10 Best Website Builders for Photographers in 2024 (Top Picks!)

Updated Aug 5, 2023.

Have you always wanted to build a website for your photography business but don’t know the best website builder for photographers?

Read on as I guide you to make the best choice among the most popular website builders for photographers in 2023. 

Squarespace icon


Squarespace is a one-stop shop for photographers that want to build a big photography site without looking for any third-party services for hosting.
Wix icon


Wix is an affordable photography website with a drag-and-drop editor for photographers that want free photography portfolios.
Shopify icon


Shopify is a photography website builder that combines extensive e-commerce and marketing features, including multi-channel selling.
GoDaddy icon


Try out the 30-day free trial plan of GoDaddy if you are a photographer looking for average site building and editing tools.
Duda icon


Duda is an expensive photography web builder with team collaboration features, making it the right pick for team photographers.

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If you are a photographer, you would agree that photography is not a piece of cake.

When you are not on the field trying to find the perfect angle for the best shot, you are in the studio working tirelessly to produce pixel-perfect shots.

Let's not even talk about engaging with your clients and marketing your photography profession.

Now, here is the good news. A photography website simplifies your workflow, gets you steady clients, and lets you avoid the stress and headaches associated with the photography business.

Choose the best website builder for photographers, and you are set.

If you are ready, here is a thorough review of the top 10 website builders for photographers in 2023.

Why You Need a Photography Website

1. A platform to showcase your best work

If you want to ensure that people see and take note of your photography, then you have to invest in the best website builder for photographers.

Let's face it; how many Instagram contents do you remember from last week?

Maybe the funny and witty memes and videos that get shared one thousand times.

Imagine you post your best shots as a wedding photographer on Instagram or other social media sites.

The thing is that users only take note of these contents as long as they are on their feeds, no matter how awesome they are.

But for a photography website, it's a different case.

Gather all your best images online, and group them in the form of photo galleries on your website.

People on your website notice every detail and will likely hit you up.

2. Easily sell online and book appointments

When it comes to selling online, a website is the best option.

You can offer your photography services and availability status on your own website, including your rates and prices.

This way, your website visitors can turn into clients and book appointments directly from your website.

Better still, you can create an online store.

If you have any prints or digital products you want to sell, you can display them on your online store and allow visitors to buy straight from there.

Most website builders for photographers allow you to do this efficiently.

3. Increase your audience base

Most photographers shy away from creating a website because of the assumption that you have to put in a lot of work to make your website rank on search engines.

This is not entirely true, especially when you choose a good website builder that provides good SEO and site rankings tools that help increase your website's visibility and rankings.

You don't have to do excessive or any headache-inducing work with such a website builder.

4. A photography website is a powerful marketing tool

You have built a consistent audience base with your photography website.

Then, the next thing is to engage with them periodically.

When photography websites are rightly maximized with social media platforms, what they become are powerful marketing tools.

You can send a weekly email newsletter or set up promotions and discounts for your website visitors or social media users.

This way, they can trust you more and engage your photography services without thinking twice.

Best Website Builders for Photographers

1. Squarespace

Best Overall Website Builder for Photographers

  • Availability of rich marketing and email campaigns tools
  • Access free high-quality images from Unsplash
  • Squarespace is the best alternative to Adobe Portfolio
  • There are multiple SEO and analytics tools in case you want to blog
  • Availability of Squarespace video studio app
  • Enjoy unlimited storage as far as photo storage is concerned
  • Availability of mobile apps so you can manage your site on the go
  • 24/7 customer support through live chat and email
  • Squarespace pricing plans are expensive
  • It can be difficult to edit your design templates
  • Lack of support for third-party apps and extensions
Squarespace icon
Editor’s Take

Make Squarespace your first choice if you want to sleep at night without worrying about your site running down. It adequately provides all the tools and services you need to build, host, grow and secure your photography website.

Best for
Photographers with large budgets
$23 – $65 per month
Annual Discount
Save up to 30%

Squarespace is a leading photography web builder that gives you access to many professional photography templates and multiple web design tools that get you started immediately.

Key Features for Photographers

Customizable Templates

Squarespace provides customizable photography templates crafted by a top-rated design team. These templates support diverse content types, such as pages and galleries, and are available for different use cases, including photography. Plus, these templates are responsive to mobile devices and modern browsers; you can customize them to fit your needs. Squarespace templates make use of recent CSS, HTML, and Javascript techniques.

Photography Display

Squarespace allows you to display your photographs with multiple presentations such as lightbox and full-screen slideshows. The only thing that you need to do is to upload high-resolution images and set a focal point. Squarespace then takes up the job by automatically creating perfectly cropped versions on your photography website for all types of devices.

Pre-Built Layouts

There are pre-designed structures for important purposes like Portfolio, Contact, About, and Blog. Select any pre-built layouts to build any page you want for any use case. Quickly create professional layouts and display your contents with the orderly-arranged page elements. You can create a custom look by adding or removing blocks.

Design Panel and Tools

With Squarespace, you can access many design tools such as flexible layouts, custom color palettes, built-in photo editing capabilities, Google and TypeKit fonts, and video and background banners. Hundreds of customizable settings such as animations, colors, and fonts are also available so you can make your Squarespace as unique as you want.


Add images to your galleries and pages, include videos in the section or lock screen backgrounds and build stylized landing pages that connect visitors to sub-pages. Drag and drop management is available so you can add and organize your images while also defining the focal point of your images with the image focal point control.

Squarespace Image Editor

Use Squarespace's built-in image editor to edit all Squarespace-hosted images straight from your browser. You can crop, rotate, resize, and adjust brightness.

Client List

Growing your client list is a way to ensure you stay in business for a long time because more clients equate to more business. So, how do you grow your client list? With Squarespace, you can start from your followers as it provides social media integrations that allow you to interact with your audience on various social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, Smugmug, and Flickr.

Plans and Pricing

Squarespace offers four pricing plans, from $16 to $49 per month.

The cheapest plan for Photographers is the Personal plan at $16 per month.

While the marketing and commerce tools are limited, you would enjoy all the core website features available on this plan.

There is a free trial plan although there's no free plan.

Try out Squarespace freely for 14 days.

2. Wix

Best Website Builder for Free but Limited Photography Portfolio

  • The Wix interface is intuitive and user-friendly
  • Access more than 100 fonts or even upload yours
  • Easily integrate your Instagram profile into your website
  • Access to good client proofing features and an artificial design intelligence tool known as Wix ADI
  • The beautiful gallery layout is the best place to display all your media
  • Availability of a 14-day money-back guarantee and 24/7 customer care
  • Wix mobile app is fully responsive and loaded with top features
  • Wix does not offer unlimited storage space, plus the storage space you get on lesser plans is very limited
  • Installation of third-party apps requires more payment
  • The loading speed can be slow at times
Wix icon
Editor’s Take

Wix's easy drag-and-drop editor, coupled with its over 500 professionally-designed templates, makes it a winner I would happily recommend to any photographer. A free plan is also available once you are comfortable with Wix ads and branding.

Best for
Free photography portfolios
$4.50 – $24.50 per month
Annual Discount

Wix is what you need to freely create your own website while establishing your craft, selling photos online, and catering to your clients' needs.

Key Features for Photographers

Wix Pro Gallery

Wix provides good image quality tools that allow you to set your photos' image quality and sharpness sidewise. Also, you can display your images, autoplay text, and videos in more than 30 galleries and protect your images with a built-in password and watermark.

Wix Photo Albums

Wix photo albums are great for client proofing. This feature is handy if you want to share your photos and images with your clients. Easily and freely create beautiful album sites for your photos, personalize your photography site and present your images the way you want. You can determine whether you want these images to be downloadable or shareable. Another security option you can explore is making it accessible through a password. Wix photo albums help in driving large amounts of traffic to your website.

Wix Editor

Wix is an innovative drag-and-drop builder that lets you design any website even if you don't have any prior web design knowledge. You can select from the available over 500 ready-to-use templates, or better still, you can start from scratch.

Web Design

You have all the design freedom you need to get your photography online. Wix Websites are also mobile-friendly, so your website will automatically look great on mobile devices. Advanced design features like animation, scroll effects, and video backgrounds are available. The scroll effect allows you to add dimension to your site with a reveal, parallax, or fade-in scrolling.

Before and After Slider

The Before and After Slider allows you to show your post-processing skills; with the vertical slider, you can easily allow your website visitors to compare two photos side-by-side. Even after editing your photos, allow visitors to view your editing skills using the before and after slider. This tool can also promote your photography services by selling presets.

Wix Bookings

Do you want to take bookings for your photography services on desktop and mobile devices at all times? No worries, Wix Bookings has got you covered. Accept bookings, deposits, or secure online payments without paying any commission, send your clients automatic email reminders, and easily offer private and good services straight from your website. You can sync Wix Bookings with your Google calendar to stay organized and more efficient.

Wix Art Store

Think of the Wix Art store as an online ecommerce store where you sell your photos online. All you need to do is gather your awesome shots and make them available for sale. With that, you can effortlessly convert your photography site into a fully functional store where you can sell various items such as prints and digital copies of your work. Set up your prices and digital licenses and let Wix take care of your packaging, shipping, and payment processing.

Plans and Pricing

Wix offers four pricing plans, from $4.50 to $24.50 per month.

The best plan for Photographers is the Unlimited plan at $12.50 per month.

This plan gives you access to 80% of Wix's features, and the only restrictions with the higher plan are professional logo, social media logo files, and priority customer support.

A free plan and a free trial plan are available.

Try out the Wix Premium plan

3. Shopify

Expensive But Equipped With Extensive Ecommerce Features

  • Availability of an easy-to-use and intuitive editor
  • Lots of free tools and free themes are available on Shopify
  • Availability of a built-in payment system and mobile commerce shopping cart
  • Integrate any Shopify theme with major social media platforms
  • Promote your business via attractive discounts, codes, and coupons
  • There are free video tutorials and discussion forums
  • Shopify premium themes are expensive
  • High transaction and commission fees
  • Limited customization and scalability options
Shopify icon
Editor’s Take

Shopify is a home for free goodies such as free SEO tools and apps, stock photos, and free business tools. Buying any paid plans allows you to access premium tools for website building, online marketing, and international commerce.

Best for
Freelance photographers
$29 – $299 per month
Annual Discount
Up to 10% off

Shopify thrives when it comes to selling things online. 

Build your photography website, create an online store, and receive bookings and appointments online.

Key Features for Photographers

Available Themes and Templates

Customize your photography store by choosing any free theme you like out of the over 70 responsive themes available on Shopify. Each template has its intuitive settings, allowing you to customize every part of your storefront easily. There's also a unified and centralized dashboard where you can easily enable mobile shopping, accept payments, and process all your orders.

Multi-Channel Selling and Email Marketing

With Shopify, you can sell online, in-person, and anywhere you choose. A Shopify POS is a lot available where you can keep track of your order, sales, and customer accounts. Shopify also allows you to engage in email marketing which lets you grow your business without stress. Additionally, you can build a loyal customer base by promoting product reviews.

Targeted Marketing

Drive traffic to your photography store effortlessly by taking advantage of the built-in SEO tools and blogging platforms where you can create engaging content and even integrate with social media, increasing your visibility.

Full Blogging Platform

If you want to engage your website audience through quality content, Shopify has also got you covered. You can create lookbooks, publish and categorize articles, encourage discussion, and moderate comments, all on your Shopify blog.

Detailed Analytics

Shopify comes loaded with multiple built-in analytics features that give valuable insights into your art store performance. It tracks your progress over time and makes it easy for you to make insightful decisions.

Other Available Tools

A full-featured content management system that allows you to change the navigation, images, or site content that comes with the online store. Host your entire website on Shopify, use your preferred domain name or buy one via Shopify, and work and collaborate with any Shopify Experts to customize your store from scratch.

Plans and Pricing

Shopify offers three paid plans from $29 per month to $299 per month.

The cheapest plan for Photographers is the Basic plan which goes for $29 per month.

Although the Shopify payment rates are highest on this plan, you can still access the major Shopify features available on other plans.

There is no free version although there is a free trial plan.

Try out Shopify free for 14 days

4. GoDaddy

Right Website Builder If You Handle Large Photography Projects

  • Availability of rich and extensive web analytics and online appointments features
  • There are free professional images that you can use
  • You can make edits to your website fast
  • The available website editing tools are impressive
  • GoDaddy website builder has a user-friendly interface once you have mastered it
  • Fast and responsive customer support
  • Presence of a steep learning curve
  • Limited social media and email marketing tools on lesser plans
  • The live chat support is very limited
GoDaddy icon
Editor’s Take

GoDaddy pricings are not expensive nor affordable. It's a perfect choice for professional photographers who turn in many projects and want to increase their marketing prospects.

Best for
Built-in SEO tools
$9.99 – $29.99 per month
Annual Discount
16% – 32%

Apart from providing world-class hosting for millions of users globally, GoDaddy is the best website builder for photographers that want to build a website and manage email marketing and e-commerce in one place.

Key Features for Photographers

Photography Website Templates

GoDaddy provides various attractive templates in different categories, from art and design to fashion and beauty. Multiple website templates are also available in the photography category, and you can choose any one of them to frame your photos perfectly.

General Features

Create engaging content and explore the beautifully-crafted templates, graphics, and fonts. You can quickly change fonts, layouts, and colors by using any of the over 20 theme filters. GoDaddy websites are mobile responsive, and you can easily edit them while on the go.

Builder Services

There is a click and drag reorder, which allows you to move sections you want, drop-down menus that give you stress-free navigation, and promo banners that allow you to promote whatever sale. A single image library is also available if you want to keep your entire image in a single library. Allow your visitors to keep in touch by filling out the contact forms, exploring the customizable themes, and driving sales and attention with calls to action.

Marketing Features

Use the built-in SEO features to improve your rank on search engines, convert your visitors into customers with email marketing, place your business on Google My Business, and easily display business reviews from Facebook or Google on your website. A dashboard is available from where you can create and send personalized messages to your customers, while you can also manage your posts and track performance straight from the GoDaddy dashboard.

Social Media Features

Do you want to stand out on social media platforms? Then, utilize Over by GoDaddy to design awesome social media posts that will allow you to stand out from other users. You can additionally sync with Facebook by linking your business's Facebook page with the website builder.

Plans and Pricing

GoDaddy offers four paid plans, from $9.99 to $29.99 per month.

Read more about GoDaddy pricing

The most suitable plan for Photographers is the Basic plan at $9.99 per month.

All the features you can ever need, excluding search engine optimization and ecommerce features, are available on this plan.

There is no free option although there is a free trial plan

Try out GoDaddy freely for 30 days.

5. Duda

Best Website Builder If You Want to Build More Than One Website

  • Access to rich web store tools and 100+ templates
  • Select from the over 50 widgets or build your custom widgets
  • Duda provides a content library that ensures smooth content management
  • Access to millions of free and premium images irrespective of your plan
  • Availability of rich workflow automation tools
  • Availability of multilingual support on all the plans
  • You have access to third-party datasets
  • Duda is expensive when compared to other photography website builder
  • Limited customer support is available on the Basic plan
  • You cannot switch templates after you begin customization
Duda icon
Editor’s Take

If you merely look at Duda's plans, you will discover that it is one of the most expensive website builders for photography. But when you try out the trial plan, you will also discover that Duda's handy features, like a top-tier editor, rich commerce, and customization options, are worth the price tag.

Best for
Team photographers
$19 – $59 per month
Annual Discount
Save 25%

Do you manage a photography business that comprises lots of other photographers?

If you do, Duda comes across as the best website builder with enough tools for team and client collaboration.

Key Features for Photographers

Design Control

Duda comes with an intuitive and easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor that reduces development time and simplifies the website creation process. There are over 100 gorgeous fonts that you can choose from, including various navigation styles for desktop, tablet, and mobile. Create attractive professional websites with trendy site headers and easily control the color of shrinking header text, icons, and buttons. Duda also allows you to copy and paste elements inside your website while adding background images or videos.

Widget Builder

Do you want to save time and effort and build your website fast? Then, automate manual processes like custom code tweaks and third-party service integration. Use standard HTML, Javascript, and CSS to build new widgets, embed your settings panel into a widget, and conveniently update widgets within the Widget Builder. Do you have specific needs that you want to meet? Simply build widgets for it, integrate external functionality, and increase design capabilities.

Templates and Sections

With Duda, you have access to a growing library of sleek and natively responsive website templates from which you can choose anyone that satisfies your wants. Let's say you built a customized template and you decide to reuse it another time. You just need to save it in the ‘My Templates section of the Editor. Add pre-designed sections to your website or create your sections. You can also share any section that you have designed.

Website Personalization

Choose from a library of pre-made personalizations and implement them fast, create a personalization rule by combining triggers and actions, handily edit, customize personalizations and reuse a single personalization multiple times.


Explore different triggers such as time, location, and device type. Add new content, notification bar, background image, custom Javascript and CSS & HTML. Use a personalization rule to hide the Duda website rows when you want.

Mobile and Tablet Editing

Easily upload photos, edit and republish your website directly from your mobile device. You can edit the frequently used widgets such as image slider, text, and photo gallery. Access a mobile-friendly dashboard that displays all your sites and lets you search, preview, and edit them. Add and remove widgets with the inline selector, and access the complete Duda editor, including stats and site settings on your tablet device.

Plans and Pricing

Duda offers four paid plans from $14 to $59 per month.

As a photographer, consider the basic plan, which charges $14 per month as its only limitations are team collaboration, client management, and advanced tools.

There is no free version but there is a free trial plan.

Use Duda without paying a dime for 14 days.

6. Format

Best Portfolio Website Builder for Photographers

Format- Create your photography website

Go for Format if you are a professional photographer who wants to build a good-looking portfolio website at lower prices than Adobe Portfolio and other website builders for photographers.

Key Features for Photographers

Design Editor

Format provides an intuitive design editor plus other foolproof tools that let you create your website in minutes, even if you don't know about coding. You can completely customize your website and access thousands of design variations and fully responsive templates, pages, and layouts that work perfectly on any screen.

Video Hosting

Choose Format, and you don't have to seek the services of any third-party video hosting providers. This is because Format allows you to host your video creations directly on Format. Do you want your images to load fast without any delay? Well, Format ales tick the box in this regard.

Client Proofing and Online Store

Client galleries allow you to share quality images with your clients from where they can download them directly. Moreso, you can use the branded file transfers or the shareable galleries to securely transfer up to 10GB of photos to your clients. The online store involves no fees, yet it allows you to sell multiple products ranging from prints and packages to Lightroom presets and digital products.

Project Management

One useful benefit of Format is that it allows you to keep track of important project details. For example, you have project notes and stages, contact information, and file transfers at your fingertips. If you want to capture new clients and increase the visibility of your website, then use the handy Format SEO features.

Free Apps

Whether you want to update your website, create and edit galleries, present your portfolio, upload photos and manage your site menu on the go, Format has iOS apps that you can use.


  • Format website templates are mainly designed for artists and photographers, unlike other website builders
  • Try a new template and change your entire website with a single click
  • Access Lightroom plugin and Capture One integration
  • Hosting is included in all the available Format plans
  • Free mobile app and copyright protection are available on all plans
  • Availability of free 24/7 customer support


  • Navigation is not very impressive
  • The blogging tools are very limited
  • No unlimited storage irrespective of your chosen plan

Plans and Pricing

Format offers three affordable paid plans from $3.5 per month to $12.5 per month.

Format- Pricing Plan

If you hope to build a website and grow your photography business, go for the Pro plan at $7.5 per month, billed annually.

Format does not offer a free version although it has a free trial plan.

Try out Format freely for 14 days.

7. SmugMug

Perfect Photography Website Builder If You Fancy Photo Storage and Sharing

SmugMug- What should I do with my landscape photos

Smugmug is a popular photography website builder that allows you to do two things effectively; build an online portfolio and sell your photos.

It also thrives in allowing users to share, store, secure, and sell their photos online.

Key Features for Photographers

Photo Sharing

Whether you want to build a professional website or portfolio, choose from the many beautiful photography templates that Smugmug provides. Afterward, you can upload your photos and select your highlights. Easily customize your website pages with intuitive Smugmug tools, which ensures a drag-and-drop site design.

Customization and Themes

Comfortably explore the Smugmug with full HTML and CSS support If you want to dive deeper into hard-core customization. Apply custom themes across your entire photo site or even to particular galleries that you want.

Selling Photos

Access various sales tools such as private galleries, personal event sites, and favorites which you can use to deliver quality services to your clients. Take advantage of Smugmug's association with top print labs and print your awesome photos on metal, canvas, paper, glass, and keepsakes of different sizes and shapes. Conveniently set custom price lists for your prints, products, and digital downloads.

RAW Files Management

Smugmug gives you access to searchable archives, simple organizing tools, flexible storage, scheduled and file auto-uploading, and seamless app integration.

Photo Privacy

Assuming you don't want everyone to view your uploaded photos, you can secure all your photos using Smugmug's detailed privacy settings. For example, apply photo privacy settings to any page, folder, or gallery on your Smugmug website. You can also tweak settings for a single photo or make bulk changes for client galleries to ensure limited client proofing.


  • Enjoy unlimited storage even on the Basic plan
  • Availability of custom domains and Search Engine Optimization
  • Availability of simple professional organizing tools
  • Access to a complete Lightroom integration
  • Smugmug galleries are password-protected
  • Seamlessly integrate with other photo storage tools
  • Enjoy annual discounts up to 31% off


  • Smugmug user interface is too clumsy
  • Limited website templates are available
  • You can't create a dedicated photography blog within your website

Plans and Pricing

Smugmug offers four paid plans from $9 to $42 per month.

SmugMug- Pricing Plan

If you want a safe and beautiful online platform for all your photos, go for the Basic plan at $9 per month.

But if you want complete control of your site appearance and security, choose the Power plan at $13 per month.

There is no free option but there is a free trial plan.

Use Smugmug freely for 14 days.

8. Pixpa

Great Website Builder With Rich Editing Features

Pixpa - Make an awesome portfolio website

Whether you want flexibility, ease of use, intuitive drag-and-drop website builder, rich editor and styles, responsive customer support, or a money-back guarantee, Pixpa comes with these and even more.

Key Features for Photographers

Photography Portfolio Website Templates

Pixpa gives you access to professionally-designed online portfolio website templates from which you can choose any one that fits your website and site.

Visual Style Editor

Use the visual style editor to personalize any website template you choose, and you can even take your customization deeper with HTML editing, and CSS overrides. Pixpa also allows you to personalize your website with a custom favicon. Add all forms of media, from videos to galleries, forms, and pages, and structure your portfolio as much as you like.

Drag-and-Drop Website Builder

Now, let's assume that you have chosen your templates. Next, you need to utilize the drag-and-drop page builder to create pages on your website. Present your content exactly as you want, and include and restructure pre-built blocks and snippets on your page. Add your logo image, title text, and bio to brand your website, and connect your custom domain with your Pixpa website.

Client Proofing and Management

Do you want clients to proof, view, purchase, or download your images from any device they use? If you do, all you need to do is to create dedicated private or public client galleries. You can create a fully digital workflow via client galleries.

Basic and Site's Footers

Add footer text such as copyright information, contact details, or any other important text on your site. Add content blocks by creating an extended site footer.

Sitemap and Google Analytics

Pixpa automatically generates your website's sitemap for search engines so that your website can be properly indexed. Free Google Analytics platform is also available to let you monitor, track and analyze your website traffic.


  • Control the width of your website and add side margins if you want
  • Easily protect your entire website with passwords
  • More than 500 integrated Google fonts are available
  • Enjoy a free domain name and SSLs
  • Integrate your favorite tools with your Pixpa website
  • Save 50% on the yearly plan and 63% on the two yearly plans
  • Take advantage of the 30-day money-back guarantee and 24/7 support


  • You would have to re-upload pictures to move them from one gallery to another
  • The booking tool is not available, unlike some photography website builders
  • Lack of unlimited storage space

Plans and Pricing

Pixpa offers four paid plans, from $4.8 to $25 per month.

The best plan for Photographers is the Creator plan at $9.6 per month.

Even though you can't add an unlimited number of images to galleries on your website with this plan, you still have access to the most important features needed to set up a photography website that works.

There is no free plan although there's a free trial plan.

9. Jimdo

Free Website Builder for Self-Employed Photographers

Jimdo- Create Your Photography Website With Jimdo

Jimdo was mainly created as an affordable website builder for small businesses and self-employed professionals, including photographers who want to build an awesome professional website or online store.

Key Features for Photographers

Media Library

Do you want to have all your photos in one place? If yes, Jimbo's media library was made for you. Apart from allowing you to gather your exclusive photos in a single place, you can also connect the media library to your Instagram or Facebook profile. Also, you can create beautiful galleries.

Content Blocks

Jimdo provides flexible and ready-to-use content blocks which help simplify the whole site-building process. Different styles are available, and you can likewise pick the colors you want without undergoing any coding process.

Online Store

Set up an independent online photography store fast without paying transaction fees. With Jimdo, you can book appointments directly on your site, receive payments through Stripe or PayPal, offer shipping and local pickup options, and manage your entire orders in a single place. Boost your store with sales and discounts and profitably sell on Facebook and Instagram.


The Jimdo booking feature comes in handy if you want to book sessions straight on your website without hassle or stress. You can also offer classes and important events for photography and other future brands you manage.

Smart Apps

A big advantage of Jimdo is that it lets you integrate with other online platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Calendly, and Flickr, allowing you to keep your website updated with content from these integrated sites.

Mobile Optimization

Jimdo websites are mobile-friendly and automatically mobile-optimized, which means that you can edit them directly from your phone anytime you want.


  • Jimdo is one of the easiest-to-use website builders for photographers
  • Make changes to your website anytime you want
  • Availability of free image library and photo editing
  • Jimdo offers a free logo maker that lets you design a business logo
  • Free domain for the first contractual term
  • Enjoy a 14-day money-back guarantee


  • Customer support is not available for the free plan
  • Limited SEO features and customization options
  • The available design options are not impressive
  • Jimdo is centrally focused on the European market

Plans and Pricing

Jimdo offers free three paid plans from $9 to $39 per month.

Jimdo- Pricing Plan

As a photographer, consider trying the basic features available on the Jimdo free plan.

If you want a few advanced features and an ad-free experience, you can upgrade to the Start plan for $9 per month.

Jimdo does not have a free version and a free trial plan.

10. ZenFolio

Best Website Builder for Video Hosting

ZenFolio- Beautiful photography websites and galleries your clients will love

Zenfolio is the best website builder for photographers who want a fast and smooth photo upload, awesome photo galleries, marketing tools, and video hosting in a single, affordable solution.

Key Features for Photographers

Photography Website Templates

Zenfolio offers photography templates, including pre-set templates and custom designs. You can add portfolio website animations, customize your website how you want, use your custom domain name, and include Instagram photos on your website. Choose your preferred colors and fonts, add your logos, and select from multiple layout options.

Online Photo and Video Galleries

Zenfolio allows you to create custom online photo and video galleries by theme, genre, or event. With such galleries, you can easily organize, show, share, and sell photos and videos to your clients. For example, clients can share or tag the images and purchase directly from a gallery. You, as the owner of the galleries, can track client gallery interactions, such as the client's favorite photos and videos. Also, enable proofing and downloading easily.


Zenfolio gives you access to simple workflow tools to save time and effort. For example, your clients can book sessions and order prints from your website. They can pay for products and services. Think of online commerce.

Video Hosting

One indispensable benefit of Zenfolio is the video hosting feature included in all the plans. You can also share videos in client galleries besides uploading and storing video files. It also allows you to advertise your photography services on your website using high-quality videos.

Marketing and Email Templates

Take advantage of the automated marketing campaigns to grow your sales and create custom coupons that you can market to clients. Zenfolio provides powerful email templates and helps to simplify your email outreach, and lets you engage with your clients. Capture your visitor's email with the website email capture aid to keep in steady contact with your clients and prospects.


  • Upload thousands of photos and videos fast
  • You can customize preset gallery settings
  • Effortlessly search through thousands of photos in seconds using face recognition
  • Zenfolio designs are mobile-friendly
  • A 50% discount for annual plans is currently on; so subscribe fast
  • Availability of social media integration
  • Availability of Live chat and 24/7 email support


  • There are no web fonts
  • Limited website templates
  • Lack of advanced blogging and SEO functionalities

Plans and Pricing

Zenfolio offers three paid plans from $8 to $36 per month.

ZenFolio- Pricing Plan

The Portfolio plan at $8 per month is adequate if you only want to show and share your images.

Consider the PortfolioPlus plan at $18 per month if you want to sell.

There is no free option but there is a free trial plan.

Use Zenfolio freely for 14 days.

How to Pick the Best Photography Website Builder for You

The golden rule you need to observe to pick the best website builder for you as a photographer is to consider the available features.

Here are the standard features that usually come with the best website builders.

1. Photo Galleries

Photo galleries are collections of a set of images that you have taken before.

Here is an example.

Photo galleries are collections of a set of images
Source: ShootProof

To better understand what it's all about, think of artist website builders which lets professional artists display their portfolios on their website.

Photo galleries are just like your photography portfolios.

As such, website builders for photographers should allow you to create quality public and private photo galleries on your website.

2. High-Resolution Images

Choose a photography website builder that lets you display and preview your images in high resolution, leading to a higher quality.

Clients and visitors pay attention to the quality of the images they see on your website, which greatly influences their buying decisions.

3. Online Bookings and Appointments

As your brand visibility increases, more website visitors might want to contact or even hire you for their next events or photo shoot.

Event Booking Website
Source: SimplyBook

Thus, pick a website builder that lets you include a high-quality contact page and take multiple appointments online.

4. Social Media Integration

Social media is a great way to increase awareness and visibility of your photography profession.

Consider picking a website builder that allows you to integrate seamlessly with social media platforms.


Do photographers need a website?

Yes, photographers need photography websites. A standard website is necessary to establish your business and increase its visibility and professionalism.

With your own photography website, you are not limited to the confines of social media platforms.
Website visitors worldwide can appreciate your talents, skills, and expertise.

What should a photography website include?

Images. Lots and lots of your best images. Well, it's a no-brainer that a website should include a portfolio of your best shots, as this is the only way to showcase your abilities and capabilities.
You can also add an about page, social media pages, and a blog. 

However, a contact page specifying your location and availability is also important. 

You can include past client testimonials and reviews to boost your credibility and win potential clients quickly.

Is Wix or Squarespace better for photographers?

Although Squarespace is not the only website builder available for photographers, it has continued to be the most popular choice among event photographers. 

However, Wix proves to be a tough competitor to Squarespace. 
Now, which one is better for photographers? Judge for yourself.

Ease of use: Wix is easier to use as it offers a drag-and-drop editor for beginners, unlike Squarespace 

Editing Features and Apps: You get the most extensive features and additional apps on Wix, not Squarespace

Blogging Tools: Squarespace is the winner here.

Pricing and Free Plan: Wix offers a free plan and more affordable plans compared to Squarespace.

Customer Support: Squarespace wins over Wix when it comes to excellent and responsive customer support

How can photographers build an online store?

Photographers can build an online store by choosing a photography website builder that includes an online store builder.

These website builders additionally provide ecommerce functionality and marketing features that keep your online store running efficiently. 

The downside is that you have to pay more for e-commerce tools.

How much does it cost to build a photography website?

It depends. Some free website builders do not even charge a dime for website building as long as you stay on their free plan. 

While some charge an arm and a leg for their higher and premium plans. 

Consider preparing a budget of $10 – $30 per month to build a professional website.

Best Photography Website Builders: The Verdict

If you have come this far and don't know the best website builder for photographers that you should choose, you don't have to sweat it out.

What you simply need to do is to firstly establish the specific needs that you hope to meet with your own site.

It could be to display your portfolio and get more exposure for your photography services, take bookings online, or sell prints and images directly online.

Additionally, you could be a beginner who only wants to try out a website for his photography.

You also need to consider your budget for an ideal photography website.

I would advise you first start on the free trial plans of 2-3 best website builders you initially chose.

If free plans are available, you can also try them out.

Once more, these are the best website builders that we recommend as the first five that you should consider as a photographer.

Best Overall


Squarespace is a one-stop shop for photographers that want to build a big photography site without looking for any third-party services for hosting.
Best for Freebies


Wix is an affordable photography website with a drag-and-drop editor for photographers that want free photography portfolios with amazing galleries.
Best for Online Selling


Shopify is a photography website builder that combines extensive e-commerce and marketing features, including multi-channel selling.
Best for Editing


Those who should consider trying out the 30-day free trial plan of GoDaddy are photographers looking for average site building and editing tools.
Best for Team Collaboration


Duda is an expensive photography web builder with many customizations and team collaboration features, making it the right pick for team photographers.

Choose anyone you like, and build that stunning website you have always wanted.

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