8 Best Restaurant Website Builders in 2022 (With Online Ordering)

Updated Oct 25, 2022.

The best restaurant website builders make it easy to set up a website for your restaurant with restaurant-specific templates and seamless app integrations. I have evaluated the top eight best restaurant website builders, and recommended the top five choices below.

Squarespace icon


The best restaurant website builder with elegant restaurant templates and inbuilt marketing tools.
Wix icon


The best website builder with highly customizable restaurant templates and a convenient online ordering system.
Shopify icon


A great ecommerce restaurant builder with robust omnichannel and automated order management dashboard.
Square Online Icon

Square Online

A robust restaurant website builder with a truly seamless omnichannel service and a great mobile friendly experience.
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Bluehost Builder

The best website builder for WordPress sites with fast website speed and intuitive restaurant templates.

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It’s 2022 and creating a restaurant website has never been easier. It's no longer acceptable for restaurant owners to only have a basic website with contact information.

Given that eating is such a visual experience, it makes sense to highlight this and entice customers by showcasing your appealing cuisine. Customers also prioritize their convenience these days, and they want to be able to order their favorite dish with a few taps on their phones. What better way to make all this possible than by creating a restaurant website?

When choosing a restaurant website builder for your website, you want a solution that provides all the necessary functionalities, including beautiful website restaurant templates, an online ordering system, the ability to add multiple menus, and seamless integrations with delivery and payment apps. 

Many excellent platforms are available, but not all website builders offer the same value or advantages. The restaurant website builders reviewed in this article all have specific advantages and different pricing options. You should be able to choose a solution that best fits your business. 

Best Restaurant Website Builders

The top restaurant website builders are listed below:

  1. Squarespace
  2. Wix
  3. Shopify
  4. Square Online
  5. Bluehost Builder
  6. Zyro
  7. Weebly
  8. Duda

1. Squarespace

Best Restaurant Website Builder With Elegant Website Templates

Editor’s Take
9.1 out of 10
Best For:
All Businesses
$23 – $65 monthly 
Annual Discount:
Save 25% – 30% 
14-day free trial

Squarespace’s website builder is a premium choice for building restaurant websites. Users can choose from over 140 beautiful restaurant website templates. The platform works as a complete solution as it’s fully integrated with the tools you’ll need to manage inventory, process online ordering, and market your business. Squarespace is a solid choice if you need a restaurant website builder with beautiful website templates and a seamless way to interact with your customers.

One of the best restaurant website builders, Squarespace is also one of the best options for driving customers to your restaurant website.

The vast library of beautiful restaurant templates makes it easy for users to get started and create awesome food menus.

Best Features

  • Ease-of-Use: One of the distinct benefits of using Squarespace's editor is that it includes a helpful tutorial for first-time users, which helps you navigate the software. Squarespace has several modern and minimalist designs that are quite easy to customize. It also has a checklist, which is useful for beginners.
  • All-in-One Platform: Using multiple integrations, you can create a seamless, fully-functional restaurant website and sell online items, food, and physical products. You can also sell gift cards. It includes all of the capabilities needed to manage inventory, handle online ordering, and send emails.
  • Robust Marketing Tools: You can interact with your customers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and email through Squarespace’s inbuilt marketing tools. Search engine optimization is also inbuilt. With the platform’s real-time analytics, you can collect data on consumer behavior and improve your website and service accordingly.
  • Restaurant-centric Integrations: Squarespace is a popular restaurant website builder that works with ChowNow and OpenTable, which are online ordering and online reservation services, respectively. It has also partnered with Tock to provide restaurant owners with an all-in-one solution for handling online orders, tables, events, and online reservations from their Squarespace websites.


  • More than 140 elegant and mobile-responsive restaurant templates available.
  • Superb SEO and marketing integrations.
  • All plans come with a free domain.
  • It’s relatively affordable compared to other restaurant website builder plans.


  • Getting used to navigating the software might take some time for some users.
  • No free plan.
  • No phone support.


Squarespace - Pricing Plan
  • Pricing starts at $23 for a monthly subscription.
  • There's a 25% – 30% discount on an annual subscription.

2. Wix

Best Restaurant Website Builder With Robust Online Ordering Functionality

Editor’s Take
8.7 out of 10
Best For:
Affordable Plans
$17 – $35 monthly
Annual Discount:
Save 10%
14-day free trial and free plan 

Wix is the website builder to use if you want to create a restaurant website with little effort and a lot of creative control. Expect great e-commerce functionality and web design features like beautiful video backgrounds and title animations. It even lets you build an app version of your website for mobile devices. If you want an intuitive builder with a convenient online ordering and payment solution, go with Wix. 

Wix is one of the best restaurant website builders on the market because it provides a ton of intuitive restaurant templates to select from. The interface and functionality are very user-friendly, making the platform the easiest restaurant website builder for many users. 

Users get superb marketing integrations for email and social media, as well as great payment solutions.

Best Features

  • Superb Menu Optimization: With the Wix restaurant website builder, you get inviting restaurant menu page layouts which can then be tweaked to your taste. You can also use labels to direct guests to particular meals by simply adding and managing your dishes. You can describe specials and prices, choose a layout, upload appealing images, and publish the menu to share it with customers on social media or other external services.
  • Robust SEO and Marketing Tools: Even in its free plan, Wix offers robust SEO capabilities. There is a checklist for website optimization, and you can add your Google Analytics ID for site analytics and upload a sitemap to Search Console for indexing. You may also use artificial intelligence (AI) to monitor the effectiveness of your Facebook and Instagram ads so that you can maximize the use of your social media advertising budget.
  • Superb Ordering and Payment System: The platform allows you to take orders straight from your website, offer delivery and pickup services, designate delivery locations, and communicate with customers in real-time. You can get paid online or offline. The best part is that you don’t have to pay commissions to process online ordering. 
  • High Security: Wix has a ton of built-in security features, including an SSL certificate, double payment authentication for secure online payments, and PCI compliance to keep your website safe and secure.
  • Comprehensive Restaurant Website Templates: Wix is one of the best website builders for restaurants with no technical staff or expertise, providing over 60+ professional restaurant website templates to pick from. As the most flexible website builder for many no-code users, Wix’s highly customizable restaurant-specific templates and intuitive interface are heaven-sent if you desire a high level of creative control.
  • Customer Reviews and Testimonials: Your visitors will be able to submit reviews and testimonials in a specific website section.


  • Great ecommerce features.
  • Convenient order system.
  • The Wix restaurant website builder is intuitive and highly customizable.
  • Superb order system.


  • Limited storage for all plans
  • Wix does offer a free website builder, but this can’t function as a true restaurant site builder unless you upgrade to a plan with all the features you need to accept payments and online orders.


Wix pricing
  • Pricing starts at $17 per month for the Business Basic plan.
  • The business VIP plan is $35 per month.

You can try Wix on a 14-day free trial.

3. Shopify

Ecommerce Restaurant Builder With Automated Delivery

Editor’s Take
8.2 out of 10
Best For:
New Businesses 
$29 – $299 monthly 
Annual Discount:
Save 50%
7-day free trial 

Shopify’s restaurant website builder makes it easy for you to build a successful restaurant website with little technical expertise or design knowledge. The platform lets you create a complete omnichannel experience for your customers with multiple delivery options and robust marketing integrations. Shopify is an excellent choice if you want to get your restaurant website up quickly without having to worry about local food delivery.

Shopify is one of the most popular restaurant website builders. 

Its user-friendly interface and restaurant website templates allow restaurant owners to easily create professional restaurant sites that look fantastic on any device.

The site builder offers several app integrations to help you create your online presence, from search engine product listings to email marketing.

Best Features

  • Stylish Website Templates: Shopify offers both free and paid templates, all of which have attractive designs. The “Food and Drink” industry category has 19 themes, 17 of which are premium website templates.
  • Ease of Use: While it’s one of the best website builders thanks to its advanced features, Shopify is relatively easy to use. No coding skills are required, and the restaurant-specific templates are simple to customize. Adding product menus, altering colors, and editing text are all rather simple, so getting started with Shopify will be a breeze. 
  • Multiple Order Options: You can easily provide your customers with several options to order on your website with the Store Pickup and Delivery App. This will also enable you to fully comprehend which online orders are scheduled for local pickup or delivery. The interface is easy to use, and you don't have to be concerned about your online orders getting mixed up. Furthermore, Shopify enables local restaurants to bypass 3P logistics companies by streamlining local delivery. 
  • Order Management Automation: The main purpose of the Shopify software called Foodee is to assist restaurant online store owners in better managing their food orders. It’s a dashboard that displays a comprehensive overview of current orders, highlights all incoming orders, and details individual goods in each order so that your team can manage and handle them quickly. It is a crucial app to have to effectively manage online ordering and was created specifically for the restaurant industry.


  • Customers are prompted to give a tip on Shopify’s restaurant websites before checking out using the Shopify Tip Jar app.
  • Apart from letting you sell online, Shopify facilitates offline selling with POS.
  • Automates local delivery.


  • It’s not a cheap option.
  • No free plan


Shopify - Pricing Plan
  • Pricing is $29 monthly for the Basic plan.
  • The Advanced plan allows up to 15 staff accounts, while the Basic plan has 2.

4. Square Online

Robust Restaurant Website Builder With Superb Omnichannel Tools

Editor’s Take
7.8 out of 10
Best For:
$29+ monthly 
Annual Discount:
Free plan and 30-day free trial 

With robust functionality that allows you to accept orders both online and offline, through social media, as well as through a mobile app, Square Online provides the complete omnichannel experience that every ecommerce business should cherish. It also makes it simple for businesses to provide a range of delivery options, including in-person and curbside pickup, delivery by courier, or the use of 3P logistics companies. The platform is a great choice if you want your customers to be able to access your service anywhere, anytime.

Square Online is a great website builder for restaurants. It helps streamline the whole selling and delivery process. 

It also provides SEO capabilities for boosting your online exposure. What’s more, there’s a staff management system to control permissions and manage your employees’ responsibilities.

Best Features

  • Ease of Use: Square Online’s dashboard is intuitive and easy to understand. You receive a manual after signing up, which is accessible from your dashboard. The manual provides automated prompts detailing the steps you must take to launch your store, enabling you to create it independently without any technical assistance.
  • Product and Inventory Management: Online and offline purchases and inventory are seamlessly connected and accounted for thanks to Square Online’s interaction with the Square POS system. The capabilities for managing inventory in Square Online are fairly basic. Your stock can be updated to reflect the following events: stock received, inventory recount, restock return, and stock lost to theft or damage. 
  • Robust Omnichannel: The seamless omnichannel experience you can offer your customers, whether they are purchasing in-store or online, is what makes Square Online so fantastic. You can specify click-and-collect choices, order pickup windows and hours, order preparation times, customer alerts for when their order is ready, and whether or not customers can arrange pickup times. Additionally, you can text customers about their orders' statuses and include information like order confirmation, pickup location and time, and shipping company.
  • SEO: The SEO tools provided by Square Online are simple but sufficient for getting your site indexed by Google.


  • Integrated payment processing system.
  • Seamless omnichannel with a mobile app, social media, as well as offline and online ordering.
  • No extra charge for using the POS for offline sales.
  • Has a free plan.
  • Square Online offers free appointment scheduling online through Square Appointments.


  • Design options are relatively limited compared to other website builders.
  • Inventory management is relatively basic.


Square Online pricing
  • Pricing starts at $29 per month
  • You have to contact sales to get custom pricing for the Premium plan.

5. Bluehost Builder

Best Restaurant Website Builder For WordPress Restaurant Websites

Editor’s Take
7.6 out of 10
Best For:
Fast Sites
$2.95 – $12.95
Annual Discount:
Save 33% – 77%
Free Domain

Bluehost offers an easy-to-use, intuitive drag-and-drop builder that will assist you in quickly building your website, as well as tweaking its layout and adding other elements. Bluehost's websites are relatively fast thanks to its original functionality as a web host. If you want to create a restaurant website easily using WordPress, choose Bluehost.

Bluehost Builder is a great website builder for restaurants that prefer to use WordPress to build their site.

The platform offers access to tons of WordPress plugins that can boost your site’s look and functionality.

Best Features

  • Robust Integrations: The website builder provides access to a plethora of tools, scripts, and add-ons that may be utilized to further customize your restaurant website. You may also choose from a variety of WordPress website layouts and marketing and ecommerce features to integrate into your restaurant website.
  • Impressive Security: Every Bluehost plan includes a free SSL certificate, so visitors will never receive a warning that your site is not secure. This is a worthwhile investment for ecommerce restaurant websites. SpamAssassin protection, hotlink protection, and Secure Shell access are among the other free Bluehost security features.
  • Fast Page Load Time and Flexibility: Bluehost guarantees top-tier website performance, which is achieved through faster web page load times and high uptime rates. 


  • Fast website speed.
  • Customizable restaurant-specific templates.
  • Free email addresses, hosting, a free domain for a year, and a free SSL certificate.


  • While it offers free services a free domain and an SSL certificate on its basic plan, Bluehost sends intrusive upsell pitches that users might find annoying.


Bluehost Builder-Pricing Plan
  • Pricing starts at $2.95 per month for its Content Creation plan.
  • It is $12.95 per month for its Marketplace plan.

6. Zyro

Best Restaurant Website Builder With Truly Cheap Plans

Zyro - Restaurant website builder

Zyro is a robust restaurant website builder with restaurant templates that enable you to easily build your site. 

The platform is loaded with AI tools that automate and simplify several aspects of website creation and growth, including a logo maker, slogan generator, and an AI writer. 

Best Features

  • SEO Tools: Zyro provides built-in SEO and marketing tools. Every page on your restaurant website can have a page title, page description, and preview image.
  • Unique Restaurant Website Templates: There are numerous modern, minimalist restaurant website templates to choose from, and this places Zyro as one of the most user-friendly restaurant site builders. The platform comes with 70+ professionally designed restaurant templates. 
  • Comprehensive Customer Support: Zyro offers customer service via email, knowledge base, live chat, and a contact form. Their knowledge base contains over 250 helpful articles in multiple categories.


  • Quite affordable, with plans starting at $2.99 a month.
  • User-friendly editor dashboard.
  • Search engine optimization.
  • Useful AI capabilities.


  • You can create a page for free, but you must subscribe to a paid plan to publish it.
  • Its AI-generated content is quite basic.
  • Limited customization for the templates.


Zyro - Pricing Plan
  • Pricing starts at $2.69 per month.
  • There's a 73% – 75% discount on annual subscriptions.

7. Weebly

Great Website Builder With Free Restaurant App

Weebly - Your idea matters. Make a website

Weebly is a great website builder for restaurants thanks to its free tools. It comes with flexible web designs and a drag-and-drop editor that makes it simple for almost anybody to build a professional restaurant website.

The platform is aimed at non-coders and provides a wide range of design modifications and integrations. At the same time, it has a lot to offer more experienced users who want to make the most of its capabilities.

Best Features

  • Ease of Use: Weebly is one of the best website builders for restaurants with no technical staff or expertise. Its layout is straightforward and simple to use, and ecommerce tools are provided, even in the free version. Furthermore, because Weebly sites are instantly responsive, you don't need to modify your design for mobile devices.
  • Free Restaurant App: Weebly’s free app makes it one of the closest things to a free restaurant website builder. You can integrate the app with your website to create restaurant menus, take online orders and accept table reservations, all for free. There are zero commissions and no limits on the use of these restaurant features. 
  • Add-Ons and Plugins: You can add Weebly's outstanding selection of applications to your website to make it more functional. Some are cost-free, while others demand a one-time or monthly fee. Paid Member, Facebook Live Chat, Social Media Stream, H1 Tag, and Bloggons are a few examples of such helpful apps.
  • SEO-Friendly: In order to help your website get found online, Weebly’s SEO tools allow you to add alt-tags to images as well as page-level titles and descriptions. Additionally, you can include unique header and footer code, as is required for integrating third-party applications like Google Analytics.


  • Free restaurant app.
  • Free, customizable restaurant website templates.
  • Free website builder.
  • Robust marketing tools and integrations.


  • It is not a realistic choice for individuals with minimal design skills.


Weebly - Pricing Plan
  • Free plan available
  • Pricing starts at $5 per month

8. Duda

Great Website Builder with Team Collaboration Tool

Duda - Scale with Duda's website builder

Duda is a fantastic tool if you have a team onboard to help you grow your restaurant website. 

It is a user-friendly platform that provides a wide range of restaurant-specific templates and enables users to offer a wide range of services to their customers.

Best Features

  • eCommerce Functionality: Duda provides a full sales system with shopping carts and checkout pages. You can add printable coupons for website visitors, as well as PayPal buy buttons and customer memberships. Any Duda customer who has purchased the eCommerce add-on can build a 10-page online store on their websites. 
  • Intuitive Web Design: You can discover tools for controlling and building your site in the site builder's left sidebar. These enable you to add and manage pages and site settings from options on the left panel, as well as change your theme's colors, content, and navigation. This sidebar can be collapsed using an arrow for a useful full-page view. 
  • Team Collaboration: It’s easy to grow and manage your restaurant website with a team thanks to Duda’s team collaboration tools. You can assign clearly-defined roles and communicate with team members while editing. 
  • SEO: Duda SEO features include the option to add alt text to images, responsive layouts that adapt to the screen of any device, meta tags, and descriptions, and Google PageSpeed optimization.
  • Content Library: The content library on Duda makes it simple to import content from sites like Facebook. You can also gather and arrange business information in one location within the Duda website builder and manage files manually.
  • Impressive Website Analytics: Duda provides intelligent insights on its websites, without the need for third-party integrations. To obtain all the essential statistics, simply click the Stats icon on the dashboard. As a result, you can see the number of visitors to your site, their geographic area, the pages they viewed, the content that most piqued their interest, and much more. 


  • Diverse range of customizable restaurant templates.
  • Team collaboration feature
  • App store with some useful integrations.
  • Rich content library.


  • The number of apps available on Duda is limited, and those that are offered are not always as helpful as they might be.
  • Limited SEO
  • The website editor occasionally feels clumsy and constrained due to its limited customization options.
  • No free plan
  • Priority support is only available to high-tier subscribers.


  • Pricing starts at $19 per month.
  • 25% discount on annual subscriptions.

How to Choose a Restaurant Website Builder

When choosing a restaurant website builder, there are a number of criteria that must be met in order to make it suitable for your restaurant business. You should always take into account the resources you have at your disposal and your long-term strategy. 

The criteria for choosing the best restaurant website builders include:

  • Integrations: You might have to integrate your restaurant's site with reliable e-commerce platforms and tools if you want to run a profitable online ordering operation. To automatically accept and handle online ordering and payments, you'll need a point of sales system or POS software. Ideally, you should also be able to connect your website with services that help you create an online menu, use restaurant reviews, make reservations online, and accumulate points for free meals.
  • SEO: When setting up your restaurant business online, it’s not enough to have a fancy website. It might not make a difference if customers can't find you on search engines. Your SEO efforts should be aided by a reliable restaurant website builder. Making your site visible is crucial to its success because 70% of searchers never scroll past the first page.
  • Ease of Use: Any effective website builder for restaurants should make it simple for users to create restaurant sites while also streamlining the process. Potential customers may avoid complex websites with clumsy interfaces and designs, which you may create if you use overly complex website builders. In addition to keeping things straightforward, the best restaurant website builder should make your sizzling restaurant website responsive to screens of all sizes.
  • No-code Editor: Good restaurant websites constantly invest in developing distinctive designs that are easy on the eye. It isn't enough to have a good template; you'll probably want to tweak it. You will require a versatile drag-and-drop editor while building a restaurant website so that you can add images, logos, and maps as well as alter the color scheme, theme, style, and fonts. Users will be able to manage the content from their dashboard with ease if they utilize a solid restaurant and e-commerce website builder.
  • Pricing: Website builders offer a variety of features and tools and consequently vary in price. The simpler the system, the more economical the plan. Also, the more serious your goals, the more money you will have to invest. Because of their specific focus, specialty platforms are often more expensive, but many of them include functionality not found in generic website builders.
  • Dedicated Customer Support: A suitable restaurant website builder should at the very least provide email support and have a specific FAQ area on the website. Community forums, live chat, or even better—a dedicated phone help line—make it easier to interact with your restaurant business and are often required by consumers.

Website Builder for Restaurant FAQ

How do I make a restaurant website?

Building a website for your restaurant business has never been simpler or more important. If you have zero coding skills and little design inclination, your best bet is to choose from one of the several drag-and-drop restaurant site builders available to create your food website

These applications often offer beautiful restaurant-specific templates, so choose a template with a theme that matches your business (food type and brand). You can choose to customize this template to your taste or simply go with it. 

Ensure that your restaurant site builder allows you to create a food menu, manage inventory and online orders, as well as accept different payment options.

How much does a restaurant website builder cost?

A fully functional website for a restaurant can be created and hosted for as little as the monthly fees for a website builder like Squarespace ($23) or Wix ($27). These plans should come with your free domain, hosting, SSL security, and every tool you'll require to accept and process online ordering, create personalized menus, and handle online reservations.

Some of the cheapest website builders go for as low as $5 or $14, but these won’t be as fully functional as the more expensive solutions. 

Which restaurant website builder has the best SEO? 

Features like responsive website designs, meta tags and descriptions, internal linking structures, and XML sitemaps are typically offered by the best restaurant site builders. The list of restaurant website builders with the best SEO is provided below: 

Squarespace has a competitive selection of SEO tools; from enabling simple and straightforward site navigation right through to keyword optimization and the inclusion of meta descriptions. 
Wix allows you to use or change the default meta tags, URL structure and slugs, and structured data markup, among other SEO tools.
Shopify’s SEO tools help your business rank on search engines by automatically handling some SEO functions, including auto-generated canonical tags, auto-generation of your website's sitemap.xml and robots.txt files, and title tags that include your store name.
Square Online allows users to optimize their website pages for search engine results by using three optional SEO fields for site items: permalink, title, and description.
Bluehost Builder makes it simple to improve your restaurant's search rankings by offering the insights and resources required to rank on the biggest search engines.

Can you sell products through a restaurant website builder?

Yes. Some restaurant website builders, such as Squarespace, Wix, Shopify, and Square Online, allow you to promote a special online menu, which you can use to sell online to your diners directly through your website.

Build Your Restaurant Website in Minutes

Thanks to the sophistication and intuitiveness of no-code website builders around today, you can put your restaurant online and set up a website for it in a matter of minutes with little difficulty.

Simply go for top website builders with restaurant-specific website templates instead of trying to start from scratch, unless you’re a professional web designer. Choosing ready-made professional restaurant website templates is the foundation that will make the website-building process quick and easy for you. You can check this list of amazing restaurant website examples to get some design inspiration.

Then check that the website builder provides advanced features that will make the site functional as a restaurant website. Restaurant features to look out for include menu designs, an online ordering feature, and payment integrations.

Best Overall


The best restaurant website builder with elegant restaurant templates and inbuilt marketing tools.
Best Cheap Solution


The best website builder with highly customizable restaurant templates and a convenient online ordering system.
Best For Ecommerce


A great ecommerce restaurant builder with robust omnichannel and a great automated order management dashboard.
Best For Mobile

Square Online

A robust restaurant website builder with a truly seamless omnichannel service and a great mobile friendly experience.
Best For Site Speed

Bluehost Builder

The best website builder for WordPress sites with fast website speed and intuitive restaurant templates.

Check out more detailed comparative reviews of several restaurant site builders below: 

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