Best Hotel Websites of 2024 | 41 Impressive Examples

Updated Sep 23, 2023.

Creating the best hotel website design can be the difference between a hotel that attracts visitors and one that doesn’t. Whether you are a hotel property owner or managing a hotel, you need a website that combines aesthetics with usability.

Hiring a web developer to build a search engine-friendly and good hotel website design can be expensive. A better alternative is to use the best hotel website builders like Squarespace and Wix to design your own website that converts.

This article explores the 41 best hotel website examples you can use as inspiration to create your own site.

1. Kviknes Hotel - Hotel Website Example
Source: Kviknes

Kviknes Hotel prides itself as the perfect place to come to relax your pulse and feel alive. One of the amazing hotel websites with a good design, Kviknes Hotel displays full-width images in the hero section, officially welcoming visitors. 

Beneath the hero section is a feature designed to simplify the booking process, prompting visitors to make direct bookings via the site. Standing out on the home page is a sticky header menu, displaying header texts, a booking CTA button, and a search engine.

2. Bella Vista - Hotel Website Example
Source: Bellavista

The Bella Vista website is one of the top examples of a luxury hotel website, displaying high-quality hotel images throughout its entire homepage. Adding a unique touch to the full-width images displayed is a parallax effect as visitors scroll through the homepage. 

A booking feature is visible and attached to the hero section alongside social media links to the hotel visible in White. Pinned to the homepage is a chat feature serving as the hotel’s online communication channel.

Vale das Nuvens is one of the top examples of an inspiring hotel offering luxury and comfort all at once. Welcoming visitors is a slideshow of expertly taken images with a CTA button visible over the images, driving direct bookings. 

You can’t miss the Newsletter section on a Bone background, allowing visitors to subscribe and get regular updates about the hotels and their services.

I love how the site alternates between images and texts in displaying its facilities, standing out on the consistent Bone colored background.

Ballarat Premier Apartments is one of the best examples of a luxury hotel website, sticking to a soft color scheme for its web design. 

Attached to the hero section is a large logo icon in a black-and-white color scheme, stealing attention from the slideshow display in the background. 

Visible in a black-and-white color scheme and pinned to the side of the homepage are social media icons linked to the hotel’s social media pages.

Customs House Hotel has one of the best custom websites, treating visitors to an extensive display of high-quality images. The hero section features many stunning images, displayed in a slideshow layout.

I love how the header menu stands out on a plain white background, displaying two CTA buttons linked to its booking engine. Visible is a four-column layout display of its available rooms, using high-quality images and minimal text.

Nestled high in the iconic Canadian Rockies, Sunshine Mountain Lodge is a uniquely Canadian boutique hotel delivering extraordinary luxury. One of the top boutique hotel websites, Sunshine Mountain Lodge website displays several images, putting perspective on its deals and offerings. 

The CTA buttons on its site are simple, sticking to white fonts in a white-framed layout to spell out its texts. A deals and package section is visible on the website’s homepage, displaying colorful images alongside texts in a black-and-white color scheme.

Etna Quota Mille is located on the north side of Etna as a characteristic agritourism surrounded by lava fields and unique landscapes. This top hotel website’s homepage features an extensive photo gallery of its premises and facilities right from the hero section. 

Pinned to the bottom of the homepage is a booking feature with a search feature alongside, standing out in its logo’s Venetian Red color. Visible on the site’s sticky header menu are social media icons linked to the hotels' social media pages.

8. Awaroa Lodge - Hotel Website Example
Source: Awaroa lodge

Awaroa Lodge is located in the Abel Tasman National Park surrounded by pristine waterways and native forest. One of the best hotel website designs, the Awaroa Lodge website sticks to a centralized layout and soft color scheme for its website design.

An anchor menu feature visible as circular dots in a black-and-white color scheme is pinned to the homepage, serving as one of the site’s navigation features. 

Pinned is a chat feature displaying an image of a bird, serving as the site’s online communication channel and attending to visitors' needs.

Source: Rose hotel

The Rose Hotel is relaxed, casual, and modern, paying tribute to its past while establishing itself as one of the most unique country pubs in Australia. This top hotel website has a beautiful view of the front of the Rose Hotel that welcomes visitors to the site’s hero section.

A parallax scrolling effect is visible as visitors scroll through different sections, displaying full-width images. Pinned to the homepage is an anchor menu feature displaying circular icons linked to separate sections.

10. Joyà Zanzibar - Hotel Website Example
Source: Joya zanzibar

Joya Zanzibar's experience in hotel hospitality is the driving force for its website design, prescribing calm and comfort to website visitors. 

An example of a good hotel with a straightforward website design, the Joya Zanzibar website sticks to a centralized layout for its site’s content. 

You can’t help but admire how Joyà Zanzibar lists its services in a centralized three-column layout on a Blue Chill background. I love the slideshow of testimonials displayed using bold White font on a rich Black-colored background.

11. The Palmwood - Hotel Website Example
Source: The palmwood

The Palmwood Guesthouse is a curated lodging experience inspired by the mountain Ryokans and nestled among the rolling green hills of Moloa’a. 

An About section is visible beneath the site’s hero section on a Pattens Blue colored background detailing all aspects of its hotel business. 

You can’t miss the full-width video feature beneath the About section that displays an aerial view of the Palmwood with a pause feature. Visible is a centralized slideshow of the Palmwood exterior which contains colorful images with a progress indicator attached to it.

Haus Pia Serviced Apartments offers family-run and self-catering accommodation options catering to demanding businesspeople and discerning travelers from all over the world. 

The Faded Red color from its logo is visible as part of its hotel website design, adding a unique touch.

Reviews from past guests are visible in a separate section on the site’s homepage in a centralized slideshow on a Faded Red background. Visible and pinned to the homepage is a chat feature adorned in a Faded Red and White color scheme.

The Hollywood Hotel is a premier holiday destination with contemporary accommodation wrapped in quintessential Hollywood glamor. This top hotel website displays its review summary permanently on its homepage, serving as social proof. 

A chat feature displaying an animated image is visible and pinned to the homepage, providing visitors with 24-hour online support. Pinned to the homepage is a Rewards feature in a black-and-white color scheme, consistent with that of the site’s CTA buttons.

14. Grand Forest Hotel - Hotel Website Example
Source: Grand forest

Grand Forest Hotel is a small 5-star hotel set on the fringe of a black pine forest, on top of a private mountain in North-Western Greece. A high-quality hero video welcomes visitors to its hotel website, providing them with an online tour of the hotel’s facilities. 

Lines and Shapes are the recurring design elements on the Grand Forest Hotel website, adding a nice artistic touch to the web design. A soft color scheme serves as the background for the homepage, making the site’s content more appealing.

Knaibang Chatt Hotel offers luxury and intimacy in Coastal Cambodia, with one of the top hotel website designs. Distinguishing its hotel website from other hotel websites is its CTA buttons which take circular shapes for their layout. 

A chat feature is visible and pinned to the homepage in a Casal and White color scheme, serving as the site’s online communication channel. 

I love how the Knaibang Chatt Hotel website divides its homepage into two columns, alternating between high-quality images and bold text. 

16. Hotel Zola - Hotel Website Example
Source: Hotel zola

Hotel Zola is a contemporary palace in Vienna’s backyard garden located in the 2nd district, yet secluded with its laid-back outlook. One of the top hotel custom website examples, Hotel Zola displays several interactive elements that draw in site visitors. 

This visually appealing hotel website creates little room for scrolling because of its user-friendly design. Visible are stylish fonts that add their mark to the interactive website design and make the site’s content more appealing.

Chalet View Lodge is one of the top hotel websites with a soft color scheme for its site’s design. The hero section gives way as visitors scroll, revealing a four-column layout of high-quality images in a beautiful layout. 

A hamburger menu and a Book Now CTA button are visible at both corners of the site’s sticky header, using the background soft color scheme. 

Visible all over the homepage is an extensive gallery of images of the Chalet View Lodge, treating visitors to an online tour of its facility.

Hotel & Spa Resort Kaskady offers hotel guests a relaxed and enjoyable hotel experience in the hotel business. One of the best well-designed hotel websites, the Hotel & Spa Resort Kaskady website arranges its site’s content into different sections headed by Roman numerals.

The slideshow display of high-quality images in the hero section has a nice touch, alternating images from left to right. Bold typography and a soft color scheme add to its site’s design, making it visually appealing to visitors.

19. JO&SO - Hotel Website Example
Source: Jo and so

JO&SO is run by two sisters, Joana and Sofia as a website for the best insider tips for traveling in Portugal. Beneath the site’s hero section is a centralized listing of search results, making it easy for visitors to navigate. 

A search feature is visible on the site’s header menu alongside a cart icon, prompting easy navigation. Visible is an extensive display of hotel properties throughout the homepage in varying bold colored backgrounds, adding color to the web design.

Beechworth Motor Inn is a multi-award-winning property offering a unique accommodation experience that combines old-world charm with premier boutique accommodation.  

This top boutique hotel example welcomes site visitors to a high-quality slideshow display of its premises in its hero section. 

Visible over the hero section is a progress indicator, helping visitors track and locate images on the website. I love the CTA buttons visible in the logo’s Dark Midnight Blue color.

21. Carlton Court - Hotel Website Example
Source: Carlton court

Carlton Court is a five-star boutique guesthouse offering a worthwhile guest experience through its standard services and facilities. One of the top hotel websites, the Carlton Court user-friendly website sticks to a centralized layout for its hotel web design.

Welcoming visitors is a colorful full-width slideshow of the hotel premises, treating visitors to an online tour. Visible throughout the homepage are full-width images of its various room offerings, adding color to the site’s plain white background.

Ambassador On Ruthven is an award-winning 4-star boutique hotel offering quality guest accommodations, contemporary furnishing, and modern amenities. 

Welcoming new visitors is a slideshow of stunning images of its hotel facility, with a progress indicator visible underneath. 

Guest Reviews are visible in a centralized slideshow layout in black fonts in the Guest Reviews section over an extensive plain white background. Visible in the site’s header menu is a Book Direct feature, helping visitors check room availability and book ahead.

Bel Arosa Chalet has one of the best responsive website designs with plenty of interactive elements to catch users’ attention. A hamburger menu and a reservation CTA button are visible in White at the top of the homepage, aiding easy navigation. 

Cool hover animations are the recurring theme of the Bel Arosa Chalet hotel website design, adding an artistic touch to the site. You can’t miss out on the customized mouse cursor feature that makes Bel Arosa Chalet one of the top custom websites. 

24. 134 Prince - Hotel Website Example
Source: 134prince

One of the top luxury hotel websites, the 134 Prince website displays a booking feature centrally over the site’s hero section. Image excerpts from the 134 Prince Instagram page are visible on the site’s homepage, displayed in a centralized four-column layout.

Logos of top brands 134 Prince has been featured in are visible in a separate section on the homepage in black and white. Visitors will love the client testimonials in bold White fonts on a high-quality background image of one of its accommodation listings.

Ambre Concierge is a boutique travel agency focused on delivering the best assistance for business and VIP travelers.  

One of the top boutique website examples, Ambre Concierge uses thin lines as one of its top design elements, visible throughout the site and linking different sections. 

The logos of Ambre Concierge partners are visible on the homepage in a centralized layout on a plain white background. A back feature helping visitors navigate easily to the top is easily accessible throughout the homepage.

Jungle Gayborhood announces itself as the premiere LGBT+ retreat and wellness center, visible in bold White fonts on its site’s hero section. Welcoming visitors is a video feature playing in the background of the hero section, a compilation of experiences from its previous guests. 

I love the testimonials from past guests displayed in a two-column layout, with an image of a half-naked man between them. Jungle Gayborhood uses a white background with an animated icon displayed over its sections.

The Palms of Charleston offers a hotel experience where charm meets historic luxury with a visually appealing luxury hotel website design. The Blue Jay color from its logo is consistently visible throughout its homepage, serving as a background for CTA buttons and select sections. 

I love the display of testimonials from past guests in a slideshow format using bold typography alongside palm icons. You can’t miss out on a list of the hotel amenities displayed in a centralized four-column layout. 

The Halifax Tower Hotel & Conference Centre is centrally located in the heart of Bayer’s Lake, offering a perfect combination of luxury, sophistication, and style. Visitors can find these in the Halifax Tower Hotel & Conference Centre luxury website design.

A chat feature is visible in a Firefly and White color scheme, linking visitors to its online front desk. Visible over the hero section is a booking system that helps visitors find room availability directly from the homepage.

29. Chalet RoyAlp Hotel & Spa - Hotel Website Example
Source: Royalp

Chalet RoyAlp Hotel & Spa is a member of the Leading Hotels of the world promising a moment of relaxation in the heart of the resorts of Villars-sur-Ollon. Welcoming visitors is a video display of its premises, providing visitors with an online tour. 

Pinned to different sections of the homepage are a sticky header menu and social media icons displayed on a Dark Taupe background. Blending into the homepage are numbers arranging the site’s content into distinct sections. 

30. Hotel Marina - Hotel Website Example
Source: Hotel marina

Hotel Marina offers guests a unique hotel experience with its beautiful hotel layout designed for the best user experience. One of the top user-friendly hotel websites, Hotel Marina’s one-page website offers users access to its content in two languages. 

The hero section is visually appealing, displaying the hotel’s name in bold artistic typography over an extensive Tuna background. I love the well-structured arrangement of its facilities, alternating between images and texts throughout the site’s homepage.

31. Uncontained - Hotel Website Example
Source: Uncontained

Uncontained offers an alternative accommodation experience, providing a place for people to escape the hustle of the city and unwind into an unlimited oasis. One of its site’s unique features is its CTA buttons, easily recognizable in their Drab-colored backgrounds. 

Reviews from past guests are visible on an extensive Drab background in bold white fonts, serving as social proof to new visitors. Animated icons and images are visible in a separate section on the site’s homepage, adding an artistic touch to the web design. 

32. Bazon Hotels - Hotel Website Example
Source: Blazon hotels

Bazon Hotels is a subsidiary of Smart Hospitality Solutions, a company on track to being an innovator and game changer in the hospitality industry. This top luxury hotel website uses a sticker header menu displaying two sets of centralized header texts divided by the hotel’s logo. 

Colorful images of the other hotel brands under Smart Hospitality Solutions are visible in a centralized three-column layout, with a white space visible in between.

Basecamp Resorts' mission is to provide guests with unique and memorable travel experiences in Canada’s most iconic mountain destinations. A video feature is visible in the hero section with a CTA button prompting visitors to watch the full video. 

Visible beneath the hero section is a centralized three-column layout of its property portfolios headed by bold-colored backgrounds. I love the displays of excerpts from the Basecamp Resorts blog page close to the site’s footer section in a three-column layout.

34. Vassani Stay - Hotel Website Example
Source: Vassani stay

Vassani is a contemporary boutique stay located in the center of Canggu, a cool surfer and yoga village with many healthy food options. Consistent with its hotel website design, the Vassani Stay website uses a centralized layout throughout its entire website. 

Image excerpts from the Vassani Stay are visible in a centralized four-column layout in the site’s What Our Guests are Sharing section. Visible are extensive reviews in a slideshow layout, serving as social proof to potential guests.

Inspired by subcultural nonconformity, The Drifter Hotel updates mid-century individualism while celebrating local art, hip cuisine, and specialty coffee. A video feature steals visitors' attention in the site’s hero section, with the logo and two location listings visible in White. 

Logos of brands the Drifter Hotel has been featured in are visible in a centralized four-column layout in a bold black-and-white color scheme. 

I love the display of image excerpts from its social media pages in a three-column layout alongside a map feature. 

Ulmer Muenster Hotel invites visitors to come as a guest and leave as a friend, its philosophy boldly displayed in White over its site’s hero image. This top hotel website has a clean web design featuring a Book Now CTA button and a call line.

Social media icons attached to the bottom of the hero section stand out in White. The Dark Turquoise color is visible as the font and background color for CTA buttons, adding color to the site’s plain white background. 

Oakleigh Hideaway is the perfect place to explore the fabulous Corowa and Rutherglen wine regions, offering the tranquility of a secluded family home set. Welcoming visitors is a front view half-width image of the Hideaway, providing visitors with an image of what to expect. 

I love the display of reviews from past guests on an extensive Cactus background in bold White fonts, taking a centralized approach. Visible in the site’s sticky header menu is the site’s only Bookings CTA button, standing out in its Orange Salmon background.

38. Tiamo Resorts - Hotel Website Example
Source: Tiamo resorts

The Tiamo Resorts website is visually appealing, displaying high-quality images that blend with the site’s soft color scheme. Visible and pinned to the homepage are links to the hotel’s gallery, contact details, and call line alongside a bold Book Now CTA button. 

I love the display of News from Tiano in a centralized slideshow, showing images in different shades of Blue alongside bold texts. A chat feature is visible and pinned to the homepage, serving as the site’s online communication channel.

The Lincolnville Motel hotel website design is minimalistic, sticking to a centralized layout for its site’s content. Welcoming visitors is an image slideshow of some of its available listings, adding color to the homepage’s plain white background. 

Images from its Instagram page are visible in a centralized five-column layout on an extensive black background, each revealing text when the mouse cursor hovers. 

Visible is a long vertical display of quoted texts from top brands in its press coverage section, displaying black-and-white logos alongside Medium Turquoise fonts.

40. Lyric - Hotel Website Example
Source: Lyric

Lyric’s hotel website is one of the modern and straightforward hotel websites, displaying minimal information throughout its homepage. The high-quality image displayed in the hero section first greets visitors with the texts displayed over the image ensuring they stay tuned.

Reviews from past clients are visible on the homepage in a centralized slideshow layout, with the soft color background making the section more appealing. Visible are logos of top brands in its “As Seen In” section, with quoted texts in Black fonts about the brand.

Altamira Retreat is one of the relaxing locations offering a unique guest experience to its long list of visitors. An inspiring hotel with a subtle web design, the Altamira Retreat website chooses a soft color scheme for its hotel web design.

The CTA buttons on the Altamira Retreat website stand out in their Petite Orchid colored backgrounds, easily recognizable on the homepage. There are many high-quality images consistent with the site’s soft color scheme and sticking to a centralized layout. 

Best Hotel Website Examples FAQs

What Should a Hotel Website Have?

Every well-designed hotel website should have a responsive web design, direct bookings, clear navigation, high-quality images, and contact details. A combination of the top design features makes your own hotel website stand out among other hotel websites.

How Do You Write a Hotel Description?

A hotel description should be catchy with a property overview and descriptions of its hotel and leisure facilities. Included in a hotel description is a description of your accommodation, room type, and location.

Why Create a Hotel Website?

A hotel website is an effective platform to provide potential guests with ready answers to questions about your hotel and brand. Creating a hotel website helps you market your brand and services to your target audience. 

What Makes Hotel Websites Successful?

Every successful website boils down to its design and user experience. A successful combination of unique features and design elements makes it easier to get an accurate view of your hotel with a responsive website design. 

What are the Top Design Trends for Hotel Websites?

A clean web interface, mobile friendliness, and streamlined communication are on the list of design trends to create your own hotel website. In building a new hotel website, the site’s design goes a long way in driving interactions from your target audience. 

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