16 Best Scrum Software Tools of 2024 for Agile Project Management

Updated Jul 14, 2023.

Agile teams are always searching for the best scrum software to meet their project management needs. Statistics indicate that 84% of agile teams choose the scrum framework as their preferred approach. If you’re shopping for a scrum tool but don’t have time to evaluate every available option, this article is for you.

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A top work management platform that provides excellent support for the scrum framework.
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Best scrum tool for project teams looking for increased productivity at a reasonable price.
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A scrum tool that agile software development teams love for its specialized features built for product development teams.
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An advanced project management software that helps scrum teams collaborate with colleagues and clients.
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A well-known project management tool that is simple and offers lots of options for custom fields.

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If you have the right team, then what you need is the right scrum tool.

The best scrum software should get all the basics right, and pack enough extras to give you project visibility, custom workflows, and the analytics that will empower you to improve project performance.

With that in mind, let's see how the top scrum tools stack up against each other.

Best Scrum Software Tools to Increase Your Productivity

From the dozens of solutions that claim to be the best scrum software in the market, we’ve narrowed down the list to these:

1. Monday.com

Best Agile Scrum Software for Unlimited Customization

Editor’s Take
9.5 out of 10
Best For
Customizing workflows
$0 – $22 per user per month
Annual Discount
Save 18%

Monday.com’s most vital point is customization. Apart from using integrations to extend the platform’s functionality, I managed to tweak my workflow and create sprints to tackle my backlog items. It was easy to invite external guests into the team, share files, chat via video, and review sprints throughout the project history.

Monday.com is one of the best scrum software as far as workflow customization is concerned. Teams can plan sprints together through chat and invite clients as external guests.

The platform also provides project templates complete with automations to save you time and enhance team efficiency.

Best Features


you can customize Monday.com to fit your team’s project management styles and workflows. You can create sprint boards, define tasks and sync them across multiple boards, and customize dashboards as you wish.


achieve project goals faster by using automation to handle mundane tasks that take away valuable time. You can set up automations to create tasks, assign items to owners, send reminders, and notify relevant team members of important status updates.


brainstorm and plan your sprints as a team. You can chat and tag teammates and external guests, drag-and-drop files, add video conferences into items and give feedback in the same place. You can also search through your whole project collaboration history.

Scrum sprint template

the scrum sprint planning template helps you plan and manage sprints efficiently; it even has in-built automations. You can plan for sprints while tracking progress over time and move items from one sprint to another without re-entering any data.


you can connect Monday.com with popular business tools and widgets to sync data and operate from a single platform. What’s more, you can create custom integrations using Monday.com’s recipes.


The free plan gives you unlimited boards for up to 2 users while the standard plan adds functionality such as automation. But for the best experience of Monday.com’s features, try out the pro plan. It’s free for 14 days; no credit card needed.

2. ClickUp

Best Scrum Project Management Software for Improving Team Productivity

Editor’s Take
9.4 out of 10
Best For
Increasing work efficiency
$0 – $19 per user per month
Annual Discount

ClickUp proved to be the best scrum software for managing sprint tasks and overall human resources. Although the default points system was good enough, the option of creating a custom points system showed that ClickUp could be used to manage teams working on large projects. Converting a chat message into a sprint task was also a big time saver.

ClickUp allows teams to set up intelligent sprint workflows. They can turn chat messages into trackable work items and automatically push unfinished work to the next sprint.

Depending on your unique situation, you can create a custom points system to manage your team’s workload and monitor capacity through the timeline view.

Best Features


create sprints and define priorities to help everyone know what to focus on and automatically push unfinished work into the next sprint. You can track your sprints using Cumulative Flow, save and duplicate your views, and monitor team progress using burndown charts.

To-do lists

create to-do lists that help you plan and work on pending work and access them from your desktop, mobile, or browser. You can customize lists through formatting and turn them into workflows that can be visualized on kanban boards.


create documents or wikis and format them as you wish. You can embed bookmarks, collaboratively edit them in real-time, and convert text into tasks. Organize Docs by category for search purposes, share them through secure links, archive them, and save frequently-used docs into templates.

Board view

customize the board view by drag-and-dropping columns and choose whether to zoom into a single list or see all tasks by selecting the Everything option. Use the multitask toolbar to make bulk edits, create and save task filters, and decide how to display sub-tasks.

Sprint points

manage your team’s capacity and distribute workload by enforcing a points system. You can choose the default numbering system or create your own and use it to monitor individual capacity for proper task allocation.


ClickUp’s free plan offers unlimited users and tasks, but with a mere 100MB storage. The paid plans give you unlimited everything, including advanced automations and guest visibility settings. Sign up and get a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee.

3. Jira

Best Project Management Tool for Software Development Teams

Editor’s Take
9.3 out of 10
Best For
Agile software teams
$0 – $14.50 per user per month
Annual Discount:

Jira’s ability to drive project success is based on how it provides visibility into users’ workloads and the use of roadmaps to track work. I found the focus on the sprint time frame to help keep everyone dedicated to hitting deadlines, while the reports made it easy to recognize scope creep and identify work patterns.

Jira helps you complete your sprints and projects on time by focusing your attention on the sprint time frame. You get additional transparency across teams since all tasks and their statuses are visible to all members.

You can quickly share relevant reports through in-built report templates or use filters to create different roadmap views of the ongoing work.

Best Features

Scrum boards

enable team collaboration through customizable scrum boards that show the project's progress. All work is organized around the sprint time frame and can be divided into stages for easy tracking and improved focus.


this feature makes Jira the best scrum software for tracking activities and dependencies across teams and monitoring their capacity for the assigned work. You can also create multiple versions of your roadmaps and use filters to share specific views with stakeholders.


track project progress and team performance using agile reports and customizable dashbaords. Use sprint reports to identify scope creep, velocity charts to determine a team’s capacity, and insights in the board view to keep you focused on the sprint goals.


achieve more by automating repetitive tasks and processes for whatever use case you have. Templates are available to save you time, and you can also automate on a global level where one rule works across all projects.

Workflow management

utilize project-specific workflow templates or create your own to improve work management and team member accountability. Team members can see each other’s workload and task status, enabling them to track work progress and predict task completion.


Jira’s free plan gives you all the scrum basics with a limit of 10 users. With the paid plans, you can have up to 20,000 users and create global and multi-project automation rules. Give Jira a try. It’s free for 7 days.

4. Teamwork

Best Scrum Software for Teams Working Closely With Clients

Editor’s Take
9.2 out of 10
Best For
Collaborating with clients
$0 – $18 per user per month
Annual Discount

Teamwork promotes what its name suggests, and that's why collaboration within teams and with clients is a big part of this tool. I found Teamwork to be flexible for work management, while the bug tracking feature proved helpful in organizing issues and prioritizing fixes that an engineering team would be working on.

Teamwork is not only a powerful collaboration tool for scrum teams but also works well as a project portfolio management tool.

Development teams can efficiently manage reported bugs by highlighting and prioritizing critical issues, while sprint reports provide insights for improving project performance.

Best Features

Sprint management

plan sprints by creating tasks and sub-tasks, milestones, and due dates. Visualize your sprint workflow using Gantt charts and kanban boards, and get a quick overview of your sprint cycles.

Bug tracking

use a task list to log bugs and track the fixes that your developers are building. Highlight high-priority fixes and get all teams involved in fixing bugs to collaborate through messages and comments.

Resource management

create workload plans that are based on your team’s capacity and determine whether you need to hire additional staff or not. Manage deadlines by changing task priorities and re-assigning them to avoid bottlenecks.

Time management

track time to know how long tasks are taking. Use data from the online timer to generate itemized invoices, identify and prioritize high-value work, avoid payment disputes, and improve client relationships due to increased transparency.

Data security

Teamwork uses internal and external tools to monitor system operations and identify issues ASAP. They take automatic database snapshots every few seconds, and customers are allowed to perform penetration tests by scheduling them with Teamwork and AWS security engineers.


For up to 5 users, Teamwork’s free plan covers all the basics. But for features like project templates, billing and invoicing, and custom views, you need a paid plan. Experience the benefits of collaboration by testing Teamwork for 30 days free of charge.

5. Asana

Agile Project Management Tool That’s Easy to Use

Editor’s Take
9.1 out of 10
Best For
Quick onboarding
$0 – $24.99
Annual Discount

Asana is an easy platform for scrum teams to use in managing their projects. I loved how easy it was to plan work using milestones and monitor work overload risks using work points. The fact that I could define up to 30 custom fields per project showed that I could use Asana to manage complex projects.

Asana uses custom fields to help you tailor the platform to your team’s liking. You can improve your chances of project success by avoiding timing conflicts and addressing bottlenecks ahead of time.

Asana reports will show you project metadata and allow you to adjust workloads on the timeline.

Best Features


Asana’s timeline feature makes it the best scrum software tool for defining the start and end dates of your sprints, setting task dependencies, and rescheduling tasks in bulk. You can also share your timeline by URL if the project is public or by adding stakeholders as project followers if the project is private.

Custom fields

you can create custom fields to add more data or provide more context to your user stories or tasks. You can have up to 30 custom fields in a single project and 100 options in a drop-down custom field.

Sprint management

plan and execute your sprints using lists and kanban boards, and set up notifications for status updates. Manage your sprint work using due dates and milestones, add rules to automate work allocation, and save everything into a template.

Workload management

get a clear view of your team’s capacity and filter workload by task count or work points. Monitor everyone’s workload using the set capacity to identify work overload risks. You can re-assign or reschedule tasks to ensure team members work within their limits.


view sprint progress through ready-made reports or create your own. You can access charts from the template library, create one based on tasks or project metadata, customize it using styles and filters, and order them on the shareable dashboard.


Asana’s free plan provides unlimited tasks and file storage for up to 15 users. The paid plans give you features such as workflow builder and forms branching. Get your team on board and try Asana’s premium plan for 30 days free of charge.

6. Bitrix24

Versatile Scrum Software With CRM, HR, and Ecommerce Modules

Bitrix24 - Your ultimate workspace

Bitrix24 is a scrum enabled collaboration platform that combines automations with work management to ensure success for big and small teams.

You can set up custom triggers to automate tasks, and engage your team to create a shared to-do list and workflows that auto-update based on project changes.

Unlike other project management tools, Bitrix24 has a built-in social network.

Best Features

Automated workflows

set up tasks and processes and automate them to increase efficiency. You can also use the pre-built templates or create custom ones that fit each team’s unique workflow.

Workload management

engage team members through chat to discuss their workload and adjust work allocation accordingly. Set task dependencies to guide your workflow and see updates automatically reflect when changes occur.

Task management

use the task management tool to plan unlimited tasks, create sub-tasks and checklists to guide task execution, automate recurring tasks, and use Gantt charts to view task and project progress. You can also view tasks using the deadline and calendar views.

Team management

leverage the built-in social network to improve collaboration and team engagement through comments, likes, appreciation badges, and peer praise. Track billable hours, manage shifts and paid time off, and automate processes such as work report requests and leave request approvals.

Backlog management

create an unlimited number of tasks to represent your work items and break them further into sub-tasks for easy allocation and progress tracking. Use color codes to highlight different aspects of your project, add documents to enrich user stories, and assign tasks based on individual capacity.


The basic plan costs $39 per month for teams with up to 5 members, while the professional plan costs $159 per month for unlimited users. You can also get started with the free plan which gives you unlimited projects.

7. nTask

Best Scrum Tool for Task Management

nTask- A Powerful Project Management Solution Made For Growing Teams

nTask is big on managing tasks and creating work processes. It helps you set the agenda of your scrum meetings for maximum productivity and action the tasks in your sprints through deadlines.

With this scrum management software, you can monitor time usage by team members, create dedicated workspaces, and manage project risks using risk mitigation plans.

Best Features

Meeting management

make your scrum meetings meaningful by linking them to tasks. You can create recurring meetings, sync them with your calendar, and send invitations through email. Work with your team to decide on follow-up actions and set deadlines for them.

Team collaboration

engage your team and improve transparency through open communication via chat. Create dedicated workspaces with custom statuses and task priority levels, and define roles and permissions for controlled data access.

Work management

as the best scrum software for managing your tasks, nTask moves you from basic task management to a powerful task board that enables you to share documents, images, and videos, and allocate tasks and to-do lists to team members. You can track activities across unlimited tasks, measure time usage using the progress meter, set up recurring tasks, and sync data between different apps.

Risk management

use the risk management app to define risk drivers, run risk analyses, and create a mitigation plan to ensure project success. Assign risk control measures to relevant team members and import risks from external sources.

Project planning

plan projects by creating tasks and sub-tasks with planned and actual due dates. Define task dependencies and the critical path to help you predict project timelines more accurately and set up automatic notifications to track the progress.


You can try nTask for free for 14 days. Paid plans cost $3 per user per month for the premium plan and $8 per user per month for the business plan. There's also a free plan for teams with up to 5 members.

8. QuickScrum

Affordable Scrum Project Management Software With Free Onboarding Training

QuickScrum- Project Management Tool for the Agile Teams

QuickScrum provides a flexible platform for teams to create and adjust sprint plans and task schedules. Work items can be assigned business value that can be used to gauge the effects of bottlenecks on the business.

QuickScrum is easily the best scrum software for teams that need help with data migration and the development of custom integrations.

Best Features

Scrum boards

view work items on the scrum board and use the drag-and-drop feature to change the status of individual work items. Move items up or down the priority levels and track the progress of every sprint using filters to display relevant data.

Document management

manage all your files from a central location and organize them using folders. You can easily preview files to confirm their content, download them to your devices, or share them as attachments in your communication.

Work items

create work items and give them business value. Assign items to team members for accountability and add files for additional context. You can tag items for search purposes, discuss them using comments, and review all actions taken on them.


use burnup and burndown charts to compare work progress to the set timelines. Use the velocity chart to see your team’s actual capacity and understand how much work they can deliver and be able to improve future sprint plans.


you can sync your data with other apps. QuickScrum’s developers and data engineers are at hand to handle any unique integration needs you may have, customize the platform to your liking, and help you migrate existing data to QuickScrum.


QuickScrum has a single plan which costs $5 per user per month. The free trial lasts 14 days.

9. VivifyScrum

Best Agile Project Management Tool for Work Management

VivifyScrum- Agile Project Management Software

VivifyScrum is the best scrum software for managing teams and the work allocated to them. Sprint reports can be filtered, and past and current work engagements reviewed for insights.

You can automatically log work items, monitor work progress on the scrum board, control data access through roles and permissions, and track team performance using work points and completed items.

Best Features

Project management

get all your project data in one place and view your team members’ activities on past and current projects. Completed projects can be archived or deleted, boards and clients can be linked to projects, and filters used to sort projects by various criteria.

Time management

track the time spent on tasks and get the worklog automatically added to work items for report generation. You can start the timer by entering the item code or URL or clicking the stopwatch on the item card. You can also pause the timer when taking a break.


create, edit, preview, send, and download invoices and filter them by clients, statuses, and due date range. You can customize invoices by adding a logo and business details such as bank account number and save them as templates.

Team management

manage employees and guests by assigning them roles and permissions. You can work on users’ timelines, time off, boards, and engagements, and, if you’re the organization owner or admin, edit members’ profile cards.


monitor scrum metrics by checking the total points, completed items, and their value. You can also filter the records by date range or sprint. Other reports include the worklog, burndown, and type statistic charts.


Plans start at $96 per year for teams with up to 10 users, going on to $4 per user per month for teams with 51-100 members. All plans have a 7-day free trial.

10. ScrumDo

Excellent Scrum Project Management Software for Teams Scaling Agile

ScrumDo- ScrumDo enables Delivery Excellence and Customer-centric outcomes

ScrumDo is one of the best scrum tools for teams expanding their agile operations. As an enterprise solution, ScrumDo supports Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and Enterprise Scrum.

You can adjust your workflows to reflect a focus on achieving your goals, customize reports to show essential metrics, and highlight bottlenecks that need to be addressed to guarantee project success.

Best Features

Risk management

ScrumDo’s risk management feature makes it the best scrum software for monitoring workflows for conflicts and potential obstacles. You can create risk tracking measures with custom signals to be monitored and get notified when risks are identified.

Sprint management

plan sprints by collaborating across your team or the whole organization. Design your sprints by drag-and-dropping items and enjoy ScrumDo’s flexibility that allows you to create processes unique to your team or projects.


get visibility into your projects and work processes by reviewing your team’s performance and scrum metrics. Get automated alerts when item statuses change or the set limits are hit, and take action to ensure project success.

Sprint retrospectives

gather your team around to review completed sprints and identify what works and what doesn’t. Improve your plans by tweaking workflows based on team feedback, and learn what you need to prioritize for continued success.


ScrumDo charges $8.99 per month for teams of up to 10 users and $59.99 per month for teams with more than 10 members. The price increases with every additional 5 users. There’s also a 7-day free trial.

11. Scrumwise

A Simple Scrum Tool With Superb User Experience

Scrumwise- The easiest Scrum tool you'll find

Scrumwise is one of the best scrum tools as far as user experience is concerned.

This scrum tool implements standard computer functionality such as right-click menus, keyboard shortcuts, popups for more information, and has pretty fast loading speeds.

Work management options include partial allocations, assigning work to remote teams, using checklists, sharing files, and collaborating through chat.

Best Features

Backlog management

easily create your sprint backlog and define the tasks to be performed. Use lists and tags to organize work and filters to display specific information. You can break down the work using sub-tasks and create checklists to guide the workflow.

Team management

create your scrum team and assign members roles depending on their responsibilities. You can manage work done by remote teams, analyze data on team velocity, and track vacations and time off.

Sprint management

plan out the project on the scrum board, create sprints, add the relevant information, and allocate tasks based on members’ availability. You can assign periodic work, partial allocations, and adjust workload to avoid overloading any team member.

Time management

log time for billing and accounting purposes. Filter the information by individuals, whole teams, and date ranges. You can export time logs through CSV files or copy them into spreadsheets for more processing.

User experience

in Scrumwise, common keyboard shortcuts are available, you can access more options by right-clicking on items, and changes are auto-saved. Data loads fast, and details are displayed through popups, minimizing the need to load new pages.


Scrumwise is one of a few project management tools with a simplified price plan. The monthly cost is $9 per user per month, while annual billing costs $7.5 per user per month. The free trial lasts 30 days.

12. Zoho Sprints

Best Scrum Tool for Teams Using Other Zoho Software

Zoho Sprints- Build great products, sprint by sprint

Zoho Sprints is the best scrum software for enforcing transparency among members of a development team. You can create custom groups, define user roles, and create custom fields for data that adds context to tasks.

Group backlog items by priority, search through them using filters, and analyze reports to learn how to achieve your sprint goals more efficiently.

Best Features


use the project feed for collaboration between in-house and remote teams with status updates, @mentions, reminders, and notifications. You can also set reminders for task deadlines and recurring scrum meetings.


this scrum tool alows you to customize everything from user roles to Work In Progress limits. You can create custom views for your data, priority statuses, item types, and fields. You can also add users to groups that can be tagged in status updates and comments.


get a quick overview or detailed analysis of your project data and identify work patterns. Improve decision-making using reports such as burndown charts, epic progress chart, cumulative flow diagram, and user profile, which shows each user’s contribution to the project’s success.

Work management

maximize sprint planning by using estimation points to determine the resources needed for each sprint. Create checklists and either share them or keep them private. You can also tag work items using labels and set reminders for pending work.

Backlog management

define user stories, tasks, and sub-tasks, prioritize individual items, and improve transparency through a well-organized sprint backlog. You can group items by type, priority, or assignee, search through work items, and import backlog items from other tools.


Zoho Sprints costs $5 per user per month when paying annually. There’s a 15-day free trial and a free plan that limits you to 3 projects, 3 users, and 500MB of storage.

13. Yodiz

Best Agile Tool for Budget-conscious Teams

Yodiz- Easy to Adopt Simple to Scale

Yodiz is one of the most affordable project management tools available. It’s impressive set of features helps you plan for work from the first sprint to the product release.

This agile scrum software helps you understand how each sprint contributes to the overall project success, and compare your forecasts to actual results to determine how to improve project performance.

Best Features

Scrum board

plan and track your sprints using flexible scrum boards. You can customize your workflow, collaborate by commenting and tagging members, search board data using filters, and use bulk updates to increase the team’s efficiency.

Feature management

use user stories to define the required functionality or sprint goal. Assign priority to all features, map customer journeys across your sprints, and convert requirements into epics and tasks.

Backlog management

manage all features, stories, bug fixes, and more from a central location to improve transparency and collaboration among teams. Instantly understand the complexity of any given project and use analytics to plan for sprints and releases.

Release management

this scrum tool helps you to set up sprint goals for automatic tracking. You can plan your releases, link them to sprints, set up appropriate notifications, and monitor everything using dashboards.


unlike other budget-friendly agile tools, Yodiz gives you intelligent analyses to help you forecast and improve future sprints. You can customize your reports to display what you need and filter data by sprint size, releases, and epics.


The free plan from Yodiz is for 3 users maximum and comes with unlimited projects. The complete agile solution goes for $5 per user per month. There’s also a free 30-day trial.

14. Pivotal Tracker

Best Scrum Project Management Software for Enterprise Software Teams

Pivotal Tracker- Pivotal Tracker is changing how teams build software

Pivotal Tracker is one of the best scrum tools owing to its ability to balance all the elements of a scrum process.

It helps you create work items, build context into your stories, and monitor obstacles through story blockers.

Reports allow you to dig deeper into your data, while the search functionality includes nested Boolean expressions.

Best Features


this tool is one of the best scrum software when it comes to defining stories and planning out sprints by balancing between features, bugs, and chores. Estimate and break down work, drag-and-drop tasks according to priority, manage risks using story blockers, and add presentations and notes to your stories for more context.

Sprint management

make your sprints more predictable and guarantee consistent results from your team by determining workloads based on completed story points. This will also help you manage customer expectations better since you’ll commit to what you can deliver.


create workspaces that fit your team’s working style and arrange projects side-by-side for a perfect view of work progress. Engage in conversations using @mentions and stay on top of work using to-do lists.

Analytics and reports

get an overview of your project by checking the burndown charts, cycle time reports, and view multiple project data side-by-side. You can also dig into the details of every report and analyze sprints, releases, and other metrics.

Project history

view all project activities and logged changes to identify trends and see how to improve your processes. You can search through data using nested Boolean expressions and save your searches for later use.


Pivotal Tracker will cost you $10 per month for a team of up to 10 users. For 11 users and above, you'll pay $6.5 per user per month. The free plan is best for small teams of up to 5 users. The free trial lasts 30 days.

15. Nutcache

Best Scrum Tool for Increasing Team Efficiency

Nutcache- Deliver profitable projects every time

Nutcache is the best scrum software for scrum masters and project teams that plan and run sprints that are connected to business objectives. You can set KPIs to monitor team performance, categorize tasks by priority, and assign complexity points to items.

You can also track project costs by the hour or amount and get notified when budget thresholds are crossed.

Best Features

Sprint cycle management

use visual lists to plan and track sprint activities across the project life cycle. Create sprints, set their duration and goals, use labels to guide the workflow, visualize work using kanban boards, define KPIs, and review closed sprints in read-only mode.

Backlog management

break down the project into smaller chunks that are easy to manage based on priority. Drag-and-drop cards from the backlog to the sprint, allocate complexity points, and include personas to help you understand customer needs.

Time tracker

track time spent working at the office or on the move and invoice clients accordingly. Team members can track time on individual tasks using a timer, submit time for approval, and connect logged time to cards. You can monitor billable time by project or user.

Project budgeting

project managers can establish labor costs and track them by amount, cost, or hour. Create milestones, set automatic alerts for when thresholds are met, keep costs under control, and improve profitability.

Workload management

plan your team’s work better and assign tasks based on their ability to deliver. Make changes in the workload to reflect real-time capacity, set task priority, allocate a task to multiple workers, and automate all repetitive tasks.


Nutcache’s pro and enterprise plans cost $6 per user per month and $12 per user per month, respectively. The free plan allows up to 20 users.

16. Targetprocess

Dedicated Scrum Tool for Agile Enterprise Teams

Targetprocess- The Power Behind Your Project-to-Product Transformation

Targetprocess is a comprehensive scrum tool that empowers multiple teams to collaborate on agile workflows. Targetprocess has preset frameworks that can be combined with scrum to create custom agile frameworks.

Targetprocess takes collaboration and team engagement to the next level by making gamification part of its solution. Using planning poker makes sprint planning both easy and fun.

Best Features


combine scrum with preset targetprocess solutions to create a tailor-made framework. Set up custom workflows for each individual or team while maintaining visibility into the bigger picture. You can also define terms to use when creating work items and workflows.

Resource management

determine your workload, understand your team’s capacity, distribute work, and set WIP limits to avoid overloading your team. Get a clear view of who’s working on which tasks, how long they’ll take to complete them, and make changes in planned allocations based on insights from people allocation reports.

Backlog management

the list view helps you manage product and sprint backlogs by adding and prioritizing work items. You can re-order work items and use the product backlog list to plan for features and manage user stories and bugs.

Planning poker

this scrum software uses gamification to get everyone’s input when discussing work items. Item changes that occur during planning poker are visible to everyone and comments can be used to call attention to specific changes.

Sprint management

compare individual capacity to available workload and plan your sprints by breaking down the work into tasks. Set sprint goals, track tasks using scrum and kanban boards, set WIP limits, and track progress using burndown and burnup charts.


Targetprocess pricing is available upon request, and plans are customized to your specific needs.

Key Features of the Best Scrum Software

The best scrum tools implement advanced functionality in different ways.

But since the advanced features add to the cost, the most important features scrum masters and project managers look for are:

  • Backlog management: since the backlog lists all the work that needs to be done, you should go for scrum tools that enable you to order the list, estimate entries, manage item details, add/remove items, and define priorities.
  • Team management: scrum project management tools should enable you to gauge the capacity of your development team, measure their efforts and performance, and allocate work. The best scrum tools also provide the capability to re-distribute tasks to balance the workload, and time off to be applied for and approved within the system.
  • Workflows: from sprint planning to retrospectives, creating work processes should be easy. Workflows should be customizable to fit different project requirements and task management software can be used to manage work during the agile sprints. The scrum master will also want to know whether the chosen scrum tool allows you to create workflows that align with scrum values.
  • Integrations: with businesses and staff using various apps for different aspects of work, the best scrum tools enable you to integrate with these apps. Standard integrations include email, file sharing, and online collaboration tools.
  • Automations: no-one wants to do the same thing over and over again. So, every agile project management software should offer automations to handle repetitive work such as task allocation and sending reminders.
  • Collaboration: running sprints is a team effort, so collaboration is essential. Every scrum tool should provide at least the basics of chat and @mentions. Online scrum tools providing extra features like video, advanced search, and planning poker are even better.
  • Reports: measure important agile metrics, monitor ongoing work, see what’s pending, understand how sprints are contributing to the project’s success, and see whether deadlines are being met or not. Major scrum project management reports include burnup and burndown charts, cumulative flow diagrams, and velocity charts.

Benefits of Using Scrum Tools

There are numerous benefits of using scrum software for your agile project management needs. Here are some of them:

  • Sync team activities: the right scrum tool will make enable the scrum master to guide the team through the project lifecycle while ensuring that all team activities are aligned with the defined sprint goals. Scrum boards provide a quick view of the work progress, while project timelines act as reminders of the task deadlines.
  • Increase customer satisfaction: you can engage customers throughout the project and show how their feedback translates into quick product improvement. Any issues raised can be prioritized as new features for the next sprint.
  • Reduce time to market: research by the Project Management Institute shows that 65% of highly agile organizations finish projects on time. The best scrum tools help you deliver products faster by breaking projects into smaller chunks and prioritizing the most critical features.
  • Improve collaboration: using scrum software forces teams to work together and can even boost cross team collaboration. This collaboration builds relationships and improves team performance.
  • Increase ROI: delivering products faster means payments come in sooner. And with high customer satisfaction, it’s easy to earn referrals and get word-of-mouth marketing from customers to propel you into greater profitability.

What Is the Best Scrum Software?

The popularity of scrum software is bound to increase as more agile teams embrace the scrum methodology. And with free scrum tools available, individuals and teams are encouraged to learn and practice scrum for their projects.

Ideally, everyone from the scrum master to the development team should be involved in choosing the best scrum software for your team.

Fortunately, you can test any free scrum software and proceed to a paid plan only if you’re comfortable with it.

To decide which one of the top 16 scrum tools we’ve reviewed above is right for you, just start by testing any of these top 5:

Best for Customization


A top work management platform that provides excellent support for the scrum framework and unlimited customization options.
Best for Productivity


Best scrum tool for project teams looking for increased productivity at a reasonable price.
Best for Developers


A scrum tool that agile software development teams love for its specialized features built for product development teams.
Best for Collaboration


An advanced project management software that helps scrum teams collaborate within themselves or with remote colleagues and clients.
Best for Simplicity


A well-known project management tool that is simple and offers lots of options for custom fields.

For more on scrum tools and agile project management software, check out these articles:

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