of Enterprise Project Management Software

EPM software functions just like any other project management tool, except, it features enterprise-grade features that help not one or two projects but a portfolio. With an EPM tool, you get to manage and control thousands of staff, equipment, departments, and agencies in one go. Moreover, you need advanced tools that will make your work more accessible and more manageable.

That said, to get the right enterprise tool for you and your organization, you need to learn about the key features of such software.

1. Portfolio Management

Portfolio management entails planning, organizing, and executing many projects at the same time. This means there will be a lot of moving pieces as the number of users and tasks increases.

An enterprise project management software should have portfolio management capabilities to bridge the gap between strategy and implementation. The software should have advanced features such as project scheduling, task prioritization, and enhanced security tools to safeguard data. From the review above, such features could include SAML authentication, Single Sign-on, automated workflows and schedules, and work customization.

2. Collaboration

Collaboration is a broad term to mean communication and integration of workflows. Traditionally, a scrum or agile meeting would bring all the users in play on the same page. But with an enterprise, the work is remote since you can hardly get all the players in one room. This means, communication lines have to remain open, and collaboration has to be in real-time.

The right EPM tool should get you real-time communication portals like a message board or a chat room and collaboration features like document and file sharing.

3. Reporting and Analytics

A lot of time, effort, and dedication goes into making the project successful, and reporting and analytics lie right in the middle. You have to generate many reports for accountability to the customer, executives, and shareholders. You also have to use these reports to analyze if the project was a success.

An EPM software should offer such assistance by helping you generate various reports on the platform.

4. Project Tracking

Time is money, and if you want to optimize your productivity, you will want to track time on the project for all your team members.

EPM tools use time trackers and timesheets to record billable and non-billable hours every user spent working on the project. Again, you want to ensure profitability at the end of the project, which means you have to track how time was spent during the project.

5. Resource Management

In every project, there are resources you must inject into it to achieve your intended results. These resources include people/ users/ staff, time, materials, or equipment. You have to manage your resources effectively with the right resource management software to avoid burnout from your team or overuse/underuse of resources.

The EPM tool of your choice should help you monitor your resources to ensure you make the right choices regarding whom to assign a task, which material they need, and how long they have to work on the tasks to completion to avoid overloading or overworking.

6. Visualization/ Presentation

With a large organization, you will assign many tasks to many people. The last thing you want to do is repeatedly flip through pages so that you can oversee the project's progress.

Your chosen tool should have multiple viewing capabilities such as calendar views, which are great for scheduling, list views, kanban boards, Gantt charts for planning, and graphical representations.

Look for software that offers the best view, whether it's spreadsheet-style like Smartsheet, Gantt charts like TeamGantt, critical paths like Oracle, or another view. You could also search for features like user or project dashboards that let you view all the projects at once and customize them to your liking.

7. Risk, Bug, and Issue Management

The final key feature is risk management, where you define and assess risks in your project. Your projects will face their share of issues, so you want a tool that can manage and mitigate these risks before they become a real problem to the project.


What is Enterprise Project Management Software?

Enterprise Project Management Software is a tool built to manage projects on an organization-wide scale. From resource management, project planning, progress tracking, and collaboration. As the scope of work is more significant for enterprises, the EPM software should equally have advanced features to handle the enormous workload.

How Much Does Enterprise Management Software cost?

Unfortunately, there isn't a standard price or range that applies to all since these project management software often has additional features that affect the cost. Each software offers a mix of factors like user limits, features, storage, add-ons like custom branding, training, or support services. All these elements affect costs.

Which Enterprise Project Management Systems Should I Try

From the list above, all 22 options are excellent choices for your organization. But taking a keen look into your business needs and goals, some outweigh others in different categories. Here's a summary to help you make the best pick.

With that categorization, make your informed decision today.

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