22 Examples of Amazing Restaurant Websites in 2022

Updated Nov 8, 2022.
Examples of Amazing Restaurant Websites

Restaurant websites in 2022 are changing and upgrading more than ever before. The restaurant business is huge and diverse.

But, to get noticed by a wider audience (and not just in your neighborhood), you need to create a splendid online presence. I am not talking about just limiting yourself to social media. I am talking about taking the bold step and creating a great restaurant website that would not only attract visitors to scroll through but also make an order or visit your restaurant in person.

What many top and smart restaurants are doing now is to create a stunning restaurant website for their brand that would have people visiting and ordering. One thing is for sure: the food industry would never die. 

In this article, I am going to show you the most amazing ways restaurants spice up the look and feel of their simple restaurant websites. The best part is that these websites were created by the best website builders, so it wouldn't be hard to get started right away. These website builders have templates and themes to design a stunning website for restaurants. 

With a stunning restaurant website, you will control and improve the image of your brand to a wider audience range.

Ready? Let's go

1. Poco (Made with Squarespace)

The perfect example of a simple restaurant website

Poco is the perfect example of a simple restaurant website

Poco is a traditional restaurant based in Alphabet City, New York. The goal of the restaurant is to serve as a home away from home for residents in New York, by serving traditionally made food to diners.

What to Learn From Poco's Restaurant Website

Poco's website is what you can call simple, informative, and straight-to-the-point. From the bold headline on the homepage to the other web pages, every piece of information on the website gives the visitor an insight into how the restaurant is. 

Poco has a simple restaurant website design, which can be viewed at a go with just a simple scroll through. This means the visitor gets to scan the menu, press, events, and weekly specials in just a few easy seconds.

Your restaurant website design doesn't have to be complex. Yes, you may be trying to present very relevant information to your visitors so they get to know more about your restaurant and relate to what you stand for. But you can simply present every information, just like how Poco did. 

Unnecessary information or a complex design wastes time and visitors do not have much time to spare, especially when a lot of them come from different walks of life.

One cool thing to note about Poco's restaurant website is that they didn't forget to include cool images of their restaurant too. Not only did the images of food and customers having a great time give the website a beautiful aesthetic, but they also say a whole lot more than the words did.

2. FamousWok (Made with Weebly)

A great restaurant website example with vibrant colors

FamousWok is a great restaurant website example with vibrant colors

FamousWok is a special Chinese American restaurant with multiple locations across America. The restaurant headquarters is based in Texas, inside Walmart. FamousWok is famous for its delicious Chicken Bourbon. 

This good restaurant website looks exciting and incites emotions with the up-close image of the food on the homepage and a clear menu list for visitors to easily scan through and choose what they want.

What To Learn From FamousWok's Restaurant Website 

FamousWok attracts lots of loyal customers because of its popular recipe, but it also attracts more visitors to its website because of its vibrant colors. The warm colors used reflect the mood of the brand and the quality of their food. 

Colors have a psychological effect on both your website's visitors and your customers. This is because colors communicate to your customers, from the logo to the homepage, the menu list, and headlines. When it comes to branding, especially on food websites, your choice of colors says a lot about your brand. If your colors are dull, it gives a dull look to your website. 

While website visitors cannot experience the mood of your restaurant, they get an idea of how it is through your website. Choose your colors carefully and let them blend perfectly with your food. The colors you choose boost emotions and improve the food aesthetics on the website.

Red and yellow are the best color combinations for fast foods. They are warm, inviting, and casual. These colors are very catchy and stand out in the midst of other colors. If your restaurant is a fast food one, you can consider using these colors.

However, if your restaurant is more like a bar, fine dining restaurant, or breakfast cafe, you should consider using a different color scheme. Combining red and yellow would be a bad idea. You can use a dark color scheme if you have a night bar.

3. Zerofox (Made with Wix)

Best food and wine restaurant website with brilliant and beautiful aesthetics

Zerofox is the Best food and wine restaurant website with brilliant and beautiful aesthetics

Zerofox is a small food and beverage restaurant located in Teneriffe. The bar focuses on Australian beverages and the food restaurant specializes in delicious Japanese and Korean dishes.

For a multicultural restaurant, Zerofox got very creative with its restaurant website. I would say that Zerofox's website looks more like an art portfolio. The design and aesthetics are brilliant, very fun to watch.

What to Learn From Zerofox's Restaurant Website

The primary goal of visitors to your restaurant website is to see what you have, not read what you have. 

Instead of boring them with lots of texts, let the images do the talking. Invest in a high-quality photo gallery of your finest food, wine, snacks, and any other thing your restaurant is serving. The images of the food and drinks would have you salivating

From the background to the images on display, every image compliments the other. If you want to capture customer moments, capture them when they are smiling. That is great content!

Running restaurant services involves more than just serving food to customers. You are offering them an experience from the decorations to the interior designs, the music played, and so on. Likewise, having a restaurant website is more than just displaying food for visitors to see online and drool. 

The truth is many other restaurant websites are doing the same thing. So what makes yours unique? You have to be intentional about what you upload to your website. Highlight things that would appeal to the sensory desires. The design of your website and the color combination should match your food aesthetics.

Share happy moments on your website. Let the images of food and customer happy moments speak for your brand. The happier and more balanced your gallery looks, the eager visitors would be to buy.

4. Giardino (Made with WordPress)

A stunning restaurant website example with a complimenting and well-detailed menu list

Giardino is a stunning restaurant website example with a complimenting and well detailed menu list

Giardino is a classy Italian diner located in Vancouver, Canada. The restaurant was founded by Tony and Julia Amato.

The website was designed in simple page layouts but with all the essential elements for a user-friendly website. The website is sharp and easy to just scan through. 

What to Learn From Giardino's Restaurant Website 

Although visitors are not physically present at your restaurant, they still want to know more about what it serves. The best way to do that is to check online for your menu.

Unlike other restaurant websites, Giardino made their menu downloadable so visitors can easily refer to it when placing an order. The menu list is well detailed with all the possible toppings listed to appeal to the savory senses of the visitors.

Your online menu should be well-organized into different sections so an online visitor can easily identify where each dish on the menu falls. A recent survey carried out on restaurants showed that 93% of customers review the entire menu before making a purchase. 

Your menu must clearly explain what you have and give relevant information on each dish or dessert available. 

One other thing to note about a well-detailed menu is that it reflects the nature of the restaurant. For example, Giardino is a special Italian restaurant. From the names of the dishes listed on the menu to the font size and italicized letters used, everything reflects an authentic Italian touch to it.

Visitors can experience the Italian nature of the restaurant already. Likewise, your online menu should reflect the nature of your website. 

From the design of your menu list to the colors, let visitors feel the nature of what your restaurant is all about. Your web designer can help you choose the best font size and design that compliments your restaurant's specialty. All these contribute a lot to your branding. So, what do you brand yourself as?

5. Jacks Bar (Made with WordPress)

A perfect one-page restaurant website with all the relevant information.

Jacks Bar is a perfect one page restaurant website with all the relevant information

Jacks Bar is a special cocktail bar that serves the best cocktails made in front of you. The bar was created by Ryan and John McElhinney.

What to Learn From Jacks Bar's Website 

Jacks Bar's website is a simple one-page website. A visitor will not waste time scrolling through the page and deciding if he wants to order or not. Every piece of information, including the story, is very clear and concise. The restaurant daily updates its menu on the website.  

The UX design is clear. When it comes to a website, then there are different people from different places, with different priorities,  accessing your website at once. If your website is too full of information, with the majority of them being irrelevant, your website's visitors would quickly lose interest.

The primary information people are looking for when they visit your website are the menu, opening hours, about the restaurant, and any other relevant information that they want to know about. 

You are free to get creative with your content and use a fun and casual tone. But be careful not to include unnecessary information like photos of the head chef's childhood or something irrelevant. 

If you do not know what content to post on your website, or you do not know how to connect with your inner creativity, you could just focus on posting the basic information every simple restaurant website should have: 

  • the menu, 
  • the links to social media handle, captivating images (if you do not know what to say, pictures can speak for you), 
  • an about story, 
  • location information, and 
  • a means of contacting them.

With just this information, you are already on the right foot.

If you must have different web pages on your website, then your website should be designed in a way that doesn't take time to move from one page to the next. If the loading process is slow, more visitors will leave immediately, even without getting to see what they came for. 

Hire a professional web developer to help optimize the user experience.

6. Red Bamboo (Made with Wix)

A restaurant website with a sleek design and a conscious effort to optimize the user experience

Red Bamboo is a restaurant website with a sleek design and a conscious effort to optimize the user experience

Red Bamboo is a vegan restaurant that specializes in selling vegan comfort food. The restaurant is currently located in Greenwich Village, New York. 

The restaurant's website is classy and professional. It has a sleek design. The web designer uses white space without making the website look empty. 

Because Red Bamboo offers both eat-in dining and take-out delivery, they made it possible to order via the website. 

A person can visit the website, see what he likes and order immediately. He doesn't have to wait till he visits the restaurant physically before he can enjoy a meal.

What to Learn From Red Bamboo's Restaurant Website

The restaurant was deliberate in making sure that customers have an easy experience when visiting its website. This is seen in the deliberate effort to make the menu easier to view.

Red Bamboo has two menus on its website. There is the eat-in menu and take-out/delivery menu. Just as how you can order starters and main dishes in an offline restaurant, you can also order online. 

Just like Red Bamboo, if your restaurant/bar is offering both eat-in and take-out, you should specify such information on your website. You should also make it easier for your website's visitors to identify which dish is available for delivery and which is not.

By doing so, you just made your visitors' options clearer.

Another thing Red Bamboo did to make a great restaurant website was to include reviews. After scrolling through the website, the next thing visitors would want to know before finally patronizing you is to check what others are saying about your brand. 

Including testimonials on your website is a very smart marketing strategy. This is because they build credibility for your business. The more positive things people see about your brand, the more eager they are to patronize.

Are people saying good things about your restaurant? Is it how good the food tastes or how great the customer service is or how beautiful and comfortable the interiors are? Leverage these features on your website. Update positive reviews. Recent testimonials convert more than old ones.

7. Balaboosta ( Made with Squarespace)

A restaurant website with a short but interesting background story

Balaboosta is a restaurant website with a short but interesting background story

Balaboosta is an Israeli restaurant based in New York. The restaurant was founded by chef Einal Admoney. The restaurant serves mainly homemade Israeli food.

What to Learn From Balaboosta's Restaurant Website 

The website incorporates the right balance of vibrant images and texts. But what makes the website stand out is its use of storytelling. 

It is true that the first thing your website's visitors want to see is inciting images of your food, but they also want to be able to relate with your brand. With storytelling, you can build that connection between your brand and your customers. 

Never underestimate the power of storytelling. Tell a good story about your passion, or the driving force that motivated you to open your restaurant, bar, or cafe. Or you could tell a story about your unique selling point (USP).

If the name of your restaurant is a non-native word or catchphrase, you can tell a story behind the meaning of the name and why you chose it. Just like how Balaboosta restaurant did.

Balaboosta used its online platform to connect with the visitors by giving them a backstory of how the restaurant was conceived and what the word “Balaboosta” was.

8. Ruth's Place (Made with Weebly)

A great example of a restaurant website with a smart FOMO marketing strategy

Ruth's Place is a great example of a restaurant website with a smart FOMO marketing strategy

Ruth's Place is a regular restaurant owned by two sisters. Aside from the regular dining,  the restaurant specializes in event catering and is located in Birmingham, Alabama. 

As simple as the restaurant is, the website shows so much about it. The restaurant website is very informative, casual, and with a conversational tone.

What to Learn From  Ruth's Place Restaurant Website 

Right on the homepage, Ruth's Place clearly showcases all it offers. This is displayed in its mission statement and backed up by complimenting images of good food. 

Ruth's Place uses a great marketing strategy – FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) – to drive customers to their restaurant. Your website is just a food art gallery if you do not add some marketing strategies. 

90% of customers research a restaurant online before visiting in person or placing an order. Not including a call to action or some marketing strategy would only make people visit your websites, give lots of “wow” expressions to each image and leave – without contacting you or even visiting.

Out of the 90% of people that research a restaurant online, 57% of them are loyal to viewing the restaurant's website before deciding if they should dine or not. 

Include relevant marketing strategies to drive your website's visitors to purchase. Don't forget to include an easy “how-to-order ” guide on how to make the ordering process. The best way to drive more sales is to write a compelling copy for your website, and back it up with images. 

People first eat with their eyes. They imagine an experience they would have when they rat what they see on their screens. Then go in to make the experience a reality. Help them to make that decision immediately!

9. Park's Restaurant (Made with Wix)

A brilliant restaurant website  that uses an emotional story to connect with the visitors

Park is a brilliant restaurant website  that uses an emotional story to connect with the visitors

Park's Restaurant is a traditional restaurant in Montreal that serves perfectly made Korean and Latin American dishes. 

Although Park's restaurant website design is unusual, it is sophisticated and emotional.  The food images are worth drooling over. The website is bilingual, which means it is in two languages  – English and French. 

The website uses a minimalist design from the homepage to the other web pages. Although minimal, the website still includes very valuable information. Every basic information is present on the website.

What to Learn From Park's Restaurant Website

The website uses the full power of emotional marketing through storytelling. The founder, Park, is a Korean who grew up in Argentina. 

Through an emotional story, Park was able to connect to his website's visitors, especially those from Korea, Argentina, and Japan.

People are emotional buyers. After connecting with your story, they will almost always buy from you. This is because they feel connected to your brand and what you stand for. It is their way of being a part of your brand.

But when telling a story, always have your target audience in mind. Although storytelling is good, not everyone will feel connected to your story. Identify your target audience and define your brand voice. Your story should reflect your voice.

Incorporating a story in one way or another is another effective marketing strategy you shouldn't ignore. It gives your brand a human personality that is very effective in driving sales.

10. Bombay Wok (Made with GoDaddy)

A great restaurant  website with a smart display of high-quality food photos

Bombay Wok is a great restaurant  website with a smart display of high quality food photos

Bombay Wok is a beautiful Asian restaurant located in New Jersey. The website is the perfect example of an excellent restaurant website. 

Bombay Wok knows that people eat with their eyes first before finally eating with their mouth. The restaurant used a lot of sensory images that are inciting and visually appealing.

What to Learn From Bombay Wok's Restaurant Website 

People buy with their emotions. The more enticing images of your food or drinks you put out there, the more people are likely to order or book a reservation.

Here is a hack: The color of the food and drinks on your website should be vibrant. No dull colors. This is because dull colors would only make your food look pale and unappetizing. Vibrant colors make the food come alive.

Another thing to make sure of is that the temperature of the food is “felt”.

What do I mean by “felt”? Let me explain.

Imagine watching a food video ad and watching the food on display. The camera zooms in on the food so that you can clearly see the steam coming from the dish and you go “wow, that's amazing”. You are unconsciously attracted to the heat of the dish to the point you can feel it on your tongue.

This is the same effect you want your visitors to feel. Capture the steam from a chili dish and the ice from a chilled drink. This means your food photos must be high-quality. 

Whatever you do, always remember that if the images on your website look cheap and of poor quality, your website's visitors will have the impression that your restaurant or bar is cheap and what you offer is nothing but poor quality.

11. Blue Dog (Made with Squarespace)

A simple restaurant website with a beautiful and professional design

Blue Dog is a simple restaurant website with a beautiful and professional design

Blue Dog restaurant is a very lovely restaurant that offers both dine-in, take-out, and delivery options. The restaurant, which is located in New York, was named after the owner's beloved bulldog. 

Blue Dog's restaurant website is another smart restaurant website that utilizes the power of pictures to build experiences. The website is simple, clean, and sophisticated

What to Learn From Blue Dog's Restaurant Website 

The website gives a professional look. Everything on it is detailed and organized. Any visitor would already have a perception of what to expect just by looking through their website.

That is the power of a beautiful and organized website design. A great restaurant website design gives your visitors a positive first impression. It takes about 5 milliseconds for a first-time visitor to form an opinion about your website. 

If the design is appealing to his eyes, he would be interested in scrolling through and learning more. Your website has to show you are organized and professional. But an amateur website only shows your visitors that you do not know what you are doing.

There is a possibility that the name of your restaurant is also used by other companies too. However, a good website design will increase your SEO rankings on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

When building your restaurant website, it is advisable to either hire a professional web designer or you can use one of the best website builders. These website builders have amazing restaurant themes that would give your website the killer professional look it needs.

Your website allows visitors to get to know more about you. A beautiful website design gets a lot of engagement.

12. Olympia Oyster Bar (Made with WordPress)

A classic and simple restaurant website design

Olympia Oyster is a classic and simple restaurant website design

Olympia Oyster Bar is a special seafood restaurant, with its main emphasis on oysters. The restaurant also serves wine too, as you know it, oysters and wine are great together. 

The website was made with WordPress, which offers the best restaurant website design templates. 

Olympia Oyster Bar's website is simple with straightforward content. Your restaurant's website is your business's online presence. The number of online visitors you have daily may be more than the number of physical customers you have. 

When people click on your website, let it be they leave with something relevant to hold on to. Improve your visitor's user experience by ensuring that nothing on your website is outdated. Every change applied to your restaurant must be updated on your website. 

Also, ensure all your landing pages are organized and attractive. It is possible that some of your website's visitors might come in through the location page or the About page. Focus on developing each web page.

13. Kerlin BBQ (Made with Weebly)

A simple restaurant website with a display of authentic press reviews to drive more traffic

Kerlin is a simple restaurant website with a display of authentic press reviews to drive more traffic

Kerlin BBQ is a popular BBQ diner located in Austin, Texas. It offers delicious roasted meat and sandwiches to its customers. The restaurant only operates three times a week –  from Fridays to Sundays 

You can tell that although the website doesn't include all the basic information for a website (like an about page and a gallery), the website is still simple and stunning. The content on the website is both clear and simple. Everything on it was displayed at a minimal capacity. 

What to Learn From Kerlin BBQ's Restaurant Website 

Kerlin BBQ's website opens up an interesting message on the headline. The headline is the first thing one would see when they visit your website, right before their eyes adjust to the background and other information displayed on the homepage. 

The simple message on Kerlin BBQ's website drives curiosity. I'm pretty sure if you saw that headline for any restaurant, you would be curious to know what makes them sold out almost the whole week. Maybe they indeed offer the best BBQ in Texas and need the whole week to restock? Whatever it is, you are already curious to know how they make such a bold statement.

In the headline, Kerlin BBQ was smart enough to make it a FOMO marketing strategy. The headline clearly tells the visitor that if he doesn't catch them between  Fridays and Sundays, he would have to wait the whole week again till the next Friday.

Now, nobody wants to wait that long just to have a piece of one of the best BBQ in Texas. They would want to catch them while the restaurant is open. Either now or one week later! That is a very powerful strategy you need to implement. 

However, this marketing strategy works best when you are either established as one of the best in your area. Kerlin BBQ was able to back up this marketing strategy by displaying its multiple press features and being listed as one of the best BBQ diners in the U.S. 

Who would want to miss out on such an opportunity?

If your restaurant hasn't been featured in any press article, you can still back up your FOMO strategy with reviews. Update lots of reviews, from past customers, on your website. To make it more authentic, you can include their names and photos. But you should do so after you have gotten their permission to do so.

14. Opa (Made with Wix)

A smart way of incorporating video storytelling to gain more audience and customer loyalty

Opa is a smart way of incorporating video storytelling to gain more audience and customer loyalty

Opa's restaurant website is very brilliant and unique. It is that restaurant website you fall in love with right from the moment you click on it. The colors, the text font, the logo, and the storytelling. The storytelling is amazing. Unlike the other restaurant websites,  Opa captures the heart of the visitors with a video story.

The video shows how the chef locally sources the ingredients used for preparing the dish. One way to drive curiosity and build amazement is by showing the behind-the-scenes of how something magnificent came to be.

What to Learn From Opa's Restaurant Website 

Believe it or not, people are curious to know the journey of how your dishes are made. It builds a very strong connection. Opa was smart enough to know that. Instead of telling them how wonderful you are, you should show them and let them judge for themselves. 

Recording the process of how raw materials (in this case, raw ingredients) turn to become finished products, widens your customers' curiosity, imagination,  and longing to taste your dish. So when they are booking that reservation, they already know what to expect. 

Christmas is coming soon which means there would be lots of eating outs or family catering to do. You have to start now to incorporate the best marketing strategies into your website.

Up your game!

Your videos MUST be high-quality if you want to gain as much engagement as you want to push your restaurant,  

bar, or cafe forward. 

But Opa didn't just stop there, it made sure the visitors got to know about the chef responsible for making its exotic, mouthwatering dishes. The website put a face behind the brand. This move gives a human personality to the restaurant,  making the restaurant more relatable. 

Now when someone is making a reservation, they are expecting to get an amazing dish made by Chef Shirel Berger, herself. This is what makes it exciting. Let people know intimate  information about your restaurant like 

  • the head chef's background and passion 
  • the process of making a disa
  • an emotional background story of how your restaurant came to be
  • the history behind your special dish and what makes it special

This information is not irrelevant but helps to generate more emotional reactions. People buy with emotions. If what you show them is what they can relate to, you are on the right track.

Note: Make sure your story is authentic. You do not have to lie to get an emotional story. No exaggeration, no fake stories. Just keep it simple and original. That is where the magic is.

15. Wood N Spoon (Made with GoDaddy)

A restaurant website example that shows a balanced display of information for visitors to easily scan through

Wood N Spoon is a restaurant website example that shows a balanced display of information for visitors

Wood N Spoon is a family-owned restaurant that aims to bring fresh foods from across the country – U.S.A – to the locals. From fresh breakfast to delicious lunch options. The restaurant aims to offer only healthy food options to its customers.

What to Learn From Wood N Spoon's Restaurant Website

Wood N Spoon uses one of GoDaddy's sensory restaurant website templates. The restaurant website is a blend of professional, savory, and simple. 

This one-page website has every information the visitor needs to decide to either visit or pass. The website is balanced enough for the visitor to scroll through. He can easily scan through the details because of the balanced spacing of information.

Presenting information is very necessary but if the information presented is disorganized, then it is useless! 

Your website shouldn't be too busy. A busy website means so much information is presented at once. This makes your restaurant website look clustered, thus distracting the visitor from the main message or the center of attraction – the appetizing look of the food.

When this happens, all you would get from your website is either an “Oh, Okay! Cool website” or a “Nah! Let me try the other restaurants. This one is not it for me”.

To prevent any of these from happening, you should take out time to carefully plan your content and how you would display each one on the webpage. Not all information must be displayed on the website – only the relevant ones that will drive traffic.

If the information is getting too much, and you really want to let your visitors know, then feel free to link to another website or another webpage.

A busy restaurant website (or any website at all) makes it difficult for the visitor to see the basic or relevant information he needs because his eyes are fed with lots of things at once.

16. King Restaurant (Made with WordPress)

An example of a restaurant website that builds security is by including a health section on Covid-19 to show safety measures are taken.

King Restaurant is an example of a restaurant website that builds security is by including a health section

King is a popular restaurant located in King Street, New York. The restaurant daily serves its customers seasonal and simple foods from Southern France and Italian cultures.

King restaurant keeps a daily-updated menu on its website so visitors can know what is currently available. The website is casual and original.

What to Learn From King's Restaurant Website

A smart move King made on its website was to include a health section. The effect of Covid-19 caused a lot of health concerns and people are skeptical about eating out. 

Indicating your take on health says a lot about how you value your customers and society at large. If your restaurant still requires the use of a facemask before one can gain access, make sure to include that information on your website. And state why you still prefer a facemask.

Also, you should state the safety measures you and your employees have taken to ensure a healthier dining environment. This piece of information makes the visitor or intending customer feel secure about patronizing your brand.

If your restaurant, bar, or café doesn't accept pets, also include that information on your website and state the health reasons why you don't allow pets to visit. 

This information is very important if you want to have an edge over your competitors. It lets the customer know you are concerned about their health and their convenience too. This means you are a friendly restaurant.

17. Thelma (Made with GoDaddy)

A restaurant website that includes relevant information for each location without leaving anyone out

Thelma is a restaurant website that includes relevant information for each location

Thelma's Filipino Restaurant is a special restaurant that serves traditional Filipino cuisine for natives in Hawaii or Las Vegas. 

What to Learn From Thelma's Filipino Restaurant Website

Just as how the restaurant has two offline locations – Hawaii and Las Vegas –, the website has two web pages. Each one is dedicated to each location.

As the special dishes are displayed in a slideshow on the homepage, each web page caters to each location individually. It makes it easier for visitors in a location to know what is available and how to contact them.

If your restaurant has multiple locations, be sure to specify each one on your website. Do not mix the information as one. Make sure they are separate so they can be easily identifiable.

For example, You can list the dishes available in each location. If all locations offer the same thing, still specify them.

Also include the contact lists of each location, as well as addresses and images too. This shows you are carrying all your website's visitors along.

18. Kipferl (Made with Squarespace)

An e-commerce restaurant website that includes price tags on each available item to make purchasing decisions easier for the online shoppers

Kipferl is an ecommerce restaurant website that includes price tags on each available item

Kipferl is a breakfast café that offers delicious breakfast options, as well as desserts, and tasty dishes, to its customers' delight. Although it mostly makes Austrian dishes, the café is located in London.

What to Learn From Kipferl's Restaurant Website

The website ticks all the checklists that make a great restaurant website. But it didn't stop there because it did something even more.

Kipferl turned their website into their e-commerce store!

According to its insightful story, the online store is a way to broaden its reach across the local area to the whole of London and the UK at large. Kipferl was deliberate in making sure their website looked like the best online store for cakes and other delicatessens.

There was a price tag attached to each dessert so that customers could easily make their choice. This makes the whole buying process simple and feels like they are really in the offline store. 

Not including a price to every dish, drink, or snack listed in your menu list can be very frustrating for the customer. Imagine shopping in the grocery store and every time you see an item you want to get, you have to head over to the counter to ask for the price because the price tag wasn't there.

After some time, you are frustrated and you leave. Even if you eventually buy something, you make a mental note NEVER to go to that grocery store again because they frustrated you and ruined your buying experience.

Likewise, that is how your visitors would feel if you don't include a price tag. Do you know why? Let me tell you.

Your website is open to everyone which means that your visitors are different people with different budgets. They click on your website, like what you displayed, head over to the menu list to see what they can order but there are no price lists. They do not know if what you offer is within or above their budget. Your visitors do not have the time to keep calling you over and over again just to get the price on each item. It is both frustrating and time-consuming.

Sad to tell you, but all you would get from not including a price tag is “Hmm, nice restaurant. I will order some time”. Trust me, that “some time” means NEVER. So you have to be proactive and get your price tags out there. 

If you are scared of coming out as too expensive, always remember that not everyone is your target market. This means that you do not have to fit into everyone's budget, especially if you know what you are offering is high quality.

19. The Grilled Cheese Factory (Made with Wix)

A restaurant website with lots of visually appealing content to drive viewers excitement

The Grilled Cheese Factory is a restaurant website with lots of visually appealing content to drive viewers excitement

The Grilled Cheese Factory (GCF) is an outstanding grilled cheese restaurant in Paris. It is one of the few restaurants that offer the best-filled cheese in Paris.

What to Learn From GCF's Restaurant Website

The website used lots of visual languages. More videos and images were used to display information. Their video marketing is better than any other mentioned in this list because the video doesn't just “show” you what they do, it “takes” you into what the restaurant is all about. It is more like a personal interview with the head chef. 

A personalized video of what your restaurant is about and how the daily operations go is the best storytelling technique. The normal man naturally “feels” with his eyes. This means that as he sees, his brain begins to conform to the sight so that he begins to emotionally feel why he sees. The same goes for your website's visitors. 

Take your visitors on an adventurous journey through video storytelling. You can show the process of how your special sauce is made or you can show a 2mins swift video of a typical day in your restaurant. By doing this, you are building excitement.

Always make sure your website is visually appealing and entertaining. No one likes a boring website. Adding visual content to your website makes it fun and gives it an interesting personality for your audience to see and relate to it. You are awakening your customers' five senses when you include the right visual content. Always make sure that they are bold and clear.

20. Shoyou Sushi (Made with Wix)

Restaurant website that made sure to use the power of social media marketing

Shoyou Sushi is a Restaurant website that made sure to use the power of social media marketing

Shoyou Sushi is one of the best sushi spaces in Baltimore, Maryland. With its beautiful website look, it is no surprise. This small sushi spot is headed by Chef Bruce. 

Shoyou Sushi uses a unique design for all its web pages so the website would be organized and have a uniform look.

What to Learn From Shoyou's Restaurant Website

This sushi spot's website is very beautiful to behold. The colors match the nature of sushi rolls, which means the visitor can get into the sushi mood just by the first glance of looking at the website. Smart!

The web designer made sure to include the social media icons on each web page in case you missed them the first time. 

The goal for the website is not to include a full photo gallery of different sushi dishes. So they made sure the social media icons are visible in case you want to see more of what they do and join the experience.

Let people find you on social media and relate with you more. We are in the era of social media with over 4 billion people on social media. That is a whole lot of people. Use this to your advantage.

After visiting your website, likely, the visitor doesn't want to end the interaction just like that. He would want to look you up on social media and feel the experience there. While there, he might decide to like, comment, and share your posts. That is another smart marketing strategy.

Note: While you build your restaurant website, do not leave your social media pages dormant. 

The more active you are on social media, the wider audience you reach. And don't forget to put your website's link on your social media bio. This is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your website.

21. Blend (Made with Squarespace)

A restaurant website example with a great accessibility level

Blend is a restaurant website example with a great accessibility level

Blend is an exquisite Latin restaurant, serving rich dishes with a mix of the Latin American culture to give non-natives a Latino cultural experience. 

The website design is unique and very attractive. The visitor gets to see images of the dishes in an adjustable slideshow. 

What to Learn From Blend's Restaurant Website 

The restaurant creatively incorporated its brand colors on its website. So instead of the usual white spaces and random colors, the visitor is presented with an array of colors that compliment the brand's logo and design.

The website is very amazing, especially with all the necessary information presented. But what makes this website ideal is its accessibility level. It is easy to access both on a mobile phone or a computer.

According to statistics, about 4.4 billion internet users access websites with their mobile phones. Mobile phones are a better option when it comes to convenience. You want your visitors to access your website whenever and wherever they are. 

When designing your website, ensure that the same experience it gives when accessed with a computer is the same for a mobile phone. The images should be bold, clear, and high-quality. But it should not be too heavy to load properly on a mobile phone.

22. The Highland Kitchen (Made with Wix)

The perfect look of an excellent restaurant website

The Highland Kitchen is the perfect look of an excellent restaurant website

The highland kitchen is a high-class restaurant that offers purely private catering services. Located in Scotland, the business caters to people of class and prestige. 

The website shows nothing short of that. With a business as high-class as this restaurant, you would definitely want your website to show your visitors your level of professionalism and expertise. 

What to Learn From Highland Kitchen's Restaurant Website 

For this, Highland Kitchen made their website mildly minimal and colors that show they are sophisticated and high class – white and silver. 

Identify your target audience and use the colors that attract them and speak to them. If your target audience is vegan, use fresh colors and also use green colors too. Let's say you own a night bar, it is obvious your target audience is a night person. There is no way using either the color white, silver, or any light color would make sense.

As far as exquisite restaurant websites go, Highland Kitchen's website is the best on the list. You can use this website design as a prototype for designing yours.

Leverage your restaurant's strengths, high-resolution images of your dishes, and updated information about your restaurant. Be creative with your website, without forgetting the main purpose of having a website for your restaurant. 

Also, Highland Kitchen didn't want their relationship with their visitors to end in such a short time, so they encouraged their visitors to sign up for their newsletter where they send important updates concerning their services. 

More people are using emails daily. With just the right content and a smart copywriter, your email contacts would become certified customers.

Helpful Note: With a newsletter,you will build a stronger relationship with your customers. You could share your brand story, the behind-the-scenes story of how you created a particular dish. You could also share a poll. Anything that would build interaction is good.

Frequently Asked Questions About Restaurant Websites

How Do I Create a Restaurant Website?

The primary goal for having a restaurant website is to create more publicity for your business to a wider audience range. If you want your business to u0022existu0022, create an online presence. The best online presence that would give your restaurant a professional look is a website. 

With the various reliable website builders available out there, creating a great website for your restaurant has become easier. You can set up a beautiful restaurant website in a few simple steps:

1. Choose a suitable Content Management System (CMS) or a free website builder
2. Choose a restaurant theme template provided by the CMS
3. Customize the template to match your brand's preference – add your logo, edit the web pages to include location, about, and your menu.
4. Edit your header and footer to include any information you want. 
5. Add up extra information you would want your online visitors to know about. 
6. Include a Call To Action (CTA). This is very important for your website. Whatever you wish people to do when they come to your website, include it on your website.
7. Review your edits and make any corrections. Now, your website is ready to be published.
8. Share your links on your social media bio, to friends and family.

When customizing your template, always have your target audience in mind. Your goal is to make sure your website is very user-friendly. 

Be consistent with your brand's colors on all pages and do not deviate from the design. It would only cause distractions for your online visitors. The designs should be uniform so your page will look organized.

What are the best free website builders for restaurants?

Maybe you are a small restaurant business or you are just starting and cannot afford to pay a high fee for a killer website. You can start with a free website. 

Luckily, most of the best website builders offer a free version. But the free version is very limited. This means that your creativity will be limited as some features will not be available for you. Some of them are: 

Wix – best free option for design and creativity. Wix has options of beautiful free restaurant templates to choose from
Zyro – best free website builder for beginners. As a beginner, it is easier to set up your website with the basic free options
GoDaddy – The u0022easiest-to-useu0022 website builder with an even easier free option
WordPress – most popular website builder that offers a free option for non-beginners
Square Online – Most features are offered for the free version. Unlike the other free versions of website builders, Square Online offers more features for your restaurant website

If this is your first website as a business, you can start with the free version. Later, when the profits start to come in, you can switch up your limited website for a better one with more features to explore.

What Should My Restaurant Website Include?

Your restaurant website is like your online store. It is the first contact many people will have with your brand. If you want to make a great first impression, you need to be intentional about everything you upload to your website. 

However, you want to design your website, make sure to include the key information your online visitors would want to find out when they check you out online. Aside from the usual Location, About, and Menu pages, you should include some extra information that would create more curiosity and excitement.

Photo Gallery
Visuals sell more than texts. Without showing your orders what you offer, your page would only look like a boring maths textbook. Nothing exciting or worth imagining. Include an array of images of your delicious dishes. 

Always look out for the best angle. Use full and vibrant images. If your food photos are unclear or disorganized, your website will turn out to be very unattractive and not worth scrolling through.

It's possible that some of your online visitors are tourists, want a family getaway, or are planning for an anniversary. They see what you offer and want to book for a table. You can make it easier for them to do so by providing a u0022reservationu0022 widget. Once they make the reservation, they are likely to keep scrolling for more food options on your menu.

Menu and Pricing
Always keep a detailed menu list with the individual prices of each dish. It helps the visitor know if a dish is within or above his budget. Do not upload your menu without adding price tags to them.

When prices change, due to the effect of the economy, make sure to update the price tags to correspond with the offline price. Nothing hurts more than budgeting for a dish only to visit the offline store and find out that the actual price is above budget. Bad review loading!

Email marketing is still one of the best marketing strategies. With email marketing, you can build up customer loyalty, especially if you own a family restaurant or an executive high-class restaurant. 

The best way to grow your email list is to get people to sign up for your newsletters. This is where you update them about the latest promos, coupon or discount season, and so on. With the emails, they are more likely to engage by clicking on the actionable links. 

Always include a call to action (CTA) to produce more results.

Launch Your Restaurant Website

The world has gone digital and the only way to reach a wider audience is to go digital too. Using a great SEO strategy would help you place your website at the top of the SERP and drive more traffic. The more the traffic, the more the ratings.

Creating an irresistible website for your restaurant is not impossible. All you have to do is use the above lessons as guidelines to creating your killer restaurant website. Don't forget to share links to your website and create publicity for your website.

Even brick-and-mortar stores are going online. That is where your market is!

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