30 Best Copywriter Websites & Design Examples 2024

Updated Nov 25, 2023.

Copywriting is one of the most lucrative industries to earn passive income. AWAI statistics show that average copywriters earn $62,170 per year while the top earners make over $121,670 per year.

Designing a visually appealing and compelling website can be the difference between an average copywriter and a top earner. Whether you specialize in sales page, email, or website copywriting, having an outstanding copywriter website is non-negotiable.

There are two foundations of a great website (the design and the copy). Luckily, as a good copywriter, writing a compelling copy is your strength. However, the design part is not an area you excel in.

You can use the best website builders like Squarespace and Wix that offer customizable designs and templates to build your own website.

This article explores the 30 best copywriter website designs you can use as a guide to design your own site.

Let’s get started.

1. Tyler Koenig - Best Copywriter Websites & Design Example
Source: Tylerj koenig

Expert copywriter and content strategist Tyler Koenig approaches his copywriting portfolio with audacity, making it stand out among other copywriters. 

One of the great copywriter website examples, Tyler chooses to employ the vibrant colors, Flame and Sunglow as the background color instead of the traditional white. 

Tyler sticks to using only the best photos and the least text on his copywriting portfolio, designed as his personal website. I love how Tyler incorporates his love for basketball into his website design, using Flame as the background color for CTA buttons.

Sarah Marie Anderson is a freelance copywriter with a great website for her freelance copywriting business. One of the top writers’ websites, Sarah welcomes website visitors with a smiling image of herself posing in the right corner of her site’s hero section. 

Visitors can browse Sarah's literary portfolio while feeling relaxed thanks to the color combination of Pink Sherbet and Harp

I love Sarah's lead generation approach of providing free downloads of instructional materials and copywriting samples to visitors in exchange for their email addresses.

3. Vibe Copy - Best Copywriter Websites & Design Example
Source: Vibe copy

Making an impression and adhering to the notion that ideas and words have the power to transform the world are the main goals of Vibe Copy. 

A great example of a professional-looking copywriting website, the Vibe Copy website has a consistent Half-Baked color scheme and a warm and inviting feel. 

Vibe Copy showcases the logos of some of her most cherished clients as social proof, standing out in a centralized layout. You can’t help but love the site’s clear call-to-action buttons in a black and dark turquoise color scheme.

Kristin MacIntyre has a copywriting portfolio that focuses on a particular writing specialization. This outstanding freelancer website provides sales pages and email sequences for web businesses needing personalized launch copy and lead generation.

Her style is clear from the gentle hues she chose for her copywriting portfolio which complements her serene and calming images. 

I love how she showcases real-time statistics about her impact on her clients' businesses as her clients' testimonials, displaying images of them alongside. 

Emily is a freelance copywriter, content strategist, and the proprietor of EST Creative, a company that assists clients in producing content for their companies. This top freelancer website is creative, treating visitors to a well-arranged and professional-looking web design.

The underlying color palette on the site is visible on an extensive Cloud Burst background and consists of the logo colors Saffron Mango and Bean Red. Playful hand-drawn arrow icons and dots are present, enhancing Emily's portfolio page's visual appeal. 

6. Suzie Bakos - Best Copywriter Websites & Design Example
Source: Suzie bakos

Suzie Bakos is a London-based freelance copywriter with a flexible schedule who works on featured projects, in-house and remotely. 

This great copywriting portfolio site is an excellent example of a well-organized portfolio, filled with design elements including vivid colors, fonts, and icons. 

Displayed in a four-column layout on an extensive Deep Sea Blue background is a list of the writing services Suzie offers. A potential client is drawn into her site’s organization, with a little remark for each information part on her homepage.

7. Gio Marcus - Best Copywriter Websites & Design Example
Source: Gio marcus

Gio Marcus is a multi-award-winning copywriter best known for her work as a sales copywriter for changemakers and health champions. One of the best freelancer website examples, Gio’s website is minimalistic with a straightforward web design. 

Visible beneath the hero section are white logos on a Rich Carmine-colored background, highlighting several top publications in which she has been featured. 

A Vimeo-powered video displaying client testimonials provides users with content options related to her writing services. 

8. Rule of Three - Best Copywriter Websites & Design Example
Source: Rule-of-three

Rule of Three is a copywriting and creative agency taking a unique approach to copywriting by combining the proven techniques of other copywriters. This amazing copywriting website is unique and built on a predominantly black-and-white color scheme. 

The hero section of the Rule of Three website is aesthetically pleasing, welcoming visitors with a mystical image. I love the display of logos of top brands using the Rule of Three in an eight-column layout, with the White logos standing out over an all-black background.

9. Rodney Moore - Best Copywriter Websites & Design Example
Source: Rodneyj moore

Rodney Moore is a B2B copywriter offering SEO copywriting and content strategy direction for big tech and the agencies who work with them. One of the best copywriter websites, Rodney’s single-page website is unique with its site’s content taking a centralized display.

The Dirty Purple color borders Rod's copywriting portfolio site at the top, left, and bottom, giving his landing page a unified appearance.

A chat feature stands out, pinned to the homepage in a black-and-white color scheme, serving as the site’s online communication channel.

Cassidy Horton has one of the SEO-friendly copywriting portfolios, working as a professional copywriter for personal finance brands. 

One of the great copywriter website examples, Cassidy’s website prominently shows her copywriting skills in an organized manner against a Dawn Pink backdrop. 

The entire copywriting website of Cassidy is built on a calming and vibrant color scheme, easily visible in the site’s centralized layout. Listed in a two-column layout are Cassidy’s sales copy and copywriting services with prices attached to each.

The hero image on Grace Ventura's copywriting portfolio website features a photo of the copywriting professional sitting in the great outdoors, offering a unique perspective. 

Grace’s website displays simple text linked to her blog post, and a contact page in her site’s header menu alongside social media icons in a centralized layout. 

Her homepage features a comprehensive FAQ section that offers visitors pre-written answers to any inquiries they have regarding her writing services.

Copywriter Brooks Lockett assists B2B, AI, and SaaS organizations with their positioning, messaging, and content demands. This great copywriter website example is serene, displaying a lovely image of Brooks headlining the hero section. 

I love the display of the logos of some of the best companies that Brooks has worked with beneath the hero section, providing visitors with social proof. 

Brooks uses a sizable portion of his homepage to feature client testimonials with a single chunk dedicated to each of his former customers.

Alejandro Castro is a creative director and copywriter obsessed with writing, crafting, and appreciating headlines and the typography that goes into laying them out. 

This great writer's website is stunning, displaying the logo’s Raspberry Pink and Greenish Cyan colors as the site’s predominant colors. 

The entire website is unique, combining all design elements and sections into a single page with no room for scrolling. The text at the right-hand corner of the home page serves as the site’s navigation feature, linking visitors to other important pages.

14. Emma Gannon - Best Copywriter Websites & Design Example
Source: Emma gannon

Emma Gannon is a podcaster, award-winning novelist, best-selling non-fiction author, and the creator of the well-liked newsletter, The Hyphen. 

One of the great copywriter website examples, Emma’s website welcomes visitors to a two-column hero section with one side displaying an animated image of herself. 

Beneath the hero section are amazing testimonials from top-ranked industry professionals, boldly displayed in a two-column layout. 

The footer section is extensive, displaying social media icons, a search function, and navigation elements on an extensive Ecru White background.

Michal Eiskowitz is a perfectionist copywriter with a stunning and eye-catching website design. One of the best copywriter websites, Michal's website greets you with a hero image of herself which she uses to draw in her ideal clientele via her hero section. 

The logos of renowned firms are on the homepage in a centralized slideshow, providing potential clients with social evidence. Consistent on the site are the CTA buttons, standing out in their Blue Hosta background. 

16. Gari Cruze - Best Copywriter Websites & Design Example
Source: Garicruze

Gari Cruze is an associate creative director and copywriter working with smart agencies and brands to make money for the business. 

This top freelancer website has a unique visual appeal, drawing visitors’ attention to the vibrant three-column presentation of some of his best pieces. 

The mouse pointer has a unique feature on the homepage, producing an interesting zoom effect that reveals names next to a clear white CTA button.

I love how Gari’s website's entire homepage is packed with high-quality images of his work, leaving no room for white space between images.

Writer, journalist, editor, copywriter, and entrepreneur Jessica Estrada uses a subdued and serene style for her copywriting portfolio.

One of the best copywriter websites, the hero image for Jessia's website displays a divided picture of her workplace, giving way to bold centralized text.

Visitors will find Jessica's website's CTA buttons appealing because of their Rich Energy Gold and White color scheme.

Instead of logos, I love how Jessica enumerates her current and former clients in a three-column format over a large Dust Storm backdrop.

18. Kayla Albert - Best Copywriter Websites & Design Example
Source: Kayla albert

Kayla Albert is a content producer and copywriter whose job is to help business owners find an authentic voice for their businesses. 

One of the great copywriter website examples, Kayla’s website showcases her impressive writing career to prospective clients with a visually appealing web design. 

The header menu of her site is information-packed, displaying header texts linked to different sections on the single-page website. Visible as visitors scroll through the homepage is a parallax scrolling feature, engaging visitors throughout the site.

Big Mouth Copy aims to amplify bold voices, offering copywriting services for bold service-based businesses by using fast and fearless sales copies. One of the best copywriting websites, the Big Mouth Copy website is loud, displaying bold design elements throughout the site. 

Bold colors are visible throughout the Big Mouth Copy’s website, adding to the site’s visual appeal and engaging site visitors. Several animated graphics of the mouth are visible on the homepage, adding an artistic touch to the site’s web design. 

20. Meg Peery - Best Copywriter Websites & Design Example
Source: Megpeery

Meg Peery is a copywriter and marketing assistant partnering with small business owners to provide copywriting services. One of the best freelancer websites, Meg’s website is minimalistic, treating visitors to a soft color scheme throughout her homepage. 

Several full-width images stand out on her website, attracting visitors as background images for different sections. The logo’s Crocus purple color is boldly incorporated into her website design, visible as the background color for CTA buttons.

Rachel is a freelance writer working with established B2B SaaS companies to create content and make more money. This online portfolio website is attractive, displaying bold colors throughout the site. 

I love the use of visually appealing designs with several colorful backgrounds and animated features engaging visitors throughout the homepage. A parallax scrolling feature is visible on the homepage, adding to the list of design aesthetics displayed on the site.

Katie Lemon is an ad copywriter specializing in helping companies develop ad campaigns that increase their productivity. One of the great copywriter website examples, Katie’s website is unique, sticking to a consistent centralized layout for her web design. 

I love the display of testimonials from a few of her prior clients in a two-column slideshow beneath her access guide section, serving as social proof.

You can’t help but admire how Katie uses her copywriting portfolio as a play area, adding erratic lines and shapes to give it an artistic look.

Brandon Van Buskirk is a copywriter, art director, and business problem solver helping businesses and clients creatively solve their problems. 

This outstanding copywriter website example is minimalistic, with a straightforward website design. The homepage is unique, displaying majorly bold texts in different font colors on the plain white homepage background. 

I love how Brandon sticks to a consistent centralized display for his site’s content, leaving plenty of white spaces all around the homepage. 

24. Damn Write - Best Copywriter Websites & Design Example
Source: Damn write

Ami Williamson is the brain behind Damn Write, where she uses words to get her customers clicking and turn lurkers into loyal fans. One of the best freelance copywriting websites, the Damn Write website is aesthetically pleasing with a bold display of design elements. 

I love the display of excerpts from Ami’s podcast on the homepage in a bold display, sticking to a three-column layout. The font type displayed throughout the homepage is catchy, engaging visitors as they scroll through different sections.

25. Shanley Cox - Best Copywriter Websites & Design Example
Source: Shanley cox

Shanley Cox heads Shanley Cox Creative, a copywriting and creative agency providing a verbal strategy that brings brands to life. One of the best copywriter website examples, Shanley’s website takes a minimalistic and simple design, treating visitors to a soft color scheme.

The CTA buttons stand out on the site, visible as regular text font, easily distinguished by an underlined feature. Visible are image excerpts from Shanley’s Instagram page in a centralized display, each linked directly to the page.

Sally Fox is a freelance copywriter, voice writer, and brand language strategist creating digital and brand conversion copy for big-hearted businesses. 

One of the good copywriter website examples, Sally’s website is unique, sticking to a consistent centralized layout for her web design. 

Bold colors stand out on Sally’s site, visible throughout the homepage and adding to her site’s visual appeal. I love the display of excerpts from her blog page in a separate section of the homepage in a four-column layout, each linked to the page.

27. DTC Mom - Best Copywriter Websites & Design Example
Source: Dtc mom

DTC Mom provides copywriting and content marketing services for direct-to-customer, eCommerce, and tech brands that empower families.

One of the great copywriting website examples, the DTC Mom website is visually stunning, displaying colors and icons that catch visitors’ attention.

Listed on a separate section on the homepage in a centralized display are the names of brands DTC Mom has worked with, serving as social proof.

I love how the DTC Mom website alternates between its logo’s Warm Pink and Casual colors as the background color for the site’s multiple CTA buttons.

Stuart Writes Copy is the copywriting portfolio website of Stuart, a business owner and copywriter who helps his clients sound fantastic. One of the great writer website examples, the Stuart Writes Copy website is professional-looking with a modern and clean web design.

Headlining the website and boldly displayed in the hero section is an image of Stuart's workspace, welcoming site visitors. The call-to-action buttons on the site are neat, uniquely positioned, and easily accessible in their Vergiris-colored background.

29. Alisha Selena - Best Copywriter Websites & Design Example
Source: Alisha selena

Alisha Selena is a brand strategist, copywriter, and storyteller with a standout copywriter website headlined by the display of compelling messaging as bold texts. 

One of the best copywriter websites, Alisha’s website draws visitors' attention from the hero section, displaying an interwoven black image set against a Flush Mahogany background. 

Beneath the hero section, Alisha explains to her target audience why she likes words, displaying text with a unique font in a centralized display. Visible is a call-to-action button prompting visitors to view her online resume and previous projects. 

The creative force behind Copy Canary, Adele provides a multitude of copywriting services, including digital advertising, business writing, content writing, web copy, and copy consultancy. 

One of the great copywriter website examples, The Copy Canary is aesthetically pleasing, built on a predominantly Lavender Pinocchio and Deep Carmine color scheme. 

Bold texts in Deep Carmine font color welcome site visitors to the Copy Canary copywriting portfolio site. You can’t miss out on amazing testimonials from past clients displayed in a slideshow on an extensive Sunglow background.

Best Copywriter Website Examples FAQs

Which Websites are Great for Copywriting?

The Copy Canary, Stuart Writes Copy, DTC Mom, and Vibe Copy are among the best copywriting websites with stunning web designs that distinguishes them from other sites. 

Do Copywriters Have Websites?

Having a website as a copywriter is a must-have. A website helps people reach and have an idea of your freelance copywriting services. Successful copywriters have great copywriting websites that attend to all their freelance copywriting business needs. 

Do Freelance Copywriters Need a Website?

A well-designed website is important for marketing and branding agencies because it offers them a platform to display their business services to their target audience. Freelance copywriters need a website to showcase their copywriting services and portfolio to their ideal clients and attract prospective clients.

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