30 Best Webflow Website Examples for Inspiration in 2024

Updated Sep 1, 2023.

Do you want to build beautiful websites but don’t have the coding skills and expertise needed? Are you thinking of redesigning your existing online stores to attract more visitors and sales at a pocket-friendly price?

Using web development services to build or redesign your website can be expensive. The best alternative is to use a drag-and-drop website builder like Webflow to create eye-catching websites that draw attention and convert site visitors.

Webflow is one of the best website builders that provides users with different tools and a rich library of Webflow templates to choose from.

This article covers the 30 best Webflow website examples that provide inspiration for you to create yours.

Let’s get started.

Water is a Human Right is a worldwide movement aiming to promote the human right to clean water. Choosing to stick to the natural blue color of water, the Water is a Human Right Webflow website displays the Deep Sapphire color throughout its one-page website. 

One of the best Webflow sites, this web design captures users’ attention, taking them on a personalized journey that guarantees an excellent user experience.

2. Zyrkle - Webflow Website Example
Source: Zyrkle

Zyrkle takes common production logic to a new mode of operation, helping its clients connect their live productions with new levels of potential. As a brand that deals with production, Zyrkle produces one of the best Webflow website examples with a great web design. 

Visitors are first treated to a colorful video content compilation of some of Zyrkle's past productions, building trust in the brand. 

I love how Zyrkle uses a hamburger navigation menu for its one-page website design, with header texts leading to various sections on the homepage.

3. Mermarche - Webflow Website Example
Source: Mermarche

Mermarche is a bridge between ancient rituals and the modern woman, committing to creating products that nourish bodies and keep beauty routines minimal and effective. 

The background colors on the Mermarche Webflow website are soft, prescribing a soothing and calm feeling to visitors. The high-quality images displayed have a soft shade to them, keeping with the overall theme of this site’s design. 

Above the footer section are slideshow images from the Mermarche Instagram page displayed in a centralized four-column layout. Each image displayed is embedded with links to the Instagram page.

Tennessee Cider Company holds the record for the cidery to set shop in the mountain-surrounded area of Gatlinburg. 

The consistent Almond color background is what visitors notice first on the Tennessee Cider Company website, making the seven cider bottles stand out. You will find a cart icon and an accessibility icon designed to improve user experience on the site. 

A sign-up section is pinned to the bottom of the homepage, providing visitors with the latest info about the Tennessee hard cider.

5. Youth Logic - Webflow Website Example
Source: Youth logic

Youth Logic is a multidisciplinary Gen Z first agency helping Fortune 500 companies, large brands, and small businesses understand and connect better with Gen Z. 

One of the best Webflow pixel-perfect websites, the Youth Logic Webflow website displays an image that has animated hover effects as the mouse cursor hovers. 

The animated effects draw visitors’ attention to the animated images displayed beside the hero text in the site’s predominant Light Royal Blue color. 

Throughout the Youth Logic website, visitors are treated to seamless animation, with a stacked-up display of its client’s testimonials a top feature of its web design.

6. Plantible - Webflow Website Example
Source: Plantible

Plantible is a biological company unlocking the power of plants to promote the health and longevity of people and the planet. An eco-friendly brand, the Plantable Webflow website is user-friendly, using a plain white color scheme as its background color. 

Slideshow images of some of Plantible’s processes and proceeds serve as the background for its navigation headers, taking center stage on its home page. I love how there are special cursor hover effects used to change the images displayed in the hero section slideshow.

7. Emma - Webflow Website Example
Source: Emma

Emma is a trusted and licensed life insurance advice platform helping thousands of families get the right insurance for themselves and their loved ones. I love how this Webflow website shows an ambitious attempt to convert visitors into users simply from its site’s content. 

Pinned to the right-hand corner of the Emma site’s homepage is a video content of Emma speaking, with a click here CTA button displayed over it. 

Throughout the site, Emma displays video content, noteworthy in her client testimonials section, displayed in a centralized three-column layout.

8. Unusual Ventures - Webflow Website Example
Source: Unusual

Unusual Ventures is in the business of leading pre-seed to series A investments in software startups, supporting founders from idea to IPO. I love how Unusual Ventures displays an animated image of someone helped to the top to pass its message to visitors.

Displayed and attached to its site’s hero-animated image are some of Unusual Ventures' rising founders, with details about their relationship just a click away.  

Fun animations are the recurring theme of the Unusual Ventures web design, with one fixed and serving as navigation headers to other sections on its site.

Mark and Pouya are outright lovers of love and big fans of marriage, hence their decision to base their photography website on marriage. A top marriage photography brand, their Webflow website stands out in its vibrant colors and animated features. 

Pinned to the homepage are a circular chat icon and a bookmark feature, each designed to improve the user's experience on the site. A motion slideshow of images from past wedding events is one of the features that add glitz and glamor to Mark and Pouya’s site.

10. Michael Kors - Webflow Website Example
Source: Michael kors

Michael Kors's website pushes Webflow's CMS capabilities to the core, with an extensive list of top design features visible on its one-page website. 

On accessing the site, visitors spot a hero video of models walking the runway dressed in Michael Kors collection pieces. A sound feature is attached to the video, playing a subtle instrumental in the background. 

The dark background is another astonishing feature, making the images and bold fonts more legible and attractive. You can’t miss out on the icons leading to Michael Kors’s social media platforms.

11. Dwellito - Webflow Website Example
Source: Dwellito

Dwelito exists to simplify the process of discovering and buying a prefab home online. A brand that believes in the transformational power of space, Dwelito transforms its site into a design masterpiece. 

An image of one of Dwelito’s transformed spaces takes center stage and serves as its hero image, attracting users to check out its other sections. Beneath the hero image is a slideshow of testimonials that serve as social proof to potential customers. 

I love how Dwelito alternates between texts and images in its information section with quoted texts and CTA buttons attached to each section.

12. The Pen Tool - Webflow Website Example
Source: The pen tool

The Pen Tool is a web design agency offering users craft UI assets, including chart templates, email designs, UI kits, and illustrations.  A design-based brand, the Pen Tool displays its design skills in its straightforward one-page Webflow website. 

Vibrant color serves as the background for bold texts, visible in the header navigation menu texts and ordinary texts displayed on The Pen Tool. There is a custom animated cursor visible throughout the home page, a nice touch from the web designer.

13. Alice Lee - Webflow Website Example
Source: Alice lee

Alice Lee is a great example of an illustrator with one of the best Webflow websites with a carefully crafted web design displaying her illustration portfolio. 

Welcoming visitors to Alice’s Webflow website is an animated image with a special effect attached to it when the mouse cursor hovers over it. 

Carefully crafted, Alice arranges her portfolio in a centralized three-column layout as her animation shows what she’s about as an illustrator. 

You cannot but love her Slack illustration library, treating users to an in-depth study of how Alice develops and customizes her illustrations.

Emma Rose Photography is a home for art and expression, creating captivating stories that tell a story through the images she captures. A professional photographer by profession, Emma Rose chooses a one-page website structure for her professional website. 

I love how a captivating image of Emma Rose takes center stage as her site’s hero image on a Coral Pink background. Attached to the image is a Coral Pink wool feature that crosses over the image with special effects visible as the mouse cursor hovers. 

A hamburger feature assists with easy navigation on Emma’s site, taking users directly to sections by clicking the text headers.

Helen Deguen is the creator and pastry chef at Kubo Patisserie, working with two perfumers, creating a collection of perfume and pastries duo. 

One of the simplest Webflow website examples thanks to its minimalist design, the Kubo Patisserie treats visitors to scattered images of its pastries as its hero image. 

The use of white background helps bring out the beauty of the Kubo Patisserie web design, making images more catchy and captivating.

Call on Courage offers art about courage through its vast portfolio of hand-drawn illustrations.  This Webflow website does not shy away from displaying animated icons, with a hamburger icon used as its navigation menu revealer. 

Pinned on the homepage is a cookie icon controlling the site’s cooking settings and a thinking emoji revealing the site’s search feature when clicked. The bold fonts displayed alongside bold colors make this website unique and visually appealing to users.

Thick and Thin offers its clients creativity that inspires production they can count on, words of affirmation from a top production brand. Scrolling through the Thick and Thin Line website, visitors are wowed by its content arrangements in a neat and pleasing structure

This colorful website takes users on a journey with its interlinked texts displayed by bold fonts in its different website sections. I love how it displays Glimpses of its past productions to give visitors a sneak preview into the Thick and Thin production line.

18. Dayflow - Webflow Website Example
Source: Dayflow

Paulo Barbaro is an illustrator and graphic designer taking a multidisciplinary approach to her website’s design.

Using Webflow as its website builder, Paulo’s Dayflow website serves as her online portfolio, displaying her world of illustration using Purple Flower and Sunglow bright colors

Users cannot get enough illustrations on the Dayflow website, with beautiful animations as the recurring theme of its web design. Dayflow sticks to a Purple Flower background for its CTA button, making them more appealing to users.

19. Superlist - Webflow Website Example
Source: Superlist

Superlist is a task management app allowing users to create, organize, and prioritize their tasks. With its private beta close to launch, the Superlist Webflow web design walks visitors through how to effectively use its platform. 

The color scheme of Mirage and Coral Red welcomes visitors to the Superlist website, with one giving room for the other as the mouse cursor moves horizontally. 

I love how the background displays two distinct sets of information, offering users a two-in-one packed hero image.

Conservation Guide is a marketplace for quality conservation experiences, allowing people to find and experience quality conservation around the world. 

One of the top websites built by Webflow, the Conservation Guide website displays a full-screen image of activities under the sea, kickstarting users' experiences.  

In assisting with easy navigation, the Conservation Guide website provides two search features, allowing users to search through its project listings. Pinned to the left-hand side are social media icons visible in white.

21. Base Camp - Webflow Website Example
Source: Base camp

Base Camp aims to change the future of technology recruitment by connecting candidates and customer trailblazers with its boutique IT recruitment services. 

On a one-page website, the header menu serves as the Base Camp navigation feature, taking users to select sections on its homepage. 

The Base Camp Webflow website opts for a Cinder color for its site’s background, with the dark theme adding more spotlight to its web content. Easily visible at strategic points are animated images that help add perspective to Base Camp’s message.

Strava Business is the largest sports community in the world, operating in 195 countries with four offices serving its online community. I love how the International Orange color of the Strava Business logo serves as the color of the header texts and background for CTA buttons. 

Logos of top brands Strava partners with are displayed beneath the hero section, serving as social proof to potential clients. Visible beneath the logos are numbers that add perspective to the Strava Business ideology.

Nomad Emporium is a course that teaches students how to step into their full potential by sharing the exact skills needed to turn their vision into reality. 

An entirely educational platform, the Nomad Emporium Webflow website takes users on a journey right from its hero video content, listing out all its offerings. 

There is an extensive FAQ section located close to the footer section that provides ready answers to questions of a potential client. 

Client testimonial is another top feature of this Webflow platform, displaying them in video content, and serving as social proof.

24. Foudamour - Webflow Website Example
Source: Foudamour

Foudamour is a Montreal-based high-end wedding design and planning agency driven by passion, creativity, rigor, and excellence. This one-page website displays a consistent color scheme of Spring Rain and White, visible as its Webflow site’s background colors.

The hero section of the Foudamour website displays two sets of slanting images with a large customized circular arrow icon changing the images when clicked. 

You can find image excerpts from the Foudamour Instagram page displayed centrally above its contact section, linked directly to the page.

25. BWMT - Webflow Website Example
Source: Bwmt

The Baldwin Wallace University Music Theatre Program is a boutique program training students to become creative, original, intuitive, and dynamic artists. Burnt Pink is the predominant color displayed as background, color splashes, lines, and backgrounds. 

A hero video of several plays straight out of the Baldwin Wallace University Music Theatre Program’s playbook takes center stage, thrilling visitors with a fantastic experience. You can’t miss the single line with header texts alongside that serves as its site’s navigation feature.

Nicolas Hercent is a freelance UX/UI designer in the profession of designing experiences that combine graphics, UX, prototyping, design development, and interactions. 

One of the top freelance designers, Nicolas puts his design skills on display on his Webflow website, displaying lots of design elements. 

Bold fonts, motion images, scrolling texts, and parallax scrolling are some of the notable design elements displayed on Nicolas's website. 

The sliding announcement feature displays Nicolas's email address. Links to his other social media platforms are visible as texts.

27. Blott Studio - Webflow Website Example
Source: Blott.studio

Blott Studio is an end-to-end AI-assisted fintech design and product development studio offering innovative, human-centered fintech products that put the user first. 

Welcoming visitors to the Blott Studio website is an animated image of the kind of services Blott Studio provides on a Purple Blue background. The header menu uses a drop-down menu feature, revealing hidden information with images and text.

A chat icon is pinned to the homepage in a Light Bright Green and Pickled Bluewood color scheme, providing visitors with a live communication channel.

28. Ready - Webflow Website Example
Source: Ready

Ready evolves the regular calendar into a living, breathing multiplayer workspace for teams instantly making their meetings better. 

Keeping up with its organization’s mantra, Ready displays ready guides about its platform, treating visitors to video content of a live usage of its platform. 

Screenshot images and video content of the Ready Calendar platform are visible all over the site, providing visitors with valuable information and resources.

29. MA Quilts - Webflow Website Example
Source: Ma quilts

MA Quilts is Mary Ann’s fashion design portfolio, using Improv quilting to make bold and geometric wall art. This Webflow website sticks to making bold statements with bold colors, displaying an image of one of her Quilt coats on a Pastel Pink as the background

Flame color, the other color from the MA Quilts logo, serves as the font color for texts and CTA buttons on its Webflow site.  The Flame-colored hamburger menu serves as the site’s navigation feature, revealing five navigation text options.

Josh Overton is a London-based designer focusing on product design, UX/UI, Webflow, branding, and the name behind the Overton Graphics brand. Overton Graphics displays its featured projects extensively on its site’s homepage, serving as its client testimonial

A designer known for offering minimalist designs made in Figma and built with Webflow, Josh’s Overton Graphics takes up a minimalistic design. I love how Josh displays logos of past clients in a centralized four-column layout on a plain white background.

Best Webflow Websites FAQs

Is Webflow Good for Web Design?

Webflow is an excellent choice for your web design needs, offering a great degree of customization options. This website builder’s versatility and flexibility are why it is one of the top choices of web designers.

What is Webflow Best for?

Webflow is an ideal website builder for creating blogs, landing pages, eCommerce stores, corporate sites, events websites, microsites, and portfolios. 

Is the Webflow Website Builder Still Popular?

Yes, the website remains relevant as one of the best website-building platforms, with over 3.5 million businesses and designers trusting Webflow as their website builder. 

Which Websites Are Made with Webflow?

Webflow is a top website builder with no shortage of website examples available for you to draw inspiration from. The list of Webflow examples listed in the article above is some of the best websites built with Webflow. 

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