26 Best Team Management Apps of 2024

Updated Jul 14, 2023.

Looking for the best team management software for your organization but don’t know where to begin?

We’ll review the 26 best team management apps of 2023 in this article to help you analyze, compare, and make an informed decision.

Monday icon


Cloud-based Work OS where teams can manage their projects and day-to-day activities at home, at the office, or on the go.
Clickup icon


Cloud-based project management tool for teams that wish to concentrate all their workflow operations in one place.
Wrike icon


Robust team management tool designed for marketing teams, professional service providers, and agencies with a simple and easy interface.
Smartsheet icon


Complete offering for engaging and connecting workflows with an Excel-like spreadsheet interface that provides efficient data display.
Teamwork Projects Icon


Simple to use platform with a vast feature set—such as billing and invoicing, making it ideal for teams that deal with billable client work.

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If you’re wondering why you would need a team management app, consider that one of the biggest reasons for workplace failure is an absence of team collaboration and inadequate team communication.

To bring all aspects of your team under control, you need a more holistic approach. And a team management tool offers just that in a compact, easy-to-use package.

Teamwork is vital in today's fast-paced economy, and team management apps make it easier to work together.

Keep reading to discover the best 26 team management apps on the market.

Best Team Management Apps of 2023

Below are our top picks for the best team management apps of 2023.

1. Monday.com

Intuitive, All-in-one App for Team Management.

Editor’s Take
9.6 out of 10
Best For
$0 – $27/month
Annual Discount
Save 18%

Monday.com is great because it makes it easy to manage any team or project while fostering a more transparent work environment. You're getting a team management tool that's simple to use, packed with team management features.

Monday.com is a team task management app with project and team management features.

Monday.com is particularly useful for organizing and tracking your team's responsibilities. The platform has collaboration capabilities that enable getting everyone on the same page by organizing and prioritizing tasks.

Best Features


Monday.com’s checklists let your team break down large tasks into smaller subtasks, making them easier to complete. A tick-box feature is provided beside each task, and users can tick the box when a task is completed.

In-built Time Tracker

Keeping track of how long your daily tasks take will enable you to evaluate your team's productivity and correctly bill clients for your work. Monday.com lets you add a Time Monitoring tab to your dashboard for proper project time tracking.


Monday.com integrates with popular third-party apps like Slack, Gmail, and Mailchimp to further optimize your process.


Monday.com provides a variety of views for the data on your boards, ranging from Chart View (to track progress) to Gantt Chart View (for project plans).


Free version – $22/seat/month.

2. ClickUp

Best Team Management App With an Excellent Balance Of Power And Simplicity.

Editor’s Take
9.2 out of 10
Best For
Budget-conscious teams
$0 – $29/month
Annual Discount
Save up to 45%

You can keep everything relevant to your business in one place with ClickUp. Rather than going from tab to tab, your team can work exclusively from ClickUp since all the needed functionality, such as tasks, documents, chat, and project management, are all housed in one interface.

ClickUp is a cloud-based work tool for teams and enterprises of all sizes and sorts. It brings together essential task apps and consolidates team data in a single online platform.

This powerful platform gives teams all the team management features and capabilities needed to finish tasks efficiently while tracking the team’s progress. It is used by businesses of all sizes to make it easy for teams to achieve organizational goals and meet project milestones.

Best Features

Suitable for Agile Teams

ClickUp’s features are customizable, allowing agile software development teams to utilize the platform for bug tracking, sprint control, development of Scrum dashboards, and progress tracking.

Project Management

ClickUp includes tools to aid teams in planning and visualizing projects with numerous views. Teams can easily interact by leaving comments on any task or document and receiving notifications if something changes.

Remote Work

ClickUp lets you assign tasks, collaborate on projects, exchange documents to build clear workflows, set reminders, and see how activities are progressing from any location, making it an excellent choice if you need to manage remote teams.

Teamwork and Reporting

With ClickUp, teams can work together due to the availability of several reporting and collaboration options. Real-time editing allows team leaders to see what each team member is working on and monitor the project's progress.


Free version – $29/user/month.

3. Wrike

Excellent Collaboration Tool Ideal For Mixed-Teams With Varying Levels Of Technical Expertise.

Editor’s Take
8.9 out of 10
Best For
Large Teams
$9.80 – $24.80/month
Annual Discount

Wrike is great for increasing productivity and carrying out team projects. With its rich mix of basic and advanced capabilities, it is a powerful and simple-to-use platform with enough versatility for large teams.

Wrike is a user-friendly and efficient team management software. With a sleek interface, in-built team communication tools, and external integrations, you'll be able to keep teams and vendors on the same page and interact in a single virtual space.

Best Features

Efficient Team Communication

Wrike enables teams to collaborate in the same system where the actual work and creative assets are stored. It encourages employee engagement as users can readily meet up with their colleagues to learn about their ideas by providing feedback and opinions on a recent report, a freshly posted creative design, or even ideas for upcoming tasks.

Group Editing

With Wrike, multiple users can simultaneously access and edit files and documents. It ensures that team members can access any required file for an important task. Wrike also makes it simple to share information among your team members.

Efficient Task Management

Wrike has a drag-and-drop feature that enables users to easily create project folders and arrange tasks. To allow other users to see the whole context of their work, a team member can quickly link tasks, move things around, and add tags.

Real-time Reporting

This tool makes it simple for teams to generate reports like timesheets and weekly productivity charts from real-time data. Even non-technical users should be able to generate reports with ease in Wrike.


Read more Wrike pricing

Free – $24.80/user/month.

4. Smartsheet

Excellent Team Management Software With Advanced Spreadsheet Tools And Templates For Keeping Projects On Track.

Editor’s Take
8.6 out of 10
Best For
$9 – $32/month
Annual Discount

Overall, Smartsheet is an excellent choice for businesses that require a comprehensive, in-depth examination of every aspect of their operations. If you need to manage a large number of employees across multiple workflows while also tracking multiple project expenditures and allocation rates, Smartsheet is more than capable.

Smartsheet is a work execution platform and collaboration tool with a familiar spreadsheet-like interface that aids teams in real-time project planning, tracking, and management.

Smartsheet's team management features include project reporting, file sharing, document and resource management, and timeline tracking.

Best Features

Team Collaboration Tools

With Smartsheet, file sharing, notes, and tasks are all under a centralized database, making it easy for teams to interact. Multiple users can collaborate on content simultaneously by sharing photos, presentations, and PDFs, with notifications, version control, and a configurable approval procedure.

Robust Data Protection

Smartsheet employs top safety and privacy protection protocols—including two-factor authentication and single sign-on (SSO)—as a business solution to keep your team, your data, and your organization safe and prevent unauthorized access.

Robust Automation Tools

Using Smartsheet's drag-and-drop automation builder to set up basic automations takes only a few minutes. It employs basic logic, conditional pathways, and triggers to enable you to design even the most complex workflows.

Extensive Integrations

Smartsheet works seamlessly with dozens of third-party tools. These integrations are significant because they allow you to plug all of your existing tools directly into Smartsheet without switching between them. Smartsheet also has over 70 custom apps called Connectors that add team management features like a file library and email campaigns to the platform.


Read more Smartsheet pricing

$9 – $32/user/month.

5. Teamwork

Amazing Team Management App Best For Client Work And Service-Based Businesses.

Editor’s Take
8.2 out of 10
Best For
Client Work
$10 – $18/month
Annual Discount

Teamwork is one of our top picks for the best tool management app because it offers a comprehensive collection of tools and an easy-to-use interface. It includes a variety of capabilities, such as billing and invoicing, which makes it ideal for teams that manage chargeable client work.

Teamwork effectively enables increased collaboration, visibility, and accountability among in-house teams and agencies.

Teams can focus on achieving the results that matter to your organization with all the functionality you require to plan and collaborate.

Best Features

Integrated Chat

The software has its built-in chat feature integrated with the project tab making it seamless to send direct messages to your project team members to discuss work or difficulties without switching tabs on your computer.

Status Update

Teamwork provides project progress stats for team members working on a project. On a single timeline, team managers will see the status updates for the entire team.


Teamwork syncs with iCalendar, Google, and Outlook calendars, making it easier to invite or tell your team members about an event using the calendar.

Email Integration

With Teamwork, you can respond to notifications, reminders, and comments directly from your email using the Teamwork app. It lets you forward emails that aren't from Teamwork to your account.

Document Editing

You can easily modify your documents on the site. The editing program supports Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word and Excel, LibreOffice, and more document types.


Read more Teamwork pricing

Free – $18/user/month.

6. Asana

Powerful Team Management Software For Teams That Require Advanced Customization Options.

Asana - Get more control over your work

Asana is a web-based solution for managing a team's work, projects, and tasks. This team management software provides different functionalities that enable teams to focus on business goals, projects, and everyday activities.

Best Features

Multiple Project Views

Users can view and manage projects and tasks in various ways with Asana, including Kanban boards, calendars, portfolios, workloads, and timelines.

Feature-Rich Free Plan

With a free plan that allows unlimited users, projects, team communication, activity logs, file storage, different project views, and more, The free plan accommodates fewer than 15 users.

Robust Integrations

Asana integrates with over 100 major third-party apps. These integrations significantly enhance Asana's effectiveness.


Read more Asana pricing

Free – $24.99/user/month.

7. Infinity

Best For Businesses Looking To Improve Their Collaboration Strategies.

Infinity - One Tool to Organize All Your Work, Your Way

Infinity is a versatile team management software that allows users to create and organize virtually anything.

It provides drag-and-drop functionality that is simple to use, allowing teams to manage their company workflows from a single interface.

Best Features


Infinity provides many customization options. This includes the ability to add any data with attributes like attachments, URLs, dates, and checkboxes and develop formulas for specific items and employ color-coding tools for better labeling and customization. Other options include reordering, changing views, summarizing simple calculations, and grouping data into specific lists or columns.


You can now utilize a variety of functions in Infinity to boost team efficiency. This means you can invite people to your boards, leave comments, share them, create permissions, mention people, give tasks to the appropriate team members, and keep track of all changes.

Built-in Templates

You don't have to start from scratch; instead, you can alter pre-made templates from various fields or use cases to meet your project demands.


Infinity - Pricing Plan

One-time payment of $199 for five users – $1299 for 50 members.

8. Bitrix24

Best Team Management Software For Sales and Marketing Teams.

Bitrix24 - Your ultimate workspace

Bitrix24 gives your team a complete set of collaboration, communication, and management tools.

It's ideal for enterprises and small businesses with remote teams that need to stay in touch and cooperate effectively.

Best Features

Communication Tool

Bitrix24 includes team management features such as chat and video conferencing and the functionality to capture videos to share within a team or across your entire organization.

Project & Task Management

Team Managers can appoint and delegate tasks to their members with Bitrix24. These team management features allow users to set up a separate virtual environment for every project where all data, discussions, and activities relevant to that project may be kept and viewed by project participants.

Third-party Integrations

Bitrix24 integrates with a wide range of third-party applications, allowing users to synchronize their customer information into the platform, control social media profiles and projects, track insight trends, and increase the team's overall productivity


Personalized calendars and group calendars in Bitrix24 can be easily shared within the system, with mobile devices, and with Outlook.


Bitrix24 - Pricing Plan

Free – $159/month (for unlimited users).

9. Workfront

Best Team Management App For Larger Organizations.

Workfront - Work management, Built for the enterprise

Workfront helps you maximize the strategic outcomes of your project plans. It allows you to give tasks to your employees and set clear objectives for them to achieve.

You can also use in-depth analytical reporting to analyze performance and a sophisticated security toolbox to protect your data. Workfront also has a mobile app available for Android and iOS users.

Best Features

Consolidated Task List

Workfront's consolidated task list is more than a to-do list; it shows which tasks are the most essential, what's coming up next, and real-time updates on task changes so you and your team can maximize productivity.

Resource Management

The software's visual resource management tools reveal projects, goals, and team capacity, allowing teams—including remote teams—to balance workloads, minimize expenses, and meet targets.


Managers can use dashboards to keep track of the status of current projects. Reports can be tailored to match the needs of specific users.

Efficient Project and Task Management

Managers have a 360-degree perspective of their projects' progress with customizable dashboards and views, real-time data, and an interactive Gantt chart allowing teams to schedule and execute projects. On the other hand, users can use workspaces created just to manage and perform their tasks.


Prices available upon request.

10. FunctionFox

Best Web-based Timesheet and Project Management Application for Creative Teams.

FunctionFox - Timesheet & Project Management Software

Designed for creative professionals, FunctionFox helps optimize your workflow by allowing you to manage many tasks promptly and professionally.

Project managers can use FunctionFox to compare budgets, schedule team meetings, manage project milestones, empower team building, link to real-time data utilizing interactive charting features, and receive a personalized dashboard with many team management features.

Best Features

Time Tracking Made Easy

With FunctionFox, the whole team can capture every billable minute. They can also keep track of billable and non-billable work and gain knowledge of the team's performance.

Project Management

FunctionFox’s task and action assignments feature reveals who can handle more work, who is currently overworked, and which projects require additional personnel. It also offers user-friendly production schedules, calendars, project email notifications, and progress reports to keep everything on track.

Team Resource Management

FunctionFox provides real-time visibility into the team's capacity and ability to take on additional work. It allows users to make better long-term judgments while reducing job overload.

Online Project Request Forms

Users can centralize receiving requests using customizable project submission forms. Teams can collect all needs and papers from the start, ensuring that projects do not fall into the wrong hands.


FunctionFox - Pricing Plan

$5/user/month – $20/user/month.

11. Jira

Best Team Management Software For Agile Teams And Software Developers.

Jira - Move fast, stay aligned, and build better - together

Jira boasts team management features that increase effective team communication, as well as issue tracking features. It supports kanban, scrum, and hybrid processes and enables agile teams to track, plan, and deliver projects.

Team managers can organize and prioritize their teams' tasks in an accessible platform that keeps track of their progress.

Best Features

Customizable Workflows

Businesses can design processes tailored to their teams' and organizations' needs. Obtain a 360-degree perspective of procedures to verify that no stages are missed.

Mobile Applications

Jira project management software includes native mobile apps for Android and iOS smartphones. As a result, it boosts employee engagement.

Unparalleled Connectivity with Jira Add-Ons

You can quickly increase Jira's power and make it work under your business conditions thanks to its versatile Java APIs and REST. Furthermore, the Atlassian Marketplace's 800+ Jira add-ons and plugins allow you to customize every aspect of a project.


Jira has a roadmap functionality that guides users to develop, manage, and visualize their team's work. It allows you to see what needs to be done and when bugs are expected to be fixed.


Jira - Pricing Plan

Free – $14.50/user/month.

12. Zoho Workplace

Reliable Team Management Software With a Suite Of Comprehensive Apps For Seamless Collaboration.

Zoho Workplace - Your workplace reimagined

Zoho Workplace is a teamwork platform that offers a comprehensive range of tools for collaborating and creating, and communicating with your team.

Its email, document management, presentation, chat, and other communication capabilities are integrated into one platform.

Zoho Mail, Zoho Connect, Zoho Chat, Zoho Writer, Zoho Show, Zoho Sheet, Zoho Docs, Zoho Sites, and Zoho ShowTime are among the applications available.

Best Features

Work On The Go With Mobile Apps

You can create, collaborate, and communicate while on the go using Zoho’s wide variety of mobile apps. This is especially useful if you work with distant teams.

Real-time Collaboration

Zoho Workplace is a cloud-based platform that enables real-time collaboration across many apps for quick and painless data sharing.

Efficient Workflows

You can develop effective workflows with dedicated tools offered on Zoho Workplace. Teams can coordinate daily work and follow payments on a single platform. The reminders and notifications ensure no due dates are missed. This saves time and allows your team to focus on their primary responsibilities.

Organize Work With The Secure Platform

Teams can use Zoho Workplace to organize their projects and tasks on a single platform.


Zoho Workplace  - Pricing Plan

$4/user/month – $7/user/month.

13. ProofHub

Simple Yet Powerful Team Management App Best For Teams That Works More With Visual Materials.

ProofHub - The one place for all your projects and team collaboration

ProofHub is a SaaS-based project management software that includes team management features like integrated group chat, rapid project discussions, workflows and boards, project reports, etc.

It allows teams to work and interact on projects in a flexible and straightforward way from a single location. It is accessible for Android and iOS, making it simple even for remote users to remain connected.

Best Features

ProofHub Notes

ProofHub offers a notebook system that allows you to create and share text notes with your team. You can also color-code them to use some for vital information and others for customer information or whatever else you require.

Project Workspaces

All tasks, files, and discussions are kept in private workspaces for each project. You can designate projects to various teams, including remote teams, and appoint a professional project manager who will receive regular status updates to ensure that tasks are done on time

Group Chat

Proofhub has a built-in browser chat feature that lets you start conversations with other users in real-time once they've been added to your account. Users can use emojis to bring personality to messages.

Time Tracking

ProofHub's primary team management features include time tracking, which teams can use to keep track of tasks and subtasks, with the ability to add manual time if necessary. Data is recorded on timesheets inside specific projects and can be linked to third-party programs like FreshBooks to offer a streamlined invoicing process for clients. Teams can specify individual task time estimates and generate reports to compare expected time to actual time spent.


ProofHub - Pricing Plan

$7.5 per user.

14. Airtable

Easy-To-Use Team Management Software And Modern Spreadsheet Tool With Advanced Database Functionalities.

Airtable - Connect everything. Achieve anything

Airtable is a cloud-based team management application that combines a spreadsheet format with a relational database structure.

The system's capabilities go beyond traditional project management features, helping businesses effectively execute a wide range of projects.

Best Features


Airtable provides users with a feature called Blocks. Blocks extend a team's capabilities, allowing you to create workflows tailored to your team's needs. Project timelines, charts, time trackers, pivot tables, 3D model explorers, page builders, and countdown clocks are a few layouts and interactive interfaces created using the Blocks feature.

Integrations and Extensions

Airtable integrates with popular apps such as Asana, Trello, etc. It also connects to Zendesk, Box, Evernote, G-Suite tools, GitHub, Dropbox, and other applications.

Airtable Apps

Over 50 pre-built apps are available in the Airtable marketplace. The Gantt app aids users in managing project dependencies and visualizing project progress. Its Page Designer app allows users to pull data from various sources to create slides, catalogs, and invoices.

Simple To Use

Drag-and-drop tools simplify managing columns and rows for users. They can instantly edit the order of data, conceal fields, sort records, and customize the display. Users can have their personalized dashboard with only the required information, even if other users access the same central database.


Airtable - Pricing Plan

Read more Airtable pricing

Free – $20/user/month.

15. Scoro

Comprehensive Team Management App That Automates Your Business Processes.

Scoro - End-to-End Work Management Software

Scoro is a comprehensive team management software that combines project management tools, CRM, billing, and reporting all in one place so that your business can run as smoothly and efficiently as possible, from sales right through to billing.

With this team management software, you don’t have to shuffle between different tools, but you can access all your essential information in one powerful solution.

It cuts across various industries, with a solid customer base in professional service companies and creative agencies.

Best Features

Project Management

Scoro offers features for managing projects that include Gantt charts for tracking tasks, dependencies, and events and tracking project progress in real-time.

Time Management

This platform offers the option to get detailed work reports with an overview of planned and completed tasks, time spent and billed, and income and expenses. The tools offered include a planner, Kanban board, shared calendars, timesheets, and an in-built time tracker.

Sales and CRM

Scoro provides a sales hub and CRM tools that give you a comprehensive view of your customers. Contact details, communication history, and linked projects, files, quotes, and invoices deliver a 360-degree view of the customer.


Read more Scoro pricing 

$26/user/month – $63/user/month.

16. KissFlow

Best Team Management App for Combining Unlimited Business Applications.

KissFlow - The Power of Simple

Kissflow is a cloud-based business process management and workflow management software that enables business users to create an unlimited number of automated business applications with an intelligent, intuitive, and easy-to-use interface.

Best Features

Seamless Integrations

Kissflow provides seamless integration that helps you connect your workflows internally or with the help of external applications. You can set up automatic triggers to share data with external applications, connect Kissflow with over 1,000 applications through Zapier, and maintain one version of the collected data across all tools.

Customizable Reports and Analytics

Another attractive feature of the Kissflow software is its customizable reports and analytics. Kissflow also provides an intelligent charting feature that automatically suggests the correct type of chart based on the selected data.


Project managers can assign team members to tasks and allow remote team members to provide input. When you attach documents to your file storage, the software manages and shares them according to the duties of each team member.


KissFlow - Pricing Plan

$10/user/month – $19/user/month.

17. Toggl Plan

Best for Project and Task Tracking With Kanban Boards.

Toggl Plan - Bring clarity to your team's work

Toggl Plan is one of the best tools for tracking your projects, tasks, and teams using timelines and Kanban boards.

It provides an impressive overview of project roadmaps, who’s working on what, when essential milestones are approaching, etc.

Best Features


A single user can have multiple workspaces with different users and billing plans. To switch between workspaces, just click on the workspace name at the top of the sidebar to open a drop-down menu with a list.

Project Planner:

Toggl Plan lets you add everything you need to get done to your boards. Indicate the task's urgency to be done by dragging and dropping the tasks to another column according to priority. When you add start and finish dates to the different tasks on your list, you will also be able to see those dates on a planning timeline. Add new ones straight on the timeline, or rearrange the existing ones to reflect reality better.

Shared Timeline

You can share your project and team timelines with any outside party by generating a public link. These shared timelines are read-only, meaning the people who have the link will not be able to edit the timeline. Shared timelines are available on all Toggl Plan's paid subscription plans.


Toggl Plan - Pricing Plan

$8/user/month – $13.35/user/month.

18. Basecamp

All-in-One Software for Collaboration and Project Management.

Basecamp - The All-In-One Toolkit for Working Remotely

Basecamp is a comprehensive solution for collaboration and managing projects. This software markets itself as an “all-in-one toolkit for working remotely,” making it an excellent option for teams consisting of mostly remote staff.

Compared to other project or team management tools, it easily stands out due to its wealth of built-in collaboration tools, like group chat, message boards, and team schedules.

But its unique and effective team management features come with a hefty price tag compared to other similar tools.

Best Features

To-Do Lists

Basecamp’s to-do lists let you split complex projects into tasks to stay organized, assign due dates, assign one or multiple users to a task, add comments and notes, and even attach files to each to-do.

Document Sharing and File Storage

All Basecamp project workspaces come with a place for sharing files, documents, and images. Team members working on the said project will easily access these files to find what they are looking for. For extra organization, you can color-code and reorder files

Notification Management

Team members can customize how they are notified of messages, tasks, etc. There is an option to pause notifications or set the hours you want to be notified. The application can also summarize the things you missed while you were away.

Integrated Calendar

Basecamp’s integrated calendar feature lets users sync their calendars so all team members know who is available when. Beyond that, users can easily schedule calls rather than going back and forth about what time works.


Basecamp - Pricing Plan

$99 per month.

19. Chanty

Best Team Management App for Voice and Video Calls.

Chanty - Get more work done, together

Chanty is a well-known collaboration tool that helps you and your team stay connected and focused when trying to achieve a goal.

The platform provides team tools like creating threads, mentioning team members, and sharing files. There is also an option to hop on voice and video calls.

Chanty optimizes your organization workflows with the Kanban board view, where you can see and manage your tasks better.

Best Features

Communication Tools:

Conversation actions include pinning important messages, pinging individual members, and partaking in group discussions. You can also remove or add team members to video and voice calls and send voice messages if you’re on the move.

Workflow Management

Chanty helps improve your workflow with its Kanban board view, where you can manage and monitor your tasks. You can set due dates, create tasks and assign users to these tasks. You can filter through your tasks based on their status, priority, and due date.


Chanty integrates with numerous apps and software to complete your day-to-day tasks. Plus, you can request custom integrations.


Chanty - Pricing Plan

Free – $3/user/month.

20. MeisterTask

Best Team Management App for Monitoring Different Stages of a Project.

MeisterTask - Secure Task Management for Teams, Your Team. Aligned

MeisterTask facilitates and automates team or individual projects workflow. The solution also supports multiple projects and teams, so there is room for real-time collaboration.

This platform facilitates more streamlined and open communication between team members, allowing them to comment, set project deadlines and notifications, track progress, and share files online.

MeisterTask uses the Kanban board to organize tasks and timelines for each project and keep them centralized to ensure that other users are updated.

Best Features

Integration With Other Apps

You can integrate the platform with other leading business and productivity apps to transform it into a fully extended platform. MeisterTask can be used alongside the integrated apps to share files and boost collaboration, communication, and scheduling in your team. MeisterTask also integrates with MindMeister, a mind mapping tool that helps team members brainstorm ideas in real-time, making it perfect for planning and visualizing future projects.

Collaboration Features

With MeisterTask, team members stay in the loop with the project status list in a central location. Users can comment on tasks and share files through Dropbox or Google Drive integrations.

Streamlined Task Management

Another feature of this software is its streamlined task management capabilities. It uses project boards to organize tasks into groups and provides a tagging system to quickly filter through the tasks to find the one you’re looking for.

Instant Communication

MeisterTask helps you communicate and share with the whole team in seconds. There’s also a space where team leads can discuss ideas with team members, assign tasks, and set due dates.


MeisterTask - Pricing Plan

Free – $10.39/month.

21. GanttPRO

Best Team Management App for Gantt Charts.

GanttPRO - Online project management solution based on Gantt charts

GanttPRO is an online Gantt chart software designed mainly for task and project management. But it has extended its field of application to other fields like progress tracking, collaboration, deadline, cost, resource cost management, and time tracking.

It offers a higher planning level than a simple Gantt chart tool, and all these team management features are accompanied by its drag and drop simplicity, although some say it is too simple.

Best Features

Resource Management

The Gantt chart creator allows working with actual team members and virtual resources and specifying their cost. This GanttPRO feature allows managers to keep the budget under complete control. It allows for intelligent resource reallocation to keep your project safe and sound.

Team Collaboration

The team collaboration feature in this tool lets you easily store project-related information and collaborate with other users and project participants.

Meeting Management and Critical Path

The auto-scheduling feature automatically adjusts your schedule if any changes in your plan and independent tasks occur. The critical path shows what tasks directly affect your project delivery. It also signifies the shortest way to complete a project.

Gantt Chart Templates

For an easy start, GanttPRO offers dozens of ready-made templates for various professional spheres to help you manage projects. They provide a typical structure and consequence of tasks. At the same time, they are entirely customizable to the needs dictated by your project.

Board View

In case you need to change the view of your project, you can switch from a Gantt chart view to a Board view, similar to a Kanban board. It allows getting better control over assignments and statuses.


GanttPRO - Pricing Plan

$8.90/user/month – $15/user/month.

22. Podio

Great Team Collaboration Tool That Offers Sales and Marketing Features.

Podio - Get your team working in sync

Podio offers extensive CRM features. A sales lead can add a management app pack for sales and marketing processes.

The CRM add-on features are lightweight tools ideal for small teams and freelancers that lets you manage customer and partner relationships, track leads, and automate sales funnels.

Its collaboration tools can aid you in managing conversations with customers or managing content in a single location. Creating customer profiles is easy by linking a contact to all their sales data, including past purchases and digital footprint.

Best Features

Podio Apps

Podio apps are the tools used by teams working on Podio to organize and track their work. Every app is made using a simple drag and drop interface, with which any user can pick from a combination of these field types to create their apps.

Podio Tasks

It’s easy to keep everyone on the same page with Podio tasks. Assign tasks, attach files, and discuss the details of your projects by adding comments. Podio tasks are designed to be integrated with all your work on Podio and can even be automated using workflows.


From simply sharing a presentation as a status post to completing a project by attaching design files – you can organize, discuss and track files anywhere in Podio. Whenever a file is added, removed, or replaced, the history is visible to everyone working, with the possibility to revert unwanted changes. Podio provides integration with many file-sharing services.


Podio - Pricing Plan

Free – $19.20/month.

23. ProProfs Project

Excellent Project Management Tool That is Best for Marketing and Creative Teams.

ProProfs Project - Manage Projects Online, Delightfully

ProProfs Project is a project management software built for creative teams, marketing teams, and team collaboration. The tool’s project calendar helps you meet deadlines faster and save time by creating task dependencies.

Multiple teams can easily collaborate by sharing files, discussing, and commenting on projects, all on a single platform. It also shows you a complete view of your project’s status and progress in one glance.

Best Features

Efficient team collaboration

ProProfs Project offers robust team management features for your team. Inviting your team to a project lets you assign tasks, share files, and communicate effectively. Whether you're managing an in-house or remote team, you can keep everyone on your team on the same page by streamlining conversation.

Optimize Task Management

See your project’s status, progress, and time spent in a single glance. ProProfs Project has various features to help you save time, such as task dependencies, recurring tasks, and project templates.

Robust Tracking Solutions

ProProfs Project enables you to track time on projects and set a timer on how long the task is expected to take to ensure you meet deadlines. Tracking time also works on mobile devices. Meanwhile, timesheets are easily maintained, tracked, and edited.


ProProfs Project - Pricing Plan

$2/user/month – $4/user/month.

24. Slack

Best Messaging App for Real-Time Team Collaboration.

Slack - Slack is your digital HQ

Slack is a messaging app for teams that need to stay connected and share information they need. It transforms the way teams communicate by bringing people together to work as one unified team.

This top team collaboration app works both in real-time and asynchronously, making it great for hybrid and remote work environments.

Best Features

Project Management

Slack helps you create a single team channel for your entire organization to communicate in. You can create private channels for small teams and direct messages. Even remote users you’ve added to the team space can communicate in one-on-one conversations.

Easy, Automated Reminders

Slackbot helps team managers track project progress easily. Just tell Slackbot what you’d like to be reminded of, and it will notify you when the time comes. You can change the setting of a task reminder. It also helps you expand the reminder features in Slack through customization.

Task List Management

You can also use the To-Do bot to keep your entire task list inside of Slack and create your Slack to-do list without using an integration.


Slack - Pricing Plan

Free – $12.50/user/month.

25. HyperOffice

Great Team Collaboration Software That Provides an Impressive Suite of File Sharing Tools.

HyperOffice - Online Database Apps & Team Tools

HyperOffice is not only slick but highly customizable and cost-effective. It is pretty simple to set up for local and wide area networks, helping team members and clients quickly access essential data.

HyperOffice is your quintessential collaboration service if you want to share documents, contacts, or any digital file and manage tasks.

Best Features

Task Management Software

HyperOffice makes it easy to manage your tasks. New tasks are created with the click of a button. Team members receive instant notifications when you assign tasks. The suite also provides numerous tools to monitor project details.

Online Document Management

With HyperOffice, you can organize and store documents on the cloud for future reference. It also gives you the option to give your team members access to these documents.

Online Calendars and Contact Management

HyperOffice lets you manage important dates, such as team meetings and product delivery, through their online calendar feature, which you can also share with your colleagues by giving them the level of access that you want. The contact management feature allows you to import easily, export, or synchronize important contacts.

Mobile Support

HyperOffice is fully supported on all mobile platforms, which means you can access your documents and collaborate with your team members anytime and anywhere.

User Administration

The user management feature adds an extra layer of customizability to HyperOffice, which helps you add and delete members from a group and manage their access level.


HyperOffice - Pricing Plan

$5/user/month – $15/user/month.

26. Trello

Excellent Team Management App with a Board and Card System.

Trello - Trello helps teams move work forward

Trello is well known for its board & card system, where separate projects are marked with boards, within which there is a card for every task.

The cards contain tracking lists that prioritize individual assignments that help you follow the progress of your tasks and the status of your employees.

Generally, Trello combines many project management and collaboration features and ensures teams have a private channel to communicate, follow updates, and discuss projects in real-time.

Best Features

Well-Organized Board & Card System

Trello’s developers looked for the most straightforward and user-friendly workflow organization method and came up with Trello’s unique Board & Card system for comprehensive progress views. Each project gets a board, and each task gets a card.

Smooth Editing

Trello’s job is to keep your project details organized, making sure you can edit task lists online using the simplest possible drag-and-drop mechanism. You can have Trello display only metrics that are of interest to you and use the automated notifications to stay on track with all changes and alterations.

Efficient Collaboration

Your entire team can participate in essential discussions—both team meetings and one-to-one chat sessions—send notes, share files of all formats, and comment on individual tasks and assignments. The system lets you upload files straight from your Dropbox, Box, or Google Drive account.

Time Management

You can use Trello’s Power-Up calendar to prioritize tasks with shorter deadlines, assign operations last-minute, and display them depending on their status.


Trello - Pricing Plan

Free – $17.50/user/month.


Benefits of using a team organization app?

Team organization software is meant to enhance collaboration and help to coordinate your team's work above every other benefit. It is a solution that lets you manage everyone’s tasks, schedule meetings, and work, and collect data about completed activities.

Team task management apps are great for streamlining and automating business activities. They provide exceptional communication and collaboration among team members.

What are the common challenges in team management?

Although some unique challenges to each industry or field, some common teamwork challenges are lack of clarity, trust issues, lack of team communication, information hoarding, conflicting goals, and more.

What are common team management tool features?

Depending on the size of your team and the nature of your work, you need certain core team management features to enhance teamwork and store essential data on your projects and events.

These key features include reports, calendar and scheduling, team collaboration, project management, and reporting and analysis.

How much do team management apps cost?

The pricing for these apps varies. While some can be as low as $2 per user per month, others can be more than $20 per user per month. The type of pricing model used also affects the cost, whether it gives a flat rate or bills you per user.

In all, the cost of team management software will depend on your needs and team size.

Choosing the Right Team Management App

After itemizing and giving a full breakdown of the best team management tools in 20232, the tool you pick from this list should be based on your team’s specific needs and the size and budget.

Here are our top recommendations:

  • Monday.com is an all-in-one intuitive app for managing teams.
  • ClickUp elegantly balances power and simplicity.
  • Wrike is an excellent collaboration tool for helping teams manage all kinds of tasks.
  • Smartsheet is an excellent team management software with advanced spreadsheet tools and templates for keeping projects on track.
  • Teamwork is a fantastic team management tool best for client and service-based businesses.

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