36 Inspiring Travel Blog Examples For 2024

Updated Sep 23, 2023.

Do you travel to exotic places in South America, Europe, and other parts of the world and want to build a website to document your experiences? Perhaps you own a travel blog but are struggling to attract visitors to read through your content?

Building a travel blog with interesting articles and engaging content is one of the ways you can reach and influence a wide range of people. You can use the best blogging platforms like Wix and Squarespace to design an attention-grabbing travel blog.

This article explores 36 successful travel blogs with catchy designs and engaging content you can use as inspiration when building your own travel blog.

Let’s get started.

1. Ash Owens - Inspiring Travel Blog Example
Source: Ash owens

Ash Owens is an award-winning digital content creator who has nurtured her passion for travel, beauty, fashion & lifestyle. The split-page feature on the hero section makes this personal blog stand out from the blogs of other solo female travelers. 

This blog page doubles as an eCommerce store where online visitors and travel enthusiasts can purchase useful products for traveling and merchandise. 

I love how she uses high-quality images and a unique color scheme with its dominant colors being black, white, and pale copper. 

2. Her Report - Inspiring Travel Blog Example
Source: Her report

Her Report welcomes visitors with a picture of snow boots and a short text about Re. The webpage features logos of top publication brands and organizations that have featured mind-blowing content about one of Nepal’s best female solo travelers. 

As a full-time traveler, she uses her travel website to promote online courses in copywriting, social media management, and affiliate marketing.

The atomic tangerine-colored site footer features icons for her social media platforms, email address, and contact form. I like how the parallax scrolling effect gives the webpage a sophisticated outlook.

Allison Anderson is a skilled traveler, photographer, and creative who loves exploring and helping people have a taste of the world out there. 

This travel blog website welcomes visitors with a catalog of the latest blog articles and posts about her solo travelers in multiple grid-column layouts. Clicking on any of these images will transport visitors to a different page that contains interesting details for their consumption.

The search bar beside the three social media icons is a useful tool for locating relevant items and topics on the page.

4. Pack Up + Go - Inspiring Travel Blog Example
Source: Pack up go

The Pack Up + Go blog is a collection of travel tips, an exploration of amazing US destinations, and information about how the agency’s trips work. 

Excited visitors can click the dark slate gray colored “Book Your Vacation” CTA button at the top to begin your travel planning process and necessary bookings. 

I like how this travel blog features bold and stylish fonts to properly display its engaging messages in a visually appealing fashion. Interested visitors who want to have a great travel time can use the contact form on the site footer to get in touch with the agency. 

5. The Berlin Storyteller - Inspiring Travel Blog Example
Source: Berlin

Dennis Behnke is the founder of The Berlin Storyteller. I like how this travel blog example uses a vertical slideshow in its hero section that showcases stunning photography of Berlin.

Exploring this blog’s travel stories and engaging content, you can use the sticky blue-colored navigation bar with a drop-down effect to achieve this feat. 

There is a stunning photograph of Dennis Behnke and an engaging biography that features content about his own travel adventures in Berlin.

All Inclusive Vacations is the blog section of the parent company SVH Travel which has been making waves in the travel industry. 

I like how this famous travel blog features heartwarming content from various places in a vertical format to encourage visitors to explore its content. 

Clicking on the blog post titles or the high-quality images will grant visitors access to the post contents, destination guides, and travel tips. The site footer houses the brand’s logo, multiple page links, and three social media icons that link to the direct online profiles.

The Bucket List Family blog contains amazing adventures of the Gee family who are a bunch of Family Travel Journalists.

I like how this adventure travel blog welcomes visitors with an attention-grabbing and informative video background of various locations in the hero section. 

This unique travel blog features multiple stunning images and colorful content, and the parallax scrolling effect makes all the content sync in an attractive format. 

Interested visitors can check for content about blogging tips, travel tours, and travel-related topics by clicking the YouTube subscribe button at the center of the page.

World of Wanderlust has been one of the world’s leading publishers in solo travel content since 2012. The search function on this sticky navigation bar makes exploring the solo traveler from every angle of this travel blog seamless and productive. 

This solo female traveler uses multiple grid-column layouts to structure the design layout of her website and display stunning images of various travel destinations.

The white-colored site footer contains vital information and content about every solo luxury travel, travel adventures, and various travel destinations.

9. Poe Travel - Inspiring Travel Blog Example
Source: Poe travel

Poe Travel is a highly recognized and award-winning travel blog that has been in business for over two decades. I like how the webpage uses large text with bold fonts to communicate with visitors who are interested in the site’s content. 

The text format makes it impossible for visitors to ignore all the displayed travel deals designed to entice them to click the gray-colored CTA button.

I love how the Moss Green site footer features content like social media icons, a navigation bar, and a subscription form for constant updates.

Christen Perry is the owner and travel advisor of Classic Travel Connection. The travel journal’s mega menu bar links to content sorted by specific destination to make the exploration process seamless.

You can click the pastel brown colored live chat widget at the right side of the page to get in touch with the officials of Classic Travel Connection. 

Classic Travel Connection uses a simple yet attractive color scheme that features catchy colors like Black, Pastel Brown, Ecru White, and Blue Bayeux.

The Hidden Italy opens up with a stunning image of the city and the caption “Cities and tours that we loved around Italy.” The white background makes the unique and eye-catching elements visible and appealing to online visitors. 

You can’t help but love the greed-colored “Book Tour” CTA button. If you want to check out some of the site’s contents in-depth, the white-colored sticky navigation bar makes exploring easy. 

Interested visitors and other travel bloggers can check out the interesting article section for sustainable travel advice and inspiration for future adventures. 

12. Kisty Mea - Inspiring Travel Blog Example
Source: Kisty

Kisty Mea is a 28-year-old free-spirited girl who loves exploring. I like how this travel blog has a clean yet minimalist design layout featuring multiple grid layouts to display its latest posts.

Clicking the tangerine-colored “See All Blog Posts” CTA buttons will transport visitors to various content about travel services, news, guides, and ways to get travel inspiration.  

Visitors and fellow travelers can use the search bar at the base of the page to locate various items without breaking a sweat.

Selective Potential is the brainchild of Tieka who spends a lot of time adventuring and lighthouse hopping around Michigan. 

Visitors can access this travel destination and lifestyle blog content by clicking the high-quality pictures or the “Read More” CTA button below each article's content. You can check out previous blog posts by clicking the “Older” call-to-action at the base of the page.

Interested visitors can use the navigation bar at the top and base of the home page to explore various aspects of this travel blog.

14. Earth + Ocean Travel Company - Inspiring Travel Blog Example
Source: Earth-ocean

Earth + Ocean Travel Company's blog focuses on vacations, destination weddings, luxury honeymoons, and guided getaways.

This travel blog website uses a two-column design layout with eye-catching images and bold cover titles as the gateway for visitors to explore the site’s content. 

Online visitors can click the “Cart” link on the navigation bar to explore the shopping page and purchase travel-related items. Earth + Ocean Travel Company’s site footer houses two unique social media icons that serve as direct links to the company’s online profiles.

15. Asiyami Gold - Inspiring Travel Blog Example
Source: Asiyami gold

Asiyami Gold’s travel bold page welcomes you with stunning pictures that appear in a slideshow format in the hero section. This lifestyle blog features interesting content about different countries like Italy, India, and Ghana at the center of the webpage. 

If you want to view this content, you can click the “Read More” CTA button at the base of the page. The site’s footer houses multiple videos that link to Asiyami Gold’s Instagram page and a CTA button with a hover effect.

16. Somto Seeks - Inspiring Travel Blog Example
Source: Somto seeks

Somto Seeks is the brainchild of Somtochukwu, a full-time travel writer whose mission is to help you navigate this big and beautiful world with confidence. Interested visitors can use the search function at the top of the page to make locating items of choice easy. 

I like how the hero section features a short biography that helps visitors get acquainted with the owner of this travel blog page. As you scroll further, you will see multiple publication logos that feature this travel blog brand.

17. Bespoke - Inspiring Travel Blog Example
Source: Bespoke

Bespoke’s hero section features an automated slideshow displaying multiple high-resolution images to get visitors’ attention. 

I like how the texts and high-quality images from various angles of the page respond when visitors scroll around the webpage. Above the site footer, you will find a well-put-together contact form and a full-width map featuring various locations to explore.

I like how this travel blog features logos of its partners in a well-arranged format to boost credibility and social proof.

Chasing Buffaloes and Beyond is a travel blog based on a family of three who love to travel, explore the world, and try new things. Visitors can use the drop-down navigation bar to explore various aspects of the blog page. 

The site’s footer features a short biography of the family with a stunning picture which helps to get visitors to put a face to the brand. 

I love how the Instagram reel section features multiple videos in a column grid layout that links to the blog’s original Instagram page.

Bri is the creator of Milk + Honey Travels Milk. This travel blog has a minimalist yet clean design layout with ample use of white space that makes every relevant element attractive. 

Milk + Honey Travels uses a seven-column layout to display its mouth-watering blog content featuring high-quality cover images with a thumbnail effect to aid exploration. You can check out the content in the Instagram reel section for travel and destination-related inspiration. 

Explorateur Travel has a mission to create life-long clients through perfectly planned itineraries customized to the client’s travel style. I like how this travel blog webpage features a slideshow element to display the blog’s recent posts in an attractive and attention-grabbing fashion. 

Clicking the red colored arrow or “Read More” navigation bar will help visitors explore the blog content for a closer view of the recent posts.

The parallax scrolling effect makes exploring the blog fun, lively, and engaging and encourages visitors to explore the site content. 

21. Allure Travel - Inspiring Travel Blog Example
Source: Allure travel

Allure Travel blog offers the latest posts on business travel news, industry insights, technology trends, and travel tips. 

The first catchy element is a stunning image of a lady having a great time at the beach working and enjoying her vacation. Exploring this webpage is visible and seamless via the white-colored sticky navigation bar with a drop-down effect. 

I like how each article has a high-quality cover image with a thumbnail effect which is designed to grab visitors' attention on arrival.

22. Bouteco - Inspiring Travel Blog Example
Source: Bouteco

Bouteco travel blog focuses on luxury travel-related content designed to inspire and educate their audiences about various luxurious destinations. 

I love how this travel blog website features multiple grid-column layouts to structure the site’s design layout and display stunning images of various travel destinations. 

The combination of the parallax scrolling effect and high-resolution background image gives the webpage a sophisticated and lively outlook. 

Interested visitors can explore the content of various interesting articles with an engaging writing style that is available on the blog’s homepage.

Get Your Guide blog post design welcomes visitors with a short biography and a high-resolution image in the hero section. The blog page features interesting articles about this travel niche and relevant resource materials that make the process seamless. 

I like how the white background makes the site’s color scheme and other relevant elements visible and attractive to online visitors and potential customers. 

Interested visitors can fill in their details in the newsletter column and click the blue-colored “Sign Up” CTA button to receive constant updates.

Under 30 Experiences is a solo travel community that is designed for individuals between the ages of 21 and 35.

The first catchy element on this webpage is an engaging and informative background video in the hero section. 

This element features content designed to get visitors' attention and convince them to take necessary actions by clicking on any of the pink lemonade-colored CTA buttons.

Interested visitors can use the white-colored navigation bar with a drop-down effect to explore various angles of the page and acquire relevant information seamlessly.

25. Lost Leblanc - Inspiring Travel Blog Example
Source: Lost leblanc

Lost Leblanc blog page’s hero section features a high-quality photo displaying a young man having fun on the beach. I love the caption “Lost Stories” which encourages visitors to explore further. 

As you scroll further, you will see various article content in a six-column grid display layout with a thumbnail effect for easy accessibility.

Clicking on any of these articles will help visitors get information about the digital nomad lifestyle, how to make travel videos and other engaging content. 

The permanent colored site footer features elements like a subscription column, multiple payment options, and social media icons.

Nathan Lee Allen’s blog page features multiple full-width high-quality images displaying various travel destinations at different sections of the page.

The full-width images have a bold and catchy caption as its title which helps in categorizing each content section. Visitors can click the blue colored CTA button to get in-depth information about each blog category.

You will see various logos of past and present clients which serves as a solid source of social proof and helps to boost the blog’s credibility.

27. Alex Strohl - Inspiring Travel Blog Example
Source: Alex strohl

Alex Strohl's travel blog welcomes visitors with a mind-blowing and engaging slider that features high-quality images of various locations and monuments. 

Interested visitors can click the white-colored “View Project” CTA button at the center of the hero section to get in-depth information about Alex Strohl's travel projects.

As you scroll further, you will see various high-quality and stunning photographs from various angles of the page. I like how each blog post and the posts are accompanied by incredible travel photography with thumbnail effects for further explorations.

Quin Schrock, an outdoor adventure photographer based out of Southern California, is the mastermind behind the success of Ever Changing Horizon. 

This blog website features an ample use of white spaces to make all relevant images on the web page visited and appealing to online visitors. You can use the sticky navigation bar to explore various relevant content on this travel blog website without breaking a sweat.

My favorite aspect of Ever Changing Horizon is the strategic display of high-quality travel photographs in a multiple-grid format.

29. Benjam - Inspiring Travel Blog Example
Source: Benjam

Benjam is a top-notch travel blog owned by Benjamin James Brown who is a photographer and YouTuber making waves in the digital world. This travel blog doubles as an eCommerce store. Visitors can click the cart icon on the sticky navigation bar at the top of the page. 

Interested visitors can check out the blog content by clicking on any of the columns in the center of the home page. Each column offers visitors the opportunity to drop a like and comment on the blog content after exploration.

Aperture Tours’ blog page opens up with a stunning monument-based image to make visitors feel welcome. I like how this blog post layout features multiple contents featuring engaging texts, CTA buttons, and high-quality images to make the page visually appealing.

Online visitors can switch the site’s language from English to French by clicking the black-colored language switch button at the top of the page. Exploring the site page is seamless due to the presence of a sticky navigation bar with a drop-down effect.

31. A Way Abroad - Inspiring Travel Blog Example
Source: A way abroad

A Way Abroad blog’s hero section features illustrations, motion graphics, a high-resolution image, and logos of top publication brands. 

I like how this travel blog example features a sticky navigation bar and hamburger menu bar to explore various angles of the page seamlessly. As you scroll further, you will see various high-quality images that give this webpage a fun and engaging design layout.

The black-colored site footer houses vital content like newsletters, social media icons, and links to resource materials.

Along Dusty Roads welcomes visitors with a high-quality image displaying a desert view and a young man holding a bicycle. The white background makes all the colorful elements on the web page visually appealing and attractive to online visitors.

Navigating this webpage is like taking a walk through the park due to the availability of an easy-to-use sticky menu bar with a drop-down effect.

My favorite aspect of this blog page is the use of multiple grid columns with a thumbnail effect for seamless access.

Our Wild Abandon is run by Jill and Kyla who are best friends and photographers who enjoy telling stories of the people and places.

The “Read Journal” section features a ten-column design layout to display the blog’s articles for easy identification and accessibility. Each column has a thumbnail effect on each title image which visitors can click to have a sneak peek into each article content.

The dark green colored site footer features an Instagram and Management link that transports visitors to the respective pages when clicked.

34. Corlu Travels - Inspiring Travel Blog Example
Source: Corlu travels

Corlu Travels’ webpage has a well-structured design layout with multiple blog posts in a grid format from the top to the bottom of the page.

Each blog column has a thumbnail effect that grants visitors access to the content and a comment and like option to boost the reader’s engagement. The sticky navigation bar has a drop-down effect which makes exploration seamless and worthwhile. 

Interested visitors can click on any of the social media icons on the site footer to access more content about the travel blog. There is a newsletter section where visitors can submit their details to get updates on new blog posts in their email boxes.  

35. The Sofia Log - Inspiring Travel Blog Example
Source: The sofia log

Sophie Hollingsworth is a passionate adventurer and her works have been featured by National Geographic and the United Nations.

The Sofia Log welcomes visitors with an image of the world’s map and highlights specific locations she has visited. You will see a list of these countries in a vertical structure which links to a different webpage upon clicking. 

Online visitors can click any of the social media icons on the site footer to access more content about the travel blog. 

Big Adventure Travel Company was established by a bunch of serious world travelers in 2015. I like how the blog page welcomes visitors with a stunning high-quality image of a travel destination at the top of the webpage.

My favorite part is the unique writing style displayed in the engaging and informative site content to convince potential customers to go into business with them. 

The white background makes all the vital elements on the webpage attractive and visible for visitors to explore and enjoy the content.

Best Travel Blogs FAQs

How Can I Become a Travel Blogger?

You can become a successful travel blogger by researching your niche, coming up with a memorable blog name, picking a blogging platform, setting up web hosting, customizing your travel blog, establishing your branding, setting up the pages, publishing your first blog posts, and promoting and growing your audience.

How Do I Write a Travel Blog?

Writing a travel blog is not as difficult as it sounds but if you follow these steps you will get the desired results. Understand why you're writing, make it your own, know the general rules of travel writing, edit your work, avoid cliches, be confident in your abilities, and continually hone your craft to ensure your delivery is always excellent. 

What Makes a Good Travel Blog Post?

Every good travel bold post must contain the top destinations for families, couples, kids, and students, compelling reasons to visit, location-specific cultural elements to be aware of, where and what to eat, best gifts to bring back for friends, neighborhoods to stay, high-quality photographs of local culture, and what not to eat.

How Profitable is Travel Blogging?

The travel blogging industry is a profitable one. You can expect to earn as much as $1,000 monthly after a year of running a travel blog successfully. The best travel bloggers like Brian Kelly, Adam Enfroy, Wandering Earl, and Mark Weins earn six figures annually from their travel blogs. 

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