16 Best Online Reputation Management Software of 2024

Updated Dec 5, 2022.
Best Online Reputation Management Software Reviews

Standing out as a company in the online community is no small feat. But what is even harder is ensuring that the reputation of a brand or product does not reflect negatively on the organization. The reputation of a brand can either boost or cripple the growth and development of its parent organization.

The reputation of a brand or company is very important online and offline but we can agree that online reputation is easier to ruin since information circulates faster on the web and social media.

According to G2 and Heinz marketing, about 92.4 percent of people will most likely purchase a product after reading a positive trusted review.

At this juncture, it is important to note that there are several practical steps that can be taken to improve a product’s reputation. But review generation and monitoring are time-consuming tasks.

This is where Online Reputation Management (ORM) software is needed. ORM software helps companies monitor customer reviews on different platforms such as social media, web reviews, forums, news, blogs, and many others from a single dashboard. They not only show reviews but also facilitate interaction between you and your customers.

This article will review the top sixteen online reputation management (ORM) software in 2022 so you will have no regrets after choosing an ORM for your organization.

Best Online Reputation Management Software

1. Retamo

Best Online Reputation Management Software for Tracking Customer Ratings.

Retamo is the Best Online Reputation Management Software for Tracking Customer Ratings

Retamo is an online review management solution that helps businesses generate and monitor customer ratings through multiple platforms like Glassdoor, Expedia, and many others. Promotion of certain reviews is done using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on websites or profile pages.

Retamo helps organizations share reviews across multiple platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and corporate websites. It allows your managers to use specific criteria, time periods, and search items to track customer ratings.

The platform compares the development of your company with that of your competitors using reliable key figures. Other benefits include gaining new customers and leads through the sharing of positive reviews to different social media platforms which are integrated into the library.


Retamo Pricing Plan

There is a free trial for Retamo and the paid versions start as low as €19 per month for the premium account which costs €129 per month. You can get more details on the enterprise plan from the Retamo website.


  • Simple set-up
  • Benchmarking allows you to compare your performance with your competitors
  • Customer support is quick and friendly


  • Additional cost for evaluating competitors

2. Uberall

Best Online Reputation Management Software for Location Marketing.

Uberall is the Best Online Reputation Management Software for Location Marketing

Uberall is a digital location marketing solution that helps businesses list all their locations online, boost their local SEO, get new customers and stay connected to these customers via reviews and social media sites. And all of this can be done on one cloud-based platform.

The main focus of Uberall is to build a solid relationship between businesses and their customers. It allows entrepreneurs to attract more customers using a centralized social media presence and generates meaningful insights to aid in the strategic improvement of their businesses when needed.

With benefits like ‘Near Me' brand experience, online reputation management, engagement with customers, global networking with over 125 platforms and directories, Uberall partnership programs, and many others. It is no wonder that this German startup has evolved to become one of the biggest go-to solutions for location listing.


Uberall pricing is tailored to fit the marketing objectives of each company individually. This method is adapted to ensure you do not pay for platforms you do not need.


  • Easy to set up and maintain
  • Very affordable
  • Automates maintenance of your Google My Business and other listings to improve your local SEO
  • The customer support team is friendly and helpful


  • Evaluating competitors attracts an additional cost

3. Reputation.com

Best Online Reputation Management Software for Business-to-Business Reputation Management.

Reputation.com is the Best Online Reputation Management Software for B2B Reputation Management

Reputation.com is a business-to-business online reputation management and customer experience management software that helps the business monitor and respond to their social media, online reviews, and surveys. The software analyses consumer sentiments and makes operational improvements through collaboration.

The Reputation platform often translates an enormous amount of feedback data into insights that companies can learn from and use to grow.

Several global organizations use the algorithm behind the Reputation Score X to provide a reliable index of brand performance to make targeted business improvements. Reputation.com is trusted by over 250 partners and supported by Bessemer Ventures and Kleiner.


Pricing is quote-based.


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Macros are easy to use
  • Reporting is customizable
  • 14-day free trial available
  • Allows you to respond to Google reviews


  • Might be too expensive for smaller businesses

4. Mentionlytics

Best Online Reputation Management Software for Small Businesses.

Mentionlytics is the Best Online Reputation Management Software for Small Businesses

Mentionlytics has been described as the ideal web and social media monitoring platform for small businesses, medium to large scale organizations, politicians, public figures, and artists.

It provides marketing leads to aid business growth and keeps you abreast of everything in your industry. It helps monitor the activities of competitors, discover customers, gives press feedback, and prevents crises.

The software also helps you find out what is being said about you by your fans and the press, as a public figure. Services rendered by your organization are upgraded based on reports and monitoring of your clients.


Mentionlytics Pricing Plan

The varying plans run as low as $99/monthly for small brands and startups to $299 for medium to large scale brands and a plan of over $450 called Agency. There is also room for custom solutions available for larger corporations.


  • Affordable
  • Great online monitoring
  • Support is excellent


  • Can be really slow
  • The dashboard is not customizable

5. Podium

Best Online Reputation Management Software for Customer Engagement.

Podium is the Best Online Reputation Management Software for Customer Engagement

Podium is redefining how customers engage with local businesses. It collects reviews on useful sites, enables your website with WeChat, allows collection of payment via text, and gathers private feedback to aid customer management from one centralized dashboard.

With Podium, messaging your leads and customers, getting reviews and feedback, collecting payments, and easy communication with your team is done from an all-in-one easy-to-use inbox.


The pricing is quote-based.


  • The mobile app allows you to respond to customer reviews and comments anywhere, anytime
  • Assign conversations to specific team members
  • Free trial available
  • Easy to use


  • It is expensive
  • The mobile app struggles with occasional glitches
  • Canceling your subscription might be difficult

6. Reputation Studio

Best Online Reputation Management Software for Large Brands.

Reputation Studio is the Best Online Reputation Management Software for Large Brands

Reputation Studio automates your reputation management on most global platforms like marketplaces, local business sites, app stores, social media, review platforms, and many more.

The software is suitable for large, enterprise-level brands that receive huge amounts of customer reviews. It is an ORM solution that leverages AI to automate the cumbersome review management process.

The platform helps you gain visibility into what customers want and know the products that need to be improved or removed from your inventory. It also empowers your team to roll out updates quickly.

With Reputation Studios, you can identify global opportunities that help improve customer service and address individual pain points in your operations and processes.


Reputation Studio Pricing Plan
Studio : Capterra

Pricing for Reputation Studio starts at $499 monthly per feature. There is no free trial available but discounts are available for only nonprofits organizations.


  • Easy to use
  • Salesforce integration allows agents to move seamlessly through consumer contacts while adhering to the appropriate compliance guidelines
  • Quick interaction with customers
  • Flexible


  • No free trial
  • Salesforce Service Cloud can be slow at times

7. Brand24

Best Online Reputation Management Software for Content Discovery and Distribution.

Brand24 is the Best Online Reputation Management Software for Content Discovery and Distribution

Brand 24 is designed to be a simple and reliable social monitoring application that can be utilized by businesses and companies of all sizes for identifying, engaging, and analyzing online conversations about their products, brands, and competitors from across the web in real-time.

It is a cloud-based marketing solution that helps users with content discovery and distribution. This platform offers an online mention feature that shows mentions across social media platforms, blogs, news sites, forms and generates alerts when these mentions occur.

The Mention Analytics feature helps users know who is talking about their brands and what they are saying. Some other features include influence scores, sentiment analytics, and tracking of sudden changes in the company's discussion volume to ensure users can spot issues as they arise and capitalize on the positive publicity.


Brand24 Pricing Plan

The starting price for Brand24 is $49 per month and it goes as high as $299 per month depending on the number of keywords and mentions needed.


  • Free trial
  • Top-notch customer support


  • Lots of spam and irrelevant mentions

8. Birdeye

Best Enterprise-Grade Online Reputation Management Software.

Birdeye is the Best Enterprise Grade Online Reputation Management Software

Birdeye is an ORM solution that has several powerful features and customer review software that can be operated from most browsers, used on mobile platforms like Android and Apple iOS, and can be customized by roles and locations of your business.

Its roles-based dashboards and different feature plans offer tools for big organizations, making it one of the best software for large enterprises. Birdeye can be used on any browser or its Android or iOS application can be downloaded.

Birdeye is also known for its ability to monitor reviews on over 150 sites, update business listings across over 50 sites, provide auto-response templates, instantly remove slanderous reviews, and so much more.

The platform is used by large corporations like Esurance and Coldwell Bankers. It can be integrated with over 1000 third-party applications. With Birdeye, you can also gain access to popular sites like Facebook, Amazon, GMB, and TripAdvisor.


There is a provision for customer-based quotes depending on the number of locations and the needs of the business. With annual billing, you can save up to 12%; however, the monthly plans start as low as $349 and go up to the custom-priced premium accounts whose price depends on the features you need.


  • 30-day free trial for qualified users
  • Setup assistance offered via an implementation manager


  • Expensive
  • Annual contract renewal may be required
  • Surveys, insights, and ticketing are only available on the Premium plan

9. Chatmeter

Best Online Reputation Management Software for Multi-location Businesses.

Chatmeter is the Best Online Reputation Management Software for Multi location Businesses

Chatmeter is an online reputation solution for businesses of all sizes across different industries that need to improve their online reputation through the use of qualitative and quantitative reviews, listing optimization, and improving customer experience.

It is the first local management platform that helps multi-location businesses to measure and improve their marketing effectiveness.

Full end-to-end marketing analytics is offered for large businesses with multiple locations. Chatmeter is the only platform that works with all social media platforms, review websites, search rankings, and listings to provide a full picture of all your business locations.

Chatmeter offers actionable insights on the best things you can do to improve your online presence, reputation, and in turn, rankings for every single one of your locations.


Pricing is quote-based.


  • User friendly
  • Fairly flexible


  • No free trial
  • Bugs on the platform

10. Wonderflow

Best Online Reputation Management Software for Customer Feedback Analysis.

Wonderflow is the Best Online Reputation Management Software for Customer Feedback Analysis

Wonderflow is a simple AI-based solution that can be used to analyze the millions of product reviews written on a daily basis and turn this wide range of customer feedback into winning decisions.

The target users for Wonderflow are large enterprises in Europe and the US with high consumer involvement focusing on the consumer electronics, cosmetics, insurance, tires, and logistics industries.

Wonderflow’s AI-enabled NLP and predictive technology extracts value from different VoC (Voice of the Customer) sources.


Pricing is quote-based.


  • Time and money saver
  • Free trial
  • Analyses data from other websites

11. Mention

Best Online Reputation Management Software for Social Media Listening.

Mention is the Best Online Reputation Management Software for Social Media Listening

Mention is a social media listening and monitoring solution that helps brands and agencies know what is being said about them in order to understand customer perception across social media and the web.

Mention helps monitor what is being said about your competitors online and helps you utilize this to stay ahead of the game. It monitors extensive sources across the web such as review websites, social media, blogs, news, and forums.

The platform also helps you connect with & grow your audience on social media, and also grow your online presence with the ability to easily draft, schedule, and publish posts from multiple channels.


Mention Pricing Plan

There are four pricing plans. The enterprise plan is called Company and can be negotiated with the service provider.

The other three pricing plans range from $29 per month to $199 per month depending on the features needed and your company's budget. There is also a free trial.


  • Free trial
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent for content discovery
  • Quick setup


  • Filters occasionally fail to work properly

12. Reviews.io

Best Online Management Software For Social Media Integration.

Reviews.io is the Best Online Management Software For Social Media Integration

Reviews.io is a cool new way to display reviews of your product on your website, on Google Ads, Google Shopping, and other sites that matter.

This reputation management software is a Google Partner, and it makes it easy to gather product reviews from your customers all over the world.

Review.io works simply. Your customers do not need to create an account to drop a review of their experience with your product. It simply sends an email and SMS invitation to verified customers.

Once they click the link, they will be redirected to the site where they can drop their reviews.

Reviews.io doesn’t only gather written reviews. With its social media integration, Review.io gathers reviews of your product from influencers via mentions on social media.


Reviews.io Pricing Plan

Review.io has a number of subscription packages for every business. There’s the Essential plan that goes for $45/ month. There are also the Small Business, Growing Business, and Enterprise plans available for $89, $159, and $499 per month, respectively.


  • Offers custom widgets
  • Boosts your online presence
  • Allows you to export reviews easily
  • Has a user-friendly interface


  • Your subscription plan determines the features you’ll have access to

13. ReviewTrackers

Best Reputation Management Software for Customer Insight.

ReviewTrackers is the Best Reputation Management Software for Customer Insight

With a customer base of about 50,000 businesses, ReviewTrackers exposes businesses to insights through the feedback and reviews of their customers and target audience.

Aside from helping businesses leverage the reviews of their customers, ReviewTrackers gives businesses the ability to easily manage the reviews they get from their customers. This means that you wouldn’t worry about gathering the reviews in one location for analysis; ReviewTrackers takes care of that for you.

You’ll get all the positive reviews from your list of happy customers which is a good way to boost the credibility of your business.


ReviewTrackers has four subscription plans that grant you different levels of access to their services. For starters, you’ll get the Lite, Starter, Essential, and Premium packages. Pricing for ReviewTrackers starts at $49 per month.


  • An easy way to track and monitor your reviews
  • Alerts you immediately a negative review pops up.
  • Allows you to generate metrics easily.


  • It’s a bit pricey

14. LocalClarity

Best Reputation Management to Boost Local Traffic.

LocalClarity is the Best Reputation Management to Boost Local Traffic

If you run a business that operates out of several locations, branches, or franchises and local search is how you get traffic, then LocalClarity is for you.

LocalClarity grants you customer insight via feedback. This insight is useful if you need a compass that points you to the core of your customer’s needs. You’ll easily pinpoint areas of your business that need improvement.

Although your business may have several locations, this tool helps you to manage your customers easily regardless of their location.

You can build a healthy relationship with your customers by directly engaging them. Using this tool also encourages your customers to easily locate your business regardless of the location.


LocalClarity Pricing Plan

While there’s no free plan, you can experience the app with the trial version. If you like what you see, then pricing starts at $12 per month.


  • Easy to use and understand.
  • The Review inbox simplifies your response process to reviews.
  • Makes it easy to manage your reviews.


  • The social media messaging system isn’t exactly great.

15. Shopper Approved

Best Reputation Management Software for Instant Reviews.

Shopper Approved is the Best Reputation Management Software for Instant Reviews

Thanks to their partnership with Yahoo, Bing, and Google, Shopper Approved has been able to thrive as one of the best platforms for customer ratings and reviews. Of course, these reviews are from verified customers of your business. It encourages your customers to instantly leave a review after successfully purchasing your product.

They can also leave reviews later but you have to sync your business mail with the platform. That way, your customers would get an email from you via Shopper Approved encouraging them to give an honest review of your product on the platform.

You can convert these reviews into insights that dictate the next line of action for your business.


Shopper Approved offers a 30-day free trial to businesses. After this period, you’ll have to request a quote. In other words, Shopper Approved tailors their pricing according to your needs.


  • Excellent Technical Support
  • User-friendly and easy to use
  • Effective in creating awareness.


  • It’s slightly difficult for customers to update their reviews.

16. Trustpilot

Best Free Reputation Management Software.

Trustpilot is the Best Free Reputation Management Software

Trustpilot is a famous reputation management system that deals majorly with reviews. It views every single review from verified customers of a brand as an experience they’ve had. Trustpilot helps your customers put these experiences in writing and alerts you when any customer leaves a review.

It’s a vast platform that's accessible to everyone, creating room for potential customers to build trust in a business by merely reading the experiences of one-time customers and loyal customers.

Business owners can send an invitation mail to their customers to leave a review on their products. It’s all thanks to the WooCommerce integration on Trustpilot.


Trustpilot is entirely free.


  • It sends an automatic invite to your customers to leave a review on your product or business.
  • The plugin makes it easy for you to add TrustBox widgets
  • It’s completely free.


  • Negative reviews get pulled down.

What is Reputation Management Software?

After successfully launching your business, there's still much work you need to do to enjoy business growth. One of the things you need to do to create awareness, boost your visibility, build trust, and control the public's perception of your business is to install reputation management software (RMS).

A reputation management software is an automation tool that you'll need to boost your business and manage people's perception of your brand. It's a way to stay connected with the public and quickly get feedback so that you'll know when you're not meeting your customers’ expectations.

There are a couple of things you can do with reputation management software. While many people might think an RMS only works to monitor and control negative reviews of your business, RMS has a lot more to offer.

You can get your business SEO ranking right with a good RMS. You can also perform a competitive analysis of the major players in your industry. And there is so much you can achieve with the right Reputation management software.

When It Makes Sense to Invest in a Reputation Management Software

Building a business is not as easy as it seems. Aside from ensuring that you consistently produce top-notch products, you also have to build a reputation for your business. And in business, reputation is everything.

If your business has an excellent reputation, you'll easily convert first-time users or buyers of your products into loyal customers who would both patronize your brand consistently and defend it. But when should you invest in reputation management software?

1. As Soon as You Start Getting Negative Reviews

You should invest in reputation management as soon as you start to notice negative reviews on your website, social media, or other platforms. Customers and potential customers lose trust in your brand when there are too many negative reviews about your business.

With reputation management software, you can easily reach out to those who have had negative experiences with your product or employees and try to rectify the problem.

2. When You Have Disgruntled or Malicious Current or Former Employees

You should also consider investing in reputation management if you have disgruntled current or former employees.

A disgruntled employee could go on a reputation-damaging spree. They may go as far as to create multiple false accounts on social media and other platforms just to slander your business.

Finally, you may have employees that are unnecessarily rude to your customers, which could fuel negative reviews about your business. In this case, it makes sense to invest in reputation management software.

How Does Reputation Management Work?

You should know that reputation management isn’t the same as repairing your reputation. So, it is not a strategy you adopt when your company’s reputation has been damaged. You probably would have to consider rebranding your business after performing a thorough audit.

Reputation management, on the other hand, refers to the steps you take to prevent damage to your business' reputation. It involves constantly monitoring mentions of your business on social media, comments, blogs, and so on, that paint a bad image of your company.

However, monitoring these nasty comments about your company isn't enough. Reputation management requires you to take a step further by responding to these comments, articles, and other media in a way that troubleshoots them.

For instance, you could reach out to unsatisfied customers, apologize for the bad experience they had, and make efforts to rectify it. If it’s an article or blog post, you might address the issue with a press release.

Reputation management works to consciously and constantly eradicate negative reviews about your business from the general public. The goal is to crush negative reviews before they gain any traction and maintain a positive image for your business.

How to Choose the Best Online Reputation Management Software

With so many options out there for reputation management software, making the right choice for your business might seem like a herculean task. How do you know what factors to consider when choosing one for your business?

Here are four steps to take to choose the best online reputation management system for your business.

1. Determine Your Goals

For starters, you need to determine what you intend to achieve with reputation management software. This will help you narrow down your options.

There is software for boosting your online presence. You’ll also encounter software that is strictly for monitoring and managing negative reviews and mentions. Others yet help improve your SEO ranking.

So, before you opt for any reputation management software, you have to determine what goal you want to achieve.

2. Understand That Negative Reviews Are Not Always the Cause of Reputation Problems

Sometimes, a negative review might not be responsible for the bad reputation that your business suffers. Your poor SEO ranking and the information you put out about your business might be ruining your reputation.

3. Research Your Options

Invest quality time researching your options for reputation management software. Regardless of how good a piece of software is, if it doesn't meet your needs, you shouldn't consider it.

You should also consider your budget. Compare each product’s price to the quality of its services. Take advantage of free trials and demos to see if an offering is the right fit.

Whatever you do, don’t choose software because it’s well known or is used by a well-known business. Every business is unique. Something might work well for one company and be a total disaster for yours.

4. Consider Other Technical Features

Look out for the other features and services that your reputation management software offers. For instance, you want software that can prevent bad reviews before they occur. You also want user-friendly software, too.

Which Online Reputation and Reviews Software Should I Pick?

As earlier stated, you should only pick an Online Reputation and Reviews software based on your goals, business size, and niche. There are tons of Online Reputation and Reviews software that offer different services that boost your business in different ways. These are our recommendations:

  • Retamo is the best online reputation management software for tracking customer ratings.
  • For location marketing, consider Uberall.
  • For B2B reputation management, check out Reputation.com.
  • Small businesses can get a lot done with Mentionlytics.
  • For larger brands, Reputation Studio would be the best option.
  • Trustpilot is the best free online reputation management software.

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