9 Best Project Reporting Tools & Software of 2024

Updated Jul 19, 2023.

You may have dabbled with managing your project reports on Microsoft Excel or Google Spreadsheet in the past.

But now, your business needs a more sustainable and convenient way to create and manage your project reports.

Here’s your solution – using the right project reporting tools and software.

These tools help you gather data across numerous sources and organize them in a visually-appealing manner that’s easy for your users to read and interpret.

In this guide, I’ll walk you through the best project reporting tools and software and their respective features.

You’ll also get to see the key features every project reporting tool and software should have so that you can make a perfect decision for your business.

Let’s get started.

Best Project Reporting Tools & Software

1. Monday.com

Best Overall Project Reporting Tool and Software.

Monday.com is the Best Overall Project Reporting Tool and Software

Monday.com is a powerful tool for project management and smooth task coordination.

However, besides managing your projects and tasks, you can keep track of your projects, tasks, and team members’ performance and better analyze your productivity, all in a single interface.

Key Features


Easily create fully customizable dashboards and view your business data with a simple report editor. You can also visualize your data in over 20 widgets, including stacked chart, pivot table, workload, and Llama farm widget.

Advanced Search

Quickly search for any relevant data across your dashboard with Monday.com’s Search Everything feature.


Connect your reports with CRM tools, help desk software, email marketing platforms, and eCommerce platforms, including Microsoft Outlook, Slack, Google Drive, Dropbox, Zoom, and Zapier.

Resource Management

Track your spending with formulas and custom filters and manage your project budget.

Mobile Support

View and make updates to your dashboards and reports anytime via Monday.com’s mobile app.

Team Collaboration

Easily share your reports with your team members or clients by sending them a shareable link or an email directly from Monday.com.


Find out more Monday pricing or Monday review

Pricing on Monday.com begins with an Individual plan that’s free to use for only two team members with features like unlimited boards and docs and 200+ templates.

However, suppose you want to access advanced features such as advanced reporting and analytics, unlimited free viewers, 5GB file storage, numerous integrations and automation. In that case, you’ll have to purchase its pricing plans.

Monday.com has four pricing plans: Basic, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise, and offers a 14-day free trial to try out the advanced features.

2. ClickUp

Easy-To-Use Project Reporting Software for Project Managers and SMBs on a Budget.

ClickUp is an Easy To Use Project Reporting Software for Project Managers and SMBs on a Budget

If you are familiar with ClickUp’s project management prowess, you must also know about its robust reporting and analytics feature.

As a project management software that helps you plan and tackle all your work in one place, ClickUp also offers reporting features that let you see how you are doing and keep track of your work activities in real-time.

Once you create and assign tasks to your team members, you can track each task and project with custom filters to know which has been completed or is in progress and which team members are lagging.

Key Features


Easily create your dashboard and choose from over 50 widget variations to display your dashboard.

Team Management

Manage your workload and get a detailed overview of what task your team has tackled. You can also keep your team members motivated and give them new goals to shoot for with Team points.

Time Tracking

Assess your team members’ activities and narrow down time tracked on projects, lists, and even specific tasks. You can also compare your estimated time versus the actual time spent across different tasks and project spaces.


Seamlessly sync your cloud storage software, social media platforms, email marketing services, messaging apps, and other existing apps with your reports and dashboards.

Resource Management

Allocate resources to team members effectively by organizing project resources on your dashboard for easy visualization.


Quickly view your reports and dashboards on the go via ClickUp's mobile and desktop apps as well as Chrome extensions.


Find out more ClickUp pricing or ClickUp review

ClickUp’s pricing begins with a free forever plan that allows unlimited members and tasks, sprint management, and offers 100MB storage space.

However, you can get more advanced features like unlimited storage, unlimited teams, unlimited dashboard, unlimited and advanced automation on its paid plans – Unlimited, Business, Business Plus, and Enterprise.

3. Wrike

AI-Powered Project Reporting Software for Accurately Tracking Business Resources.

Wrike is an AI-Powered Project Reporting Software for Accurately Tracking Business Resources

Wrike is a workflow management software with solid reporting features that helps businesses and teams gain visibility into their projects and tasks and monitor their resources effectively.

Once you create a report, this project reporting software lets you easily select filters to customize it however you choose.

You can also share your dashboard with clients and stakeholders so that they can get access to live insights and updates anytime.

Key Features


Create your report from several pre-built templates and customize it to suit your unique needs or build your report from scratch.

Notifications and Alerts

Receive automatic alerts directly in your inbox on updates and changes made to data and reports.


Integrate your reports and dashboard with an email marketing platform, cloud storage tools, help desk software, and other third-party apps, including Box, Salesforce, Google Drive, and Microsoft Teams.

Resource Management

Store hourly rate cards for your business resources and keep every project within budget.

Time Tracking

Balance your team workload by using Wrike’s time-tracking feature to reprioritize projects and focus on billable hours.


Find out more Wrike pricing

Wrike’s pricing begins with a free plan for teams getting started. It offers unlimited users, interactive boards and spreadsheet views, and 2GB storage space per account.

You can also access more advanced features like shareable dashboards, branded workspace, custom fields, and up to 10GB storage per user on its paid plans; Professional, Business, and Enterprise.

4. Teamwork

Best Project Reporting Software With Solid Collaboration Features for Agile Teams and SMBs.

Teamwork is the Best Project Reporting Software With Solid Collaboration Features for Agile Teams and SMBs

Teamwork is a project management tool that helps teams keep their projects on track and their clients satisfied.

Alongside its project management features, Teamwork is also a project dashboard software offering solid reporting features that help you monitor and track progress across projects, users, and clients with ease.

Key Features


Create personalized real-time reports and dashboards that reflect specific metrics for your team and external users with custom filters and save them for future use.


Seamlessly integrate your workflow with accounting software, CRM software tools, time tracking software, and other third-party apps, including Stripe, Unito, HubSpot, Mailchimp, Harvest, Taco, and Box.

Team Management

Get real-time information on your team's capacity to help you make concrete decisions on project delivery timelines. You can also update your team members and external users on changes made to reports via email and slack.

Time Tracking

Effortlessly measure the time spent on a project across multiple tasks and team members via Teamwork's time tracker tool.

Resource Management

Set a financial budget for your project and track the progress accurately to avoid over-runs.


Find out more Teamwork pricing

Teamwork has a free forever plan with basic project and task management features for individuals and small teams to get started.

Large teams and Enterprises can access advanced features on its paid plans; Deliver, Grow, and Scale as well as a 30-day free trial on the Deliver and Grow plans.

5. Hive

Excellent Project Reporting Software With Interactive Dashboard.

Hive is an Excellent Project Reporting Software With Interactive Dashboard

If you are looking for a project reporting tool that allows you to collaborate with your team members and clients seamlessly, then Hive is a perfect fit for you.

Hive is a project management and online collaboration tool that helps you stay on top of your actions and projects and helps your team move faster.

However, more than collaborating with your team, Hive provides critical insights into your business productivity so that you can respond quickly to potential problems and identify opportunities to improve your business.

Key Features


Create interactive data dashboards easily and access your data from any internet-equipped device.

Time Tracking

Access timesheet reports that offer more visibility on team members’ progress and accurate information on the time spent on each task and project.

Resource Management

Get key insights into the resources available for your work activities to effectively manage your team’s workload.

Customer Support

New users get sample dashboards that provide an in-depth description of what each widget means.


Streamline your workflow by integrating your reports with your existing apps and software, including Google Drive, Okta, Jira, One Drive, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, GitHub, and Salesforce.

Team Communication

Quickly share your analytics and report actions with your team members via Hive’s native messenger and Hive Mail.


Hive has three plans; Hive Solo, Hive Teams, and Hive Enterprise.

Hive Solo is a free plan for only two users with unlimited storage and automated workflows.

Hive Teams and Hive Enterprise are paid plans with features like unlimited users and advanced analytics. You’ll also receive a 14-day free trial on the Hive Teams plan alone.

6. Octoboard

Best Project Reporting Software for Automated Reporting.

Octoboard is the Best Project Reporting Software for Automated Reporting

Octoboard helps businesses and agencies create insights with their team and automate client reporting, all from a single interface.

This project reporting software aims to simplify your business reporting tasks. You can instantly convert your Google Sheets documents to dashboards or PDF reports.

There’s also an activity dashboard that helps you assess your business performance across all your marketing channels, and you can send an unlimited number of reports to your clients.

Key Features


Create shareable dashboards and reports from over 350 pre-built data templates and customize your dashboard and reports to reflect your business’s identity.


View your dashboard and reports in numerous formats, including graphs, funnels, tables, maps, and pie charts.

Data Management

Octoboard automatically collects data from all your cloud applications and stores them in one place for easy reference.

SEO Management

Host SEO Audit forms to capture new leads, monitor SEO keyword rank, and include SEO audit results in your clients’ reports and dashboard.


Schedule and automate unlimited reports to your clients anytime.


Seamlessly integrate your dashboard with email marketing platforms, social media platforms, CRM software tools, and other third-party tools, including PayPal, Mailchimp, GetResponse, AWeber, Reddit, Stripe, Quickbooks, PostgreSQL, and CampaignMonitor.

Embed Analytics

You can easily create white label client portals for your website and embed dashboards, reports, or data views directly into any page of your website.

Notifications and Alerts

Automatically receive updates on your business performance and industry trends via email or Slack.


Octoboard Pricing Plan

Octoboard has two pricing systems; Business and Marketing Agency.

Octoboard for Business has a free plan and three paid plans: Starter, Growth, and Teams, while Octoboard for Marketing Agency has a free plan and three paid plans: Freelancer, Team, and Agency.

7. Zoho Analytics

Best Project Reporting Software With Easy-To-Read Charts for Sales and Marketing Agencies.

Zoho Analytics is the Best Project Reporting Software With Easy-To-Read Charts for Sales and Marketing Agencies

Zoho Analytics is an interactive project reporting software that uses AI (Artificial Intelligence), ML (Machine Language), and NLP (Natural Language Processing) technologies to help you transform your business data into insights and actions.

With a single click, you can automatically generate reports on whatever data you need to jumpstart your analysis and use data from multiple sources to compile your reports, making it a perfect tool for businesses in the sales and marketing field.

There’s also an AI assistant, Ask Zia, that performs system-wide metadata searches, which you can speak with on the go and embed anywhere in your business workflow.

Key Features


Kick-start your analytics journey with Zoho’s drag and drop user interface and numerous pre-built analytics templates or build your own ad hoc reports and dashboards to suit your business needs. You can also include metrics that span multiple departments’ data to create your personalized report and dashboard.


View your reports from a wide range of visualization options, including charts, summary, pivot, widget, and tabular views.

Automatic Alerts

Receive automatic notifications on updates to your KPI, goal achievements, and business performance.


Collaborate with your team members on reports and dashboards, add comments, images, and annotations.


Connect your analysis and reports with CRM software tools, accounting software, SaaS platforms, and other third-party tools, including Quickbooks, Salesforce, Xero, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and Zoho CRM.

Embed Analytics

Easily embed your white-labeled reports and dashboards across websites, blogs, and applications. 

Mobile Support

Mobile (iOS and Android) and desktop apps are available to enable you to work from anywhere.


Zoho Analytics Pricing Plan

Zoho Analytics has two pricing systems; Cloud and On-premise.

The Cloud pricing system has four pricing plans; Basic, Standard, Premium, and Enterprise, and a 15-day free trial to test the waters before making any financial commitment.

The On-premise pricing system has a free plan and one paid plan (Professional plan).

8. ThoughtSpot

User-Friendly Project Reporting Software for Beginners.

ThoughtSpot is an User Friendly Project Reporting Software for Beginners

ThoughtSpot is a dedicated project reporting software that converges data from all your business sources, no matter the size, into a single dedicated analytics cache.

With its drag and drop interface, any member of your team, irrespective of their technical expertise, can create a tailored analytics experience from several pre-built templates to enable your audience to connect with the information better.

However, ThoughtSpot's biggest benefit is its SpotIQ feature that auto-detects anomalies and outliers in your business routines, analyzes business trends, and executes thousands of queries, all in split seconds.

Key Features


With ThoughtSpot’s intuitive drag and drop user interface, you can easily create personalized reports in chart and table forms and include labels, notes, and tabs to make them more detailed.


Share and collaborate extensively on analytics and data with your team members.

Advanced Search

Perform complex queries with ThoughtSpot in-built search result caches and NLQ (Natural Language Query) and get results in minutes.


Automate your worksheet model to build a fast and easy work process.

User Access Control

Restrict access to selected data, reports, and dashboards via granular user privileges.

Embed Analytics

Embed your reports and dashboards on your websites and other business applications or deploy them as a stand-alone platform.


Integrate your analytics with workload management tools and other business tools and software, including Microsoft Excel, Google Analytics, Salesforce, Marketo, Jira, and Oracle.

Notifications and Alerts

Receive proactive notifications via email, mobile, or Slack when updates are made to your reports.

Mobile App

Mobile apps are available for iOS and Android devices to enable you to access your business reports on the go.


ThoughtSpot offers a free 30-day trial and two pricing plans: ThoughtSpot Enterprise and ThoughtSpot Everywhere.

9. Microsoft Power BI

Best Project Reporting Software for Data Visualization.

Microsoft Power BI is the Best Project Reporting Software for Data Visualization

Microsoft Power BI is an analytics and business intelligence tool that helps businesses integrate numerous data sets into reports and share insights, all in a centralized location.

With its stunning visualizations and interactive dashboards, you can easily import data from numerous data sources, create personalized reports, organize them, and provide a consolidated view of your business performance to your audience.

Key Features


Organize your reports and dashboards with an extensive library of data visualization or tailor custom data visualizations to suit your business requirements.

Intuitive Interface

Quickly identify trends and Natural Language Queries (NLQ) with Power BI’s intuitive drag and drop interface.

Automatic Notifications

Receive real-time notifications about updates and changes in your data and reports.


Seamlessly share your reports and dashboards with team members and external users.


Integrate your reports with CRM tools, email marketing platforms, file sharing sites, and other third-party tools, including GitHub, Mailchimp, Microsoft Excel, Oracle, and SharePoint.

Embed Analytics

Embed your reports and analytics directly on your website or app.

User Access Control

Offer end-users full or partial control of activities on data and reports

Mobile App

Microsoft Power BI offers a mobile app available for Android and iOS devices so that you can keep up with your business data anywhere.


Microsoft Power BI Pricing Plan

Microsoft Power BI has a free plan and two pricing plans; Power BI Pro and Power BI Premium.

Key Features of Project Reporting Software

As a business owner, data analysis and project reports play a crucial part in your decision-making.

Not only does it put together a vivid picture based on relevant data for a specific and narrow subset of your business operations, but it also helps to present your data in an attractive manner that's easily understandable by anyone.

Now, the million-dollar question on your mind is…

How do you identify a great project reporting software?

Depending on the specific needs of your business, you can tailor your choices to meet them.

However, any project reporting software should ideally provide its user with the following features.

1. Multiple Visualization Options

Most reports are usually interpreted in graphs and charts.

Now, while a pie chart may be great for viewing data with few categories, it's not the best option for comparing results from numerous categories.

So, if your project reporting software offers only a limited visualization option, relating the information to your clients may be difficult.

A good project reporting software should give you numerous options for viewing your reports. More options such as overview, summary, pivot, workload, and tables provide more opportunities for exploring and analyzing your business data.

2. Customization

What do you want your audience to see when they look at your reports and dashboards?

A good project reporting software should let you customize your data in a way that suits you and even save these customizations for quick access later.

Project reporting tools that make you conform to a one-size-fits-all reporting approach usually have a limited design and thus will be of little use.

In addition, you should also be able to create a custom look for your data and even include your brand identities, such as logos and colors.

3. Seamless Data Integration

Before you can create any report, you must get to the data first.

If you decide to import data from your existing tool manually, you'll surely get your work done, but that process is usually prolonged and time-consuming.

First, you have to log into the software. Then, you have to start sourcing for the specific data and start the importation process into your project reporting software.

Too long, right?

Your best option is to get a project reporting software that seamlessly integrates with your current tools and apps, at the very least. That will help speed up your reporting process, resulting in high productivity and satisfied clients.

4. Automation

Here's a scenario I'd like you to look at.

Mr. A and Mr. B both have the same task to do. They must evaluate a series of data, create templates for some new reports, and send the previous day's report to 50 clients.

Mr. A sets the report to automatically send to the 50 clients while focusing on his remaining tasks.

Mr. B manually sends his report to the 50 clients, after which he then begins to work on his remaining tasks.

Who do you think will get more tasks done?

Certainly not Mr. B.

Every project reporting software must offer at least basic process automation. That's because automation will save your team's time and help your clients and partners gain confidence in your reporting.

You can automate repetitive tasks such as preparing and sending monthly reports, importing data directly from other sources, or receiving alerts and notifications when there's an update on your reports. That will help you repurpose that time into more productive work.

5. High-Level Security

In 2025, cybercrime will cost the world 10.5 trillion USD.

So, if your business information isn't safe, it can fall into the wrong hands.

Therefore, you should ensure that your project reporting software follows global security standards and offers several internal security measures to ensure that only the right people can access your business information.

6. Mobile Support

The more your team members use your reports and dashboards, the more data-focused they will be and the more they will make data-driven decisions.

If your team members do not have easy access to your reporting software, they will soon lose interest and use it less over time.

Hence, your project reporting software must allow your team members and clients to access your data and report from anywhere.

They should easily publish the analysis content of the project reporting tool to their mobile and even use the mobile device's function to implement quick edits and updates as required.

Choosing the Right Project Reporting Tool

Having the right data can streamline and channel the decision-making process of your business in the right direction.

However, getting the right data can only be possible with the right project reporting tool and software.

Also, with the number of choices available in this guide, it is not uncommon to get overwhelmed with what project reporting tool to choose.

So, how do you figure out which project reporting tool is right for you?

For the most part, the answer lies in what your business needs. Do you need a budget-friendly project reporting tool? Are you looking for data visualization options? Are you looking to share your reports with your team members and clients easily? Do you need a project reporting tool that offers seamless integration with numerous third-party apps?

Make a list of everything your business needs in a project reporting tool.

Once you have figured that out, you can then compare each project reporting tool in this guide with your list.

Surely, you will be able to narrow down your choices and pick the right project reporting tool that suits your business.

Meanwhile, here are our top best project reporting tools and software.

  • Monday.com: Best overall project reporting tool.
  • ClickUp: Budget-friendly project reporting tool.
  • Wrike: Perfect project reporting tool for tracking your business resources.
  • Octoboard: Best for creating an automated reporting system.
  • Microsoft Power BI: Excellent project reporting tool if data visualization is at the top of your business goals.

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