25 Best Chiropractic Websites For Design Inspiration 2024

Updated Oct 30, 2023.

Do you own a chiropractic practice and want to build a beautiful and high-converting website but don’t know how to start? Are you looking for inspiration to redesign your existing chiropractic site?

Creating a professional chiropractic website that generates leads is essential for success in the chiropractic industry. You can use the best website builders like Squarespace or Wix to design a website that attracts more of your ideal patients to your practice.

This article covers the 25 best chiropractic website designs that you can use as a guide and a design checklist when creating your own site.

Let’s get started.

Chiropractic House is a holistic healthcare studio with a mission to serve its community by restoring health and well-being. Welcoming visitors to the site is a full-width display of the interior of its facility, taking center stage in the site’s hero section. 

Testimonials from past clients use an inconsistent two-column layout, standing out in the section’s plain white background. Serving as the background images for different sections are high-quality images of the facility, adding a visual appeal to the website design.

ABC Chiropractic is an award-winning chiropractic clinic based in Edinburg, committed to family wellness and complete family care. One of the top websites in the chiropractic profession, the ABC Chiropractic site is well-packed, displaying extensive content throughout its homepage. 

An anchor menu feature is visible as bold dots and pinned to the right-hand corner of the homepage serves as the site’s primary navigation feature. Visible and pinned to the homepage is a chat feature that serves as the site’s online communication channel.

Mission Hills Chiropractic is a team of chiropractors in Lake Forest who get people out of pain and restore their health with chiropractic adjustments. This chiropractic website is unique, sticking to a consistent centralized layout for its website design. 

The latest articles from the Mission Hills Chiropractic blog page are visible on the homepage in a centralized three-column layout, each linked to the page. 

Visible are image excerpts and quoted texts from its Instagram page, displayed in a centralized four-column layout.

Advanced Family Chiropractic's goal is to provide a full range of chiropractic solutions to help eliminate pain and restore the mobility of patients. 

One of the top chiropractic websites, Advanced Family Chiropractic displays an image of a patient receiving care in its hero section.

A chat feature is visible and pinned to the bottom right-hand corner of the homepage, serving as the site’s online communication channel. Standing out on the homepage is the Rich Black color, visible as font colors and background for the site’s multiple CTA buttons.

5. ChiroCenter Chiropractic - Best Chiropractic Websites For Design Inspiration
Source: Chirocentermn

ChiroCenter Chiropractic is dedicated to a full-body approach to health, evaluating the needs of patients through individualized care and goal-oriented wellness. This great chiropractic site boldly displays design elements throughout the site.

Visitors enjoy a consistent display of bold typography on the site, making each scroll visually engaging. I love the display of testimonials in White on a high-quality soothing image.

Minser Chiropractic Clinic helps patients manage pain and prevent diseases through its wide range of services, including chiropractic care, massage therapy, and acupuncture. This top chiropractic website is unique, displaying a centralized layout for its site’s content. 

The logo’s Palatinate Purple color dominates the homepage, visible as background color for different sections and CTA buttons. 

Visible and pinned to the homepage are several icons recognizable in their Palatinate Purple background, linked to several other pages on the website.

Flourish Chiropractic Spa supports individuals in their wellness journey, blending chiropractic treatment with muscle work and yoga in a spa-like setting. 

One of the top chiropractic websites, the Flourish Chiropractic Spa website is visually appealing, displaying natural colors throughout its site. 

A parallax scrolling effect is visible as visitors scroll through the homepage, one of the site’s top design elements. I love the use of bold typography that makes each scroll through the homepage engaging for visitors.

Amplify Health specializes in corrective and relief care, improving the function and performance of its patients’ bodies through a natural approach. 

At first glance, new patients focus on the image taking center stage in the hero section, catching a glimpse of the facility in the background. 

The logo’s Celestial Blue color used on the homepage serves as the background color for multiple CTA buttons. You can’t help but admire the parallax scrolling effect as you scroll through the homepage, adding to the site’s design aesthetics.

Katherine Sports and Family Chiropractic offers personalized care to people of all ages across different conditions, offering advice on injury prevention. One of the best chiropractic websites, the Katherine Chiropractic site is minimalistic with a straightforward website design.

The entire homepage’s plain white background displays minimal content on the site, headed by bold and unique typography. I love how the centralized layout is visible throughout the site, leaving a chunk of white space around.

Ybor City Chiropractic focuses on analyzing their patients' bodies and creating a custom pain relief and rehabilitation plan that benefits their health. This amazing chiropractic website is unique, with a straightforward website design

A list of the various services offered is scattered and displayed on the homepage’s plain white background, attracting potential patients. Consistent on the site are CTA buttons, standing out in their Cocoa-colored background and consistent with the logo’s color.

11. Motus - Best Chiropractic Websites For Design Inspiration
Source: This is motus

Motus is a world-class team of Inner West Allied health professionals offering health services that alleviate pain and optimize the way people move. 

One of the best chiropractor website examples, the Motus chiropractor website is modern, with a dark theme visible throughout the homepage. 

Bold typography and high-quality images are the recurring themes on the Motus website, making the site visually engaging for a potential client. 

Standing out and pinned to the homepage is a Messenger-powered chat feature connecting visitors with the brand’s online communication channel.

Tompkins Chiropractic provides gentle, patient-centered chiropractic care to the Central Oregon community, offering high-quality comprehensive chiropractic and massage services. 

One of the top Chiropractor websites, Dr. Tompkins's website stands out with its soft color scheme displayed throughout the site. 

Stacked together and taking center stage on the website are several soothing images combined into one delightful image, welcoming visitors. An extensive FAQ section is visible on the homepage, displaying ready answers to potential visitors' questions.

13. Chiropractic in Chicago Loop - Best Chiropractic Websites For Design Inspiration
Source: Dr fimreite

Headed by Dr. Fimreite, Chiropractic in Chicago Loop approaches care by maximizing the body’s ability to heal by reducing spinal imbalances and stress. This top chiropractic website is minimalistic with a straightforward website design. 

The logo’s Navy Green color is the primary site’s color, outlining CTA buttons and serving as a background color for different sections. The footer section is extensive, displaying contact details, a map feature, and icons linked to social media platforms.

Well Adjusted offers chiropractic care that focuses on the body’s ability to heal, ensuring the body is functioning as optimally as possible. This top chiropractic website sticks to a predominantly black-and-white color scheme for its website design. 

The CTA buttons on Well Adjusted stand out in black-and-white, displaying the site’s predominant colors. I love how the website lists out the Chiropractic services it offers in a separate section on the homepage, displayed in bold blue fonts.

15. Portland Chiropractic - Best Chiropractic Websites For Design Inspiration
Source: Portland chi

Portland Chiropractic uses the proven disciplines of chiropractic, massage, and active rehabilitation to access, treat, and educate its patients. This top chiropractic site is minimalistic, displaying minimal content throughout its site’s homepage. 

Welcoming visitors as the hero image is a full-width image of a patient receiving treatment, providing new clients with an idea of its service offerings. 

You will find beautiful images of its team of professionals displayed on the homepage in a five-column layout, alongside contact details. 

16. Golden Gate Chiropractic - Best Chiropractic Websites For Design Inspiration
Source: Gogachiro

Golden Gate Chiropractic is a San Francisco-based chiropractic practice firm empowering clients to heal, learn, and evolve. One of the top chiropractic custom websites, Golden Gate Chiropractic welcomes visitors with a soothing image serving as the site’s hero image. 

This minimalist website sticks to a clean layout to display what the practice offers on its homepage. I love the alternating font types and colors displayed on the site, making the site’s content engaging for potential clients.

17. SOMA Sport & Physio - Best Chiropractic Websites For Design Inspiration
Source: Soma physio

SOMA Sport & Physio makes injury recovery and prevention possible, providing a hands-on approach to rehab that improves human movement and performance. 

One of the best chiropractic websites, SOMA Sport & Physio is unique, sticking to a centralized layout for its content. 

A showcase carousel feature is visible on the homepage, displaying high-quality images in an interactive slideshow. Two arrow icons attached to the centralized slideshow help visitors navigate through the different colorful images. 

Vitality Wellness Center offers network chiropractic care where people of all ages come to heal and feel more energized, inspired, and alive. This chiro web design is professional-looking, with a consistent soft color scheme visible throughout the site. 

The CTA buttons on the Vitality Wellness Center website stand out in their Cyan Opaque background, prompting visitors to the site. A testimonials section is visible in a separate section on the homepage, displaying texts on the homepage’s plain white background.

Kelly-Mcilnay Chiropractic provides general chiropractic treatment services to people of all ages in the Roseville area, specializing in recovery from automobile and work injuries. 

One of the best Chiropractic website examples, the Kelly-Mcilnay Chiropractic site takes a simple layout to display its chiropractic services. 

Welcoming visitors to its site is a full-width hero image with a brief description displayed in White over the background image. Visitors enjoy a parallax scrolling feature, engaging them as they scroll through the homepage. 

Bee Healthy Family Chiropractic Care welcomes patients of Dr. Pat and the former Hudson Chiropractic Clinic to its new website. One of the amazing chiropractic websites, the Bee Healthy Family Chiropractic site is modern, with a neat layout visible throughout the site. 

Boldly displayed in the header menu are social media icons and a CTA button in Gravel, one of the brand’s two logo colors. I love the use of the logo’s bee icon which adds an artistic touch to the site’s web design. 

Pain Relief Chiropractor is headed by top-rated chiropractors offering chiropractic care and treatment for a variety of pain, strains, and sprains. 

One of the best chiropractor websites, Pain Relief Chiropractor welcomes visitors with a background video in its hero section. 

A clear call to action displayed over the hero section prompts website visitors to book an appointment and access its chiropractic treatments. 

Visible in a separate section on the homepage’s plain white background are logos of insurance companies, assuring current and potential patients.

New York Chiropractic Life Center provides quality chiropractic treatment in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, Central Park West, and surrounding areas of Manhattan. 

This good website with a visually appealing website design is aesthetically pleasing, displaying bold colors throughout its homepage. 

A Let’s Chat feature pinned to the bottom right-hand corner of the homepage on a Blue Dress background serves as the site’s online communication channel. Displayed on a Blue Dress colored background are header texts in the site’s sticky header menu, aiding navigation.

Upper Cervical Awareness helps people suffering from symptoms and conditions listed on its site by having their upper neck injuries evaluated and corrected. This top chiropractic website uses a minimalist and straightforward website design.

Excerpts from the Upper Cervical Awareness blog page are in a separate section on the homepage, neatly arranged in a centralized four-column layout. 

I love how the Upper Cervical Awareness website displays symptoms in separate sections on the homepage, sticking with the brand’s mission by creating awareness.

Source Chiropractic and Wellness is one of the top chiropractic firms in Utah, with a primary focus on cervical chiropractors. This great chiropractic website example stands out in its bold display of design elements, visible as texts and colors.

Pinned to the bottom of the hero section is a Google map, call, and schedule feature on varying blue backgrounds, prompting visitors on the site. 

Visible and pinned to the bottom right-hand corner of the homepage is a chat feature that serves as the site’s online communication channel. 

Life Chiropractic is a local chiropractor in Oakland that provides generational care that affects the whole family. One of the best chiropractic websites, Life Chiropractic is unique, sticking to its logo’s Pavlova and Dark Blue Grey colors as its site’s predominant colors. 

An accessibility icon is visible and pinned to the left-hand side of the homepage, giving visitors control of the site’s layout design. Consistent on the site are its call-to-action buttons, easily distinguishable in their bold and clear Rhino background.

Best Chiropractic Websites FAQs

How Can I Design a Visually Appealing Chiropractic Website? 

Designing a visually appealing chiropractic website borders down to the important elements displayed that catch visitors’ attention. Attractive images, video integration, interactive web design, and bold typography are some of the top design elements that make a website visually appealing to site visitors. 

How Can I Set Up an Independent Chiropractic Practice?

Setting up an independent chiropractic practice requires legal and financial backing to carve a niche for yourself in the chiropractic industry. Choosing to go solo after getting licensed requires an online marketing solution to drive clients to your office space and is much easier with a professional website provider like Squarespace.

What are the Best Website Builders for Chiropractors? 

If you are looking for a Chiropractic website design inspiration, there are many free templates for you to choose from. Wix and Squarespace are the top choices for your chiro web design project, offering unmatched features at pocket-friendly prices. 

What is the Best Online Marketing Solution for Chiropractors?

Running Google Ads, using search engine optimization, pay-per-click, and having an outstanding website design are online marketing solutions to generate more leads. Combining some or all of these online marketing solutions is effective for converting visitors to paying clients.

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