17 Best Strategic Planning Software of 2024 (Free & Paid)

Updated Jul 19, 2023.

The world is rapidly vacating the era of spreadsheets and archaic business solutions. These days, businesses that prefer an advanced approach to their development and organization opt for strategic planning software.

Put simply, strategic planning tools help business owners to map out, analyze, monitor, and follow through on plans that would help them achieve their business goals. There are multiple functions they can help achieve in this regard. These include but are not limited to:

  • Providing a platform to create, share, and monitor strategic objectives.
  • Tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) necessary to accomplish said objectives.
  • Managing and monitoring employee performance to make sure every fiber of the organization is on the same page.
  • Providing a collaborative platform that ensures transparency and lets you monitor all objectives and projects from one location.

Those are all criteria that standard strategic management software should meet to afford better organization and project management. Regardless of the scope and size of your organization, you’ll want a user-friendly tool that can also offer advanced features like flexible third-party app integrations, agile project management, an intuitive interface, and a central dashboard plus intelligent reporting.

We’ve gone to the trouble of reviewing and shortlisting the 17 best strategic planning software for businesses. Our analysis is based on functionality, adaptability, user-friendliness, price, and of course, customer reviews.

Whether you’re a growing small business or a large enterprise, you’re sure to find a solution that aligns with your business infrastructure and budget.

Best Strategic Planning Software

1. Monday.com

All-In-One Strategic Planning Software With Great Visualizations

Monday.com is an All In One Strategic Planning Software With Great Visualizations

Usually, strategic planning software offers different functionalities from project management software but Monday.com has somehow bypassed that rule to provide an all-in-one platform that lets you manage and strategize every level of activity, whether it be day-to-day tasks or your ultimate long-term goals.

With Monday.com, you can easily manage and monitor the workflows of multiple aspects of your business, be it Sales, Marketing, Project Management, or Human Resources. Apart from the intuitive and very user-friendly interface that makes the app so easy to use, you can also visualize your data in several formats e.g. a map, chart, calendar, or timeline.

Strategic Planning Features


With access to over 200 workflows, you can choose one or several that pertain to specific departments or teams in your business. The workflows are flexible and linkable, so you can streamline your work processes and maintain a complete view of every project and activity.


You can automate some actions and notifications to make communication and updates to your teammates faster and easier.


With multiple visualizations to choose from, like Gantt charts, Kanban boards, or maps and timelines, you can view your data and track work progress in your preferred format.

Flexible Templates and Intuitive Interface

There are several pre-designed and very easy-to-use templates to choose from, so you can start planning and executing in a manner of minutes. These templates are customizable, so you can always tweak the interface to suit your mode of operations.


You would find it convenient setting up Monday.com to suit your business operations, because the platform integrates with over 40 popular tools that are used by businesses for different purposes e.g Mailchimp and SurveyMonkey for marketing, Salesforce, and Zendesk for CRM, plus Slack, Zoom, Google Drive and Excel.


Find out more Monday pricing or Monday review

  • Monday.com is affordable even for individuals because it has a free plan. This free plan does offer nice, usable features like unlimited docs, unlimited boards, and the ability to track workflow.
  • Those looking for more functionality should consider the Standard plan, which offers Gantt chart views, automations, and multiple integrations. This plan goes at $10 per seat per month, and you can choose up to more than 200 seats.
  • Advanced features are available in the Pro and Enterprise plans. These include advanced reporting and analytics, time tracking, a dependency column, and many more. The Pro plan is billed at $16 per seat per month.

You have to select a plan to enjoy the 14-day free trial for new users and an 18% discount for yearly subscribers.

2. Wrike

Best Collaborative Tool For Agile Teams

Wrike is the Best Collaborative Tool For Agile Teams

Wrike is a work management platform with several interactive and custom options that are well-suited for remote and agile teams. It lets you track and complete both short and long-term projects.

With customizable workflows, instant communication tools, and the ability to share real-time analytic reports, you can achieve the streamlined process and effective collaboration needed to complete your projects as efficiently as possible.

Strategic Planning Features


The custom workflows mean you can set up workspaces that suit each team's mode of operations. You can also streamline their work processes and make sure every department is working in synchrony to achieve that main objective. You'll be able to use these workspaces to create and manage multiple projects at a time.


The Gantt chart is interactive so apart from monitoring progress, you can easily set tasks, dependencies, and even adjust progress in real-time using the simple drag and drop feature.


Data visualization options include Gantt charts, calendars, and workload view for resource management. The dashboards are customizable so you can create, select, and prioritize specific tasks as you see fit.

Fast Reporting

Data can be prepared in one-click reports which can then be shared and altered or updated in real-time.


Wrike speeds up the progress of your workflow by helping you automate updates, notifications, and certain actions and assignments. You can also create your own custom automations.

Communicative Features

Many standard strategic planning software will let you import files, Wrike goes further and lets you interact with them by making comments and giving or receiving immediate approvals.


Apart from having an open API, Wrike integrates with over 400 apps, both cloud, and on-premise.


Find out more Wrike pricing

  • Wrike has a free plan that allows unlimited users and also offers centralized task management. This plan provides interactive boards and cloud storage integrations.
  • The most popular option for businesses is the Business plan, which affords custom workflows, time tracking, real-time reports, and more. The plan is billed at $24.80 per month per user with seats for up to 200 users.

By choosing a plan, you get to enjoy a free trial that lasts for 14 days.

3. Teamwork

Best Strategic Planning Tool For Project Management And Client Interactions

Teamwork is the Best Strategic Planning Tool For Project Management And Client Interactions

Teamwork does far more than help you plan, execute and monitor projects. It also optimizes collaboration between team members with real-time communication features and the ability to share the entire scope of the project with each member.

The collaborative functionality also extends to clients, as you can include clients on the app and carry them along by sharing updates and tagging them on tasks and comments. You can even grant them access to view certain performance metrics. The client billing feature lets you generate invoices based on hours worked and expenses incurred.

Strategic Planning Features


With the task management functionality, you can break down projects into tasks and assign each task to personnel. Progress can be tracked with data visualization options like Kanban boards and Gantt charts.


The workflows are customizable so they can be tweaked to suit your team’s unique process.


You can immediately get started on planning your projects with multiple pre-set templates that can also be customized to suit your style.


The ability to use tags and comment on tasks facilitates real-time communication with teams and clients. The document management functionality lets teams upload and share important documents.


Find out more Teamwork pricing

  • Teamwork, like several strategic planning software, provides a free plan for lone entrepreneurs or small businesses.
  • If you’re a growing, mid-sized business you can get the best of the app with the Grow plan, which is billed at $18 per month and allows a minimum of five users. This plan provides the essential project and task management capabilities along with nifty features such as Hubspot integrations and workload resource management.
  • Enterprise-level organizations and fast-growing teams can opt for more powerful and flexible plans by contacting Teamwork’s sales reps.

There’s a generous 30-day free trial available for those who choose either the Deliver or Grow plan.

4. Jedox

Best Strategic Planning And Performance Management Platform For Enterprises

Jedox is the Best Strategic Planning And Performance Management Platform For Enterprises

Jedox is a cloud-based enterprise-grade performance management software that has been robustly equipped to make strategic planning in complex organizations an automated and seamless experience.

With intuitive technology supported by artificial intelligence, the software can give you a reliable outlook on the potential of your current business planning processes through predictive analytics and intelligent forecasting.

Strategic Planning Features

Planning and Analysis

Jedox can fast-track planning and performance management by automating relevant processes such as forecasting and reporting. The app makes it easier to analyze and react to financial data by providing ready-made financial models and allowing all relevant accounting data to be accessed from a central source.


The software’s infrastructure allows you to integrate new and old sources (both cloud and on-premise) of data so they can all be accessed from the same location. Jedox’s powerful integrations allow connections to databases and services like Microsoft SQL, Salesforce, and Microsoft Excel. There’s also a user-friendly interface that allows non-technical savvy users to conveniently perform their own integrations and utilize their own data sources.

Central Functionality

Organizations will especially benefit from the cohesive structure of Jedox. With functionalities for the various departments, including but not limited to finance, sales, and HR, the app improves collaboration by allowing users to access data from a single source.


Apart from the central collection and distribution of data, the workflows are another feature that improves collaboration. Users from other departments can communicate and transfer data with the help of workflows, which can be automated to not only make things faster but keep relevant personnel updated consistently.


There are no readily available pricing models for Jedox but you can check out the free trial and personalized demo before tailoring your preferred solution.

5. Aha!

Best Roadmap Software For Growing And Agile Teams

Aha! is the Best Roadmap Software For Growing And Agile Teams

If you’re an organization or a startup with a great idea for a product, you might want to consider using Aha! to handle your strategy for making the product a reality. Aha! is a full product management suite that was built to help teams plan and visualize the various stages of their product development.

The user-friendly interface allows you to easily prioritize tasks and data. It also provides some work management capability by helping you track deliverables and dependencies across your teams.

Strategic Planning Features


With Aha!’s product roadmap, you can visualize your whole strategy as well as the progress of your projects or launches.


This is a very nifty feature for startups and new products since consumer feedback is absolutely crucial to the existence of the product. This component lets you communicate your ideas to your target audience. You can also get their feedback through votes and comments or in real-time while they’re using the app. Capturing in-app feedback is a very realistic way to identify improvements.

Agile Functionalities

Aha! Is a practical agile software tool. You can coordinate your agile team and track their performance with sprints, interactive kanban boards, and stories that help you present prototypes and descriptive information.


Aha! integrates with more than 30 services that range from product development, analytics, and CRM to communication and file storage software.


With an open and customizable infrastructure that allows you to write your own extensions, you can modify the platform to suit how your team operates. The open-source infrastructure also lets you manage backlogs and import issues from other agile systems.


The product offers three separate tools, all of which can be integrated to enjoy a streamlined and fully robust process. They are each offered at different pricing models with a free trial and demo available:

  • Aha! Roadmaps offers the Enterprise plan at $99 per user per month while the premium plan is billed at $59 per user.
Aha! Roadmaps Pricing Plan
  • Aha’s most popular plan is billed at $59 per user with a minimum of three users.
Aha! Ideas Pricing Plan
  • Aha! Develop has its highest plan at $18 per user for a month.
Aha! Develop Pricing Plan

By selecting the option to pay annually, you can enjoy a discount of 20% to 25% from any of the plans.

6. ClearPoint Strategy

Strategy Management Software For Small And Large Organizations

ClearPoint Strategy is the Strategy Management Software For Small And Large Organizations

Clearpoint Strategy is an ideal solution for organizations that need a tool to manage and streamline their strategic processes. The app simplifies how you track your performance by automating the bulk of your reporting.

With the ability to create strategy maps and link your projects and initiatives, you can maintain a bird’s-eye view of the overall performance and progress of your organization towards that ultimate goal.

Strategic Planning Features


ClearPoint Strategy turns reporting into an easy and automated task. Not only are the reports customizable, you can create unique and visually pleasing reports with an easy drag-and-drop interface. You can also use preset layouts like graphs and Gantt charts depending on the purpose of the report.


The app lets you integrate data from different sources so you can manage them in one location. This contributes to the convenience of overseeing and managing your strategy centrally. The integrations let you load data directly and automatically from Excel, SQL, and CSV.

Project Management

A few of the project management functionalities include the ability to track budgets, create project dashboards, use milestones, and automate report distributions and team updates. Your team can also collaborate on projects through workflows.


ClearPoint Strategy Pricing Plan
  • There’s no free trial or free version but the software offers a demo for interested users.
  • The Basic plan allows 5 users at $250 per month. This plan might be a good choice for small organizations that only need the basic functionalities for creating reports and visualizing strategies. The major downside is that inexperienced users will have to pay an onboarding fee of $1000.
  • The ideal plan for any growing and active organization is the Professional which is billed at $800 per month for 10 users.

By choosing the Professional plan, you will be able to use scheduled and automated reports, custom designs, and advanced KPI analysis.

7. ClickUp

Best Project Management Software For Startups and Growing Businesses

ClickUp is the Best Project Management Software For Startups and Growing Businesses

With its super enjoyable and easy-to-use interface, ClickUp has become one of the top project management software for businesses. It’s a complete solution for those who need a simple, but powerful tool to manage and track tasks.

Communicative features like chat rooms, comment sections, and automatic notifications make it a great collaborative platform for agile and remote teams. Also, the simple interface and drag-and-drop approach mean virtually any member of a team can easily use the app.

Strategic Planning Features

Communication Tools

The communicative features function in a way that makes team updates convenient and quick. For instance, you can configure notifications to only be sent for specific items. Also, users will be alerted if they’re tagged in comments or discussions.


Integrations contribute the most to the robustness of ClickUp. Apart from the available 100+ integrations, you can create custom imports to import data from tools that aren’t supported. This level of flexibility means you can synchronize your old resources and streamline your existing process.


Automations are an essential feature that covers several functions like assigning tasks, sending alerts and notifications, updating statuses, and creating comments.


The interface is not only intuitive, it’s also customizable. By moving visual widgets, you can assign tasks for team members, track time and sprints, create documents, statuses, and many more. Projects and assigned tasks can be tracked in real-time via customizable dashboards.


ClickUp has preset templates built to meet the needs of various departments, ranging from engineering and marketing to design and HR. Powerful documents and whiteboards can be created and managed together by teams.


Find out more ClickUp pricing or ClickUp review

  • ClickUp has a free plan that is suitable for lone entrepreneurs. With features such as real-time chats, kanban boards, email access, and sprint management, it’s a very usable option.
  • Billing starts at $5 for each member per month for small teams. This plan comes with unlimited integrations, resource management, and agile reporting.
  • Enterprise-grade organizations can contact sales to get a tailored plan with more robust features.
  • A very ideal option for fast-growing teams is the Business plan.

Select the Business plan to gain access to advanced automations, mind maps, custom exporting, and many other nifty features.

8. Asana

Best Strategic Planning And Work Management Platform For Teams

Asana is the Best Strategic Planning And Work Management Platform For Teams

Asana is ideal for organizations that want to automate their routine workload and also keep a tight lid on the progress of their big projects or ultimate goal. Essentially, it’s a strategic planning software and task management platform rolled into one.

There are various ways to interact with created tasks to make collaboration with your team easier. You can upload attachments to tasks and also share notes on task descriptions. Tasks that have been made public can be searched for and followed so that interested or relevant members of the organization can keep tabs.

Strategic Planning Features

Workflows and Workspaces

The customizable workflows enable you to work with various departments on specific processes, depending on the goal you’re trying to achieve. With the ability to create multiple workspaces, you can organize multiple projects and work with multiple teams simultaneously.


Asana automates many routine tasks, including the assignment of tasks and personnel, updating of changed project schedules, and approval notifications.


With three project views to choose from, including list view, Gantt charts, and kanban boards you can assign, organize, and track tasks while monitoring both the minute and major aspects of your team’s performance. With project overviews, you can launch long-term projects, set milestones, and deliverables, and also assign relevant personnel.


You can choose from several templates on which to start a project or process, or you can create your custom template. You can also create custom rules to set the tasks and notifications you want to automate.


Progress can be tracked in real-time. The reports are interactive too, so you can navigate to relevant tasks and take action immediately. The ability to create custom charts and access data from other teams or projects is great for collaborative reporting.


Apart from the multiple integrations, Asana has an open API that lets teams develop custom solutions that fit their work processes.


Find out more Asana pricing

  • As a flexible solution for flexible teams, Asana’s plans range from totally free to $25 for each user per month.
  • The recommended Premium plan is affordable at $10 per user and equipped with such features as task templates, Gantt chart views, and the ability to set milestones.

While the free plan lets you organize unlimited projects and tasks, teams will benefit a lot more by choosing the Premium plan.

9. Amplify

Strategy Execution Software For Enterprises

Amplify is the Strategy Execution Software For Enterprises

Large organizations looking to transform their work processes or make large-scale changes should consider Amplify. It’s a strategic planning and execution software that focuses on meeting a company’s major targets as opposed to completing periodic tasks.

A few of Amplify’s powerful functionalities include benefit maps, which measure the performance of your initiatives along with your program objectives, and scenario planning, which allows you to evaluate and compare initiatives to improve return on investment.

Strategic Planning Features


Amplify’s powerful reporting compares your set KPI’s performance in real-time to your target. Stakeholders are given access to log in to the system and view all the relevant metrics directly. The reporting also comes with intelligent analysis that helps spot issues early on.

Transformational Management

Several resources that aid various levels of business transformation—cost reduction, merger integrations, enterprise system implementation (ERP), and digital transformation are provided on the platform.


The reports can be customized with embedded Power BI technology so you can track performance for tailored metrics.


The app integrates with popular project management tools like Jira and Smartsheet so you can utilize your existing resources and work process.


Amplify would also track and manage your risks, assumptions, issues, and dependencies.


There are no available pricing plans and interested users will have to contact sales to get a tailored. There’s a tour and demo available.

10. Smartsheet

Work Management Tool For Businesses

Smartsheet is the Work Management Tool For Businesses

If you need a platform that has a familiar spreadsheet environment and also provides robust project and task management capabilities, then Smartsheet is an ideal option for you. With workspaces, Smartsheet lets you plan, track, and manage projects together with your team.

There are workspaces and resources available for departments in various industries, including marketing. IT, finance, and healthcare.

Strategic Planning Features:


Smartsheet is built to automate much of the repetitive work in workflows. There are preset automations that are available for default workflow templates. Some automations can be triggered for custom workflows as well.


With functionalities such as document and resource management and file sharing, teams can collaborate with shared resources in a workflow. The platform’s no-code structure makes it employable by non-technically savvy teams or personnel. You can build custom workflows for unique teams or projects in your organization.


The platform lets you build custom reports for your unique data. Real-time analytics are captured in dashboards and the reports can be broken down periodically to help you mark potential outcomes or actions.


You can assign tasks and track project performance in real-time with customizable dashboards and activity logs. To manage data and tasks, you can either use a Gantt chart or choose between card, grid, and calendar view.


Smartsheet integrates with popular tools like Gmail, Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office 365, Slack, and many others. Communicative tools like Skype and Hangouts are also supported to foster collaboration between teams.


Find out more Smartsheet pricing

  • There are three pricing plans with free trials available for two. The cheapest plan costs $7 for each user per month when billed yearly. This plan allows unlimited dashboards as well as grid, Gantt, card, and calendar views.

You are advised to choose the more robust Business plan, which goes at $25 per user in a month if billed annually. This plan provides an Adobe Creative Cloud extension, custom workspaces, and unlimited automations.

11. Cascade Strategy

Strategy Management and Execution Platform For Businesses

Cascade Strategy is the Strategy Management and Execution Platform For Businesses

Cascade Strategy gives businesses a bird’s eye view of their multiple processes by providing a suite of strategy modules. These modules are seamlessly integrated so you can watch and make sure all projects and teams function cohesively towards the main goal.

With this type of approach, teams can be run separately, but they can also be operated as one connected unit. You are enabled to track each team and project’s performance in relation to the overall objective.

Strategic Planning Features


There are preset templates that teams can work with, but you’re also allowed to create custom strategy modules as well as add fields and templates that will suit your unique strategy. The reports and charts are also customizable so you can tweak visual information to your unique taste.


You can visualize your performance and data through customizable dashboards as well as graphs, tables, Gantt chart formats, and more. You can share insights very easily with teams by taking snapshots of real-time reports. Reports can also be exported as PDF or in Excel format.


While the software is oriented towards maximizing the creation and execution of strategy thanks to great visualizations and customizable modules, it also fosters collaboration within complex organizations. Its transparent structure enables every team member to create, view, and track plans, goals, and progress.


Workboards are where you organize teams and watch their performance as they execute strategy. You can create objectives and KPIs as well as set custom notifications to keep everyone updated and on track.


Cascade Strategy’s supported integrations make it a central platform where you can access and make use of all your resources (old and new). It supports over a thousand applications, including popular tools like Google Outlooks, Analytics, and even HubSpot.


Cascade Strategy Pricing Plan
  • The paid plan is billed annually at $59 per month for each user. You can pay for a minimum user. When billed monthly it costs $64 per month.
  • Organizations that need the most powerful features will have to contact sales to get a custom price quote.

Cascade Strategy lets you enjoy a 14-day free trial after which you have to use the paid plan.

12. Rhythm Systems

Strategic Planning Software For Mid-Sized Businesses

Rhythm Systems is the Strategic Planning Software For Mid Sized Businesses

Just like several great strategic planning software, Rhythm eliminates the need for silos in organizations and focuses on cohesive progress towards main objectives. Teams can collaborate on projects while you maintain a transparent view of their performance.

The platform is equipped with resources to help organizations create and execute seamless strategies, both long-term and short-term. Planning can be organized periodically or according to each department’s role.

Strategic Planning Software


Rhythm lets you view your long-term progress and task updates at the same time. The simple interface and dashboards make it easy to track metrics and team performance.


The easy-to-use and intuitive interface helps users to easily set up and track KPIs and other performance data. Using the job scorecard, you can assign responsibilities and keep members of your team accountable.


You can hire Rhythm’s facilitators to help you organize productive planning sessions. Sessions can be planned for periodic goals or according to a department’s mission. They can also be tailored depending on the nature of your strategy or the objectives you’re trying to achieve.


There are no immediately available pricing plans for Rhythm. You’d have to book a demo or contact sales to get a price quote.

13. Perdoo

Strategy Execution Software For Growing Organizations

Perdoo is the Strategy Execution Software For Growing Organizations

Perdoo is for ambitious organizations that need to visualize their strategies and keep every employee on the same page. As an execution-oriented software, users will benefit from tailored resources that will help them define and stick to OKRs (objectives, keys, results) and KPIs.

The tool’s structure enables 360-degree transparency that ensures every relevant personnel is up-to-date and on par with the company’s progress. It also gives you an overall view and comparison of each team’s metrics.

Strategic Planning Features


Data can be gleaned through preset report templates or customizable dashboards. You can filter dashboards to visualize information according to several relevant metrics.


With the visual roadmaps, you can connect all the dots linking your strategy to your tasks and objectives. This feature can also help team members see and understand the impact of their roles.


Perdoo integrates with more than 65 apps to help you create and maintain a streamlined process. Project management tools, analytics, and major communication platforms are supported.


Updates are a vital part of Perdoo’s functionality because they foster communication and keep your team up-to-date with progress. Updates can be automated using the Check-in feature, making progress reviews faster and easier.


Perdoo Pricing Plan
  • There’s a free version available, although it doesn’t offer much of the true functionalities. The free version can build custom reports and integrate with Slack and Microsoft teams.

To get the best of Perdoo, you should select the Premium plan which has a pricing model that reduces depending on the number of users added per month. For instance, adding less than 100 users is billed at $9.50 per user per month while 259 users are billed at $7.60 each.

14. Shibumi

Strategic Portfolio Management Software For Enterprises

Shibumi is the Strategic Portfolio Management Software For Enterprises

Shibumi is an ideal tool for organizations and enterprises that need an easy-to-use but powerful solution to aid with strategic initiatives and transformational changes. The platform’s robust capacity is proven in its ability to simultaneously manage thousands of initiatives across an enterprise.

The software centralizes decision-making by providing users real-time visibility to all managed projects and initiatives. With features like customizable dashboards, scorecards, and fields, you can assign objectives to teams and track their performance metrics.

Strategic Planning Features:


Analytics are a key aspect of the reporting. Intelligent insights and forecasts can be provided to relevant stakeholders and personnel through automated presentations. Data is also presented in real-time through the dashboards.


Roadmaps allow you to visualize and link strategies to ideas and related tasks. You can trace the lifecycle of a goal from idea through strategy to execution and impact. The app’s flexible structure not only allows interaction between programs and projects, it provides a level of transparency that helps collaboration between teams.


An important part of Shibumi’s flexibility and functionality liesins its API. The REST-based model allows you to build custom applications and engineer unique integrations. You can also add external data or resources that suit your work process.


Interested users get a custom quote after booking a demo and speaking to sales.

15. Jira

Best Product Development Tool For Agile Teams

Jira is the Best Product Development Tool For Agile Teams

Startups and agile teams that need a tool to facilitate product development from planning to product launch can rely on Jira. A core of the software’s functionality is roadmaps, which allow teams to visualize, link, and work through all stages of a project.

The intuitive drag-and-drop interface gives you freedom over every detail of a project. There are essential software development features within the workflows, including the ability to plan sprints, create user stories, epics, and custom queues for issues, as well as create and assign tasks.

Strategic Planning Features


Apart from dynamic workflow presets such as Scrum or kanban boards, you can create custom workflows that suit your unique work process. Users will benefit especially from the simple interface, which makes workflows easy to manage for even non-savvy teams. With the ability to create multiple workflows, Jira can be used to manage multiple projects across various departments simultaneously.


Data is displayed in real-time and in a centralized manner so every member of a team can stay updated and contribute. Not only are reports available for dozens of unique metrics and in ideal visual representations, they also contain intelligent analysis that aid forecasts.


Jira has a flexible backend and multiple plugins and integrations that make it usable with many agile tools, including communication platforms, design tools, source code software, and productivity apps.


Jira Pricing Plan
  • There’s a free version available, but users that want to scale and get the best of Jira will have to go for a paid plan.
  • When billed annually, the Standard plan goes at $6.25 per user per month, allowing a maximum of 20,000 users. Enterprises with the need for more robust features like advanced roadmaps and unlimited storage will get custom price quotes.
  • Organizations that need a self-managed and completely flexible on-premise solution can opt to purchase the Data Center, which costs $42,000 annually for the first 500 users. The price increases as the figures increase, with a maximum of 50,000 plus users going at $885,000 per year.

You can start a free trial regardless of whether you’re choosing a cloud-based or on-premise solution.

16. KPI Fire

Strategy Execution and Project Management Software For Mid-Size Businesses and Enterprises

KPI Fire is the Strategy Execution and Project Management Software For Mid Size Businesses and Enterprises

Like its self-explanatory name suggests, KPI Fire is meant for organizations that want to track and get a hold of broad initiatives and projects with ideal KPIs. There are several visualizations of KPIs to choose from, but you can also configure the dashboards to manage and track metrics as you like.

Workflows are an integral feature. With dynamic workflows that are custom-built for powerful project models like Sigma Six, Hoshin Kari, and lean structures, organizations can create, manage, and align multiple processes with a strict view of the bottom line.

Strategic Planning Features


Preset workflow templates include but are not limited to PDCA, DMAIC projects, and Kaizen events. You can then create charters in each workflow to prioritize and manage objectives. The workflows are also customizable so you can set them to match your organization’s unique processes or style.

Idea Funnels

The ability to capture ideas and prioritize before turning them into projects is a nifty functionality of the platform. Submitted ideas are reviewed by teams with effort and impact matrixes before a decision is made.


KPI Fire simplifies things by letting you manage and oversee multiple projects from a single location. The linkable structure allows cross-functional teams from various departments to collaborate as well.


KPI Fire helps you track the real-time progress of your workflows with Huddle boards. Performance metrics can be viewed by all team members to ensure transparency and keep teams motivated.


The ultimate goal is for projects to increase the organization’s value and performance, so the app lets you view and compare the performance of each project and the companies’ overall metrics.


To keep the whole team on track and in sight of the main goal, collaborative features like alerts and email notifications are accessible.


Interested users can get a price quote after requesting a demo and choosing a tailored plan.

17. ProductPlan

Product Roadmap Software For Teams

ProductPlan is the Product Roadmap Software For Teams

ProductPlan is great for teams that need full visibility into their product development processes, from the idea and planning stage to launch. With the customizable roadmap templates, you can add or edit milestones, legends, and timeframes, all of which can be used to coordinate and track important projects.

Strategic Planning Features


A huge plus of the platform is its intuitive and highly customizable interface. Virtually any member of a team can understand and use it. Also, with the drag and drop functionality, you can move details like progress bars and milestones to make changes to projects.


ProductPlan doesn’t only share roadmaps with users, it also lets you customize views so you can control the level of data you show different audiences. The app’s integrations let you send Slack and email notifications to update teams of changes.


Apart from flexible integrations that support essential industry tools like Slack, Jira, and Zapier, Productplan’s API allows users to create custom integrations.


Ideas can be visualized and prioritized from the earliest stages. The subsequent strategy and process can then be captured in roadmaps and shared with teams to keep involved personnel on track. Multiple roadmaps can be aligned to simultaneously manage multiple teams and processes as a cohesive unit for major, bottom-line projects.


ProductPlan Pricing Plan
  • Robust functionality is available in the Professional plan, which provides some useful integrations, as well as access to the platform’s REST-based API. Interested users will get a tailored price quote upon a consultation session.

To enjoy the 14-day free trial, you have to choose the Basic plan, which is billed annually at $39 per month.

Key Features of Strategic Planning Software

There are key functionalities that every strategic planning or management software must provide before it’s deemed capable of organizing projects and facilitating the strategic execution of any business:

1. Real-time and Customizable Reporting

The ability to view relevant data in real-time is needed so your organization can make informed decisions on the get-go. A customizable interface that lets you tweak the data in a manner that uniquely suits your team’s work process is also essential.

Extensions and integrations should let you use relevant tools like Microsoft BI and Excel as well as export in PDF and other supported formats.

2. Visualizations and Roadmaps

A key aspect of strategic planning tools is the ability to visualize not only data but your strategic processes. They’re equipped with the ability of roadmap software to let you visually track created initiatives and the project’s progress.

The visualizations should be able to compare the projects to the company’s main goals and overall performance.

3. Workflows

Workflows are where you set the plans in motion by creating objectives, assigning tasks, and managing issues and dependencies as well as the completion of projects.

By providing features of workflow management software, planning systems allow managers to assign tasks, track project deliverables, and generally improve productivity.

Irrespective of the preset visualizations and workflow templates, the interface should be customizable so you can tweak the workspace to suit your team’s unique style.

4. Integrations

Strategic planning tools function as a central location where you can access and utilize all your needed resources. For these reasons, flexible integrations with various industry tools are a must.

You should be able to add extensions and import resources from your existing software. Platforms with open APIs that let you build your custom integrations and extensions are always a huge plus.

5. Automations

Any standard tool would help you automate much of the repetitive stuff like reports, notifications, and updates.

Some apps let you create custom rules so you can edit and choose which commands you’d like to be automated.

6. Collaborations

The ability to share reports, resources, and updates with teams is a needed functionality in any planning platform. Apart from sending emails and automated notifications to teams, some software will let you make comments and tag team members.

Since projects often have separate departments completing different objectives that are tied to the same goal, strategic planning tools should allow for cross-functional interaction.

7. Analytics

Businesses that use strategic planning software should expect intelligent reporting that can help them spot potential drawbacks early.

Some systems will integrate with industry analytic tools so you can maintain your work process and receive your preferred data.

What Is Strategic Planning Software?

Strategic planning software are used by organizations to define, visualize, and achieve their strategic goals, both long-term and short-term. Not only do they visualize the path to completing said goals, but they also provide a flexible model that helps teams easily adapt to minor or major changes in their approach or objectives.

What Does Strategic Planning Software Do?

Strategic planning tools provide a central platform for businesses to view, track, and manage various levels of planning and execution, from enterprise-wide planning to minute tasks. Through integrations, imports, and extensions, businesses can access the resources and tools necessary to carry out their initiatives.

They present metrics and analytics to help businesses properly track the progress of their projects. Often, custom features are provided so teams can track unique data pertaining to their objectives and work process.

Decision-makers rely on the visualizations of Gantt-chart software and kanban tools to improve project management and accountability within the organization, planning platforms can provide this functionality.

Benefits of Using Strategic Planning Tools?

The following are the benefits of using strategic planning software:

1. An Unparalleled Level Of Visibility

Executives and managers need to be able to view the links between their strategies, initiatives, and resources in order to keep a smooth and progressive operation.

The ability to be in touch with the most relevant and detailed data at any given point in time is never easy for typical organizations because of the several moving parts of any strategy.

Strategic planning tools provide decision-makers with the line of vision they need to make better decisions. It becomes easier to connect the dots and keep track of the constituents of the operations. But more importantly, they have the latest data at their fingertips.

2. Quick Adaptability To Change

With the ad-hoc and real-time reporting and great visualizations planning software provides, businesses can immediately tell what’s working and what’s not.

it becomes easier to adapt to change. Executives can quickly rearrange priorities and still stay focused on what’s most important.

3. A Central Base Of Operations

Organizational silos within many businesses not only make them resistant to change, they also become a huge disadvantage for projects that need cross-functional teams.

Silos can also sometimes become a breeding ground for inaccuracy in reports and inconsistency in delivery.

With strategic planning tools, organizations can eliminate discrepancies and maintain a well-connected and highly-functional environment. The infrastructure of these tools provides a central location for teams from varying departments to collaborate and share resources.

With a bird’s-eye view on operations, project managers and executives can simultaneously and successfully manage multiple projects.

4. Improved Collaboration

Most planning systems are built to boost collaboration between cross-functional teams. Users can easily work together since they can interact on projects as well as share resources and information.

Some tools adapt the functionalities of team collaboration software through integrations.

5. A Single Source Of Truth

Businesses with a need for transparency can rely on planning software as a reliable source of information.

Decision-makers, who often need to be able to view all relevant data as linked parts of a complex whole, can rely on the visualizations and reports for a 360-degree perspective.

For project-management-oriented platforms, all the essential project management reports are usually available at the click of a finger.

6. Intelligent Data Analysis And Improved Risk Management

Organizations need to be able to identify risks as early as possible and evaluate their impact on resources.

With the level of insight and analysis afforded by the reporting tools of planning software, they can spot potential compromises and deal with them very quickly.

By being able to view dependencies, make forecasts, and project what-if scenarios, businesses can realize how to tweak their strategies where needed and prioritize their investments and resources.

How Much Does Good Strategic Planning Software Cost?

Due to the quality of features and resources strategic planning tools provide, they tend to be expensive, especially for enterprise-level operations and scale-oriented subscriptions.

There are free versions available for solo entrepreneurs and small businesses, but growing businesses often need a degree of functionality only paid models can provide.

Strategic planning software are usually billed monthly or annually. They can range from as low as $6 per month to as high as $750. Typically, systems with enterprise-level functionality and robust resources start at $40 per month.

Sometimes paid applications might require extra fees for extra modules or features. There are often custom plans available for businesses that need tailored and powerful functionality.

Which Strategic Planning Software Should I Try?

As always, the ideal software for your business depends on these factors: your business needs and initiatives, your available resources, your existing infrastructure, and the size and complexity of your business.

Remote teams and agile businesses with a fast-moving and very adaptable infrastructure can rely on scrum tools like Jira due to the level of visibility and flexibility they provide. Product development teams and software startups that need roadmaps and an open API to build their own unique applications should opt for agile tools like Aha! and Asana.

Growing businesses and startups that need a great cost-to-functionality ratio will enjoy a project management software like ClickUp. Its easy-to-use interface and communication-based model make it great for cross-functional teams and businesses that rely heavily on collaboration.

A business management platform like Monday.com with its simple and yet very robust structure is suitable for businesses of all sizes. Organizations in need of enterprise software solutions and transformational management can opt for platforms like Jedox and Amplify.

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