25 Best Thinkific Examples: Courses, Landing Pages, Websites

Updated Sep 1, 2023.

Do you want to create your first online course but don’t know how to build a membership website? Are you looking for the best online course platform for selling online courses to your target audience?

Creating a wildly successful online course is a two-step process: online course creation and selling online courses for a tidy profit.

Thinkific is one of the best online course platforms that provides course creators and online businesses total control over branding and the learning experience. You can create unlimited courses and provide exclusive access to an uncapped amount of users.

This article explores the 25 best course websites built with Thinkific to inspire you to create your own online program.

Dr. Ian Dunbar is the mastermind of the Dunbar Academy, an academy offering online dog training courses. A video feature is visible over the hero image of dogs in the background, welcoming visitors to his Thinkific course platform. 

The Oregon Blue color stands out on the Dunbar Academy website, visible as background colors for the header menu and CTA buttons. Visible on this Thinkific website are logos of top brands Dunbar Academy has been featured in. 

I love the arrangement of content on the Dunbar Academy website, sticking to a centralized three-column layout on a white background. 

Rachel loves nothing more than to listen to people, hear their voices, understand their starting points, and help them reach their destinations. 

Her online learning platform, Rachel’s English Academy, is designed to help people speak American English effortlessly.

Full of content, Rachel’s English Academy displays testimonials extensively on her website, using text, video content, and screenshots from her private Facebook group. 

A chat feature is visible and pinned to the homepage, providing ready answers to various visitors' questions. 

Dr. Paul Lam runs a successful business, providing people access to health programs from the comfort of their homes while offering in-person training. 

One of the best online course platforms, Dr. Paul Lam’s Tai Chi course website sticks to a centralized layout to display all its site’s content. 

An engaging and fun course site, Dr. Paul Lam’s site displays extensive information about the art of Tai Chi, using YouTube videos to buttress his point. I love how this Thinkific website uses the Mandarin Jelly color consistently as the background color for its CTA buttons. 

Thais Gibson is the name behind the Personal Development School, offering online courses featuring step-by-step instructions designed to change negative patterns in a person’s life. 

The Vicious Violet from the Personal Development School’s site displayed over its Thinkific landing page serves as the predominant color. 

Beneath the site’s hero image are quoted texts from past students, centralized in a three-column layout as testimonials. Gibson displays all her courses on her Thinkific landing page in a slideshow, with Vicious Violet adding color to the section.

Regenerate Your Life is an online wellness business offering the key to a lifetime of health, the text taking center stage on its website. This Thinkific site’s hero images are cover images of its five online courses, helping get visitors to focus on them. 

One of the best modern Thinkific website examples, Regenerate Your Life sticks to the Acid Candy color of its logo as its predominant background color. I love how this Thinkific website displays information about the various courses it offers to help visitors make a purchase. 

Elizabeth Rider is a health coach and wellness expert, with her Thinific website serving as her home for great recipes, inspiring podcasts, videos, and images. Her personal website offers courses on health and travel to help elevate your day. 

Welcoming visitors to her site is a full-width slideshow displaying black-and-white and colorful images and videos of herself and her recipes. 

Another navigation header menu feature other than the one at the top is visible on Elizabeth’s website with a search feature for easy navigation. Elizabeth uses a black-and-white color scheme to display links to her Instagram, YouTube, and Apple podcast channels.

7. Lasater Yoga - Thinkific Example
Source: Lasater.yoga

Lasater Yoga is an online yoga school with teachers teaching students to mirror their inherent goodness and inner wisdom. Welcoming visitors to its site is a smiling full-width image of Judith Lasater and her mother, serving as the site’s hero image. 

This yoga website is neat and well-structured, opting for a plain white background for its minimalistic web design. Online courses offered by Lasater Yoga are displayed in a three-column layout with prices attached to each course, the highlight of this site.

Rick Hanson’s website is as plain and straightforward as any Thinkific example is, sticking to a minimalistic design for its web design. 

The first thing that catches visitors' attention is the bold header announcing Hans’ online programs and courses on an Americana color background. 

Taking all the primary focus on Hans’ website is a list of its paid courses displayed in a centralized three-column layout. A brief introduction and prices are attached to each of his advanced courses, giving visitors an idea of what to expect and at what cost.

The How to Become a Notary in New York website is plain and straightforward, sticking to a centralized layout for all of its site’s content. Unlike other sites, this Thinkific site displays its header navigation menu below its hero image, showing a slideshow of colorful images

Logos and YouTube videos are displayed extensively on the How to Become a Notary in New York website, with text in small font sizes. Links to its classes are distinguished by the Blue font colors and underlined for easy identification. 

Bryan Fallis is an IATA-qualified DGR instructor, and the founder of DG Train Online, a global expert guide in the safe packaging of dangerous goods for air and sea transport. 

Listed on the DG Train online website is a list of reasons why its courses are a top choice, detailing easy ways to start and finish at the user’s convenience. 

You can’t miss out on the video feature on the DG Train Online homepage that provides visitors a quick look into its online courses.

Himalayan Academy is an online academy providing teachings on Hinduism for the modern world via group coaching events. Taking center stage on its website is a bird's eye view image of a cool and serene environment, prescribing a calm feeling to visitors. 

Scrolling down the Himalayan Academy website, visitors are met with an outline of its online courses, displayed in a centralized three-column layout. I love how the Thinkific site displays the number of lessons and price for each online course listed alongside quality imagery.

Reliability Center is in the profession of training and mentoring company teams across various industries to help them increase their ROI. A straightforward Thinkific example, the Reliability Center is direct with its web design. 

Displaying minimal content in three distinct sections, this online course website centralizes all its courses in a three-column layout. The Mandarin Jelly color serves as the background color for its site’s only CTA button, prompting visitors to view more of its online Thinkific courses.

The Balanced Runner is an online learning center teaching people how to make running feel smooth, free, and a little like flying. An image of a bird flying helps put these words into perspective as visible over the image. 

Sticking to a minimalistic web design, The Balanced Runner divides its site into four major parts. The top and bottom parts serve as the header menu and footer section, sticking to the same Dark Spell color background. 

The main section is the middle section, displaying the online courses the Balanced Runner offers in a centralized three-column layout.

Train2PointO doubles as a Thinkific membership site and an online hockey training platform offering unlimited access to its course content. The hero image of two teams of hockey players tells the story of what online training Train2PointO offers. 

Displayed in a centralized three-column layout are all the online courses Train2PointO offers, accessible from the homepage. 

There is a testimonial section displaying quoted texts alongside images of client testimonials displayed in a slideshow format.

15. Miss Excel - Thinkific Example
Source: Miss-excel

Kate Norton is the Chief Excel Officer at Miss Excel, a cheeky title for a woman devoted to teaching Excel to individuals, businesses, and educational institutions. 

The first thing visitors see is a smiling hero image of Kate on her landing page with Excel prompts displaying one of her Thinkific course examples. 

I love how the CTA buttons on the Miss Excel website stand out in their Magenta color background, adding color to the overall plain background. 

Logos of top brands Miss Excel has worked with are displayed in a black-and-white color scheme. Displayed in a similar color scheme are logos of brands Miss Excel has featured in, serving as social proof. 

Dave is a self-publisher, author, online marketer, and creator of Kindlepreneur, a website devoted to teaching authors about book marketing. Sticking to its logo colors, the Kindlepreneur website is neatly adorned in Mood Indigo and Ornery Tangerine colors

The Kindlepreneur logo icon is imprinted as the site’s primary hero image, taking all the attention beside a bold text in White announcing its online courses. 

Arranged in a three-column layout is a mixture of paid and free courses that Dave offers, with free and price tags attached to each course.

17. ParentSource - Thinkific Example
Source: Parent source

ParentSource online classes feature medically accurate and up-to-date information presented by experts from its parent company, Baby360. 

Right from the hero images, ParentSource is consistent with using the slideshow feature to display images of its instructors. 

Displayed in a slideshow format is feedback from parents visible on Presidio Peach's background, standing out on its homepage. Shapes of different sizes and colors also adorn the ParentSource website adding an artistic touch to its web design.

18. Brit + Co Classes - Thinkific Example
Source: Learn.brit

Brit + Co ignites the creative spark in women, with its website taking a creative approach, offering features that bring a spark to its homepage. 

Arranged below its appetizing hero image is an extensive library of the Brit + Co online courses, arranged in a centralized four-column layout

Attached to each online course is a header text in a black-and-white color scheme, detailing the category each course belongs to. 

The Brit + Co Client testimonials, top categories, and favorite instructors sections all display their content in a three-column layout. I love how the client testimonials section uses a slideshow format.

Chris is one of the top leaders in iOS foundations training with his CodeWithChris platform, his tool for offering beginner-friendly lessons. 

Aiming to build a respectable online community while offering an intuitive learning experience, the CodeWithChris website is one of the best online course platforms.

A color scheme of Deep Sky Blue and White is visible over the CodeWithChris website, coined from its logo. Visible and pinned to the homepage is a feedback and chat feature that serves as a means for visitors to communicate with Chris.

You can’t miss out on the logos of top companies some of Chris's students have joined on Chris’ site, serving as social proof to potential students.

Carlin Hines is the president of Busy Works Beats, one of the world’s leading music production companies. A perfectionist himself, Carlin puts a great deal of effort into the Busy Works Beats web design, giving it a professional look. 

A YouTube video feature over a full-width image of Carlin shows Carlin busy working on a beat. I love how the online courses offered by Busy Works Beats are well-categorized, making them easy to find. 

There is a FAQ section ready with answers to popular questions that arise, aimed to teach students all there is to know.

Young Architect Academy's mission is to create successfully licensed architects from its Thinkific online courses. 

A hero image of an astonishing architectural design cut into half welcomes visitors to the Young Architect Academy website. With a minimalistic website design, the Young Architect Academy website sticks to an all-black background, giving its site a visually appealing look. 

There is a list of the Young Architect Academy courses, listed in a centralized three-column layout, with review ratings attached to each.

22. Mittmaster - Thinkific Example
Source: Mittmaster

Matt is a martial arts student, instructor, author, and creator of the Mittmaster Pad Training System designed to improve students striking and retention skills. 

Focusing on the art of kickboxing, the Mittmaster website kickstarts its homepage with a background hero image of a lady working out with an instructor. 

The background hero image is overshadowed by the body of texts about Mittmaster, the most notable being the CTA button in Red, offering a free course. 

This kickboxing training website arranges its content in a centralized layout, with a welcome section preceding its testimonial and about sections.

Hootsuite Academy is an online course platform offering certification courses that help people build their skills and take the next leap in their careers. 

A simple web design, the Hootsuite Academy website uses a Transparent Green and Fresco Blue color scheme for its web design. 

Colorful images serve as background images for the centralized Academic Certification Courses listing, displayed on the Hootsuite Academy text-based website. 

The Hootsuite Academy social media icons are visible in the site’s footer section, standing out in its Fresco Blue colored background. 

The Fermentation School is a collective of food authors and teachers fermenting a better food system for land, people, and the microbes on which we depend. 

This food website is well-designed and structured, sticking to a consistent all-black background except for select sections.

Colorful images serve as background images for select sections, with the most notable being the hero image. Displayed over the hero image is video content announcing the fermentation school.

Visible on the Fermentation School website is an extensive FAQ section, providing ready answers to potential questions.

25. Learn From Fiverr - Thinkific Example
Source: Learn.fiverr

Learn From Fiverr offers online professional courses led by the world’s top experts, offering in-demand skills for on-demand courses. An image of a lady smiling serves as its hero image.

Visible over the hero image is a search feature displaying some of the popular search terms. Beneath the hero image is a list of online courses offered on Learn From Fiverr displayed in a four-column layout, highlighting popular courses.

Thinkific WebsiteFAQs

Can I Use Thinkific as My Website?

Thinkific is an excellent platform for building a course website to promote and sell your online courses. With the Thinkific custom domain feature, you get to have your own Thinkific site available in your domain. 

Is Thinkific Good for Online Courses?

Thinkific is a quality online course platform with outstanding features and a simple user interface that helps you as an online business owner sell online courses. The Thinkific platform offers marketing tools to help grow your online education business. 

Does Thinkific Have Landing Pages?

An advantage of using Thinkific in creating online courses is that every course you sell comes with access to a course landing page. Although the names of the landing page differ, a landing page is always available for you on Thinkific. 

Is Thinkific Free Plan Worth It?

The Thinkific fee plan is worth it, offering Thinkific’s drag-and-drop course builder, website themes, quizzes, and surveys in your website content. Unlike other free plans, the Thinkific free plan is robust, offering outstanding features for those starting with low or zero startup capital. 

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