18 Best Free Email Verifier and Validation Tools of 2024

Updated Dec 6, 2022.
Best Free Email Verifier and Validation Tools

Congratulations, your email list is growing. That’s great news. It means you’re getting more leads.

But there’s a problem: your open and click-through rates are plummeting almost as fast as your email list is growing. How can this be?

If this sounds all too familiar to you, then it may be time for some email list spring cleaning. And this is where email verification tools come in.

Email verification tools are tools that run a variety of checks on your email list to identify and root out invalid or dangerous email addresses.

The result: improved deliverability rates and the preservation of your email server’s reputation. Simply put, you’ll dramatically reduce your chances of ending up in the spam folder.

In this post, we’ve rounded up the 18 best email verification and validation tools in 2022. We’ll discuss the features of each offering, as well as the pricing and pros and cons. By the end of this guide, you should be able to choose the perfect email checker for your needs.

Comparison of Best Email Verifier and Validation Tools

1. Hunter.io

Best Overall Email Verifier.

Hunter  is the Best Overall Email Verifier

Hunter.io is a powerful email outreach tool with a built-in email checker. Its main function is to help you find accurate email addresses for business leads from domain searches or first/last name and email address searches.

The email verification function can detect temporary emails, invalid emails, blacklisted emails, and emails with hard bounces, thereby improving your deliverability rates on email outreach campaigns and protecting your email server reputation.

Hunter offers three verification methods. You can opt to verify entire email lists using Bulk Email List Verification, which allows you to upload entire email lists for verification in one go.

You can verify single email addresses using Single Email Verification. Or you can verify emails by API, in which case you use Hunter.io’s API to integrate the platform with the tools you use to collect emails.


Hunter Pricing Plan

Hunter.io offers a free plan that gives you 25 email searches per month and 50 email verifications. Beyond that, you’ll need a premium plan for anything else.

Hunter.io’s pricing plans start at $49 per month — which gives you 500 email searches and 1,000 verification requests per month — and go all the way up to — $399/month — which gives you 30,000 email searches and 60,000 verification requests.

All paid plans come with priority support and access to Hunter Campaigns, which allows you to compose email campaigns and schedule follow-ups, all from your Gmail account.


  • Easy to use
  • Chrome extension available
  • The search process is seamless
  • Comes with a built-in versatile CRM
  • Results provided are reliable


  • On the pricey side
  • No personal email search
  • No longer permits LinkedIn integration

2. Snov.io

Best Email Verification Tool for Email Campaign Automation.

Snov is the Best Email Verification Tool for Email Campaign Automation

Snov.io is a popular email marketing automation platform used by both businesses and individuals alike. Snov.io helps to reduce bounce rates organically by finding, and validating emails. It also lets you create and execute drip email campaigns.

You can automate funnels for lead tracking, and the platform will send you real-time notifications with updates about the progress of your campaigns so that you can plan more effectively and efficiently.

Snov.io is also incredibly extensible, offering easy integrations with over 2,000 third-party services and platforms that include Salesforce, Zoho CRM, Asana, Zapier, Slack, LinkedIn, Trello, Google Forms, Intercom, and Twilio, among others. This makes the execution of campaigns much smoother.


Snov Pricing Plan

Prices range from $39/mo to $578/mo. On the lowest tier plan, you get 1,000 credits for email search and verification. And on the most advanced plan targeted towards agencies and enterprise users, you get up to 100,000 credits. All plans support unlimited users.


  • All-in-one platform for all things email marketing
  • Easy to use
  • Superb customer support offered via email, phone, and live chat
  • Supports several data formats for bulk email searches and verification, including XLS, XLSX, CSV, TXT


  • On the pricey side
  • No integration with Facebook yet

3. ZeroBounce

Best Email Verification Tool for Avoiding Spam Traps.

ZeroBounce is the Best Email Verification Tool for Avoiding Spam Traps

Used by major corporations like Allstate, Comodo, and TripAdvisor, ZeroBounce is a popular email verification tool that offers multiple verification processes and integrations aplenty.

The platform checks for emails that return hard bounces and spam traps, as well as email addresses that aggressively mark emails as spam. It also checks for and eliminates fake and misspelled email addresses.

With ZeroBounce, you can upload entire email lists for bulk email verification or verify emails one by one, depending on which emails you feel may be invalid. There’s also a real-time verification API that can integrate with your site’s forms to forestall the addition of bad email addresses to your email list in the first place.

Moreover, ZeroBounce is smart enough to append key information about the bearer to valid email addresses. It can add things like name, gender, location, and other important details that may be helpful come time to segment your email list for improved targeting.

Finally, ZeroBounce offers a very wide range of third-party integrations to extend its functionality dramatically. And where the integrations you desire don’t come built into the platform, you can easily build them yourself with Zapier.


ZeroBounce Pricing Plan

You can use ZeroBounce either on a pay-as-you-go — via credits — or subscription basis. The credit system starts at $16 for 2,000 email verifications. But if you opt for a subscription plan, you get the same 2,000 email verifications for $15/month, a discount of 6%.

There’s a free plan offering 100 email verifications per month. You lose access to any free verification the moment you pay for anything.


  • Great for avoiding spam traps
  • Enriches email addresses with relevant data
  • 24/7 support via email, live chat, and phone available
  • Does not charge for unknown results
  • Over 18 validation tools offered
  • 100 free monthly validations
  • Credits never expire
  • Remarkable extensible


  • Updates are not automatic
  • A bit expensive

4. NeverBounce

Best Email Verification Service for Speed.

NeverBounce is the Best Email Verification Service for Speed

Launched in 2014, NeverBounce now has over 100,000 customers. If anything, this is a testament to just how effective the platform is at its job. Its client list sounds like a roll call of the who’s who in several industries, boasting clients such as Uber, Dell, QuickenLoans, Girl Scouts, and Harvard Medical School.

NeverBounce is an email verification service offering single and bulk email verifications by validating mail servers and eradicating syntax errors and duplicate emails. NeverBounce can even check if domain names are live and whether an email has been blacklisted or not.

To use the Bulk Email Verification feature, you just upload your entire email list, wait for the analysis to be completed, and download a clean email list with an improved deliverability rate of up to 99.9%.

You can verify as many as 1,000 emails for free each month. Beyond that, you can get a paid plan to verify millions of emails from myriad sources like contact and lead forms, registration forms, CRMs, and others.

You also get instant bounce analysis with NeverBounce. This free feature — it comes free with every account — lets you analyze your list to see if it needs to be cleaned before sending out any mass broadcast emails.

NeverBounce is also quite extensible, offering integrations with a wide variety of the most popular help desk software and email marketing tools. And you can create your integrations with Zapier if the integrations you need don’t come pre-built.

NeverBounce’s help docs feature extensive tutorials for setting up integrations. It’s also developer-friendly as there are API wrappers available for ready integration. Every account comes with 1,000 free API verifications each month.


NeverBounce Pricing Plan

NeverBounce is offered on a pay-as-you-go basis. This means that you only pay for what you use each month, although you can opt to get billed monthly.

If it’s the case that you prefer to be billed monthly, you’ll need to provide the vendor with the number of emails you need to verify each month and sign up for a free account to receive a quote.

Pay-as-you-go rates range from a low of $0.003 per email — for up to 1 million emails — to as high as $0.008 per email — for up to 10,000 emails. Beyond 1 million emails, you’ll need to contact NeverBounce’s sales team for a custom quote.


  • Extremely fast and thorough
  • Reduces bounce rates significantly
  • Quickly identifies over 25 advanced data points like free email hosts, role accounts, data with incorrect syntax, valid DNS/MX records, and others detected during email cleanses.
  • Super clean, uncomplicated user interface


  • No deeper insight into exactly why an email was pulled/filtered/flagged in the cleansing process.
  • Hubspot integration could use some work.

5. MailerCheck

Best Pure-Play Email Verification Tool.

MailerCheck is the Best Pure Play Email Verification Tool

If you know and love MailerLite, one of the most popular email marketing platforms, then you’ll love MailerCheck. MailerCheck is an awesome pure-play email verification and validation platform created by the same company that brought you MailerLite.

MailerLite has some of the best deliverability rates on the market. So, it’s no wonder it has over 1.1 million customers. The MailCheck platform checks for inactive mailboxes, temporary mailboxes, syntax errors, and many other issues and oversights.

To verify emails in bulk, you just have to upload a CSV file of your email list or connect the platform with your email provider. The platform provides API integrations with a wide range of email providers so that you can automatically pull your entire email list into the platform in a single click.

Of course, this is in addition to single email verification, if that’s how you prefer to do things. And after every verification, whether in bulk or by API, you get a detailed report.


MailerCheck Pricing Plan

With MailerCheck, you can opt to pay as you go or save 20% with a monthly subscription. The pay-as-you-go option operates on credits, and you get 1,000 credits for $10. Prices drop dramatically as you purchase more credits.


  • Quick verification process
  • Relatively inexpensive

6. Truemail.io

Best Email Verification Tool for Security.

Truemail is the Best Email Verification Tool for Security

Three words to describe TrueMail would be effective, low-cost, and intuitive. Its effectiveness is evidenced by the fact that it can boost deliverability rates to as high as 99%.

TrueMail verifies your entire email list in real-time and sorts them into one of five categories: valid, invalid, unverifiable, disposable, and unknown. It automatically removes duplicates and bad syntax before cleaning, at no additional charge.

Additionally, it offers advanced mail server verification for user identification. TrueMail will check domains for the overall health, running checks to see if a domain is live or parked.

The simple design of the UI makes it a joy to use, especially for non-technical users. After verification, the platform seamlessly segments the results for download. You can choose to download only the active emails and leave the rest, eliminating the need for additional data wrangling in Excel.

Extensibility is another of TrueMail’s fortes. As if the 2,000+ integrations built into the software aren’t enough (both natively and via Zapier), TrueMail is also developer-friendly, offering an API for connecting the solution with any platform you wish.

On the security side, your data is encrypted with 256-bit SSL Protocol and can only be accessed by someone who has your login credentials. Finally, there’s a Google Chrome extension to let you validate emails right from inside websites you visit.


Truemail Pricing Plan

After using up your 1,000 free credits, you can choose any of several plans according to your needs. Plans start at $7 for 1,000 email verifications and go up to $2499 for 2 million verifications.


  • Security is top-notch
  • Mobile apps available for Android and iOS
  • Web-based


  • Customer support can be slow to respond to issues

7. EmailListVerify

Best Email Verification Tool for Improving Deliverability.

EmailListVerify is the Best Email Verification Tool for Improving Deliverability

Say you have a choice between two email verification tools. One is a tool used by everyone else, and the other is used by the gold standard when it comes to email marketing, MailChimp. Which would you pick?

Yeah, we thought so, too.

If EmailListVerify is good enough to be used by the best of the best in email marketing, then you know that it’s good enough for the rest of us. And with big-name companies like Shopify and Rackspace on their client list, it comes as no surprise that they’ve scanned over 5 billion email addresses during their time in business.

EmailListVerify performs a series of checks to uncover and eliminate invalid, parked, temporary, and duplicate emails from your list. It also checks for syntax errors, spam traps, and emails with hard bounce rates.

Upload your list using one of the several methods available to you on the platform and it returns a spick-and-span list with a deliverability rate of over 99%. If you like, you can also verify single emails, too.

Even better, you can preempt the addition of bad email addresses to your list by adding the email verification API to the registration, contact, and opt-in forms on your website. This eliminates invalid email addresses in real-time by preventing users from submitting forms unless they input a valid email address.

The platform integrates neatly with most email platforms. But you can always upload your list in a CSV, XLS, XLSX, or TXT file if integration to your platform isn’t available.


EmailListVerify Pricing Plan

With EmailListVerify, you can opt for either pay-as-you-go billing or a monthly subscription. The pay-as-you-go option starts at $4 for 1,000 verifications. The cost per verification drops as the number of emails you need to verify increases.

Going for the monthly plans can result in savings of up to 50%. The subscriptions are based on how many emails you need to verify per day, starting at 5,000 emails per day for $139/month and going all the way up to 100,000 emails per day for $989/month.


  • The user interface is well designed and intuitive
  • One of the most reliable email verification tools in the market
  • The platform is easy to use
  • Customer support is outstanding


  • The verification process can be slow
  • No mobile apps available

8. AeroLeads

Best Email Verification Tool for Overall Lead Generation.

AeroLeads is the Best Email Verification Tool for Overall Lead Generation

Branded as one of the most powerful and robust lead generation and prospecting tools on the market today, this email verification tool also has a clean user interface and an unrivaled ease-of-use to boast of. AeroLeads leads the market with constant updates, rolling out new tools regularly.

Getting the leads you want is fast and easy. A simple search will yield the data you want based on the data source you choose. It’s a fast and streamlined process. You can search contacts by company in a quite similar process to how you would use a search engine.

The Google Chrome extension is another standout feature of AeroLeads’. With this feature, you can look up and capture contact information in real-time from the most reliable online sources, including company databases and social profiles such as LinkedIn, Crunchbase, AngelList, and the like.

Armed with your list of relevant prospects, you can transfer contact information and other details into AeroLeads with a few simple clicks. The platform will then churn out a very thorough profile of each prospect, including details like their name, email, phone number, and social profiles.

If you like, you can export the data into any CRM application of your choice; there’s built-in integration with tools like Salesforce, HubSpot, MailChimp, and Zapier.


AeroLeads Pricing Plan

AeroLeads offers four pricing plans starting with the Take Off plan, which is available for $49/month or a one-time fee of $1,000 and going all the way up to the Cruise Plan, which is available for $499/month or a one-time fee of $3,000. The Enterprise Plan is the final plan and is available on a quote basis.


  • Very accurate and reliable
  • Chrome plugin available
  • User-friendly interface
  • Stellar customer service


  • Takes time to load information

9. Getprospect

Another Great Email Verification Tool for Overall Lead Generation.

Getprospect is Another Great Email Verification Tool for Overall Lead Generation

Another great prospecting and lead generation tool, GetProspect is a cloud-based email extraction tool that generates rich contact lists with details such as job positions, email addresses, LinkedIn profiles, company names, and much more.

GetProspect is designed to help organizations of all sizes with prospect data management and lead tracking using key features like profile verification, project & team management, and data import/export.

You can collect and categorize contact profiles into groups and organize the details by company name or posts. The platform also offers some collaboration features, allowing managers to collaborate with employees and share project agendas, marketing plans, and other such documents.

Moreover, GetProspect allows you to verify and filter customer details, streamlining the process of enrolling prospects into your mailing list.

As for integrations, GetProspect integrates well with several third-party platforms via Zapier such as LinkedIn, Google Sheets, Pipedrive, HubSpot, MailShake, Salesforce, Facebook Lead Ads, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, Slack, NeverBounce, Twitter, Hunter, and many more.


Getprospect Pricing Plan

There are four plans available: Free, Starter, Basic, Plus, and Pro. Billed monthly, they range in price from $0 to $399, offering a set amount of email credits ranging from 100 on the free plan to 50,000 on the Pro plan. Opt for an annual plan and you can save up to 30%. With each plan, you get integrations, API calls, unlimited team access, imports, CSV exports.


  • Easy to use
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Seamless process
  • Accurate and reliable


  • Does not come with the ability to archive or export companies

10. Clearout

Best Email Verifier and Validation Tool for Accuracy.

Clearout is the Best Email Verifier and Validation Tool for Accuracy

Clearout is a convenient email validation and verification service that boasts an accuracy rate of 96%. It verifies active SMTP servers for email addresses, fixes syntax errors, and estimates a deliverability score and response time for each email address in your list.

Emails can be validated in bulk as part of a full list or one by one as needed. For bulk email verification, you only have to upload a CSV or XLSX file containing your email list and in a single click, Clearout will validate the emails

With its 96% accuracy rate, Clearout sure has one of the best accuracy rates on the market. The platform runs more than 20 different validation checks on each email address or list. This is responsible for Clearout’s standout accuracy.

It checks for email addresses that may be classified as honeypots, catch-up, disposable, or spam traps. It also runs checks to normalize email addresses that contain syntax errors.

In other words, it can correct syntax errors in email addresses by applying the standard format. This applies to Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, or iCloud sub-addresses. Plus, it can help you avoid sending emails to multiple email addresses that are pointing to the same inbox.

Clearout doesn’t skimp on security either, protecting your data with a 256-bit SSL protocol both during transmission and while at rest. There’s an iron-clad privacy policy and an access control mechanism in place, too.


Clearout Pricing Plan

Those who only need email verification sporadically will find the best value in Clearout’s pay-as-you-go plans. The plans start at $21 for 3,000 credits and max out at $1,100 for 1 million credits. Beyond that, you must reach out to the vendor via chat or email for a custom quote.

For those with a more regular need for email verification, the monthly or annual subscription plans are the way to go. Subscription prices start at $31.5 for 5,000 monthly credits and go all the way up to $4,050 for 5 million monthly credits. Again, beyond that, you must reach out to the vendor via chat or email for a custom quote.


  • Up To The Mark Turnaround Time
  • Excellent accuracy
  • Great customer support
  • Superb security
  • 100 free credits for successful signup
  • Easy to use REST API


  • Expensive

11. Mailfloss

Best Email Verifier and Validation Tool for Simplicity.

Mailfloss is the Best Email Verifier and Validation Tool for Simplicity

The simplicity of Mailfloss is one of the features that make it extraordinary; for want of a better term, let’s just say that it’s effortless to use.

Mailfloss aims to automate the email verification process, freeing you up to focus on actually running your business. It integrates with a large number of email marketing services and tools such as MailChimp, Drip, ConvertKit, SendinBlue, MailerLite, and many more.

In addition to detecting invalid email addresses, temporary addresses, duplicate emails, and spam traps, Mailfloss also removes emails with hard bounces and validates syntax errors.

As expected, bulk email verification comes standard, as does single email verification. You also get automatic daily cleanups, which means that Mailfloss will automatically clean up your email list for all email marketing services you have connected to it every day.

You can also set up custom whitelist/blacklist options to manually finetune the tool’s cleaning process. You have total control over which emails get deleted from your lists, which means that you can prevent the tool from removing emails you know to be valid.

And, in addition to the integrations that come standard with Mailfloss, you can create custom integrations with Zapier, too.


Mailfloss Pricing Plan

MailFloss claims to offer some of the best prices on the market. After a free 7-day trial, you can opt for one of the one-time bulk verification packages or sign up for a monthly subscription (notice a pattern yet?).

For the subscription plans, expect to shell out anywhere between $17/month and $200/month, depending on whether you need only 10,000 email verifications per month or as much as 125,000 email verifications. In between, there’s a $49/month plan that offers 25,000 email verifications.

Opt for annual billing and you’ll receive 2 months free. The free trial is only applicable with a supported email service provider.

With the one-time bulk verification plans, you can get 10,000 email verifications for $20.


  • Unbeatable simplicity and ease-of-use
  • Great prices, especially given the quality of the service
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy integrations with most email marketing platforms
  • Great customer support


  • After-cleaning reports can be confusing

12. Bouncer

Best Email Verification Tool for GDPR-Compliance.

Bouncer is the Best Email Verification Tool for GDPR Compliance

Easy-to-use and accurate, Bouncer provides you with trustworthy data for your email outreach campaigns. With a 99.5% validation accuracy, extensive integrations, and GDPR compliance, Bouncer is one of the better offerings in the email validation market.

Using AI technology and proprietary algorithms, the platform lets you add email lists in CSV or TXT format and detect free, invalid, or temporary email addresses. The platform has top-grade security, boldly declaring that it will never sell or rent out your data to anyone.

You can also verify the syntax of emails in your lists, automatically run domain name system checks, and validate mail exchanger records. With the API, you can validate email addresses in real-time, right from your signup forms. This means that you can preempt the addition of bad email addresses to your list in the first place.

Being GDPR-compliant, you can secure private and confidential information according to GDPR.

And there are plenty of integrations with all your favorite third-party email marketing tools such as Constant Contact, MailChimp, Woodpecker, ConvertKit, and many more. As for support, there are extensive documentation and FAQs to guide you along your way, besides other support channels.


Bouncer Pricing Plan

If you haven’t noticed the pattern already, most providers of email verification software tend to offer both pay-as-you-go and subscription plans. And Bouncer is no different.

The subscription plans start at $20/month for 10,000 verifications and go up to $500/month for 500,000. A custom quote is required for needs exceeding these quantities.

On the pay-as-you-go end, prices start at $0.0050 per verified email when you verify between 1,000 – 4,000 emails. Prices taper off from there. You pay $30 to verify 10,000 emails and $1,000 for 1 million emails.

Either way, you get 100 free credits when you signup.


  • Support is efficient
  • GDPR-compliant
  • Boasts some of the best bounce rates in the industry
  • Easy to set up and use


  • No support for Zapier integrations

13. Voila Norbert

A Simple and To-the-Point Email Search and Verification Tool.

Voila Norbert is Simple and To the Point Email Search and Verification Tool

Voila Norbert has a secret ingredient: a proprietary cloud-based algorithm in addition to the industry-standard email search algorithms. This secret sauce makes it one of the most accurate and easy-to-use email finder tools on the market, delivering superb email quality,

While you may be tempted to overlook it because it lacks many of the features available on other email finders (like a searchable database and drip campaigns), don’t; Voila Norbert prefers to save the effort and use it to provide a truly commendable core service, email search and validation.

The bulk email verification service is available with a pay-as-you-go model. So, if you need to clean large email lists and good deliverability for a healthy sender’s score, Voila Norbert can help with that.

The bulk email enrichment service, also available with a pay-as-you-go model, automatically fetches your prospect’s details like company, job title, social profiles, and location.

Finding individual or bulk emails is easy. Just enter the name and company URL in the search box, click search, et voila! The system returns the emails of everyone on the list. You can export your results to CSV, XLCX, or Google Sheets.

With 13 native integrations built into the platform (including Mailshake, Salesforce, Pipedrive, and many more), connectivity will never be a problem, especially because of the Zapier integration that allows you to make custom integrations and workflows. And if that’s not enough for you, their API should do the trick.

If you build prospect lists while surfing LinkedIn and other company sites, then you’ll love Voila Norbert. There’s a Chrome extension that allows you to pull up the contact information of any prospect whose page you’re looking at and pull it directly into Voila Norbert.


Voila Norbert Email Verification Pricing Plan

Voila Norbert offers each of its three services (Prospecting, Verification, and Enrichment) separately. The Verification service costs only $.003/email up to 500,000 emails and $.001/email above that. So, verifying 1,000 emails will cost $3. There’s a minimum price of $2, though. So, whether you have to verify 100 emails or 667, you still pay $2.


  • Simple and accurate
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Handy chrome extension
  • Responsive customer support


  • No explanation as to why an email search failed
  • The free plan only offers 50 free leads

14. Email Hippo

Best Email Validation Service for Verifying Yahoo Email Addresses.

Email Hippo is the Best Email Validation Service for Verifying Yahoo Email Addresses

Email Hippo is an email verification service used by professional marketers to clean their email lists and rid them of incorrect email addresses. It can check for disposal email addresses, mailbox, spam traps, syntax errors, and catch-all email addresses.

All the data gathered are displayed on a mobile-optimized dashboard with charts and reports. Unlike most competitors, Email Hippo can verify more than 95% of Yahoo Mail addresses. It’s cloud-based, so you don’t have to install any software. Just subscribe and upload your lists in CSV format for cleaning.

The platform can verify up to 500,000 emails at once, and it can easily handle up to 40 million email address verifications per month. Integration with almost any platform is also possible thanks o a RESTful API.

Finally, there’s an impressive knowledge base with plenty of documentation and examples.


Email Hippo Subscription Plan

Available both as a subscription and pay-as-you-go, Email Hippo costs $9.50 for 1,000 emails (that is, both the subscription plan and pay-as-you-go plan) and this amount drops as the number of emails verified increases. On the pay-as-you-go plan, there’s a transaction minimum of $10. A free trial is available.


  • Easy to use
  • You get results in a nice tabular view
  • Gives you a full report with details on non-verifiable emails


  • The interface is quite outdated
  • Prices are on the high side
  • Slower with larger lists

15. Email Checker

Best Email Verification Service for List Cleaning Automation.

Email Checker is the Best Email Verification Service for List Cleaning Automation

It’s in the name; Email Checker is another widely popular email verification tool, boasting such mega clients as Seagate, EE, and Box. They’ve processed over 19 billion emails from their inception to date and prevented over 1.3 billion bounces. Those are pretty significant milestones any way you look at it.

The tool fixes syntax errors, removes emails with invalid email domains, temporary emails, and other errors and typos (such as correcting gmail.cm to gmail.com). The catch-all verification feature detects emails with hard bounce rates and clears them out of your list.

You can verify emails individually or upload your entire list for verification. You can choose which emails you want to download after the verification is completed — you can download only the verified emails, unknown emails, bad emails, or catch-all emails.

There’s also a real-time verification API that integrates with your site’s forms to reject bad or invalid email addresses before they are even added to your list. And you can automate your list cleaning with the API by having it clean your list daily. This is great if you receive numerous new subscribers each day.


Email Checker Subscriptions Plan

There’s a credit-based system and monthly subscriptions at Email Checker, each with twelve tiers. The credit-based system starts at $14 for 1,000 verification and maxes out at $2,499 for 2.5 million emails.

Subscription plans start at $10/month for 1,000 email verifications and go all the way up to $1,899/month for 2.5 million emails. No matter what plan you go with, you must subscribe for two months upfront.


  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Works exactly as advertised
  • Automates the cleaning process


  • Does not explain why emails are invalid

16. DeBounce

Best Email Verification Service for Extra Features.

DeBounce is the Best Email Verification Service for Extra Features

DeBounce can be integrated with your opt-in forms in one of three ways: by API, WordPress plugin, or JavaScript widget. There’s a data enrichment engine that will tell you who owns any email address. This makes email personalization easy, thereby increasing the effectiveness of your email campaigns.

As expected from any email verification tool, you get syntax correction, domain/MX records checks, role-based account detection, disposable email address detection, and spam trap detection.

These are all standard features of most email verification services. But where DeBounce stands out is in the extras. For one, DeBounce carries out an extra verification step after all the above checks.

It will ping each mailbox in the list without sending any email to them. This helps it to decisively verify mailbox presence. It’s no wonder DeBounce boasts deliverability rates of up to 97.5%.

Turnaround times are impressive too, with the platform being able to process 200,000 emails in under 5 hours. As for real-time authentication with APIs, you have a choice between Python, Ruby, PHP, and C# APIs.

The platform is cloud-based and features anti-grey listing technology — this means that it creates intentional delays between several validations so that it seems more like a well-configured email server.

There’s a free trial in the form of 100 free verifications. But if that’s not enough for you, DeBounce offers a complete refund for any bounce rates over 8%. Talk about confidence.


DeBounce Pricing Plan

Pricing is simple; you only pay for what you need and credits never expire. Prices start at $10 — for which you get 5000 email verifications and go all the way up to $1500 — which gives you 5 million verifications. That’s a steal, especially when compared to other providers’ prices.


  • Real-time API and Javascript widget
  • Free trial and credits
  • Team account facility
  • Integration with many applications
  • Fast email verification
  • Budget-friendly
  • Great accuracy


  • Only email support available — no chat or phone support

17. Proofy.io

A Truly Remarkable Email Verification Tool.

Proofy is a Truly Remarkable Email Verification Tool

Designed to serve SMEs and agencies alike, Proofy provides features for mailing list management and drip campaigns in one place.

The email verification service is remarkable, boosting deliverability rates by helping you avoid trash emails and protecting your SMTP servers. Integrating Proofy to your website via the API allows you to run email verifications in real-time. The system also eliminates duplicate email addresses, as well as invalid emails and inactive domains.


Proofy Pricing Plan

Proofy gives you 100 free checks when you first sign up. After that, You can pay $16 for 5,000 emails on the lower end and $99 for 50,000 emails on the higher end.


  • Well-designed UI
  • Excellent accuracy
  • Simple and easy to use with user-friendly navigation


  • No WordPress plugin

18. Verifalia

Best Alternative to Email Hippo for Validating Yahoo Mailboxes.

Verifalia is the Best Alternative to Email Hippo for Validating Yahoo Mailboxes

Verifalia is a trusty web-based email validation service. It performs a full hygiene check and cleansing procedure via DNS validation and MX records lookup. It also checks for SMTP and mailbox connection availability, ISP-specific syntax, advanced syntax according to IETF standards, role accounts, disposable email addresses, and catch-all testing, and international domain names.

Verifalia is also able to validate Yahoo Mailboxes, which makes it a great alternative to Email Hippo. This is huge as most providers are unable to offer validation for Yahoo mail because of Yahoo’s particularly strict security measures.

Moreover, Verifalia comes with anti-greylisting technology. It can detect temporary mailbox unavailability and retry addresses several times at specific intervals to avoid greylisting. And with the HTTPS-based RESTful APIs, you can automate validations in mere minutes.


Verifalia Pricing Plan

You get 125 free validations per day on the free plan. If you need more than that, you’ll have to shell out anywhere between $9/month for 250 verifications per day and $499/month for 25,000 verifications per day — that is, if you opt for annual billing.


  • You get 125 validations per day for free
  • The free plan may be good enough for most people
  • Can validate Yahoo emails


  • The paid plans are a bit expensive
  • No native integrations
  • Weak customer support
  • Poor turnaround time

Why Use Email Verification and Validation Tools?

Astonishingly, only 10% of email addresses collected are accurate. And 60% of consumers intentionally provide incorrect information when submitting personal details online.

Read that again.

Email is still the number one way to get customers. Real customers start with real emails. And the only way to ensure that the customer data you collect is of the best quality is email validation. Email verification improves the overall effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns, fraud prevention efforts, and protects your sender reputation.

There are four main benefits to using email verification tools:

1. Accurate Analytic Data

With a validated list, you get reliable data that you can use to improve the performance of your email marketing. You’ll know for sure that your open and click-through rates are accurate and not artificially deflated by invalid emails. You can run A/B tests that more accurately portray the reactions of real customers. And you can spend less on your email marketing. Or spend on new, real customers.

2. Increased Open Rates

It may seem like people are just not opening your emails. But it may also be that your content isn’t the problem; the invalid emails in your list just might be the problem. By verifying your emails list, you increase the chances of your email going to a real person that wants to see your content.

3. Improved Email Marketing ROI

With a clean email list, you get into the inbox of customers you want. This gives your investment in email marketing a chance to get to work immediately, converting readers into long-term customers.

4. Improves Sender Reputation

In real life, having a great reputation in public means that you could get more customers via word-of-mouth. The same applies to your email reputation. ISPs reward you with a higher email reputation when your emails go to real email addresses, and they punish you when the reverse is the case. With a higher score, there’s a higher chance that your messages will stay out of the spam box and get in front of your customers.

Choosing the Right Email Verification Tool

Our final recommendations:

  • The best overall email validation platform is Hunter.
  • If you want email campaign automation and email verification in one suite, check out Snov.
  • NeverBounce is your best bet if speed is of the essence.
  • For the security conscious, Truemail.io is it.
  • And if you need to verify Yahoo Mail addresses, Email Hippo will fit the bill perfectly.

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