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9 Best WordPress Alternatives to Easily Create Your Own Website

Discover the best WordPress alternatives to make your website, blog, or online store. The se competitors offer better CMS and website builder functionality.

wordpress alternatives

The internet has been the solution to some of the most challenging tasks humans face daily.

From communicating seamlessly with other individuals worldwide to perfecting marketing strategies, the internet allows humans to take care of essential duties in the most straightforward ways possible.

However, the internet doesn't exist without websites, and website builders have helped in providing a more straightforward method in creating these websites. Hiring professional coders for the simplest website designs is already in the past.

One website builder that has nurtured an unwavering reputation for itself is WordPress. With its popularity with a lot of website-related platforms, website users may forget other website builders exist.

FounderJar provides a list of top website builders that satisfy users while giving WordPress a run for its money.

Why WordPress Alternatives?

website builders give internet users cheaper and quicker solutions in creating their beloved websites. Professional coders are boycotted for the more straightforward, financially friendly website building programs.

WordPress has been the number one go-to website building software for popular website hosting services. Integrations with some hosting services have been made free, offering users even cheaper website building services.

However, nothing is perfect, and even though WordPress may seem irreplaceable, other website builders offer some features or services that are more suitable and beneficial for certain website owners.

So why may you need an alternative to WordPress to create your website?

1. Better Customer Support Systems

Customer support is essential when making use of a service or product. Software users are bound to come across a problem or difficulty one time or the other.

WordPress doesn't give its users this much-needed service. WordPress users must actively look for solutions to problems through other users’ opinions from different external blogs or media as an open-source platform. 

Most website building platforms offer users technical support, and Individuals new to the website building industry would find WordPress challenging to get acquainted with quickly.

2. Integrated website Hosting Platforms

global web hosting market size

While multiple website builders offer integrated website hosting services, WordPress requires an internet user to find a different website hosting platform and either blend it with the website host or use them separately. 

An integrated website hosting service with a trusted website builder is, as imagined, more comfortable to get about than having to look for external website hosts in the case of WordPress.

3. Ease of Use

Website builders exist to make it easy for the most basic of internet users to create their desired websites. High technical skills are done away with.

Wix offers excellent, easy to use interfaces with simple features. WordPress, on the other hand, may need a bit of technical know-how to go about.

New, inexperienced users get confused with the massive number of plugins and features made available to them. The not-so-friendly user interface alongside the absence of reliable technical support would be a tough hill to climb when using WordPress. 

In a bid to avoid this, other website building alternatives can be used to give the same quality website and more.

Best WordPress Alternatives To Create Your Website

1. Wix

Best WordPress Alternative For Flexible Design Options

Wix is the Best WordPress Alternative For Flexible Design Options

Wix is a platform that allows users the total freedom to create and customize websites exactly how they want. It offers several services and over 500 design templates and features that enable users to build a wide range of websites for different purposes.

Wix offers unique services that make website building even more straightforward. With Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence), users can answer a few questions and get free websites personalized just for them. Customized website building made it a whole lot easier.

Wix is efficiently optimized for both first-timers and advanced website developers. Customizable Pre-formatted template designs give new website developers an excellent foundation in their website development journeys.

Wix's Velo Open Dev platform gives advanced website developers the appropriate arena to create a strongly customized website. Developers get to add codes and have full freedom to customize website templates through the Wix editor. 

A lot of internet users make use of mobile phones, and Wix puts this into mind. An in-built Mobile Editor allows users to optimize websites for mobile viewing. It will enable them to check out how good it looks on mobile phones and make appropriate changes only affecting mobile viewing. 

Users can enjoy a logo maker as an additional feature and a host of advanced SEO tools for effective website promotions. Users can also purchase custom domain names and infuse these names into websites created for free. 

Wix also provides free website hosting services that are reliably fast, secured, and supported by a team of technical experts.

With over 160 million people worldwide using Wix for website development activities, internet users have little to worry about. 


Wix Pricing Plan

Wix pricing plan spreads across three different levels. Free plan, Premium Plan, and Business plan.

The free plan allows users to build and customize websites for free. Although this is a great offer, it only allows users to use the free Wix subdomain. Users can solve this by purchasing a custom domain.

Wix's premium plan spreads payments over four categories. Connect Domain, Combo, Unlimited, and VIP, with Connect Domain being the most basic plan and VIP plan with the most features and support.

The Business plan is also divided into three categories. From lowest to highest valued, they are Business Basic, Business Unlimited, and Business VIP.


  • Free website building service
  • 500+ design options
  • Advanced SEO tools 
  • An integrated website hosting platform
  • Great for advanced website developers

Why Choose Wix Over WordPress?

#1 Automated Website Building

Wix's Artificial Design Intelligence gives users a chance to create customizable websites without moving stuff around. Users only answer a few questions, and its Artificially Intelligent tool creates personalized and customizable template designs and structures. 

WordPress doesn't offer tools that serve this specific purpose and relieve users of heavy tasks.

#2 Customer Support

One major downside to using WordPress is the lack of technical support provided by it. Users are required to source for help and support from other external websites.

Wix takes care of this easily as a readily available support team is dedicated to taking care of users' difficulties.

#3 Integrated Website Hosting Platform

website developers and managers can only combine WordPress with a website hosting service when using a separate website host with WordPress Integration options.

Wix allows every user a chance to manage website resources without having to look towards external services. It integrates website hosting services with its website builder, hence, providing a wholesome website development experience.

2. Shopify

Top WordPress Alternative For Launching an Online Store

Shopify is the Top WordPress Alternative For Launching an Online Store

Shopify is the number one go-to website builder for creating online stores and enjoying integrated eCommerce services. Working with top designers like Happy Cog, Clearleft, and Pixel Union, Shopify offers over 70 premium and free eCommerce templates to its users.

Templates from The Shopify Theme Store are preformatted and allow new users to customize websites easily. Users are also allowed to preview their website designs.

Shopify also links users with other top designers, marketers, and developers in the online store field for prompt guidance.

With Shopify's apps, users enjoy great control over every aspect of their eCommerce management activities. Users can easily manage online store resources, learn customer shopping habits, monitor sales trends, and improve website SEO.

Shopify's eCommerce website building solutions are countless. From custom gift cards to automated tax deductions to secured credit card integration to adaptable shipping rate schemes, Shopify has clients with their customers fully covered.

Shopify also integrates a blogging platform where users can promote product awareness and improve customer relationships. 

Its website hosting services aren't slacking behind either. The platform provides fast servers, custom domain name options, automated upgrades, and unlimited bandwidth.

Its CMS feature gives customers great control over managing their website hosting services without any difficulty.

It is also certified as Level 1 PCI compliant, assuring users of highly secured website hosting activities and transactions. 

Customer service is also taken care of with 24/7 live support, comprehensive tutorials, community discussion forums, and a Shopify help center made readily available to clients.

The list goes on and on, with no other website builder coming close to providing comprehensive and reliable eCommerce solutions.


Shopify Pricing Plan

Shopify's pricing scheme is divided into three tiers. These include Basic Shopify, Shopify, and Advanced Shopify. A 14-day free trial is also granted on all plans.

The Basic Shopify plan is suitable for startups, while the Shopify plan is suitable for effectively growing a business.

The Advanced Shopify plan is most suitable for large businesses that need proper scaling, and all advanced tools are provided with it.

Shopify also offers two plans for sellers. Shopify lite for Small scale sellers and Shopify Plus for large scale sellers.


  • Unequaled e-commerce solutions
  • Level 1 PCI compliant
  • Shopify Guides for efficient self-service
  • Expert guidance on e-commerce and marketing
  • High-quality and pre-formatted website design templates
  • Credit card and custom gift card integration
  • Advanced CMS and SEO tools
  • Integrated website hosting
  • Automated tax deductions
  • Marketing analysis tools

Why Choose Shopify Over WordPress?

#1 E-Commerce Specialization

WordPress offers an extensive range of website building features. However, it lacks depth in providing comprehensive eCommerce services.

Shopify, on the other hand, boasts of unmatched and comprehensive eCommerce service. Users are allowed to specialize in creating online stores and efficiently manage them with all advanced e-marketing tools. 

#2 Integrated Website Hosting and Customer Support Services

Shopify offers in-built website hosting services to its users. It is also accompanied by a comprehensive and well-planned customer support system. It is well known that WordPress utterly lacks in these two aspects of website management services.

#3 Blogging Platform

Shopify offers a precious blogging platform that enables users to promote products and also relate with customers. 

#4 Level 1 PCI Compliant

Shopify's Level 1 PCI compliant certification is an excellent testament to its website building and perfectly secured hosting services. E-commerce activities involving credit/debit card transactions require utmost security measures, and Shopify assures users of this.

WordPress isn't deemed as secure as Shopify, and transactions may not be fully safeguarded against breaches.

3. Squarespace

Best Alternative To WordPress With Award-Winning Templates

Squarespace is the best alternative to wordPress with award winning templates

Squarespace is an award-winning website builder that offers templates and design options of the highest quality. It provides users top quality designs that can be used to build professional websites and online stores.

Squarespace also offers fantastic, flexible portfolio designs that allow users to display professional projects seamlessly. These portfolio designs are customizable, and a password-protected page option is available to users that wish to share confidential materials with clients.

Product promotions and building customer relationships are important aspects of eCommerce activities. Squarespace gives this need appropriate attention.

A blogging platform is made available to users to control their online marketing strategies with interested website users efficiently. Built-in SEO tools ensure users are covered all-around in website promotion needs.

Squarespace also offers website analysis features that enable users to improve on website management and marketing tactics.

Users get the chance to monitor where site traffic is coming from, what customers are looking for and how customers interact with the contents or products on the website or page.

Squarespace understands the importance of social media and popular platforms on the internet to advert and promotional activities. It prompts it to provide necessary integrations.

Popular platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Google Maps, among others, have been integrated with its website building services to give users more diversity in promotional activities.

Website building has also been made a lot easier with an optimized mobile app. Users are given the opportunity and leisure to build their desirable websites at any place, anytime.

Squarespace is an all-around website builder that assures users of stunning websites.


Squarespace Pricing Plan

Alongside a free trial, the Squarespace pricing scheme allows users to set up a website without paying a dime. However, users will have to pay when publishing this website.

Pricing schemes are divided into four categories: Personal, Business, Basic Commerce, and Advanced Commerce.

Value scales from the Personal plan, which suits simple, individual websites, up to the Advanced Commerce plan, which suits businesses with immense traffic and sales.

The payment framework integrates two payment methods—a regular, full-valued monthly payment and an annual payment that assures a 30% discount.


  • Professional portfolio designs
  • Optimized mobile app
  • Blogging platform
  • Efficient SEO tools
  • High-quality templates and design options
  • website analytics
  • Integration with social media and widespread internet platforms

Why Choose Squarespace Over WordPress?

#1 Website Design Templates

A website’s design is one of the features that could either attract visitors more or turn them off. Squarespace offers beautiful and quality images and templates that will always earn the attention of website users. Website building is made a whole lot fancier and more modernized. 

WordPress offers a vast range of design options to choose from, yet it doesn't beat Squarespace's collection. While users may have to work extra hard to create fascinating web pages with WordPress, Squarespace helps users achieve this seamlessly.

#2 Blogging Platform

Users are given a chance to be more than just website developers. A blogging platform is provided to give users an arena to relate with customers and share ideas.

WordPress doesn't offer this service as users are only given a chance to create websites. The absence of an integrated website hosting platform defeats any chance of this.

#3 Secured Portfolio Services

Squarespace provides its users with a platform to showcase their list of products and services to customers and secure transactions resulting from this. This service is essential to every user's e-commerce growth.

4. BigCommerce

Great WordPress Alternative For Extensively Integrated Ecommerce Solutions 

BigCommerce is a great WordPress alternative for extensively integrated ecommerce solutions

BigCommerce is another website builder that is well optimized for providing eCommerce features and services. It gives website building and website hosting services that help users take care of their online store needs.

BigCommerce provides a host of marketing tools and services that ensure customers' businesses are properly created, grown, and scaled.

Unlimited staff accounts, leading payment gateway integrations, and special credit cards powered by Braintree integration are a few of these services that help to reduce cost and create a level ground for business growth.

BigCommerce also integrates leading online Marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, among others. This integration ensures that users' online stores work hand-in-hand with leading online stores so that eCommerce activities can run smoothly.

It also integrates leading point of sale platforms like Square and Vend, among others. The Integration of these platforms assures users that transactions with customers are safe and secured.

Users are also allowed to get Strategic Account  Management from BigCommerce's team of experts. Services like this help guide clients through their daily marketing campaigns, reducing the risk of inefficient online marketing.

BigCommerce doesn't stop there. It provides an integrated mobile app to give users a chance to manage online stores on the go.

Coupons, gift cards, product ratings, and review features are also tools BigCommerce offers. Users make use of these tools to enhance customer relationships by giving due discounts and improving product quality and service.

BigCommerce uses live consultants and technical experts to make sure that customer support is not left out. A comprehensive FAQ and answers also give users some sort of self-service option.


BigCommerce pricing plan

BigCommerce provides four payment options; Standard, Plus, Pro, and Enterprise. These divisions are made based on the number of sales a user plans to make.

A 15-day free trial gives new users a chance to try out BigCommerce's options before committing to a plan. Braintree also requires users to pay fees for PayPal integration and transactions.


  • Great eCommerce optimized website builder
  • Mobile App optimization
  • Integrated website hosting services
  • 15-day free trial
  • Popular marketplace integrations
  • Secured point of sale interactions
  • Free HTTPS dedicated SSL
  • Custom SSL
  • Secured payment gateways
  • Managed account activities
  • Coupons and Gift cards
  • Unlimited API calls
  • API support
  • Express routing 

Why Choose BigCommerce Over WordPress

#1 E-commerce optimization

BigCommerce places a significant focus on eCommerce optimization with its dedicated management and marketing tools. Users are given comprehensive eCommerce solutions. WordPress only integrates online stores to a basic level, and places focus on creating regular websites.

#2 Integrated website Hosting

With BigCommerce, users have the chance of enjoying both website building and website hosting services on one platform. WordPress only offers website building services and requires users to engage with other website hosting platforms.

#3 Customer Support System

While GoDaddy leaves its customers to seek help for themselves, BigCommerce offers excellent support to its clients.

Users can contact consultants and technical experts for help and also have a chance to get account management services. Comprehensive answers to FAQs also give users easy access to knowledge.

5. Zyro

Best Alternative For User-Friendly Website Building Features 

Zyro is the best alternative for user friendly website building features

Zyro website builder is a platform that provides users with easy to use website building tools. Its services open a portal for easy and stress-free website creation and management services.

Users are given great tools to start, manage, and grow their business and brand online. Ready to use templates are made available for new users to get well acquainted.

Zyro makes over 1 million images available to users, giving them a great collection of quality graphic materials to choose from.

Zyro also gives users great control over website building activities. Users can easily change template structures to suit their needs with its drag-and-drop and intuitive grid features.

The website building platform provides AI-powered tools to make website building even easier for its users. An AI Writing assistant is provided to users giving users the extra edge they need to build their professional services and websites.

An automated logo maker, Business name generator, and Slogan generator also comprise part of the business tools made available by Zyro.

Along with its website builder, Zyro also provides a free website hosting service to its beloved customers. Users get access to its fast website hosting services without any extra cost.

Users are also given eCommerce solutions, its online store creation and hosting platform. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon are integrated with its e-commerce service to provide users product promotion avenues.

SEO is also made more comfortable and more efficient with Google optimized promotional services. A Customer Support team is also made available if customers run into any difficulty.


Zyro pricing plan

Along with a 30-day money-back guarantee, Zyro offers one of the cheapest payment plans in the website building business. Payment plans are divided into Basic, Unleashed, E-commerce, and E-commerce Plus.

Its Basic plan offers the most basic and essential website building tools and features. Other plans, however, take the extra steps in providing excellent website building services.

Unlimited bandwidth and Storage space, popular platform integrations, Unlimited product sales, among other exclusive services, are spread across the top three payment plans.


  • Easy-to-use website building tools
  • 1-year free domain name
  • AI-powered business tools
  • Unlimited Bandwidth and storage space
  • Social media integrations
  • Google and Amazon product integrations
  • Professional E-commerce Services
  • Free website hosting service
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Why Choose Zyro Over WordPress?

#1 Integrated Website Hosting Services

Zyro offers seamlessly integrated website hosting services for free. Users are given a platform to run their website management services after building their websites.

WordPress, on the other hand, doesn't provide any form of hosting website service. This forces users to pay for website hosting services before their beloved websites can go live. 

#2 Cheap Premium Plan

One factor that determines which website building service a user patronizes is the cost of engagement being offered. Not only does Zyro offer cheap startup plans, but its highest-valued plan also provides all exclusive benefits available on its platform for only $14.99.

WordPress's pricing scheme goes on and on with a high amount of up to $1000 being charged.

#3 Customer Support 

Zyro also offers customer support services through email and a 24/7 live chat platform. WordPress fails in this regard. 

#4. Artificial Intelligence

Zyro offers tools and features powered by Artificial Intelligence to make website building way easier than using WordPress. New website builders can skip the unsupportive system of WordPress and enjoy extensive assisted services with Zyro.

6. 10Web

Best Artificial Intelligence Integration Among WordPress Competitors

10Web is the best artificial intelligence integration among wordPress competitors

10Web is a platform powered by Google Cloud that provides simplified website building and website hosting services.

It optimizes automated WordPress hosting services with its website building and hosting commitments. This integration ensures that users enjoy a comprehensive website development experience.

Users get to create websites with a series of helpful tools and features. 10Web's AI assistant and a drag-and-drop editor based on Elementor give users the much-needed comfort in website building activities.

10Web also provides 80+ premium widgets and custom made templates for a quality website building range. Users can install extra themes and plugins to enhance the website design and editing process. 

The website building platform integrates WooCommerce with its website building service. It gives users an eCommerce platform to quickly create and grow online business and marketing programs. 

Its website hosting services are also one of the best around. Fast load times powered by Google cloud give clients the amount of speed that is so much needed.

Users are also provided with free SSL certificates, automated website backups, one-click migrations, and automated managed website hosting services. These services take a lot of burden from users and allow more focus on growing business brands.

SEO plugins and website analytic tools are made available to users no matter the plan they choose to use. Users are given useful tools to promote website content and also improve visitors' satisfaction and marketing strategies.

Although 10Web mainly offers website hosting services, its website builder is well optimized for all users. Both beginners and advanced website developers can easily create the type of websites they need and how they want it.

10Web operates on a highly automated policy and, by this, problems may arise. A 24/7 customer support team is made available to provide adequate solutions to users’ issues.


10Web pricing plan

10Web offers a 14-day free trial, as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee on all its plans. Its plans are divided into four categories; Personal, Premium, Agency, and Custom.

All major features are provided on every single plan with little quantitative differences. Users also get charged discounted prices when payments are deposited on an annual basis.


  • AI-powered website hosting and website building services
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Quality templates and plugins
  • Extensive back-up services 
  • 14-day free trial
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • WordPress integration

Why Choose 10Web over WordPress?

#1 Extended Integration With WordPress

10Web places its focus on providing excellent and easy to use website hosting services for its users. Along with its in-built website builder, it offers WordPress hosting.

This integration of WordPress gives users the chance to enjoy both WordPress website building services and 10Web's website hosting all in one place. Using only WordPress denies users of this admired advantage.

#2 Artificial Intelligence For Simplified Tasks

10Web is powered by Artificial Intelligence, which makes it easier for users to enjoy optimized website management services. Building and growing websites are made as easy and seamless as possible.

WordPress doesn't focus on providing excellent comfort and a user-friendly environment, especially for beginners.

7. Weebly

WordPress Alternative With A Great Customer Support System

Weebly is WordPress alternative with a great customer support system

With over 40 million users, Weebly has established itself as one of the most popular and well-accepted website management platforms. Weebly is a powerful website that offers both website building and website hosting services to internet users.

With its free website builder, users are given access to a wide range of customizable website page designs and tools to create their appropriate websites. 

Expert guides and planning tools are provided to ensure that new users get started on the right track. Users are given step-by-step instructions on how to go about website building activities.

Weebly gives access to professional eCommerce tools to provide users with a platform to manage online businesses. Through its partnership with Square, payments, shipping, and order management, among others, are made seamless.

Integrated marketing tools also make online business easy. From Facebook ads to email campaigns, users have the right platform and tools to promote products and services.

With many useful features to write about, customer support, perhaps, is its biggest strength.

Apart from the regular 24/7 live chat and email support, Weebly gives users a series of platforms to solve problems and polish their business ideas.

Different events are hosted where like-minded entrepreneurs get to share and learn new ideas. Users get expert advice on how business is done in various online marketing industries.

Weebly also integrates a blog with its services. Users make use of this blog to seek self-service options on issues and get tips from Weebly.


Weebly Pricing Plan

Weebly's pricing scheme is spread across four plans; Free, Personal, Professional, and Performance. All paid plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

With its free plan, individuals new to the website building and website hosting business can experiment with different website design templates and basic e-commerce activities. Users are, however, limited to using Weebly subdomains.

Other paid plans cover comprehensive features that give users all they need to build and grow their online presence. Users also get free custom domains on all paid plans.


  • Free website builder
  • Secured and reliable eCommerce services
  • Free plan for beginners 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee on paid plans
  • Useful Weebly-owned Blog
  • A generous website management community
  • Effective SEO tools
  • Free custom domains on paid plans

Why Choose Weebly Over WordPress?

#1 Customer Service

While WordPress gives little attention to customer support, Weebly offers customers what they need and more. Helpful blogs, events, and step-by-step guides help beginners and experts implement great ideas from the website management community.

#2 Integrated website Hosting Services

Establishing an online presence doesn't stop at just building a website. These websites need to be hosted on a platform to come alive. 

Making use of WordPress's website builder only gives users a platform to create a website. Website hosting services need to be paid for on other platforms. Having to look for a separate website host becomes an avoidable task.

Weebly gives users these website hosting services on a platter. Users are offered website building services for free alongside a mostly paid website hosting service. Users get to manage their websites on one platform comprehensively.

8. Prestashop

Best WordPress Alternative With A Free and Highly Dependable Website Hosting Service 

Prestashop is the best WordPress alternative with a free and highly dependable website hosting service.

Established in 2007 and has grown over the years, Prestashop is another website that offers website building services optimized for eCommerce activities. It provides users innovative features allowing them to launch online stores and grow online businesses to significant widths.

With its collection of professional-looking themes, users can access customizable designs and colors for their website layout needs. Users also get quality, customizable logos accompanying these themes that will help them build their brand.

Extensive website management and control options are also given to users to allow them to dictate business activities. Users can use website analytic tools to monitor website usage details and orders, allowing them to improve customer satisfaction.

Prestashop understands the importance of external platforms to e-commerce activities. It integrates internet and social media platforms to attract more visitors to users' online stores.

Now, what makes them stand out from most website builders is their thoughtful global optimization features. Multiple languages and currencies are integrated into its e-commerce services to give users border-breaking options.

PrestaShop also provides a demo version to its customers. Users have access to website building and e-commerce features and get themselves adequately acquainted with the Prestashop interface.

Like few other website builders, Prestashop connects all its users. It hosts a platform where its one million-strong user base can share innovative ideas and helpful information.

It also provides users with experts who guide the step-by-step procedures of building a successful online business.


Prestashop is entirely free. Users don't have to pay a dime to enjoy its website building and website hosting services. 

In explaining why it doesn't charge for its services, Prestashop says it ” …believe(s) everyone should have the ability to start to sell online for free.”  Users are given access to enough website building and website hosting features to start and run their websites.

However, extra themes and plugins that broaden users’ options and capabilities are available to be purchased. 


  • A free website hosting platform
  • Globally optimized features
  • Interactive client community 
  • Internal blog For self-service options 
  • Expert guidance on marketing strategies 
  • Great features optimized for e-commerce. 
  • Demo for proper website testing
  • Social media integration
  • Website control and analytic tools
  • Customizable logo collection 
  • Quality and customizable theme collection

Why Choose Prestashop Over WordPress?

#1 Free And Reliable Website Hosting 

Prestashop gives users a collection of free and reliable themes, plugins, and website building features sufficient for every website-building activity. Aside from this, users get a free website hosting platform to make their website sites come alive. 

Although users may need to purchase extra plugins and themes to complete their specific needs in website building, every basic website development need is made available for free.

#2 Customer Support 

Prestashop offers a wide range of services within its customer support system. Experts that carefully guide customers on online business and marketing are made available.

Users also have access to community forums and blogs that keep them updated and knowledgeable about the latest features and services. WordPress doesn't provide any platform for these and leaves users to open-source self-service options.

#3 Demo Version

Prestashop offers a demo version where users can experiment with different website design and e-commerce options. It allows users to determine what website setup suits their needs best before going live. WordPress doesn't provide its users with this sort of freedom and service.

9. Ghost

Best WordPress Alternative For Freelance Writers and Publishers 

Ghost is the best WordPress alternative for freelance writers and publishers.

Ghost is a blogging platform that offers a long list of services to give users an environment to publish their content with ease. It provides independent creators and writers modern tools to showcase journalism and content publishing to an audience.

As a platform committed to providing complete content management services, Ghost offers website building and website hosting services to its users. Customers get to build their professional publishing website, make it live, and manage its development on one platform.

Ghost's website builder is equipped with an editor that makes every writer's job a whole lot easier and streamlined. This editor provides flexible formatting services to writers and publishers alike. 

Ghost also offers a Dynamic Card feature that comes with image galleries, HTML, Markdowns, and more. Users get to choose which card they want, and the platform helps automatically reduce distractions from having to do extra tasks.

Publishing and journalism only grow when an individual nurtures a great connection with his/her audience. Ghost provides tools that make sure users are connected with the audience and get a chance to build relationships

Registration forms, member management, subscriptions, payments, among others, are offered for free to help users in all forms of content management activities.

Ghost's website hosting service also offers one of the best website hosting features out there. With its platform, users access quality, easy to use infrastructure, and excellent website hosting services.

Users are provided with several powerful SEO features to boost their website’s popularity outside the Ghost community. Social media sharing features are also available to make sure users don't miss out on any opportunity. And all these promotional features come at no extra charge.

Its website hosting also assures users of excellent website performance. It uses Node.js technology to make sure of this.

Overall, Ghost is a website development platform that optimizes many themes and publishing tools to give both beginners and advanced users an excellent website building experience. It also integrates good blog hosting services for a complete website and content management experience.


Ghost pricing plan

Ghost sets its prices on three different levels; Basic, Standard, and Business. A 14-day free trial is also offered with its services. 

Users get all features on every plan, with only services for efficiently managing expected website visitors being the only differing factors. Users also get a 20% discount when an annual deposit is made on any plan.


  • It is fully optimized for writing activities.
  • Commercial subscription activities without any commission attached.
  • Free, advanced SEO tools
  • Free social media Integrations
  • Integrated website hosting services
  • Excellent hosted-website load times.
  • Helpful user guides and articles
  • 14-day free trial
  • 20% discount option

Why Choose Ghost Over WordPress?

#1 Specialized Platform For Creating Blogs

Ghost focuses its whole website building and website hosting services on providing a comprehensive platform for writers to build their careers carefully. Great writing-related formatting tools and audience billing ideas are implemented for this cause.

WordPress doesn't offer this level of blog building services and focuses on general aspects of website creation. Ghost is a far better choice for freelance writers and publishers.

#2 Integrated website Hosting Services

Ghost offers incorporated website hosting services without sacrificing any vital features. Users are allowed to build and host their website management services as quickly and stress-free as possible.

WordPress doesn't offer this form of integrated website hosting but relies on partnerships with separate website hosting platforms.

#3 SEO Tools

Ghost offers advanced SEO tools for free. It means that users don't pay any extra free to push their content to the fore-front of interested search engine users.

WordPress charges up to $199/year for SEO plugins.

#4. Fast website Hosting Services

The integration of Node.js gives websites hosted on Ghost's Pro platform excellent performance and load times. WordPress doesn't guarantee top performance on its hosted websites.

WordPress Alternatives FAQs

Why Should You Not Use WordPress?

The pride of website builders lies in providing regular internet users with fantastic website development services. This service is provided while also making website creation look seamless. 

WordPress is not the easiest and most stress-free website builder for beginners and non-techies. Other website builders offer flexible and easier website building tools that anyone can use. There is little or no learning curve needed compared to WordPress.

Hiring WordPress developers is the best way to make the most out of WordPress themes for your site if you are unfamiliar with the WordPress system. Other website builders' themes are easier to personalize.   

While WordPress needs to be integrated with a separate website host, other website builders have pre-installed web hosting services that make website development activities wholesome.

Small scale users may also find extra benefits like more incredible speed and low prices when using other website building programs.

What are the best WordPress alternatives for creating a regular website or blog?

While WordPress is duly optimized for extensive website creation activities, some website builders turn out to be more reasonable choices to create conventional websites. A couple of these website builders include:

Webflow – Webflow is a website building and website hosting platform that works with a host of big companies in providing quality website development services. Webflow offers Content Management Services (CMS) and cloud-based website building services that boost comfort and website personalization. Its trusted and highly valued services make sure users get full value for money.

Wix – Its 110 million website builder users are enough testament to its quality and highly accepted website building services. Wix is a hosting website service that offers a free plan accompanied by an inbuilt website builder. With zero cost on its most basic website building service and few limitations, Webflow serves as a great alternative.

What are the best WordPress alternatives for creating an online store?

While most website builders place their primary focus on providing conventional website creation services, others do exceptionally well in creating eCommerce website solutions. A couple of these include:

Shopify – Specializing in making quality websites for eCommerce, Shopify offers users a long list of tools and features, giving users enough room for creativity in the online market space. Along with its website hosting services, Shopify integrates with WordPress, giving users a 2 in 1 website building experience.

BigCommerce – With automated updates, incredible website speeds, and robust security, BigCommerce is another website builder that offers website building and hosting services optimized to provide eCommerce solutions.

Next Step: Launch Your Website, Blog, or Online Store

Everyone has a different mission with using the internet. While some intend to create blogs, others just want to publish news, and yet, some other individuals wish to push marketing activities beyond imaginable heights.

Website builders make creating websites a straightforward exercise. More so, specialized website builders allow users to relax and watch the software do the whole job for them.

WordPress provides a range of general website building features that is hard to surpass. However, other specialized website builders give users more freedom and exactness in the different internet realms.

If you still want to utilize WordPress (which can be a good solution), use Bluehost to start your WordPress site on a budget. 

Shopify is specialized to provide outstanding e-commerce-based website management services, while Wix and Squarespace are specialized to give users beautifully designed websites. 10Web is just dedicated to providing the most assisted form of website building services to internet users.

Total website development goes beyond creating general web pages for different fields. Using specialized website builders that give more than just features for creating web pages would make sure users gain an advantage in their different internet journeys.

Written by
Anastasia Belyh
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