9 Best SaaS CRM Software in 2024 (Free & Paid)

Updated Jul 19, 2023.

Do you want a CRM software that you can use anywhere?

A CRM software that lets you pay only for the tools you use?

Then, invest in SaaS CRM software.

With a SaaS CRM, you don't have to install and maintain anything; all you need to do is to sit back and enjoy the abundant features of the SaaS CRM software at the comfort of any location.

And who says you would need to pay a huge amount of dollars to use this software?

There are free SaaS CRM tools and even the paid ones offer cheap subscriptions which are mostly discounted.

Make your choice among these 9 paid and free SaaS CRM software and begin to use it today.

Best SaaS CRM Software

1. Monday.com CRM

Best Overall SaaS CRM Software

Monday.com CRM is the Best Overall SaaS CRM Software

Capture leads easily, access lots of pre-built templates, and generate and share reports with Monday.com CRM; the first and the best overall SaaS CRM software.

Major Tools


There are pre-built and ready templates which you can use to customize Monday.com CRM to your specific requirements, together with customizing workflows, processes, and sales pipelines to your needs. Monday.com CRM has a flexible drag-and-drop interface and you can also access custom automations.

Contact Organization and Pipeline Management

Monday.com CRM allows you to keep your contact-related data, including documents and deals in the form of contact cards and you can have information about your active and potential customers in a single and organized place. Manage your deals, accounts, and pipelines easily, and visualize everything in a single view.

Dashboards and Reporting

Visualize every activity that you want, use current and imported data to perform multiple types of actions on your reports, make the best data-driven decisions in no time

Mobile Apps and Integration

Use Monday.com CRM anytime and anywhere you want with the Monday.com mobile app, manage calls, documents, emails and leads better by integrating with Aircall, PandaDoc, Gmail, and Facebook Ads respectively.

Plans and Pricing

  • Individual: This plan is the free version of Monday.com CRM software
  • Basic: This plan costs $8 per seat per month
  • Standard: This plan is the most popular plan and it costs $10 per seat per month
  • Pro: This plan costs $16 per seat per month
  • Enterprise: This plan offers custom pricing.

Special Perks

  • Availability of customizable templates for sales and CRM which you can use anytime
  • Visualize sales pipelines when you want
  • Document management
  • Timeline and calendar view
  • Sales analytics, sales goals and forecasting
  • Mailchimp integration
  • Time tracking and advanced reports
  • Full API Access

2. Pipedrive

Best SaaS CRM Software for Sales Automation

Pipedrive is the Best SaaS CRM Software for Sales Automation

Pipedrive easily sets the mark for ease of use, customer support, and task automation and it can help you grow your revenue and boost your sales.

Major Tools

Lead Management

Pipedrive provides multiple tools that you can use to get more leads and more customers from conversations. These include unlimited and customizable pipelines which lets you make your sales visual, custom fields that you can use to collect and arrange your sales data, lead inboxs which allows you to gather and organize all your leads in a single place where you can easily follow-up and qualify new leads, Live chat to engage your new leads in productive conversations, and web forms to generate quality leads for your pipeline.


With sales automation, you can now eliminate busywork and repetitive time-consuming tasks. Pipedrive provides a sales automation tool known as sales assistant which gives you a plethora of useful suggestions and ideas such as recommended features and performance features, in the form of behavior-based cards. Easily automate your workflows and discover valuable information about your customers and pre-qualify leads with the smart contact data.

Insights and Reports

You can create custom CRM fields for reports and access different types of reports like deal reports, revenue forecast reports, and activity reports. Interactive dashboards are also available so you can track your most important reports and key performance indicators in one place. Share live dashboards links, set attainable goals and group your salespeople into teams.

Mobile Apps and Integration

You can now access your deal and contact information on your mobile devices by using the mobile apps, schedule activities, take notes and pictures, and know your nearby clients with the nearby feature. Use an easy installation to connect Pipedrive to more than 250 services and tools.

Plans and Pricing

Read more Pipedrive pricing

  • Essential: This plan costs $12.50 per user per month
  • Advanced: This plan costs $24.90 per user per month
  • Professional: This plan costs $49.90 per user per month
  • Enterprise: This plan costs $99 per user per month.

Special Perks

  • Save 17% with the annual subscription
  • Simple data import and easy customization
  • Full email sync with templates and scheduling
  • Google and social media data export
  • Workflow builder
  • Round-the-clock support, open API and lots of integrations
  • Prioritized activity reminders
  • Implementation program and phone support on the Enterprise plan

3. Keap

Most Suitable SaaS CRM Software for Sales and Marketing Automation

Keap is the Most Suitable SaaS CRM Software for Sales and Marketing Automation

Powered by sales and marketing automation, Keap CRM is what you need to capture useful and important lead information, convert leads to clients, and manage your clients better.

Major Tools


Keap provides both easy and advanced automations. Easy automations include setting up automatic appointment reminders, nurturing new leads with emails about promotions and offerings, and managing your leads from the first contact point to when they finally book appointments. Customize your sales and marketing processes with advanced automations builder and simply set up automated tasks such as follow-up and lead capture. Trigger Keap automations by integrating with thousands of tools and applications.


You can engage with your clients easily and close more deals faster with the Keap messaging feature. For example, you can send personalized messages to your engaged leads and send automated text messages to your new leads. And if you want to reach a wider audience in a short period, then you can use the text broadcasts, together with link shortening, automatic opt-in, and templates.

Email Marketing

You can send automated emails to your customers, create engaging marketing newsletters and broadcasts with beautiful and modern templates, trigger more sales with client behavior and data, and access A/B testing, reporting and analytics.

Mobile App and Integrations

Get access to Keap app and free business phone line. Easily integrate Keap with your third-party apps to drive more sales and marketing automations and connect to more than 2,000 apps using Keap's Zapier integration.

Plans and Pricing

Read more Keap pricing

  • Lite: This plan costs $79 per month and it includes 500 contacts and 1 user.
  • Pro: This plan costs $169 per month and it also includes 500 contacts and 1 user.
  • Max: This plan costs $199 per month and it includes 500 contacts and 1 user.

Special Perks

  • Availability of custom and free migration from ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, and Hubspot
  • Customizable opt-in messaging, in-app reporting, and built-in compliance are available in Keap's CRM with text messaging
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Free phone and chat support
  • Advanced automations builder
  • Newsletters, Email sync(Gmail and Outlook), A/B email testing
  • Shopify integration
  • Pipeline automations

4. Freshworks

Great Tool for Customer and Employee Experience Management

Freshworks is the Great Tool for Customer and Employee Experience Management

With Freshworks, get access to comprehensive visibility into customer data and drive personalized customer engagement, collaborate with your team better, and make data-driven decisions with analytics.

Major Tools

Unified Customer Record

Get access to full customer view in one unified record which draws customer data from every interaction and touchpoint. When you have access to insightful data which are based on customer actions and behavior, you can easily provide personalized customer engagement and thereby breed more loyalty. Get access to a holistic view of lead data and customer engagement history, set up targeted and personalized multichannel campaigns, and create and manage comprehensive customer segments.

Messaging Channels

Freshworks allows you to engage with your customers through their preferred channels and across popular messaging tools like Google's Business Messages, WhatsApp, and Apple Messages for Business. Apart from the provided channels API that you can use, the freshdesk Messaging-LINE integration also allows you to provide personalized responses to your customers on LINE.


Freshworks allows you  to enhance team collaboration and increase productivity. While Freshworks products come with a native collaboration UI, you can work with team collaboration tools and Freshworks products from one platform. Easily share your ongoing work like service request, support ticket, and sales deal with your team members. Integrate Freshworks with Slack for better connectivity, communication, and collaboration.


Get all-round insights about your team, team's performance, and the customer journey with Freshworks Analytics which are simple to understand, create custom reports that are tailored to your business requirements, and start implementing in your  business fast.

Plans and Pricing

Freshworks pricing depends on the Freshworks product that you want to use.

Now, each of these products have different pricing and plans for the solutions available under them.

However, note that most of the products mainly offer four pricing plans which are Free, Growth, Pro, and Enterprise.

But you can still check out the Freshworks website for the exact pricing information of the Freshworks CRM.

Special Perks

  • Access to full support for Freshworks CRM
  • Rich and extensive marketplace with lots of useful applications and tools
  • Unified account management and streamlined user management
  • Complex workflow automation
  • Customizable password policy and audit logs
  • Simplified reporting and analytics
  • Two-factor authentication and single sign-on
  • Build your own app and publish on the Freshworks Marketplace

5. Salesforce

Best SaaS CRM Software for Efficient Field Service Delivery

Salesforce is the Best SaaS CRM Software for Efficient Field Service Delivery

With Salesforce, engaging with your customers has never been easier, and secure; you can schedule rightly, engage with customers on multiple channels, and deliver field service efficiently.

Major Tools

Customer Engagement

Strengthen customer engagement by interacting with your customers on any channel, automating business processes with intelligent workflows, using smart productivity tools to accelerate call center management, and accessing actionable insight on all customer interactions. You can get access to every detail you want on each customer and gather insights that you want.

Digital Service

Apart from engaging with your customers on their favorite channels, you can also keep your entire digital interactions in a single place, drive support with AI-powered chatbots, and save time and serve faster with automated workflows.

Customer 360

With the Customer 360, you can get access to a single view of your customer data and easily access your entire data with Salesforce MuleSoft. An AI-powered tool known as Einstein AI also provides useful and timely suggestions so you can take data-driven actions that will improve business growth. Use Tableau to view real-time analytics and data visualizations.

Appointment Assistant

What the appointment assistant does is that it allows you to provide more in depth and personalized service to your customers. For example, you can give your customers access to the entire real-time information that they need. And this goes a long way to build trust and loyalty.

Plans and Pricing

  • Essentials: This edition includes an all-in-one sales and support app and it costs $25 per user per month, billed annually.
  • Professional: This edition includes complete service CRM and it costs $75 per user per month, billed annually.
  • Enterprise: This edition which is the most popular edition includes customizable CRM and it costs $150 per user per month.
  • Unlimited: This edition includes unlimited CRM power and it costs $300 per user per month, billed annually.

Special Perks

  • Salesforce provides a wide range of products for different use cases
  • 24/7 support and Web Services API
  • Telephony integration and Computer Telephony integration
  • Chatter and Salesforce mobile app for improved collaboration
  • Web and email case capture and omni-channel supervisor
  • Case milestone tracker and advanced case management
  • Customizable Reports and Dashboards
  • Email integration with Outlook and Google Apps integration

6. Hubspot

Free SaaS CRM Software for Contact Management

HubSpot is a Free SaaS CRM Software for Contact Management

Hubspot provides free CRM tools which include contact management, deals, contact website activity, tasks and activities, and all the basic tools you need for effective customer service and relationship management.

Major Tools

Service Hub

You get access to an easy-to-use customer service software that you can use to manage your customer support service delivery. Help desk automation, customer feedback surveys, conversational tools and reporting are all provided and you can get a complete one-for-all view of all your customer interactions. With the Hubspot Service Hub, you can access all your customer service data and channels on a single CRM platform. Live chat, automated customer service, and VoIP calling are all available too.

Contact Management

Hubspot automatically enriches your contact records with data from more than 20 million businesses and also keeps you notified of important leads updates so you can implement timely follow-ups for the right leads. Also, Hubspot provides free meeting scheduling, email templates, live chat, and click-to-call functionality so you can connect with prospects easily. Other free features are prospect tracking and email tracking and notifications.

Reporting Dashboard

With Hubspot reporting dashboard, you get access to important insights and metrics and you can view all your sales pipelines on a visual dashboard, access complete reports on the specific performance of your team members and sales activity, and improve team performance with the actionable data.

Hubspot Free CRM app

Hubspot provides free CRM mobile apps so you can access your contacts fast and identify leads on the go, straight from your mobile devices. Integrated live chat is included in the Hubspot free CRM to allow you handle all your conversations seamlessly. Apart from scanning business cards, you can likewise access comprehensive caller ID information and create reminders, tasks, notes, and deals.

Plans and Pricing

Read more Hubspot pricing

Hubspot does offer free CRM tools.

But you would better opt for the paid versions for more capabilities.

Also, note that Hubspot pricing depends on the exact version that you choose.

Although the major paid plans are Starter, Professional, and Enterprise.

Special Perks

  • Add up to 1,000,000 contacts and unlimited users on the free editions
  • Availability of chat, email, and 24/7 phone support depending on your subscribed plan
  • Customer feedback surveys and one-on-one video messaging
  • Ticketing and Ad management
  • Gmail and Outlook integration and Messenger integration
  • Reporting dashboard
  • App Marketplace integrations
  • Personalized onboarding plan and availability of implementation specialists to get you started fast.

Start using any of the Hubspot free tools now.

7. EngageBay

Free All-in-One SaaS CRM Software for Small Businesses

EngageBay is a Free All in One SaaS CRM Software for Small Businesses

If there is one thing that makes Engagebay shine out from all the other SaaS CRM software, it's the several marketing, sales and support tools it provides on a single and easily-accessible platform.

Major Tools

Free CRM Features

Engage and interact with your customers in the best possible way, attend to their needs, and build enduring customer relationships with Engagebay free CRM. The free CRM is packed with features like contact management, deal pipeline, appointment scheduling, and tasks.

Help Desk

Engagebay service tools include customer feedback forms, ticketing, canned responses, helpdesk, and knowledge base, together with ticketing features like help desk automation, multiple ticketing groups, ticket views, and macros.

Live Chat and Calling

Do you want to provide quick and personalized responses to your customers? Then, you can use the Engagebay free live chat software. You can now talk with your customers in real-time and send proactive messages for live chat invitations. Some of the included capabilities in the live chat tool are customer tracking, chat shortcuts, unlimited websites widget, email transcripts, and deep insights. You can make calls directly from the Engagebay dashboard, automate your outbound calls, and get complete access to customer information when you need it. Add multiple call tags to contacts, mute, and easily record calls.


Seamlessly integrate Engagebay with your favorite apps and tools such as LinkedIn, Shopify, QuickBooks, Xero, and many others.

Plans and Pricing

EngageBay Pricing Plan
  • Free: This plan is completely free.
  • Basic: This plan costs $14.99 per user per month
  • Growth: This plan costs $49.99 per user per month
  • Pro: This plan costs 79.99 per user per month

Special Perks

  • Availability of yearly discounts, up to 20% off for 2 years
  • Free migration service and free onboarding sessions
  • Broadcast A/B testing and Landing page A/B testing
  • Email and chat support
  • Landing page builder
  • Helpdesk and Live Chat
  • Web analytics, proposal analytics, and custom reporting
  • 3rd party integrations and service automation

Get started with the Engagebay free version now.

8. Agile CRM

Free SaaS CRM Software for Custom Data Fields and Lead Scoring

Agile CRM is a Free SaaS CRM Software for Custom Data Fields and Lead Scoring

Agile CRM is a SaaS CRM software which is affordable, provides lots of useful CRM features, and mobile CRM app.

Major Tools

Customer Support

Keep your customers happily satisfied with Agile CRM customer support features. They include helpdesk ticketing which allows you to organize your incoming customer support issues and provide fast and the right responses, smart views which gives you access to insights and updates on the necessary metrics, and customer support workflows that allow you to automate the repetitive administration of incoming tickets and resolution process. Other available features include ticket labeling, canned responses, reporting, groups, and service level agreements.

360 Degree Contact View

Build detailed contacts' profiles that provide all the necessary information such as communication history, contact information, social media profiles, and leads scores, and access the entire information from each contact page. Easily share information across your team members by giving them access to customer's historical data, capture more data and insights fast.

Customer Support Analytics

If you want to improve your customer support performance regularly, then you need constant metrics and reporting which gives you access to actionable data that you can use to make effective and insightful decisions. The best thing is that Agile CRM gives you access to complete customer support analytics and allows you to track important metrics like tickets closed and live chat closed. Get access to quick updates on the Agile CRM dashboard which you can configure to your metrics and customer support requirements.

Mobile CRM

Use Agile CRM on your mobile devices with the provided Agile CRM mobile apps and access mobile dashboard, manage contact data, create new tasks and events, track deals and integrate Agile CRM's app and Google calendars.

Plans and Pricing

Agile CRM Pricing Plan
  • Free: This plan is free for 10 users
  • Starter: This plan costs $8.99 per user per month
  • Regular: This plan is the most popular plan and it costs $29.99 per user per month
  • Enterprise: This plan costs $47.99 per user per month

Special Perks

  • Unlimited deals, tasks, and documents are available on all plans
  • Yearly discounts are available
  • Email tracking and 2-Way Email integration
  • Chrome extension on all plans
  • Web engagement and contact level analytics
  • Email templates builder and landing page builder
  • Email and phone support
  • Up to 500 API calls per day on the free plan

9. Microsoft Dynamics 365

Best SaaS CRM Software for AI-Powered Suggestions

Microsoft Dynamic 365 is the Best SaaS CRM Software for AI Powered Suggestions

Manage, optimize, and streamline your marketing, sales, and customer service and data with Microsoft Dynamic 365.

Major Tools

Customer Service

Deliver outstanding service to your customers on any channel, provide self service options such as giving your customers access to your knowledge base and sharing knowledge via community portals. You can use AI-powered virtual agents to handle and resolve issues, get a complete view of your customers' profile and interactions, explore omnichannel support, and automatically assign requests to the right team members. AI-powered suggestions, multitasking, sentiment analysis and translation are also available.

Customer Data Platform

The customer data platform allows you to get a 360-view of your customer, engage with your customers in a new and better way, act on customer signals and feedback, and deliver personalized recommendations. You can use automated workflows and AI-driven insights, leverage unified data and use rich data visualizations and dashboards to generate deep and useful insights.


Microsoft Dynamic 365 marketing tools, you can engage your customers in real-time and win more customers faster, build customer loyalty and trust, and personalize customer experiences with AI. There is the AI-powered email editor which you can use to create email content and can run A/B testing, while tracking business goals with real-time Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and dashboards. You can also use APIs and external add-ons to add custom channels and improve your marketing effectiveness.


Contact and connect with your customers via their favorite channels, streamline and optimize your sales cycles, implement suggested actions that are provided directly from the dashboard, and get notified of deal risks in real-time. Use automated insights to analyze individual and collective pipelines, explore out-of-the-box reports, and onboard new sellers fast.

Plans and Pricing

Microsoft Dynamic 365 pricing is based on the particular business area that you choose.


Microsoft Dynamic 365 Sales Pricing Plan
  • Dynamic 365 Sales Professional costs $65 per user per month
  • Dynamic 365 Sales Enterprise costs $95 per user per month
  • Dynamic 365 Sales Premium costs $135 per user per month
  • Microsoft Relationship Sales costs $162 per user per month

Special Perks

  • Availability of phone, web, and chat support
  • Provision of Al-driven insights, analytics, and suggestions
  • Sentiment analysis and translation
  • Planning and forecasting
  • Integrated case management and customer support timeline
  • Voice channel and digital messaging
  • Internet of Things integration
  • Sales force automation and Microsoft 365 integration

Key Features of SaaS CRM Software

1. Hosting and Pricing Model

Perhaps, the first thing we should discuss when mentioning the key features of SaaS CRM software is the hosting and price model.

What does this mean?

Irrespective of any software that you want to use, be it project management software, work management software, or even CRM software, the two most common hosting solutions are cloud-based and self hosted or on-premises.

Cloud-based solutions are popularly referred to as SaaS solutions and this means that the software is hosted on the vendors' servers, which is usually in the cloud.

So, you wouldn't need to host the software on your company's servers again.

Once you have an internet connection, you are good to use the software as much as you like.

Therefore, a distinguishing characteristic of SaaS CRM software is that they are cloud-based and you don't need to install them on-premises.

And this leads us to the pricing.

Since the software is hosted on the vendors servers, you only pay for what you use through a monthly or yearly subscription.

The pricing is easy and simple.

2. Customer Service

Customer service is a vital part of business operation and a business that provides awesome customer service is one step towards success and quality growth.

Customer Service Feature of SaaS CRM Software
Source: Superoffice

And with SaaS CRM software, you can be that business.

SaaS CRM software comes with customer service tools such as help desk tool, live chat tool and ticketing so you can provide top-notch support service to every of your customers.

You can gather all the relevant information about each customer, keep them in a single place to set up customer profiles that you can access anytime.

With customer profiles at your fingertips, you can provide personalized service to your customers and also engage them better.

3. Marketing

Marketing is all about promoting your business to get more leads who will later turn into paying-customers.

And it could really make the difference between a growing business and a dying business, provided the growing business is conversant with and implements the right marketing strategies.

Additionally, SaaS CRM software comes with helpful marketing tools that you can use to attract more customers fast.

You can easily launch marketing campaigns, maximize the use of social media and social media statistics, and run advertisements on yielding platforms.

Types of Marketing Campaign
Source: Trackmaven

That's not all; you can also utilize the power of email marketing even if you are a beginner in email marketing and use email templates to gain more customers.

Some SaaS CRM software also provide other marketing tools like landing page builder, marketing automation tool, and lead generation.

4. Sales

Now, let's say you have explored the marketing tools of SaaS CRM software, and you have been able to generate a large number of leads.

How do you turn these leads into paying customers?

Or better still, is there any way you can increase your sales to your desired level?

This is where the sales feature of SaaS CRM software comes in handy.

You can manage your sales better and close more deals quickly with the multiple sales tools provided by SaaS CRM software.

An example of these sales tools is sales forecasting and analytics which gives you an estimation of the expected future sales, together with important sales analytics that you need to take the right decisions that will yield positive sales results.

Sales Forecasting Template
Source : Imgur

Other sales tools include contact management, telephony, and email tracking tools.

5. Third-party Integrations and Mobile CRM

There are some third-party tools and applications that you use in your business while providing customer service to your customers, managing your sales or running marketing campaigns.

Let's say you use an email marketing software or a marketing automation tool, you would need to keep switching from your SaaS CRM software to the particular application anytime you want to use it.

But now, you don't have to; most SaaS CRM software allows you to integrate with your favorite third-party applications and access both the CRM software and the application from one platform.

No more switching from one app to another and you can integrate with as many third-party apps that you want.

Third party Integrations and Mobile CRM Feature
Source: Soffront

Mobile CRM is simply about being able to use the SaaS CRM software on your mobile devices.

How's this possible?

This is possible because, mostly all CRM software comes with mobile CRM apps, available on Google play store or Apple app store, which lets you access and use all the CRM tools and features, at the comfort of your fingertip and from any location.

Choosing the Right SaaS CRM for Marketing Automation

Now that you are conversant with the best SaaS CRM software in 2022, which one should you choose among them all?

Well, the answer lies with you.

And all you need to come to a final choice is to consider your business budget and the specific CRM features that you want versus the costs and the available tools of the two or three SaaS CRM software that pass your first selection phase.

You can also consider the available customer support options in case you need to contact the vendor while using the SaaS CRM software.

Above all, here are our overall six five SaaS CRM software for marketing automation; they also come with other important CRM tools.

  • Monday.com CRM: Undoubtedly the first SaaS CRM software that you should try out; Monday.com CRM is useful for managing all your marketing activities, attending to the needs of your customers and carrying out all your tasks and projects.
  • Pipedrive: Try out Pipedrive to access a CRM software that you can to automate your sales processes and tasks, create custom CRM fields, and view contact information from your mobile devices.
  • Keap: The third best SaaS CRM software for marketing automation; try out Keap if you want a SaaS CRM software that allows you to generate leads and manage them effectively, close deals faster, and engage your clients in the right way.
  • Salesforce: Pick Salesforce if you want to view all your customer data in one place, engage your customers on their favorite channels, provide personalized services, and manage cases better.
  • Hubspot: You want a free CRM? Try out Hubspot; it's great for interacting with your contacts through live chat, tracking your emails and prospects, and planning out your meetings.
  • Engagebay: Sign up on Engagebay if you want a small business CRM software that you can use to market your business better, interact with your customers, and use a powerful help desk software.

Select the right SaaS CRM software today and your business would appreciate you for it.

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