26 Best Financial Advisor Websites & Design Examples

Updated Sep 25, 2023.

Building a visually appealing financial advisor website that ranks high on Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) can be tough. But if you want to attract high-paying clients and increase your revenue, having a functional and beautiful financial advisor site is a must.

Your financial advisor website is usually the first digital impression your target audience has of your brand. While you want to build a stunning website, remember the goal of your website is to convince prospects to book your services.

The best financial advisor websites combine modern, stunning, and responsive designs with optimized content to beautifully capture your audience.

This article covers the 26 best financial advisor website examples that can help inspire your site redesign or create a brand new site.

1. Moors and Cabot - Financial Advisor Website Example
Source: Moors cabot

Moors and Cabot offer full-service wealth management through its trusted professionals and best-of-breed platform. Welcoming visitors is a high-quality image of the firm’s interior, taking all the attention in the hero section. 

A navigation bar feature is attached to the site’s sticky header menu, revealing hidden navigation texts in White on a solid black background. Displayed in a centralized three-column slideshow are the financial services the firm offers. 

2. Stash Wealth - Financial Advisor Website Example
Source: Stash wealth

Stash Wealth was founded on the belief that getting personalized financial guidance early is key to proper wealth management and confident living. 

One of the top financial advisor websites, Stash Wealth is consistent with the black-and-white colors from its logo design, visible as text and background colors.

The hero section on its website is unique compared to other financial advisors' websites, with a slanting white feature in the middle dividing the section. You will find an FAQ section close to the footer section, providing prospective clients with ready answers to potential questions. 

Safran Wealth Advisors offers expert financial planning to help its clients reach their financial goals. This financial advisor website displays its entire content using a simple layout.

I like the consistent centralized layout used, allowing visitors to easily glance through the landing page. Distinguishing between separate sections are full-width soft background images, one of its catchy web design tools. 

Career alignment counselor Nadejiah Zakiyyah is on a mission to show women of color that they can have a profession that they enjoy. Nadejiah's website is one of the stunning financial advisor websites with distinctive design components.

One of her thoughtful design features, visitors have access to an online communication channel through a Contact feature pinned to the home page. I like how Nadejiah compliments elegant typography with bold fonts, enhancing the attractiveness of her website design.

5. Bull Moose Retirement Planning Co - Financial Advisor Website Example
Source: Bull moose

Bull Moose Retirement Planning Co. is a firm designing financial strategies for a target audience in or near retirement. 

A great example of a professional financial advisor website, the Bull Moose Retirement Planning Co. website sticks to black-and-white as its site’s predominant color. 

I love the display of the firm’s mission in bold black fonts over a black-and-white image of a man riding a horse, catching website visitors' attention. Adding color to the plain white homepage background are centralized logos of awards the firm has garnered over the years.

Samorn Selim, a former attorney turned career counselor, founded Career Unicorns to transform the careers of its customers from dread to delight. 

The Career Unicorns website, one of the most attractive in the financial services and advisory sector, features several interesting graphic elements. 

Reviews from previous customers stand out on the site’s homepage in a slideshow on a French Pass background, matching the business's logo. 

Noticeable are top brand logos connected to Career Unicorns displayed in a consolidated slideshow in the site's hero section

The goal at Decision Financial is to provide professional, reliable, and personalized tax strategies, and services to businesses and individuals. This visually appealing advisor website displays the flowers from its logo extensively in its hero section. 

Beneath the hero section is a two-column display of the financial services that Decision Financial offers on a plain white background. You will find testimonials from past clients on the homepage using a slideshow format with two arrow icons aiding navigation. 

8. XV Capital - Financial Advisor Website Example
Source: Xv capital

XV Capital was born out of the passion for the power of sport, investing in global sports communities and connecting them across the entire sports ecosystem. One of the top advisor websites, the XV Capital website design takes on a dark theme. 

Visible on the homepage is a moving slideshow of brands it has worked with in White, adorning the site’s black background.  I like how the call-to-action buttons on the XV Capital website stand out on Dirty Blue backgrounds, one of the site’s consistent design elements.

9. Grey Ledge Advisors - Financial Advisor Website Example
Source: Grey ledge

Grey Ledge Advisors works to meet its clients' financial goals in a supportive and transparent manner. This top financial advisor website treats visitors to a professional display of its service offerings. 

Attached to the site’s hero section are bold numbers on a Charcoal Gray background, helping visitors put perspective on the company. A link to the firm’s podcast is accessible from the homepage via a well-cut-out CTA button. 

10. Scalebridge Capital - Financial Advisor Website Example
Source: Scalebridge

Scalebridge Capital is a scaling partner for inspiring future builders, offering hands-on support to founders throughout their scaling journey. 

One of the top advisor websites, Scalebridge Capital welcomes visitors with full-width hero videos displayed in a slideshow, with a progress indicator alongside White dots. 

Beneath the hero section is an interactive section displaying informative content about what the brand is about, alternating from left to right. Included in the website’s design is the ArtyClick Deep Sky Blue color from its logo, underlining and circling key texts on the home page.

Mom and Dad Money helps clients take control of their money so they are in a better position to take care of their families. Welcoming site visitors is a full-width image of its founder Matt and his daughter, which immediately tells the website’s aims. 

You can't help but love the black-and-white logos of top firms that Mom and Dad have been featured in, visible on the homepage as social proof. I like how the call-to-action buttons on the site are consistent with a Dusty Blue background, easily recognizable over free content.

12. Guardian Financial Group - Financial Advisor Website Example
Source: Guardian

Guardian Financial Group upholds the highest standard of financial advice, helping financial brands develop personalized solutions and strategies for their business. One of the top financial advisor websites, the Guardian Financial Group website is simple with a professional look.

Displayed on the homepage is a Subscription section on an extensive Gray background with the firm’s social media icons visible beneath. I like how the site’s web design is straightforward, displaying minimal content on its homepage.

All Street Wealth offers full-service financial planning and investment management services to its current and prospective clients. The web design of the All Street Wealth website is unique, alternating between black-and-white font color and background throughout the entire site. 

Logos of top brands the firm has been featured in stand out in their predominant black-and-white colors at the bottom of the hero section. Consistent in black and white are the site’s CTA buttons and social media icons, drawing in potential clients to its services. 

Avivar Capital offers impact investment advisory services, supporting investors with a more inclusive, just, and sustainable future. This top financial advisor website immediately tells visitors what the brand offers using bold White text over the hero section. 

I like the site’s centralized layout for its content display, giving the site a professional look in the financial industry. Consistent are the site’s call-to-action buttons, standing out on the homepage in their Greyish Blue colored background.

15. Vistica Wealth Advisors - Financial Advisor Website Example
Source: Visticawa

Vistica Wealth Advisors offers tax-based, client-focused, and evidence-based advice to its clients, helping them safeguard their financial future and realize their dreams. 

One of the top financial advisor websites, the Vistica Wealth Advisors website displays bold colors and shapes to keep visitors visually engaged.

An accessibility icon is pinned to the bottom right corner of the site’s homepage, allowing visitors to adjust the site’s layout and outlook. Visible on the homepage is an extensive FAQ section providing visitors with ready answers to their potential questions.

16. Poolit - Financial Advisor Website Example
Source: Poolit

Poolit helps make investing easy for its clients, providing them access to top private equity and venture capital firms to build a diversified portfolio. 

One of the top financial advisor websites, the Poolit website is aesthetically pleasing, displaying high-quality images that capture visitors' attention. 

Displayed in two separate sections on the homepage in moving slideshows are the logos of executives and employees who trust Poolit. I love how the Poolit website alternates between different font types and colors, helping users better manage their wealth management needs.

17. SmartAsset - Financial Advisor Website Example
Source: Smartasset

SmartAsset is a platform offering users a way to quickly and easily locate financial experts in their neighborhood. One of the best financial advisor website examples, the SmartAsset website displays bold typography that grabs attention. 

Attached to the site's hero section are prominent brand logos that SmartAsset has appeared in White, lending legitimacy to the business. 

Accessible from the homepage is the brand’s matching tool, connecting users to financial advisors by simply entering their location and initiating the process.

Money Saving Mom, a site for bargain shopping, assists families in cutting costs. One of the best examples of a finance website design, Money Saving Mom uses striking colors to grab the attention of its target customers. 

Users may quickly search through the company offerings thanks to the search bar located between the site’s doubleheader menus. Alongside the search function, vibrant social media icons are visible, each linked to the company’s social media profile.

Clever Girl Finance is one of the biggest personal finance media and education platforms for women in the United States. A top financial advisor website, Clever Girl Finance sticks to the Viridian color from its logo as its site's primary color. 

This financial advisor website consistently features a four-column content display, with each article classified into a distinct topic. Pinned to the right side of the homepage are a like button and a search icon in White and Viridian, adding to the site’s user-friendly features. 

Datalign Advisory programmatically connects in-market users with financial advisors from its network of vetted fiduciaries. This beautiful financial advisor website boldly displays the Smalt color from its logo as its site’s primary color. 

Consistent with the site’s Smalt color are logos of brands that have featured the firm and multiple call-to-action buttons, uniquely placed on the homepage. 

I love how the Datalign Advisory website arranges its content into distinct sections on the homepage, making it visually engaging for visitors. 

21. Retirable - Financial Advisor Website Example
Source: Retirable

Retirable is on a mission to create financial stability for every retiree, helping people with concrete financial planning for retirement. 

This great advisor website is beautiful, sticking to a consistent Deep Peach and Aqua Spring color scheme, two of the logos’s three colors. 

The hero section has different sections divided by thin black lines, having a unique effect on the website design. Attached to the hero section are logos of brands Retirable has been featured in, serving as social proof. 

22. Fintax - Financial Advisor Website Example
Source: Fintax

Fintax Andorra combines legal tax and economic solutions to offer an unparalleled tax, immigration, real estate, and financial law advisory service. 

Welcoming website visitors is an attractive hero section using a purple color scheme, adding a personal touch to the web design. Several high-quality images displayed throughout the entire site keep visitors engaged as they scroll through the site’s content. 

Displayed in a centralized three-column layout with the background images adding color to the plain white background are educational resources. 

23. Accutax - Financial Advisor Website Example
Source: Accutax

Accutax is a specialist tax advisor working closely with clients and their accountants, solicitors, and other advisors to manage and deliver practical and commercial solutions. 

A top financial advisor website, the Accutax single-page website takes a modern approach to its website design. Accessible from the site’s sticky header menu are all the sections on the homepage, one of the site’s user-friendly features. 

Beneath the hero section is a centralized three-column display of the brand’s financial services, alternating between texts and images. 

Smart Passive Income offers a dependable learning and development ecosystem for online entrepreneurs to achieve their business goals. This popular financial advisor website directs visitors to its blog page from its hero section. 

I love how Smart Passive Income features a three-column display of content from its blog page, each headlined by a particular niche. The web design of the Smart Passive Income website is consistent with a centralized layout, leaving white space throughout the site.

25. RLS Wealth - Financial Advisor Website Example
Source: Rls wealth

RLS Wealth prides itself as a financial champion for life’s pursuits, helping people with their financial planning. One of the best financial advisor websites, RLS Wealth is professionally designed with features that immediately tell what to expect. 

There are recent articles from the firm’s founder displayed in a three-column layout on a Regal Blue colored background, each linked to his blog page. I love the clever use of bold typography on plain backgrounds, making the texts displayed more engaging for site visitors.

Allen Capital Group offers next-level solutions for next-level needs, putting their clients first as regards their financial planning, tax, and accounting needs. This top financial advisor website example welcomes visitors to free videos playing in the hero section background. 

Visible in the site’s sticky header menu is a “Let’s Chat” call-to-action button, linked to the site’s online communication channel. I like how all the call-to-action buttons on the site are consistent, displaying clear text on a Greyish Teal background.

Best Financial Advisor Websites FAQs

What is the Best Website Platform for Financial Advisors?

As important as having a website is for financial advisors, the purpose mustn't be defeated by creating a below-par website. Wix, Squarespace, and Webflow are among the best website-building options to create your own financial advisor website. They offer standout features and easy-to-use tools at an affordable price.

Can Financial Advisors Have Their Own Websites?

Yes, financial advisors can have their own websites. A financial advisor website optimized for search engine visibility and appealing to your target market is a handy tool to scale your business.

How Do Advisors Find Clients?

One of the best ways financial advisors attract first-time clients is by determining their particular niche and devising digital marketing strategies that help them build trust with communities. Relationship building is key to attracting new clients and having a financial advisor website is a step in the process. 

How Do I Create a Financial Advisor Website?

Creating a financial advisor website is now relatively easy, with different website builders offering ready-made templates. For those seeking a professional look for their financial advisor website, hiring a website designer is a great option. 

What are the Best Financial Advisor Websites?

The best financial advisor websites include Clark Asset Management, Independent Financial Partners, Guide Financial Planning, HCR Wealth Advisors, Good Financial Cents, Bragg Financial, Carson Wealth, Sabine Financial, LPL Financial, and Rivera Capital. 

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