12 Best Marketing Project Management Software In 2024

Updated Jul 19, 2023.

A marketing team is a key asset for any organization. This department has the power to either make or break your brand's image. If managed and organized correctly, your marketing team can help establish a great brand image and expand your target audience.

Managing your marketing team through emails and notes can become quite chaotic. Deploying marketing project management software will help you plan your campaign, collaborate with your team members, and create a more productive strategy.

Reasons Why Your Marketing Team Needs Project Management Software

Marketing project management software is necessary for teams of all sizes and industries, be it freelancers, internal marketing teams, or brand management firms. This software provides your teams with absolute coordination in a well-organized space.

Synchronizing and customizing your project management tools for your marketing teams will transform your way of executing campaigns.

1. Easy Collaboration on Multiple Projects

With the growing remote and diverse work culture, employees can be distributed across different cities and time zones. Marketing project management software keeps everyone on the same page and allows them to track the progress of ad campaigns. Team members can also clarify their queries quickly by sending an instant text instead of typing up an email.

2. Generating Content Promotion Plans

With a marketing project management tool, you can brainstorm content ideas, organize and store them in a centralized location, and research what type of content your audience engages with the most. The calendar tools will help you keep track of deadlines, and with the to-do list features, you can break down each process into multiple actionable tasks.

3. Budget Management

Getting the most out of your marketing budget is an essential priority for teams and managers. It helps your company reach the maximum target audience and gain more profits. With the help of weekly and monthly project reports, your marketing team can keep a tab on the expenses and track how your campaigns are performing as per the set budget.

4. Optimized Resource Allocation

Optimizing resources for your marketing team is necessary to make the most out of your team’s potential. Marketing project management applications allow you to manage resources by smoothly planning and conducting your tasks. It outlines all the available resources and determines their future usage. This makes sure that no resource is under or over-utilized.

Best Marketing Project Management Software

The best marketing project management software would help you address everything from reviewing files, providing feedback, track time, automating recurring tasks, managing your workflow, and much more.

We have compiled a list of the best and the most effective tools for tackling project management for your marketing team.

1. Monday.com

Best Marketing Project Management Software with Intelligent Insights

Monday.com is the Best Marketing Project Management Software with Intelligent Insights

Monday.com helps you and your marketing team analyze all the data, optimize your campaigns, and identify any bottlenecks in real-time easily. Used by hundreds of companies, this marketing project management software makes your teams up to 30% more efficient.

Main Features

Efficient Automations

Monday.com offers automation features for marketing teams to automate repetitive tasks, allowing your team to focus on the overall strategy of your campaign. These tools give you a richer and more detailed picture of your potential customer behavior, helping you nurture your leads. Marketing automation uses behavioral tracking methods to follow your user’s path through your website, allowing you to understand their interests and purchasing lifecycle. These insights would help your team design more comprehensive marketing campaigns, including personalized emails, trigger-based marketing messages, and emails to maintain their interest.

Campaign Planning

This marketing project management software allows your team to create efficient campaigns with the help of a timeline, calendar, or Gantt views. You can easily visualize and organize your data in one place. These multiple views and charts allow your team to plan and schedule marketing tasks per your project deadline. Managers can break complex projects into manageable tasks and assign them to different team members, allowing them to understand work division and important milestones better. Keep your entire team on track and ensure everyone involved is on the same page through intuitive communication options.

Intelligent Customer Insights

Customer insights help you better understand your customers and what they expect from your company. These insights help your marketing team improve your customer’s experience, optimize the campaign results, and increase profitability. They also allow you to make data-driven decisions to achieve better results and ensure that your campaign reaches the right people at the right time. Monday.com offers clean and reliable data to ensure that you are not missing out on valuable data which can change your strategy. When the right technology is integrated with advanced skills, your marketing team can increase the profitability of their campaigns and decisions.

Digital Asset Management

Monday.com’s digital asset management tool provides a centralized online hub to manage, create, share, and track all your digital assets. The software is similar to a shared drive in the cloud, ensuring that your creative content is easily searchable with no duplication of assets. It helps keep everything organized and allows you to share files with your team members within seconds. This secure, centralized location guarantees to keep your important files and data safe.


  • Collaborate easily with vendors or your team members by sharing the correct information.
  • Create customized workflows to help your team manage high volumes of work.
  • Optimize your campaign and ensure your team’s success.
  • Create customizable forms to handle incoming requests and streamline your team’s creative process.


Learn more about Monday pricing or Monday review

Monday.com has five plans – Individual, Basic, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise.

  • The Individual Plan allows you to add up to two team members and create limitless boards to manage your campaign.
  • The Basic Plan offers purpose-built marketing templates, personalized forms, and file management options.
  • The Standard Plan allows you to track time-sensitive data with the timeline view, generate marketing analytics, and manage deadlines.
  • With the Pro Plan, you can manage incoming campaign requests and track their progress, along with data-driven insights for visualizing your customer data.
  • The Enterprise Plan gives you full permissions, top-tier security features, and user management controls.

Monday.com offers a Free Individual plan with unlimited documents and boards, along with more than 200 templates to fit your team’s needs.

2. ClickUp

Cheapest Marketing Project Management Tool for Efficient Collaboration

ClickUp is the Cheapest Marketing Project Management Tool for Efficient Collaboration

ClickUp is an all-in-one platform that allows you to manage your tasks, documents, campaigns, and clients. Trusted by more than 800,000 highly productive teams, the platform helps you smoothly collaborate with your clients and contractors.

Main Features

Powerful Project Plans

ClickUp offers Gantt charts to plan and organize your campaign into doable tasks. With the help of an elegant timeline, you can prioritize multiple tasks and schedule and manage task dependencies. This dynamic timeline allows you to keep up with the progress of your marketing campaign, work deadlines and identify bottlenecks. The online Gantt chart lets you color code and visualizes all your tasks, lists, and projects with an interactive dashboard. The intelligent dependency path tracking feature allows you to identify potential bottlenecks and prevent inefficiencies.

Centralized Feedback

This marketing project management software allows you to expedite the approval process by visual proofing and a centralized feedback system. You can provide and receive feedback on ad creatives and landing page mockups with proofing. This efficient collaboration tool lets you assign comments on all the required changes and resolve them in real-time. The platform also offers a shareable calendar to forecast your promotion schedule and store details, including campaign duration and expiration date.

Smart Documents

Smart documents allow your marketing team to collaborate with everyone at a single location. You can create wikis and knowledge bases for your team members, share campaign strategies, and connect them to workflows for execution. Collaborate on your ideas quickly and turn them into actionable tasks for your marketing team. These smart documents help keep your work organized and centralized in a secure location. You can also style your documents by adding visual components like banners, buttons, widgets, and tables, making them easy to understand.

Goal Tracking

Goals are a vital component of your marketing strategy. ClickUp allows you to set goals for your marketing team and track their progress. They give you a direction on what needs to happen next. Tracking your marketing goals helps you reach your target audience, communicate the benefits of your product or service, and successfully grow your customer base. This marketing project management software lets you identify potential obstacles in your campaigns and provides creative strategies to overcome them.


  • Map out your marketing timeline and visualize how long it will take your team to implement the campaign efficiently.
  • Build custom widgets on the dashboard to oversee your campaign results at a glance.
  • Collaborate with your team through instant chats to discuss ideas and designs.
  • View your daily tasks and schedule reminders with a centralized dashboard.


Learn more about ClickUp pricing or ClickUp review

ClickUp has five plans – Free Forever, Unlimited, Business, Business Plus, and Enterprise.

  • The Free Forever Plan offers 100MB of storage space, collaborative documents, Kanban boards, and time tracking features.
  • The Unlimited Plan offers integrations and limitless centralized storage. It allows you to create Gantt charts, add custom fields, and create goals for your marketing team.
  • The Business Plan offers advanced dashboard features, automation, and custom exporting options.
  • With the Business Plus Plan, you can create subtasks in multiple lists, grant custom permissions, and offer personalized training for your managers.
  • The Enterprise Plan offers default personal views and advanced security features, including white labeling, advanced permissions, and guided onboarding.

ClickUp offers a Free Forever plan, which allows you to add unlimited members to your team, create endless tasks, collaborate on docs in real-time, and provide Kanban boards so you can visually organize your marketing strategy.

3. Teamwork

Leading Marketing Project Management Platform for Campaign Planning

Teamwork is the Leading Marketing Project Management Platform for Campaign Planning

Teamwork is complete software that allows your marketing team to organize and manage their tasks smoothly. The platform helps your team automate processes and workflows and offer tools for centralized team communication.

Main Features

Kanban Boards

Teamwork offers efficient Kanban boards to manage your tasks and visualize your project workflow. Agile marketing teams use these boards to manage multiple projects and ad campaigns. It improves the transparency among your team members, so everyone has instant access to the work process. It also helps identify bottlenecks and prevent inefficiencies. The framework also ensures increased efficiency among your team. The Kanban board tracks the time to complete a process and improves the workflow.

Improved Collaboration

This marketing project management software offers optimized collaboration tools for an efficient workflow. It helps you work with your teams in different departments and get a clear picture of who needs to deliver what. This central workspace makes sure that all your campaigns are moving forward. The customizable dashboard allows you to break down your campaign into multiple doable tasks. The platform also offers shareable calendars to track your campaign meetings and major deadlines.

Access to Client Users

When working as a marketing agency, getting approval from your clients might be a tiring task. You have to export every file and email them leading to inefficient collaboration. With Teamwork’s unlimited access to client users, you can invite your clients to the platform for free, providing them with a more productive client experience. The platform allows your clients to add comments, provide feedback on the completed tasks, add milestones, update deadlines, and add more tasks to the list. Managers can tailor client access based on their requirements.

Time Tracking

The time tracking tool helps you see how your team utilizes their time, analyzes their productivity, and makes informed process improvement decisions. The tool allows you to comprehend how your time gets distributed among different activities. By analyzing this, you can automate repetitive tasks and minimize your time expenditures. Your marketing team can log in their hours with its in-built time tracking tool, ensuring accurate cost and revenue tracking. It also makes the process of billing and invoicing easier.


  • Access calendar view to get a brief about all the upcoming campaign tasks and deadlines.
  • Manage and optimize your marketing team’s resources with an efficient workload management system.
  • Set user permissions and content access based on their roles and responsibilities.
  • Build personalized dashboards that offer key ad campaign metrics to understand the progress of your campaign.


Learn more about Teamwork pricing

Teamwork has four plans – Free Forever, Deliver, Grow, and Scale.

  • The Free Forever Plan offers basic project and task management features, including task assignment and tracking milestones.
  • With the Deliver Plan, you get access to more than 20 pre-built templates, along with time tracking and invoicing options.
  • The Grow Plan offers project portfolio workflows, workload resource management and allows you to set a marketing time budget for your team.
  • The Scale Plan gives you access to profitability reports, an advanced resource scheduler, and around 500GB of cloud storage space.

Teamwork offers a 30-day free trial to their customers, allowing them to experience how the platform can free up their marketing team’s time and energy and help them focus on critical tasks.

4. Smartsheet

Most Suited Marketing Project Management Application to Build Flexible Workflows

Smartsheet is the Most Suited Marketing Project Management Application to Build Flexible Workflows

Smartsheet is a great tool for aligning marketing teams, building flexible workflows, and creating reports on all of your marketing initiatives. The platform reduces your marketing campaign planning and execution time by 30%.

Main Features

Workflow Automation

Smartsheet allows you to build simple and powerful automated workflows for your marketing team. It helps accelerate your team's execution and saves valuable time by replacing repetitive tasks. It allows you to send important alerts and remind you about upcoming campaign deadlines. Your team can easily collaborate on workflows through a visual editor, optimizing the feedback process. With workflow automation features, you can easily assign tasks to multiple team members, track progress, and record each milestone's completion time. This platform allows cross-functional marketing teams to coordinate, plan, execute, and report on campaigns.

Content Collaboration

This marketing project management software offers powerful proofing features, allowing your team to streamline and manage the content creation and approval processes. Any team member can easily edit, review, and approve ad campaigns, documents, social media posts, or videos. Your team can provide feedback by pinning comments or adding annotations. The platform also allows you to oversee your project sheet's entire content production process. You can keep your entire marketing team on schedule with the help of automated alerts and reminders.

Secure Request Management

Smartsheet allows you to share information with the right people at the right time. You can securely manage all your critical business processes. With the help of a pre-built form template, you and your marketing team can streamline all the work requests. These customizable forms can collect, filter, and view multiple types of requests. The Smartsheet's dynamic view lets you automate and manage the flow of information, be it assigning new projects to team members or approving the submitted work. The secure request management system offers your marketing teams a simplified view to accelerating collaboration.

Resource Management

With advanced resource management tools offered by this marketing project management platform, you can assemble a competitive marketing team based on their skill set or availability. It helps you keep your marketing campaigns and budget on track and allows you to forecast your future hiring needs. Smartsheet enables you to plan out your marketing strategies and schedule them based on your team's capacity. The dynamic reporting feature allows you to visualize complex data, spot trends, and understand the performance of your teams across the entire organization.


  • The flexible UI empowers your team to access information and stay on top of timelines and budgets.
  • Manage your entire creative process on a single dashboard without having to switch between multiple software.
  • Smartsheet provides the flexibility your marketing team needs, along with enterprise-grade security and governance controls.
  • Get a real-time view of information across your marketing team, with purpose-built solutions and seamless integrations.


Learn more about Smartsheet pricing

Smartsheet has three plans – Pro, Business, and Enterprise.

  • The Pro Plan includes unlimited sheets, reports, and dashboards, along with 20GB of cloud storage.
  • The Business Plan offers complete automation, document builder, proofing features, and a detailed activity log.
  • With the Enterprise Plan, you can create customized welcome and support screens. It provides directory integration, advanced security features, and unlimited cloud storage.

With Smartsheet, you get access to a Free 30-day trial, which offers a flexible dashboard, advanced security options, premium customer support, and unlimited automation options.

5. Hive

Top Marketing Project Management Software for Full Transparency

Hive is the Top Marketing Project Management Software for Full Transparency

Hive offers creative planning and execution with a diverse suite of tools. These tools help streamline your marketing activities, from planning your campaign to publishing it. The platform offers complete transparency for marketing project management and reduces costs.

Main Features

Shareable Calendars

Hive offers a calendar view where marketing teams can view all the actions and tasks listed by their deadlines. The platform helps you stay ahead of your tasks and ensures you do not miss out on important tasks. You can also sync up your Google calendar with Hive. The calendar helps you visualize your team's schedule and allows you to plan out the workflow accordingly. This tool alerts your marketing team about upcoming milestones, who is working on them, and the current task completion status. You can also share real-time calendar updates directly with your clients and stakeholders.


This marketing project management software helps you keep track of the number of hours your marketing team spends on each campaign. You can also set up a time estimate for each campaign, so your team members have an idea about the estimated time they should take to complete the project. It also makes it easier to assess and analyze time overruns. An in-built time tracking tool helps you boost the productivity of your entire team as well. Tracking time on a regular basis will also help you make data-driven decisions about campaign planning and delivery time.

Real-Time Chats

Good communication is the key to success for any creative campaign. The platform allows you to quickly start a private conversation or collaborate with a group of people. Collaborating on projects allows you to identify inefficiencies caused due to miscommunication and will enable you to harness your team's collective knowledge and bring the campaign to the market faster. Real-time chats also boost your team's productivity, as they do not have to discuss their issues with a long email thread.

Reporting and Analytics

Hive provides advanced reporting and analytics tools to improve the efficiency of marketing project management. A proper data analysis gives you an edge over your competitors and view where the sales trends have increased or decreased. It also enables you to identify potential gaps in your marketing campaign. The platform offers a dedicated reporting dashboard, giving you an idea of how your projects and teams perform. These visual dashboards allow you to prioritize your tasks and move your team members around based on their knowledge and efficiency to improve their productivity and maximize team results. The reporting and analytics tool helps you improve client management by predicting client responses to marketing campaigns.


  • Easily switch between calendar, kanban, or Gantt charts to organize and manage your projects.
  • Integrate your Gmail or Outlook account with Hive to send and receive emails directly. You can also create an action task through an email instantly.
  • Get access to action templates, helping you automate repetitive and manual tasks.
  • Collaborate on your work directly, share campaign assets for proofing, and get approvals, all from within the platform.


Hive has three plans – Solo, Teams, and Enterprise.

  • The Hive Solo Plan allows you to add up to 2 members to your team and create project portfolio views and baselines.
  • The Hive Team Plan offers an in-built time tracking feature, shareable calendar, and 24/7 customer support option.
  • With the Hive Enterprise Plan, you can access a dedicated support team, advanced analytics features, timesheets, and seamless integration options.

Hive offers a Free Solo plan to its customers, offering them unlimited cloud storage capacity, basic reporting, analytics features, instant messaging options, and access to Kanban boards and Gantt charts.

6. GoodDay

Cheapest Marketing Project Management Tool with a Flexible Platform

GoodDay is the Cheapest Marketing Project Management Tool with a Flexible Platform

GoodDay is a fully-featured tool for managing your marketing projects, offering a powerful and flexible platform. It improves your team’s collaboration and productivity by providing tools that focus on their efforts and time spent on creative work.

Main Features

Planning and Resource Management

This marketing project management application allows you to plan marketing campaigns, allocate resources, manage tasks, and track dependencies easily. You can plan out your campaigns and allocate resources through Gantt charts. It supports the entire project hierarchy, including milestones, tasks, subtasks, and deadlines. The platform allows you to add or delete columns based on your requirements. You can also create a template or customize the available ones on the software. Gantt chart offers auto-scheduling modes that you can switch between. The project planning mode will automatically set the correct duration. Besides, the updating mode will adjust the dates of the conflicting items, and the manual mode offers complete manual control over scheduling.

Task List

GoodDay lets you group your marketing tasks by various criteria such as status, assignee, priority, or action required. You can also create a custom task field based on your requirements to track additional information. The task list view gives you an idea of who is working on what task and allows managers to assess their productivity. You can update a task field right from the dashboard or change their order with a simple drag-and-drop feature. The platform also allows you to perform bulk actions like approving assignments or scheduling multiple tasks.

Tracking Expenses

With an advanced module, you can track your business expenses, connect expenses to projects, and offer visibility on day-to-day expenditure. You can sort out your marketing expenses by grouping them based on the expense type or the user reporting the expense. The platform offers complete data on all your expenses, including the expense date, receipt file, and other necessary comments. It helps you understand your marketing budget and where your team has spent the most. You can share your expense reports through the public sharing option on GoodDay, or export it in the form of a CSV file.

Seamless Integrations

GoodDay offers seamless integration options with third-party and native applications. This helps in enhancing the functionality of your marketing project management software. The platform allows you to integrate with Google applications, making sharing your campaigns with clients and stakeholders easier. With single sign-on integrations, enterprise users can improve the security of their platform and can access the platform with their corporate credentials. GoodDay offers web, desktop, and mobile applications to manage your marketing teams and tasks on multiple devices.


  • Keep your team and client updated with automated alerts and campaign performance reports.
  • Create content process workflows that will perfectly fit the needs of your business.
  • Use pre-built templates to create schedules or create and save your own.
  • Stay connected to your team and align the launch of your marketing projects with the platform’s efficient collaboration features.


GoodDay Pricing Plan

GoodDay has three plans – Free, Professional, and Enterprise.

  • The Free Plan allows you to add 15 members to your team, offer 1GB of cloud storage space, and time tracking and analytics features.
  • The Professional Plan offers unlimited storage space, advanced integrations, and views, along with content planning tools like Gantt charts.
  • With the Enterprise Plan, you can access advanced security features, custom branding, and enterprise access control features.

GoodDay offers a fully-featured Free trial, where you get access to unlimited project planning, custom workflows, time tracking, and basic analytics features. The plan enables you to integrate with third-party applications like Google Calendar, Drive, and G Suite.

7. FunctionFox

Best Marketing Project Management Platform for Centralized Team Communication

FunctionFox is the Best Marketing Project Management Platform for Centralized Team Communication

FunctionFox is the best project management software for marketing teams helping you streamline, optimize, and manage team resources in a central location. The platform allows you to align your company goals with your strategies, thus improving productivity.

Main Features

Centralized Team Communication

FunctionFox offers efficient collaboration features for teams and stores all your conversations and data at a centralized location. This makes sure that none of your data is misplaced, and you have access to it at all times. The platform offers a thread-style blog to communicate with your marketing team. It can exchange important information regarding the campaign, share feedback, and store ideas during a brainstorming session. It allows you to store all updates and resources in a central location. You can also share files between departments, allowing your team to access all the relevant information.

Powerful Campaign Planning

This marketing project management software offers intelligent marketing campaign planning tools. You can schedule the entire life cycle of your campaign from the initial planning process to the execution of the campaign. It offers flexible project scheduling tools to give you instant access to view, plan, and adjust your timelines. This helps you make sure you always stay ahead of your deadlines. FunctionFox provides team task assignment features, allowing you to view and manage your team resources. It gives you a glance at the assigned tasks and schedules accordingly.

Budget Tracking

Track your time the way you want with a timer or manual time entry methods. The platform allows you to switch between billable and non-billable hours, making invoice generation easier. The advanced reporting features instantly detail every aspect of your marketing campaign and budget. They are easy to read and understand with interactive charts and a graphical dashboard. You can easily create a detailed project estimate with the help of these advanced reports. Developing quotes and sending detailed invoices to your clients can also be done through the platform.

Online Request Forms

Capturing and storing all the incoming requests in a centralized location is necessary to ensure nothing slips through the cracks. The platform allows you to streamline internal planning and establish a method to receive all incoming requests. This helps you keep multiple campaigns on track and reduce miscommunication between departments. These request forms let you set clear expectations of the required information, minimizing the re-word required. You can add custom fields and personalize these online request forms based on your requirements.


  • Make your team more productive by setting clear task priorities.
  • Streamline your internal processes from strategy planning to campaign publishing.
  • Create actionable to-do lists and track your team's time efficiently with the in-built time tracker.
  • Make your planning easier with clear information about your employees' workload, capacity, and availability.


FunctionFox Pricing Plan

FunctionFox has three plans – Classic, Premier, and In-House.

  • The Classic Plan provides timesheets with stopwatch timer options and advanced budget tracking features.
  • The Premier Plan allows you to create actionable to-do lists, Gantt charts, and automated schedules.
  • With the In-House Plan, you get access to custom job intake forms, an advanced report builder, and automated reminders for new requests.

FunctionFox offers a Free 14-day demo, where you can access their advanced budgeting and reporting features. You can create automated schedules for free with their online Gantt chart maker.

8. Celoxis

Leading Marketing Project Management Software with Simple User Interface

Celoxis is the Leading Marketing Project Management Software with Simple User Interface

Celoxis is a meticulously engineered marketing project management solution that simplifies complex workflows. It offers enterprise-class features in a simple to use interface.

Main Features

Dynamic Dashboards

Celoxis provides real-time insights across projects and teams with an interactive dashboard and powerful reports. The platform allows you to create custom field options based on your campaign requirements which you can later use in columns, charts, or filters. You can also set drill-down charts for detailed reporting. Your team or clients can click on the particular pie or bar chart segment to get more detailed analytical information. You can use the platform to create multiple dashboards for different teams working on various campaigns. This helps in organizing and managing your projects more efficiently. The reports and the dynamic dashboard can be downloaded and exported in pdf format.

Project Tracking

This marketing project management software provides intelligent project tracking solutions. They help make marketing campaign estimates as accurately as possible. The platform offers an integrated dashboard where you can view the status of your tasks and track their progress. Additionally, you can address your employees’ problems, add milestones, provide feedback, and approve tasks without leaving your dashboard. The easy-to-use interface can be color-coded, indicating the health of your campaign tasks. You can set up automated email reminders to notify whenever there is a change in the status of your project.

Profit and Margin Tracking

Keeping track of your budget spend and a tab on your profits would allow you to keep your business successful. It becomes pretty easy to get driven by and spend more than your budget when marketing multiple campaigns. Therefore, the platform offers detailed reports and an analytics dashboard that helps you check the budget spent and the remaining amount and calculate your profit margin. It provides real-time visibility into budget spending, receivables, and profitability across multiple projects and portfolios. You can also set up customized performance indicators for your marketing team and forecast the approximate revenue of your organization.

Team and Client Collaboration

Celoxis allows you to enhance communication among your team members, clients, and stakeholders. You can share files, exchange comments, and share your feedback with your team, and include your clients in the conversation as well. The platform offers a fully customizable dashboard and client portal that helps you save time and create a lasting impression on your client. With the help of a real-time activity stream, you and your team can stay updated about your tasks, milestones, projects, and ad campaigns. It also offers a shareable calendar so you can sync up events with your clients and team members.


  • Easily track inter-project dependencies and assign multiple resources for every task.
  • Get analytical information about your campaigns with a fully customizable portfolio dashboard.
  • Schedule your reports to be delivered automatically via email to your team, clients, or stakeholders.
  • Seamlessly integrate with over 400 business applications by using their powerful API.


Celoxis Pricing Plan

Celoxis has two plans – Cloud and On-Premise.

  • The Cloud Plan is billed every year, offering free customer support and over 2GB of cloud storage space for every user.
  • The On-Premise Plan is a flat-priced plan offering free support for the first year and allows you to invite unlimited clients and virtual users for free.

Celoxis offers a Free 30-day trial, allowing you to experience their advanced platform and collaborate more efficiently with your team and clients.

9. Kissflow Project

Affordable Marketing Project Management Software to Improve Marketing Efficiency

Kissflow Projest is an Affordable Marketing Project Management Software to Improve Marketing Efficiency

Kissflow Project is designed to enhance your marketing team collaboration and streamline your processes. The platform is intuitive and straightforward and can be easily used by novices.

Main Features

Streamlined Marketing Campaign

Kissflow project allows you to manage and plan your marketing campaign by assigning, tracking, and reviewing tasks. The platform offers pre-built templates for guest outreach campaigns, content marketing plans, advertising campaigns, digital advertising, and branding projects. It provides advanced tools to manage all your marketing assets in one place, assign tasks to your team members, and manage your schedules and deadlines. The platform enables your team members to intercommunicate and collaborate in real-time.

Task Management

This marketing project management software can easily assign and manage multiple tasks, making it convenient to run various ad campaigns. You can create customized forms with more than 25 filters to organize all your incoming requests in one place. The platform allows you to assign tasks and responsibilities to your team members to improve accountability. With the help of automatic alerts and notification options, your team can get an instant reminder when campaigns are approaching their deadlines. You can also create subtasks through the interactive dashboard and get a real-time stream of your marketing team's activities. The platform also allows your team to mark the status of the tasks and keep everyone on the same page.

Insightful Reports

With the powerful reporting and analytics feature, the Kissflow project allows you to create multiple reports and use them to make data-driven decisions. It enables you to create flow-efficiency charts, helping you visualize your marketing team's efficiency and calculate the time taken to complete a single task. This insightful data will allow you to address any bottlenecks or delays and improve your team's productivity. Your group can input their logged time into timesheets with the time-tracker feature. This helps you understand your team and their work better and estimate the completion time for the planning and execution of your campaign. You can also create a cumulative flow diagram to identify bottlenecks and view the different tasks assigned to your team.

Kanban Boards

Kissflow Project offers multiple views to manage and organize your marketing projects. You can use the Kanban board to organize your tasks into columns and visualize the workflow. The card-based organization system allows you to improve the overall efficiency of your employees and the organization. This agile marketing project management tool lets you maximize your time with an easy-to-use dashboard. By visualizing all your marketing tasks at a single location, you can identify task dependencies and ensure that no employee is overworked.


  • Plan your content calendar efficiently and share it with your team members.
  • Measure the vital aspects of your marketing campaign with granular reports.
  • Use the email marketing template to automate replies and reminders to your clients, customers, and team members.
  • Provide feedback and comments directly on the cards or the dashboard to keep everyone in the loop.


Kissflow Project Pricing Plan

Kissflow Project has three plans – Free, Basic, and Advanced.

  • The Free Plan allows you to add unlimited users to your team, create custom tasks, and assign them to your team by setting up due dates.
  • The Basic Plan offers unlimited custom views, advanced reports, and Office 365 integration for easy document sharing and editing.
  • With the Advanced Plan, you get access to a detailed activity history, create custom subdomains, and offer security features, including IP whitelisting and single sign-on.

Kissflow Project offers a Fully-featured Free plan with Kanban boards, custom status option, 50GB storage, two-factor authentication, and 24×7 customer care support.

10. Workfront

Top Marketing Project Management Application for Defining Priorities

Workfront is the Top Marketing Project Management Application for Defining Priorities

Workfront is an excellent marketing project management software that helps align everything from strategy to execution. It helps you manage multi-faceted campaigns, programs, and creative assets, helping you stay ahead of your competitors. With Workfront, you can increase your project capacity by 275% and reduce task completion time by 50%.

Main Features

Optimized Performance

With Workfront, you can deliver both simple and complex projects without any delay. It helps boost the productivity of your employees and allows you to scale up your business quickly. It also optimizes the capacity of your employees against the shifting demands of the company. The streamlined demand management enables you to prioritize tasks and assign them to your team members quickly. The platform allows you to manage your outcomes strategically. You can keep your team productive by clearly defining deliverables that push your business strategies forward.

Portfolio Planning

This marketing project management software helps you focus on the work that adds the most business value. The integrated portfolio management feature allows you to respond to evolving marketing strategies quickly. The platform offers flexible workflows to help you stay in control of your campaign and centralizes all the tasks in a single dashboard. With the help of optimized portfolio planning, your team can quickly identify priorities and focus their effort on tasks that matter the most. You can compare multiple scenarios and then devise a plan based on your employee's availability, task priority, and the skill requirement of various tasks.

Resource Management

Workfront's intuitive resource management software helps you quickly deliver your campaigns for approval without compromising their quality. The platform allows you to visualize your team's capacity through an interactive dashboard, allowing you to maximize their output without overburdening them. You can quickly find and assign work to multiple employees with a single click. Quickly evaluate the incoming demand of your marketing campaigns, and assign work to your team members based on their availability and skill. With the help of real-time views into your campaign progress and resource utilization, you can reduce the chances of project failure by more than 50%

Digital Proofing

Collaborate efficiently with your team and deliver error-free projects with Workfront's online proofing tools. They help you create customized and automated workflows for your review and approval process, allowing you to streamline the entire process. You can improve collaboration by offering a single platform for your marketing heads, creative team, and approvers. The platform provides proofing tools to track the comments and feedback, making it easier to change them into actionable tasks. With the help of automated workflows, the platform automatically notifies all stakeholders and clients about pending and completed approvals.


  • Plan out your marketing campaigns and adapt quickly to the changing standards of the industry.
  • Drive your business strategy forward by ensuring that the right people work on relevant projects.
  • Centralize communication, planning, and work execution across the entire organization with digital collaboration features.
  • Seamlessly connect your platform with Adobe marketing solutions, allowing you to align your strategies, resources, and work.


Workfront has three plans – Pro, Business, and Enterprise.

  • The Pro Plan offers pre-built project templates, timesheets and allows you to manage your demands with custom web forms and automated approvals.
  • The Business Plan provides advanced analytics features and resource management options, including AI-enabled team and project schedule.
  • With the Enterprise Plan, you get access to interactive dashboards, unlimited project and timesheet reports, along with auto compare features and an interactive website review.

Workfront offers a Free demo of its services and gives you the freedom to customize plans according to the needs of your marketing team.

11. Trello

Leading Marketing Project Management Platform with Built-In Automation Tools

Trello is the Leading Marketing Project Management Platform with Built In Automation Tools

Trello helps marketing teams worldwide organize, plan, and get more done with the software. Whether you are launching a new product, starting a campaign, or creating content, you can use the platform to transform your ideas into actions. It is trusted by more than 1 million teams worldwide, including Google and Fender.

Main Features

Multiple Customizable Views

Trello offers a fresh perspective to your marketing strategy with the help of timeline, table, board, map, dashboard, and calendar views. Trello boards help you go from an idea to execution within seconds. You can easily organize your work in the form of cards, which your entire marketing team can view. While planning your project, you can break down complex steps into multiple tasks. You can also track the progress of these tasks and subtasks via the intuitive dashboard. Stay ahead of your due dates by managing your project milestones with timelines. The easy drag and drop feature allows you to make adjustments quickly. The timeline view also helps to identify any bottlenecks or gaps in our marketing campaign workflow.

Automated Workflow

This marketing project management software allows you to set up powerful no-code automation features, allowing you to focus on the work that matters to you the most. The platform enables you to create rules, buttons, and commands to automate almost any action, including setting a due date, changing task status, and adding tasks to your checklist. With the help of Trello's AI tool Butler, you can make sure that no crucial tasks go unnoticed. The platform also suggests automation by recognizing repetitive actions that you can perform with a single click.

Trello Cards

If you want to keep your entire campaign on track, you can use Trello cards to organize every task and subtask. These tasks can be tracked and shared with your team members as well. By clicking on a Trello card, you will unravel detailed information about the task, including the checklist and the employee you have assigned it to. You can set up your software as a board view and check the progress of all cards at once. This will give you a fresh perspective on your marketing strategy and balance the workload. Trello cards also let you manage your deadlines, provide and track feedback, and assign tasks to multiple team members.

Seamless Integration Options

Trello allows you to connect to hundreds of native and third-party applications. These integrations help you add more functionalities to the software. From adding custom fields to the workflow to creating advanced reports, Trello allows you to do everything. You can integrate Trello with Google Drive, Evernote, Slack, Dropbox, and Confluence. These add-on tools improve the platform's efficiency and minimize the employee learning curve, helping boost the organization's overall productivity.


  • Automate your repetitive tasks easily with Trello’s built-in automation tool.
  • Seamlessly connect your applications with simple, adaptable, and customizable software.
  • Get actionable insight into projects to prevent any bottlenecks and to manage workloads.
  • Get access to Trello’s location-based data with the help of an interactive map.


Trello Pricing Plan

Trello has four plans – Free, Standard, Premium, and Enterprise.

  • The Free Plan offers built-in automation features and unlimited cards. It also provides limitless power-ups and storage.
  • The Standard Plan offers advanced checklists and allows you to create your custom boards. It also provides unlimited storage and thousands of workspace command runs.
  • With the Premium Plan, you get access to multiple marketing planning options, including dashboard, calendar, and workspace views. It also offers pre-built templates.
  • The Enterprise Plan provides unlimited workspaces, organization-wide permission features, and advanced security options.

Trello offers a Free 14 day trial of their premium services which includes advanced security features, unlimited workspaces, and access to thousands of automation commands.

12. Asana

Best Marketing Project Management Application for Laying Out Clear Goals

Asana is the Best Marketing Project Management Application for Laying Out Clear Goals

Asana helps you simplify your processes, reduce busy work, and allows you to lay out clear goals for your company. This marketing work management software helps you and your team focus on essential tasks. Millions of teams trust it in more than 190 countries, including Autodesk and Vox Media.

Main Features

Shared Team Calendar

Asana allows you to choose your team and create a customized calendar based on your requirements. With a shared team calendar, you can visualize, plan, and manage your work. You can view your entire marketing team’s work in one place, allowing you to stay ahead of your deadlines. The platform provides an advanced search feature that you can use to search for a specific task and view details about it or search about team members and all their assigned tasks. You can also integrate asana’s shared calendar with third-party tools like Google Calendar, iCal, or Outlook. You can also switch between multiple views to plan your project in a whole new way. Besides the calendar view, the platform provides a timeline, boards, and lists view.

Setting Strategic Goals

This marketing project management software can connect your company goals with your marketing strategies, allowing you to scale up your business. By setting clear goals for your marketing team, you can align your organization, reduce conflict, and help them move in one direction. Strategic goals allow you to make better decisions about your marketing strategies and help prioritize projects which are most important for the growth of your organization. Asana allows your team members to engage and inspires individual action by allowing them to view how their work contributes to the company goals.


Asana lets you create timelines for your marketing campaigns, which helps you stay on schedule. You can map out your entire project plan and view how tasks connect with deadlines to avoid overlapping, identify problems, and fix dependency conflicts. The timeline can be shared with your entire marketing team, clients, and stakeholders, to keep everyone on the same page. The platform allows you to customize and update your campaign plans, so you can easily adjust your timeline and keep your tasks on schedule. You can also use it to track project progress in real-time, track individual tasks, plan sprints, and launch your marketing campaigns successfully. Asana allows you to import your spreadsheet as a .csv file and turn it into an actionable timeline within minutes.

Real-Time Insights

View and track your work from every angle with the platform’s universal reporting feature. You can get helpful real-time insights into the state of your team’s tasks with an intuitive marketing dashboard. These reports and insights can be turned into pie charts or bar charts for better visualization. It helps in troubleshooting problems instantly, without delaying your campaign. All the charts are rich in data and can be clicked to view the underlying projects and tasks, allowing you to identify the issue. Asana offers tens of ready-made templates that you can use to create charts on almost any report. You can also create a custom chart from scratch to get an accurate picture of your campaign. All the charts and reports are fully customizable, shareable, and easily exported to your clients or stakeholders.


  • Build beautiful Gantt charts in minutes and plan out a comprehensive marketing plan.
  • Integrate with hundreds of third-party and native applications to support smooth working in your team.
  • Monitor the progress and status of your priority tasks in real-time.
  • Streamline your processes, reduce manual errors, and spend less time on routine tasks with automation features.


Learn more about Asana pricing

Asana has three plans – Basic, Premium, and Business.

  • The Basic Plan allows you to create unlimited projects, assign due dates, and collaborate with up to 15 members.
  • The Premium Plan offers a timeline view, unlimited dashboards, advanced search options and allows you to create custom fields.
  • With the Business Plan, you can set strategic goals for your marketing team, manage workload, and automate the approval and proofing process.

Asana offers a Free Basic plan, allowing you to create unlimited tasks and projects, store data in cloud databases, track your team members’ time, and access more than 100 free integrations.

What Project Management Features Does A Marketing Team Need?

Manually managing your marketing project can lead to missed deadlines and overburdening your employees. An efficient marketing project management feature can offer helpful insights and tools to streamline your campaigns and ensure that you are always ahead of your competitors.

Here are a few important project management features that every marketing team needs.

1. Project Planning

The first stage for every marketing campaign is to plan out your strategies and make a powerful campaign. Every marketing team needs efficient project planning tools to break a complex process into actionable tasks.

A good marketing project management software should offer Gantt charts, Kanban boards, or timeline options to manage your tasks efficiently. Additionally, they should also allow you to assign multiple tasks to your team members and set a milestone for them. This will help you and your marketing team stay ahead of deadlines always.

2. Powerful Collaboration Tools

Collaborating with your team, stakeholders, and clients is necessary when strategizing your ad campaign plan. A project management tool designed for marketers should offer powerful collaboration tools to connect with your team instantly, share ideas and folders, and save your conversation for future use.

Additionally, an efficient marketing project management software should also offer visual proofing features and allow you to share files and folders through the platform. This makes it easier for your team to share their feedback instantly.

3. Resource Allocation

Allocating your resources, be it your people or the budget, is essential to strategize an efficient workflow plan at the start of the project. This helps you and your marketing team maximize the job quality and minimize the time required to plan and implement the campaign.

A powerful marketing project management software should offer comprehensive resource allocation features, along with an interactive dashboard. Admins or managers should view the progress of tasks and reassign resources in case of changing demands.

4. Time Tracking

Allocating your resources, be it your people or the budget, is essential to strategize an efficient workflow plan at the start of the project. This helps you and your marketing team maximize the job quality and minimize the time required to plan and implement the campaign.

A powerful marketing project management software should offer comprehensive resource allocation features, along with an interactive dashboard. Admins or managers should view the progress of tasks and reassign resources in changing demands.

5. Insightful Reports

Reports and analytics are another crucial part of marketing project management software. They help you analyze the state of your campaign and how well your team is performing. You can use this data to improve the overall efficiency of your business and scale it up.

A project management software for marketers should offer advanced and visual reports with an interactive dashboard. Reports in the form of charts are easier to read and comprehend. Good software also allows you to dig deep into the reports and identify any bottlenecks.

Choosing the Right Marketing Project Management Software

The right marketing project management software depends on your team’s requirements and the features needed to manage your campaigns efficiently.

  • If you are looking for software that offers helpful real-time insights, you should try Monday.com, Celoxis, or Kissflow Project. These softwares allow you to access and create customizable reports.
  • If you want a tool that provides efficient collaboration features, you can try ClickUp, Teamwork, or Smartsheet. These softwares offer instant messaging options and file sharing features.
  • If you are looking for a platform with shareable and customizable calendars, you should try Hive, Trello, or Asana.
  • If you want your software to manage and allocate resources efficiently, you can choose from GoodDay, FunctionFox, or Workfront. These softwares enable you to assign and reassign resources and identify bottlenecks.

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