15 Best Creative Agency Project Management Software in 2022

Updated Nov 10, 2022.

Have you found it stressful to find the right creative agency project management software? 

In this guide, I will take you through 15 creative agency project management software and help you make the right choice.

Monday icon


Our best-rated software tool, Monday.com, is a one-in-all solution for work management, creative project management, CRM, and even client management.
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Go for ClickUp if you want access to a free plan with lots of creative tools for project management that keep you wondering if any more features are left for the paid plans.
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Choose Wrike if you place a high premium on reporting and workload visualizations while accessing a comprehensive overview of your entire business.
Teamwork Projects Icon


Whether you want to create task list templates, automate tasks or manage multiple creative projects at once, Teamwork is the perfect pick once you have a large budget.
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Zoho Projects

A better complement to other Zoho solutions, Zoho Projects is the one for creative teams that don't have any prior experience but want to get started as fast as possible.

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Do you know how to keep your clients returning with more projects?

If you don't, I will tell you for free.

The only way is to manage their projects successfully and achieve their desired outcomes.

And how would I do this? You might ask.

The answer lies in using a creative project management system.

With the right tool, you would not only manage clients' projects successfully, but you would also save lots of time and effort through automations.

So, check out the features, pricing, pros, and cons of these 15 creative agency project management tools.

In the end, you would have the right pick without any headache.

Who Uses Creative Agency Project Management Software?

  • The main users of creative agency project management tools are creative agencies. They require the best project management tools for planning and organizing their clients' projects. Creative agencies also use creative project management tools to manage resources, track projects and time and communicate and collaborate better.
  • Web design agencies
  • Branding agencies,
  • Marketing designers
  • Businesses with creative projects.
  • Other creative professionals

Best Creative Agency Project Management Software

1. Monday.com

Best Overall

Editor's Take
9.1 out of 10
Best for
Large creative agencies
$8 – $16 per seat/month
Annual Discount
Save 18%

I love many things about Monday.com, especially the simple user interface and the creative templates that let creative teams get started faster.

Try Monday.com

Monday.com is a creative project management software that lets creative teams organize and collaborate on your projects on a single platform.

Key Features for Creative Teams

  • Client Management: Manage your clients and their projects better than your competitors and watch your clients come back with more projects. Use Monday.com to track your clients' projects and tasks.
  • Collaboration: Monday.com allows you and your creative team to collaborate better on projects, plan and organize team workload, upload files and add comments on documents.
  • Timeline and Calendar View: Besides viewing all your projects on a timeline, Monday.com allows you to manage tasks and assign them to your creative team members. Your team members are notified of new tasks in real-time, and you can also view your projects in a calendar view.
  • Shareable Boards: One benefit of Monday.com is that it provides shareable boards, which allow you to share work with your clients.


  • Monday.com is very easy to learn, set up, and use
  • Automate almost anything you want
  • Monday.com allows easy board and item customizations
  • Organize your projects with multiple views
  • Access lots of integrations


  • The reporting and task dependency features are limited
  • The timeline column for project management can be difficult to use

Plans and Pricing

Monday.com offers four paid plans starting from $8 per seat per month.

Monday.com - Pricing Plan
  • Free Plan: Available
  • Free Trial: Available for all plans
  • Custom Pricing: Available

Start using the free version of Monday.com now.

2. ClickUp

Ideal for Campaign Management

Editor's Take
8.7 out of 10
Best for
Creative teams of all sizes
$5 – $19 per member/month
Annual Discount
Save 45%

ClickUp is a top pick for creative teams who want access to many project management features on a limited budget.rn rnAnd in this age of increasing remote work, ClickUp also comes across as a suitable creative project management tool for remote creative teams who want a better team and client collaboration.rn

Try ClickUp

Small-sized creative teams widely use ClickUp due to its affordability, easy learning curve, and intuitive user interface.

Key Features for Creative Teams

  • Campaign Management: Let's say you want to create common formats of new advertisements or content items. ClickUp allows you to create task templates to do this. You can also create action items with assigned comments, discuss new assets, and follow exact steps within each task.
  • Portfolio Management: Easily assign large projects to your team, and measure progress on initiatives with lists and projects using portfolios.
  • Gantt View and 2-way Calendar Sync: ClickUp provides Gantt charts that allow you to plan time, visualize dependencies, and manage resources. You can also drag and drop tasks to adjust start and due dates by using the native calendar.


  • Add as many members as you want
  • Easily customize the dashboards
  • Unlimited storage and dashboards are available on all paid plans
  • Multilingual support, a free training program, and 24/7 support are available


  • Onboarding might be difficult due to the overwhelming features
  • Customization can be a little bit tricky and difficult

Plans and Pricing

ClickUp offers four paid plans starting from $5 per member per month.

ClickUp - Pricing Plan
  • Free Plan: Available
  • Free Trial: Contact sales
  • Custom Pricing: Available

Start using the ClickUp free plan now and choose the paid plan later.

3. Wrike

Great for Built-in Proofing Tools

Editor's Take
8.3 out of 10
Best for
Mid-sized marketing agencies
$9.80 – $24.80 per user/month
Annual Discount

One thing about the Wrike project management platform is that it is bulky, and navigation can sometimes be difficult. rnrnIf that sounds like something you can cope with, you will enjoy its robust search engine, progress tracking, and powerful reporting features.rn

Try Wrike

Whether you want to visualize your workload, collaborate with your team, publish assets or try out ready-made assets, Wrike comes in handy.

Key Features for Creative Teams

  • Request Organization: Wrike uses customized request forms to gather everything your creative team needs to get started fast. The creative project management software automatically organizes your tasks within team dashboards, and you can easily filter by priority and due date.
  • Collaboration: Wrike provides a shared workspace accessible to internal and external teams. This shared workspace allows you and your creative team to collaborate better and work together in real-time.
  • Proofing and Other Tools: Use the built-in tools to reduce your approval process and organize all comments and edits in a single place.


  • Availability of Wrike Extension for Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Over 400 integrations are available
  • Access advanced reporting, data visualizations, and pre-built dashboards
  • Visualize and track the progress of your projects and tasks


  • Presence of a steep learning curve, especially for new users
  • Wrike has slow download and upload speeds

Plans and Pricing

Wrike offers three paid plans starting from $9.80 per user per month.

Wrike - Pricing Plan

You would have to contact the sales team for a custom pricing plan.

  • Free Plan: Available
  • Free Trial: Available
  • Custom Pricing: Available

Try out Wrike freely for 14 days.

4. Teamwork

Most Suitable for Project and Task Automation

Editor's Take
8.2 out of 10
Best for
Creative agencies with large budgets
$10 – $18 per user per month
Annual Discount
Save 20%

Complete, flexible, and intuitive, Teamwork is the right project management tool for large agencies that manage lots of projects at once.rnrnI love how it allows users to prioritize tasks from different projects, represent projects in milestones, and split projects by task lists.

Try Teamwork

Teamwork creates a flexible platform where you can manage projects, teams, and clients effortlessly.

This tool is specifically built for client work and lets you manage multiple projects simultaneously.

Key Features for Creative Teams

  • Project Plans: Use the Teamwork creative project management tool to build detailed project plans, view every detail of your project and let your creative team members know about the project's real-time progress.
  • Templates: With Teamwork, you can easily create task list templates or projects for common creative briefs like campaign asset design. This allows you to save time and effort while creating a consistent and repeatable process for your creative team. You can also access pre-built templates like creative request forms.
  • Task Organization: Assign creative work and add dates, priorities, and tags using task lists, tasks, and subtasks. Use comments to collaborate directly with your team and clients from a task. Setting task dependencies and creating tasks for automation is also easy.


  • Teamwork provides instant messaging for effective collaboration
  • Effortlessly make timeline adjustments
  • Easily upload and view your documents in real-time
  • Get a quick overview of each project by viewing its dashboard
  • Track time on a task-by-task basis


  • The available chart graphs are limited
  • The pricing is expensive for small-sized agencies

Plans and Pricing

Teamwork offers three paid plans starting from $10 per user per month.

Teamwork - Pricing Plan
  • Free plan: Available
  • Free Trial: Available for all plans
  • Custom Pricing: Available

Use Teamwork freely for 30 days.

5. Zoho Projects

Best for Progress and Time Tracking

Editor's Take
7.6 out of 10
Best for
Small and growing creative agencies
$5 – $10 per user/month
Annual Discount
Save 20%

If you currently use any of the other Zoho solutions, you would enjoy how you can seamlessly integrate with Zoho Projects.rnrnWhile Zoho Projects provides abundant features at low prices, I mostly love its intuitive time tracking feature and other tools for creative project management.rn

Try Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is an affordable and flexible project management tool that lets you take charge of automation, team collaboration, and time management.

Key Features for Creative Teams

  • Task Management: Zoho Projects allows you to break your projects into simpler work items and list and view project bugs and issues. Planning projects and tracking progress is also very easy.
  • Collaboration: Zoho Projects provides an interactive feed where you can post comments and add attachments. Check for team availability and engage team members' attention by mentioning users or roles through comments, chats, and status updates. Group chat groups and interactive forums are also available so you can collaborate better.
  • Automation: Easily automate task processes by designing workflows, quickly fix issues by creating an escalation procedure, and automate notifications to third-party applications.
  • Charts and Reports: Get an insightful view of basic and advanced reports on all tasks and access basic and advanced issue reports together with timesheet reports.


  • Availability of a user-friendly interface and highly interactive dashboard
  • Downtime is very rare
  • The billing and time tracking features are topnotch
  • Easily identify project lags and time delays while tracking project progress


  • There is limited scalability for certain features
  • File sharing and transfers take a significant amount of time

Plans and Pricing

Zoho Projects offers three paid plans starting from $5 per user per month.

Zoho Projects - Pricing Plan
  • Free plan: Available
  • Free Trial: Available for all plans
  • Custom Pricing: Not available

Start using the free plan of Zoho Projects now.

6. Screendragon

Ideal for Creative Workflow Management

Screendragon - Creative Project Management Software to Speed-up Delivery

If you handle multiple creative workflows and want a solution that lets you streamline your creative workflows and processes, pick Screendragon without blinking twice.

Key Features for Creative Teams

  • Creative Workflows: Screendragon allows you to get a clear and crisp audit trail of all workflow activities. It routes creative assets to the necessary people at the right time for review and approval.
  • Proofing: Apart from using version control and collaborating with your team members or external partners, ScreenDragon's online proofing tool allows you to mark up multi-media types visually.
  • Task Management: Screendragon provides advanced task management capabilities which let you manage and organize tasks the way you want using Gantt Charts and Kanban boards. Also, you can adjust timelines, create task lists, and easily assign tasks to anyone.
  • Resource Management: Use the integrated resource management tool to get a 360-degree view of your present and future resource capacity. You can easily book resource time and vacations with the drag-and-drop scheduler.


  • Screendragon has powerful reporting features
  • Availability of over 1000 integrations
  • Access a nicely-structured workflow
  • Screendragon has a dedicated customer support team


  • The initial setup and training fee might be a drawback
  • The loading speed can be sometimes slow

Plans and Pricing

Screendragon charges monthly, and you also need to pay an initial setup and training fee.

Although past users hinted that the pricing starts from $20 per month, contact Screendragon directly to get custom pricing.

  • Free Plan: Not available
  • Free Trial: Available
  • Custom Pricing: Available

Try out Screendragon now to see if it is your best choice.

7. Smartsheet

Smart Choice for Remote Collaboration

Smartsheet - Manage your marketing work in one place

Smartsheet is an advanced spreadsheet with a user interface similar to Microsoft Excel.

Additionally, it has many advanced project management capabilities like activity logs, dashboards, and automation.

Key Features for Creative Teams

  • Dashboards: Centralize the necessary information and resources in a single place and let your stakeholders have a real-time view of work status through dashboards. You also have access to simplified widgets that show charts, key metrics, and live data and let you adapt to changing conditions fast.
  • Multiple Views: Create a Gantt chart with dependencies, visualize your projects with customizable Gantt capabilities, create a unified and customized view of projects, and drag and drop cards between lanes. You can also update cards with custom fields and images, filter cards and lanes, build dependencies between tasks, and attach documents directly to a sheet.
  • Automation: While you can automate repetitive processes single-handedly, you can also empower your team members to automate their workflows. All they need to do is to combine multiple actions and conditional paths in an intuitive visual editor.


  • Great choice if you know how to use a spreadsheet
  • Easily customize your sheet based on your needs
  • Sort rows and switch between columns fast
  • Unlimited sheets, reports, and dashboards are available on all plans


  • The in-built time tracking feature is not available
  • The professional user interface might be boring to you

Plans and Pricing

Smartsheet offers four paid plans starting from $7 per user/month.

Smartsheet - Pricing Plan
  • Free plan: Available
  • Free Trial: Not available
  • Custom Pricing: Available

Start using Smartsheet now.

8. Asana

Best Choice for Work Management

Asana - Make work, work for you

Asana is a top work management software that lets you organize work and bring your team together.

Key Features for Creative Teams

  • Kanban Boards: Create and manage Kanban boards online and easily visualize your progress using Kanban tools. You can view all tasks in a single place, create clear processes, and ensure that each task is accomplished. Drag and drop Kanban cards from one stage to another, label columns to show workflow stages, and customize your work-in-progress columns.
  • Workflow Builder: With Asana, you can connect your teams, streamline your projects, and organize work. Forms are available if you want to capture ideas and organize requests that need collaboration across teams. You can create rules that trigger automatic actions, such as updating status and assigning tasks. Workflow reporting is also available to help you track progress in each stage of work.
  • Reporting: Get access to fully customizable dashboards and fully customizable charts that allows you to generate important insights that let you move your business forward. You can build custom charts or create charts on any stream of work. You don't have to manually update your dashboards and charts and have access to a chart template library.
  • Automation: Asana provides a custom rules builder which you can use to create custom rules in seconds.


  • Easily create custom rules
  • Asana's dashboards and charts are very intuitive and useful
  • Easily prioritize tasks
  • Convert common projects into custom templates


  • The exporting options for file sharing are limited
  • You can't assign multiple users to a task at a time

Plans and Pricing

Asana offers two paid plans starting from $10.99 per user per month.

Asana - Pricing Plan
  • Free Plan: Available
  • Free Trial: Available
  • Custom Pricing: Not available

Try out Asana freely for 30 days.

9. nTask

Best Choice If You Want Faster Project Planning

nTask - Deliver Projects 3x Faster With nTask

Plan your projects faster, organize and stay focused on tasks, connect with your team anytime, and visualize project progress easily with nTask.

Key Features for Creative Teams

  • Project Planning: Plan and define your projects fast, decide the payout rate, and easily set the billing method. You can also allocate resources to your projects and define work capacity.
  • Task Management: Plan, organize, and assign project tasks, create to-do lists, and make unlimited sub-tasks. Add assignments and attachments, and set recurring tasks and planned and actual dates.
  • Team Chat: You and other team members can connect anytime using the team chat feature. For example, you can chat with team members and share project updates at once or with each team member.
  • Gantt Charts: Take advantage of nTask Gantt charts to manage tasks and set task dependencies and milestones while optimizing and tracking your team's progress.
  • Dock View and Custom Color: Use the projects docked view to effortlessly switch between projects and easily differentiate projects using color options or hex code.
  • Milestones: nTask allows you to set milestones to break down work structure into smaller parts, increasing the chances of your project's success.
  • Document Management: Manage your project documents in a single place where your team members can easily browse and download them.
  • Alerts and Notifications: Set custom alerts on project costs and get the real-time email and in-app notifications for project updates.


  • nTask has a simple learning curve
  • Track time spent on different projects
  • The document management feature is topnotch
  • Organize individual tasks into different categories


  • Limited customization options
  • Limited functions are available on the mobile app

Plans and Pricing

nTask offers four paid plans starting from $3 per month.

nTask - Pricing Plan
  • Free Plan: Available
  • Free Trial: Available for all plans
  • Custom Pricing: Available

Get started with the nTask free plan now.

10. MeisterTask

Great for More Customization Options

MeisterTask - Secure Task Management for Teams, Your Team. Aligned

MeisterTask is a task management software that lets you set beautiful custom backgrounds, manage an unlimited number of projects, and enjoy customizable project boards.

Key Features for Creative Teams

  • Task Management: Delegate tasks to the necessary team member and monitor effectively as a task watcher. You can set due dates and use the built-in time tracker to record time spent on a task. Use custom fields to improve your task descriptions and ensure the completion of the team's processes with multiple checklists.
  • Timeline and Filters: The timeline feature is similar to a Gantt chart, allowing you to visualize your tasks easily in a calendar view. This way, you can identify bottlenecks fast. The filter feature lets you filter project tasks by the due date, watcher, assignee, tag, or schedule.
  • Automation: Increase efficiency and save time and effort by automating repeating steps in your workflow. You can also set up a recurring task.
  • Unlimited Sections: With MeisterTask, you can create projects and name and organize them in sections. You can still collapse these sections to have a focused overview.
  • Reports: Get a clear overview of your project status by customizing the filters and discover useful insights quickly by generating short reports.


  • Easily navigate your way through the easy-to-use interface
  • Add unlimited project members on all plans
  • Customizable and unlimited project boards are available
  • Each project has unique privacy features


  • There is no workflow calendar
  • You can only manage three projects on the free plan

Plans and Pricing

MeisterTask offers four paid plans starting from $4.19 per month.

MeisterTask - Pricing Plan
  • Free Plan: Available
  • Free Trial: Available on request
  • Custom Pricing: Not available

Try out the free plan of MeisterTask and enjoy its task management features.

11. Nifty

Your Go-To If You Have A Large Number of Clients

Nifty - Project management for digital agencies

Do you want to gather your chat, tasks, and docs in a single place?

Do you want to automate client reporting and manage team members with creative pm software?

If yes, choose Nifty without searching further.

Key Features for Creative Teams

  • Team Collaboration: Communicate and collaborate with your team, share ideas, gather feedback, and make important decisions quickly.
  • Workloads and Project Tracking: Nifty allows you to keep track of your entire project's activities, tasks, updates, discussions, and logged time. Easily view your complete workloads in real-time.
  • Client and Agency Management: Easily assign tasks to your clients, and keep them updated about the necessary information they need. You can share plans and updates, export task reports in Excel spreadsheets, and send view-only Docs URLs to your clients.
  • Time Tracker: Nifty allows you to record and export time spent on client projects and tasks by tracking billable hours.


  • Access to a clear overview of project timelines and milestones
  • The inbuilt chat functionality makes communication a walk-over
  • Break down projects and tasks with different variables
  • Assign multiple team members to a task


  • The plans are expensive
  • You can not edit time logs

Plans and Pricing

Nifty - Pricing Plan

Nifty offers four paid plans starting from $5 per month.

  • Free Plan: Available
  • Free Trial: Available for all plans
  • Custom Pricing: Not available

Use Nifty freely for 14 days without submitting your credit card details.

12. Paymo

An Ideal Pick for Time Tracking

Paymo - Project Management for Creative Agencies

Many creative project management software does not have an inbuilt time tracker and requires you to use a third-party time tracking solution.

Contrarily, Paymo has a time tracker together with other superb project management features that keep you in control of your projects.

Key Features for Creative Teams

  • Time Tracking: While there are multiple options for tracking time, PaymoPlus is the ideal time tracking tool for creative people. With the app, you can move from one task to another. Timesheets are also available so you can easily manage your time and handle multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Discussion Module: The discussion module is similar to team chat, where you can engage in productive discussions with your team. The discussion module lets you view the project details in a single place.
  • Budget Management: By seeing how much time is needed for recurring tasks, you can easily create accurate estimates for your future projects. Convert your estimates into invoices and track your expenses in real-time.


  • Create a detailed tasks list and measure the real cost of projects
  • Track your budgets and payments
  • Access a simple payroll reporting feature
  • Paymo provides an awesome chat support


  • Paymo has a steep learning curve which is time-consuming
  • Migrating from Paymo is difficult and stressful

Plans and Pricing

Paymo offers three paid plans starting from $4.95 per user per month.

Paymo - Pricing Plan
  • Free Plan: Available
  • Free Trial: Available
  • Custom Pricing: Not available

Choose any Paymo plan you want and try it out freely for 15 days.


Best for Creating Project Roadmap

VOGSY - Sales, Projects and Resources, Finance. Connect Everything.

Even though VOGSY is relatively new among other creative project management systems, it is still a top pick among creative teams who want to manage sales, resources, and projects on one platform.

Key Features for Creative Teams

  • Project Cards: VOGSY project cards keep you organized and allow you to manage your project, team, document, and conversations in a single place.
  • Company and Portfolio Views: Easily understand allocation status using the filtered Gantt views and take advantage of the client boards for portfolio views.
  • Project Accounting: VOGSY keeps your work-in-progress, timesheets, revenue recognition, and expenses in check so you can easily focus on core business development.
  • Billing Automation and Invoice management: VOGSY provides automated billing for subscriptions, retainers, and installments.  You can also make bulk invoice payments or ad-hoc with approval flows.
  • Work Breakdown Structure: With VOGSY, you can create predictable projects with a repeatable work structure. You also have access to four layers and simple templates that let you get started faster.
  • Dashboards: VOGSY gives you access to granular and insightful dashboards for your project schedule and budget consumption.


  • VOGSY is very flexible and easily customizable
  • The mobile app is awesome
  • There are many great customization options
  • Easily track timesheets on individual project
  • Visualize your creative agency's health status with the insightful charts and reports


  • The free plan is limited to one user
  • Creating a project schedule can be difficult

Plans and Pricing

VOGSY offers four paid plans starting from $11 per user per month.

VOGSY - Pricing Plan
  • Free Plan: Available
  • Free Trial: Available for all plans
  • Custom Pricing: Not available

Use VOGSY freely for 30 days.

14. FunctionFox

Very Suitable for Time and Resource Management

FunctionFox - Project Management Software for Creative Teams

FunctionFox was primarily designed for project managers of creative teams to streamline their workflow, manage team resources, and decrease communication inefficiency.

Key Features for Creative Teams

  • Advanced Project Schedules: Easily view, plan, and adjust your team resources and project timelines, and take control of your project scheduling and team resource availability. Distribute tasks to your team members and use the Gantt chart timelines and internal communication boards.
  • Time Tracking Tools: Enjoy actionable to-do lists, billable and non-billable time tracking, and timer or manual time entry methods. Daily, weekly, monthly, and team timesheet views are also available.
  • Reporting Capabilities: Here, you can enjoy graphical dashboard views, detailed standard reports, interactive charts, and graphs, together with retainer and estimate tracking.


  • Manage unlimited projects and clients provided you have a paid plan
  • The retainer tracking feature is available
  • Access instant reporting on clients and projects
  • There's a 30-money-back back guarantee


  • Adding new clients can be difficult
  • QuickBooks integration is not available

Plans and Pricing

FunctionFox offers three paid plans starting from $5 per user per month.

FunctionFox - Pricing Plan
  • Free Plan: Available
  • Free Trial: Available
  • Custom Pricing: Not available

Try out FunctionFox freely for 14 days.

15. Basecamp

Ideal for Remote Agencies Who Want Good Communication and Collaboration Features

Basecamp - The All-In-One Toolkit for Working Remotely

Choose Basecamp if you want to work better together, plan and organize all your projects, and communicate and collaborate with your team on a single platform.

The only downside is that it is expensive.

Key Features for Creative Teams

  • To-do Lists: If you have any work you want to complete, all you need to do is create the to-do lists for the work. And then, you can assign tasks to the necessary people. Your basecamp allows you to add notes and file attachments to the to-dos, and you can comment directly on tasks and lists.
  • Message Boards: Message boards are where you keep your entire team's conversations. You can insert images or files into your messages and share them with anyone you like.
  • Group Chat: A chat room is provided for every project, which lets users ask questions and get answers fast. You can attach quotes, code samples, and even files.
  • Schedules: There's a schedule for every project which displays the project dated-to-dos and events. You can also subscribe with Google Calendar, iCal, or Outlook.
  • Client Access: This feature allows you to work with your clients and team in a single organized place.


  • Getting started is easy
  • Add as many users as you like; it's still the same price
  • It's very easy to centralize all your data in one place
  • Create intuitive project schedules


  • You can't categorize work with tags and labels
  • It is not possible to view your entire team's workflow

Plans and Pricing

Basecamp offers a paid plan for $99 per month.

Basecamp - Pricing Plan
  • Free Plan: Available
  • Free Trial: Available
  • Custom Pricing: Not available

Use Basecamp freely for 30 days, and request a trial extension if you want more time.

Key Features of Project Management Software for Agencies

1. Project Planning and Budgeting

The foremost principle you need to observe to manage successful projects is to have well-defined project goals, scope, and objectives.

Once you have your project goals and objectives, you can safely plan your projects or even write a project plan.

This is where you figure out how every project piece works together.

A project plan looks like the image below.

Project Plan
Source: Spreadsheet

Let's say you use top task management software to consider the tasks associated with a particular project stage.

The next thing you need to do is to create schedules to accomplish these particular tasks.

You also need to outline the tasks and responsibilities of each responsible member of your team.

Most agency project management tools come with good project planning and budgeting features.

For example, some offer shared team calendars, Gantt charts, and other scheduling tools.

2. Team Collaboration

Team collaboration is a non-negotiable feature that should come with any project management tool you want to choose for your agency.

Before and after the projects are in full swing, everyone on your team must collaborate to ensure the projects successfully reach the completion stage.

Communication is a good way to ensure successful project management.

Team Collaboration
Source: Orangescrum

Therefore, many agency project management tools come with inbuilt online collaboration tools.

Sometimes, they also have instant messaging tools that allow team members to engage in productive discussions that are vital to the projects' success.

Also, check if the creative project management system has a good file and document sharing feature.

3. Time and Resource Management

As a creative agency that deals with multiple clients, you need project management software that lets you manage your time efficiently.

So time management is a must-have feature for any ideal project management software for agencies.

You should be able to document and track the time spent on tasks.

Time and Resource Management
Source: Officetimer

Apart from time, resource and talent management is also important for any creative agency.

You need to keep track of all the resources that are important to the success of the projects.

Therefore, project management tools for agencies allow you to assign resources to the necessary tasks and outline the planned and scheduled resources.

4. Reporting and Project Dashboards

Is there any way to update your clients about the stages of their projects?

How do you know whether the projects are making good progress or not?

Yes, there is a good way to update your clients about the project's progress.

And you can also get a clear and comprehensive overview of the status of the progress of your project.

As an important feature of project management tool for agencies, the project dashboards allow you to do all these and even more.

Reporting and Project Dashboards
Source: Datapine

Reporting tools which give you access to essential project management reports are also available.

Choosing the Right Creative Agency Project Management system

You likely have two or three creative project management software in mind at this stage.

And If you are still confused about the right one to choose, then you simply need to consider the pricing and available features.

What is your budget for a good creative project management tool?

What features must come with your agency's ideal creative project management tool?

Answering these questions would narrow your search for the right project management tool for your creative agency.

You can then try out the free plan or the free trial of your chosen one to see if it delivers.

With that said, here are my best project management tools for agencies.

Best Overall


Our best-rated guy, Monday.com, is a one-in-all solution for work management, creative project management, and even client management.
Best for Small Agencies


Go for ClickUp if you want access to a free plan with lots of creative tools for project management that keep you wondering if any more features are left for the paid plans.
Best for Marketing Agencies


Choose Wrike if you place a high premium on reporting and workload visualizations while accessing a comprehensive overview of your entire business.
Best for Large Agencies


Whether you want to create task list templates, automate tasks or manage multiple creative projects at once, Teamwork is the perfect pick once you have a large budget.
Best for Novices

Zoho Projects

A better complement to other Zoho solutions, Zoho Projects is the one for creative teams that don't have any prior experience but want to get started as fast as possible.

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