11 Best Online Poll Maker Tools to Create Polls Fast

Updated Dec 5, 2022.

Are you looking for an easy and alternative way to gain feedback from people? Do you want to carry out a quick survey to know if your users prefer iOS to Android? Or if your followers prefer tea to coffee?

Online polls are an excellent way to gauge other people’s opinions. You do not need to run a polling agency to conduct polls. Thanks to free polling software, you can make your own poll for any topic easily and quickly.

In this article, you will learn about 11 of the best online poll maker tools you can use to create a poll.

Let’s get started.

1. SurveyMonkey

Best Poll Maker with Dedicated Templates, Audience Engagement Options, and Poll Testing Options

SurveyMonkey is the Best Poll Maker with Dedicated Templates, Audience Engagement Options and Poll Testing Options

SurveyMonkey serves as your best option in creating online polls, offering you a host of useful features and service options to choose from.

Main Features

  • Free Plan: For free, you get to create up to 10 polls distributed through emails, posted anywhere online, or displayed as popups on your website.
  • Real-time Notification: This online survey software notifies you in real-time as results come in and provides you access to sample questions. You are served with tips about the platform’s best practices on how to create and conduct effective polls and surveys.
  • SurveyMonkey Audience: SurveyMonkey allows you to buy high-quality responses through its automated consumer panel SurveyMonkey Audience and presents you with multiple audience engagement features and options.
  • Templates: Customizable templates are available to you for quick poll creation, with some of these templates dedicated to collecting event feedback, customer service rating, website feedback, political and market research, social networking, and employee program ratings, among a lot of others.


SurveyMonkey Personal Pricing Plan

SurveyMonkey’s poll creation services are available to you through two pricing schemes: personal plans with sufficient survey options and business plans with more advanced collaboration and poll management options.

Personal plans include the Premier Annual plan, the Advantage Annual plan, and the Standard Monthly plan.

  • The Premier Annual plan offers an unlimited murmur of surveys, 7,500 responses per, and phone and email support.
  • The Advantage Annual plan offers 5,000 responses per year and quizzes with custom feedback.
  • The Standard Monthly plan offers 1,000 responses per month and 24/7 customer support via email.
SurveyMonkey Business Pricing Plan

Business plans include the Team Advantage plan, the Team Premier plan, and the Enterprise plan.

  • The Team Advantage plan offers survey sharing with fine control over who can view and edit and 10,000 responses per year.
  • The Team Premier plan offers 15,000 responses per year, phone and 24/7 email support.
  • The Enterprise plan offers unlimited surveys and questions, advanced team collaboration features, API access, branding, and HIPAA-compliant features, among a lot of others.

2. TypeForm

Top Poll Generator with Comprehensive Support for Design Elements

TypeForm is the Top Poll Generator with Comprehensive Support for Design Elements

TypeForm is one of the best poll generators that helps you seamlessly create effective polls. This platform has a simple guide that shows you how to create a poll.

Main Features

  • Drag-and Drop-Actions: Typeform gives you a chance to properly create polls in minutes through drag-and-drop actions. You drag and drop questions into customizable templates, and add design elements like icons, images, GIFS, and videos for more personalized effects.
  • Design from Scratch: Apart from making use of templates, the tool allows you to start from scratch and create polls consisting of multiple choice or picture choice questions.
  • Export: When done, you directly embed your poll on your websites or share a link to your Typeform on multiple social media platforms.
  • Different Types of Polls: The different dedicated genres of polls offered by Typeform include political polls, funny polls, straw polls, customer satisfaction surveys, candidate experience surveys, Facebook polls, and brand awareness surveys, among others.


TypeForm Pricing Plan

In addition to its free plan, Typeform’s poll maker comes to you through three plans: the basic plan, the plus plan, and the business plan.

  • The basic plan offers you unlimited type forms and questions.
  • The plus plan additionally supports 3 users and a Typeform branding removal option.
  • The business plan offers 10,000 responses and comes with tracking and analytic capabilities.

Try TypeForm’s free plan to get started.

3. OpinionStage

Free Online Voting Tool with Most Advanced Customization Options

OpinionStage is the Free Online Voting Tool with Most Advanced Customization Options

OpinionStage is a poll maker that is fast, easy to use, and mobile-friendly. This tool is trusted by over 100,000+ customers across 190 countries including popular brands like Zillow, BBC, Mazda, and Uber.

Main Features

  • Templates: This online survey software tool offers you a host of customizable templates and poll creation features to choose from.
  • Customization: OpinionStage presents you with a host of advanced features including options to customize colors, themes, fonts, and sizes.
  • Reports: You geet advanced CSV/XLS reports which present you with timestamps of responses, and integrated social sharing features.
  • Poll Sharing: Polls are embedded anywhere on the internet through different codes like Javascript, iFrame, placements, and native WordPress, or shareable through a link to the tool’s landing page. You have access to resource videos on how to create Squarespace, Wix, Shopify, and Weebly polls.
  • Duplicate Voting: Users enjoy automated duplicate voting features. Through a partnership with AWS, maintain high volume poll voting without any performance problems.


OpinionStage Pricing Plan

OpinionStage’s poll maker is available to you through six plans: the basic plan, the starter plan, the small business plan, the performance plan, the enterprise plan, and the publisher plan.

  • The basic plan is free and offers basic features, integrations, and customizations.
  • The starter plan is ideal for new businesses and entrepreneurs and offers 10,000 permitted views per month.
  • The small business plan is ideal for small businesses and consultants and comes with 100,000 permitted views.
  • The performance plan is ideal for growing businesses and comes with 1 million views per month.
  • The enterprise plan comes with custom integrations and pricing is determined by quote.
  • The publisher plan is determined by a quote and offers revenue generation options through ads.

Try out OpinionStage’s 7-day free trial to get started.

4. Poll Maker

Free Polling Software with Automated Click Fraud Detection

Poll Maker is the Free Polling Software with Automated Click Fraud Detection

Poll Maker is a free poll maker you can count on. This tool is used by popular companies Amazon, Weebly, Youtube, and Tumblr.

Main Features

  • Easy-to-Use Features: The online poll maker offers you a user-friendly interface and features, as well as automatic click fraud detection, effective mobile optimizations, and integrated comments on polls.
  • Flexibility: Poll sharing options remain as flexible as other tools on the list. Alongside customizable templates, you easily export results and integrate images and videos into your polls.
  • Security: Polls are secured through SSL encryption, and you have access to other advanced settings for comments, security, and display of results.


Poll Maker is free to use.

5. StrawPoll

Free Poll Maker with VPN Detection Option

StrawPoll is the Free Poll Maker with VPN Detection Option

StrawPoll is a free online poll creation tool that still offers you the quality features needed to effectively run polls.

Main Features

  • VPN Detection: This tool incorporates VPN detection to block VPN users from voting, so you have the most transparent and high-quality results from the polls you roll out. You also have support for automatic deadline features and emojis.
  • Easy Configuration: To create polls, you first enter the question you want to ask, configure both basic and advanced settings, and click on the “Create Poll” setting to bring your polls to life.
  • Advanced Setting: Some of the advanced settings available to you include choosing between having private or public polls, single or multi-choice options, enabling multiple votes from one IP, setting deadlines, and including images to polls. You also get to choose whether voters enter their names before voting or not, an option effective against duplicate voting.


Strawpoll is free for you to use.

6. SoGoSurvey

Online Poll Maker with Multiple-Language Support

SoGoSurvey is an Online Poll Maker with Multiple Language Support

Trusted by Paypal, Sony, FedEx, and Unicef, SoGoSurvey is a powerful, easy, and effective poll maker that gives you a chance to view real-time participant feedback for more informed strategic decision-making.

Main Features

  • Customization: SoGoSurvey allows you to quickly create and customize the designs of a poll, embed polls on your website, share them across multiple channels, and gain real-time insights into voters' opinions.
  • Live Results: This poll creation software lets you view live results, monitor patterns in voters’ responses, and instantly generate reports based on the polls.
  • Multiple Languages: You enjoy support for up to 37 languages through an automatic translation feature.
  • Design Tools: SoGoSurvey allows you to add your logo and design element for more consistency, add multimedia elements to your polls, limit responses per link, and guarantee an optimum experience for mobile device users.


SoGoSurvey Pricing Plan

SoGoSurvey’s pricing plans are split into two groups: individual plans and business plans. The individual category consists of a plus plan, a pro plan, a premium plan, and an enterprise plan.

  • The plus plan allows you to add your own survey logo, customize thank you pages, and export data to Excel.
  • The pro plan offers more question types, full control of survey themes, colors, and fully customized and personalized email invitations.
  • The premium plan comes with advanced reporting and analytics and autosave responses.
  • The enterprise plan comes with a branded URL, powerful data segmentation, HIPAA compliance, and an API, among others.
Business Solutions experience platform

The Business category consists of multiple SoGoSurvey products for customer experience, employee experience, feedback management, and risk assessment and management.

Try out SoGoSurvey’s 10-day free trial with no credit card required to get started.

7. SmartSurvey

Top Online Poll Maker Tool with Wide Variety of Options to Expand Functionality

SmartSurvey is the Top Online Poll Maker Tool with Wide Variety of Options to Expand Functionality

Accredited with certifications of compliance with multiple regulatory standards including EU and UK GDPR, PCI, and ICO, SmartSurvey is an online poll maker you can trust.

Main Features

  • Multipurpose Tool: This tool does not just let you create polls but remains flexible enough to create online surveys, questionnaires, online forms, consultations, and quizzes.
  • Data Security: SmartSurvey offers you intuitive user-oriented features, guides, and designs, encrypts your data and offers you extended functionalities through an API.
  • Integration: This poll generator integrates with Zapier, Salesforce, Google Analytics, and other external platforms.
  • Customer Support: You enjoy customer support through email and telephone.


SmartSurvey Pricing Plan

SmartSurvey is available to you through four plans: the basic plan, the professional plan, the business plan, and the enterprise plan.

  • The basic plan is free and ideal for personal use.
  • The professional plan is best for individuals who want to create professional surveys and comes with multi-language and text analysis options.
  • The business plan is perfect for businesses who want to create advanced surveys and comes with unlimited responses and advanced data exports.
  • The enterprise plan comes with access to custom SLAs, custom data processing agreements, and custom domain branding, among a lot of others.

Try out SmartSurvey’s basic free plan to get started.

8. Paperform

Affordable Polling Software with Largest Collection of Poll Templates

Paperform is an Affordable Polling Software with Largest Collection of Poll Templates

Paperform is an online poll maker trusted by thousands of businesses and organizations online, including the World Bank and Zapier.

Main Features

  • Templates: This polling software equips you with a library of over 500 poll templates as well as customizations through HTML, CSS, and JS code. You have options to choose from a list of more than 20 different question fields to collect either multiple-choice answers, open-ended responses, or capture e-signatures and payments.
  • Customer Support and Export: Alongside 24/7 support through email and live chat, Paperform allows you to export submissions in your chosen format.
  • Good User Experience: Paperform offers static and interactive experiences to your voters.
  • Integration: This platform provides you with over 3, 000 integrations to automatically synchronize data and increase the level of functionality available to you.
  • Reports: Paperform presents you with an automatically-generated summary report of your polls.


Paperform Pricing Plan

Paperform offers its services through three paid plans: the Essentials plan, the Pro plan, and the Agency plan.

  • The Essentials plan offers basic themes and customized forms.
  • The Pro plan comes with an embedment in up to 30 domains and e-signature support.
  • The Agency plan comes with multiple analytics options, custom domain support, and unlimited domain embedments.

9. QuestionPro

Free Online Voting Tool that Offers Numerous Poll Distribution Mediums

QuestionPro is the Free Online Voting Tool that Offers Numerous Poll Distribution Mediums

Patronized by Toyota, Samsung, and Siemens, QuestionPro is an advanced tool that offers you analytics options accompanying your poll creation features.

Main Features

  • Templates: Your activities are made faster and simpler with over 80 standard and advanced ready-made poll questions, over 50 sample polls, and over 250 online poll templates.
  • Multiple Distribution Methods: This Poll maker enables you to automatically collect poll real-time responses through multiple distribution methods. Available distribution methods include email polls, website embed polls, SMS polls, social media polls, community polls, and QR code-based polls.
  • Reports: QuestionPro generates poll analysis reports in real-time through advanced data analysis methods such as conjoint analysis, TURF, GAP, and trend analysis, all through one unified dashboard.
  • Security: You enjoy regulation-compliant security through SSL encryption.


QuestionPro Pricing Plan

QuestionPro is available to you through three plans: the Essentials plan, the Advanced plan, and the Team Edition plan.

  • The Essentials plan comes with up to 25 question types and shareable dashboards.
  • The Advanced plan comes with an API, multilingual surveys, and Salesforce integration.
  • The Team edition plan comes with an advanced team, management and collaborations, SSO, powerful analytics, and custom scripting.

Try out QuestionPro’s free plan to get started.

10. Mentimeter

Best Poll Generator that Comes With A Question Ranking System

Mentimeter is the Best Poll Generator that Comes With a Question Ranking System

Mentimeter is an easy-to-use live polling tool that gives you the ability to design a wide variety of interactive polls through multi-choice questions and real-time response monitoring.

Main Features

  • ABC Cloud Optimization: This tool's performance remains at the optimum level through its ABC cloud optimization.
  • Multiple Polling Options: Mentimeter offers you options to add images to polls, see trends with segmentation, and prioritize questions through a ranking system. Your polls are visualizable with the use of 2×2 grids, you get to set 100-point questions, and enjoy a “live words clouds” reporting option to pinpoint the most popular words submitted by your audience.


Mentimeter Pricing Plan

Alongside a Free plan, Mentimeter’s poll maker is accessible through a basic plan, a pro plan, and an enterprise plan.

  • The free plan is suitable for anyone trying out Mentimeter.
  • The basic plan allows you to export polls to Excel and provides all the essential tools for interactive presentations.
  • The pro plan provides you full access to all features for individuals and teams such as collaboration and branding features.
  • The enterprise plan is best for large teams and organizations and is accompanied by SSO and company-wide branding options.

Try out Mentimeter’s free plan to get started.

11. Doodle

Free Polling Software that Offers A Scheduled Polling Option

Doodle is the Free Polling Software that Offers a Scheduled Polling Option

Doodle is a free and straightforward poll maker that helps you create polls of all kinds for extracting data from your target audience.

Main Features

  • Intuitive Dashboard: This free polling software presents you with an intuitive dashboard to track polls.
  • Multiple Login Options: You can easily create an account and log in to your dashboard with Facebook, Google, and Microsoft accounts, so you do not have to go through a long registration process.
  • Fast Poll Creation Process: To create your polls, you simply choose the type of poll you wish to run, add any text options you like, and add participant email addresses to send out the invites for scheduled polls.


Doodle’s poll maker is available to you for free.

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