15 Best ClickFunnels Website Examples for 2024

Updated Sep 1, 2023.

Do you want to build landing or sales pages to grow and promote your own business? Thinking of building a beautiful eCommerce website or membership site with various pages that attract visitors and convert them into paying customers on autopilot?

ClickFunnels is one of the best eCommerce landing page builders you can use to create high-converting sales funnels and websites with high conversions.

Many successful marketers, entrepreneurs, and business owners like Grant Cardone and Tony Robbins have funnels built with ClickFunnels.

This article covers the 15 best ClickFunnel website examples you can gain some great insights and inspiration to create or redesign your site.

1. Grant Cardone - ClickFunnels Website Example
Source: Grant cardone

Grant Cardone is a bestselling author, sales trainer, renowned speaker, and CEO of Cardone Enterprises and Cardone Capital. His ClickFunnels website displays a hero video on its homepage that captures visitors’ attention. 

Over the hero video content is an information section split in half, with the first half announcing Grant’s next event. The other information section is home to Grant’s social media icons, all displayed on a blended purple color scheme. 

Grant Cardone features a slideshow of quoted text from top industry leaders on his website homepage in a black-and-white color scheme, attaching images alongside.

Fundwise offers funding options to start or grow your business, providing business funding estimates for various business ventures. 

A fading hero image gives way to bold text announcing the Fundwise brand on its website with a clear call-to-action button on a Fresh Green background. 

Below Fundwise’s hero image is centralized images of areas where Fundwise has a direct impact, displayed in a four-column layout with Fresh Green font over them. I love how this ClickFunnels website has two YouTube videos that serve as customer testimonials.

SkySlope aims to take real estate agents to the next level as visible on its website. One of the best ClickFunnels website examples, the SkySlope website welcomes visitors with an option to watch a video. 

Beneath the hero image and Video CTA button, SkySlope announces its funnel challenge, visible on a Dark Mint Green background. The free 30-day challenge for realtors helps generate leads, grow businesses, and earn more referrals. 

Visible on the SkySlope site are logos of brands it has featured in, displayed with an image of Tyler fading in the background.

Funnel University is a course that teaches entrepreneurs how to use ClickFunnels to generate traffic, revenue, and leads. Taught by Russell Brunson, one of the co-founders of ClickFunnels, the Funnel University website is built using ClickFunnels. 

This single-page website sticks to an all-black background for its site background colors, displaying bold fonts in white. Taking center stage is a video of Russell Brunson teaching at one of his functions. 

Capping up its short list of features is a bold call-to-action button urging visitors to unlock the free Funnellix premiere week.

Market Traders Institute believes in changing lives through tools, knowledge, and empowerment, empowering traders to be more profitable in the investment market. This teaching website allows users to receive referral payments from its ClickFunnels landing page. 

One of the great examples of websites designed with ClickFunnels, Market Trader Institute stands out in its all-black background. A shade of purple is visible at the side, adding color to the black-and-white color scheme for its hero section. 

Visible close to the footer section are reviews gathered from Trustpilot displayed in a centralized layout, helping to win clients over.

Employee Matters is an outsourced in-house HR and recruitment team helping people and businesses hire, manage and when needed, exit better. 

A people relationship-based brand, the Employee Matters website is designed to relate with people directly from its site’s homepage via its webinar funnel. 

I love how a video feature is displayed over an image of two people in the background, stealing all the attention and welcoming visitors to the page. 

Beneath the welcome video and image is a slideshow of logos of top organizations Employee Matters has been featured in, helping to solidify trust in the brand. Displayed as slideshows are logos of the Employee Matters clients, opting for a black-and-white color scheme.

7. Tony Robbins - ClickFunnels Website Example
Source: Tony robbins

Tony Robbins is a global entrepreneur, bestselling author, and business strategist, living a life dedicated to helping people and businesses succeed. There’s hardly any list where you don’t see Tony Robbins listed as one of the best landing page examples designed with ClickFunnels.

An accessibility feature is pinned and visible on the homepage, allowing anyone to make changes to his site’s design and layout. Pinned above the header menu are Tony’s social media icons and contact info, within reach on his homepage. 

I love how Tony’s website is consistent with colors, sticking to Turquoise Blue as the background colors for headers, CTA buttons, and select sections.

8. Foundr - ClickFunnels Website Example
Source: Foundr

Foundr is a global media and education company for entrepreneurs, helping to educate and inspire today’s founders to become tomorrow’s business icons. 

One sight you cannot get enough of on the Foundr website is the Reddish Pink color, displayed extensively as background color and font colors for header texts.

Pinned to the middle of the right-hand side of the Foundr website is a phone icon linking visitors directly to its contact info. There are articles from the Foundr blog displayed in a centralized three-column layout. 

Cover images of the Foundr magazine are also visible close to the site’s footer section, revealing names and brands when the mouse cursor hovers.

Shout University offers everything you need to kickstart your journey in being your boss, providing access to digital courses on affiliate marketing, SEO, blogging, and much more. 

Built with ClickFunnels, Shout University is professional, listing out its offerings in a centralized layout. 

A website designed on a solid white background, Shout University adds color to its site via its colorful CTA buttons, high-quality images, and icons. You can’t miss out on the large videos of clients telling their stories and making bold statements to potential clients.

10. JJ Virgin - ClickFunnels Website Example
Source: Jjvirgin

JJ Virgin has an experienced team providing simple, science-backed strategies that cut through noise and misinterpretation to help people in achieving their best health status. 

This ClickFunnels website is attractive, welcoming visitors to a beautiful image serving as its hero image. Cutting over the hero image is a subscription form feature prompting visitors to its loaded smoothie cookbook. 

Displayed beneath the hero image are logos of brands JJ Virgin has been featured in, displayed in a black-and-white color scheme using a slideshow layout. 

JJ Virgin is consistent with its call-to-action buttons, sticking to a Dark Cyan background, even on its checkout page.

Desktop Lightning offers a marketing funnel that helps its clients boost their web traffic instantly, maximize engagement, and earn residual income. 

Using a yellow lightning logo to add color to its ClickFunnels landing page, the Desktop Lightning ClickFunnels website is simple with a direct web design. 

A centralized layout displays the Power Desktop Lightning has on its clients, choosing a three-column layout to display bold texts on a Light Grey background.

Displayed in a centralized layout are testimonials slideshow in a two-column layout, with an arrow feature on a Bright Sky-Blue background, aiding navigation. 

12. Kapow Course - ClickFunnels Website Example
Source: Kapow course

Liz Benny is the online course creator of the Kapow course, a brand offering automatic course sales, and upfront course sales for an independent ClickFunnels affiliate.

The Kapow Course ClickFunnels website welcomes visitors with an image of its course creator, beside a body of text announcing its next course.

Choosing a Blue Zodiac color background, the large CTA button asking visitors to register and book a seat stands out in its Chrome Yellow background. 

Displayed on a Blue Zodiac background are the services Kapow Course offers in a centralized layout alongside animated images.

Mastering Book Publishing is a brand that helps people discover a proven, step-by-step system on how to make money by publishing books on Amazon. 

A centralized video feature is displayed over a background image of Stefan James, the founder of Mastering Book Publishing. 

Video pop-ups are visible on the Mastering Book Publishing website as visitors scroll through, adding to the already centralized video feature as its hero content. 

Full of its funnel examples, the Mastering Book publishing site displays a series of testimonials from past clients extensively on a white background.

14. Dance Ninjas - ClickFunnels Website Example
Source: Dance ninjas

Dance Ninjas is a community of kickass successful dance instructors on a mission to provide the entire world with opportunities to make every dance more amazing. 

This ClickFunnels website is stylishly adorned in Mango Tango, serving as the font color for select header texts and navigation texts.

Images of several Dance Ninjas are displayed as background on its website giving a subtle touch to its web design. Displayed on its homepage are logos in a black-and-white color scheme of several top brands they have been featured in. 

I love how Dance Ninjas displays client testimonials that serve as social proof to potential customers.

Russell Brunson has built a considerable following of entrepreneurs, selling thousands of copies of his books that popularized the concept of sales funnels. 

Doubling as the co-founder of the software company ClickFunnels, Russell takes full advantage of his position, having one of the best ClickFunnels examples. 

Fixed at both sides of his ClickFunnels landing page is a side menu bar on a Light Navy Blue background serving as his site’s navigation feature. Visible on the right is a full-screen smiling image of Russell welcoming visitors to his landing page. 

A video feature is visible on Russell’s website linked directly to the ClickFunnels website, detailing his success story to potential customers.

ClickFunnels Website Examples FAQs

Can You Use ClickFunnels as a Landing Page?

Yes, you can use ClickFunnels to build a landing page. A landing page is a web page specially designed for a specific organic or paid advertising campaign to generate leads or convert leads to paying customers. You can refer to it as a squeeze page, 

How Do I Create Landing Pages Using ClickFunnels?

Creating landing pages using ClickFunnels is relatively easy. ClickFunnels provides a step-by-step guide on how to create a landing page. Using ClickFunnels to create landing pages allows users to create unlimited landing pages for their perfect audience. 

Can I Use ClickFunnels to Automate My Sales Funnel?

ClickFunnels sales funnels is an excellent tool in terms of conversion rates and lead generation, allowing users to create a website, connect with the target audience, and make sales. Yes, ClickFunnels is an excellent choice to automate your sales funnel. Check out the ClickFunnels website for a step-by-step guide on how to go about it. 

Can I Use ClickFunnels to Build and Launch an Online Business?

ClickFunnels is an excellent sales funnel builder with sales funnel templates that assist businesses in creating stunning online stores. Using ClickFunnels features in your business website guarantees one of the most straightforward ways of creating your online business store via your own funnels. 

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