14 Best Project Tracking Software in 2024 (Reviews & Pricing)

Updated Jul 19, 2023.

Missed deadlines are nightmarish situations for project managers and teams in any organization across industries. The consequences of missing project deadlines can lead to delayed project deliveries and even worse, failed projects.

Project managers have to track and monitor the performance and workload of their project teams to reduce waste and ensure project success. They also have to keep key project stakeholders (internal and external) updated on the project’s progress as against the initial project’s scope, budget, and timeline set.

Tracking your projects manually is archaic and unproductive. You need to use project tracking software to manage multiple projects successfully,

With the best project tracking tools, you can track project metrics and compare them to estimates set during the project planning phase. You can also track project progress effectively, and send reports to key project stakeholders on the overall project’s health.

In this article, you will learn about 14 of the best project tracking software tools for managing your projects successfully.

Best Project Tracking Software

1. Monday.com

Overall Top Project Tracking Software with Highly Actionable and Effective Project Tracking Templates

Monday.com is the Overall Top Project Tracking Software with Highly Actionable Project Tracking Templates

Monday.com is an integrated work management software that offers you solutions spanning project management, sales, CRM, marketing, software development, and HR management, alongside over 200 other workflows. This project management software was founded in 2012 and trusted by over 110,000 teams worldwide.

Main Features

Project Tracking Templates

Your project tracking workflow is made way easier to create and implement thanks to templates provided by Monday.com. These ready-to-use templates are customizable and come in the form of basic project tracker templates, Gantt chart templates, project budget planning, and tracking templates, and project timeline templates. Templates are also easily exportable as excel files.


Monday.com also equips you with a host of views to visualize and keep track of your project resources and workflows. Visualization options include a chart view,
Gantt view, kanban view, calendar view, workload view, cards view, and table view, among a lot of others. You easily switch between views, set a default view, or include multiple views as part of your favorites for easy access to them.


Create customized dashboards to easily track your project’s progress, assign tasks to team members, view timeline visually, and run real-time reports with Monday.com.


  • Over 200 templates on the free plan
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Excel
  • Easy team collaboration options
  • Mobile applications
  • Automation


Find out more Monday pricing or Monday review

Monday.com offers you five plans: the individual plan, the basic plan, the standard plan, the pro plan, and the enterprise plan.

  • The individual plan is free forever for up to 2 users.
  • The basic plan offers lead, contact, and deal management options to effectively manage all your teams’ work in one location.
  • The standard plan is suitable for small teams and comes with extended views and integrations.
  • The pro plan is suitable for large teams and comes with time tracking options.
  • The enterprise plan offers enterprise-level reporting, security, and access control features.

2. ClickUp

Simple Project Management Software that Offers Very Comprehensive Time Tracking Capabilities

ClickUp is a Simple Project Management Software that Offers Very Comprehensive Time Tracking Capabilities

ClickUp is a simple project management software launched in 2017 that offers you sufficient solutions to plan, track, and manage your collaborative project workflows. The project management platform is currently patronized by over 800,000 companies, including Google, IBM, and Webflow.

Main Features

Time Tracking

ClickUp makes a comprehensive collection of project time tracking options available to you. You easily build custom timesheets, view time tracked, start and stop logging time from any of your devices, manually add time tracking data, have access to detailed time reports, and seamlessly estimate your time and schedule for future workflows. Time tracking with ClickUp doesn’t stop here, however. You also enjoy the options of adding notes to time entries, creating labels, identifying billable time, and filtering your time tracked based on dates, status, tags, and priority, among others.


To extend your time tracking functionalities, ClickUp offers integrations with dedicated time tracking software programs. These include Toggl, Timely, Clockify, Harvest, and Tmetric, to mention a few.


  • Dedicated time tracking integrations
  • Multiple customizable project visualization options
  • Great security and support services
  • Easy time editing
  • Reliable time billing option
  • Chrome extension


Find out more ClickUp pricing or ClickUp review

ClickUp’s services are available to you through five plans: a Free Forever plan, Unlimited plan, Business plan, Business Plus plan, and Enterprise plan.

  • The Free Forever plan is ideal for personal use and comes with native time tracking and in-app video recording options.
  • The Unlimited plan is suitable for small teams and comes with unlimited integrations, dashboards, and Gantt charts.
  • The Business plan is great for mid-sized teams and comes with advanced automation and time tracking features.
  • The Business Plus plan is best for multiple teams and comes with additional collaboration features.
  • The Enterprise plan is ideal for many large teams and gives you advanced access control, an enterprise API, and HIPAA security, among others.

3. Wrike

Small Business Project Management Software that Offers a Host Of Advanced Analytics and Reporting Options

Wrike is a Small Business Project Management Software that Offers a Host Of Advanced Analytics

Wrike is a project management software for small businesses founded in 2003 that gives you options to streamline and maintain complete visibility of your project management workflows. Top companies like Google, Lyft, and Nickelodeon trust the platform, alongside over 20,000 other companies.

Main Features

Intuitive Gantt And Kanban Boards

With Wrike, you have access to advanced and intuitive visualization options to properly monitor and make changes to your different workflows. A Gantt chart gives you a comprehensive view of your plans and progress, enables you to create dependencies, and lets you make changes through intuitive drag-and-drop actions. Sharable Kanban boards let you track timelines and organize your tasks.

Advanced Analytics

You gain real-time insight into different elements of your project through metrics collected within the software. These key metrics help you track your team productivity, project progress, resources, portfolio health, budgets, issues, and risks within your project management framework. Reporting tools are customizable and you enjoy a variety of visualization options for these reports.

Time Tracking

Wrike also equips you with reliable employee time tracking features. You get an accurate view of time spent on tasks and projects, identify billable hours, and sync your finance systems with the time tracking tool for easy invoicing.


  • Available in 9 languages
  • Report automation
  • Quality resource management options
  • Templates
  • Easy sharing
  • Over 400 integrations


Wrike has its pricing spread across plans split into three categories: regular plans, a dedicated plan for marketing and creative teams, and a dedicated plan for service delivery teams.

Find out more Wrike pricing

Under its regular plan category, there are five pricing plans: the free plan, the professional plan, the business plan, the enterprise plan, and the pinnacle plan.

  • The free plan is best for teams just getting started and comes with unlimited users and AI-powered customizations.
  • The professional plan is ideal for fast-growing teams who need effective project planning and team collaboration workflows.
  • The business plan is ideal for multiple teams in an organization and comes with extended customization, resource, and time tracking options.
  • The enterprise plan is suitable for large teams and comes with enterprise-scale control and security features.
  • The pinnacle plan is best for teams with complex work needs. Advanced reporting, budgeting, and billing workflows are also available to you.

4. Teamwork

Agile Project Management Software with Intuitive Financial Project Tracking Solutions

Teamwork is an Agile Project Management Software with Intuitive Financial Project Tracking Solutions

Teamwork is an agile project management software founded in 2007 that gives you great solutions to properly manage time, milestones, resources, files, and communications concerning your projects. Over 20,000 companies trust it with their project management workflows, including Netflix, HP, Panasonic, and Spotify.

Main Features

Time Tracking

The project management software equips you with an in-built time tracker, serving as another platform to easily and comprehensively keep track of how time is spent on your project. Alongside great visibility into tasks, you have options to track billable hours, make estimations concerning future time resource needs, create budgets, and generate itemized invoices based on the logged time data.

Advanced Visualization Options

Teamwork also implements the use of Gantt charts and Kanban boards to properly visualize your project management workflows. As generally known, these visualization options do not just give you comprehensive insights into your project elements and resources but also allow you to interactively make appropriate changes from the same workspace.


  • File versioning
  • Easy share to clients
  • High-quality integrations
  • Reliable resource management
  • Portfolio management
  • Comprehensive task history


Find out more Teamwork pricing

Teamwork is available to you through a Free Forever plan, a Deliver plan, a Grow plan, and a Scale plan.

  • The Free Forever plan comes with basic task management options for individuals and small teams just getting started with project management.
  • The Deliver plan is best for managing multiple teams and gives you access to 20 project templates, billing, and time tracking options.
  • The Grow plan is ideal for larger teams and gives you access to utilization reports, resource scheduling, and portfolio management options.
  • The Scale plan offers unlimited project templates and profitability reports.

5. Hive

Online Project Management Software that Offers Intuitive Portfolio Management Options

Hive is an Online Project Management Software that Offers Intuitive Portfolio Management Options

Hive is an online project management platform initially launched in 2010 that offers project management solutions trusted by top companies like Google, Starbucks, Toyota, and Electronic

Main Features


This online project management software offers you four visualization options. You have access to a calendar view to keep close tabs on your team availability and schedules, a table view for an organized visualization of your tasks, a kanban board view, and a Gantt view for intuitive project tracking and editing.

Time Tracking

Hive also gives you access to timesheets for effective time tracking and management. You get information on your entire project time usage and engage in appropriate time resourcing workflows right from the project homepage.

Portfolio Management

You also have access to details of multiple projects from the same workspace. This means you centralize the tracking of all your projects’ statuses, descriptions, important actions, and milestones.


  • Templates
  • Native chat hub
  • Over 1000 integrated platforms
  • Automation
  • Baselines for intuitive progress measurement and workflow optimization


Hive has its services available to you through three plans: the Hive Solo plan, the Hive Teams plan, and the Hive Enterprise plan.

  • The Hive Solo plan is best for individuals and small teams and comes with sufficient project management and collaboration features,
  • The Hive Teams plan is best for teams and comes with analytics, timesheets, and time resourcing capabilities.
  • The Hive Enterprise plan is ideal for large teams and companies and comes with extended security features and integrations.

6. nTask

Appealing Project Management Application with Comprehensive Issue Tracking Capabilities

nTask is an Appealing Project Management Application with Comprehensive Issue Tracking Capabilities

Another reliable project management software, nTask is a US-based platform founded in 2015 and currently trusted by top companies like Apple, PayPal, Walmart, and HP, among 250,000 others.

Main Features

Kanban Boards

Through nTask, you have access to kanban boards that help you maintain close monitoring of your project elements and workflows. These kanban boards are equipped with additional features and functionalities. Alongside pre-built board templates and options to link and assign projects and tasks, you have access to an unlimited number of these boards as well as an option to create custom statuses.

Issue Tracking

nTask also equips you with intuitive, easy-to-use bug and issue tracking functions and capabilities. You have easy access to the status of issues within your framework, their priorities, and linked tasks and projects to these issues.

Reporting and Customization

This software automatically assigns unique IDs to every issue, presents you with smart search and filter options, categorizes issues based on type (bugs, improvement, or feature), and allows you to create custom categories for issues. You receive updates about issues through instant notifications and generate reports exportable in CSV, XLS, or PDF file formats.


  • 14-day free trial
  • Gantt charts
  • Dedicated integrations for issue tracking
  • Extended time tracking and timesheet management
  • Integrated meeting management options
  • Risk management capabilities


You have access to nTask’s services through the basic plan, the premium plan, the business plan, and the enterprise plan.

  • The basic plan is best for individuals or freelancers, free forever, and supports up to five individuals.
  • The premium plan is ideal for SMEs and startups and comes with multiple advanced view options.
  • The business plan is great for large corporations and comes with advanced reporting and risk management options.
  • The enterprise plan is best for large enterprises and comes with dedicated support.

7. Kanbanize

Best Kanban Software that Presents A Set Of Advanced Project Tracking and Reporting Charts

Kanbanize is the Best Kanban Software that Presents a Set of Advanced Project Tracking

Founded in 2011, Kanbanize, as its name suggests, is a Kanban-based project management tool that gives you complete visibility into your entire project planning, execution, and project delivery workflows.

Main Features


Through Kanbanize you have access to five advanced charts to keep track of different elements of your project. These include a cumulative flow diagram (CFD) which gives an overall indication of your team’s performance, a cycle time chart to monitor your available time resources for tasks, and an aging WIP chart to see the exact stages work items go through. A block resolution chart that shows how much time it takes for a blocked task to be resolved and a distribution chart to visualize the distribution of tasks based on different categories, like tasks completed, in progress, requested, and temporarily archived, among others, are also available to you.

Time Tracking

Kanbanize integrates with Timely to equip you with actionable project tracking features. Timely’s Memory app automatically tracks your time usage within Kanbanize, generates timestamps for activities, and even records time spent on other work tools for your chats, video calls, meetings, and documents. You create charts for reporting purposes and enjoy integrations with Zapier for even more automated time tracking and project management workflows.


  • 30-day free trial
  • GPS location tracking
  • Fast workflows
  • High-level automation


Kanbanize Pricing Plan

With Kanbanize, you either opt for a monthly subscription or yearly subscription on two plans: the standard plan and the enterprise plan.

  • The standard plan offers you every important feature Kanbanize has to offer such as Kanban boards, customizable workflows, timelines, project forecasting, and email integration.
  • The enterprise plan comes with enterprise-level support solutions and extended storage.

8. TeamGantt

Leading Gantt Chart Software with Extended Gantt-Based Visualization and Tracking Options

TeamGantt is the Leading Gantt Chart Software with Extended Gantt Based Visualization and Tracking Options

Trusted by top brands like Netflix, Intuit, Amazon, and Nike, TeamGantt is a dedicated Gantt chart maker founded in 2010 that additionally equips you with reliable project planning and management solutions.

Main Features


Although the Gantt chart software majorly focuses on providing you with extensively featured Gantt charts, you also have access to other visualization options. The kanban board view for project organization and tracking, as well as a calendar view for time and team availability tracking, are available to you. You also easily switch between these views.

Time Tracking

TeamGantt is one of the best project management software that presents you with extensive options to facilitate your on-time tracking workflows. On a centralized workspace, you easily compare your actual time usage with estimated project hours, generate and export reports as CSV files, and have access to multiple timers and timesheets to either manually or automatically log hours.


  • Built-in resource tracking and management
  • Extended Gantt chart features
  • Intuitive time estimation and resourcing
  • Templates
  • Reliable workload forecasting
  • Portfolio management
  • Baselining


TeamGantt is available to you through three plans: the free plan, the standard plan, and the advanced plan.

  • The free plan is best for small and personal projects and supports up to 3 users and 60 tasks.
  • The standard plan is ideal for teams that need project planning and collaboration.
  • The advanced plan comes with additional advanced reporting and workload time tracking options.

9. Nifty

Web-based Project Management Software that Offers Intuitive Portfolio Management Features

Nifty is the Web based Project Management Software that Offers Intuitive Portfolio Management Features

Launched in 2017, Nifty is a web-based project management software that serves as the preferred workflow management application for top companies like Verizon and IBM. With it, you easily create a framework for your project and automate your project tracking workflows.

Main Features

Time Tracking

Through actionable time logs, Nifty lets your team members maintain complete visibility and control of their workloads and billable hours. Custom date ranges are used to break down the project and task logged hours for easy tracking, have access to time reports, and easily export generated timesheets in CSV and PDF formats.


In addition to time reports, Nifty offers you a range of extended project reporting options. You maintain access to a complete general project overview, a detailed overview of every task and milestones within tasks, and even an overview of your entire team’s tasks, activities, and workload.

Portfolio Management

Nifty also allows you to maintain visibility of multiple projects’ statuses from a single workspace. You receive centralized insights into projects, relating to their status, progress, and individuals responsible for them.


  • 14-day free trial
  • Easy migration
  • Sufficient features on the free plan
  • Budget tracking options
  • Workflow automation
  • Mobile applications


Nifty makes its services available to you through five plans: the free plan, the starter plan, the pro plan, the business plan, and the enterprise plan.

  • The free plan is best for those getting started and comes with unlimited users.
  • The starter plan allows you to manage up to 40 projects.
  • The pro plan is great for growing teams and comes with unlimited projects and portfolio management features.
  • The business plan is ideal for advanced teams in need of additional collaboration options.
  • The enterprise plan offers enterprise-level support and security features.

10. Paymo

Mac-Friendly Project Management Application with Intuitive Cost Tracking and Management Options

Paymo is a Mac Friendly Project Management Application with Intuitive Cost Tracking Options

Paymo is a Mac-friendly project management software with time tracking and invoicing features for freelancers and teams released in 2007.

Main Features

Time Tracking

Paymo equips you with intuitive solutions to your project time tracking needs. Alongside mobile apps for portable time tracking workflows, you have access to timesheet views that allow you to visualize and make changes to your time usage and resourcing. Automatic time tracking capabilities are placed at your disposal and you also make use of an automatic online timer, making your time logging easier to execute.


You do not just monitor your project expenses on tasks and resources but also add these to invoices within the software. Invoices are available in multiple languages and future estimates can be created from data collected through your cost tracking and management workflows.


  • Great invoicing options
  • Extended timesheet reporting
  • Real-time task updates and comments
  • High-quality integrations
  • Kanban boards and Gant charts


Paymo Pricing Plan

Paymo offers three pricing plans: the free plan, the small office plan, and the business plan.

  • The free plan offers simple tools for small teams alongside unlimited projects and native time tracking options.
  • The small office plan is best for growing teams and departments with unlimited tasks, templates, time reports, and time entries.
  • The business plan is designed for large teams and offers portfolio Gantt charts and additional support options.

11. Workzone

Enterprise Project Management Software with Intuitive Workload Reporting and Management

Workzone is an Enterprise Project Management Software with Intuitive Workload Reporting

Created in 2012, Workzone is an enterprise project management tool trusted by institutions and companies like Boston University, Wells Fargo, and Allianz.

Main Features

Time Tracking

Workzone’s time tracking feature comes optimized to facilitate your project costing or client billing workflows. Time usage is reported based on project, task, or users, baselining is performed on recorded time, and reports are easily exported to Microsoft Excel.

Comprehensive Dashboards

You also have access to a comprehensive dashboard that gives a summary of your project’s status. Projects are additionally defined by the department or team responsible for them, the clients they are for, or business campaigns within which they exist.

Workload Reports

This project management platform also lets you monitor resource and workload allocation through reports. Reports are customizable and exportable in PDF and CSV formats.


  • File versioning
  • Status alerts
  • Project templates
  • Gantt charts


Workzone Pricing Plan

Workzone is available to you through three plans: the team plan, the professional plan, and the enterprise plan.

  • The team plan is suitable for managing unlimited projects, time tracking, and resource management features.
  • The professional plan comes with additional custom forms and API access.
  • The enterprise plan comes with enhanced reporting dashboards and cross-project dependency management.

12. GanttPRO

Cost-Friendly Visual Project Management Software

GanttPRO is the Cost Friendly Visual Project Management Software

Trusted by over 700,000 users worldwide, GanttPRO is a visual project management software based on Gantt charts, founded in 2015, and has since enjoyed over 1000 favorable reviews from sources like Capterra and G2.

Main Features

Progress Tracking

GanttPRO equips you with both manual and automated mediums for recording tasks and project progress. You and other team members get to visualize project statuses through Gantt charts and choose to make manual changes to where the progress is at.


This Gantt maker also offers you reliable project baselining options, allowing you to easily measure different elements of your current project status against planned estimates.

Filtering Options

You also create a customized view of your project timeline through rich filtering options.


  • 14-day free trial
  • Project templates
  • Integrated auto-scheduling
  • Deadline management
  • Extensive feature set on the lowest plan


GanttPRO Pricing Plan

Three plans are made available to you by GanttPRO: the individual plan, the team plan, and the enterprise plan.

  • The individual plan is best for personal productivity.
  • The team plan comes with additional collaboration features.
  • The enterprise plan comes with enterprise-grade security, onboarding, and support features.

13. Asana

Best Project Management Software for Nonprofits with Dedicated Integrations for Time Tracking

Asana is the Best Project Management Software for Nonprofits

Launched commercially in 2012, Asana is one of the best project management platforms for nonprofits that offers you reliable project tracking and management options.

Main Features


Through Asana, you maintain a complete overview of your project workload and progress through charts generated in real-time. Project status reports are easily shareable and you easily identify potential issues and risks within your project management framework. This is done through separate dedicated views for projects that are on track, at risk, or off track.


This project management platform lets you visualize your workflow through a list view, timeline view, and multiple board views. Your visualization options include Gantt charts.


  • High-quality integrations
  • Workflow customizations
  • Automation
  • Portfolio management
  • Intuitive calendars
  • 30-day free plan


Find out more Asana pricing

Asana comes to you through three plans: the basic plan, the premium plan, and the business plan.

  • The basic plan is free and suitable for individuals or teams managing multiple tasks and projects.
  • The premium plan is suitable for multiple teams and comes with unlimited dashboards, reporting, and timeline views.
  • The business plan is best for large teams and companies who need access to additional customization and portfolio management options.

14. Microsoft Project

Microsoft Projects is the Popular Project Management Software with Dedicated Report Creation

Since its commercial availability in 1984, Microsoft Projects has evolved to be one of the most reliable project management tools on the internet, helping to facilitate project tracking, budget management, and workload analysis workflows.

Main Features

Centralized Dashboard

With Microsoft Project, you have access to a centralized view of all your project elements through a visual and interactive road map. Your visualization options also include a Gantt chart for proper timeline and schedule management.


A Microsoft Power BI feature allows you to create richly detailed interactive reports and also share these reports among team members.


  • In-built templates
  • Customization options
  • Multiple deployment options
  • Portfolio management


Microsoft Project’s project management services are available to you through cloud-based and on-premises solutions.

Microsoft Projects Cloud Based Pricing Plan

Cloud-based plans include Project Plan 1, Project Plan 3, and Project Plan 5.

  • Microsoft’s Project Plan 1 is best for those getting started and looking for a simple solution for managing their projects.
  • Microsoft’s Project Plan 3 comes with time and schedule management options to help execute projects with ease
  • Microsoft’s Project Plan 5 comes with additional portfolio management features.
Microsoft Projects On Premises Plans

All on-premises plans are one-time purchases and include a Project Standard plan, a Project Professional plan, and a Project Server plan.

  • The Project Standard plan is best for those users who do not need extra collaboration tools and other advanced features.
  • The Project Professional plan offers advanced collaboration and project management features.
  • The Project Server plan offers enterprise-level portfolio management capabilities.

Key Features of Project Tracking Tools

Project tracking is one functionality of project management software that cannot be omitted. Even the most basic features of project management software help with project tracking workflows.

Nonetheless, some of these features prove to be more important and effective than others, with the more advanced functionalities less common among tools. What are the key features to look out for?

1. Time Tracking

As seen from tools in our list, project time tracking is one project management functionality that proves to be extremely important. Other project tracking workflows, like issue and cost tracking, may be omitted, but project time tracking has to be available in project tracking software.

Project time tracking involves the logging of time spent by different individuals on individual tasks or in the completion of the entire project.

Usually facilitated through the use of intuitive timesheets, time tracking and reporting workflows help with project billing, invoicing, resource management, task allocations, and other important project management workflows to improve productivity. Visualization and integration options are typically dedicated to this workflow.

2. Views And Dashboards

With the complexity of project management frameworks, visualization options help in maintaining a clean and organized view of different project elements. Alongside an intuitive dashboard that presents an overview of your entire project, top project management tools equip you with advanced visualization options to maintain detailed visibility of certain project elements.

Gantt charts and Kanban boards are common features in top project tracking software. These two visualization options serve as advanced views giving you access to your tasks, timelines, team members, goals, progress, schedule, and resource usage all on a single workspace. With these, however, you do not just have visibility into your projects but also make appropriate changes as your needs fluctuate.

A comprehensive dashboard helps to centralize details about project management workflows split between different team members. With additional portfolio management options, you easily track tasks and workflows between different projects without having to individually source information on them.

3. Real-Time Data Syncing

Project management involves collaborations among team members, with different individuals working on different tasks and milestones. To make your project tracking seamless, top project tracking tools provide you with real-time updates and syncing of these workflows. Through real-time updates, dashboards present the exact status and progress of multiple project workflows.

Real-time syncing functionality does not stop there, however. You can carry out project management through multiple device types: desktops, web applications, and mobile.

4. Notifications

Notifications are also crucial to your project tracking workflows and for obvious reasons. With notifications, you do not have to directly view your timelines and dashboards to know what is going on.

With notifications, even when you are not using the project tracking software, you receive updates on important activities within your project management framework and never miss a thing.

5. Reporting

Reports are important elements of project tracking, not just within the software but also outside of it. Dashboards help you visualize different elements of your project and maintain visibility of them through raw data representations. Reports provide these raw data visualizations and also give extra information defining what collated data implies.

An advanced project time report, for instance, gives general metrics on current project time usage based on tasks and team members. It additionally provides information on whether this goes according to project plans and gives suggestions on improvements where needed.

Generating reports then lets you export these important metrics and information outside your project management software and share them with clients or stakeholders on other platforms.

In addition to these five key features, some others to look out for include:

  • Project tracking templates for quicker workflows
  • Issue tracking to quickly identify existing and future bottlenecks
  • Calendars to track schedules
  • Mobile application compatibility to track projects from anywhere and at any time
  • Customization options.

Project Tracking Software FAQ

What Is Project Tracking Software?

Project tracking software helps plan projects, create reports, and track timesheets. This software carries out time and tasks efficiently and assists you to track your budget. 

Project tracking software shows the number of projects completed and the ones that are yet to be completed. It assists you to manage a scheduled task, any changes, and issues that arise during your project. For cost and time-efficient projects for better results and to execute projects properly, you need a project tracking tool.

What Are the Benefits of Using Project Tracking Tools?

Team Collaboration: Project tracking tools make it easier for teams to collaborate together when carrying out big projects. These tools allow everyone to access the same documents, share and give updates on a particular task. Project tracking software allows everyone on a particular project to know where each member is at and who is done with the task given. 

Track Projects: Project tracking software lets you keep track of your progress while performing a particular task. You can use the software to track real-time updates by employees on where they are on a particular project. The use of this project tracking software hastens the work that should be done and cuts out time wastage activities like having to call for meetings or emails.

Better Communication: You will not only collaborate better with members of your team, but you can also communicate better with your customers or clients. Clients will be able to give updates, feedback, review, and also see the progress of the project your company has been working on.

How Much Does Good Project Management Software Cost?

There is a lot of good project management software available in the market. Depending on the features and number of users you need a project management solution for, the prices of good project management software varies.

If you are looking for project management software with simple task management features for small teams, the cost ranges from free to $15 per user. For more advanced project management tools for larger teams, the cost ranges from $15 per user to $45 per user.

Good enterprise project management software which is suitable for large enterprises and enterprise-grade control, security, and customizations costs at least $20,000/year.

Choosing the Right Project Management Software

The right project management software for you depends on your project needs. Choose a project management software that has project tracking features such as time tracking, real-time data syncing, multiple views and customizable dashboards, reporting, and notifications.

  • If you are looking for the right project management software with highly interactive dashboards and powerful AI tools, choose Monday.com, ClickUp, Wrike, and Workzone.
  • If you are searching for powerful project management tools to manage your projects’ workflows, you should try Asana, Hive, Nifty, and Paymo.
  • If you need the right project management software with rich project tracking features, pick Teamwork, nTask, and Microsoft Project.
  • If you are looking for project management software with Gantt-based visualization and tracking options, choose TeamGantt and GanttPRO.
  • For agile methodologies like scrum and sprint management, Kanbanize is a good pick.

Try out the free plan or free trial on any paid plan first of any project management software you want to use to discover if it is suitable for your project needs.

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