Best Notary Websites of 2024 | 26 Inspiring Examples

Updated Oct 2, 2023.

Are you running a notary business and want to take advantage of an effective online presence to gain a new audience? Having a notary website with a modern and creative web design can help you stand out from the competition.

The best notary websites boast modern designs, user-friendly interfaces, and SEO optimization. Creating a successful notary website doesn’t have to cost a fortune or require coding skills. You can use the best website builders like Squarespace and Wix to create your dream site.

This article explores the 26 best notary websites you can use as website template designs and inspiration to create your own site.

Let’s get started.

1. Legitify - Notary Website Example
Source: Legitify

Legitify greets visitors with a stunning purple theme that signals authority in the world of notary services. The bold fonts lure you to experience the simplicity of online notarization, especially if it's your first time.

As you explore, you'll notice sliding icons of renowned brands and satisfied clients who have entrusted their notary needs to them. I admire their offer of diverse business plans to cater to various notarization requirements. 

2. Peter H. Baker - Notary Website Example
Source: Peter h baker

Peter H Baker's website features a stunning turquoise blue theme and logo having his name underlined with a feather. This notary website displays simplicity and highlights the 28 years of expertise he brings to his North London clients.

As you navigate through, you'll find clarity about his services, ensuring you get the important information you seek. His goal is to provide you with a firsthand understanding of his qualifications and experience in notarial services.

3. Notary Hub - Notary Website Example
Source: Notary hub

Notary Hub is MISMO certified and ensures the highest standards in notary public services. The testimonial section at the base of the page boosts credibility.

You can’t miss the compelling image of interconnected devices, symbolizing its commitment to connecting notary service providers with seekers.

Visitors can watch the engaging two-minute video on the homepage that explains why notary services are essential for everyone. Interested visitors can explore the contents in the FAQs section to get clarity about the organization.

4. Go Notary - Notary Website Example
Source: Gonotary247

Go Notary projects a bright pink theme. This stunning design layout sets the stage for easy access to its contact details like a phone number and an email address.

The homepage captures the essence of notary services in action with a picture to prove it. If you need to explore one of the best notary websites with a bold design that's both eye-catching and user-friendly, here is one.

5. Online Notary US - Notary Website Example
Source: Online notary

Online Notary US website features various eye-catching content and elements such as the parallax scrolling effect that gives the page a sleek outlook.

The first catchy element is the background image of a friendly call center representative, ready to assist you with your notarization needs.

Just below the first page is a blog post to understand how notary services work, simplifying the process for you. Have more questions or specific requests? Fill out their customer form at the end of the page for more help.

South Bay Notary offers the best notary services for its location. I love the use of warm colors like dawn pink and dark salmon which makes the home page visually appealing to visitors.  

You will easily find its business hours, contact phone number, and social media handles displayed in prominent locations on the web page. South Bay Notary uses stylish fonts that while adding a hint of fun still maintain a professional web design.

Wilchis Notary's website uses plenty of white space, ensuring a clean and easy-to-navigate experience for all visitors. 

As you scroll down, you'll notice a convenient triple-dot icon that reveals its contact details, including phone number, and social media platforms. 

The inbuilt contact form takes away the helplessness of inquiring about services or scheduling an appointment. I love the modern beauty of GPS technology for real-time location located close to the site’s footer. 

While exploring Jesus Benavides Lima's comprehensive services, you can’t miss the elongated page icon menu beneath the page showcasing different aspects for potential clients. 

I love the user-friendly design feature with a convenient search icon to quickly access specific and different services.

With a five-star Google review rating, its reputation for excellence stands. I love the cool invitation to join a list of satisfied clients and experience the quality service that sets them apart from the competition.

This People's Pro website is where law meets innovation. This notary website boasts a distinct and captivating logo of the world filled with intricate black and white squares, symbolizing the complexity and diversity of legal matters.

There are offers of a range of legal services tailored to your needs. Just below the homepage, you can spot social media icons you can use to reach out through their social channels.

Bergen Pro Notary is where simplicity meets professionalism in notary services. This notary website showcases a unique blend of tranquil blue, teal green, and pristine white, creating an inviting space.

One of the best notary website designs, Bergen Pro Notary features a dedicated section for reviews on the bottom page to boost social proof. I like the subtle light blue call-to-action button to book an appointment. 

The double-line drop-down menu icon on the homepage helps you discover how Bergen Pro Notary can assist you with your documents and business needs.

11. Notary 911 - Notary Website Example
Source: Notary911

Notary 911 is where bold white and orange colors harmonize with professionalism and ease. I admire its bold call to action button in bright orange, inviting you to “Book an Appointment,” which ensures a seamless experience for valued clients.

Operating in the New York and New Jersey areas, you can rely on it as your go-to mobile notary zone. The stylish drop-down menu provides easy access to the beautiful notary services it offers. 

12. Notarize - Notary Website Example
Source: Notarize

Notarize welcomes you with a refreshing color palette of soothing blues and energetic white. The theme reflects a sense of serenity and eco-friendliness, making it perfect for a nature-oriented platform. 

At the top of the page, the sleek logo shaped like a circle with sharp edges is a really simple design and an attention grabber.

I love how the blue-colored “ Notarize Now” call-to-action button invites you to access your first notary service. The sticky menu bar is visually appealing and offers various services and links to multiple pages. 

New York Mobile Notary Service has a sleek template for a simple website. I like how the homepage welcomes you with a stunning background image of the iconic New York City high-rise buildings. 

At the top of the page, you'll find the convenient three dots containing its contact phone number, ensuring easy access for valued customers.

With a rich history and commitment to excellence, this notary website showcases its dedication to providing top-notch notary services. Explore its user-friendly template designs made possible by a modern page builder.

A La Mode Notary web page welcomes visitors with warm, earthy tones of brown and nude colors. The bold circular logo proudly displays the acronym and the full meaning of A La Mode, with a stylish font on every page.

I love the little introduction of Esther Debbie Louis, the driving force behind A La Mode Notary. With years of experience and dedication, Esther is your trusted notary service provider. 

Explore this user-friendly website, where each section provides you with the information you need for a seamless notary experience.

Bay Area Notary is your trusted partner for all your notary needs. You'll find bold fonts that make it easy to access pricing information, and FAQs, and learn about its exceptional services.

I love the bright orange theme and the numerous five-star Google reviews from satisfied customers. The use of white CTA buttons is smart and blends well with the Bay Area Notary’s bright orange background color.

Notary Services 365 website has a mixture of dark and light color themes with attention-grabbing elements from top to bottom. 

The first thing you'll notice on this notary website is a striking display picture of a writing hand, which shows commitment to trustworthy notary services.

This notary website design displays its contact details including phone number and email address for easy communication. Icons of various certifications are visible on the website, underlining extensive experience in the notary field.

The Young Mobile Notary homepage features many beautiful call-to-action buttons, making it a breeze for you to schedule your notary services with just a click. 

As you explore this site, you'll notice badges showcasing notable memberships and affiliations, demonstrating a commitment to excellence and professionalism. With the cutting-edge inbuilt GPS technology, you can swiftly locate the nearest location to you.

18. Hauert Law - Notary Website Example
Source: Hauert law

The Hauert Law Office website welcomes you with a stunning close picture of high-rise buildings. This notary website design uses bold fonts to proudly display expertise in business, real estate, and estate planning.

While navigating this user-friendly website, you'll discover a dropdown menu offering more search queries tailored to your specific needs.

19. Cari Southard - Notary Website Example
Source: Notarycari

Cari Southard, your trusted partner in notary services, proudly presents the official seal of the State of California as a symbol of professional commitment. 

As you explore, you'll notice a user-friendly bottom navigation with icons ready to assist you with any inquiries you may have.

Looking at the various badges of membership and endorsement on the page, it's easy to believe its years of professional experience. Cari backs her claims with the essence of California's official seal.

Downtown Notary Toronto has a distinctive logo featuring a crisp maple leaf enclosed in a sleek circle, symbolizing a commitment to excellence in notary services. 

With a quick message icon, you can connect with any of three knowledgeable notary representatives.

Explore this website to find valuable information, and stay connected through its social media channels by clicking on the respective icons. There's a search engine there to assist you in finding the information you need.

Barrios Notary Services has a stunning notary website design that welcomes visitors with an image slider on the homepage.

This notary website boasts of multiple 5-star Google reviews that speak volumes about the trust it has earned from satisfied clients. With an easy-to-find WhatsApp icon and a list of dedicated notary representatives, they're always just a message away. 

I cannot skip out on its inbuilt GPS technology, ensuring precise location at all times when needed. An inquiry form built in for convenience is just one scroll below to receive your requests, questions, and inquiries.

Matt Miller Mobile Notary is notable for mobile notary services in the heart of San Francisco. This notary website welcomes you with a captivating backdrop of the iconic cityscape. 

Need prompt notary assistance? At first glance, a series of inviting call-to-action buttons are there to assist. Explore the easy-to-navigate drop-down menu for a wealth of information about its services and locations.

Get It Signed website has a distinctive logo with a unique underlining that embodies the essence of signing documents. With a click on the vibrant green call-to-action button, you can schedule a notary for your Real Estate, Legal, Financial, or any other document type.

I love how the Get It Signed sign-up form offers an attractive lead magnet of 10% off on the first order to attract a large sign-up rate. There is a detailed FAQ section that provides the most commonly asked questions about the notary service and great answers.  

The Oceanside Mobile Notary website is more than just informative, it's a visual treat! As you explore, you enjoy breathtaking hues of sunset images, setting the perfect ambiance for your notary needs.

Scroll down to uncover a transparent price list, making it easy to understand and budget for its services. For those seeking answers to common queries, the FAQ section provides quick solutions.

25. Nexsys Technologies - Notary Website Example
Source: Nexsys tech

Nexsys Technologies' website displays its unique logo, featuring the letter “n” embraced by a satellite wave, representing dedication to forward-thinking solutions.

The first thing you see on the homepage is captivating blog posts about important industry information. Scrolling down, you have options to explore other insights or engage further through its social media icons. 

Nexsys Technologies fuses white, blue, and green colors that signify class in a way that stands it out among other notary businesses.

26. eNotaryLog - Notary Website Example
Source: Enotarylog

eNotaryLog homepage welcomes you with bold fonts that instantly capture your attention. I love how the logo resembles a dazzling cut diamond in vibrant orange. This notary website has a mobile app to help you easily use the services. 

I love the display of five-star reviews and endorsements from membership organizations and government agencies on the home page as social proof. These proofs are credible enough to make eNotaryLog your top choice for seamless mobile notary services.

Best Notary Website Examples FAQs

How Do I Create a Notary Website?

There are a few important steps to know when creating your first notary website. They include choosing a unique domain name, picking a website builder like Wix or Squarespace, selecting a custom template, customizing your website, and launching your website.

Why Do You Need a Notary Website?

A notary website is essential for showcasing your notary services to potential clients, providing a platform to highlight your legal services. It serves as social proof, demonstrating your expertise and reliability to customers.

What are the Best Website Builders for Notary Websites?

Two excellent website builders for notary websites are Wix and Squarespace. Wix offers a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, making it easy to create a visually appealing site with customizable templates. Squarespace, on the other hand, is known for its elegant and professional templates, making it ideal for notaries looking for a polished online presence. 

What are the Best Notary Websites?

The best notary websites are Rush Mobile Notary, MSC Notaries, Bronx Mobile Notary Service, Mobile Notary Zone, Notarize, Go Notary, Notary Services 365, Oceanside Mobile Notary, Online Notary US, and Notary 911. 

Where Can I Find the Perfect Notary Website Template?

Creating a notary website is a breeze with the help of a specialized notary website template. You can easily customize your site using user-friendly website templates from Squarespace and Wix, ensuring your online presence matches your unique brand and services.

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