13 Best Project Management Software & Apps For Mac In 2024

Updated Jul 14, 2023.

Are you looking for the best project management software solutions for Mac? If so, you’re in luck. Many great options are available, each with its features and benefits. In this article, I’ll review 13 of the best project management software for Mac users in 2023.

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Keep your projects on track with this intuitive project management software.
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Leading online PM software that helps businesses organize and manage projects effectively.
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If you’re a Mac user, you know that some excellent project management software options are out there, just like the ones listed above. But which one is the best for you? I’ve put together a list of the 13 best project management software for Mac users so that you can find the perfect tool for your needs.

Best Project Management Software for Mac Users

Here’s a list of the 13 best project management software & apps for Mac in 2023:

1. Monday.com

Best Cloud-Based PM Tool

  • Quick and easy communication to help you resolve problems fast
  • Great features to help you manage your work and boost productivity
  • Flexible plans to suit the needs of any organization.
  • A visual approach to ease and simplify your task management process.
  • Tiered per-person pricing may become expensive for larger teams.
  • The interface may be overwhelming for first-time users.
  • Activity logs are limited, making it difficult to track progress.
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Editor’s Take

Monday.com is a cloud-based project management software for Mac that I believe is one of the best on the market. I love its user-friendly interface and versatility – it can be used for any project. The app is also great for team collaboration, as it has different functionalities that allow team members to communicate and work together efficiently. I think Monday.com would be most beneficial for project managers, as it is packed with features that make managing projects more accessible. However, Monday.com would also be great for team leaders and individual contributors who want to boost their productivity. I highly recommend giving it a try!

Best For:
Progress Updates & Project Collaborations
Annual Discount:
Up To 20%
Free Version, 10% off on the first subscription

Popularly known as the number one Microsoft Project alternative, Monday.com is a cloud-based project management tool that enables teams to collaborate on projects of all sizes, track progress, and get updates. Using this intuitive software will save a lot of your time. Its visually appealing and intuitive interface makes it easy for team members to stay organized. You can utilize it on your phone and PC.

Key Features


The centralized dashboard gives you an overview of all your ongoing projects and tasks in one place. You can add new projects, edit existing ones, who is working on what, what's due, and see the status of each project in one place. This way, you can quickly identify what needs to be done and by whom.


Automate all your repetitive tasks using Monday.com's automation feature so that you can focus on more important things. For example, you can set up an automation to automatically assign tasks to team members based on their skills and availability. It will save you a lot of time and hassle in the long run and ensure that no repetitive task is forgotten or overlooked


Kanban is a project management methodology that helps you visualize your work and progress. You can create, track, and manage your tasks in an efficient way. This will help you identify any bottlenecks in your workflows and make necessary changes to improve them. Prioritize each task and balance demands according to your capacity with the help of this feature.


With the help of the Files feature, it gets easier for you to upload and share files with your team members. This is especially useful for larger projects that require multiple files. You do not have to worry about the file type, as Monday.com supports all major file types ensuring that your team has one collaborative space for managing all their project files.


Connect your favorite apps and tools to Monday.com to automate tasks and boost your productivity. The app offers multiple integration options, including popular sales and marketing software like HubSpot. Setting up your favorite tools is not difficult, as integrating any tool you want requires just a few clicks. You can also follow the software's recommendations of integrations for your team to manage and execute tasks more efficiently.


This visual tool helps you plan, track, and manage your projects. It is beneficial for complex projects that require multiple tasks and dependencies. You can visualize your project timeline and track progress to identify any potential problems and make necessary changes helping you achieve milestones promptly and never miss any deadline.


Create, edit, and share documents with your team utilizing the Docs feature of the software. This is a great way to keep all your project documentation in one place. You can create workflows from words and make real-time collaborations with your team, helping you achieve your project goals fast and efficiently.

  • Dashboard: The centralized dashboard gives you an overview of all your ongoing projects and tasks in one.


Monday.com offers five pricing plans: Free, Basic, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise, that range from $0 to $16 or more in case you choose Enterprise, which is priced according to the organization's needs.

2. ClickUp

Perfect For Project Managers

  • ClickUp comes with excellent technical support, so you can always get help if you need it.
  • Many available video tutorials make learning to use ClickUp easy and fun.
  • Invite guests easily – collaborate with others on your projects.
  • The well-designed, intuitive user interface makes the app pleasurable and easy to use.
  • The app can be complex to use, especially on mobile devices.
  • New lists created within the app often have errors.
Clickup icon
Editor’s Take

ClickUp best suits project managers, individuals, and teams looking for an all-in-one productivity solution. This Mac project management software has a user-friendly interface and features that make managing projects easy. Overall, I highly recommend ClickUp, especially for project managers looking for the best project management software to stay organized and get work done more efficiently.

Best For:
Project Management & Time Tracking
Annual Discount:
Up To 45%
Free Tier

ClickUp is a perfect project management software for Mac users that help prioritize tasks, track projects and team members in one place and get work done more effectively.

The software makes creating and managing workflows easier, learning from their courses, visualizing and customizing objects, automating and integrating, getting a fast investment return, and more. ClickUp also allows its users to collaborate with team members and share files, making it a fantastic tool for project management.

Key Features


Autopilot your daily busy work with ClickUp's easy-to-use Automations feature. Automations allow you to streamline your workflows and get things done faster. You can ensure that repetitive tasks are completed quickly and efficiently. ClickUp allows you to customize automation or use pre-built recipes to manage your routine tasks per your needs.


You can use Whiteboards for brainstorming, making strategies, mapping, collaborating, organizing information, and tracking progress on projects visually. With this much to offer, ClickUp's whiteboards allow you to create agile workflows and work closely with your team. This way, you can manage your projects and tasks more productively.


Utilize the flexible space of Notepad to take notes, jot down ideas, make lists, and track factual information and project progress. Notepad is a simple yet powerful tool that helps you organize your thoughts and ideas in one place, so you stay on track by ensuring that important information is not forgotten.

Slash Commands

ClickUp’s Slash Commands feature provides a quick and easy way to perform everyday actions. With this feature, you can quickly add tasks, create new projects, assign users, set priorities, create due dates, add tags, and do everything. It will help you build a scalable structure of your workflows and get things done faster.


Stay on top of your work and ensure that essential tasks are completed promptly by not missing a deadline. You can create reminders for yourself or other team members and choose how you would like to be reminded, e.g., email, push notification, etc. It will help you stay organized and get your work done on time.

White Label

Brand your workspace with your logo, color scheme, and domain using this feature in ClickUp. This is a great way to make ClickUp your own and ensure that your brand is represented professionally, helping you stand out from the competition and giving your workspace a personal touch.


ClickUp offers five pricing plans: Free, Unlimited, Business, Business Plus, and Enterprise, to suit the needs of any individual, marketing team, or company. Pricing ranges between $5 and $19 for the paid plans.

3. Wrike

Best PM Software for Collaboration

  • Available on PC, Mac, Android, and iOS – work from anywhere, on any device.
  • Complete automation allows you to get more work done with less effort.
  • Instant view of the tasks at hand via the dashboard – never miss a deadline again.
  • Integrations could be more robust as some features are only available on the web.
  • It lacks a search function which may slow your work and hamper productivity.
  • The interface is overwhelming and requires a lengthy learning curve.
Wrike icon
Editor’s Take

If you're looking for professional project management software solutions, you've probably already heard of Wrike because of its popularity, and for a good reason. I like that Wrike is feature-rich, user-friendly, easy to navigate, and flexible. There's pretty much everything you could need in a project management solution and then some. It's great for small and large teams and can be customized to fit just about any workflow. However, Wrike can be pretty pricey, especially if you need to use some of the more advanced features. Overall, I highly recommend this software to those who manage projects daily.

Best For:
Marketers, Companies, and Agencies
Annual Discount:
Up To 20%
Up to 2 GB of free space

Wrike is a comprehensive enterprise-grade project management software that enables users to collaborate and communicate with their team members in real time. It is suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries.

Wrike provides features that make managing small to large projects a breeze. This cloud-based software works great on Mac computers and offers a mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

Key Features

360 Degree Instant Visibility

Get a complete view of your projects at all times with Wrike's 360 Degree Instant Visibility. This way, you can ensure that every aspect of your project is accounted for and avoid any potential issues.


Wrike knows you'll need to manage more projects as your business grows. They stay ahead of the curve by innovating their project management software, so you can rely on Wrike no matter how big your company gets.

AI Work Intelligence

Wouldn't it be great if your workflows could be automatically optimized based on data? That's the goal of Wrike. Using its AI Work Intelligence feature, the system automatically analyzes your workflows to suggest ways to optimize them based on data. So you can focus on more important things and leave the grunt work to the Machine.

Interactive Gantt Charts

Wrike's Interactive Gantt charts make project planning and management effortless. They let you drag and drop tasks, set dependencies, and more. With Gantt charts, you can visually track your project's progress and make changes along the way without hassle.

Purpose-built Templates

Quickly get started on your projects with purpose-built templates for every type of workflow. These templates help you save time and get the most out of your work. With their easy-to-use interface, you'll be able to finish your projects faster and more efficiently.

Digital Publishing

Publish beautiful reports, presentations, and dashboards that help stakeholders understand your project progress at a glance. With Wrike's digital publishing feature, you can easily share project updates and keep everyone in the loop.

Project Portfolio Management

See all your projects in one place and get a bird's eye view of your entire portfolio with Wrike's Project Portfolio Management. This way, you can ensure that all your projects are on track and make better time and resource management decisions.


Read more Wrike pricing

Prices start at $0 for the Free plan and go up to $24 per month and more for the Enterprise plan.

4. Teamwork

Solid Project Management Solution For Client Work

  • Provides tools and resources to maximize resources for better functioning.
  • Milestones help you keep a bird's eye view of the status of each task.
  • It makes collaboration much easier between teammates and clients, keeping everyone on the same page.
  • Provides you with the complete suite of task management essentials one needs.
  • No flexibility to manage various complex projects simultaneously.
  • The interface can seem sluggish to respond due to the sheer number of features.
Teamwork Projects Icon
Editor’s Take

I like Teamwork for its budget-friendly price and excellent set of features. This project management software is perfect for small businesses or individual users who need a powerful tool to manage their projects but don't want to spend much money. The interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate, and the built-in templates make it simple to start new projects. I also appreciate that Smartsheet integrates with several other software programs, making it even more versatile. Overall, I highly recommend Smartsheet to anyone looking for great value in project management software.

Best For:
Distributes & Remote Teams
Annual Discount:
Up To 20%
Free Version

Teamwork is the perfect balance of price, functionality, and usability, making it an essential tool for document management, task management, and project planning. Any tech-averse person can easily use this project management solution with a shallow learning curve.

Its flexibility and customization allow you to create tasks, assign them to specific team members, and set due dates. You can also leave comments on each task, which is fantastic for clarification or giving feedback.

Key Features


Keep all your projects in one place for easy access using the Portfolio feature. You can even share your portfolio with others so they can see your work and give you feedback. This way, you can easily track your progress and make better decisions about your projects. Whether you're a freelancer, teacher, or student, this feature will come in handy.

Resource Management

This feature in Teamwork allows you to keep track of your team's progress and performance conveniently. With this feature, you can see who is working on what, how much progress has been made, and what tasks are still pending. This way, you can better allocate your resources and ensure that your project is on track.

Unlimited Free Clients/Users

Teamwork offers unlimited free clients and users, so you can easily invite people to join your project and collaborate with you. There are no limits on the number of people you can add to your project, so you can work with as many people as you need. This is perfect for large projects that require input from many different people.

Task Reports

The Task Reports feature in Teamwork allows you to keep track of your team's progress and performance on a specific task. It overviews how each task progresses and whether it is on track. This helps ensure that everything runs smoothly and that no tasks slip through the cracks.

Custom Fields

Common yet valuable, this feature allows you to add extra information to tasks that aren't already captured by the default fields. This is really helpful for adding specific details that are important to your project.


Read more Teamwork pricing

Teamwork offers four pricing plans: Forever Free, Deliver, Grow, and Scale, that range from $0 to $18.

5. Asana

Top Project Management Software For Mac Devices

  • Get more things done using Asana’s pre-built solutions and templates in less time.
  • Ability to provide the toolkit one needs to plan, execute, update, automate, manage, and report on work.
  • It makes editing and sharing tasks in Card, Grid, and Gantt easier.
  • Ability to jump-start your projects by providing pre-built customizable templates.
  • Asana lacks the feature of custom client permissions which restricts its usability.
  • It doesn’t offer time tracking, making it harder to know how much time a specific project will be completed.
Asana icon
Editor’s Take

I have used a lot of different collaboration tools, and I have to say that Asana is one of my favorites. It is highly user-friendly, especially for Mac users.  The interface is sleek and intuitive, and the features are very robust. You can create project timelines, assign tasks to team members, track progress, and more. Asana is also great for project managers who must keep track of multiple projects simultaneously.  I highly recommend this project management app to anyone who needs a robust and user-friendly collaboration tool.

Best For:
Managing Multiple Projects
Annual Discount:
Up To 50%
100+ Free Integrations

Asana is a dynamic work management platform that helps keep things moving and organized, so everyone knows what's going on and what needs to be done. It enables teams to collaborate on tasks and projects efficiently and has been an invaluable tool in helping to grow businesses. With Asana, you can easily manage overlapping, unscheduled, and dependent tasks to keep everyone on track.

Key Features

Workflow Builder

Building workflows in Asana is simple and easy to customize according to your needs. Asana's Workflow Builder allows you to easily create and customize your project's workflows. You can add or remove steps, set deadlines, and assign tasks to specific team members. This can be helpful for project managers who need to quickly map out the project steps and ensure that all team members are on the same page.

App integrations

Asana integrates with several popular apps, which can be helpful for project managers who need to track work progress and communicate with team members. Asana's app integrations include Slack, Google Drive, and Dropbox. This makes it easy to get your work done in Asana and eliminates the need for multiple tools.

Track Workload

Asana's Track Workload feature allows you to see how much work is assigned to each team member and identify potential bottlenecks. This can be helpful for project managers who need to ensure that the project is progressing smoothly and that team members are not overloaded with work.


One of the most popular collaboration tools, this feature gives you a quick overview of your project deadlines and due dates. Having this information in one place can be helpful for project managers who need to keep track of project deadlines and ensure that they are met.


With Asana's Forms feature, you can quickly create and process web forms for your project. Plus, you can easily manage and edit your forms as needed. This makes it easy to keep your project on track and ensure that all the relevant information is captured.


Asana's Boards feature is a great way to create and keep track of your projects. You can create custom boards to track and organize your work, from big-picture initiatives to everyday tasks. And because boards live within your Asana workspace, all your projects are centrally located and easy to find.


Read more Asana pricing

Asana offers three pricing plans: Basic, Premium, and Business, that range from $0 to $24.99.

6. Smartsheet

Best Enterprise-Grade Project Management Platform

Smartsheet - Welcome to modern work management

Smartsheet is a cloud-based project management platform that enables companies of all sizes to plan, execute, and track their projects. It helps your businesses to scale up to enterprise-level portfolios and programs by adapting to your needs and providing you with all the essential project management tools so you can deliver value with confidence.

Key Features

Admin Center

Smartsheet's Admin Center allows users to manage their accounts, add and remove users, change user permissions, and more. Mac users can easily create and manage spreadsheets on their Mac computer using the same familiar commands and shortcuts they use for other programs. This is an excellent feature for businesses that need to keep track of their employee's Smartsheet usage.

Team Collaboration

If you're a project manager, you know that collaborating with your team is one of the most critical aspects of your job. Smartsheet's team collaboration features make it easy for users to share files, leave comments, and track changes. From a management point of view, this is an invaluable feature because it allows managers to see which team members are working on which tasks and how well the team is progressing.

Custom Email Domains

A custom email domain is a great way to show professionalism and build credibility for your business. With this cloud-based software, you can easily set up a custom email domain for your business. This appeals to companies that want to appear more professional and improve their brand image.

Premium Add-ons

Smartsheet's premium add-ons are an intelligent way to extend the functionality of your account and get more out of your investment. With premium add-ons, you can access advanced reporting, project management, and more.

Premium Add-ons: Smartsheet's premium add-ons are an intelligent way to extend the functionality of your account and get more out of your investment. With premium add-ons, you can access advanced reporting, project management, and more.


Read more Smartsheet pricing

Monday.com offers three pricing plans: Pro, Business, and Enterprise, that range from $7 to $25. The pricing of the Enterprise plan can be tailored according to the organization's needs.


  • No-code project management platform – allows you to create management solutions even if you are not tech-savvy.
  • Provides robust team collaboration tools to keep your team together and functional to get things done faster.
  • Intelligent workflows of your projects to create scale and velocity for increased productivity.
  • End-to-end resource and content management solutions to keep you ahead of your competition.


  • Connectors are only available when you pay an additional fee.
  • Smartsheet falls short of providing comprehensive client features, which can be a downside for large organizations.
  • Offers a restrictive free plan.

7. Hive

Best Cloud-Collaborative Project Management Software

Hive - We help teams move faster

Hive is a popular project management software that helps organizations plan and track their projects. It offers a suite of project tools and project management modules to help organizations get the most out of their projects.

The cloud-based software is ideal for Mac users as it works seamlessly with Apple's operating system. And because it's open-source, it's constantly being updated and improved by the community. So, if you're looking for a comprehensive project management solution, Hive is worth checking.

Key Features

Simple Workflows

Hive makes it easy to get your work done. With simple workflows, you can get started quickly and finish your projects with ease. Mac users will find this especially useful, as it works seamlessly with Apple's ecosystem.

Team Resourcing

Working on complex projects can be challenging, but Hive makes resource planning easy. With their team resourcing feature, you can see who is available to work on what and when. This makes it easy to keep your project on track and ensures that everyone is working on the tasks that they are best suited for.

Timeline and Workload

One of the most important aspects of any project is its timeline. With Hive, you can easily track your project's timeline and workload. Things like start and due dates and assigned tasks are all displayed in an easy-to-understand format. This ensures that you can stay on schedule and that your team is not overloaded with work.

1000+ Integrations

Hive integrates with over 1000 different applications, making it one of the market's most versatile project management tools. This versatility is great for Mac users, as this project management app integrates seamlessly with the most popular Mac applications.


Hive offers three pricing plans: Solo, Teams, and Enterprise, that range from $0 to $12 or more in case you choose Enterprise pricing as per your needs.


  • Hive allows you to connect seamlessly with your working ecosystem and its integrations and connectors.
  • Provides flexible pricing – choose any package and update it later as your business grows.
  • Top-notch training and consulting teams to help you with product training and custom implementation.
  • Allows you to analyze all data in one place, so you know the best current status of your projects at all times.


  • The Hive app for Android and iOS is not as responsive compared to its desktop app.
  • The app's user interface is very cluttered, which causes navigation issues.
  • Updating data is often complicated, as the app often overwrites partitions.

8. Jira

Best Project Management Software for Software Developers

Jira - Move fast, stay aligned, and build better - together

Jira is a project management tool that gives unlimited projects, built-in project templates, and customer relationship management. With Jira, you can easily track and manage your projects from start to finish.

This cloud-based software boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface, a popular choice for Mac users. Contact management, unlimited storage, and drag-and-drop features make Jira a powerful tool for managing your projects.

Key Features


Jira's roadmaps feature lets you plan, visualize, and track your progress on projects. This feature includes a Gantt chart that lets you drag and drop to move tasks around, so you can easily visualize your plans and get an overview of your project at any given time. You can also define dependencies between tasks to ensure your project moves forward as planned.

Reports & Insights

Rapidly get the information you need with Jira's reports and insights feature. This feature gives you a wealth of data about your project's progress, including burndown charts, velocity graphs, and more. This data, coupled with excellent resource management features, can help you make informed decisions about your project's direction and how to best utilize your team's time and resources.

Project Flexibility

Jira is exceptionally flexible and can be used for various projects. Whether managing a software development project or tracking customer support tickets, Jira can help you get the job done. You can easily customize Jira to fit your project's specific needs.

DevOps Visibility

With Jira, you can get visibility into your DevOps pipeline and track your project's progress from development to delivery. This way, you can identify issues early and make sure that your team is always moving forward. Jira's DevOps features include a built-in CI/CD server, so you can easily set up builds, tests, and deployments.

View Repositories

When working in a DevOps environment, it is often necessary to view repositories to track the progress of your active projects. Jira allows users to view linked repositories from within the interface quickly. This way, you can see your project's commits, branches, and pull requests in one place.


Jira - Pricing Plan

Jira offers four pricing plans: Free, Standard, Premium, and Enterprise, that range from $0 to $14.50 or more in case you choose Enterprise.


  • Offers the ability to manage short and long-term resources for your team.
  • Allows you to create high-performance working strategies via templates.
  • Plenty of collaboration tools to facilitate easy collaboration with teammates and keep track of work in progress.
  • It makes on-time project delivery easier through time tracking and other helpful tools.


  • Communication tools like chatbots are missing, making it difficult for members to communicate seamlessly.
  • Complicated information architecture makes software difficult to navigate for beginners.
  • File size options for uploading are limited, which can be problematic if you’re working on a complex project.

9. TeamGantt

Best Mobile-Optimized Cloud-Based PM Software

TeamGantt - Get a top-rated gantt chart for free, forever

TeamGantt is a web-based project management tool that allows users to create and collaborate on projects online. With TeamGantt, users can easily track tasks, milestones, and progress across all stages of the project life cycle.

As the name suggests, Gantt charts are the primary selling point of TeamGantt. In addition, TeamGantt offers all the features required to make collaboration and communication more manageable, including chat, task comments, and file sharing.

Key Features

Drag-and-Drop Flexibility

Rearranging tasks is a breeze with TeamGantt's drag-and-drop feature. With TeamGantt, you can quickly move tasks around by dragging and dropping them into the correct position. Simply grab a task and move it to another spot on the timeline. This allows you to quickly and easily reorganize your project schedule without relying on someone else to make the changes for you.

Easy To Access Availability Tab

The availability tab is one of the most valuable features of TeamGantt. It allows you to see at a glance which team members are available and which ones are not. This is especially useful when coordinating a project with people with different schedules.

Easy Collaboration & Organization

TeamGantt makes collaborating with others on your project hassle-free. You can conveniently invite team members to join your project and add their tasks to the timeline. This makes it easy to keep everyone on the same page and organized. You can also leave comments on tasks and receive notifications when someone else changes a task, which is an added benefit for keeping everyone in the loop.

Portfolio Views & Reports

When working on multiple projects, it can be challenging to keep track of everything. TeamGantt's portfolio view lets you see all your projects in one place. This makes it easy to see how each project is progressing and where any potential issues may arise. Additionally, reports allow you to easily track your project's progress and spot any areas that need improvement.

Planned Timeline & Actual Timeline

No need to worry about your project falling behind schedule. With TeamGantt, you can see both the planned and actual timelines side-by-side. This makes it easy to spot any tasks falling behind and make the necessary adjustments. From a single glance, you can see which tasks are on track and which ones need some extra attention. This is an invaluable resource planning tool for keeping your project on schedule.


TeamGantt offers three pricing plans: Lite, Pro, and Enterprise, that range from $19 to $99.


  • Allows you to share the most up-to-date information with your clients and team members.
  • TeamGantt comes with the most informative and user-friendly Gantt charts on the market.
  • It enables you to integrate your favorite chat tools to work on things that matter most.
  • Empowers your working environment by providing all the basic and advanced tools essential for task management.


  • Due to its underplayed configuration, it falls short of delivering a remarkable client experience.
  • Offers limited integration options to users, which compromises its usability.

10. Paymo

Best PM Software for Financial Management

Paymo - Work better, together

Are you looking for an all-in-one platform to manage your projects, work time, invoicing, and profitability? Look no further than Paymo.

Key Features

Time Tracking

Paymo's time tracking feature helps you accurately keep track of the time you spend on each task. From start to finish, you can see how much time you've dedicated to a project and optimize your workflow. This allows you to bill clients for the time you worked on their project and gives you an accurate picture of how much time a task took, which can help plan future projects.

Invoicing and Estimates

With Paymo, you can create invoices and estimates for your clients. You can include the project title, description, hours worked, and rates. You can also create forecasts for your clients, showing them what the project will cost without waiting for an invoice. This feature makes it easy to keep track of the money you're owed and makes it simple to request payments.

File Proofing

Paymo's file proofing feature allows you to upload files for your clients to review. You can upload a file, add notes and annotations, and send it to your client for feedback. Once they approve the file, you can mark it as authorized and move on to the next step in the project. This is a great way to get feedback on your work and make sure that your clients are happy with the final product.

Leave Planner

Often underappreciated, Paymo's leave planner is a great way to keep track of your team's vacation days. You can add vacation days, sick days, and other days off to the calendar, and Paymo will keep track of who is out of the office and when. This is a great way to keep your projects under control and avoid running into resource shortages.

Online Payments

The most convenient feature of Paymo is the ability to accept online payments. With this feature, you can invoice your clients and receive payments directly through Paymo. You can set up automatic billing or allow clients to pay with credit cards or PayPal. This makes it easy for your clients to pay their invoices without having to go through a lot of hassle. For you, it's a great way to get paid quickly and easily without worrying about chasing down payments.


Paymo offers four pricing plans: Free, Starter, Small Office, and Business, that range from $0 to $20.79.


  • Increases productivity – by providing up-to-date management tools, Paymo helps you work more efficiently and get better results.
  • Enables cross-platform sharing of information – the ability to share information between your desktop and mobile devices saves time.
  • Project assignment & tracking – assigning specific team members tasks allows for better-targeted performance.
  • Offers subtasks – the app allows you to break down a project into smaller tasks, making it easier to manage.


  • Paymo may not be suitable for larger organizations or companies with complex project needs.
  • The free tier offers limited features, so those who need more comprehensive functionality may need to upgrade to a paid subscription.

11. ProofHub

Best Cloud-Based PM Software

ProofHub - The one place for all your projects and team collaboration

ProofHub is a project management software that helps streamline your workflow with an intuitive interface. The platform comprises several components, including a cloud platform, resource planning tools, and custom workflows.

The cloud platform is the base for everything else and includes many features such as task creation, calendars, communication channels, and document storage. When you create tasks on this page, they will automatically appear in other system areas. You can also add new resources to your projects via their resource management section.

Key Features


Perhaps one of the most powerful features of ProofHub, labels allow you to group multiple tasks into larger projects. You can add labels for various purposes like “project completion” and “new hire onboarding.” After you’ve added these labels, you can easily navigate them using tabs at the top of your screen. Each tag will display all the tasks related to that project under one tab. If you click on the label, you can sort and filter those tasks according to the earlier criteria.

Request Forms

Request forms are another tool that comes included with ProofHub. This feature can collect specific data types from customers and employees. It works similarly to Google Forms but with a slightly different layout.

CSV Imports

This feature allows you to import list items from outside sources. Your team won’t be able to edit these entries after importing them, but they will still appear in your list of things when they’re updated later on. Using this feature, you can pull data from websites like Google Sheets and Excel files and import them directly into your ProofHub account. Once imported, you can access the original file in case any changes are made to it outside of ProofHub.


With this tool, you can connect two separate tasks to ensure they’re completed in sequence. For example, if you want a manager to approve a report before someone can submit it, you can configure the approval process to depend on the submission process. This prevents anyone from submitting the report until the manager approves it. Additionally, you can set dependencies between people, roles, and groups so that only certain people are allowed to perform specific actions.


ProofHub - Pricing Plan

ProofHub offers two pricing plans: Essential and Unlimited Control, that range from $89 to $45.

The Essential plan is best suited for small teams. The Unlimited Control plan best suits organizations that handle complex projects.


  • ProofHub provides a visual way for you to manage your project.
  • Facilitates easy integration – supports both Microsoft Outlook and Gmail accounts, making it easy to integrate with existing systems.
  • Ask questions, answer the queries of your team, and discuss plans in one place.
  • ProofHub’s outstanding technical support never leaves you alone in any fuss.
  • Allows you to benefit from their end-to-end professional solutions.


  • It doesn’t offer a free plan which makes it unsuitable for individuals or teams just starting with project management.
  • Setting up request forms and proofing is very time-consuming.

12. Nifty

Best All Round PM Software

Nifty - The ultimate project management OS

Nifty is a simple but powerful PM tool for managing all of your projects, whether they are small or large. It’s designed to streamline the workflow and communication between team members so they can focus their efforts more efficiently. The software offers team availability, Gantt charts, network maps, and reports.

As well as helping you manage your projects, Nifty will help you keep track of who’s doing what and where. It does this through the use of network diagrams which show the entire team available and working together. You don’t even need an internet connection to view them. Nifty also comes with a powerful mobile and desktop app that helps you manage your projects on the go.

Key Features

Time Tracking

Nifty has a built-in time tracker, so you can easily track how much time each team member spends on their tasks. The app lets you see how long tasks take, which makes it easier for project managers and managers to predict when a project will be finished. The time tracker also lets you see how much time you spend on different tasks, which can help you identify areas where your workflow needs improvement. This is particularly useful for those who manage large projects and need to know when a team member will finish their work.

Project Portfolios

If your team needs multiple projects at once, Nifty can help by creating separate portfolios for each one. This way, there will always be an overview of all current projects, so everyone knows where they stand regarding progress and deadlines. There's also an intuitive calendar view showing upcoming milestones so everyone knows where they should be aiming at any given moment.

Docs & Files

Nifty also offers a comprehensive platform for storing documents and files. This feature is beneficial when it comes to collaborating with other company members. Using the file storage system, users can store any type of document or image that they need access to. Also, it can be accessed by multiple users at the same time. It doesn’t matter where the document is stored because it can be viewed anywhere.

Gantt Charts

The Gantt chart is a popular project management tool that lets you see how tasks fit together into a timeline. You can create a Gantt chart in Nifty by clicking on the same name button, which makes a pop-up window where you can input details about your project. From there, click on “Create Gantt Chart” to generate an interactive visual representation of your project.


Nifty offers a wide range of reporting features that help you gain better insight into your company's performance. You can find out which tasks are taking the most time, who is working on what, and how much each project costs. This makes it easy for your team to get a clear picture of what's happening in their projects at any time.


Nifty offers five pricing plans: Free, Starter, Pro, Business, and Unlimited, that range from $0 to $399.

The free plan suits individual workers. The Starter plan is suitable for a small team of 10 members.

A team of up to 20 members should opt for a Pro plan. The Business plan supports up to 50 members.

If your business needs exceed these plans, get a custom quote by choosing the Unlimited plan.


  • This feature-rich software provides you with all the top-performing tools you need for projects of any size.
  • Allows you to automate all repetitive processes and tasks quickly.
  • Provides centered solutions for team collaboration which empower employees to work more creatively.
  • Their project management tutorials and guides help new users to get on track faster.
  • It is a cloud-based solution, meaning you don't have to worry about server maintenance or software updates.


  • Inability to infinitely break down tasks into subtasks to ease task management.
  • Time Expense needs improvement as one cannot edit logs entered previously.
  • Limited integrations as it gets costly for a growing business to rely on Integromat or Zapier.

13. Kantata

Best PM Software for Scalability

Kantata - Try Kantata today and unleash the power of professional services

Before we get into the details of the software, it is worth mentioning its name. There was once an open source version of the software called Kantata, but later the company merged with its competitor, Kimble Applications, and renamed the product Kantata. The new name has been kept since.

Kantata provides a robust set of project management tools that both small and large professional services organizations can use. It offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to customization. On top of that, there’s also support for cloud hosting with Azure and Office 365.

Key Features

Automated Workflows

Kantata offers various predefined workflows that can be assigned to projects. Workflow automation allows you to have processes in place without doing all the repetitive tasks manually. These include many activities such as sending emails, setting up meetings, assigning tasks, etc.

Project Templates

This is where Kantata shines and gives it an edge over other project management software platforms. With this tool, you can create templates and share them with your team members, who can then use them as a base for managing their projects.

Team Collaboration

Here's another unique feature offered by Kantata — its ability to integrate seamlessly with Slack! You'll be able to see notifications from both tools on your desktop, no longer switching between tabs or applications when working on multiple tasks simultaneously. This way, project managers who often struggle to manage their team's workload will find Kantata a handy tool.

Integration & Automation

While Kantata offers a wide range of features and integrations that allow you to track your team's workload and manage projects efficiently, it also has some automation capabilities. This way, project managers don't have to do all the work themselves — instead, they can focus on other important aspects of managing their team.

Resource Management

Often, project managers are tasked with managing a team and ensuring that each member has the right skill set for the project. Kantata allows you to manage your resources easily by creating and assigning different tasks to each team member. You can also set up automatic emails or reminders, so everyone is on the same page regarding their responsibilities.


Kantata - pricing

Kantata offers customized pricing tailored to your industry and specific needs.


  • Customizable solutions tailored to your requirements make the software perfect for any organization.
  • It comes with a desktop app for maximum on-desk efficiency.
  • Kantata makes it simple to generate invoices and track profitability, making it ideal for client work.
  • Perfect for team collaboration – your team will find it much easier to create, manage, organize, and review projects.
  • Ensures that your data is always protected by using 256-bit encryption.


  • Navigation may seem complex, as configuring the dashboard may take some time.
  • No mobile app – pretty inconvenient for those who need to access the software on the go.

Key Features Mac Users Should Look For in Mac Project Management Software

You should consider several factors when choosing a project management solution for Mac. Some of these include:

  • Task allocation – When managing multiple projects at once, this feature enables your employees to assign specific tasks to team members. This can make it easier for them to work together while keeping track of who is doing what.
  • Integration with other apps – If you want your project management software to integrate with additional apps such as email clients or accounting software, you'll need to ensure that's possible. Many project management platforms offer this feature, so you won't have to use multiple tools.
  • Multiple views – While it's ideal to have only one place to see all of your projects, sometimes this isn't always possible. That's where multi-view options come into play. They let you break down your entire project list into categories like active, in progress, or finished. It makes it much easier to keep track of everything happening across your company.
  • Team collaboration features – There are a wide variety of collaboration features that you'll find within project management software. These include file sharing, chat rooms, and document review tools. The more collaborative your company is, the more effectively everyone will work together.
  • Workflow management – This feature allows you to automate specific tasks within your project. For example, if you have a task that needs to be completed every week, you can set it up so that it's automatically added to your team's project list. Workflow management software can save you a lot of time and hassle in the long run, and having this ability in a PM solution will help.

What's nice about many of these project management solutions is that they support MacOS Catalina. This means you don't need to worry about compatibility issues because Apple has made it easy to switch between versions. Plus, there are tons of features that you won't get anywhere else.

Which Project Management Solution for Mac Should I Try?

There are a ton of great options when it comes to project management apps for Mac. The one you should go for depends on what kind of features you need and how much budget you have to spend.

One thing to remember is that you shouldn't just get any app. You need something that works well with your specific workflow. With that said, here are my top 5 project management solutions that you can go for:

Best Cloud-Based PM Tool


Keep your projects on track with this intuitive project management software.
Perfect For Project Managers


Online project management solution for businesses and teams of all sizes.
Best for Collaboration


Leading online PM software that helps businesses organize and manage projects effectively.
Ideal For Client Work


Create and manage your projects with Teamwork's easy-to-use PM software.
Best For Mac Devices


Willfully manage your work on the go with Asana's comprehensive PM software.

All of the above tools are great, but they aren't perfect. That's why we also recommend checking out our list of the 16 best task management software if you have more straightforward tasks to manage.

And if you still haven't found the perfect project management solution, you should know that there are plenty of alternatives. We've put together multiple helpful guides for finding the best alternative, regardless of whether you're using a PC or Mac:

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