13 Best ClickFunnels Alternatives in 2024 (Cheaper Options)

Updated Aug 5, 2023.

ClickFunnels is undoubtedly one of the top sales funnel builders and landing page builders. However, this does not automatically make it the best option for everyone. So, what are your other options if ClickFunnels doesn’t work for you?

Read on for reviews of 13 of the best ClickFunnels alternatives in 2023, along with my top 5 recommendations.

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Robust no-code solution for building beautiful landing pages in minutes
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Drag and drop solution for building powerful yet flexible landing pages
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Landing page platform optimized for building conversion-optimized pages.
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Versatile solution that gives you access to comprehensive sales and digital marketing tools
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Affordable, easy-to-use platform CRM and sales pipeline management solution

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If you’ve been looking for a powerful platform for creating sales funnels, landing pages, and sales pages, there’s a high chance that you’ve come across ClickFunnels. Launched in 2015, it is one of the best sales funnel builders.

Despite being one of the leaders in the space, however, ClickFunnels isn’t suitable for everyone. You might feel that ClickFunnels is too expensive, or perhaps, you want a tool that gives you greater control over your web pages.

Whatever your reasons for considering a ClickFunnels replacement are, there are several suitable alternatives, and in this guide, we’re going to look at 13 of the best ClickFunnels alternatives.

Before that, however, let’s understand why someone might consider using an alternative to ClickFunnels.

Why Use an Alternative to ClickFunnels?

Here are some reasons why ClickFunnels might not be suitable for you.

  • ClickFunnels is expensive: The Basic plan starts at $97 per month, yet it offers very basic features. For more advanced features, you’ll have to part with $297 per month on the Premium plan. You might have to pay for third-party apps even with the premium plan.
  • Huge learning curve: ClickFunnels takes some getting used to before you can take full advantage of its features. This makes it an unsuitable choice for beginners.
  • Lacks essential features: The platform doesn’t offer some essential features, such as advanced workflow automation, transactional emails and autoresponders, and advanced email automation.
  • Limited customization: ClickFunnels provides minimal options for customizing your landing pages and pop-ups. You only get 35 page builder elements and only three pop-up triggers.
  • Limited multilingual support: ClickFunnels is only available in English, which is not ideal if you’re targeting visitors from across the world.
  • Average customer support: Their customer support could do with some improvement. There’s no live chat support, and you might have to wait for up to 20 hours before someone responds to your support ticket.

Best ClickFunnels Alternatives for Building Sales Funnels

Here are my 13 top recommendations for anyone looking for a suitable ClickFunnels alternative.

1. Leadpages

Best Overall ClickFunnels Alternative

  • Has an easy-to-use drag and drop page editor
  • Strong pop-up support for better conversions
  • Lots of beautiful templates
  • More affordable compared to ClickFunnels
  • Supports unlimited traffic and leads on all plans
  • Doesn’t come with inbuilt email functionality
  • Only offers basic analytic reports
  • Limited A/B testing capabilities compared to other funnel builders
Leadpages icon
Editor’s Take

I love Leadpages because of how easy it makes it to get leads into your marketing funnel. You get several landing page templates, powerful conversion tools like pop-ups and alerts, and dozens of native integrations. Leadpages is my top recommendation for the best overall ClickFunnels alternative.

Best For
Beautiful landing pages
$37 – $74 per month
Annual Discount
Save $144 – $300

Leadpages is a highly popular landing page building platform that comes with a no-code page builder, handy lead conversion tools, and an impressive set of native integrations.

One of the things I love about Leadpages is that it comes with two different editors – a simple editor for beginners and an advanced editor for more experienced users.

This makes the platform simple enough for new users while giving the experts all the features they need to build powerful funnels.

Key Features

Drag and drop visual editor

The WYSIWYG editor makes it easy to build and customize your landing pages as you like. Simply drag elements like buttons, images, text, and widgets and drop them wherever you want.

Beautiful predesigned landing pages

Leadpages has over 100 professionally designed templates that you can use to create high-converting landing pages in a couple of minutes. The templates can be edited using the drag and drop visual editor. All the templates are mobile responsive.

Unlimited page publishing

There’s no limit to the number of landing pages you can build on Leadpages.

Handy conversion tools

To get as many people as possible into your marketing funnels, Leadpages has several conversion tools, including exit-intent pop-ups, countdown timers, and unlimited alert bars.

A/B testing

Leadpages allows you to split test landing pages and other elements on your funnel to determine what works and what doesn’t. This way, you can optimize your funnel for conversions based on what works.


Leadpages supports native integrations with several popular tools, including WordPress, Shopify, InfusionSoft, Google Analytics, Zappier, LiveChat, MailChimp, Active Campaign, Calendly, Stripe, PayPal, HubSpot, and more.


Leadpages - Pricing Plan

Read more Leadpages pricing

Leadpages has two main pricing plans – a Standard plan costing $37 per month and a Pro plan costing $74 per month. The standard plan supports one website, while the Pro plan supports up to 3 websites.

If you need more features than are available on the Pro plan, there’s an Advanced plan that offers tailored pricing. You can try the Standard and Pro plans for free for 14 days.

2. Unbounce

AI-Powered Platform for Building Powerful and Flexible Landing Pages

  • Mobile friendly page builder
  • Huge community support
  • Powerful lead capture tools
  • AI-powered tools for automation and conversion optimization
  • Easy to use
  • More expensive compared to other options on this list
  • Doesn’t come with inbuilt email marketing
  • Poor shopping cart support
Unbounce icon
Editor’s Take

What I love about Unbounce is its robust suite of AI-powered tools. You can use AI assistance to create landing pages, create content for your funnel, and show the appropriate landing pages to different audiences, resulting in higher conversion rates.

Best For
Flexible landing pages
$90 – $225 per month
Annual Discount
Save 10%

Unbounce is another great landing page builder that gives you a combination of power and flexibility. 

The platform gives you all the features you need to build fully customizable landing pages. It is also designed to work well with third-party tools, allowing you to add whatever functionality you want to your landing pages and sales funnels.

One of the most remarkable things about Unbounce is its suite of intelligent features that use AI to simplify creating conversion-optimized landing pages and funnels.

Another thing I love about Unbounce is the vibrant community that is always ready to provide tips and assistance. This makes Unbounce a suitable platform for beginners.

Key Features

100+ templates

With over 100 landing page templates to choose from, you’ll never run out of design ideas. Each template is fully customizable, so you can tweak it as you want to make it truly unique.

Smart traffic

This is a cool feature that uses machine learning to send your visitors to the landing page that is most relevant to them, resulting in increased conversions.

Smart copy

This is another intelligent feature that uses AI to help you create optimized copy for your landing pages, sales pages, and emails, all in seconds.

Design assistant

If design is not your strongest point, Unbounce has an AI-powered Design Assistant that helps you create stunning landing pages. The Design Assistant relies on industry-specific data to recommend templates designed to maximize conversions.

Sticky bars and popups

In addition to landing pages, Unbounce allows you to set up sticky bars and popups that you can use to boost conversions and get more people into your online sales funnel.

Mobile responsive design

All landing pages created with Unbounce are designed to work well on all devices, including smartphones and tablets. Unbounce even allows you to edit and preview how your landing pages will appear on different devices before you publish.

A/B testing

Boost conversions by testing different versions of your landing pages and popups to determine which version resonates best with your site visitors.


Unbounce - Pricing Plan

Unbounce offers three pricing plans for their AI-powered landing page builder, which they call Smart Builder. The cheapest plan is the Launch plan which costs $90 per month and supports one site, up to 500 conversions, and 20,000 visitors.

The second is the Optimize plan, which costs $135 per month and supports five sites, 1,000 conversions, and 30,000 visitors.

Finally, there is the Accelerate plan which costs $225 per month and supports up to 10 sites, 50,000 visitors, and 2,500 conversions. You can try all Unbounce plans for free for 14 days.

Unbounce- Separate Pricing Plan

Read more Unbounce pricing

Unbounce has separate pricing plans for its Smart Copy tool. There’s a free forever plan and a Growth plan costing $49 per month.

3. Instapage

Simple and Scalable Solution for Conversion-Optimized Landing Pages

  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Powerful conversion optimization features
  • Lightning-fast landing pages
  • Hundreds of professionally designed templates
  • Powerful and analytics
  • Ability to embed custom pages on your landing pages
  • More expensive compared to alternatives
  • Doesn’t have a native email marketing feature
  • Suboptimal onboarding process
  • Setting up third-party integrations requires technical know-how
Instapage icon
Editor’s Take

My favorite thing about Instapage is its set of conversion optimization tools, such as heat maps, AdMaps, and Postclick Score, which make it easier for you to convert leads into prospects and get them into your online sales funnel.

Best For
Conversion optimization
$199 per month
Annual Discount
Save 33%

Instapage is a powerful landing page and funnel-building platform that is well suited for high-budget marketing teams looking for a scalable marketing solution.

The platform provides advanced conversion optimization features while keeping everything simple and intuitive. It has even been described as the “Apple” of landing page builders.

Key Features

Hundreds of templates

Instapage gives you over 200+ prebuilt layouts, all of which have been tested for conversion. You can customize the templates by changing the colors, moving elements around, adding or removing different elements, or changing fonts.


With Instablocks, you can create your own landing page blocks and save them, allowing you to reuse the same blocks when building other landing pages in the future.

Landing page embeds

Instapage allows you to make your landing pages more functional by embedding buttons, social sharing buttons, videos, maps, widgets, or even your own custom code.

Thor render engine technology

This innovative feature gives landing pages built using Instapage super-fast load times, reducing bounce rate.


This is a proprietary feature that enables you to effortlessly visualize your online sales funnel and connect your paid ads to the right landing pages. This gives you 1:1 ad-to-page personalization, resulting in a higher conversion rate.


The Heatmaps feature gives you detailed insights about your visitors’ activity on your landing pages. It tells you which elements visitors are interacting with, allowing you to provide a better customer experience and boost your conversions.

Postclick Score

This feature allows you to assess your sales funnel and determine what you need to do to achieve 1:1 ad-to-page personalization.


Instapage is not an all-in-one marketing platform, but you can expand its capabilities by integrating it with hundreds of third-party tools and platforms.

Powerful analytics

Instapage has powerful reporting and analytics tools that give you insights about everything happening within your funnel – visitors, clicks, and conversions. You can use this data to determine what is working and what needs to be improved to boost conversions.


Instapage- Pricing Plan

Instapage keeps its pricing very simple. They offer two plans, a Building plan that starts at $199 per month and a Converting plan with custom pricing. You can try the Building plan for free for 14 days.

4. BuilderAll

Best All-Rounded Marketing Solution

  • More affordable compared to most Clickfunnels alternatives
  • Provides you with all the online marketing tools you need on a single platform
  • Has a powerful, mobile-optimized website builder
  • BuilderAll is relatively easy to use
  • The platform is regularly updated with new marketing features
  • Doesn’t offer a free plan
  • Lackluster customer support
  • The high number of features can be overwhelming for beginners
  • The platform is a jack of all trades but a master of none
Builderall icon
Editor’s Take

BuilderAll is my top recommendation for small-scale marketers looking for a single solution for managing all their online marketing. From building landing pages to managing your leads and running email marketing campaigns, BuilderAll gives you all the features you need.

Best For
All-in-one marketing solution
$14.90 – $79.90 per month
Annual Discount

Unlike the other Clickfunnels alternatives I have covered so far, BuilderAll is not just a landing page and sales funnel builder. Instead, it is an all-in-one platform that gives you access to a landing page builder, sales funnel software, a CRM tool, an email platform, membership sites, and so much more.

Key Features

Cheetah website builder

This is BuilderAll’s drag and drop editor, which allows you to build landing pages and websites without writing any code. Cheetah website builder uses accelerated mobile pages (AMP), allowing you to build landing pages that are optimized for mobile devices.

Cheetah funnel builder

BuilderAll also has a drag and drop funnel builder that significantly simplifies the process of building high converting sales funnels. It gives you several funnel templates, prebuilt design elements, and the ability to view your entire funnel structure before publishing your funnel.

A/B testing

BuilderAll has an A/B testing feature that allows you to test your landing pages and funnels and determine which versions drive the highest conversions.

Email marketing

Since BuilderAll has an inbuilt email platform, you can incorporate email marketing into your sales funnel without paying for a separate email platform. However, the email marketing function is not as advanced as what you’ll find on dedicated email platforms.

SMS marketing

BuilderAll also has an inbuilt SMS marketing platform that is very useful for marketers who collect phone numbers in their lead generation campaigns.

Smart popups

To help you maximize your lead generation, BuilderAll has smart popups that you can add to your website. The popups deploy based on various triggers, such as time spent on a page, scrolling to a certain point on a page, or exit intent.


For marketers who use webinars as part of their sales funnel, BuilderAll has webinar functionality that allows you to host, live stream, and record webinars.


BuilderAll also allows you to set up Messenger bots that you can use to automate customer interactions on Facebook. The best part about this feature is that the bots are easy to set up, even if you’re a total beginner.


BuilderAll supports native integrations with WordPress, popular payment gateways, and Zapier.


BuilderAll - Pricing Plan

BuilderAll has four pricing plans. First is the Cheetah plan, which costs $16.90 per month and supports 1 domain, 2,000 subscribers, and 2GB of disk space.

The next plan is the Marketer plan, which costs $76.90 per month and offers 3 domains, unlimited subscribers, and 5GB of disk space.

There’s also a Premium plan costing $87.90 per month that supports 15 domains, unlimited subscribers, and 10GB of disk space.

Finally, there is a Funnel Club plan that starts at $87.90 but renews at $199.90. In addition to the features on the Premium plan, the Funnel Club plan also gives you access to funnels.

BuilderAll allows you to try all plans for free for 14 days.

5. Pipedrive

Affordable, Easy to Use Sales Pipeline Management Platform


Very affordable compared to other ClickFunnels competitors

Simplistic and customizable user interface

Comes with an inbuilt CRM system

Provides an easy way to stay on top of your sales pipeline


Doesn’t have an inbuilt landing page builder

Email marketing is not available on the lowest plan

Pipedrive icon
Editor’s Take

Pipedrive doesn’t put a lot of focus on lead generation. Instead, it focuses on moving leads down your sales funnel and converting them into customers. If you have a powerful lead generation mechanism and are looking for the best Clickfunnels alternative for nurturing and converting those leads, Pipedrive is a suitable choice.

Best For
Sales pipeline management
$12.50 – $99 per month
Annual Discount
Save 17%

Pipedrive is an easy-to-use and highly visual sales pipeline tool and CRM platform.

Unlike many ClickFunnels alternatives in this list, Pipedrive doesn’t offer robust lead generation tools like landing pages and popups.

Instead, Pipedrive provides you with the tools you need to manage already existing leads and push them down the sales pipeline.

Key Features

Visual sales pipeline

Pipedrive gives you a visual overview of your sales pipeline, making it easier for you to organize your sales funnel in a logical way that drives conversions. The visual sales funnel also makes it easier for your sales team to collaborate and push leads down the funnel.


With Pipedrive, you can set up automations that nurture your leads on autopilot based on predetermined triggers and desired actions.


Pipedrive also has a chatbot that you can use to qualify and redirect leads, answer basic customer questions, and even book sales calls.

Opt-in forms

While this is not a core focus, Pipedrive provides customizable opt-in forms that you can use to capture leads. You can add the forms to your website using HTML or simple integrations.

Email marketing

Pipedrive also has an inbuilt email platform that allows you to integrate email marketing into your sales funnel.


Pipedrive allows integrations with many third-party platforms, including Asana, Google, Slack, Xero, Leedfeeder, ClickFunnels, Outfunnel, and Zapier.


Read more Pipedrive pricing

Pipedrive offers four pricing plans – an Essential, Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise plan costing $9.90, $19.90, $39.90, and $59.90 per month, respectively.

The Essential plan only supports lead, deal, and customer management. If you want more advanced features like email marketing and web-to-mobile calls, you have to upgrade to a higher plan. Pipedrive offers a free 14-day trial on all plans.

6. Kartra

All-In-One Online Business Solution

Kartra- Your Online Business Made Easy

Kartra is an all-in-one platform that gives your online business all the tools it needs to attract and convert leads. Kartra brings together landing pages, sales pages, email marketing, payments, lead management, and so much more.

One of the things I love about Kartra is that it caters to both beginners and advanced users. The platform has an intuitive interface and predesigned templates that beginners will love.

At the same time, it has a robust and flexible engine that more experienced users can use to build powerful sales funnels and run automated marketing campaigns.

Key Features

Simple page builder

Kartra has a straightforward page builder that allows you to build high converting sales and landing pages, regardless of your experience level. The page builder comes with hundreds of mobile responsive and fully customizable templates.

Lead management

Kartra gives you access to a lead management tool that turns building and organizing leads into a breeze.

Kartra Funnels and campaigns

This powerful feature allows you to engineer automated multi-page sales funnels for converting visitors into leads and customers.


Kartra understands that email marketing is vital to successful sales funnels, so they provide you with an email platform that you can use to run email marketing campaigns on autopilot.

Membership sites

For marketers who want to deliver content to specific member groups, Kartra enables you to build sleek membership sites using an intuitive drag and drop builder. This feature is also suitable for selling online courses.

Kartra videos

Kartra also has a video hosting platform that is very handy when you want to include video content in your sales funnel. You can add multi-video playlists, inject lead capture forms within videos, have pop-up offers within the videos, and so much more.

Surveys and quizzes

This feature allows you to collect information and feedback from your leads. You can then use this information to segment your leads, improve your sales funnel, and more.


Kartra has an inbuilt checkout page that allows you to collect PayPal and credit card payments. This makes it easier for you to deliver a seamless experience throughout your funnel, from lead generation to checkout. You can also embed a Kartra checkout page on your online store.

Kartra Pros

  • Easy to use platform with hundreds of professional templates
  • Comes with ready-to-use online marketing material
  • Offers unlimited customization options
  • Brings together multiple digital marketing tools under one platform
  • Provides powerful reporting and analytics
  • You get access to all Kartra tools on all plans

Kartra Cons

  • The email marketing platform is a bit limited
  • The checkout process can be a bit slow


Kartra-Pricing Plan

Read more Kartra pricing

Kartra offers four pricing plans starting at $99, $199, $299, and $499 per month. Paying annually rather than monthly allows you to save up to 25%.

All plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Kartra also allows you to try the plans for 14 days for just $1.

7. SamCart

Best ClickFunnels Alternative for Checkout Optimization

SamCart - The Easy Way to Start Selling Online

SamCart is not a fully-fledged sales funnel builder. Instead, it focuses on the tail end of the sales funnel, which is the most crucial – the purchase stage. SamCart is an excellent option for entrepreneurs who want to deliver a smooth and optimized checkout process.

In other words, SamCart isn’t the right platform to help you generate leads and nurture them. However, if you have these steps under control, SamCart is the perfect tool for converting these leads into paying customers.

Key Features

Drag and drop builder

A WYSIWYG builder makes it easy for you to build and customize beautiful product checkout pages without writing a single HTML tag.

Predesigned templates

To make creating beautiful pages even easier, SamCart comes with dozens of beautiful templates. Simply find a template you like, customize it to suit your brand preferences, and start selling.

Unlimited selling

SamCart doesn’t place any limitations on what you can sell. Sell as many products as you want, whenever you want.

Localized selling

For businesses targeting customers from across the world, SamCart enables you to sell in any language and accept payments in any local currency. This makes buying highly convenient for international customers, leading to increased conversions.

A/B testing

SamCart enables you to perform A/B testing on all your pages, allowing you to optimize your pages for conversions based on elements that drive the best results.

Smart pixel tracking

With smart pixel tracking, you can tell where exactly your customers are coming from, such as Facebook, Google, or other websites. Once you identify your greatest sources of buyer traffic, you can then double down your online marketing efforts on these platforms while improving your campaigns on non-performing platforms.


You can integrate SamCart with hundreds of external tools and platforms, including HubSpot, Mailchimp, WordPress, PayPal, Drip, ConverKit, Salesforce, Stripe, Keap, and Zapier.

SamCart Pros

  • Provides an easy, efficient, and optimized checkout process
  • Great platform for boosting conversions and customer retention
  • Offers a library of professionally-designed templates
  • Makes it very easy to upsell your customers
  • Comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee

SamCart Cons

  • Doesn’t allow you to build complete sales funnels
  • Doesn’t come with an email marketing tool
  • The lowest plan has very limited features
  • It is best suited for selling digital products


SamCart - Pricing Plan

SamCart offers three pricing plans – a Launch plan starting at $39 per month, a Grow plan starting at $79 per month, and a Scale plan starting at $159 per month. All plans offer a 14-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

8. GetResponse

Best ClickFunnels Alternative for Building Fully Automated Funnels

GetResponse - Powerful, simplified tool to send emails, create pages and automate your marketing

GetResponse is a solid platform for building landing pages and sales funnels and automating your marketing.

Like ClickFunnels, GetResponse gives you access to a set of impressive tools, including funnels, social media ad management, and marketing automation.

However, what stands out for me is GetResponses’s email marketing feature. GetResponse is easily one of the best ClickFunnels alternatives for any marketer who relies heavily on email marketing.

Key Features

Landing page builder

Creating eye-catching landing pages on GetResponse is amazingly easy. Just drag page elements and drop them where you want. You can even add conversion-optimization elements to your landing pages, such as Facebook Pixel, popups, signup forms, and countdown timers.

Template library

GetResponse has an extensive library of templates for landing pages, sales funnels, social media ads, email automation, and so much more. With these templates, you can go from no idea to having a fully automated sales funnel in just one hour.

Email marketing

This is where GetResponse really excels. GetResponse has a powerful email platform that gives you access to a customizable email creator, email list management, autoresponders, transactional emails, and advanced email analytics.

Conversion funnels

With GetResponse, you can build entire sales funnels, from lead capture to lead nurturing, conversion, and upselling. The different types of funnels you can build on GetResponse include sales, lead magnet, webinar, list building, ecommerce funnels, and more.


GetResponse also has a powerful automation feature that you can use to welcome and engage potential customers, upsell existing customers, recover lost sales with abandoned cart emails, and so on. You can either build automations from scratch or use the prebuilt automation templates.

Paid ads

GetResponse offers inbuilt tools for running and managing paid ad campaigns, such as Google ads, Facebook ads, and Instagram ads.

Multilingual support

You can use GetResponse to build landing pages and sales funnels in up 8 different languages, allowing you to target customers from non-English speaking countries.

GetResponse Pros

  • Offers one of the best email marketing platforms compared to most ClickFunnels alternatives
  • Has an extensive set of marketing features
  • Offers powerful automation
  • Comes with integrated webinar functionality
  • Has a free plan that supports up to 500 contacts

GetResponse Cons

  • The lead capture tools are not as advanced as what you get on some other platforms
  • Doesn’t have as many funnel types as ClickFunnels


GetResponse - Pricing Plan

GetResponse has a free forever plan that supports 500 contacts and 1 landing page. There’s also a Basic, Plus, and Professional plan costing $15.58, $43.38, and $97.58 per month, respectively.

GetResponse allows you to try all plans for free for 30 days without giving out your credit card details. It also gives you an 18% discount if you go for the 12-month plan and a 30% discount for the 24-month plan.

9. Wishpond

Growth-Oriented Multifaceted Marketing Platform

Wishpond - A Platform Designed For Growth

Wishpond is a multifaceted platform that gives marketers access to a stunning array of features, including landing pages, marketing automation, online forms, social promotions, and lead management.

By bringing together multiple marketing functionalities under one platform, Wishpond does all the heavy lifting, allowing you to focus on giving your customers what they want.

Key Features

Landing page tool

Wishpond has a fantastic drag and drop editor that simplifies the process of building high-converting landing pages for lead generation. Wishpond gives you over 100 landing page templates to choose from. If these don’t work for you, you can use JavaScript and CSS to add any functionality you want to the landing pages.


An easy-to-use popup builder and over 100 popup templates allow you to create powerful popups that you can add to any page on your website to convert visitors into leads and sales. You can set the popups to be triggered on entry, click, scroll, time delay, or exit intent.

Marketing funnels

Wishpond gives you all the basic functionality you need to design the customer journey and build conversion-optimized funnels. There’s even a “skip a step to win a sale” feature that allows you to fast-track the customer journey depending on the user.

Social promotions

Wishpond has a social promotions feature that is very useful for generating leads and getting them into your marketing funnel. With Wishpond, you can run 10 different types of social promotions, including sweepstakes, Instagram hashtag contests, photo contests, coupons, vote contests, and many more.

Lead management

The lead management tool makes it easy to track, segment, and score leads based on their interactions with your website.


Wishpond has a marketing automation platform that gives you all the tools you need to build automated campaigns that nurture your leads until they convert into customers. This improves your conversions and saves you time, which you can spend on generating even more leads.


Wishpond has inbuilt integrations with lots of popular CRM tools, email marketing software, survey apps, webinar apps, help desk apps, team communication apps, and many other third-party tools.

Wishpond Pros

  • Provides most of the features you’ll need as a marketer
  • Powerful popups for lead capture
  • Cheaper than ClickFunnels
  • Powerful visitor and lead tracking features
  • Provides an easy way of setting up and managing social contests and promotions

Wishpond Cons

  • Beginners might find the extensive feature list a bit overwhelming
  • Limited A/B testing functionality
  • Doesn’t offer a free plan


Wishpond - Pricing Plan

Wishpond has three plans costing $49, $99, and $199 per month. Unless you need advanced features like API access and custom JavaScript, you’ll find the cheapest plan adequate for most of your needs. Wishpond offers a 14-day free trial on all plans.

10. Ontraport

Best ClickFunnels Alternative for Marketing Automation

Ontraport- The sales and marketing platform for growing businesses

Ontraport is one of the best ClickFunnels alternatives for marketers who want powerful marketing automation. However, there’s more to Ontraport than automations. The platform also gives you impressive CRM capabilities, email marketing, and even payments collection.

Key Features

Marketing automation

Automation is Ontraport’s core feature. With Otraport, you can automate all your sales and marketing processes and deliver a personalized customer journey to all your leads on autopilot and at scale.

Sales and CRM

Ontraport has a robust sales pipeline view and CRM that enables you to keep good track of your prospects and customers and determine the best way to push them further down your marketing funnel.

Pages and forms

Despite being simple and easy to use, Ontraport’s pages and forms builder allows you to build advanced landing pages and forms that are optimized for lead generation.


Collect payments from your customers with Ontraport’s high converting order forms, which support multiple payment options and allow you to maximize sales with upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

Drip email campaigns

Once leads get into your sales funnel, Ontraport provides you with the tools you need to set up drip email campaigns to engage the leads and convert them into customers.

Abandoned cart recovery

The abandoned cart recovery tool sends automated emails to any customers with abandoned carts, encouraging them to complete their purchase or even offering discounts if they go through with the purchase. This is a great way to recover lost sales.

Webinar service

Ontraport has an inbuilt webinar platform that you can use to record and stream webinars. With webinars delivering conversion rates of up to 20%, this is a convenient feature for most marketers.

Ontraport Pros

  • Impressive feature list
  • Powerful marketing automation
  • Great integration with payment gateways
  • Solid page builder
  • Great for maintaining a bird’s eye view of your funnels
  • Great customer support

Ontraport Cons

  • New users might find it challenging to set up complex automations
  • Doesn’t work as perfectly as dedicated funnel builders like ClickFunnels
  • The email feature is not as good as what you get with dedicated email marketing platforms


Ontraport- Pricing Plan

Ontraport offers four pricing plans – a Basic plan costing $79 per month, a Plus plan costing $147 per month, a Pro plan costing $297 per month, and an Enterprise plan costing $497 per month.

Ontraport gives a discount if you opt for an annual contract. You also get a 2-week free trial on all plans.

11. Keap

Reliable Marketing and CRM Platform

Keap - Do work that matters. Automate the rest

Keap was founded in 2001 as Infusionsoft before changing the name to Keap in 2019. Keap gives you a CRM system, a marketing automation system, and an email marketing tool all rolled into one.

The platform also gives you some extra features you won’t find on other ClickFunnels competitors, such as appointment scheduling and invoice management.

Key Features

Customer relationship management

This is one of Keap’s core features. Keap’s CRM system gives you an effective and efficient way to collect, sort and track all information about your leads. It also automates the process of engaging and following up with leads to push them down the funnel.


Keap allows you to automate the entire sales pipeline from the moment a lead is first added to your funnel. The platform sends automated lead nurturing emails that are either time-based or triggered by the lead’s activity on your website.

Sales pipeline management

With this feature, it is impossible to lose sight of your sales pipeline. It allows you to monitor all sales activities, view where all your leads are in their customer journey, find ways for increasing lead generation, and so on. What’s more, Keap doesn’t put a limit on the number of sales pipelines you can create.

Email marketing

Keap has an inbuilt email marketing tool that you can use to design beautiful emails, automate email marketing campaigns, track the performance of your email campaigns, and manage your email lists.

Keap Pros

  • Has powerful CRM and sales tools
  • Keap’s email marketing capabilities are more advanced than what you get on ClickFunnels
  • Offers advanced marketing automation tools
  • Has a strong community network

Keap Cons

  • It’s costlier than some other ClickFunnels alternatives
  • Beginners might find some features a bit challenging to master


Read more Keap pricing

Keap’s pricing is pretty simple, with just two pricing plans. There’s a Pro plan that costs $129 per month and supports 2 users and 1500 contacts, and a Max plan that costs $199 per month and supports 3 users and 2500 contracts.

Keap offers a 14-day free trial on both plans and a 20% discount if you go for the annual contract.

12. Copper CRM

Best ClickFunnels Alternative for Lead and Customer Management

Copper - Win clients for life with Copper CRM

Copper CRM is a reputable and easy-to-use sales pipeline management and CRM tool. It provides you with the tools you need to maintain control and visibility over your sales pipeline. It also helps you manage your leads and build enduring relationships with your customers.

Key Features

Contact organization

Maintain a good view of your customer relationship history with Copper Contacts, which provides a central place for organizing your contacts, calls, emails, files, and notes for every customer.

Task automation

Copper’s automation allows you to automate repetitive administrative work like sending emails, logging calls, scheduling tasks and meetings, sending out notifications to your sales team, and so on.

Email marketing tools

With Copper’s email marketing tools, you can set up automated lead nurturing emails that are triggered by a lead’s status, their engagement with your website, and so on. This allows you to maintain a personal relationship with all your leads and customers at scale.

Visual sales pipeline

Copper’s sales pipeline makes sales more visual, making it easier to see how far every lead is along the sales process and move them to the next step with a customizable drag and drop pipeline editor.

Reporting and analytics

Copper has powerful reporting and analytics tools that provide you with a 360-degree view of your online business.


Copper CRM integrates seamlessly with your go-to tools, including Google Workspace apps, LinkedIn, Dropbox, Slack, QuickBooks, Mailchimp, Docusign, Zendesk, and more. The best part is that you don’t need any technical know-how to connect Copper CRM to these tools.

Copper CRM Pros

  • Robust and responsive system
  • Simple, intuitive, and very easy to use
  • Supports lots of third party integrations
  • Offers first-class security
  • A lot more affordable compared to ClickFunnels

Copper CRM Cons

  • Price is per user, so the costs can quickly add up
  • The basic plan is very limited
  • Not suitable for building landing pages
  • Doesn’t work well outside Google Workspace


Copper CRM- Pricing Plan

Copper CRM has Basic, Professional, and Business plans, which cost $20, $46, and $93 per month, respectively, if you pay annually.

The Basic plan supports up to 3 users and 2,500 contacts, while the Professional plan has unlimited users and supports up to 15,000 contacts. The Business plan has unlimited users and unlimited contacts.

Copper CRM offers a 14-day free trial on all plans.

13. GrooveFunnels

Best Free ClickFunnels Alternative

GrooveFunnels - The Better FREE Way To Build Funnels And Sell Digital Products

GrooveFunnels is the best ClickFunnels alternative for marketers who want a free tool for building marketing funnels. That’s not to say that GrooveFunnels is entirely free, but it has a powerful free plan that gives you access to all the funnel-building tools you need.

Key Features


This is GrooveFunnel’s powerful drag and drop builder that enables you to build dazzling landing pages. GroovePages also comes with dozens of beautiful, highly customizable templates.


GrooveFunnels has a powerful but intuitive funnel builder and dozens of proven funnel templates that simplify building sales funnels optimized for conversions.


GrooveFunnels has beautifully designed and secure checkout forms with flexible payment plans. The checkout forms come with order bump technology and powerful upsells that allow you to maximize customer order value.


With GrooveMail, you can set up drip email campaigns that use behavioral response automations to deliver relevant messages to the right target audience based on their interests and actions.


This powered-up video player lets you add videos to your sales funnels and add conversion optimization elements such as call to action buttons and opt-in forms to your videos.


GrooveFunnels also has an inbuilt webinar service that’s great for marketers who use webinars as part of their lead nurturing process.

GrooveFunnels Pros

  • GrooveFunnels is an all-in-one marketing and funnel-building solution
  • Has a powerful free forever plan
  • Offers unlimited features on the Pro plan
  • Comes with hundreds of professionally designed templates and blocks
  • Optimized for fast page load times
  • Free access to GrooveAcademy

GrooveFunnels Cons

  • Steep learning curve
  • The platform can be buggy at times
  • The vast collection of features can be a bit overwhelming for first-time users


GrooveFunnels- Pricing Plan

GrooveFunnels has a one-year free plan, a Creator plan starting at $79.99 per month, a Pro plan starting at $299 per month, a Premium plan starting at $399 per month, and a Premium Plus plan starting at $166.65 per month.

I love the one-year free plan because it supports up to 500 contacts, 2,500 emails per month, free hosting for up to 5 videos, and multiple payment gateways. You can also build an online store on the free plan.

GrooveFunnels doesn’t offer a free trial on their paid plans.


What is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is an online software platform that provides you with all the essential features you need to create sales funnels for promoting, selling, and delivering your products online.

ClickFunnels allows you to control and automate the entire customer buying journey.
With ClickFunnels, you can build landing pages, opt-in pages, squeeze pages, entire websites, membership sites, and so much more.

Is there a free version of ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels doesn’t have a free forever plan. However, you can try all ClickFunnels plans for free for 14 days.

What is the best funnel builder?

ClickFunnels is the best funnel builder in the market. However, there are other powerful funnel builders, such as Leadpages, Unbounce, Instapage, and BuilderAll.

What are the top ClickFunnels competitors?

Some of the top ClickFunnels competitors include Leadpages, Instapage, Unbounce, GetResponse, Kartra, and GrooveFunnels.

Why is ClickFunnels so expensive?

ClickFunnels is so expensive because it gives you all the tools you need to automate your marketing in one location. However, there are some more affordable ClickFunnels alternatives, such as BuilderAll and Pipedrive.

What are the disadvantages of using ClickFunnels?

The greatest disadvantage of using ClickFunnels is that it is very costly, with the lowest plan starting at $97 per month. This makes it unsuitable for small businesses. 

Other disadvantages of using ClickFunnels include its huge learning curve, lack of essential features like email autoresponders, and limited customization options.

Is Kartra better than ClickFunnels?

If you’re looking for a dedicated funnel builder, ClickFunnels is better than Kartra. However, if you’re looking for an all-in-one online business solution, Kartra is the better option.

Is there a cheaper ClickFunnels alternative?

Yes. If you find ClickFunnels too expensive, you can go with a cheaper alternative like Leadpages, Instapage, Pipedrive, BuilderAll, GetResponse, or GrooveFunnels.

Which ClickFunnels Alternative Should I Pick?

If you don’t find ClickFunnels suitable for your marketing campaign, there are lots of other reliable options that you can use to market your products and convert visitors into leads and buyers.

Each of these options has its own unique features, strengths, and weaknesses, and therefore, it would be impossible to accurately pick a single option that works for everyone. The best ClickFunnels alternative for you will depend largely on your needs.

That said, however, there are some ClickFunnels alternatives that will work reasonably well for most marketers. Here are my top five recommendations:

Best Overall


Robust no-code solution for building beautiful landing pages
Flexible Landing Page Builder


Drag and drop solution for building powerful yet flexible landing pages
Conversion-Optimized Page Builder


Scalable and straightforward landing page platform optimized for building landing pages that turn clicks into conversions
All-Rounded Marketing Solution


Versatile solution that gives you access to comprehensive sales and digital marketing tools
Affordable Sales Management Platform


Affordable, easy-to-use platform CRM and sales pipeline management solution

If you still need some more information before deciding, check out our reviews of some ClickFunnels competitors below.

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