28 Best Wix Blog Examples In 2024

Updated Aug 27, 2023.

Are you looking for the best blog designs to draw inspiration to create your own blog? Thinking about the best blogging platforms to use to create or redesign your blog?

Wix offers you a rich library of beautiful and professional-looking blog templates you can use for designing your blog and writing blog posts. You can decide to hire a web designer to create the blog on the Wix website builder or build it yourself.

This article covers the 28 best Wix blog examples to draw inspiration from when creating or redesigning your own blog.

Let’s get started.

Zion Adventure Photog is dedicated to capturing the majesty of Zion National Park and celebrating relationships through dynamic and adventure-driven images. This Wix blog has its consistent design style to thank for giving it an aesthetically pleasing look.

The color scheme of white and pumpkin skin stands out as one of this website’s best design elements, making its content attractive to visitors. I love how Zion Adventure Photog uses the same white and pumpkin skin color scheme for its header texts and CTA buttons. 

You can’t miss out on the small social media icons that link to its Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram profiles. You can explore Zion Adventure Photog’s Instagram feed directly through the Instagram icon.

2. Bonsie - Wix Blog Example
Source: Bonsie

Bonsie’s goal is to make skin-to-skin time easy and attainable anywhere and anytime, helping mothers connect with their little ones. A Wix blog exploring all there is to know about skin-to-skin baby treatments, Bonsie displays an image of a mother and her baby as its hero image. 

The header menu for Bonsie’s Wix blog is extensive, displaying navigation texts, including a FAQ section. There is a search function and an accessibility icon allowing users to make changes to the site’s layout.

3. All The Food - Wix Blog Example
Source: All the food

All The Food blog website is among the top Wix-built food blogs with a simple and user-friendly web design. Displayed extensively on the blog are comprehensive reviews, restaurants, travel guides, and news to guide its audience in making the right food choices. 

Light Sea Green is the predominant color on the All The Food blog, displayed as background colors for different sections and CTA buttons. The extensive display of high-quality images gives this Wix blog example its visual appeal.

Chasing Buffaloes and Beyond is a personal travel blog of a family of three chasing buffaloes while visiting National Parks and other destinations around the world. 

This travel-based blog is consistent with the Mercury color, serving as the background color for its homepage, header menu, and CTA buttons. 

Beneath its site’s serene hero image, the Chasing Buffaloes and Beyond Wix blog displays its already-visited and yet-to-be-visited destination, arranged in a three-column layout. I love how this travel blog displays its recent posts in a centralized three-column layout.

Mikaela Reuben's personal website doubles as her food blog, promoting a healthy lifestyle to visitors via her recipes. Her website displays hero video content of Mikaela on her farm, with a CTA button in white font prompting them to view more. 

Above the header navigation bar is a tiny information section displaying her site’s search feature and social media icons on a Fantasy background

She uses the Fantasy background to display logos of top brands that have featured her post, serving as social proof.

6. Mom Boss Life - Wix Blog Example
Source: Mom boss life

Mom Boss Life is one of the best blog examples you can incorporate for your blog design as there are lots of must-have features to copy. Home to Laura Gimbert's blog, the Mom Boss Life’s stylish fonts and happy pictures are captivating and a joy to gaze upon. 

Laura’s Wix blog post is fun, featuring inspiring and energetic content that is centralized in a two-column layout. Her choice of using Carousel Pink and White as her site’s predominant colors is an excellent choice, giving room for other design elements to shine.

7. Tobias Becs - Wix Blog Example
Source: Tobias becs

Tobias Becs is a content creator and freestyler with a dark theme to his blog section on his website. His blog homepage has a fixed header menu with the header texts and icons in white visible even while scrolling. 

Tobias alternates between images and video content for his blog posts, choosing to stick to a three-column layout structure.  Visible at the bottom of the website blog page is an upward pointing arrow, helping visitors find their way to the top of the website.

Not Another Cooking Show is among the best Wix food blog examples, combining text and video content to create an engaging blog. The bold header spelling recipes + tutorials catch visitors' attention, just above the header texts that serve as the site’s navigation headers. 

A three-column layout of recipes and tutorials is the main content of this award-winning Wix blog example, alternating between images and videos for its content. The footer section displays a subscription form alongside icons leading to its social media platforms.

Cottons Restaurant is a blog and news website displaying recent news about cotton, food, beverages, and the Caribbean lifestyle. A fully informative blog, the Cottons Restaurant Wix blog falls under one of the best Wix blog examples.  

The header menu on this website in its Light Rose color background stands out, revealing hidden navigation via a drop-down menu feature. Cottons Restaurant uses a three-column layout to display its blog content on a white background.

10. Luisa Ferss - Wix Blog Example
Source: Luisa ferss

Luisa Ferss Wix Blog is a two-language blog, offering users the choice of viewing her blog in either English or Spanish. A search feature is visible at the top of the homepage, just above a header text displaying Luisa Ferss' name. 

Beneath the header text displaying her name is Luisa Ferss’ Wix blog header navigation menu. You can’t miss out on the chat feature pinned to the bottom right corner of her homepage. 

I love how she displays her blog posts in a three-column layout with an interaction feature that allows visitors to add comments and like each post.

Hello Neighbor is a popular stealth horror video game about sneaking into your neighbor's house, an appealing concept. Using Wix for its blog site, Hello Neighbor is one of the best examples of outstanding Wix blog sites with an animated background. 

A large image of its latest game, Hello Neighbor 2 takes center stage on its site, serving as the site’s hero image. Visible is a Play More CTA button in white with a large moving arrow feature pointing to the CTA button.

Shelie is the name behind the Bella & Bloom brand, a trusted Wix partner in web design with over 10 years of experience in delivering quality designs. Her Wix blog site is one of the best examples, with a neat design promoting a great user experience. 

The Bella & Bloom blog page displays soft colors for its layout, opting for a calm and soothing web design. I love how she displays her latest posts in a centralized layout with a numbered navigation feature leading to the next and previous pages.

Olivia and Laura are long-time friends whose love for fashion led to the Olivia + Laura fashion-based blog site. A top Wix blog example, the Olivia + Laura Wix blog is a simple yet sophisticated site that takes a creative approach to its content.

The White Smoke color background blends well with dated featured posts displayed extensively on a three-column layout. Posts keep loading and popping up as visitors scroll to the bottom of her page, in an almost unending circle. 

Visible on the homepage is a message icon in Mushroom and White, giving visitors a means of reaching out. 

Brain of Brian is among the best Wix blog examples, with a colorful design that makes its site visually appealing to visitors. Visitors are hooked to the animated hero image with several of Brian's heads visible on a Purple Jam background. 

The text announcing new merch arrivals in bold Fresh Green font color stands out amidst all the glitter and glamor all around it. There are two arrow icons in White and Fresh Green serving as this Wix blog’s navigation feature.

15. The Sofia Log - Wix Blog Example
Source: The sofia log

Sophie Hollingsworth is a lover of adventure, food, cooking, and the outdoors, and the mastermind of the Sofia Log.

A Black and Jasmine color scheme is visible on the Sofia Log Wix blog, with a map of the world taking center stage and serving as the site’s hero image. Displayed on the right-hand side are header texts of locations Sofia covers, marking them in Jasmine color on the map feature.

Sophie displays on a two-column layout some of her blog posts, with each linked to her blog page. 

Hair Comes the Bride is an online store selling bridal hair accessories with its elegant design one of its more pronounced site elements. Other than its product pages, Hair Comes the Bride has a blog page accessible from its top and bottom header menus. 

The search feature at the top of the homepage is brilliant, allowing visitors to easily locate anything on the site. You will find icons leading to the brand’s social media platforms and similar header navigation texts in the footer section.

Cornelius Holmes is a licensed psychotherapist, mental health consultant, life coach, adjunct professor, and supervisor displaying her colorful life experiences through her blog posts. 

A great example of a simple blog, Cornelius displays all her posts extensively on a Soft Peach background

You can’t miss out on the search function on the Cornelius Holmes blog, helping users find specific blog posts. Users can like and share their favorite posts directly from the page.

Terra Living with its team of interior designers helps deliver immersive product aesthetics and elegance into people’s living spaces. I love how Terra Living uses a centralized layout to display all of its blog posts, with navigation headers for titled and untitled blog categories. 

Icons leading to Terra Living’s social media platforms are visible in the site’s footer section in white on a Tuna background.

Mrs. Space Cadet is a fitness blog with a colorful web design, displaying bold colors from its logo down to its website content. Two sets of navigation headers are visible at the top of Mrs. Space Cadet’s website, with both fixed to the top as visitors scroll through. 

An image of outer space serves as this site’s hero image, in a full-width layout only visible at the top of its home page. Mrs. Space Cadet uses a three-column layout to display its captivating contents, alongside published dates and names in white font.

Nicole Magazine offers quality news where you want it and when you want it, a professional blog offering information across different niches. 

This business website displays the color Royal Fuchsia as the background color for its header menu that displays header texts and social media icons. 

You can’t miss out on the back-to-the-top text feature serving as one of the site’s navigation features. A message icon is visible at the bottom right side of the screen. 

I love how Nicole Magazine arranges its content based on different niches, making it easy for visitors to find their content.

21. Ravin AI - Wix Blog Example
Source: Ravin

Raven AI blog posts thoughts around automotive, AI, computer vision, car inspection, and damage detection. Welcoming visitors to the blog section website is a curved color scheme background of White and Dark Indigo.

There are two sets of blog posts side-by-side with a short preview of the article drawing visitors in to check out the whole article. A cookie icon is visible, one of this website’s special features, allowing visitors to change the site’s cookie settings.

22. Urban Roots - Wix Blog Example
Source: Urban roots

Urban Roots is a two-language-based site that displays its content in both German and English, increasing its article reach. A nature-based blog, Urban Roots articles are deeply rooted in nature, displaying natural images to drive home its compelling articles. 

Sticking to a centralized layout, both its header menu and articles leave plenty of Green White spaces, the color of its extensive background. 

The footer section sticks to its centralized layout, displaying social media icons, contact information, and navigation links. 

Life As We Explore is a travel and photography blog example that tells the love story of two couples. This Wix blog uses a simple and minimalistic design to display its content, displaying its blog articles one at a time.

The centralized layout display is uniform, leaving white space all around articles with the images attached to each post adding color to the blog. A search feature helps visitors easily find the content they want to read.

Ok Drugs founded by Zak, Shai, and Lou is a blog that helps shape the way people view the world. Displaying two posts in its Wix blog section, OK Drugs blog uses a simple based layout. 

I love how this health blog uses Merino color for its background color. The black-colored footer section displays OK Drugs’ social media icons and privacy information in white.

25. P.S. & Co. Tahini Times - Wix Blog Example
Source: Pure sweets

P.S. & Co. Tahini Times aims to provide the cleanest and most delicious food that helps its customers feel incredible. Putting its words into action, the layout of the P.s & Co. Wix blog is simply incredible, displaying an infinite number of posts in its All Post section. 

I love how the P.S. & Co. blog categorizes its posts based on different niches, making it easy for visitors to source particular content. The centralized display of its content makes it easy to attract visitors’ attention to its educational content.

Linda Franzosi is a storytelling and design strategist with one of the outstanding Wix blog examples. I love how Linda displays articles on her blog site in an irregular centralized three-column layout. 

Visible in a French Rose and White color scheme is a message icon, which is home to Luciana’s site chat feature. One clicks on this feature and a popup messaging platform appears, connecting visitors with the editor.

Lizzy Hadfield is a British blogger known for creating the popular fashion blog Shot from the Street. Her Wix blog is home to her fashion blog, displaying an infinite number of captivating large images extensively on her homepage. 

The header menu is fixed and visible throughout the home page with a search feature that makes Lizzy’s site easily navigable. Her name in bold Red font is visible throughout the homepage, attached to her header menu.

28. WSJ Innovator Award - Wix Blog Example
Source: Innovators

The Wall Street Journal Innovator Award recognizes groundbreaking talents from a range of disciplines. A Walls Street Journal-based award, sponsorship is not a big deal for this blog site as it displays the logos of its top sponsors in a black-and-white color scheme

The hero video content takes center stage and steals the attention of the WSJ Innovator Award site, giving visitors a preamble of its last award. 

I love how WSJ Innovator Award displays large images and video content on the homepage, with a slideshow of its award categories beneath the hero video. 

Wix Blog FAQs

Is Wix Good for Blogging?

Wix is a good choice for your blogging needs. You can make passive income from blogging with a blog created with the Wix website builder. For beginners and middle-entry users, Wix is a welcome choice because of its versatility and ease of usage. 

Does Wix Have a Blog Template?

Wix has a bunch of blog templates for you to incorporate for your own website. Check out the Wix site to gain access to a host of its blog templates and create your own blog site for yourself and your brand. 

Do Blogs on Wix Make Money?

You can make money creating blogs on Wix. There are lots of lucrative options available for you. You can use paid ads, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, memberships, asking for donations, and selling merchandise or products to generate income from your Wix blog. 

What is the Difference Between a Personal Blog and a Business Blog?

The main difference between a personal blog and a business blog is the purpose and audience of the blog. A personal blog is used to promote your brand and while the audience for a business blog is more specialized, helping users promote their business. 

What Should You Include in a Blog Post? 

Every successful blog post must have some distinctive features that drive user engagement. A compelling headline, compelling lead, informative and engaging content, call-to-action buttons, and social sharing options are some of the must-have features for your blog post. 

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