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17 Best Scrum Tools of 2022 for Agile Project Management

Discover the best Scrum tools and top Scrum software to run agile projects including planning, sprints, and retrospectives.

Best Scrum Tools for Agile Project Management

Scrum is an agile framework and the face of agile project management. It has gained increased popularity over the years and has captured the attention of thousands of professionals globally. 

Although it was created for software development (to speed up the process of creating software for customers), it is widely adopted by both software and non-software development teams. 

Scrum provides the framework for producing customer products and product software. From marketing agencies to construction firms, you can use scrum across several production settings. 

Due to its ever-growing popularity, there are so many scrum software tools available in the market all claiming to be the best option for you. In this article, you will learn about 19 of the best scrum software tools for your project management needs. We will also discuss the key features and benefits of using scrum software.

If you are not sure whether using scrum is the right software development methodology for you, you can check out this Agile vs Waterfall comparison to get a detailed analysis of two other software development methodologies.

Let’s get started.


Best Overall Scrum Software Tool

Try Monday.com


Best for Team Collaboration

Try ClickUp


Best for Cross Platform Performance

Try Wrike


Best for Multiple Scrum Templates

Try Jira


Best for Workflow Automation

Try Smartsheet


Best for Tracking Performance

Try Bitrix24


Best for Performance Management

Try nTask


Best for Enterprise Teams

Try QuickScrum

Adobe Workfront

Best for API-Enabled Integration

Try Adobe Workfront


Best for High Quality Workflow

Try ScrumDo


Best for Backlog Management

Try Scrumwise

Zoho Sprints

Best for Seamless Data Export

Try Zoho Sprints


Best for Visualization & Reporting

Try Asana


Best for Cost Management Options

Try Nutcache


Best for Enterprise Collaboration

Try Clarizen


Best for Affordable Features

Try Trello


Best for Role Based Integration

Try Targetprocess

Best Scrum Software Tools

1. Monday.com

Best Overall Scrum Software Tool Full of Automations and Integrations

Monday.com is the Best Overall Scrum Software Tool Full of Automations and Integrations

Monday.com is a popular scrum software tool used by over 125,000 companies including Hulu, BBC, Adobe, and Coca-Cola. 

Key Features

  • Project Management: It is your number one go-to platform to effectively and efficiently manage your project management activities.
  • Workflows: Alongside project management, Monday.com serves as a one-stop platform to manage other important business workflows ranging from sales and CRM to marketing, software development, task management, and IT, among an array of over 200 other workflows.
  • Automations and Dashboard: You save time with intuitive automation and easily visualize your work through maps, calendars, timelines, kanban boards, and more. 
  • Templates: Monday.com is easy to set up through hundreds of visual and customizable templates. 
  • Integration: This scrum software tool integrates with top external tools and platforms like MailChimp, Twitter, Facebook, Twilio, Stripe, and Shopify, Linkedin, Microsoft Teams, Gmail, HubSpot, Outlook, Facebook, Google Calendar, Box, Slack, among a lot of others. 
  • Customer Support: Monday.com offers you support through customer service agents, a resource knowledge base, daily webinars, and its community of users just like you.

Top Scrum Features

  • Sprint prioritization (support scrum teams in the sprint planning state)
  • Backlog management
  • Cumulative flow diagrams and burnup charts
  • Advanced tracking, reporting, and analytics
  • Integrations with numerous third-party apps
  • Enterprise-grade security
  • Extra portability through Android and iOS apps
  • Enhanced team transparency
  • Workspaces for multiple projects


Monday.com Pricing Plan

Monday.com is available to you through five plans: individual, basic, standard, pro, and enterprise.

  • The individual plan is free and suitable for individuals looking to keep track of their work.
  • The basic plan helps you manage all your teams’ work in one location.
  • The standard plan offers users access to extra collaboration features.
  • The pro plan helps you run your teams’ complex workflows with extended integrations. 
  • The enterprise plan is suitable for organizations seeking access to enterprise-grade security, integrations, reporting, and multi-level permissions features.

Try out Monday’s free plan if you are new to the software. All its premium plans except the enterprise plan offer you a 14-day free trial.

2. ClickUp

Leading Scrum Software that Offers Comprehensive Commenting and Collaboration Options

ClickUp is the Leading Scrum Software that Offers Comprehensive Commenting Options

ClickUp is a leading scrum platform trusted by over 200,000 companies including Google, Webflow, and Squarespace. It lets you manage all your projects in one place.

Key Features

  • Project Management: ClickUp offers you an array of intuitive project management features to choose from such as mind maps, checklists, goal tracking, multitask toolbar, and statuses to monitor project progress with intuitive coloring options. 
  • Task Management: Users enjoy a wide range of task management features such as recurring checklists, scrum points, status templates, reminders, and recurring tasks.
  • Team Collaboration: This scrum platform offers you access to multiple collaboration and commenting options, such as real-time editing, 2-way Google calendar sync, permissions, privacy and sharing, link to comment, and localization.
  • Customization: ClickUp lets you set up customizable workspaces for easy and convenient workflows. You also get to set the hierarchy of your projects, customize notifications, and have easy access to ClickUp’s services through its Google Chrome extension.  
  • Templates: Availability of ready-made templates for project management, task management, agile, marketing, and remote work. You can use the templates directly or customize them to suit your preferences and needs.
  • Integration: ClickUp integrates with popular third-party applications such as Slack, Github, Harvest, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Calendar, Figma, Zoom, Loom, YouTube, Vimeo, Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Teams, Giphy, and Discord.

Top Scrum Features

  • Offers multiple project view options
  • Automated project imports
  • Sprint lists for tracking your sprints
  • Custom statuses 
  • Agile dashboards
  • Assigned comments for instant communication


ClickUp Pricing Plan

As straightforward as it gets, ClickUp is available to you through two plans: free and unlimited. 

  • The free plan is suitable for users new to the platform. 
  • The unlimited plan is best for individuals and businesses who want access to unlimited features, integrations, and dashboards.

Try out ClickUp’s 14-day free trial for its unlimited plan.

3. Wrike

Most Suitable Online Scrum Software with Cross-Platform Performance Insights

Wrike is the Most Suitable Online Scrum Software with Cross Platform Performance Insights

A software trusted by Google, Lyft, and Dell, among 200,000 other companies, Wrike helps you with your scrum workflows through its host of intuitive features. 

Key Features

  • Workflow Automation: Wrike allows you to automate your workflows with over 400 tools including collaborative proofing and approval tools to properly eliminate any errors while communicating. It saves you the valuable time you would have spent on repetitive tasks. You can create custom workflows to suit your needs. 
  • Complete Visibility: Alongside the creation of custom workflows, you get to create interactive Gantt charts, view and edit your project schedule using drag and drop actions.
  • Building and Sharing Tools: Wrike also allows you to easily build and share projects in real-time.
  • Integrations: This scrum platform connects with your essential business tools such as Jira, Google Drive, Box, Salesforce, Adobe Creative Cloud, Gmail, Outlook, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, and Tableau.

Top Scrum Features

  • Scrum boards
  • Workflow management
  • Sprint view and sprint summary
  • Real-time data 
  • Burndown charts
  • GitLab, GitHub, and Bitbucket integrations


Wrike Pricing Plan

Wrike is available to you through four plans: free, professional, business, and enterprise.

  • The free plan is suitable for teams just getting started.
  • The professional plan is best for fast-growing teams and supports up to 200 users.
  • The business plan is ideal for all teams across an organization with advanced reporting and tracking options.
  • The enterprise plan is suitable for large teams and offers enterprise-grade security and scalability.

Wrike offers a pinnacle plan for teams with more complex workflows. Try out Wrike’s 14-day free trial available for all its premium plans.

4. Jira

Dedicated Software Development Tool that Offers Multiple Scrum Templates

Jira is the Dedicated Software Development Tool that Offers Multiple Scrum Templates

Jira is a popular software development tool used by agile teams that are trusted by over 65,000 customers worldwide including Square, eBay, Visa, Cisco, and Pfizer. It is the go-to scrum software tool for bigger teams. 

Key Features

  • Task Management: Jira is a dedicated software development tool built to help you effectively and seamlessly plan, track, release, and review your software development projects. You create stories for proper task management, plan sprints, and easily distribute tasks across your software development team.
  • Complete Visibility: This scrum software gives you sufficient options to fully prioritize, track, and discuss your team’s work through the complete visibility it provides. 
  • Templates and Real-time Data: Jira presents you with actionable real-time data for improved team performance, and keeps your information up-to-date. It lets you either choose a template to start with or create an entirely new one as your team or workflow requires.
  • Integration: You also enjoy integrations with other tools as well as dedicated features for workflows relating to knowledge management, development workflow, continuous integration and deployment, and Open DevOps.

Top Scrum Features 

  • Scrum board
  • Scrum analytics
  • Sprint management
  • Extendable functionality through integrations and dedicated marketplace
  • Comprehensive team collaboration options for planning, tracking, releasing, and reporting
  • Backlog management 
  • Real-time insights


Jira Pricing Plan

You have access to Jira’s scrum software through four pricing plans: free, standard, and premium. 

  • The free plan is best for small teams and supports up to 10 users.
  • The standard plan is suitable for growing teams and supports up to 100 users.
  • The premium plan is ideal for organizations that want access to advanced cloud-based features for collaboration. 
  • The enterprise plan is best for enterprises with global scale, security, and governance needs.

Try out Jira’s standard and premium plans for a 7-day free trial.

5. Smartsheet

Online Scrum Software Tool with Extensive Integrations, External Cloud Storage, and Communications Platforms

Smartsheet is an Online Scrum Software Tool with Extensive Integrations Platforms

Smartsheet is an award-winning work management software that also serves as a simple scrum solution. It is trusted by over 90% of Fortune 100 companies such as Cisco, Apple, and Hilton. Customers from over 190 countries use this simple scrum software solution.    

Key Features

  • Workflows Automation: Smartsheet serves as a dynamic workspace empowering your team to efficiently manage projects and automate workflows. You enjoy reliable solutions for work execution, reporting, and risk management.
  • Ease of Usage: Rapidly build new solutions using intuitive tools without any need for coding. 
  • Integration: Smartsheet integrates with your existing tools like Adobe, AWS, Dropbox, Salesforce, DocuSign, Dropbox, Google Drive, Jira, Microsoft Teams, and Slack.
  • Web and Mobile Applications: Users can download the Smartsheet app on their phones or desktops. The app is available for download on the Apple Store and Google Playstore. 
  • Resource Management: This scrum software tool provides you with a centralized platform to manage all your creative assets and offers you skills-based resource management options for a comprehensive scrum workflow.

Top Scrum Features

  • Scrum boards
  • Scrum meetings
  • Sprint planning
  • Product and sprint backlogs
  • Burndown charts
  • Real-time visibility and reports


Smartsheet Pricing Plan

Smartsheet’s scrum services are offered to you through a subscription-based pricing scheme consisting of a pro plan, business plan, and enterprise plan.

  • The pro plan provides features and teams needed for teams to collaborate and execute their workflows in real-time from one central location.
  • The business plan provides your teams with improved project management with unlimited automated workflows.  
  • The enterprise plan offers users a powerful no-code app builder with enhanced IT governance and administration for efficiently managing the workflows of large enterprises.

Try out its 30-day free trial available on its pro and business plans.

6. Bitrix24

Free Scrum Software for Tracking Performance and Improvement

Bitrix24 is a Free Scrum Software for Tracking Performance and Improvement

Trusted by 9 million+ organizations, Bitrix24 is a scrum platform that presents comprehensive features for effective task management, internal collaboration, and company performance tracking and improvement.

Key Features

  • Tasks and Projects: For successful project planning, Bitrix24 allows you to undertake an unlimited number of tasks and projects. It offers views in Kanban style or Gantt chart and enables you to set tasks online and time track their completion.
  • Workflow Management: The best thing about Bitrix24 is that you have access to a comprehensive array of workload management features, tools, and options for free. 

Top Scrum Features

  • Multiple kanban boards and Gantt chart types
  • Real-time visibility and reports
  • Task assignment and backlog management
  • Team collaboration


Bitrix24 Pricing Plan

Bitrix24 is available to you through two pricing schemes: cloud and on-premises. The cloud pricing scheme is made up of four plans consisting of a free plan, basic plan, standard plan, and professional plan.

  • The free plan is ideal for users new to the software and offers access to CRM features.
  • The basic plan is suitable for small businesses.
  • The standard plan offers effective collaboration tools for small businesses and sales teams.
  • The professional plan offers advanced collaboration for your entire company and workgroups.

This scrum software offers a 24% discount on its regular monthly subscription when you subscribe for a year.

Bitrix24 On Premise Pricing Plan

The on-premises pricing scheme consists of two one-time purchase plans: a business plan for up to 500 users and an enterprise plan for an unlimited number of users. Try out Bitrix’s free plan to enjoy access to comprehensive scrum features.

7. nTask

Top Scrum Software that Offers You Performance Monitoring and Management Features

nTask is the Top Scrum Software that Offers to Performance Monitoring and Management Features

Trusted by over 250,000 companies in 155 countries, nTask is another comprehensive scrum software that allows your team to plan, manage, and track projects with ease.  

Key Features

  • Billing: The software comes with features enabling you to set billing methods, decide the payout rates, and appropriately allocate resources to your projects.
  • Team Collaboration: You enjoy effective collaboration features such as a team chat and an option to choose how project updates are shared. 
  • Unlimited Tasks: For proper planning, you get to create to-do lists or an unlimited number of delegable sub-tasks. 
  • Project Visualization: Gnatt charts are available for proper project visualization and, through milestones, you carefully measure your KPIs and ensure project workflows are not lagging.

Top Scrum Features

  • Scrum boards
  • Gantt and Kanban boards
  • Real-time reporting and notification
  • Project visualization options


nTask Pricing Plan

You have access to nTask’s scrum services through four plans: basic, premium, business, and enterprise. 

  • The basic plan is free and best for freelancers and individuals. 
  • The premium plan is suitable for SMEs and startups.
  • The business plan is best for large corporations and offers risk management options and kanban board templates.
  • The enterprise plan offers advanced onboarding and dedicated cloud servers, among others.

Try out its 14-day free trial available for its premium and business plans.

8. QuickScrum

Leading Agile Scrum Software for Enterprise Teams with Comprehensive Work Item Editing and Management Options

QuickScrum is a Leading Agile Scrum Software for Enterprise Teams with Comprehensive Work Item Editing Options

Quickscrum is one of the best project management tools for agile teams, trusted by thousands of companies including Magneto, IndiaNIC, GuestTalk, Tellumat, and DigitalMicroServices.

Key Features

  • Tracking: You have access to insights to track and refine your team workflows, track completed work, track teamwork speed, and see the average amount of work each team delivers within a set time.
  • Work Items and Workflows Management: This scrum software tool allows you to monitor how your work items are distributed, efficiently manage these work items, make quick and bulk edits, and easily duplicate work items for separate workflows. Workflows are also customizable to suit your needs through sufficient third-party app integrations.

Top Scrum Features

  • Informative dashboards
  • Discussion boards 
  • Dynamic backlog management 
  • Numerous third-party tool integrations
  • Sprint planning features


QuickScrum Pricing Plan

Quickscrum comes to you through a single straightforward monthly per-user plan. Try out its 14-day free trial.

9. Adobe Workfront

Best Scrum Platform with Native API-Enabled Integrations

Adobe Workfront is the Best Scrum Platform with Native API Enabled Integrations

Trusted by Tmobile, Sage and Under Armor, Adobe Workfront is one of the best scrum software tools built for enterprises. 

Key Features

  • Projects: Adobe Workfront serves as another reliable software to automate workflows, create custom forms, and oversee that your project management strategy comes to life. 
  • Resource Management: Manage your resources more effectively, and effortlessly distinguish incoming demand from work in progress with this scrum software. 
  • Dashboard and Reports: Through a centralized workspace made up of configurable dashboards, you have access to native API-enabled integrations, inline proofing and asset review options, and cloud-based work management capabilities.
  • Custom Smart Forms: This scrum software helps your team to collaborate better irrespective of the geographical barrier with real-time notifications and custom smart management. 

Top Scrum Features

  • Scrum planning and review
  • Backlog management
  • Burndown charts


Adobe Workfront is available to you through three plans: pro, business, and enterprise.

  • The pro plan offers you access to resource management, demand management, and content review/approval features.  
  • The business plan offers you access to premium integrations, unlimited reviewers, and enhanced analytics features. 
  • The enterprise plan offers you access to premium APIs, enhanced security, and advanced support. 

All plans are determined by a quote.

10. ScrumDo

Top Scrum Tool with High-Quality Workflow Monitoring and Smart Alerting System

ScrumDo is the Top Scrum Tool with High Quality Workflow Monitoring and Smart Alerting System

ScrumDo is a scrum software patronized by Intel, Dell, and Deloitte that makes it easy for teams and entire organizations to adopt Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban, and other workflow management processes. It is trusted by thousands of users across 145 countries. 

Key Features

  • Customizable Workflow: This scrum tool provides you with a fully customizable scrum workflow bolstered with advanced visibility and insight features. 
  • Integrations: You have an unlimited number of add-ons to increase your functionality through an API and multiple supported integrations.
  • Reports: Alongside project tracking capabilities, you have access to smart alerts and real-time reports, ensuring that you maintain proactive responses in dealing with potential risk events while creating and managing projects.

Top Scrum Features

  • User story mapping
  • Project dashboard
  • Project timeline
  • Numerous third-party app integrations
  • Burnup and burndown charts
  • Cumulative flow diagrams


ScrumDo Pricing Plan

You have access to ScrumDo’s services through three plans: scrumban, safeban, and business agility plans. 

  • The scrumban plan is suitable for small teams of up to 10 users
  • The safeban plan is best for growing teams for up to 300 users
  • The business agility plan provides scrum features for soaring the productivity of your organization. Pricing for this plan is determined by a quote and comes with enterprise-level features. 

Try out ScrumDo’s 7-day free trials on its Scrumban and Safeban plans.

11. Scrumwise

Simple Scrum Project Management Software that Places Focus on Backlog Management

Scrumwise is the Simple Scrum Project Management Software that Places Focus on Backlog Management

Trusted by top companies such as Honeywell, Intel, Whirlpool, Accenture, Deloitte, Scrumwise is one of the easiest scrum tools available in the market. It is used by 1,500+ customers and has handled over 50,000+ projects and 4m+ tasks.

Key Features

  • Projects: Dedicated to helping you and other top companies effectively manage Scrum projects, Scrumwise focuses on backlog management, visualizations, project tracking, and team collaborations. 
  • Dashboards and Reports: Seamlessly plan releases and sprints, use customizable scrum and Kanban boards to predict future workflows. Keep track of team velocity and work across different time zones, and easily chat and share files with team members. You also enjoy intuitive release management options.

Top Scrum Features

  • Kanban boards, burnup, and burndown charts
  • Tasks and subtasks management
  • Real-time task updates
  • Product backlog management


Scrumwise Pricing Plan

With Scrumwise, you choose between a monthly plan and a yearly plan that allows you to save $1.5 per month. Try Scrumwise’s 30-day free trial for both plans.

12. Zoho Sprints

Best Agile Scrum Software for Seamless Data Exports to External Platforms

Zoho Sprints is the Best Agile Scrum Software for Seamless Data Exports to External Platforms

Trusted by 100,000+ agile teams worldwide, Scrum is an all-embracing agile scrum software catered to teams who run sprints. This flexible online scrum tool is designed to help users release products in iterative sprints. 

Key Features

  • Progress Tracking: Zoho Sprints is a software tool with features that help you plan your releases and track your progress with the aid of customizable workflows and contextualized swimlane views. 
  • Collaboration and Productivity Tools: You enjoy sufficient team collaboration features and increased productivity through transparent visualizations. Users also enjoy effective release management through code repository synchronization and integrations with CI/CD tools.

Top Scrum Features

  • Parallel sprints and sprint points
  • Custom item types and statuses
  • Epics


Zoho Sprints Pricing Plan

Zoho Sprints offers scrum services through three plans: free plan, professional plan, and client user or vendor user plan.

  • The free plan offers you access to 5 projects, 5 users, and 500MB of storage space. 
  • The professional plan offers you access to unlimited projects, 100GB storage, scrum board, scrum meetings, and agile report features. Costing for the professional plan is determined by the number of users
  • The “Client User/Vendor User” plan acts as a complementary plan to the free plan, presenting users with a chance to flexibly scale up their team force as needs grow.

Try out Zoho Sprint’s 14-day free trial to enjoy access to all its scrum project management features. 

13. Asana

Leading Scrum Tool for Visualization and Reporting

Asana is the Leading Scrum Tool for Visualization and Reporting

Asana is a well-known scrum project management tool that provides you with project management and collaboration features for scrum implementation. It is trusted by over 100,000+ organizations across the globe including Deloitte, USAID, General Electric, New York Times, and Spotify.

Key Features

  • Projects: Gives you a chance to seamlessly plan, organize, and manage your agile projects and scrum sprints through a flexible list of project management and collaboration features. 
  • Integrations: Maintain effective communication between team members through external integration with Slack and Microsoft Teams.
  • Dashboard: Features range from flexible view options through multiple boards to timeline management options, and custom fields, among others.  Through Asana, you effectively track and ship launches of all sizes, and visualize your entire project through Kanban boards.

Top Scrum Features

  • Launch tracking and shipping
  • Integrations with Slack and Microsoft Teams for efficient communications
  • Fast product feedback response
  • Centralized workspace
  • Create sprints and epics
  • Collaboration tools


Asana Pricing Plan

Asana is available to you through four plans: basic, premium, business, and enterprise plans.

  • The basic plan is suitable for individuals or teams just getting started with project management.
  • The premium plan offers additional team projects, features, and resources. 
  • The business plan is suitable for teams and companies that need to manage large works. It offers advanced integrations and customization options.
  • The enterprise plan is suitable for organizations that need increased data control and personalized support. 

Try out its 30-day free trial available on its premium and business plans.

14. Nutcache

All-in-One Scrum Management Tool with Comprehensive Project Budgeting and Cost Management Options

Nutcache is an All in One Scrum Management Tool with Comprehensive Project Budgeting

Trusted by Rakuten, Chroma, and thousands of other businesses, Nutcache is an all-in-one scrum software that offers an excellent scrum experience for project managers. 

Key Features

  • Organization: This scrum management tool allows you to organize your workload through prioritization and grouping features and intuitive Gantt charts. 
  • Management Features: You simplify your project budgeting and cost management activities through alerts and notifications for potential cost overruns. Enjoy access to sufficient timeline tracking, comparison, and management features.

Top Scrum Features

  • Sprints with different options
  • Advanced time and expense tracking
  • Timely alerts and notifications
  • Task automation
  • Latest agile methodologies
  • Collaboration tools


Nutcache Pricing Plan

Nutcache offers you three plans: free, pro, and enterprise.

  • The free plan supports a maximum of 20 users, offers simple tracking, unlimited projects and tasks, and basic integrations. 
  • The pro plan supports unlimited users, offers project, time, and invoicing reports, Gantt charts, project budgeting, and task automation features. 
  • The enterprise plan offers you advanced budget management capabilities, custom security profit, and team management features,

Try out its free trial available on its pro and enterprise plans.

15. Clarizen

Top Scrum Software with Intuitive Email Collaboration for Enterprise Collaboration

Clarizen is the Top Scrum Software with Intuitive Email Collaboration

Trusted by enterprise companies such as Siemens Energy, Cisco, Dell, Western Union, Box, and De Beer, Clarizen is one of the best scrum tools for enterprise collaboration.

Key Features

  • Planning and Tracking: This scrum tool supplements traditional project management software features with enterprise-level solutions that help plan and track entire project management workflows.
  • Workflows and Boards: Adjust priorities, monitor the progress of your workflows, and attach links, documents, and other media to your workflows. Create and customize multiple boards for your different teams, projects, and customers.
  • Collaboration: You easily share projects and develop strategies, define resources and budget allocations, automate repeatable tasks, and gain insight into critical project trends and costs through quality collaboration and real-time information gathering features.

Key Scrum Features

  • Task management and planning
  • Scrum dashboards
  • Project Timelines 
  • Numerous integrations with other third-party applications
  • Real-Time Insights


Clarizen adopts a per-user subscription pricing model through two plans: enterprise plan and unlimited plan. All plans are determined by a quote and come with API access and SSO integrations. Request a free demo to get an inside view of how Clarizen works and the features and benefits it offers.

16. Trello

Affordable Scrum Software with Advanced Team Permission Features 

Affordable Scrum Software with Advanced Team Permission Features

Trusted by over 1million+ teams including tech giants Google and Squarespace, Trello is an affordable scrum solution that provides users with a simple and visual way to manage and organize their projects, tasks, and items. 

Key Features

  • Scrum by Vince: Through its “Scrum by Vince” solution, Trello presents you with essential tools you need for your Scrum workflow, making the whole project management process easier and more flexible. You have sufficient tools at your disposal to plan sprints, follow up on them, and take them to completion.
  • Organization and Management of Multiple Boards: Trello allows your development team to manage multiple boards on different projects with different statuses. You also organize your sprint boards through board naming conventions for sprint projects and statuses and track sprint burndown in real-time.

Top Scrum Features

  • Simple kanban boards for sprint planning and tracking 
  • Power-ups to integrate with other third-party tools
  • Workflow automation with Butler


Trello Pricing Plan

Alongside a free plan for individuals, Trello is available to you through three paid plans: standard plan, premium plan, and an enterprise plan.

  • The free plan is best for individuals or teams with small needs in search of a free scrum solution.
  • The standard plan is suitable for teams with a larger workload, it offers scale collaborating for effective management of your workflows.
  • The premium plan is ideal for teams of up to 100 that need access to multiple project tracking and visualization features
  • The enterprise plan is best for organizations that need access to more security and control. It is ultimately determined by the number of users involved.

Try out Trello’s 14-day free trial for its paid version.

17. Targetprocess

Best Scrum Software with Dedicated Role-Based Integrations

Targetprocess Is the Best Best Scrum Software with Dedicated Role Based Integrations

Trusted by thousands of companies ranging from large corporations like Chevron to smaller companies, Targetprocess is the best scrum tool for SAFe and LeSS.

Key Features

  • Project Management: Targetprocess serves as a platform to manage your team's daily meetings and possible project limitations on a single dashboard. 
  • Workflows: You have options to properly customize your development workflows, plan sprints, track your progress, and check blocked works without hassle.
  • Integrations: Available to you to centralize your workflow and increase your functionality. These integrations are dedicated to different roles within your organization. For transparency above the team level, Azure DevOps or Jira software is available. For continuous integration and delivery, GitHub, GitLab, Jenkins, Phabricator, and Bitbucket are available.

Top Scrum Features

  • Customizable development workflow
  • Bugs and Issue Tracking
  • High product and portfolio visibility
  • Backlog Management


The cost of Targetprocess’ scrum services is determined after contact with its representatives is made.

Key Features of Best Scrum Software

When choosing scrum software to manage your project workflows, choose features that help you track your progress and overall performance. Select scrum tools that foster collaboration amongst your team members and give you a transparent view of your overall workflow in the easiest of ways. 

1. Sprint Prioritization Options

Sprints are the most integral part of the scrum methodology. Having scrum software with intuitive features to plan and execute them is extremely important. A software that lets you organize and run sprints through prioritization options like color-coding or prioritization labeling, helps you make your sprint management phase as easy as you need it to be.

Having teamwork editing tasks in table view with the use of drag-and-drop cards, lists, and interactive checklists help you complete your tasks easily, quickly, and in order of priority.

2. Task Assignment and Backlog Management Features

Backlog management forms another integral part of the scrum methodology. Just like sprint management, it requires features that help you properly organize tasks. A scrum tool presenting you with a centralized product backlog with general access allows team members to create, manage, rank, and plan tasks as they deem fit. 

Access to effective task visibility and assignment features ensures that you know about who each task is handled by and keep track of both tasks and team members. It helps you identify when team members are over capacity or under capacity. Appropriately assign workloads to prevent bottlenecks, increase productivity, and avoid burnout with this feature.

3. Comprehensive Project Visualization Options

Visualizing your projects gives your team members a quick overview of your entire workflow. A scrum tool offering a variety of visualization features is the best choice. 

These visualization options range from burndown charts that offer a view of your team's progress to burnout charts that show an increase in project workload. Another visualization option is velocity charts that display the amount of work completed during each sprint.

All these present you with an overview of when the project will be completed, what work still needs to be done, and how much work your team members may expect to achieve in their next sprint.

4. Kanban Boards

Kanban boards are popular features of scrum software and for good reasons. They are characterized by drag-and-drop board views, providing your teams with an interactive way to move tasks around, change priorities, track, and assign tasks among team members. 

With these, you improve collaboration through a centralized team view option and easily move tasks from one category to the other as they make their way through the project management process.

5. Reporting And Notification Features

A scrum software that provides you with sufficient alerting and notification options remains a good choice for your project management workflows. You ensure that you have access to real-time project updates, automated notifications, and detailed data on task history for proper project tracking. 

These reporting and notification features ensure that nothing is mistakenly missed and all crucial phases of your scrum workflow are properly recorded and accounted for.

6. External Integrations

Integrations help you increase the functionality of your scrum software. The ideal scrum tool offers you a vast number of integrations, which means you have a vast limit to the amount of functionality you gain from it. A scrum tool that integrates with CRM software, social media, scheduling software, marketing automation software, and automated email campaign software is ideal. 

Look for an option that does not just serve software developers but also gives all members of your team, including marketers and designers, a single centralized platform to work with. You seamlessly connect tasks and jobs to external platforms without having to switch between these platforms.

7. Comprehensive Team Collaboration Options

There is no scrum without collaborative team efforts. Having a tool that focuses on this integral part of the scrum workflow is important. Some of the more important collaboration features to look for include comments on task cards, dedicated messaging spaces for each project, and video conferencing for direct team communications.

Some other features to consider while choosing scrum software include dedicated customizable templates for faster workflows, cost estimation, and budgeting options, and time tracking features.

Benefits of Using Scrum Software Tools

The scrum methodology is accompanied by multiple inherent benefits that cannot be missed.

1. Maintain A High-Quality Project Management Framework

The development of projects in sprints provides you with opportunities to test certain workflows, sort out problems, and solve them. When facilitated by a top scrum software, it defines and elaborates on your project requirements, presenting you with timely feedback from all stakeholders. 

Scrum software tools prioritize project requirements based on value and risk and ensure that products and their development processes remain relevant and high in quality at all times.

2. Higher Customer Satisfaction

Collaborations within a scrum framework are not limited between team members alone. Scrum also involves constant engagement and collaboration with customers throughout the duration of the project. 

By delivering products to customers multiple times for feedback, you guarantee yourself a product that undeniably suits the taste of customers at the end of the project. You also save time and financial resources by funding projects and updating backlogs consistently and appropriately as feedback is received.

3. Scrum Tools Give More Control

Through these tools, your entire project team, including scrum master, product owner, development team, and customers, have access to sufficient features to adapt, inspect, and exercise complete control on how the product turns out. 

Scrum software offers highly customizable workflows, allowing you to adjust priorities, refine scrum processes, and manage risks all on one simple platform.

4. Low Project Risk

Delivering products to customers after each sprint means you have an idea of how feasible this product is likely to succeed at the early stages of product development. 

Feedback allows you to focus on the highest risk areas, ensuring that you deliver on the most valuable parts of the projects first and expend a minimal but appropriate amount of financial and time investment on the project. The main benefit remains that you know if a product succeeds or fails from the early stages and has sufficient information to reduce risks.

5. High Project Visibility

Through multiple burndowns, burnout, and velocity charts, you maintain effective and transparent visualization over your projects. You monitor how the project is progressing, identify any potential issues, and identify possible future trends in project workflows. 

These features help you in properly organizing, planning, and improving on projects. You also enjoy access to important metrics used to estimate cost, time, and measure the performance of projects.

Which Scrum Tool Should I Try

Now you have read about 17 of the best scrum tools, their features, and their benefits. The next thing you are probably thinking of is which scrum tool should I pick?

Apart from the key features of the best scrum software such as sprint prioritization, project visualization, backlog management, kanban boards, and others, you also need to pick a scrum tool that fits within your project and your team is familiar with.

Luckily, many of the best scrum tools reviewed in this article have free plans or free trial periods you can use to test different options for free so you can cost-effectively know which scrum tool is best for your needs. 

Here is an outline of the use case of leading scrum software tools.

Written by
Martin Luenendonk