32 Stunning Dog Grooming Websites For 2024

Updated Dec 3, 2023.

Are you in the pet grooming industry and thinking of creating a website or redesigning your existing one to attract your dream clients? Most professional pet groomers are unaware of the importance of having a well-designed website to promote their services.

Designing a well-equipped dog grooming website helps to give you a competitive advantage that ranks high among your counterparts.

You can use the best website builders like Squarespace and Wix to build your custom dog grooming website. These website builders come with state-of-the-art website-building tools and dog grooming website templates that make the process easy.

This article checks out the 32 best dog grooming websites you can use as a source of inspiration when designing your own website.

Let’s get started.

Pride In Grooming is a small and independent business founded by Greg Hudel who offers grooming services for all sizes and breeds of dogs.

I like how this full-service grooming salon website features multiple attention-grabbing elements that will get pet owners excited about exploring the content. The parallax scrolling effect gives this webpage a unique and elegant outlook from other dog grooming business websites.

Potential customers, professional groomers, and pet lovers can use the Google Maps features at the site’s base to access this grooming physical location.

2. Forth Valley Vet Clinic - Stunning Dog Grooming Website Example
Source: Forthvet

The Forth Valley Vet Clinic website has a modern outlook featuring high-quality images engaging text and interactive elements. 

Welcoming visitors to this outstanding web page is a high-quality image of a veterinary nurse assistant with two well-groomed dogs in the site’s hero section.

I like how this vet clinic website has a dark and light color scheme which gives the overall web design a sophisticated and elegant feel.

The white-colored site footer features vital contents like a vertically shaped navigation bar, contact details, email addresses, physical location details, and social media icons. 

Kibble Pet Grooming offers top-notch pet grooming grooming services and sells grooming products in its online shop to professional dog groomers and owners.

Kicking off the page design is a stunning split-page design layout featuring high-quality images of an ongoing grooming section and the brand's short biography. 

What’s handy about this unique webpage is the stylish display of sticky widgets on the homepage to promote quick accessibility to various pages. Upon scrolling, you will love the colorful and animated content which gives the webpage a fun and lively feel.

Aqua Dog Grooming offers spa day services and a pet boutique for the highest quality food, treats, supplements, and accessories.

Welcoming visitors to this webpage is a slide show featuring various dog breeds during their grooming section with high-quality products and equipment. 

I love how warm and interactive the bio section is, featuring vital content about the brand activities to make visitors feel welcome. 

Clicking the navy blue colored “View Our Award Winning Services” CTA transports you to the service page to get proper information about the brand’s services.

5. Le Paw Spa - Stunning Dog Grooming Website Example
Source: Le paw spa

Le Paw Spa website is a mobile boutique dog grooming company providing all your dog grooming needs and services. This stunning dog website has a colorful and lively outlook, using different shades of mandy pink and heliotrope purple as its dominant colors. 

Clicking the white colored “Book Appointment ” CTA button is your one-stop shop to being on the list for a top-notch grooming experience for your pets. 

The bio section features vital details about Elisa Zapata and Jessica Moser who are the brains behind the success of Le Paw Spa.

Mary’s Professional Pet Grooming has been in operation for over 25 years due to its exceptionalism in the dog grooming service. I like how the webpage has an unconventional outlook with multiple high-quality images with a thumbnail effect that leads to other pages. 

What’s great about the unique dog grooming website is how the parallax scrolling feature makes all the design elements sync in a visually appealing fashion. 

The site footer has a noise background element which gives a unique outlook and makes the embed social media icons pop.

7. Bark A Salon For Dogs - Stunning Dog Grooming Website Example
Source: Barka salon

Bark A Salon For Dogs offers top-notch grooming services in a serene and home-like environment for your dogs to relax. 

Kicking off this stunning dog grooming website is an eye-catching picture of a well-groomed dog relaxing on a sofa with various plants in the background. 

The hero action section gives visitors a peek into details about the establishment with an attention-grabbing caption “ A Calm and Cozy Dog Salon Based In Indianapolis.”

Visitors can use the sticky navigation bar to explore various aspects of this webpage without breaking a sweat.

Floof is an appointment-based new East Nashville dog grooming salon that offers top state-of-the-art services to its customers.

This colorful dog grooming website has a modern outlook featuring high-quality images of pets and stylish bold fonts to spice up the overall design. 

The site's dominant colors include Halloween orange, driftwood, and persona blue which makes the homepage visually appealing.

As you scroll further, you will see the subscription column on the site's limed oak site footer where you can drop your details for constant updates.

Woof and Wander’s website has a very colorful outlook featuring multiple engaging contents and white, jungle mist, and blue Dianne as its dominant colors.

Welcoming visitors to this webpage is a high-quality image of a dog playing in a clear lake with the brand's logo and other vital information. 

My favorite part of this stunning dog grooming website is the embedded YouTube video displaying the saloon’s activities and mode of operation

The parallax scrolling effect gives the webpage a unique and sophisticated outlook which makes the exploration process worthwhile.

DogHeartGrooming is a grooming service center that caters to dogs and cats of different breeds. The polka dot and picton blue background give this webpage a unique and adorable feel and make the exploration process fun. 

I cannot but mention how bold and engaging the site text is, making it seamless for visitors to explore various contents without stress.

The vivid cerise-colored footer features links to different pages on the website where interested visitors can get smoking-hot information about the brand’s services.

11. Just The Snip - Stunning Dog Grooming Website Example
Source: Just the snip

Just The Snip pet grooming website doubles as an online store where pet owners and professional groomers can purchase various items without any hassle.

I like how the center of the webpage features multiple adorable images of well-groomed dogs in columns for seamless identification and exploration.

You can click the yellow colored “Book and Appointment“ CTA button with a floating effect to get on board with the brand’s waiting list.

The site footer features two social media icons that link directly to the brand's online profiles where potential customers can check out its past works.

Wen’s Dog Grooming offers state-of-the-art grooming services that have proven to help keep its clients’ pets healthy and lively.  This pet grooming website has a modern outlook and features all the necessary information that pet owners require to get on board.

Interested visitors can use the embedded Google Maps feature to seamlessly locate Wen’s Dog Grooming's physical location. The parallax scrolling effect plays a vital role in making the exploring process of the site contents seamless, fun, and engaging.  

Lucky Dog's website features details about their services and clues on the best ways to take advantage of the services. I like how the webpage features heartwarming customer reviews below the hero action to grab the attention of visitors and boost the brand’s credibility.

The site’s FAQ section features vital information about this dog grooming service which potential customers may require before deciding to book their services.

I like how the website features engaging texts and illustrations to give life to the page content and make it visually appealing.

Primp My Pup is a mobile pet grooming company that offers top-notch grooming services to its clients at affordable rates. Welcoming visitors is a full-width image of multiple colorful vans embedded with this grooming brand's initials. 

I like how the site features high-definition and animated elements to give visitors and potential customers a mind-blowing experience while exploring the site's content.

The testimonial section features positive reviews from various satisfied costumes of this mobile grooming company in an automated slider format for seamless exploration. 

Shampooch Gahanna's webpage has a simple website design featuring vital information about dog’s health, grooming schedules, and multiple CTA buttons.

I like how the brand’s logo placement gives the webpage a unique and professional outlook and makes it stand out from other mobile salons. Dog owners can click the transparent “Book Appointment” CTA button to secure an appointment in this dog grooming salon.

Upon scrolling, you will see multiple high-quality images of well-groomed dogs and interactive texts on Shampooch Gahanna's best services.

16. Kirey’s - Stunning Dog Grooming Website Example
Source: Kireys

Kirey's Pet Salon and Hotel offers top-notch grooming services designed to make all the pets in their care a complete furry body treatment.

I like how the client testimonials section features heartwarming reviews from past clients and pet owners in a colorful and engaging format. The site’s white background plays a vital role in making all the colorful elements and high-quality pictures visually appealing.

Interested visitors can click the chrome yellow colored “Book Now” CTA button to schedule an appointment with the brand’s pet groomers. 

17. Snobby Dogs - Stunning Dog Grooming Website Example
Source: Snobby dogs

Snobby Dogs is an award-winning, luxury dog grooming and pet care service with over 14 years of experience in the grooming business. 

I like the combination of YouTube videos, texts, and CTA buttons to offer visitors information about its various services and how they can benefit from them. Interested visitors can click the transparent “ Join Us” CTA button to get on board with the membership plan. 

The black-colored site footer contains vital elements such as a navigation bar, a brand logo for seamless identification, and five social media icons. 

Uptown Pet Grooming Inc. offers a full range of grooming services to pamper its client's pooch and other breeds of dogs at affordable prices.

This one-page website displays creativity regarding its page topography as its content and visual elements follow a sequential pattern to aid seamless navigation. 

I like how this dog grooming brand displays its achievements and awards to boost credibility and promote social proof. The FAQ section spears no details regarding Uptown Pet Grooming services, helping uncover the mystery about the organization to its target audience.

Rashi Narang is the proud founder of Heads Up For Tails, an outstanding pet store that offers quality products for your furry friend. 

The first catchy element on this webpage is a mind-blowing slide show of stunning graphic designs displaying the store's latest products to encourage quick purchases. 

Potential customers use the full-width sticky search bar to easily find items and groom products that they want to purchase. 

This mobile-friendly website has an outstanding visual hierarchy and a proper display of style and quality regarding its content such as images, text, and graphics. 

20. Wooof - Stunning Dog Grooming Website Example
Source: Wooof

Wooof offers a pristine and healthy grooming experience using natural products with no synthetic perfumes or chemicals that can harm dogs.

Welcoming visitors to this webpage is an animation in the hero section with a gray-colored “Book Now” CTA button for interested visitors to book an appointment. 

As you explore further, you will find a unique zig-zag layout of content displaying the brand’s services without engaging texts and high-quality images. I like how the webpage uses a mega navigation bar without a drop feature which serves as a link to various parts of the site.

Mr Potts is a professional dog grooming brand with over 10 years of experience in business with multiple success stories. 

The Instagram reel section uses a one-column grid layout to display its content engagingly and appealingly to compel visitors to explore it without any restrictions.

Interested visitors can choose from the various packages this dog grooming brand has to offer that will match their budget. The white background makes all the site elements visible and visually appealing to potential customers and visitors.

22. Upper Hound Dog Grooming - Stunning Dog Grooming Website Example
Source: Upper hound

Upper Hound Dog Grooming offers top-notch services with natural treatments that will help make its customers’ dogs look, smell, and feel great.

Dog owners interested in selecting any of the available packages can click the images in the service section with a thumbnail feature to access their desired choice. 

The black-colored site footer features a vertically shaped navigation bar which serves as a portal to the most important aspects of the websites. 

Clicking the social media icons on the site’s base is your one-way ticket to exploring the brand’s online profile for grooming tips. 

Ruff to Radiant offers grooming services like soothing baths with custom shampoo and conditioner suited to your pup's skin and coat, aromatherapy, and gentle massage.

I like how this dog grooming webpage welcomes visitors with a stunning illustration of a dog looking lively and excited.

The transparent sticky navigation bar features the brand logo, three social media icons, and a pinkish-tan “Request an Appointment” CTA button. 

As you scroll further, you will see the brand's certification logo which serves as a solid source of credibility and helps to boost social proof.

24. Groomers Pro - Stunning Dog Grooming Website Example
Source: Groomers pro

Groomers Pro has been serving professional groomers and dog show enthusiasts since 2008 with top-notch products that make their job seamless.

I like how the new product section on the site homepage uses an automated slider to display its content and compel visitors to make a purchase. 

Each of the product images features short content about the item, price tags, and a thumbnail feature that links to the site’s shop page.

Interested visitors can submit their details in the subscription column to get the latest news and updates about the store’s activities.

25. Wags 2 Whiskers - Stunning Dog Grooming Website Example
Source: W2w.dog

Wags 2 Whiskers offers top-notch dog daycare boarding and grooming services to help keep its customers' pets healthy and sound. This dog grooming website example has a simple design layout with colors Persian green and saffron mango in most parts of the page.

I like how the webpage features high-quality dog images and eye-catching illustrations in various angles of the site giving it a unique and elegant outlook. 

The Instagram reel section uses a single-column grid layout with a thumbnail feature which makes it easy for visitors to explore its content.

26. Scenthound - Stunning Dog Grooming Website Example
Source: Scent hound

Scent Hound grooming services started as mobile dog grooming and then expanded to grooming salons.

The first catchy element is a looping embed video featuring a stylish grooming process with the caption “Love a Clean, Healthy Dog.”

Interested visitors can use the sticky navigation bar to explore various aspects of the site. The testimonial section features multiple heartwarming contents about the brand activities which helps to boost credibility and increase social proof.

JetPet Resort offers top-notch grooming services like dog boarding, dog daycare, cat boarding, and grooming to dogs of different breeds. 

The first catchy element of this outstanding pet grooming center is a looping video featuring cats and dogs having a great time and looking healthy. 

Interested visitors can jump right in by clicking the supernova colored “Schedule A Service” CTA button to enjoy the benefits the company has to offer. 

The white-colored sticky navigation bar with a drop-down effect features multiple exciting links that make exploring various aspects of the webpage seamless.

Jacque’s Dog Grooming is a small salon in Standish, Wigan, specializing in baths, blow drys, and styling different dog breeds. I like how the website content kicks off with a stunning image of a well-groomed dog.

The service section uses a single-column layout featuring high-quality images, informative texts, and a peach-colored CTA button to explore more content. 

My favorite aspect of this grooming webpage is the testimonial section which features multiple positive and heartwarming customer reviews in a slider format. 

Larissa Vargas is the proud owner of Downtown Woody’s Grooming Salon. She offers safe and stress-free grooming services to all her client’s pets.

The first catchy element is a catalog of dog grooming certifications and award logos in the site hero section. This dog grooming site’s white background plays a vital role in making all the colorful elements and high-quality pictures visually appealing.

You can click on any of the social media icons on the site mega menu to access the brand’s online profile for further exploration.

30. Rubold - Stunning Dog Grooming Website Example
Source: Rubold

Rubold is a pet supply store where one can find premium dog grooming tools and products for natural treatments for your furry friends. 

The first catchy element that potential happy customers and pet parents will see is an image of a dog going through the regular grooming process.

I like how the images of the brand's environment-friendly products in the shopping section have a hover effect which changes upon scrolling.

31. Cutie Paw - Stunning Dog Grooming Website Example
Source: Cutie paw spa

Laura is the owner and sole groomer here at Cutie Paw. She is a professional groomer with 15 years of experience making dogs look great and healthy. 

I like how this webpage has a well-structured typography with an engaging visual hierarchy which encourages exploration from online visitors and potential customers. 

Kicking off with the page’s design elements is a full-width illustration of a dog looking great and having the time of its life. As you continue exploring, you will love how the service section has three categories and features a nice illustration image to spice things up.  

Bark Bark Daycare offers services like dog daycare, hotel, grooming, and training services for a happier and healthier dog.

The first catchy element on this webpage is a stunning picture of a dog wearing an orange-colored head warming with engaging text about the brand’s services.

Potential customers can seamlessly get the brand’s location by clicking the black-colored “Our Location” CTA button with a hover effect.

My favorite aspect of this grooming webpage is the testimonial section which features multiple positive and heartwarming customer reviews in a slider format.

Best Pet Grooming Websites FAQs

What is the Best Website Builder for Dog Grooming?

The best website builders for dog grooming are Wix and Squarespace. These excellent website builders come with state-of-the-art dog grooming templates that make the creation process seamless and worthwhile. With these tools, you can choose and design the various elements you want to be on your webpage without needing any prior knowledge of coding.

Is There a Downside to the Dog Grooming Business?

Yes, there are downsides to the dog grooming business which can be discouraging for dog groomers. The first is the overall cost of starting a business and purchasing top-quality supplies that you require to meet all breeds' needs. Also, capturing a target market may appear more difficult than it may seem since most people may not be willing to try out a newbie.

Do Professional Dog or Cat Grooming Services Have Websites?

Yes, professional dog grooming services have websites because they play a vital role in marketing and making a positive impression on customers. With a website, you can seamlessly increase your customer base and venture into new businesses like selling professional grooming equipment that pet owners may want to purchase for personal use.

Which Premium Dog Grooming Tools Do I Need?

Some premium dog grooming tools you require to run your business effectively include pet brushes and combs, hair clippers, shampoo, conditioner, towels, ear cleansers, conditioning dog coat spray for different coat types, dog nail clippers, dog treats, dog grooming mat, toothbrush, and toothpaste.

How to Create a Professional Dog Grooming Website?

There are several steps to take when creating a professional dog grooming website; Create a heading section with a photo of a happy pet, link to your contact info, add a photo gallery of beautifully groomed pets, a list of your pet grooming services with pricing, testimonials from satisfied clients, add an About Us section and a contact form and contact details.

What are the Top Dog Grooming Websites?

The top dog grooming websites include Furr Pet Spa, Maltese Groom, QC Pet Studies, Ruff Roads Mobile Grooming, Woof & Wander, Pride In Grooming, RUBOLD, Clean Cut Grooming, Blue Wheelers, The Grooming Shed, Maltese Groom, Furr: Pet Spa and Wellness Clinic, Groomit, Miss Meow Grooming, Shampooch, Upper Hound, and Austins Dog Grooming.

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